Friday, 2014-07-25

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alin_so... I have managed to hit this one ERROR: from element /GstPulseSink:audiosink-actual-sink-pulse: Failed to connect: Connection refused06:43
dr_gogeta86good morning guys06:45
Stskeepsalin_: as what user?06:45
alin_Stskeeps: as nemo06:47
alin_Stskeeps: the same as root06:47
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alin_Stskeeps: this is with last rdaynight tree and cm-11 from yeste06:47
alin_Stskeeps: it seems may be an old issue
alin_Stskeeps: pulse audio may be the issue06:53
alin_situ: hi.. did you notice any issues with pa?06:53
dr_gogeta86make hybris06:55
dr_gogeta86is in just06:55
dr_gogeta86is in stuck :-(06:55
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alinStskeeps: solved... I feel like having a windows phone... restart fixed it07:02
alini try to buuld some in mer
alinis there a reason why in title of  a repo is arm7v but arm8v for arch07:21
Stskeepshistorical reasons07:23
dr_gogeta86why everytime i've launch make07:23
dr_gogeta86is looking for /boot /data07:23
dr_gogeta86and so on07:23
dr_gogeta86HYBRIS_BOOT_PART := $(shell /usr/bin/perl -w -e '$$fs=shift; while (<>) { next unless /^$$fs\s|\s$$fs\s/;for (split) {next unless m(^/dev); print "$$_\n"; }}' /boot $(HYBRIS_FSTABS) | sort -u)07:28
dr_gogeta86HYBRIS_DATA_PART := $(shell /usr/bin/perl -w -e '$$fs=shift; while (<>) { next unless /^$$fs\s|\s$$fs\s/;for (split) {next unless m(^/dev); print "$$_\n"; }}' /data $(HYBRIS_FSTABS) | sort -u)07:28
dr_gogeta86is stuck here07:28
alinStskeeps: ok.... but which one is correct?07:37
Stskeepsarmv7hl for repo armv8el for arch07:38
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* Stskeeps needs to go for rest of day and longer07:40
stephglaters Stskeeps07:49
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dr_gogeta86Nokius1, alin sledges08:26
dr_gogeta86who can help me with fixbootup08:26
alindr_gogeta86: i know only the things I have learnt from the mistakes I made on my nexus 508:27
dr_gogeta86so trials and errors08:27
sledgesdr_gogeta86: is there recovery.fstab in your device/ tree?08:36
sledgesmorning froiday!08:37
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: that's why it's stuck08:39
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sledgesi hope lbt could help you, this is becoming common issue :|08:39
sledgesand needs fixing, he's the perl man ;)08:40
dr_gogeta86me too08:40
lbtok - lets see08:40
dr_gogeta86recovery for mine08:40
dr_gogeta86is not opensource08:40
dr_gogeta86or full code is not avaiable08:40
dr_gogeta86build from source not work08:40
lbtdr_gogeta86: what device?08:42
sledgeslbt: another case in the past, worked around:
lbtdr_gogeta86: what does this say? grep device/ .repo/manifests/default.xml08:43
lbtoh, I see the issue is the silly perl loop08:43
dr_gogeta86id even dangerous08:44
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carepackmorning guys08:55
stephgyes indeed08:58
stephglet me go look :)08:59
stephgignore the let me go look, but that needs sound :)08:59
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dr_gogeta86stephg, i'm sophos partener so09:03
dr_gogeta86i don't like those ads09:04
stephghey I don't care for the advertising, but it makes me giggle :)09:04
dr_gogeta86me too09:04
dr_gogeta86I fuck09:04
dr_gogeta86me too :-D !!!09:04
dr_gogeta86sounds like this09:04
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dr_gogeta86sledges, lbt09:36
dr_gogeta86my device09:36
dr_gogeta86not have by.name09:36
sledgesdr_gogeta86: it's ok, perl scripts pick up anything what's in *fstab* files in your device/ subtree09:36
lbtdr_gogeta86: what was the output of that grep ?09:39
dr_gogeta86on my device09:40
lbtno :) in your build tree09:40
sledgesdr_gogeta86: it looped indefinitely iirc?09:40
lbtcd $ANDROID_ROOT09:40
dr_gogeta86HYBRIS_FSTABS := $(shell find device/*/$(TARGET_DEVICE) -name *fstab* | grep -v goldfish)09:41
lbtdr_gogeta86: OK - that's good - can you  confirm this is empty: cd $ANDROID_ROOT; grep device/ .repo/manifests/default.xml09:46
dr_gogeta86not exsist09:47
lbtso where does device/huawei/c8813q  tree come from ?09:48
dr_gogeta86local manifest09:48
dr_gogeta86is out tree09:49
situalin__: I haven't seen any problems with pulseaudio yet.09:49
alin__situ: solved it... by rebooting09:49
lbtdr_gogeta86: ok - show me the manifest entries for all your device/ dirs :)09:49
alin__situ: timedatectl -H rabbaton set-time "$(date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:") shall I add something like this on wiki for setting the time?09:50
situalin__: In future if you see any problems, switch to nemo user and execute "pulseaudio -k". This will restart pulseaudio service.09:50
situalin__: Just 'date -s current_date' will work too, but not sure about adding this to wiki.09:51
alin__situ: he he... old time from linux... when pulse was cured only by restart09:51
situalin__: I think we can just disable iphb module of dsme to fix this issue.09:52
alin__situ: as you say... but we need the time fixed09:52
alin__situ: that command you run on host09:52
alin__sets remotely...09:53
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dr_gogeta86lbt, did you see ?09:57
alin__situ: sledges any way to silence this flood ofonod10:01
situalin__: for now you can workaround the time issue by 'rm -f /usr/lib/dsme/'10:02
situalin__: but you won't be able to set time, alarm etc.10:02
alin__situ: ok... but one question... you looked into the code... for what reason it fails there?10:03
alin__situ: the fd seems to be valid10:03
alin__situ: the only thing seems like tod is in the wrong format10:03
situalin__: Yes, but something seems to be disabled at very low level. I can't get to the root of it. tod is in right format, it's a permission issue.10:04
dr_gogeta86is not valued10:04
lbtdr_gogeta86: yes - saw - bit busy atm .. will be back :)10:04
alin__situ: i have seen earlier some lock, unlock on fd10:06
alin__situ:  in the source code... do you think worth testing no lock is on it?10:06
alin__fd will be valid and pass the first test.. but of course ioctl will fail10:07
situalin__: It's permission issue for writing to register, so I don't think it's related to file locks.10:07
alin__situ: I see... even lower level...10:07
alin__situ: and the guy did not answer back?10:08
situalin__: I haven't received a reply yet.10:08
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dr_gogeta86another pitfall10:12
dr_gogeta86TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG is ok10:12
dr_gogeta86but says missing10:12
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beidlandroid_kernel_samsung_tuna and hybris-boot are still waiting to get their maguro patches merged :)11:49
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sledgesbeidl: on it ;)12:26
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sledgesbeidl: again dupes ;)
* beidl hides12:27
beidl:D sorry12:27
sledgeswhat does your git log show?12:28
beidlexactly the same thing12:28
sledgesgood :)12:28
beidlI'll just do another pull request12:29
sledgesjust create new local branch12:29
sledgestidy it up12:29
