Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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carepackgood morning guys06:30
mailyaseengood Morning06:30
mailyaseenhi Carepack, Nexus 4 port update?06:30
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carepackI hope so. You have?07:10
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situFinally it got merged :)07:29
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carepacksitu: merged?07:40
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dr_gogeta86morning guys07:50
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swlmorning everyone07:52
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swlAnyone up for a question? I started a build of the droid-hal-device yesterday, did some screwups and went back over today. Now when i try to build the droid-hal-configs file, the build is still looking for the rpms from yesterday. I.e Retrieving package droid-hal-grouper-0.0.6-201407221851.armv7hl instead of Retrieving package droid-hal-grouper-0.0.6-201407230716.armv7hl07:58
swlhow do i clear that?07:58
alinswl: you cleard the repo and refrashed it?08:02
swlI just did.. now.. and it works.. :P08:03
* swl puts on the stupid hat.08:03
thpgoood morning porters!08:04
swlI knew i had forgotten a step somewhere.. but when you look long enough you just get blind. :-)08:04
alinswl: that is my script to avoid issues like that08:05
alinis for a n5 you may have to prune it08:06
swlI will.. thanks a million. :)08:06
alinsledges: is there a way to get rig of the tutorial at beginning08:07
sledgesalin: ssh and kill? :)08:08
alinsledges: and I was trying to become a peaceful man08:09
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alinsledges: situ
alinthis is after a restart with proper systemd deps08:21
alinAug 15 15:09:27 Jolla mce[701]: modules/display.c: mdy_stm_step(): no compositor; going to logical off08:21
alinthen earlier Aug 15 15:08:54 Jolla lock-ls-mem[1405]: ls: cannot access /proc/1407/map_files/*-*: No such file or directory08:22
swli hate asking stupid questions but i'm really new to this.. :P the error: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-grouper-0.0.6-201407230716.noarch,08:28
swlError <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!08:28
alteregoswl: you're missing the grouper hybris packages.08:28
alteregoswl: can I see your kickstart file?08:28
swlsure, gimme a sec.08:29
sledgesalterego: not really :)08:30
sledgessome dependency in -hybris might not be met08:31
sledgesswl: alterego: 8.4 in hadk search for "hierarchy of patterns"08:32
sledgesand read from there08:32
swlAh, thanks sledges :)08:32
swlalterego: here it is anyways:
alteregoWell I've never had this problem :P08:32
sledgesswl: why is it saying @jolla-hw-adaptation-grouper etc?08:33
sledgesand not @Jolla Configuration grouper ?08:33
carepackhey, porters can everybody tell me on which device you're working on? I want to collect the informations a little bit08:33
alinsledges: situ vakkov build an image with the latest cyanogen (patch included) and now I get a white flashing screen08:33
alteregoI'll let sledges take over, I need to nip out for a while.08:33
sledgesalin: is the patch in?08:33
alinsledges: yes08:33
swlsledges: i did try to change it when i read through the pdf.. :P i'll jump back and give the first error message. :)08:33
alinsledges: last night08:33
sledgesswl: ah ok, keep bisecting it then ;)08:34
sledgesalin: so fast?08:34
alinsledges: seems so08:34
sledgesalin: using situ's repos?08:34
sledgesyou could try with nightly one before yesterday ;)08:34
alinsledges: yes08:34
alinsledges: what do you mean?08:35
swlsledges: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides pattern:jolla-configuration-sfe needed by pattern:jolla-configuration-grouper-0.0.6-201407230716.noarch <- that was where it started. :)08:35
sledgesswl: then put only @pattern:jolla-configuration-sfe in packages08:35
sledgesas iterative algorithm says :)08:35
sledgesswl: @jolla-configuration-sfe08:35
sledgesthat is08:35
swlthen i ended up with Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-configuration-sfe08:36
swl(thanks for beeing so helpful) :)08:36
sledgesswl: np :) do:08:37
sledgesls -l $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/patterns/grouper08:37
sledgesand paste08:37
locusfseems that wayland creates a null window when permissions aren't right in android side08:37
swl-rw-r--r-- 1 lars lars 313 Jul 22 18:04 jolla-configuration-grouper.yaml08:38
swl-rw-r--r-- 1 lars lars 924 Jul 22 18:04 jolla-hw-adaptation-grouper.yaml08:38
swlhm.. seems to be missing a bunch eh.08:38
sledgesswl: use pastebin ;)08:38
swlah, sorry. :-)08:38
alinsledges: situ the problem seems to be the same as in the case without patch08:38
sledgesis ok08:38
sledgesi thought you'll paste like 7 lines :D swl08:38
sledgesswl: yes, they are all created when you do add_new_device.sh08:38
sledgesalin: good (and bad :)08:38
swlso that's what i've forgotten?08:39
alinat least the races I seem not to hit anymore08:39
sledgestotally :))08:39
swl(there will be more of these questions before my nexus7 have sailfish, i can assure you) ;)08:39
sledgesalin: probably patch is not yet in? or some other bleeding edge issues :/08:39
sledgesswl: fire away :)08:39
swlBut i'll start there.. :P08:40
alinsledges: the patch is in the git... was commited last night... I am not sure is in the cm11 published last night08:40
sledgesalin: that ;) but white screen might not go away even with patch08:40
sledgesfingers crossed08:40
locusfsledges: there seems to be no information regarding the generation of debuginfo packages for the hal-packages, eg libhybris-libwayland-egl-0.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm?08:41
sledgeslocusf: locally? don't know how to do those with mb2 :/08:42
sledgeslocusf: time to transfer your RPMs to OBS ;)08:42
locusfsledges: okay08:44
sledges(or check mb2 --help :)08:44
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situalin: have you built and reflashed cm ?08:50
swlsledges: i did now, and it created a bunch more .yaml files, which looked fine. After that i should process_patterns again?08:50
alinsitu: downloaded their nightly and reflashed08:50
alinsitu I do not know how to build cm1108:50
situalin: you get white screen with every boot ?08:51
alinsitu: not really but08:51
alinsitu: but I get a black screen08:51
alinsitu: and the error message is the one fro the early paste08:52
situalin: anything in logcat ?08:52
sledgesswl: correct08:55
alinsitu: logcat?08:55
alinsledges: you removed usb-moded?08:56
alinsledges: it seems you left some dependencies on it... cause every single time I do a zypper operation is pulled08:56
swlsledges: seems it does not pick it up.. or rather, i've misread somewhere again probably.08:58
alinsitu: the white flash os 4 times and happens only after I slected the lanhuage08:58
sledgesalin: usb-moded removed completely if you rebuilt your patterns (and dhd):
sledgesswl: that error is non critical (read on next paragraph :)09:02
alinsledges: you commited now?09:02
alinsledges: no... that is the old one... the image is built ok without it09:03
alinbut if you do a zypper operation somehow it pulls it09:03
locusfsledges: do you know anything about our yesterday nights problems with vgrade_, meaning that the permissions might not be right for the graphics stack for nemo user?09:03
