Friday, 2020-10-30

FlohackThaodan: Sorry for replying late. There is 0 progress on VoLTE. Some Java reverse engineering needs to be done, to get "a few" Qualcomm chipsets enabled. There is no universal solution.21:49
ThaodanNo problem. So you are were we are. I was thinking if we cold collaborate in a way. For example if we need to change something in the connection manger to use the same connection manager for calls.21:54
FlohackThaodan: There is22:00
FlohackThaodan: there is support for VoLTE on the Pinephone, it seems only to be a few AT cmds to enable it. Nothing else would change22:00
FlohackThaodan: Problem is we are stuck with an ancient ofono version. Its more like a fork than just outdated now :P22:01
FlohackThaodan: VoLTE is also carrier-specific, so it cries for having a database where you would know, ok for that carrier I need to send this parameter a bit different. Pinephone has I think 5 or 6 different VoLTE modes22:01
ThaodanI know different carriers use different standards22:02
Thaodanthats why its still22:02
FlohackAlin was positive that for Sony devices with a bit of reverse engineering it would be easy. So we should ask him if we could start this now22:02
ThaodanYeah thats the plan.22:02
ThaodanI try to forward this on monday22:02
FlohackWe could for sure find some people in our community that would join that effort22:03
ThaodanMy idea was to use telepathy-ofono like UBports and change everything that needs to be adjusted there22:03
FlohackBecause some carriers especially in INdia are kinda VoLTE-only soon.22:03
ThaodanYeah in Europe it gets harder too22:03
FlohackYeah could be. IDeally the audio routing does not need to be touched. Note that voice over WiFi will be much different, and that will be PITA, we basically have to write our own call/voice processor22:04
Thaodanyeah.. I know thats why its so similar to SIP (one reason at least)22:05
FlohackOn top of that you need to run the proprieatary IMS services in the Android container. And no documentation how to interface with them22:05
ThaodanIts even pita on android22:05
Thaodanhim yeah22:05
FlohackOur porters mostly have to disable all with IMS since it crashes a lot22:05
FlohackOk cool so let me know - I reply late sometimes, since irc is not my main tool :) if I can or should do anything, call for action etc. Or just a small meeting22:06
ThaodanYeah sure if you want to reach me I can forward you my data. Do you use telegram? We have a group for that with ppl interested in this topic.22:06
ThaodanHm yeah its 1.23 vs. 1.3122:08
FlohackTelegram is great, I am also @Flohack there22:08
FlohackUnrelated stuff: We are about to get fingerprint reader support for 7.1 and 9.0 versions, is this smth interesting for you guys? On the other hand, I am fighting with compass, could need some help with sensors ;)22:14

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