sledgesand push -f to overwrite remote PR branch12:29
sledgesand the factory partition?12:37
beidlis in there, the lastone (efs)12:37
sledgesbtw for future: no need to close old PR12:38
sledgesjust edit it and save, it will refresh src branch12:38
beidloh ok. I'm not new to git itself but this github thingy does have a little learning curve :)12:39
sledgestake a bit of getting used to :)12:39
beidlthanks :D12:40
Nokiussledges: hi found light at the end of the tunnel but looks like i have to find out now why its not booting as wanted ^^12:44
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sledgesNokius: more details?13:03
beidlhow do I build a single project again? patched some stuff for libril13:08
beidlmight be useful for other devices as well13:08
Nokiuspost them last night to lbt iirc if i boot up it stocks on boot logo and it pops up Persistent telnetd but gives a ip via dhcp13:09
Nokiuswill try no to get a ColorOS (stock ROM) and than again or to rebuild all needed packages and  stuff may I did something wrong13:09
Nokiusbut later this afternoon (night)13:09
sledgesNokius: first you need to get into device13:10
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sledgesNokius: is invalid IP13:10
Nokiussledges: i know13:10
sledgesNokius: ifconfig usb0
sledgesand then start knocking doors :)13:10
sledgesbeidl: mka modules; then obtain the exact name of your project and mka PROJECT13:11
sledgesbeidl: such things should be upstreamed ;)13:11
beidlwell, to be fair, cm-10.1 is not maintained anymore afaik :)13:12
sledgesoh ok :)13:12
beidl/bin/bash: line 1: column: command not found13:12
alin_phdeswer: here is my n5 image13:13
sledgesi had the same problem13:13
alin_can you let me know if you can download it...13:13
beidlnewer ubuntu chroot?13:13
sledgesbeidl: no i just installed bsd something :D13:13
sledgessudo apt-get install bsdmainutils13:13
alin_by default there is no usb-moded on it... you will haze to install it...13:13
sledgesbeidl: ^13:13
beidlwell, I'm still rolling with the old ubuntu chroot, and quantal repos are gone13:13
sledgesi did it recently13:14
sledgeson quantal13:14
alin_the only issue I know is that I failed like a duck... to correctly write the 999-android-extra-rules.rules13:14
alin_sledges: did you added the 999-extra-rules? I think Stskeeps asked you few days ago13:14
sledgesalin_: no, as i had no idea about context13:14
sledgesand what it fixes13:14
sledgesalso extra-rules.rules sounds totally uninformative ;)13:15
sledgesso pls enlighten me13:15
sledgesi'll be happy to patch13:15
alin_sledges: for a reason  /dev/hw_random is not created with the proper name13:15
alin_sledges: so qrnd spams the dmesg with failures... like timed...13:15
alin_sledges: the solution Stskeeps found was to add a new udev rule13:16
alin_[nemo@abbaton ~]$ cat /lib/udev/rules.d/999-extra-rules.rules13:17
alin_KERNEL=="hw_random",NAME="hwrng", SYMLINK+="%k"13:17
Nokiussledges: just got Faild to boot init in real rootfs13:17
alin_phdeswer: sorry correct link is!OENQQKxT!7CWu9bktFNWsoSNJDG1wcqLqyXT4zhQID-0cTk0_LUo13:17
alin_sledges: so is only one line13:17
alin_sledges: in long rerm fixes half of the error message in dmesg13:18
sledgescool, i guess calling it extra-rules is just a place holder for any extras in future ;)13:21
dr_gogeta86alin_, mega is not avaiable in italy13:21
dr_gogeta86sledges, in sysadmin day13:21
dr_gogeta86forced me to patch nginx13:21
dr_gogeta86ON FRIDAY FTGS13:21
sledgesNokius: paste?13:21
sledgesdr_gogeta86: them bastards :)13:22
alin_dr_gogeta86: he he... emigrate or blame berlusconi13:22
dr_gogeta86berlusconi now is under arrest13:22
sledgesberluscoglioni :D13:22
Nokiussledges: sorry ois error Level 813:22
sledges(seen written on a bus stop in italy :D)13:22
dr_gogeta86even the fuckbuddy left him13:22
sledgesNokius: can you paste your worries pls?13:23
alin_dr_gogeta86: I know... but it seems he got the rulling he wanted... he did not pay for fresh.. p**sy13:23
alin_dr_gogeta86: and remains the hero of 80% of italy for going to jail for not paying taxes13:23
dr_gogeta86alin_, and not only for that13:23
dr_gogeta86i need to fix kernel13:23
dr_gogeta86on my device13:23
alin_phdeswer: sledges now that usb-moded works... which one I shall install?13:24
alin_I see some android and sailfish13:24
Nokiuscu later13:25
alin_sledges: situ
alin_please have a look...13:33
alin_sledges: when you commit the rule if you can please remove it from known issues13:33
sledgesNokius: sigh..13:35
sledgesalin_: on it :)13:36
situalin_: You can mention iphb fix too, but other time related utilities may not work with that.13:38
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alin_situ: I am tempted but I do not want to risc the syncs not to work after13:43
situalin_: which syncs ?13:43
alin_situ: emails13:43
alin_situ: calendar13:43
situalin_: I think they should work just fine.13:43
alin_situ: ok I give it a go by hand13:44
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phdesweralin_: what do you want to know exactly?13:47
alin_phdeswer: shall in install this one? usb-moded-settings-sailfish13:48
alin_phdeswer: and what is the difference between usb-moded-mtp-mode and usb-moded-mtp-mode-android for example13:49
alin_sledges: cool...13:49
alin_sledges: shall i delete it from known issues?13:49
sledgesyes, if most people will pull :)13:49
phdeswerdid not even know there was a usb-moded-settings-sailfish package...13:49
alin_sledges: ok I will do it tonight13:50
phdesweralin_: the android ones are the one you need. Those work with the android gadget driver13:50
alin_phdeswer:   | usb-moded-settings-sailfish                 | package    | 0.5.14-10.39.1.jolla | noarch  | jolla13:50
phdesweralin_: I have no clue what that one is, since I definitly had nothing to do with that one.13:51
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alin_phdeswer: it seems one needs to plug and unplug the usb cable for options to react... first set the option plug unplug14:08
locusfmy n7000 keeps scaring my mom when it just suddenly flashes open and pops the "charging" message :D14:08
alin_phdeswer: for tether I got some error qtn_mount_failed14:08
phdesweralin_: if you see that error, you are trying some mass-storage related thing14:09
alin_phdeswer: ok...14:09
phdesweralin_: and if you set always ask you can just select it from the pop-up menu14:09
phdeswerAnd yeah the settings not switching the mode is a UI limitation14:10
alin_phdeswer: another issue is that I have two developer mode entries14:10
phdeswerHmm then you might have the normal and the android developer mode installed14:10
alin_phdeswer: nope... the second appeared when i put the tethering one14:12
alin_phdeswer: anyhow is a mess usb-moded pulls the normal ones... not the android ones14:12
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phdesweralin_: usb-moded only depends on a virtual settings package, it should not pull in normal ones14:14
alin_phdeswer: this is what is installed
phdeswerBut it could pull in the normal developer mode... Welcome to rpm hell :(14:15
phdesweralin_: no idea how you got a second developer mode there...There is only one installed.14:16