locusfsledges: eg. minimer runs as root but lipstick as nemo crashes with segfault with null window09:03
swlHehe, yes. But i mean it does not seem to pick up the new yaml-files. Because when i try to rebuild again i'm back to Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-configuration-sfe09:04
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sledgesalin: ah probably it gets patterns from remote situ's repos? why are you doing zypper operations? ;) don't do zypper dup as it's not supported pls09:05
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sledgesdoes simple zypper in nano pull them in, alin ?09:05
swlhm, i dropped out. Odd.09:05
alinsledges: yes... zypper rr adaptation0 xt9 pulls them09:05
sledgesalin: rr is to remove repo... how bizzare %)09:06
alinsledges: I can be blund and delete directly the repos...09:06
sledgesalin: do it via ssu09:06
thpyeah, if you remove it via zypper, ssu might re-add them later09:06
sledgesalso ;)09:06
alinssu is?09:06
swlsledges: did i manage to send my last error before dropping? :P I was back to unable to find pattern: jolla-configuration-sfe09:07
sledgesswl: yes09:07
alinyap that is something else I have seen when I installed this warehouse or something09:07
sledgesswl: go through second bullet list in 8.4.109:07
sledgesto properly pick them up09:07
alinanyhow do that two repos really need to be there?09:07
swli'll do that! now daughter is waking up, so project on hold for a while. ;)09:07
sledgesalin: not really09:08
swlI'll drop in later on.. thanks a bunch so far. :)09:08
sledgesalin: ssu --help09:08
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alinsledges: ok... then I propose to axe them09:08
locusfyou can't remove the xt9 repo with ssu rr xt909:09
sledgesso just leave them all in piece ;)09:09
sledgesstore/updates support is not supported yet fellows09:09
* lbt should be around more today09:10
lbtgot sucked into stuff yesterday :)09:10
alinlbt: sledges some wrapped zypper?09:10
sledgesgreat :)09:10
sledgesalin: ssu is a much more sophisticated thing than zypper, sits on top of it09:11
lbtalin: ssu? it implements a zypper (libzyp iirc) plugin09:11
carepackalin: situ: maybe helpful
situcarepack: Here is the official guide to do it
carepacksitu: ahh. hammerhead.09:13
situcarepack: ooh ok, you referred to a link for Nexus 4.09:13
carepackthought mako. but there is also an official wiki an cyanogen09:13
carepackor not?09:14
lbt-> coffee  bbiab09:14
alinsitu: carepack good guides... I really do not have the time now... .to rebuild it09:18
situalin: have you reflashed sailfish on your device after flashign cm ?09:19
alinsitu: of course09:19
situalin: just flashing boot image would have done :P09:19
situalin: anyways, have you unmounted debugfs and remove sensors package ?09:19
sledgesyes, he put those into .ks :)09:20
locusfStskeeps: did you ever get around to write the last part of this series: ?09:20
Stskeepsno, it's in my backlog09:20
situalin: show me the full journal logs09:21
alinsledges: lbt ssu does not seem to be working... telnet in ssu rr xt909:28
alinssu lr the xt9 is still there09:28
locusfalin: it just sticks around09:28
locusfnothing you can do09:28
alinlocusf: there is but involves too much manual work...09:30
locusfoh ok09:32
situalin: It is happening only after you killed tutorial right ?09:38
alinsitu: no I did not kill tutorial09:38
alinsitu: I did not reach the tutorial09:38
alinsitu: all i did was to select lanhuage09:38
situsledges: He is getting this in journal logs : Jan 01 12:01:42 Jolla lipstick[1497]: QPA-HWC: There can only be one window, someone tried to create more.09:39
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alinsitu: ok... counted the,,, I get a screen with garbled colours... then 3 white ones before everything goes black09:44
situalin: do you see anything in logcat ?09:45
alinI was looking in the cyanogen guide... do we really need all the java crap to be built?09:45
alinsitu: what is logcat?09:46
situalin:  /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat09:47
phdesweralin: some standard android logging utility09:48
sledgessitu: beidl had the same error yesterday09:49
sledgesworth killing lipstick and all tutorials and try to launch lipstick from cmdline09:49
alinsledges: one step ahead09:50
alinsledges: tried09:50
sledgeswhat do you mean?09:50
alinsledges: already pkill -9 lipstick09:51
alinFailed to load platform plugin "xcb". Available platforms are:09:51
alinthen an abordeed later09:51
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thpyeah, you need to set QT_QPA_PLATFORM to hwcomposer or eglfs or something09:52
thpor use -platform hwcomposer09:52
sledgesalin: also systemctl-user stop lipstick , otherwise it'll keep respawning09:53
sledgesalin: I do `export ` all variables from /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf09:53
locusfis there an android manifest somewhere in libhybris?09:54
sledgeslibhybris is in an android manifest :)09:54
alinsledges: trying that from telnet is not a smart idea?09:54
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sledgesalin: no difference as long as you get nemo user shell09:55
alinsledges: some flood and I need to go09:55
alinUnable to register object at path /org/nemomobile/lipstick/screenshot: Not connected to D-Bus server09:55
alinModule 'org.nemomobile.lipstick' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations.09:55
alinModule 'Sailfish.Silica' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations.09:55
alinModule 'Sailfish.Ambience' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations.09:55
alinFatal: Failed to open server socket09:55
sledgeslocusf: libhybris is not an android app :)09:55
sledgesalin: 12:55 < sledges> alin: no difference as long as you get nemo user shell09:56
locusfsledges: well how is the api version defined as 17 in my logcat then?09:56
sledgessomehow ^_^09:56
sledgeswhy do you think it's coming from libhybris?09:57
alinok I need to go soon09:57
alinwe can get another debug session later09:58
locusfsledges: I was just thinking that it is :p09:58
locusfbut probably not09:58
locusflol found my own pastie from yesterday by googling10:01
sledgeslocusf: logcat should say which component that api bit comes from10:01
locusfsledges: <- can you tell? line 18010:02
alinsledges: check if beidl applied the patch yesterday... then we can point the finger to inconsistent cm11 and our git tree as the cause10:04
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sledgesalin: nope just coincidence, he's using another device and cm version10:05
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locusfseems that gralloc can't open up a buffer as user10:07
Stskeepssmells like permissions issue10:07
Stskeepswhat GPU/device?10:07
locusfStskeeps: some Mali 4 GPU, Samsung Galaxy Note10:08
Stskeepsstrace good10:09
Stskeepsthat's strace -fF?10:14
StskeepsEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev or EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer ?10:14
locusffbdev says that only hwcomposer works10:15
Stskeepser, what?10:15
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locusfwrite(2, "Failed to load platform plugin \""..., 106Failed to load platform plugin "fbdev". Available platforms are:10:16
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Stskeepsthat's okay10:16
