Wednesday, 2021-05-26

bionade24/join #c++/libera20:27
bionade24Can I still write here?20:35
Nico-old-defunctWhy do you ask?20:35
bionade24Wasn't sure if this channel needs registration I  dropped my nick20:36
Nico-old-defunctYou may fail to write in a few hours then20:36
Nico-old-defunctI think that was what it was like for me20:36
Nico-old-defunctBut not sure20:36
bionade24We'll see. Hope Jolla gets their ass up20:37
bionade24to move20:37
Nico-old-defunctProbably. Last week everyone thought we would have ample time...20:38
bionade24Nico-old-defunct: the New staff aka "the rasengang" is trying hard to get everyone off20:39
Nico-old-defunctI know20:40
Nico-old-defunctI am friends with a few of the people being called out in the recent blog posts ;-)20:40
Nico-old-defunctBut the new matrix bridge looks pretty cool, I hope it gets public soon :320:41
bionade24Nico-old-defunct: I only know the operator which has an animal as Nick a bit, he sometimes hangs off in the same channel as I do.20:41
bionade24Dont' wanna trigger any pattern-matching20:42
Nico-old-defunctWell, I mostly am close with the pie :320:42
Nico-old-defunct(We played MC together last evening for example)20:42
Nico-old-defunctAs well as most of the matrix devs20:42
bionade24Nice :D20:43
diego[m]41MC Sailfish OS server, please!21:41
Nico-old-defunctMhm, maybe next year :321:56
bionade24diego[m]41: Will be done when SailfishOS reaches 1% worldwide market share ;)22:00
diego[m]41<bionade24 "diego: Will be done when Sailfis"> We'll get there!! 😆22:06
Nico-old-defunctI'm in a good mood, we'll do it at 0.1%!22:14
bionade24Nico-old-defunct: :D22:16
diego[m]41<Nico-old-defunct "I'm in a good mood, we'll do it "> Amazing! Does Aurora OS count? 😂22:25
Nico-old-defunctHm, difficult question22:51

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