phdeswerOtoh you do not need all the configs either. Reduce it to the ones you need like connection-sharing, pc-suite and developer-mode14:17
alin_phdeswer: that is image one of settings... says not connecting... but I am connected...14:17
alin_phdeswer: and these are all the options available
phdesweralin_: something is sure messed up in the ui14:18
alin_phdeswer: seems so14:19
alin_phdeswer: I do not need I added all of them for testing purposed14:19
alin_phdeswer: I do not need I added all of them for testing purposes14:19
phdeswerTry to tell usb-moded to reread its config. killall -HUP usb_moded14:19
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phdeswerHopefully the UI will be listening and update14:20
alin_phdeswer: usb_moded: no process found14:20
phdeswerthat might explain things. means it is not running.14:21
phdeswersystemctl start usb-moded.service14:21
phdesweror manually usb_moded -D -T14:22
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locusfis the jolla store supposed to be installed on hadk devices?14:25
alin_phdeswer: it failed to start14:26
phdesweralin_: aha... Did you try manually? Would be interesting to find out why.14:27
phdeswerMaybe dbus not working or so.14:27
alin_phdeswer: flood14:27
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alin_[root@abbaton ~]# systemctl status usb-moded.service14:27
alin_usb-moded.service - usb-moded USB gadget controller14:27
alin_   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service; disabled)14:27
alin_   Active: failed (Result: start-limit) since Fri 2014-07-25 15:22:34 IST; 4min 56s ago14:27
alin_  Process: 2771 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/usb_moded --systemd --force-syslog $USB_MODED_ARGS (code=killed, signal=ABRT)14:27
alin_ Main PID: 2771 (code=killed, signal=ABRT)14:28
phdeswerAs usual systemd does not tell anything useful...14:29
phdeswerCan you get the journalctl | grep usb-moded output somewhere?14:30
phdeswerOr preferably a manual run : # usb_moded -D -T14:30
phdeswerThen I am sure we get the logging14:31
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phdeswerPlease get me a run with full log, so try it manually. Seems it starts, but for some reason something goes wrong when the ui starts asking thins.14:32
dmtHi all, does anyone know where should i submit a patch for /usr/bin/ubu-chroot14:34
alin_sledges: all the work in getting nice designed apps... and with that terminal app?14:34
phdeswerAha so it works, except something goes wrong when setting the tethering up14:34
dmtit does not execute a passed comman, instead starts an interactive session always14:35
phdesweralin_: can you tell me what process is/was 316014:35
sledgesalin_: there's fingerterm-silica ;p14:35
alin_sledges: that is not the default one?14:35
alin_sledges: i see only a fingerterm... no silica...14:36
sledgesis not any better ;) fingerterm goes back a long way ;) to n900 if not more, and it's very usable on jolla (keyboard size-wise)14:36
alin_and that is a sore...14:36
alin_sledges: i doubt is usable on anything which is not 10inch... combine that with poor sight...14:37
tbrsledges: actually hq' wrote it for Harmattan14:37
alin_and a recipe for disaster... took me 10 minutes to type a password14:37
phdesweralin_: I think you found a bug in the dbus communication with connman. Seems you have only one dns server..14:39
sledgestbr: what is your opinion on it then? :)14:39
tbrit's a very useful tool and I'm happy that I badgered him to open source it. :->14:40
* phdeswer really hates connmans overly complex dbus communication14:40
sledgesdmt: hi, and it's in android-tools repo14:43
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alin_phdeswer: connman... its name says everything...14:44
phdesweralin_: well I should have been smarter and have realized it could be there would only be one dns given...14:45
sledgesalin_: what tbr said ^ ;p14:45
alin_sledges: everybody with its opinion...14:45
phdesweralin_: anyway I should have a fix. Will build a package for you to try14:45
dmtsledges: thanks14:46
alin_phdeswer: good... if you pass me a repo will be ok...14:47
phdesweralin_: you mean a repo to build it from? Or install?14:48
alin_phdeswer: a repo with the built rpms... but there is no issue if you just give me the rpms14:49
sledgesalin_: it really felt good on nokia n9 (small screen), i think the touch is lagging on hadk devices, not happy either; but used to be bril14:49
alin_sledges: maybe if you rorate...14:49
sledgesdmt: what are you hacking on? :)14:49
alin_sledges: and the keyboard fits the screen14:49
alin_sledges: n514:50
phdesweralin_: ok. Building. Will try to get the package to you. And a big thank you for helping me find and fix bugs!14:50
alin_phdeswer: np...14:50
alin_sledges: we will see when the sensors work14:51
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dmtsledges: i'm trying to make a single script for setting up all the sdks, mer/ubu, get the cm and build14:52
beidlI added a needed repository (for wpa_supplicant, somehow it's needed by libril to compile) and I get this error when syncing:14:53
beidlfatal: Not a git repository: '/home/aneumayer/Dokumente/Workspaces/SailfishOS/android/droid/.repo/projects/external/wpa_supplicant_8.git'14:53
beidleven though, that definitely looks like a git repo14:53
dmtsledges: tried ubu-chroot -r ${MER_ROOT}/sdks/ubuntu stuff-to-be-done-ubu.sh14:54
dmtsledges: and saw it did not work and fixed it14:54
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sledgesdmt: got you, my interest was coming what hw will you port? :)14:57
phdesweralin: this is on mer obs, don't know if you have an account there :
sledgesbeidl: is it in manifest?14:58
dmtsledges: m514:58
sledgesdmt: cool, welcome aboard :)14:58
dmtsledges: n514:58
alinphdeswer: i have an account14:58
phdesweralin: ok, then you should be able to fetch it :)14:58
beidlsledges: <project path="external/wpa_supplicant_8" name="CyanogenMod/android_external_wpa_supplicant_8"  revision="cm-10.1"/>14:58
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sledgesbeidl: this definately should not be happening within .repo14:59
phdesweralin: You might need to force install because of the package version number (but that is nothing to worry about) If it works I will update the version in the repository14:59
beidlsledges: well, repo pulls the git repositories into .repo/projects and then checsks out in the right place, as far as i see it15:00
sledgesbah humbug!..15:01
dmtsledges: thanks :)15:05
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:06
dmtsledges: bummer "/bin/sh: 1: gcc: not found"15:06
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:06
sledgesdmt: which ubuntu?15:06
alinphdeswer: not too musch success seems the same15:07
dmtsledges: would have thought it comes from something like build-essentials,  but i'm no expert on ubuntu/debian15:07
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:07
*** alin has quit IRC15:07
*** energycsdx has quit IRC15:07
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
sledgesdmt: you're using old hadk15:08
sledgeswith trusty15:09