locusf) = 10610:16
StskeepsEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev not QT_QPA_PLATFORM= or -platform10:16
locusfhwcomposer at the moment as EGL_PLATFORM10:16
StskeepsQT_QPA_PLATFORM or -platform should be hwcomposer10:16
*** alin has quit IRC10:16
locusfEGL_PLATFORM is now fbdev and rebooted10:17
locusflipstick booted!10:18
sledgesna \o/10:19
sledgespiccy ;)10:19
locusflol it was just as sledges suggested yesterday :p10:19
sledgesdid i? &)10:19
sledgeslocusf: did hwcomposer.*.so appear after you reflashed stock/cm?10:19
locusfsledges: yes10:20
sledgesnice ok10:20
locusfstuck at please wait and telnet died10:20
locusfthat was short lived joy :p10:20
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locusfI'll try with glacier lipstick instead of this first-run nonsense10:22
locusfthanks Stskeeps :)10:23
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SK_worklocusf: \o/10:32
locusfthank you all, another Glacier development device active :)10:32
SK_worklipstick Glacier on non-N9 non-Jolla device :)10:32
locusfyep :)10:32
locusfwhoops, lockscreen doesn't work10:33
sledgeslol locusf so you haven't even booted lipstick-jolla-home :))10:35
sledgesmaybe touch doesn't work?10:36
sledgesyou need to pass right input device to LIPSTICK_OPTIONS10:38
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locusfno the outside swipes do not work10:39
locusftouches definately work but not from outside the device10:40
locusfsledges: not true, I saw it for a 1 sec perhaps and on the tutorial lol :)10:41
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*** beidl_ is now known as beidl11:02
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beidlthe ril/ofono relationship drives me crazy11:22
beidlso the error is either from gril.c:846 or gril.c:85311:23
beidlbut I can't see why it would fail11:23
locusfupdated libhybris wiki page11:24
sledgesbeidl: mind if i do the vacuuming? :)
beidlsledges: yeah, sorry, go ahead. next time I'll keep the HEAD~range lower :)11:28
sledgesnp ;)11:28
locusfsledges: how do I push changes back to droid-hal-device repo?11:35
sledgeslocusf: cd $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm11:35
sledgesfork dhd into your home11:36
sledgesand push to your home's hybris-10.1 branch11:36
sledgesthen PR11:36
sledgesalso check locusf11:36
locusfsledges: sure :)11:37
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sledgesbeidl: i just wonder why older commits are there too11:47
sledgesanyhow, i'll fix this: :)11:49
beidlI rebased on the last 10 commits, thinking that if it would only change those that I chose to "reword"11:49
sledgesit would :))11:51
sledgeshow bizzare :)11:51
*** VDVsx has quit IRC11:52
beidlseriously, I didn't touch those other commits! :D11:52
sledgesi believe in you :))11:52
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters11:52
sledgeslet's try my luck now :)11:52
alteregoandroid-tools has been updated, with ubu-chroot fix. Sorry for delay :)11:54
alteregoWas really happy to see glacier hhadk work :)11:56
sledgesbeidl: you are adding and then removing UCM files, do you mind if i squash those two ?12:00
alteregovgrade_: has a guitar playing twin12:00
sledges(you'll have to repull into your home anyhow ;)12:00
beidlsledges: np, go ahead :)12:00
sledgesoki :)12:00
locusfgot audio working with i9305 configs12:02
sledgesalterego: yep happy nemo times :)12:06
sledgesyou mean you both play? :)12:06
sledgeslocusf: shazaam! :)12:07
locusfalso wifi should work after reboot12:12
locusfI was wrong at first to cp it from other device as i9305 works almost the same12:12
sledgesbeidl: thp: all:
sledgesvakkov: ^12:13
beidlthank you so much :)12:13
sledgesnp :) and thank you!12:14
*** swex has joined #sailfishos-porters12:14
sledgeslocusf gets a badge of 2nd device porter ^_^12:17
locusfsledges: nice :)12:18
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters12:21
locusfhmm the dhd kernel module isn't compiled into hybris12:21
swlsledges: Do you think you can guide me through another screwup? :)12:21
locusfotherwise wifi would work12:21
sledgeslocusf: it should appear in ..kernel-modules...rpm12:23
sledgesswl: we'll sure do our best :)12:23
swli finally dug down and found out that i'm missing  qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin12:24
swlwill paste error on pastebin ;D12:24
sledgesbuild it;)12:24
swlyes, that's where i get the error. ;)12:24
sledgesok ;))12:24
locusfswl: check you disk space?12:27
locusfswl: or move source tree to a writable location, worked for me12:27
swl25Gb available12:27
swlit should be writable.. that's what bugs me12:27
thpsledges: d-h-d PR#34 looks goody12:28
sledgeslocusf: commented12:28
sledgesswl: df -h /var/log/12:29
sledgesthp: coOl12:29
swl/var/log has 25Gb available12:30
sledges(why did i say var/log, when i meant /var/cache :))12:30
*** mugna_ has joined #sailfishos-porters12:30
swlon the same fs :)12:30
sledgesls -ld /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin12:30
locusfsledges: okay12:31
swldrwxr-xr-x 5 lars lars 4096 Jul 23 12:14 /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/12:33
*** mugna has quit IRC12:34
*** mugna_ has quit IRC12:34
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters12:37
locusfwtf did I do now, rebased with master of course12:38
sledgeslocusf: git reflog helps12:41
sledgesis like a git undo ;)12:41
sledgesproceed with caution though (i suggest you cp -r rpm rpm.bak)12:41
locusfsledges: fixed now12:41
dr_gogeta86hi guys12:42
sledgeshi dr_gogeta8612:42
sledgescome va? :)12:42
dr_gogeta86quiet good12:42
dr_gogeta86apart two things12:43
dr_gogeta86android not compile anymore12:43
dr_gogeta86( i'm talking for my device )12:43
sledgesdr_gogeta86: we need pasties :)12:43
dr_gogeta86and a bit worried by tizen12:43
dr_gogeta86sledges, breakfast not find device12:44
dr_gogeta86and is it there12:44
swli'm confused.. it should be writable. hrrm.12:45
sledgesswl: and other packages?12:48
sledgesswl: try building at $HOME too12:48
sledgesdr_gogeta86: did you construct proper local_manifest.xml ?12:49
lbtcan someone confirm works and I'll promote to stable/rolling12:49
lbtworks == ubu-chroot from that will work with alterego's new trusty rootfs12:50
swlsledges: i'll check, it's the first time i see this.12:50
swlbe back in a while12:51
*** swl has quit IRC12:51
alteregolbt: wfm12:53
alteregobe nice for someone else to check also though, just incase as I'd augmented the installed version already. But the script definitely got over written when I installed it :)12:55
lbtok - gone to stable - will be in rolling when the next auto promotopn happens12:55
sledgeswell done chaps :)12:56
alteregopfft, 8 character fix :p12:57
alteregowell maybe 9 :p12:57
sledgescause and effect ;)12:59
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters13:03
swlsledges: build in home dir seems to work better, thanks. :)13:03
locusfswl: told ya :)13:05
*** swex has quit IRC13:05
sledgesshould put to hadk that there might be dragons outside $HOME, what do you think lbt?13:06
lbtyeah - at the moment I'd say "come talk to us" if you want to go outside and we'll work on community mer-sdk docs13:06
lbtI personally don't use HOME so it does work fine - but you need to play some bind-mount/symlink tricks iirc13:07
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters13:07
