Monday, 2014-06-30

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* lbt grumbles about init-debug on his encore08:24
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situvgrade_: Around ?11:08
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lbt_situ: I notice you removed the selinux patch in hybris-11.011:36
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situlbt: which commit ?11:36
lbtddd234597fff9468ab0d915db8adce2db2630a0e in hybris-11.0-old11:37
lbt"Always disable selinux"11:37
situDo not look in hybris-11.0-old branch.11:37
lbtyeah - but how did you handle it? did you disable it in kernel?11:38
lbtok .. I was looking at ro.boot.selinux=disabled11:39
situlbt: But I think it should be fine if you just disable it altogether.11:39
situjust don't build selinux.11:39
situStskeeps: ^ What do you think about it ?11:39
lbtwell, I think we're likely to move towards selinux11:39
lbtso having it in props lets us experiment :)11:39
lbtkernel command line is hard to touch on some devices11:40
situhmm I think you can disable it using properties too, but I was not able to do it.11:40
lbtwell - init is segfaulting now so I don't have property service atm11:41
lbtbut it was ignoring /default.prop11:41
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situGood thing about lipstick crash in u7 is that the crash is not random, it always crashes at the same point. But I haven't been able to find why.12:13
situ(assuming /system was mounted on time)12:13
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* lbt doesn't like when gdb line# != emacs line# :/17:14
netchiptomorrow school starts again for a week18:19
netchipgood thing is, it's my latest week18:19
netchipor is it last?18:19
vgrade_situ: around now for a bit19:10
situvgrade_: so I can lipstick crashing at same point, but can't figure out why.19:10
vgrade_minimer run ok?19:11
situI can see *19:11
vgrade_this is with what image?19:11
situThanks for reminding me, will try it.19:11
situwith image we created with our .ks19:11
vgrade_might be best to try sucks one19:12
vgrade_at least we know that works ok on mako19:12
vgrade_still having issues with /system19:12
netchipstill busy with the Touchpad & lipstick? :o19:13
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vgrade_netchip: TOUCHPAD?19:28
netchipvgrade_: hp19:32
netchipMSameer: what's a good way to not need to reflash my device everytime?19:33
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MSameernetchip: didn't fastboot boot work?19:51
situIs there a command to install .apk in cyanogenmod ?19:51
MSameernetchip: maybe Stskeeps would know19:51
MSameernetchip: I have been mainly concentrating on jolla phone itself so I don't know all the ins and outs of sailfish for nexus419:52
netchipOh OK19:53
MSameernetchip: why do you keep switching between android and sailfish BTW?19:55
netchipMSameer: Sailfish lacks a lot of apps, and it lags like hell at certain times. And no proper whatsapp.19:56
netchipI like the idea, but no ART/Dalvik runtime thingy...19:57
MSameernetchip: there is mitakuuluu (sailfish whats app)19:57
netchipyeah, but v2 doesn't work for me19:57
MSameerI have not used it myself (I don't use what'sapp)19:57
MSameernetchip: join #sailfishos and ping coderus (author) ? ;)19:58
MSameerbut yeah I agree that the lack of apps is not helping19:58
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situvgrade_: With sucks ks, lipstick crashes at the same points.
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situIt is crashing inside /system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.msm8974.so22:25
situand I am afraid if our changes in are causing this crash22:26
situwill test without my changes22:26
situin above pull request.22:27
situThat's true vgrade_, our changes in above pull request are causing the crash. I tested by going back to commit before our changes and lipstick comes up fine.22:47
situBut UI gets slow within 30 seconds (as we have seen before) and we need to find a proper fix for that.22:48

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