locusfwill I have to remove my entire android build tree just to update that chroot?15:10
alinlocusf: no15:10
alinlocusf: at leasr i did not15:11
locusfalin: ok15:11
alinand still builds15:11
dmtsledges: ok, i started with this a day before the new pdf indeed, thanks15:11
sledgesdmt: you can pm me your name and i'll add you to early adopters list for announcements15:12
dmtsledges: thanks15:14
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:14
alin_phdeswer: no success... i think all the stack needs rebuild... now I lost all the extra settings in the usb module15:15
*** alin has quit IRC15:16
locusfalin_: you just untared it on top?15:16
alin_deleted the old one and untarred the new one15:17
*** alin_ has quit IRC15:18
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
alin_phdeswer: was me stupid15:18
alin_phdeswer: it works15:18
alin_phdeswer: I will reboot just to confirm it15:18
alin_phdeswer: but systemctl restarted the service without crash15:19
alin_phdeswer: and one developer mode only too15:19
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:21
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:21
alinphdeswer: works15:22
alinphdeswer: thanks15:22
alinphdeswer: now you can try to fix the wireless sharing15:23
*** alin_ has quit IRC15:24
alinsitu: deleteing the did not solve the time/date issue15:26
situalin: is time_daemon running ?15:27
alinsitu: did not check... i think was still crashing15:27
situalin: deleting iphb module fixed the issue for me.15:28
alinsitu: lucky you...15:29
alinsledges: dmt is one of the n9xx devs... he used to like the keyboard... and the sliding phone15:31
dmtwas great indeed15:31
dmtonly a bit too fat and slow (for today)15:32
sledgeswell jolla's hw community has created the keyboard other half ;)15:39
sledgesgood to see you guys back ready for new endeavours :)15:42
alinsledges: what about pushing the systemd fixes?15:45
sledgesis there a PR?15:46
sledgesit has to be approved by maintainers, first rumours - it's hacky (if you talk about udev consuming 8% cpu )15:46
sledgesbut it works ;)15:46
lbtI'm not keen on pushing those fixes into mer-core15:48
lbtI'd like to see if a patched systemd could be built in the HA repo for the device15:48
sledgesalin might be on about systemd n5 fixes from - just dawned on me15:48
lbtI was thinking about the omap fb patches from last night15:49
sledgeslbt: it has been built in vakkov's home against sfos_latest, so, yes :)15:49
lbtthis way we delegate support for maintaining any HA-specific patches out to the HA repos - we'll need to find a way to ensre the correct one is used15:50
sledgesversioning needs sorting out then15:50
* lbt considers systemd-$device Provides: systemd and patterns...15:51
sledgesso doesn't get overwritten by mainstream updates15:51
lbtso .. hmm15:51
* alin purged facebook... some kind of ataraxia15:52
lbtif the pattern for an HA required systemd-$device and there are 2 providers of systemd then it should pick the one that provides both15:52
sledgeslbt: tricky, if that worksthan great :)15:54
sledges*works then15:54
Nokiussledges: hm lsusb -v | grep iSerail returns
alinsledges: i am tempted by a zypper up16:01
Nokiussledges: what dos the (DONE_SWITCH=yes) mean?16:05
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:08
*** alin has quit IRC16:09
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:09
sledgesNokius: means you are in a proper sfos rootfs already \o/
alin_sledges: rebooted... and started16:10
alin_not bad16:10
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters16:12
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters16:12
sledgessitu: alin_: vgrade_: no more tearing/freezes after simplest cm-nightly-20140723 flash and new rootfs with \o/ thanks fellows!16:13
situsledges: can you check the time fix ?16:15
*** alin_ has quit IRC16:15
sledgessitu: one at a time (punz), now yes :)16:15
situsledges: rm -f /usr/lib/dsme/iphb.so16:16
Nokiussledges: okay so all fine now or what but Gui does not come up16:16
sledgesreview appreciated:
sledgesNokius: Rome wasn't built in a day16:18
Nokiussledges: no! :-O16:18
situsledges: I think we should not revert morphis's changes.16:19
sledgesNokius: ifconfig usb0; telnet 232316:19
situsledges: He needs them for webOS.16:19
sledgessitu: then i should try with master as-is ?16:19
situsledges: Just build from older commit (the one before morphis's changes were merged).16:20
sledgessitu: but we can't go on like this , there were already newer commits and there will be more16:20
morphissledges: is fine to be reverted if upstream cm fixed it16:20
morphishowever and should not16:21
morphissourceCropf is really something you have to set with hwcomposer 1.316:21
sledgesmorphis: if they do not induce tearing, i'll leave them, just need to retest again16:21
morphissledges: ok16:21
morphisbut I doubt they do16:21
sledgesgood :)16:21
Nokiussledges: not so well for now
sledgesmorphis: how's move ongoing ? :) great you peek once-in-a-while :)16:23
sledgesNokius: try .1 instead of .1516:23
morphissledges: 90% of all boxes are unpacked ..16:24
situsledges: We just need to revert
situsledges: as morphis said16:24
morphisbut the last 10% are always the ones which needs most work ...16:24
sledgeshehe good luck!16:24
morphisneed to work again next week so four days left to hit the deadline :D16:24
Nokiussledges: positive sir16:25
sledgesNokius: roger16:25
sledgesmorphis: if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done ^_^16:25
Nokiussledges: does HADK cover the steps now?16:25
morphissledges: :)16:25
sledgesNokius: no because it can be almost anything :)16:25
sledgesit's device dependent why no gui16:26
Nokiussledges: oh got a reboot :-/16:26
sledgesbut we're working on rules of thumb16:26
morphissledges, Stskeeps: btw the HADK looks quite nice16:26
sledgescheers! :)16:26
sledgesyou should add lbt alterego thp to the credits ;)16:27
Nokiusyes! thats true!16:27
morphislbt, alterego, thp: ^^16:28
morphislooks like you're the first ones who get those things pretty well documented16:29
sledgesproper job :)16:29
sledgesgood to hear16:29
morphisstill something we have on our todo list ..16:29
Stskeeps... why revert?16:29
sledgesit wasn't too difficult maybe because Stskeeps is the libhybris' mastermind? ;)16:29
Stskeepsit's a upstream bug in CAF and if we're modifying HAL we're doing it wrong, we should act like surfaceflinger is16:30
morphissledges: yeah :)16:30
sledgesStskeeps: not reverting anymore :p16:30
* Stskeeps leaves the baseball bat on the floor16:30
sledgeswell, get morphis' changes without CM patch - tearing; get situ's repo (way pre-morphis work) with CM patch - no tearing ;p16:31
sledgesbut not all is black and white so all good now :)16:31
sledgessome revert, some stay16:31
situsledges: Instead of reverting my reverted commit, just put a new commit with a description of why are we reverting the reverted commit :P16:32
sledgessitu: it's a PR, i can -f ;p16:33
vakkovStskeeps, we just got the imei read on the galaxy nexus   when we try to call it says no network coverage. the sim has no pin. would you mind take a look?16:34