locusfbtw is pulley-menu something of haptics or vibration?13:08
*** mugna has quit IRC13:08
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters13:08
locusfthe little brr's13:08
locusfwhen navigating on the items13:08
sledgeslocusf: haptics is everything what does not ring long (phone/alarm) :)13:09
sledgesas current implementation implies short bursts even for phone/alarm, so everything's haptics, not much vibration wow; needs some love ;)13:10
*** ernesti has quit IRC13:10
locusfokay :)13:10
locusfcan't test vibration as I have seemed to lost my microsim -> sim adapter13:10
locusfso no calls13:10
sledgesalarm? ;)13:11
swllocusf: i did screw up some other stuff as well. but i'm actually thinking of starting from the beginning now that i've fallen into a few pitfalls..13:11
locusfah alarms yes13:11
locusfonly from jolla store though13:11
swlthere's noone else that already made a nexus7 image so i don't have to fail with this over and over again? :P13:12
sledgesoneplus one pressure mounts - free invites!! :)13:13
sledgesswl: we (Jolla) made it for MWC :)13:14
sledgesalterego specifically ;)13:14
swlsledges: i know.. i know.. But i don't quite see it downloadable ;D13:14
sledgessince hadk, everything is buildable for sure ;)13:15
sledgesswl: nw, you won't go wrong with all in $HOME13:15
swlYeah, i think i'll start over in $HOME, should make stuff easier.13:15
sledgesswl: the device is there for you (in dhd etc ;)13:16
swlI was hoping that you were going to post a nexus7 image with a "use at your own risk, it will probably break everything" :P But since you didn't that's why i'm trying this.. it might be good for me in the end. ;)13:16
sledgesand not only for you ;)13:17
swlTrue true. :-)13:17
swlwell.. starting over. ;-)13:21
locusffor a small rootfs HADK is quite demanding, I have 11G remaining for my ssd13:22
alteregoWe didn't post nexus 7 image because we don't make tablets (basically ;)13:23
alteregoBut I really enjoy running sailfish on my n7 :)13:23
locusfyeah I guess you haven't got around to make lipstick-jolla-home tablet ready13:23
locusfhmm I have a p311013:24
sledgeshow exciting that will be - question SK_work asked about community's ability to contribute UI is now even more important :)13:24
locusfgalaxy tab 2 7"13:24
SK_worksledges: there is patchmanager too to do this kind of hack13:25
locusfglacier-home can be made tablet-ready too by community13:26
sledgesyep, as first resort13:26
sledgeslocusf: what about the whole experience +apps..13:26
locusfbut I guess if people rather want the Sailfish experience then its probably better to patch with patchmanager13:26
swlalterego: I'll make it work.. somehow! :P13:26
locusfsledges: apps are always compatible from sailfish :)13:27
locusfhmm I'll take a look at sailfish on p3110 too13:29
locusfif I have the space :p13:29
SK_workproblem about tablet sailfish is that apps needs to be adapted too13:31
SK_workin order not to have stretched apps13:31
swli just wanna see it work, since i never use the nexus7 anyways. I do prefer the iPad for tablet use.13:33
sledgesmy thoughts exactly13:37
sledgeslocusf: look who's here! thanks to carepack :)13:40
locusfsledges: :)13:41
locusfcarepack: thinking about p3110 next to see the tablet ux of glacier13:42
locusfwill mka -j1 bacon now and eat13:52
locusfso many puns intended its not even funny13:57
locusfbut yeah, are the instructions for multiple devices working?13:58
locusfso its only modding hadk.env?13:58
sledgeseven easier13:59
sledgesexport DEVICE=mynewdevsoon13:59
sledgesecho ". ~/.hadk.env" > ~/.hadk.env.$DEVICE14:00
*** mugna has quit IRC14:00
sledgescat ~/.hadk.env >> ~/.hadk.env.$DEVICE14:00
sledgesand remove duplicates ;)14:00
*** vgrade has joined #sailfishos-porters14:13
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters14:14
beidlhow is the policy regarding modifying init.$DEVICE.rc ? maguro needs a symlink to the old /dev/block/platform mountpoint for the ril (it's a hardcoded path)14:15
beidland the tf_daemon is crashing constantly in the background, even though it's not even needed14:15
sledgespolicy is not to touch any android bits (or as few as possible)14:16
sledgesand create systemd services putting them under -configs/14:16
vgradebeidl: take a look at hammerhead , sounds like you have the same issue as I had with ril14:17
locusfhmm OMAP platform14:18
beidlvgrade: what else was needed apart of the symlink?14:19
beidlsledges: not even commenting out the tf_daemon?14:19
vgradesymlink was not required as the partition was mounted at the right (as expected by ril) path14:24
sledgesbeidl: commenting out yes14:24
sledgesbeidl: adding new stuff not so much :)14:24
beidlsledges: perfect :)14:24
locusflets see if aliendalvik works on hadk device14:32
SK_worklocusf: don't think so14:33
SK_workbecause people tested on N414:33
SK_work+ I think that alien was compiled with sjb drivers14:33
locusfSK_work: oh14:33
SK_worklocusf: however, feelf ree to try :P14:34
locusfSK_work: didn't work14:35
locusfat least the service won't start14:35
SK_worklocusf: :(14:36
carepacklocusf: I think every device is appreciated! great work!14:41
carepackbecause of alien dalvik. I have (maybe not advanced) question. Isn't it possible to hook up the android runtime from the underlyng android system?14:43
locusfsledges: ever seen this before?
vgradecarepack: some plumbing would be required but has been discussed14:47
carepackvgrade: thx. the result of the discussion?14:48
vgradesome plumbing would be required14:48
beidlvgrade: is your device configs repo overwriting default files somehow? because I had those files on the device, but I didn't add them14:49
vgradebeidl: yes will prefer configs from device directory when copying14:51
*** mailyaseen has quit IRC14:52
beidlvgrade: thx. yup makes sense. even though not having to override defaults is prefered in my opinion :)14:54
*** carepack has quit IRC14:54
locusfmv /android/droid/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/as /android/droid/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/as-old worked14:57
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC15:02
dr_gogeta86sledges, locusf i'm doing it wrong15:21
dr_gogeta86Centos7 base :-D15:21
locusfdr_gogeta86: what are you doing wrong?15:22
dr_gogeta86I'm building from my company vps15:23
locusfcentos sounds very wrong, I hope it works15:26
locusfmer boat-loader for p3110 online!15:36
locusfnot bad15:36
dr_gogeta86why ubu-chroot not exit 115:59
beidlvgrade: did it fail with "Unable to read IMSI" for you as well?16:02
locusfbuilding p3110 image16:13
vgradebeidl: we had modem resets shown in dmesg as it was not starting , after a few tries (max_restarts) device rebooted.  Can;t find the pastie now which pointed to the wrong path16:17
beidlso our problem on maguro might be different16:18
vgradecould be, I just mentioned as you mentioned symliking16:19
locusfhmm a reboot16:28
locusfon p311016:29
locusfgood rootfs though16:29
locusfdoesn't do switch_root16:32
locusf <- init.log16:35
locusfok sailfisos16:37
locusfwrong mount that is16:37
locusfhmm no hwcomposer available16:41
locusfat all16:42
locusfthis time not even in /system/lib/hw16:42
locusfhmm logcat reports no graphics modules16:45
swllocusf, sledges, you guys get virtual hugs for the tip of building in $HOME instead. i got past all that weird stuff now (after starting from the beginning)16:46
