Thursday, 2024-04-25

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ExTechOpGood Morning, everyone!06:49
arcyfixMornings are like Mondays, nobody likes them...06:59
rainemak#startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 25th April 202407:00
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rainemak#info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:07:00
rainemakI am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings and bee-hive.07:00
rainemak#topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info07:00
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ExTechOp#info Otto Mäkelä, community07:00
direc85[m]#info Matti Viljanen, community07:00
ViGe#info Ville Nummela, community07:01
rubdos[m]#info Ruben De Smet, community07:01
flypig#info David Llewellyn-Jones, community07:01
rainemak#info Raine Mäkeläinen, sailor @ Jolla, chairperson today07:02
pvuorela#info Pekka Vuorela, Jolla07:03
rainemakOne more minute... As we do not have topic proposals nor bug reports for today's meeting, let's focus on general discussion.07:04
rainemak#topic Open PR discussion (10 mins -- asked by Jolla)07:05
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rainemak#info <Jolla> Any open PRs to discuss?07:05
flypigNot today.07:08
rainemakThat's fine07:08
rainemakI'll give a moment still if somebody have something07:09
rainemakWe don't need to use whole 10mins (reserved 5mins extra)07:09
rubdos[m]No news, good news, I'd say!07:09
rainemakMoving on...07:10
rainemak#topic General discussion (25 min)07:10
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direc85[m]I just remembered that there's some LLVM related questions on some PR that kinda waits for my input. I'll get into those next week, I think. Sorry about the delay.07:10
rainemakNo worries direc85[m]07:11
rainemak#info Please share your opinion on "Why do you perfer to use SailfishOS?" if you07:11
rainemak#info haven't done yet so.07:11
rainemak#info Abranson posted a great comment on the thread regarding missing poll option.07:11
flypigI found it difficult to pin down the reason... each of the answers had an element of truth to it.07:13
rainemakI found it great that community created this kind of a poll. We have been thinking something similar but now I doubt that we duplicate it rather advertise this one.07:15
rubdos[m]Having a real operating system is also missing I'd say. I like to just compile an ELF executable and copy it over, or have a bunch of Python scripts or Ruby scripts in a cron job.07:17
flypigTotally agree.07:17
direc85[m]abranson points out the missing option well. SFOS gives me freedom to access the ins and outs of the system and doesn't assume and lock me out. The trust the user is given is one of the biggest reasons for me.07:17
rubdos[m]e.g. I have a script that pulls the university restaurant JSON and throws it onto DBUS to appear on my watch. Try that on Android.07:18
rainemakrubdos[m], Please propose to those to be added ... I think abranson's option should / could be added as well.07:18
rubdos[m]Will do!07:18
rainemakThank you07:18
rainemakrubdos[m], that example is a great one :-)07:19
rainemakflypig, may I ask a gecko related question as I bumped yesterday into an issue that I think have fixed in the past already. I have been tampering my SDK env that's for sure.07:21
rainemak^ goes really of topic... ^07:22
flypigOf course! As long as everyone else doesn't mind.07:22
rainemakDoes this ring a bell:07:23
rainemak13:05.00   In file included from glsl-optimizer/src/util/u_queue.h:43,07:23
rainemak13:05.00                    from glsl-optimizer/src/mesa/main/glthread.h:48,07:23
rainemak13:05.00                    from glsl-optimizer/src/mesa/main/mtypes.h:42,07:23
rainemak13:05.00                    from src/compiler/glsl/glcpp/glcpp-parse.y:32:07:23
rainemak13:05.00   glsl-optimizer/src/util/u_thread.h: In function ‘u_thread_setname’:07:23
rainemak13:05.00      81 |    pthread_setname_np(pthread_self(), name);07:23
rainemak13:05.00         |    ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~07:23
rainemak13:05.01         |    u_thread_setname07:23
direc85[m]Ruben De Smet: Having a "real" OS, developing and debugging software (and hardware) is also a lot easier. Using gdb is one of the better examples. I'm sure @flypig agrees too :)07:23
rainemakI thought / recalled it's about missing glibc devel headers in the chroot...07:24
rainemakglibc-headers package to be precise07:25
rubdos[m]direc85[m]: Well, to that, you could claim there's a bias because of the environment you're used to. But I do tend to agree I'd rather stay in my happy dandy Linux environment either way :D07:25
flypigThere's something about that in my notes rainemak:
flypigI've not had a chance to re-read it, so it could be different, but I do see that error there.07:25
arcyfixWhen can we expect the 4.6 release, I'm sure many people can't wait for it.07:26
rainemakflypig, that's probably about time when I fixed it last time as well07:26
flypigrainemak, related to 0037-sailfishos-configure-Patch-glslopt-to-build-on-arm.patch maybe?07:27
rainemakarcyfix, communicated earlier that getting it out during April would be a good achievement/target07:28