Nokiussledges: okay back into the device | ah again gone is there a timer or some thing like?16:35
sledgesNokius: reboots?16:35
sledgesor maybe your NetworkManager dropping IP? ;)16:35
Nokiussledges: yes after i got into the device is reboots16:36
situsledges: are you getting correct time on device now ?16:36
sledgesNokius: immediately or you could manage to issue dmesg -w ? ;)16:37
vakkovStskeeps, alterego; this is form ofono
sledgessitu: i had 1 January 2003, after rm .so reboot i have 20 March 1970 ;)16:40
sledgesdevice didn't have time set via ntp yet apparently16:41
situsledges: shouldn't happen.16:42
situsledges: Need to check how time_daemon works.16:42
sledgesshall i connect to internet and see time updated?16:42
situsledges: Isn't the time picked up from network ?16:42
sledgesim not online16:42
situsledges: not internet, talking about phone network.16:42
sledgesdon't have SIM16:43
situsledges: That's why16:43
sledgesok, so SIM in?16:43
situsledges: yes, check with SIM In.  It should give you correct time16:43
situsledges: Also make sure automatic updating time is selected in settings.16:43
sledgesyep, default16:44
phdesweralin: great to hear. Well the tethering fix should be in the package I gave you.16:44
phdeswerA bit afk since grilling with friends in the yard now16:44
alinphdeswer: the wireless?16:46
Nokiussledges: reboots are not in the same time window … here the dmesg.log | cant see anyting reason for reboot16:49
alinsledges: situ the same as me after i removed .so16:50
alini have sim...16:50
situalin: hmm16:50
alinsitu no automatic time16:50
situalin: set automatic time16:51
alinNokius: what device?16:51
alinsitu: ok16:51
sledgesalin: Nokius has oppo find516:51
sledgesmight be phantom reboots associated with usb traffic16:51
Nokiusalin: yes find516:52
sledgesNokius: can you issue journalctl -f and wait for reboot?16:52
locusfStskeeps: precarious vacation-interrupting ping :)16:52
alinNokius: you do not have any usb-moded stuff?16:52
Nokiusmy last year ingriss device …. now it got a better job :P16:52
alinNokius: always buy the cheapest... buy goodle16:53
alinNokius: unless you leave in china... and you can get them for close to the price of two good beers  in finland16:53
Nokiusalin: ah guess not followed the instruction16:54
Nokiusof HADK16:54
locusfStskeeps: launching certain applications from glacier homescreen restarts hwcomposer on hadk devices and jolla16:54
sledgesNokius: you followed everything fine16:54
Nokiusalin: since i visit Szenhen i wondering if phones are taht what they look like16:55
Nokiussledges: ^^and with your awesome help!!!!16:55
sledgesreboots coming from hw16:55
sledgesjust paste journalctl ouput16:55
sledgesand then stand by with journalctl -f16:55
Nokiussledges: does it may comes from heating?16:56
sledgesalso paste `mount` ouput16:56
sledgesNokius: is it hot?16:56
Nokiussledges: try to cool it now16:56
Nokiussledges: not normal hot ^^16:56
Nokiussledges: now its icey16:56
Nokius:) got a cool pack16:56
sledgesok just don't submerge it :)16:57
Nokiusmount —>
Nokiusjournalctl -f —>
*** alin has quit IRC16:59
sledgesNokius: your /system is not mounted, paste cat /lib/systemd/system/system.mount16:59
Nokiussledges: already wondering if my screen got a the Bootlogo burned now :P16:59
Nokiussledges: okay16:59
Nokiussledges: here
sledgesNokius: ls -ld /system/17:01
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
sledgesNokius: ls -l /system/17:02
sledgesjustto be sure to be sr17:02
alinNokius: remember brecht... in schezuan not all the things are what they look like17:02
Nokiusalin: but the device it sells is good was my first "China Phone" and have to say not bad17:03
alinsitu: the time is set...17:03
sledgesNokius: no reboots so far? ;)17:03
alinsledges: but not at boot some time after...17:03
Nokiussledges: yes ^^17:03
Nokiussledges: have no idea why :)17:03
sledgessitu: inserted SIM card, time still not set after ~6mins (cc alin )17:03
alinlater rnough to fock google17:03
alinand other services that check certificates...17:04
alinand the cherry is that the alarm does not ring..17:04
Nokiussledges: here
Nokius  did i mees the mount fix?17:04
alinphdeswer: the wireless tethering still does not work17:04
alinnow reboot and test alarms17:05
sledgesNokius: mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p19 /system -o rw,data=ordered,noauto_da_alloc17:05
Nokiusalin: what does mean brecht… ? sorry17:05
Nokiussledges: better now
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:08
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:08
sledgesNokius: devel-su nemo17:08
sledgespasswd nemo17:08
sledgessystemctl-user restart lipstick17:08
Nokiusalin: dont get the link betwen Brecht and Phones ? or does u like to tell me about condison there?17:09
Nokiussledges: ah okay was seting me a new root pw ...17:09
*** alin has quit IRC17:10
Nokiussledges: negative sir
Nokiussledges: srcreen is black :P17:11
alin_Nokius: you were wondering if the phones are really what they seem to be..17:11
alin_situ: time is correct... with automatic update and .so in place17:13
Nokiusalin_: guess its about exploited or?17:13
alin_Nokius: not really... if you get your hand on the book read it...17:14
alin_Nokius: he was pretty communist... brecht... so is translated in a lot of languages...17:14
Nokiusalin_: will try it sounds interesting was not mention in class :-(17:14
alin_situ: the only issue is that things will not connect...17:15
alin_Nokius: they do not mention intereting things in school... that will make the kids to never want to go home17:15
Nokiusalin_: ^^17:16
alin_Nokius: so they bore them to death to be sure they go home17:16
sledgesNokius: did you do devel-su nemo17:16
Nokiussledges: yes17:17
Nokiusbut im still root17:17
sledgesbad ;)17:17
sledgessu nemo17:17
Nokiussledges: got an Notice17:18
sledgesis ok17:18
Nokiussledges: okay | guees not this ^^17:19
Nokiussledges: its ownd by root but h
Nokiussort afk will get some food17:21
sledgesgood call17:26
Nokiussledges: ?17:32
sledgesto get food ^_^17:33
sledgesNokius: ok i got it how this systemctl-user works17:35
sledgesopen two telnet windows17:35
Nokiussledges: okay17:35
Nokiussledges: was believing you are the pro here :)17:36
sledges"only fools know everything" - random quote :)17:36
sledgesNokius: cd /var/lib/environment/compositor/17:37
Nokiusbtw. no reboot so fare17:37
sledgeshmm heat?17:37
Nokiusguess so17:37
sledgessource droid-hal-device.conf17:38
Nokiussledges: negativ ?!
sledgesNokius: positive17:39
sledgesi forgot :p17:39
sledgessu nemo17:39
Nokiusah ^^17:40
sledgessource droid-hal-device.conf17:40
Nokiushm …
sledgesis fine17:41
sledgesnow paste output of command:17:42
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM is set to fbdev?17:44
Nokiusnope sir
sledgescat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf17:47
Nokiussledges: here
sledgesand re-run lipstick17:48
sledgestry this too in addition17:51
sledgesbut, what underlying CM have you flashed?17:51
*** hexo is now known as subparity17:52
Nokiussledges: guess this cant check md5 /sdcard is not mounted17:53
Nokiussledges: hm …
sledgesNokius: strace lipstick17:55
Nokiusis strace in the repos?