Stskeepsso how many working devices booting to ui so far?16:47
vakkovsomebody add beidl's nickname to the cradits. for god sake he's on the second photo :D16:49
sledgesok will ask carepack :)16:49
locusfwill take a look at p3110 once I have the stock image ready16:51
locusfsince I can't find hwcomposer libs for it16:51
vakkovwhen i set a new ambiance the UI freezes -
sledgesswl: \o/16:52
beidlvakkov sledges :)16:52
locusfswl: how did the mer sdk migration to $HOME work?16:52
sledgesrm -rf? :))16:53
swlexactamente. ;) i wiped it all and started from scratch. :P (might be easier for me who just installer the Mer SDK JUST for this thing) ;)16:55
locusfI just hope you remembered to reboot :p16:55
locusfI once rm -rf'd with /srv/mer mounted to /16:55
locusfrootfs bye bye16:55
sledgesi think it's fixed :))16:56
swli did actually, but it was because i had a buttload of ubuntu updates that i had ignored. :P16:56
locusfsledges: oh it is? :)16:57
swli think i need to find a box somewhere to install screen so i can hang around here.. i haven't been on irc in years16:58
vakkovsomething interesting - after lipstick freezed when setting an ambiance, i killed it and waited for it to restart; after that i could finish the startup wizard and set an ambiance without freezing17:00
locusfhmm, why doesn't hybris load libs from /vendor/libs/egl?17:00
vakkovit turns out that setting ambiance is dependent to startup wizard. thus, killing the startup wizard freezes the ui after setting an ambiance17:01
locusfPowerVR SGX540 as gpu17:02
Stskeepslocusf: it does, but do you have /vendor -> /system/vendor ?17:03
locusfStskeeps: yes17:03
locusflogcat reports that the graphics can't be loaded17:05
locusfE/IMGSRV  (  434): Cannot load gfx modules!17:06
locusfE/IMGSRV  (  434): pvrsrvinit failed to initialize graphics modules!!!17:06
*** vgrade has quit IRC17:08
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:09
vakkovdo we have tiler support in Mer?17:14
vakkovsome new alternative to v4l217:19
vakkovstskeeps: it's called TILER17:19
Stskeepswell, we'd use android HAL apis likely17:19
locusfhow did one remove the debugfs mount for kernel?17:24
locusffound it17:25
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:27
* piggz is back17:27
piggzso, is there a quick fix for the perl infinite loop?17:28
beidllooks like it could work17:29
*** swl has quit IRC17:32
locusfhmm I seem to have quite persistent default route17:33
beidlsailfish os/mer uses gstreamer to pull frames from the camera, right?17:34
locusfip route change helped17:35
*** piggz has quit IRC17:37
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:37
Stskeepsbeidl: yeah but it uses android HALs17:40
vakkovwhat is meant under Power management in the wiki page about hybris adaptations17:47
vakkovand how can sailfish be optimised a bit. For example I played with it for the first time now (i just aseembled the phone :D) and the battery went down by 12 % and the phone got unusually hot17:48
vakkovwhat are the steps to get it power friendly (i should be using an interactive governor btw)17:49
locusfE/ti_hwc  ( 1423): Framebuffer HAL not opened before HWC17:49
sledgeslocusf: commented :)
vakkovalso, i wanted to install some apps from open repost and i can't allow untrusted software from settings17:49
sledgesvakkov: top ?17:49
sledgesvakkov: untrusted software is a known issue, work in progress17:50
sledgespiggz: you should ping lbt17:50
locusfsledges: oh already 2 hrs ago :)17:50
sledgesno email notif? ;)17:50
locusfsledges: nope :/17:52
locusfsledges: repushed from comments17:52
piggzlbt: ping17:52
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
vakkovsledges: what do you mean by top?17:54
beidlhe means process monitoring17:54
beidludev uses ~8% constantly17:54
* lbt -> tango .... sry :)17:55
beidlis qtpositioning in the mer repo for building? what's its name?17:58
vakkovomg, i'm so retarded today... the tool top..17:58
vakkovudev goes ~8% only when the screen is turned on18:01
piggzlbt: hi, any fix for inifinite perl loop?18:01
locusfhmm wifi should just wwork too18:03
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters18:05
*** swl has quit IRC18:05
locusfnice, touch doesn't work but I got lipstick up :)18:08
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
sledgespiggz: those tango dancers are hard-to-catch :)18:11
sledgeslocusf: \o/ another photo? lol18:11
sledgesyou're on a rampage :)18:11
locusf <- yep18:13
sledgescarepack, hi, could you change "Credits to crazybulgarian" to "Credits to crazybulgarian and beidl" pls in ? :)18:13
sledgeslocusf: hummm can't really see the device itself ;)18:13
sledgesoh those marketing people you should say now :D18:14
swlhrrm.. it flashed.. it didn't boot.. back to the drawing board. :P18:14
locusfI can take another one :)18:14
sledgesyou can get touch working faster ;)18:14
sledgesi think it should *only just* be the lipstick option :))18:14
locusfyep :p18:16
locusfI just lose all telnet and everything after lipstick startup18:16
sledgesusb-moded ? ;)18:18
locusff*cking usb-moded18:19
sledgesit's out of patterns18:19
sledgesand actually should provide you with connectivity when ui is up18:19
sledgeseven if it is there18:19
sledgesit's a good tool, but a bit difficult to integrate whilst prototyping18:20
sledgesand we apologise, one of the parts is only readied for open-sourcing18:20
sledgesoverlooked that18:20
locusfsledges: how can I disable lipstick startup?18:21
locusfI need android services to start but lipstick starts too fast for me to get a good idea on what happens18:22
locusfI might just rename /usr/bin/lipstick18:22
sledgesyou can play with systemctl-user disable lipstick18:22
sledgesif doesn't help, try mask18:22
locusfgrr usb-moded18:23
locusfI can't remove the package18:23
locusfwithout pkcon18:23
locusfwas there a systemd file for it..18:23
NokiusHi guys hope u had a nice day so far18:27
Nokiusgot some fail again has someone may a hint for me  ?18:27
locusfyup usb-moded was guilty again18:27
locusftouch just still doesn't work18:27
locusfhow can I make kernel modules load at startup, I have both /etc/modprobe.d and /usr/lib/modules-load.d18:30
sledgeslocusf: depmod?18:34
sledgesdepmod -a iirc18:34
locusfwhere do I package it?18:35
sledgeslocusf: did it work?18:36
sledgesit should be packaged in kernel-modules18:36
sledgesNokius: did you do createrepo?18:36
locusfsledges: no18:37
locusfdidn't try yet18:37
vgrade_locusf: re  E/ti_hwc  ( 1423): Framebuffer HAL not opened before HWC18:39
vgrade_evening all btw18:40
locusfvgrade_: I got it fixed18:42
vgrade_oh ok, sorry18:42
locusfnp :)18:44
Nokiussledges: yes18:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
situvgrade_: If I disable dsme.service than time_daemon automatically fixes system time on N5.18:47
sledgesNokius: but did you issue createrepo command before?18:48
Nokiussledges: oh sorry
vgrade_situ: so could dsme be keeping the hardware resource busy, so thats why the arbitration fails18:49
sledgesNokius: try sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper ref18:50
situvgrade_: Right, time_daemon is not able open /dev/rtc0 because dsme is using it.18:50
sledgesNokius: also last resort: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in droid-hal18:50
situvgrade_: In the dmesg logs you will see time_daemon continuously failing if dsme is running.18:51
Nokiussledges: hm..