ExTechOpI've been trying to bug developers to make an easy mosh installation for SFOS (likely on Chum), but alas, to no avail:
ExTechOpAnyone here with enough time to take this on, doesn't sound like a large project?07:28
rainemakarcyfix, let's see how beta testing proceeds... so far good feedback07:29
flypigrainemak, it looks like it's commit f83d943479b454e on the FIREFOX_ESR_91_9_X_RELBRANCH_patches branch, in case that helps.07:30
flypigExTechOp, I was hoping to find time to take a look at it, because I agree it'd be great to have, but haven't had a chance I'm afraid. Sorry.07:31
ExTechOpflypig I well understand, it's a shame nobody else has turned up to volunteer.07:33
rainemakflypig, Thanks. I'll give a look to that. Whilst my feeling is that this is an issue my env now.07:39
flypigCould it be related to recent rust/gcc changes?07:40
rainemakand maybe newer glibc... Have applied glibc changes from esr78 on top of esr91 => so that should be covered07:41
rainemakI'll try to poke it from different directions... I'll report findings back to you.07:41
flypigYes, please!07:42
benjamin[m]123Hi, feel free to not answer this one. Is the AI product still in the making?07:43
rainemakLet's schedule next...07:48
rainemak#topic Next meeting time and date (5 mins)07:48
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rubdos[m]Since hearing about the AI product in Brussels past winter, I've had it marinate in my head a bit, and I'm more and more a fan of the idea.07:48
rubdos[m]So I hope it's still in the making! :P07:48
rainemakMore news later :-)07:48
rainemakWhat would be a good day? I propose that we skip 9th May as it is a public07:49
rainemakholiday (Ascension Day). Thus, proposing Thursday 16th May at 07:00am UTC07:49
direc85[m]That should work for me07:50
rubdos[m]Oh. Is there a public ICS for the meeting dates that I could dump in Thunderbird and the Sailfish calendar?07:50
rubdos[m]I'd be present a lot more often with such a file 🤔07:50
direc85[m]Ruben De Smet: Yes, on the announcement post :)07:50
direc85[m]It's a per-meeting however07:51
rubdos[m]Ah, having one that gets updated would be useful I'd say.07:51
rainemakRecurring events are somewhat tricky due to this public holidays => needing to move them around etc07:52
rainemakrubdos[m], how should we do it?07:52
rainemakI'm open for suggestions07:52
rubdos[m]Well, there's no need to have it recurring. Just host (or something alike) and add an event every time it gets voted on the topic.07:52
direc85[m]I have subscribed to the announcement section so I get an email whenever a new announcement is made. I can then download and add the next meeting.07:53
rainemakdirec85[m], that's already quite handy07:53
direc85[m](Having said that, I still managed to skip the two previous meetings.)07:54
rubdos[m]That warrants conscious effort though, and I'm usually not consciously reading and processing emails.07:54
rainemakto pause this a bit... I think we're agreeing on the 16th April07:54
rubdos[m]Ah yes. Thumbs up on the 16th of April and thumbs up on "more news later" :)07:54
rainemak#info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 16th May 2024 at 07:00am UTC: 2024-05-16T0700Z07:54
Ketothere seems to be calendar plugin for discourse, need to check whatthat provides...07:54
rainemakThanks Keto07:55
rubdos[m]If I were to publish a meetings.ics, I'd make a calendar on my Nextcloud server and publicly share it. Easy enough for one person to add events, and easy enough to publish it too.07:55
rainemakI'm pro for promoting community meetings... thanks rubdos[m] and direc85[m] raising these thoughts/feedback07:57
rubdos[m]The easier you make it for people to recall when the meetings are, the more people will join :)07:58
* rubdos[m] heads back to writing now.07:58
direc85[m]Perhaps I'll make a question for the next meeting too ;)07:58
rainemakYes please :-)07:58
rainemakThank you all07:58
direc85[m]Thank you!07:59
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flypigThanks rainemak, all!07:59
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Ketothe discourse calendar plugin does not seem to support ics. There are PRs to implement it, but no activity on those
nephrosExTechOp: That wasn't too hard:
nephros^^^ basically untested09:24
nephrosExTechOp: you need the server part as well?09:26
ExTechOpI think in this environment the client is most interesting, and as I commented on the thread, it might not work with all network connections09:27
ExTechOp( "the thread" being )09:27
ExTechOpWhen/how would this become available on Chum?09:32
nephrosExTechOp: I can push it there. I'd just like to have you (and others) confirm that it works.09:33
nephrosThen it's just a matter of how quick the Chum Masters are in publishing.09:33
nephrosbtw, this is the Meeting channel, maybe hop over to the other one?09:35
rubdos[m]rainemak: I was thinking while walking to the uni: if you're hosting a meetings.ics, you should probably extend it to be a public-events.ics and publish a lot more things in there10:15
rubdos[m]up to even the things you do on FOSDEM10:15
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rainemakrubdos[m], not a bad idea13:25

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