sledgesyour device should have connection17:59
sledgesotherwise, sideload this:
Nokiussledges: true ^^17:59
sledgesNokius: in the meantime, ls -l /system/lib/hw/hwc*18:00
locusfhas anyone managed to get Wifi working on their hadk projects?18:00
locusfother than the nexus devices I mean18:00
locusfthose are already done18:00
sledgesvakkov & beidl got wlan pretty much oob18:01
vakkovactually directly oob18:01
sledgesNokius: ls -l /system/lib/hw/gra*18:03
Nokiusah its needs perl as dependencie18:04
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:05
sledgesNokius: systemctl status system.mount18:07
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:08
sledgesNokius: cat /lib/systemd/system/local-fs.target18:09
sledgesecho "[Install]" >> /lib/systemd/system/local-fs.target18:12
sledgesecho "RequiredBy=droid-hal-init.service" >> /lib/systemd/system/local-fs.target18:12
sledgessed -i "s;WantedBy;RequiredBy;g" /lib/systemd/system/system.mount18:12
Nokiusdid as root18:14
Nokiusdevice is back18:14
sledgessystemctl status system.mount18:15
sledgessu nemo18:16
sledgessource /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:17
Nokiusoh it change ^^18:18
sledgessideload strace :)18:18
sledges(ssh should be up)18:19
Nokiusis used it already18:19
Nokiusah not good at rpm stuff18:20
Nokiusperl has also dependencies | how was guessing that hands up !18:21
sledgesrpm --nodeps -i18:21
Nokiussledges: is it same to ignore it?18:22
Nokiusturst u ^^18:23
sledgesnever ;)18:23
Nokiusnemo is locked a | got it | will keep it in mind ^^18:23
Sazpaimon_so assuming alien dalvik is not going to be released for non-jolla devices, is there a dual booting guide available?18:24
sledgesSazpaimon_: multirom/multiboot, but i haven't heard anyone trying to actually do it18:24
sledges(not enough phones ported to to get traction, until a week ago ;)18:25
Sazpaimon_i'll give it a try after getting it ported, then18:25
sledgesthere were attempts, i remember reading on xda18:25
Sazpaimon_though you guys should really just sell alien dalvik ;)18:25
sledgeswill you pay?18:25
sledges ;)18:25
Sazpaimon_i'll pay 10 times over18:26
Sazpaimon_even for the two android apps i actually care about18:26
sledgeswhy not buy jolla then? ;)18:26
Sazpaimon_I live in the US18:26
Sazpaimon_otherwise I'd be all over it18:27
Sazpaimon_I totally want to give jolla my money18:27
sledgeswell, you're not the only one wanting dalvik, so follow this channel ;) expand the crew18:28
locusfyou need a jolla to get the dalvik package18:29
Sazpaimon_is reselling even in your license agreement with myriad?18:29
locusfI do have it downloaded but its illegal to distribute it18:29
Sazpaimon_it doesnt even matter if you have it though, last i checked surfaceflinger couldnt even load18:30
Sazpaimon_but that was on N918:31
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: bootanimation will run18:33
Sazpaimon_that's a start18:34
Nokiussledges: sorry takes one moment output to a file is a option :-/18:35
Nokiusoh now since one week in porting SailfishOS  to find5 YEAH!!18:36
sledgesNokius: ls -l /system/lib/libhardw*18:37
Nokiusgeting fare since the first houres :D18:37
Nokiussledges: negativ18:37
vgrade_no /system mounted18:37
sledgesvgrade_: strange:
Nokiushm …18:39
Nokiusvgrade_ sledges yes18:39
sledgesvgrade_: when Nokius did by hand, it mounts18:39
sledgeswe applied WantedBy patches to just now18:39
locusf/dev/block -> /dev18:40
sledgeslocusf: it worked: 20:05 < sledges> Nokius: mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p19 /system -o rw,data=ordered,noauto_da_alloc18:40
locusfsledges: oh ok18:40
sledgesbut maybe at that point udev hasn't populated yet?18:41
sledgesNokius: listen to locusf and change /dev/block/mmcblk0p19 to /dev/mmcblk0p19 in your /lib/systemd/system/system.mount18:41
sledgesNokius: also change fbdev to hwcomposer in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:42
Nokiussledges: okay fixed18:43
Nokiusdoes systemctl daemon-reload is inafe or reboot?18:44
sledgessync first ^_^18:45
sledgesgood habit18:45
sledgescheck if /system mounted18:47
sledgesthen do systemctl-user stop lipstick18:48
sledgessu nemo18:48
sledgessourc... you know :)18:48
sledgesto strace lipstick18:48
Nokiuslipstick —>
Nokiusstrace —>
sledgesNokius: did you source .conf?18:52
sledgesand do they both say hwcomposer?18:52
sledgesNokius: cat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:53
sledgesNokius: strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer18:53
Nokiussledges:  here
sledgesit's not decrypting itself anymore18:54
Nokiussledges: sorry
phdesweralin_: it's not wireless tethering, it is usb ;) But it does not work, still crashing? Or is it something else now.18:56
* phdeswer is beered up so lots of inspiration :)18:56
sledgesNokius: strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer18:58
sledgesalin_: situ: do you know how to get rid of the white-bar/noise when display is initialised? (i.e. it hides the language selection screen etc)19:00
alin_phdeswer: not... the usb works19:00
Nokiusstrace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer —>
Nokiuslipsticktrace —>
situsledges: I haven't seen that.19:00
alin_sledges: it does not... vanishes immeadetly19:00
locusfkernel module probably missing19:01
alin_phdeswer: the usb tethering works perfectly19:01
sledgesalin_: soz, i meant "Wilkommen" screen :) it is there for ~2seconds, exactly the time white noise is there too19:02
phdesweralin_: great. So the fix is good and I can push it :D19:02
sledgesthen you see it on every reboot before lipstick shows up19:02
phdesweralin_: thanks a lot for the effort and patience!19:03
sledgesNokius: HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer19:03
situsledges: What is supposed to be shown at startup ?19:04
situsledges: Did you see it when virtual displays were enabled ?19:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
Nokiusstrace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer —>
sledgessitu: nope, i remember alin_ talking about white bars19:07
Nokiussledges: trace —>
sledgessitu: just before lipstick homescreen shows up19:07
sledgesNokius: did you execute all HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer EGL_PLATFORM=hw... in the same cmdline ?19:07
alin_sledges: no... three white screens19:07
alin_sledges: they vanished by repo sync19:07
alin_sledges: and a proper cm19:07
alin_sledges: but remember that is cm 1119:08
sledgesnightly ;)19:08
Nokiussledges:  sure
sledgesyep probably why19:08
situsledges: Is it shown on jolla ? can you show me a screenshot of it ? I have never seen it with or without virtual displays on Nexus 5.19:08
gogetai'm cm11 too19:08
sledgesgogeta: most probably device-specific19:08
sledgesNokius: all in one cmdline pls: HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer19:10
Nokiusoh sorry19:10
sledgesNokius: no need to paste, just tell me if it segfaults19:10
Nokiussledges: Segmentation fault19:10
sledgesNokius: ok, last try: HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev QT_QPA_PLATFORM=fbdev strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform hwcomposer19:10
Nokiussledges: Segmentation fault19:11
sledgesNokius: ok, last try: HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev QT_QPA_PLATFORM=fbdev strace -o lipsticktrace lipstick -platform wayland-egl19:11
Nokiussledges: sorry for the past19:11
Nokiussledges:  but No19:12
situNokius: Do you have minimer running ?19:13