sledgesNokius: local repo looks borked18:52
sledgesdelete repodata folder in it and re-create18:52
sledgeswith createrepo18:52
sledgesNokius: also, it surely has droid-hal- rpm and friends in it?18:52
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:53
Nokiussledges:  sure
swlsledges: hm, what did i do wrong when i can't boot? It just stays on the "google" splash screen (on the N7)18:56
swlhaha, might be quite an open question :P18:56
sledgesswl: dmesg on usb18:57
sledgesNokius: ok, you know what to do :)18:57
swli'll check. will rebuild a new image first18:58
Nokiussledges:  no?18:58
sledges21:52 < sledges> Nokius: local repo looks borked18:59
sledges21:52 < sledges> delete repodata folder in it and re-create18:59
sledges21:52 < sledges> with createrepo18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
Nokiussledges: did it and bam agian :-(19:06
vgrade_situ: what happens if you do ot the other way and stop time_daemon from .rc19:09
situvgrade_: time is wrong19:10
vgrade_any messages from
vgrade_in that case19:11
situvgrade_: I think it shows same permission error, but I will check again.19:12
situvgrade_: see this message
situvgrade_:  Qcom doesn't set time into the chip. It is disabled in kernel sources19:13
situbut I think he is referring to qpnp-rtc-write19:14
vgrade_bbl food19:15
sledgesNokius: execute and stay in shell, will be more convenient to be within the target: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install19:16
sledgesNokius: execute and stay in shell, will be more convenient to be within the target: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R19:16
vakkovis there a camera hal/plugin in our hal19:19
locusf2 devices is now the record, lets see who beats it :)19:22
locusfis there a way to disable the first-run?19:22
sledgeslocusf: touch to touch? :)19:23
locusfsledges: wha?19:23
sledgesdoes it work?19:23
locusfah like that19:23
locusfnope as I have no touch interface19:23
sledgeslocusf: nothing apart from killing first runs19:24
sledgesyou could investigate maybe around oneshot19:24
sledgeswhat launches suw, tutorial; grepping could do19:24
locusfI killed it19:25
sledgesit's dead, Jim19:26
locusfshould I change /dev/input ones for evdev?19:26
situsledges: Have you seen this message before while entering ubu-chroot "sudo: unable to resolve host <hostname>" ?19:27
Nokiussledges: dont get it19:28
sledgesNokius: are you inside target now?19:28
Nokiussledges: yes [SB2 sdk-install oppo-find5-armv7hl] root@Build-Box-II ~ #19:28
sledgessitu: yes, all the time :) i think Anarky had a fix, but it's non critical19:28
sledgesNokius: good19:28
sledgestype there: zypper lr -u19:28
sledgesNokius: got your error19:29
sledges - local-find5-hal ... file://1/android/droid/droid-local-repo/find519:29
situsledges: Right, but I suspect it slows down entering chroot. I had to wait for a minute or so.19:29
sledgesis relative path19:29
sledgessurely unfoundable19:29
sledgessitu: ah, no slowdowns here19:29
Nokiussledges: so
sledgesNokius: your $ANDROID_ROOT needs to be absolute19:30
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install \19:30
sledgesssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE19:30
*** carepack has quit IRC19:30
locusfit was device019:32
sledgeslocusf: maybe you're pointing to the wrong event0 (since it's evdev, you should point to event* ;)iirc)19:33
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC19:34
locusfsledges: nope, checked with getevent on android19:34
locusfit is event019:35
locusfbut the touches are interpreted wrong19:35
sledgesooh that note, maybe it's due to stylus?19:36
Nokiussledges:  :-/
sledgesah, it's not note anymore ;p19:36
locusfI'm on p311019:36
locusfnote is fine :p19:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
locusfits like the touch controls are mirrored wrong way19:37
sledgesNokius: file:/// , instead of just file://19:37
locusfthe ui is also a bit strangely rendered as landscape19:37
sledgesyap ok19:37
sledgesso it's INVERTED_Y19:38
sledgescould you dig a Qt flag for that?19:38
sledgesand place it into /var/lib/env.../comp.../..conf?19:38
sledgesgood old nemo times ;)19:38
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
locusfdigged it19:38
Nokiussledges:  ah was believing that i tryed this already | but now :-)19:39
alinok boys19:39
sledgeslol wb alin19:39
alinI will have to stop to cook but ready to break more things19:39
sledgesbreakfast or lunch? ;p soz for the pun19:40
alinsledges: dinner...19:41
alinsledges: almost night time here19:41
alinsledges: anyone hit the same issue as me?19:41
vakkovguys, how can we put that in use19:41
sledgesvakkov: iirc that camera is ubuntu's approach with extra layers19:42
sledgesnetchip worked on writing hybris-camera19:42
sledgespoke him :)19:42
alinsledges: vakkov for sure it works19:42
alinsledges: vakkov thought that ubuntu thing was a mess...19:42
sledgesyep, netchip's been through that :)19:43
sledgesMSameer was helping him19:43
alinsitu: hi19:43
situalin: hey19:43
alinsitu: did you get any idea about my crash?19:43
MSameervakkov: feel free to use that. However you will have to implement all the gstreamer functionality on top19:44
situalin: Nope19:44
alinsitu: ok do you know what was your commit?19:45
MSameervakkov: I can help with that but I am not planning to start doing it alone19:45
alinsitu: I mean in the big tree I will revert it to see if that is the root cause19:45
vakkovMSameer: just guide us :)19:45
alinMSameer: be our captain...19:45
MSameervakkov: ask me and I will answer but note that jolla phone does not use that so my knowledge is a bit limited19:46
MSameeralin: I can't be your captain for 2 reasons: 1) I have only a jolla phone. 2) I can't do it from scratch alone19:46
Nokiussledges:  so done now with part Packaging Droid HAL19:47
Nokiuschapter what is next 14.4.4 HAL specific packages or ? I'm a bit wondering now19:47
alinMSameer: was a joke...19:47
MSameeralin: trust me. I wish I could19:48
alinsitu: a one line patch?19:48
situalin: Right19:48
Nokiussledges: sorry for bothering you a lot :-(19:48
sledgesNokius: yes, and np :)19:49
Nokiussledges: you like to tell me to stop here ? dune to less skills for the next if I already hit rocks during the last steps ? ^.^19:51
swlsledges: hm.. i got it so i could reach the boAt loader.19:51
sledgesNokius: you're very close ;) never give up!19:51
sledgesswl: \o/19:51
swlsledges: but it's not booting.. it wanted to mount the unit as Google Refusing or something like that. :P19:52
sledgesswl: what happens when you echo "continue... ?19:52
sledgesor if you are stuck in there19:52
sledgespasting /init.log is needed first19:53
locusfdamned jolla account19:55
locusfcant move past it19:55
locusfcat /init.log19:56
sledgeslocusf: skip?19:56
alinsitu: ok I am reverting it to see19:56
locusfsledges: can't let me skip it :/19:57
sledgeslocusf: o.O19:57
sledgesat the bottom thereis19:57
locusfor then again my touches are probably wrong19:57
sledgesskip ability19:57
locusfI can't get there :D19:57
sledgesehe :)19:57
locusfand I can't see it19:57
sledgeskill suw19:57
swllocusf: sorry,
sledgeslocusf: startup-wizard19:58
sledgesor Suburban Utility Wehicle19:59
* sledges hides19:59
locusfsledges: lol killed it20:00
locusfnow in lipstick ui with random icons20:00
sledgeslol how random?20:00
sledgesbut hey, great! ;)20:00
sledgesphoto? :))20:01
locusfthese are my android system apps20:01
sledgeslol yea ok, they are gathered by tracker :)20:01
sledgesor smthng20:01
locusfscreen brightness works20:03
locusfand wifi seemingly but can't navigate to bottom again20:03
locusfhow can I rotate lipstick?20:03
sledgesswl: looks sane20:04
sledgeslocusf: that's a million dollar question :)20:04
swlso it SHOULD boot. :P20:05
locusfswl: did you take note where /system is mounted on android?20:06
swli can honestly say i did not, but i will ;-)20:06
locusfits pretty simple, just check your devices fstab20:07
sledgesswl: echo continue20:07
sledgesit's written full cmd in prompt20:07
locusfswl:  echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin20:08
swli did that, then it connected the device as Google Persistent Telnetd or something20:08
swl(vmware keeps popping it up)20:08
swland then nothing happens20:08
locusfoh yeah20:08
alinsitu: success... without the patch.. boots20:09
locusfcp /init /target/init-debug20:09
sledgesalin: which cm?20:09
alinno white screen20:09
locusfyou would have required that20:09
alinsledges: the last one from last night...20:09
swlah, then i'll reboot and try that before doggie walk. :P20:09
alinsledges: when the new one comes tonight I will check to see20:09
sledgesok, means situ did some other magic ;)20:09
alinsledges: no... is only one line... it may be some other side effect20:09
sledgesmaybe tearing comes later?20:10
sledgesswl: is usb-moded removed?20:10
ryukafalzOut of curiosity, why are there some packages listed as "system packages" in the mako port that don't seem to have an associated repo?20:10
locusfgoing to sleep, nn everyone20:11
swlsledges: no, i have not done that.20:11
sledgesnn locusf , no foto? ;/20:11
swlI didn't see anything about it :)20:11
sledgesswl: check if it's there20:11
sledgesif you recloned past-saturday, should be gone from patterns20:12
swli recloned today20:12
swlor first cloned.. maybe is a better word20:12
swlwhen i restarted everything20:12
sledgesswl: do find /lib/systemd | grep moded20:12
vgrade_alin: so you have CM zip from last night. what on top of that20:13
sledgesswl: is there actual file or just this broken link?20:14
alinvgrade_: an image build on top20:14
Nokiussledges: sorry me again with new problem
swlsledges: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Jul 23 19:42 /lib/systemd/system/ -> ../usb-moded.service20:15
vgrade_alin: with qpa from situ's repo20:15
locusfsledges: see twitter20:15
sledgesswl: does it exist ? ../usb-moded.service20:15
swlit does not20:16
sledgesswl: ok then ignore me :D20:16
swlhaha ;D20:16
swli'll give it a rest until tomorrow20:16
swldoggie walk now.. :)20:16
alinvgrade_: but on which reversed situ's patch that got accepted last night on the cm20:16
sledgesswl: ciao o/20:17
swlsledges: thanks so far, i'll be back tomorrow with more. ;D20:17
alinsledges: tell me which shall I kill to get rid of tutorial20:17
vgrade_how did you reverse the patch20:18
sledgeslocusf: you're da man!thanks!!20:18
alinvgrade_: copied the old file over the new file... I will show you20:18
sledgesalin: don't know :) grep ps ax :)20:18
alinsledges: done... remember this is the process... jolla-startupwi20:19
alinfor next time when I forget20:19
sledgesjolla-startupwizard - but that's not tutorial20:20
locusfsledges: np :)20:20
sledgesnn :)20:20
alinsledges: was the bit were was breaking my cojones.. about pulling and pushing left and right...20:20
vgrade_alin: did you recompile libhwcompositor20:22
alinvgrade_: I think so...20:22
vgrade_I just see renaming the cpp there20:22
alinvgrade_: I hope so...20:22
sledgesalin: lol20:22
alinvgrade_: droid-hal rebuuild and the image20:23
vgrade_if you did not that would be best, as that would mean the CM from last night works fine with no changes to existing repos20:23
alinvgrade_: no it does not20:23
alinvgrade_: I tried in the morning and did not work20:23
alinvgrade_: so now I came and just reversed that only file in the repo and boot...20:24
alinof course it may be a councidence.. but I have my doubts about20:24
vgrade_alin: but that hwc.cpp would need recompileing20:24
vgrade_and that script does not seem to do that20:25
alinvgrade_: maybe gets recompiled by droid-hal deps20:25
alinvgrade_: this is the only change I did...20:25
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:25
vgrade_nope you would have to specificaly do a make libhwcomposer in ubuntu ch rooot20:26
alinvgrade_: then something strange happens...20:27
vgrade_alin: I don't doubt20:27
alinvgrade_: I synced the tree20:27
sledgesNokius: cd $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris20:29
sledgeswhat is your MER_ROOT set to?20:29
vgrade_alin: so how do things differ between now and this morning?20:30
alinvgrade_: a repo sync and the copy file20:30
alinvgrade_: in morning it was not booting... white screeen flashing 3 times...20:31
alinvgrade_: now it booted20:31
vgrade_so maybe some other issue. can you reboot at will now20:32
alinvgrade_: not brave enough20:32
alinlet me try20:32
alinby the way the races seem to be gone20:33
alindid not get any of them with the changes from the piratepad20:33
vgrade_alin: fingers crossed20:33
*** swl has quit IRC20:33
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
alinvgrade_: rebooted20:34
alinvgrade_: first time I see it20:34
vgrade_a sucessful reboot?20:34
alinvgrade_:  first time I see a reboot successfull20:34
alinvgrade_: yes20:34
alinvgrade_: came back with the bloody tutorial but yap... rebooted20:35
alinsledges: this tutorial thing is a werewolf...20:35
alinsledges: came bloody back...20:35
vgrade_alin: means something is not getting set properly in /home/nemo to say its ran once20:36
vgrade_I think20:36
Stskeepsor mounted ro?20:37
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
Stskeepsmoo Sfiet_Konstantin20:37
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: hi20:38
Sfiet_Konstantinjust passing20:38
situalin: Learning to make calls :P20:38
vgrade_alin: pastie output of mount20:38
Stskeepsyeah.. is quite late :P20:38
* Stskeeps ponders when people will play with the x86 sailfish20:38
vgrade_Stskeeps: still waiting for Asus to unlock the fonepad I bought last year20:39
kimmoliah, i need to get my udoo running someday20:39
Stskeepsshould be a i486 sailfish laying in repositories20:39
kimmolii could use sf in my bedroom laptop20:40
Nokiussledges:  have no idea why its in the sdk wrong exported
Nokiussledges: but will take a nape now cu later tomorrow again20:41
alinvgrade_: no.. I killed it before20:43
alinvgrade_: that is why20:43
alinvgrade_: do you know the magic to inhibit the tutorial?20:43
alinnow I am brave... restart once more...20:43
Stskeepsls -al /home/nemo20:43
alinand then cooking20:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:43
alinStskeeps: thanks I see... there are some silly files I will add them in my script20:44
sledgesNokius: nightn20:44
Stskeepsalin: look at first line, the permissions of the directory20:45
situvgrade_: Left a question on ML for RTC issue
alinsledges:  yap some special group20:46
alinvgrade_: second boot and worked....20:46
Nokiussledges: gn820:46
Nokiuscu guys20:46
alinNokius: see you20:46
alinsitu: did you progress on the time?20:46
situalin: Nope, that's why this question :)20:47
alinsitu: I see,..20:49
alinsitu: we will need somehow to force that ln -s hw_random ...20:49
alinto get rid of the q... crash20:49
vgrade_alin: so if you don't kill tutorial and exit it normally, do you get it on next boot?20:50
situalin: You can just reflash Sailfish once more and test.20:50
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
*** alin has quit IRC21:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o sledges21:05
*** sledges changes topic to "Official SailfishOS porters channel | | HADK 1.0.2: | |"21:05
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*** carepack has quit IRC21:06
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:07
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters21:16
piggzok, i bypassed the perl problem by hardcoding the device paths21:18
piggzkernels starts to build, but fails with21:18
piggz /home/piggz/WORKING_DIRECTORY/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.8/bin/arm-eabi-gcc: No such file or directory21:18
piggzmaybe prebuilt is another repo i need21:18
sledgesi wonder what determines gcc version and how prebuilts are gotten in21:21
sledgespiggz: today we had:21:21
sledges17:57 < locusf> mv /android/droid/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/as /android/droid/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/as-old worked21:21
sledgesto fix
sledgeswhat's under your /prebuilt(s?)/ ?21:21
piggzHABUILD_SDK [ACE] piggz@linux-teo5:~/WORKING_DIRECTORY$ ls prebuilts/21:21
piggzclang  gcc  ndk  tools21:21
sledgesbut this says /home/piggz/WORKING_DIRECTORY/prebuilt21:22
sledgesnote no s21:22
piggzsledges: i think this is the linsaro tool chain21:27