sledgessitu: 17:21 < situ> sledges: We needed to start a service "display.qservice" in hammerhead which should be kicked by lipstick, and lipstick is run as nemo user.19:13
sledgeshow did you fix it?19:13
situsledges: I patched servicemanager to allow nemo user to start services.19:13
sledgeslinky? :)19:14
*** furikku has quit IRC19:14
Nokiussitu: minimer? no not that i know that :-/19:14
situsledges: locusf had to use similar patches for 10.119:15
sledgesah, situ Nokius has very mako-like hw, and going for 10.119:15
sledgesupstream upstream :D19:16
locusfI didn't have to, I just wanted to test alien dalvik :)19:17
sledgessitu: so no chances to smoke test this because servicemanager will launch display.qser as root and lipstick will curse permission denied?19:18
situsledges: Try to get minimer running as root user.19:18
situsledges: btw do you have any logs which shows starting services failing ?19:19
sledgessitu: which device?19:19
situsledges: for which device you are asking right now ?19:20
sledgesoppo find519:20
situsledges: anything in logcat ?19:21
sledgesNokius: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat19:23
situsledges: my logs were
vakkovsb who knows something about /etc/ofono/phonesim.conf19:25
sledgessitu: yes: writev(4, [{"\4", 1}, {"ServiceManager\0", 15}, {"Waiting for service display.qser"..., 41}], 3) = 5719:25
sledgesis why i posed that question19:26
situsledges: ok, feel free to patch service manager.19:26
sledgesservices triggered due to shared objects loading... gotta love android ^_^19:26
Nokiussledges: here
Nokiussledges: no sort no uniq19:27
sledgesNokius: ok if you want something on screen today (a sprite) with 90% chance, bear with me19:28
sledgesotherwise wait till tomorrow until patches are ready and you'll have to recompile some bits in your hadk sdk19:28
Nokiusstay the last night until midnight and its FUN and addictive!!!!19:30
sledgeswhere are you based? ;)19:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:30
sledgesok another 2 hours then :D19:30
Nokiusist frieday and breakfest is at 8 :P19:31
stephgright that's it I've had enough, I'm going to get wine19:31
sledgesstephg: lol you weren't even chatting :)))19:32
stephgno but I had to tell *someone* ;)19:32
sledgeshappy sysadmins day ;)19:32
sledgessure to tell, just wonder what you had enough of :))19:33
Nokiusstephg: enjoy the owner day and have a tasty wine ;)19:33
stephgsince you ask, network architecture diagrams19:34
stephgand thx btw :)19:34
sledgesouch, similar to what gogeta said; have mercy on this day you bosse(r)s! :D19:35
situsledges: On cm 10.1 you need to patch this line
sledgessitu: you're reading my mind :D19:36
sledgesNokius: ready to hack yourself out? ;D19:36
Nokiushope so19:36
sledgesNokius: cd $ANDROID_ROOT/frameworks/native/19:37
sledgesgit branch19:37
* situ goes for dinner19:37
Nokiussledges:  HABUILD?19:37
sledgesbuon appetito!19:37
sledgesNokius: yes19:37
Nokiussledges: okay im in19:38
sledgeswhat do the command i wrote you say then?19:38
sledges22:37 < sledges> git branch19:40
Nokius* (no branch)19:40
sledgesgit log (the top commit hash?)19:40
Nokiuscommit 1b385b455c9bedcabcf8e21f3cf958b09cccc6a419:41
sledgeseven better19:42
sledgesnow, apply this patch (by hand ofc):
Nokiussledges: guess it has do be there19:45
Nokiussledges: ?19:50
sledgeswas afk19:52
Nokiussledges:  okay was wondering ^^ noporps19:53
sledgesNokius: yes it is there as you see19:53
Nokiussledges: no only dumpstate dumpsys sensorservice surfaceflinger no servicemanager19:54
Nokiussledges: wait :-/19:56
sledgescmds ;)19:56
Nokiussledges: but a new file (/frameworks/native/cmds)19:58
sledgesit's a directory19:58
Nokiusim talking aboutservice_manager.c19:59
sledgesyes, open it with editor frameworks/native/cmds/servicemanager/service_manager.c , and apply that patch finding appropriate lines20:00
Nokiusoaky was just beliving i have to change the line 95 thats why i was wodering20:01
Nokiussorry for this20:03
Nokiusdone now20:03
sledgesnp :)20:03
sledgesyou're learning ;)20:03
sledgescd $ANDROID_ROOT20:04
sledgesls -l out/target/product/mako/system/bin/servicemanager20:04
sledges(paste the one-liner here, it's ok)20:04
Nokiuschance ist to find520:05
Nokius-rwxr-xr-x 1 user user 9696 Jul 19 17:24 out/target/product/find5/system/bin/servicemanager20:05
sledgesnow run . build/envsetup.sh20:05
sledgesbreakfast $DEVICE20:05
sledgesmka servicemanager20:07
Nokiussledges: correct20:08
Nokiussledges: take your time20:10
*** carepack has quit IRC20:10
sledgesmka clean-servicemanager20:12
NokiusClean: servicemanager20:12
sledgesmka servicemanager20:12
sledgeshave i ever told you how much i like android's build system? :)20:12
Nokiussledges: no not yeat20:13
NokiusInstall: /home/user/1/android/droid/out/target/product/find5/system/bin/servicemanager20:13
sledgeswell, now you know :)20:13
sledgesscp /home/user/1/android/droid/out/target/product/find5/system/bin/servicemanager to your phone under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/20:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
alin_situ: vgrade_ did you notice that mails do not sync automatically?20:16
situalin_: I have not configured my device to check mails, but this issue can be related to clock.20:17
Nokiussledges: okay20:18
sledgesNokius: whilst you're in your device20:18
sledgesapply this patch manually too:
*** alin_ has quit IRC20:21
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:22
Nokiussledges:  my line 444 looks totally different
sledgeswell surely it won't be line 444 because we're at different branches20:24
Nokiussledges: okay20:25
Nokiussledges: its 428 for me20:25
sledgestime for a sync20:27
sledgesand reboot20:27
Nokiussledges: its back20:29
sledgessame routine20:29
sledgestelnet in20:29
sledgesensure /system is mounted20:29
sledgessu nemo20:30
sledgessource ...conf20:30
Nokiussystem ok20:30
sledgeslipstick -platform hwcomposer20:30
NokiusVariables step  again first?20:31
Nokiusor only source and lpstick ...20:31
sledgesif ...conf is all set to hwcomposer than no extras needed20:31
sledges(if not, pls make changes in that .conf)20:32
Nokiusis so ? okay?20:32
sledgeschange HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev20:33
sledgesvalue to hwcomposer20:33
Nokiussledges: strace?20:35
sledgesyou forgot the m20:36
sledgesbut should be non critical20:36
sledgesyes, strace pls20:36
sledgesNokius: don't forget source20:36
Nokiusfix the m20:37
Nokiusdid source same20:38
Nokiuswill strace sec20:38
Nokiussledges: strace20:41
Nokiussledges: output
sledgesNokius: we're at the same problem20:44
sledgesplease double check you replaced binary correctly20:44
sledgesand show the change you made to .rc file20:44
sledgesNokius: ps aux | grep servicem20:53
Nokiussledges: ps
Nokiussledges: its not gettin hot again ( may its good cold now but it is for 10 −15 min with out coolpack)20:55
sledgesNokius: do git diff on $ANDROID_ROOT/frameworks/native/20:56
Nokiussledges: nothing20:58
sledgesso what patch did you apply? :)20:59
Nokiushas git to check the folder first (reimport iniculise)21:04
sledgesNokius: wait21:04
Nokiussledges: okay21:05
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:05
sledgesNokius: we got the wrong guy (i.e. file :D)21:05
sledgesi should've listened more to situ , but head is on low rpms already ;)21:05
sledgessorry about that21:05
sledgescd $ANRDOID_ROOT/frameworks/base21:06
sledgesand there you'll have what to patch ;)21:06