vgrade_piggz: welcome to the fragmentation fest which is android21:29
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
piggzvgrade_: sledges: ok, im past that problem... :/21:32
*** swl has quit IRC21:33
sledgeswhy :/ ? :)21:38
piggzsledges: vgrade_:21:44
piggzERROR: ace does not have mountpoint fixup data - see21:44
piggz       SailfishOS HADK for details on how to fix this21:44
piggz       Check: device/HTC/ace/recovery.fstab21:44
sledges14.3.2 in hadk21:44
piggzi guess the kernel built \o/21:44
piggzsledges: what is the format for that?21:49
situpiggz: were the mount points correct ?21:50
piggzhybris/hybris-boot/ ********************* /boot appears to live on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2221:51
piggzhybris/hybris-boot/ ********************* /data appears to live on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2621:51
piggzi hard-coded them21:51
sledgespiggz: in that file you need to provide a udev-full system's representation (/dev/block/...) map into udev-less (/dev/mmc*)21:52
sledgessee existing devices for example21:52
piggzim looking at them and scratign my head21:53
piggzeg ^21:53
piggzwhats the i9305 section? ts different21:55
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:02
sledgespiggz: it just sed`s22:06
sledgesremoves /block/22:06
sledgesas apparently that's the only difference udev makes in i930522:06
sledgesyou need to boot cm/cwm and inspect respectively, as indicated in hadk22:07
piggzsledges: got i t :)22:12
sledgesyoo :)22:13
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
alinvgrade_: yes22:15
alinsitu: what do you mean?22:16
*** swl has quit IRC22:16
situalin: You got the display issue after you killed tutorial at first boot after flashing sailfish, right ?22:16
vgrade_can you paste ls -al /home/nemo22:17
alinsitu: no22:17
alinvgrade_: yes22:17
alini think there is a misundertanding... the display issue has nothing to do with the rutorial22:17
alinI just wanted to inhibit the appearance of the tutorial22:17
vgrade_alin: it should be inhibited after you've run it once22:18
alinvgrade_: yes it is22:18
alinvgrade_: is not inhibited if I kill it... as sledges suggested... and as Stskeeps answered that is normal... because it relies on a certain file being written22:19
alinvgrade_: so now I want to test22:19
alinvgrade_: if I can crate in the post of my ks this one -rw-r--r--  1 nemo privileged    0 Aug 16 03:31 .jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done22:20
vgrade_jolla-startupwizzard is not the tutorial22:20
alinvgrade_: was  the only thing which was running22:21
alinvgrade_: but at that point I have already setup the wizard22:21
alinsetup the phone22:21
vgrade_you should only have to go through the setup wizard and tutorial once22:22
vgrade_so we should not need to do anything in post22:22
alinvgrade_: yes... but is once every flash22:23
alinvgrade_: that is the part that I want to skip22:23
alinvgrade_: anyhow I see two files written... one22:24
alinvgrade_: -rw-r--r--  1 nemo nemo          0 Jan  1  2013 .jolla-startupwizard-done22:24
vgrade_understood, but after you complete the tutorial you said it reappeard on next boot22:25
alincorresponds to the setup being done22:25
alinvgrade_: no... after I killed it22:25
alinand this one wrier i finished after I finished the tutorial -rw-r--r--  1 nemo privileged    0 Aug 16 03:31 .jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done22:25
vgrade_did you ever complete it22:25
alinvgrade_: yes22:26
alinvgrade_: many times...22:26
vgrade_and on next boot did it reappear22:26
alinvgrade_: never22:26
alinvgrade_: after I have completed it22:26
vgrade_ok good, thats all I wanted to make sure of22:26
alinvgrade_: yap... that bit works good... too good I would say22:26
alinby the way today I tested 4g and works22:27
piggzis it supposed to be compiling llvm/clang?22:27
vgrade_piggz: ye22:27
vgrade_alin: 4g call?22:29
alinvgrade_: no... when I was ni a 4g area I checked the settings and seen it was prefer 4g22:30
alinI did not seee prefer 2g in the list of options22:30
vgrade_ok, I tested 4g data on update5 but 4g calls were only enabled in update722:31
alinusually I have only prefer 3g and 2g only...22:31
alinvgrade_: I rarely use any call...22:31
alinso 4g 2g or nog I do not really care22:31
vgrade_alin: you probably want to look for a service file associated with jolla-startupwizard-tutorial22:32
energycsdxis there anyway to do logcat without logcat?22:37
piggzvgrade_: sledges: ok, i have a hybris-boot.img22:39
piggzi guess i have some way to go to build the root fs22:40
piggzthats enough fr tonight22:40
energycsdxvakkov: it crashes inside this
piggzinteresting ... i flashed the boot22:42
piggzrebooted, and 4 usb drives showed up on my lapop22:43
piggzadb shows 'Mer offline'22:45
piggzad it reboots after some time, likely cos no rootfs22:45
piggzvgrade_: sledges ^22:45
alinpiggz: usb-moded installed shall not be there... more than sure22:46
piggzi also havnt made any kernel changes yet22:47
piggztomorrows fun!22:47
*** swl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:49
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:50
*** piggz has quit IRC22:52
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters22:52
vgrade_piggz: good progress22:52
*** alin has quit IRC22:52
alin_vgrade_: silencing the tutorial may be a tricky one... I will need to dig deeper22:54
vgrade_energycsdx: which one are you using, logcat.  you need to use the one in /var/libexec/droid-/bin22:55
vgrade_alin_: takes a few seconds to complete so no hardship22:56
*** swl has quit IRC23:06
alin_situ: did you change anything in your repo?23:06
vgrade_alin_: qpa one23:09
vgrade_alin_: or qcom_display23:10
alin_vgrade_: no in his one for mer23:10
alin_from here I use some packages...23:11
vgrade_15th july last change23:12
vgrade_situ: is in IND so should be tucked up in bed23:13
alin_vgrade_: is there an elegant way to create a /dev/hw_random link to /dev/hwrng23:13
vgrade_alin_: what TZ are you in23:13
alin_vgrade_: dublin23:13
vgrade_udev rule23:13
vgrade_also I'd look to see why the dev is not being created properly by sailfishos23:14
alin_vgrade_: ok.. I will add it on my list...23:14
alin_vgrade_: what do you mean?23:14
alin_vgrade_: shall be hw_random?23:15
alin_vgrade_: by the way you were right... now the image I have created without copy... works without any problems23:15
energycsdxok finaly have linker working23:15
alin_vgrade_: repo sync seems to have added more changes23:15
vgrade_well sailfishos creates /dev devices using udev and android uses another method23:16
alin_vgrade_: why do you ask about the timezone?23:17
vgrade_so driod-hal-device parses android config files and converts them to udev configs23:17
vgrade_alin_: so I get to know when people are active23:17
alin_vgrade_: now I am on holiday... all this week so I was active more23:18
alin_vgrade_: you?23:19
alin_vgrade_: ok.. the same time then23:20
vgrade_this creates the udev rules from the ueventd.*.rc23:21
sledgesnight peeps, what a day :)23:21
vgrade_sometimes this automatic conversion does not work23:21
alin_sledges: night23:21
vgrade_sledges: nn , love locusf's comment about running out of devices23:22
vgrade_so this should have created a /dev/hw_random23:24
vgrade_but you say the service is lookinf for /dev/hwrng23:24
energycsdxanybody know what does it mean?23:27
energycsdxE/ServiceManager(17157): cannot become context manager (Device or resource busy)23:27
alin_vgrade_: no... the other way round23:29
alin_the code is looking for hw_random23:29
alin_but there is no such thing23:30
alin_vgrade_: do you think the cause is the line in between?23:30
vgrade_alin_: could be23:31
vgrade_check 999-android-system.rules in your hal package23:32
alin_vgrade_: testing now23:32
*** mugna has quit IRC23:33
vgrade_energycsdx: refers23:34
alin_vgrade_: makes no sense23:36
alin_shall be there23:37
vgrade_energycsdx: binder running23:38
energycsdxvgrade_: ok i understand, looks like it runs in wrong order, atleast now it stoped spamming23:39
*** cxl000 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:58

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