NokiusAH there is servicemanager21:08
*** samzanemesis has joined #sailfishos-porters21:08
samzanemesisAre there nightly builds for the Hammerhead available?21:08
sledgeshello samzanemesis , no nightly builds yet :)21:09
samzanemesisThanks for the info, I haven't been able to build it from the instructions on the wiki21:11
samzanemesis(I'm trying to build from OS X with gnu tools)21:12
sledgeswhat seems to be the problem officer? :)21:12
sledgeswell hadk has clear requirements :)21:12
sledgesbut if you succeed, we'll be happy to embrace instructions :)21:12
samzanemesisI'll probably set up a Ubuntu envoirement for building it21:12
samzanemesisAlso I want to thank everyone for their hard work on hybris21:13
sledgeshadk involves a linux host (or vm in worst case), then launching mer sdk which is linux chroot, then launching ubuntu chroot for android builds21:13
sledges64bit host preferably21:13
sledgesthank you21:13
Nokiussledges: oh after reboot it went from bootlogo to black :)21:20
Nokiussledges:  reboot again :(21:20
sledges /o\21:20
Nokiussledges: deploid21:21
sledgesmaybe lipstick is loading21:22
sledgesheats phone up21:22
sledgesand boom?21:22
Nokiussledges: coolpack is there21:22
Nokiussledges: looks good now no reboot for now21:23
Nokiustelnet done21:23
sledgesyou know the routine :)21:23
sledgesbut after doing su nemo21:23
sledgessystemctl-user stop lipstick21:23
sledgesjust in case21:24
sledgeswaiting for strace ;)21:24
Nokiushm …21:24
Nokiuswe had this al ready to night or ?21:24
Nokius[nemo@Jolla /]$ systemctl-user stop lipstick21:24
Nokiusbash: /bin/systemctl-user: Permission denied21:24
sledgesdo it before su nemo21:25
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:27
Nokiusoutput —>
Nokiusstrace —> (to big for 0bin)21:31
Nokiussledges: oh reboot may to cold21:32
sledgesNokius: just try to revert HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev21:33
sledgesfor a try21:33
Nokiushot news!21:33
Nokiusof o haf sec i so the lang settting21:33
sledgesstrace shows lipstick trying its best21:33
sledgeslol :D \o/21:33
sledgesso congrats21:34
sledgeseverything's not lost :)21:34
Nokiusagain nemo21:34
sledgeserm yes ok let's go ahead21:34
sledges00:33 < sledges> Nokius: just try to revert HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev21:34
sledgesin that file21:34
sledgesor just before strace21:34
Nokiusstoping lipstick first or not?21:35
sledgeswont hurt21:35
Nokiussledges: output —>
Nokiusstrace —> (same as before)21:41
sledgesthanks for saving my 7yo laptop's cpu power :D and not pasting in encrypted pastie :)))21:42
sledgesNokius: as root:21:43
sledgesmv /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sensors/ /root/
Nokiuswow its blue now21:43
Nokiusdid nothing21:43
sledgesim blue da-bo-di-da-bo-dai21:44
Nokiuslike "blue screen" not the blue but a nice blue21:44
sledgesjust ignore  :)21:44
Nokiuswill move now21:44
Nokiusdone as root21:45
Nokiusremins me to turn muisc on agian21:45
sledgeslaunch lipstick21:45
sledgesas nemo21:45
sledgeswithout strace21:45
sledgesrm -f /lib/systemd/system/
sledgesas root ofc21:47
sledgessync and reboot21:47
Nokiusis back21:49
sledgesNokius: you know the rut :)21:50
Nokiusjust check top and less then 5%21:51
Nokiussledges: strace
sledgesand skip strace21:58
sledgesbut i guess it will be the same21:58
sledgesthere's a crazy thought in a back of my mind22:00
sledgesthat i had (or imagined) a difference:22:00
sledgesexport HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer22:00
sledgesexport QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer22:00
sledgesthese two22:00
sledgesand then lipstick22:00
sledges(no -platform at end)22:01
sledgeshwcompose+r :)22:05
sledgesand it's midnight in GER ;)22:05
Nokiussorry just got it22:07
Sazpaimon_is there a odf or doc version of the hadk guide? It's very difficult for me to get text selected from the pdf22:08
NokiusSazpaimon_: works well in FF22:08
NokiusSazpaimon_: for me22:08
NokiusSazpaimon_: and the latest version ( is way better than early version22:09
Sazpaimon_that's what I'm using22:10
NokiusSazpaimon_: but ture is if it has a * u need a bit time ^^22:10
NokiusSazpaimon_: not all is p&c :)22:10
sledgesNokius: you did this too? export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer22:10
Nokiussledges: yes
NokiusSazpaimon_: iirc there is only a pdf22:12
vakkov* HAL API Version: 022:13
sledgesNokius: ls -l /system/lib/egl/22:13
sledgesNokius: this is bad, but:22:14
sledgescd /system/lib/egl22:14
sledgesln -s libGLESv2S3D_adreno200.so22:15
sledgesvakkov: probably quite old hwc22:15
vakkovi thought they updated these22:16
Nokiussledges: Read-only file system22:16
sledgesvakkov: erm nope, he's got new22:17
sledgessee 13.6 in hadk22:17
sledgesvakkov: but he's got find522:19
sledgeswonder how legit this is :)22:19
sledgesworth a try? ;)22:19
vakkovoh, cmon. nexus 4 and mi-2s are with the same chipset22:19
vakkovoops, only mi2 (xiaomi)22:19
vakkovas well as xperia z22:19
vakkovwhy the hell is the hw composer so old22:20
vakkoveven mine is newer :D22:20
sledgesvakkov: there are much older ones than 1.122:21
sledges(those which would run only with =fbdev)22:21
vakkovmine was 1.0 :P22:21
sledgesvakkov: and at any rate, his CM doesn't ship libGLESv2S3D_adreno200.so22:21
sledgesso, odd22:22
vakkovsledges: so nexus 4(mako) find5 xperia z and mi2 are with the same chipset.. shouldn't be a problem. the only problem is that i dont know for which android version is that library :D22:22
sledgesand he had a flash of language selector22:24
sledgesprobably this missing .so is only for 3D effects (what's S?)22:24
vakkovthose libs are uploaded on november 24 ... most problably android 4.222:26
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters22:26
vakkovmaybe he should try EGL_PLATFORM22:28
sledgesthey're synonyms22:28
stephgroight. bedtime. goodnight chaps, see you in the morning!22:29
beidl_otglets see how long the battery on sailfish lasts :)22:34
vakkovbeidl_otg: now with the deamons off and the systemd fix i can feel that it is immortal :D22:36
vakkovbtw gps works.22:36
vakkovtest_gps as root22:36
beidl_otgNIIIICE how did you test it?22:36
vakkovwrite test_gps as root :D22:37
beidl_otgoh ok22:37
mugnaso, time to update wiki22:37
vakkovsledges told me22:37
vakkovbeidl_otg Ambient light sensor also works, right?22:37
vakkovand accelerometer22:37
Nokiussledges: any idea | what next ?22:38
beidl_otgnow... theres only one thing keepong me from using it as a daily driver22:39
vakkovonly left: gsm, camera, nfc22:39
vakkovsledges is there a test for nfc :D :D22:39
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC22:41
sledges01:14 < sledges> Nokius: this is bad, but:22:41
sledges01:14 < sledges> cd /system/lib/egl22:41
sledges01:15 < sledges> ln -s libGLESv2S3D_adreno200.so22:41
sledgesor download the one from vakkov's link22:41
sledgesalso vakkov suggests to rename HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM to EGL_PLATFORM in .conf22:42
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters22:42
Nokiussledges: 00:1622:43
Nokiussledges: Read-only file system22:43
beidl_otgif there is, i'll try tomorrow with my remaining nfc tags22:43
*** samzanemesis has quit IRC22:43
vakkovreboot your device22:46
vakkovwhen the system partition is mounted, do the symlink22:46
vakkovafter that telnet and continue22:46
Nokiussledges: rename HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM to EGL_PLATFORM in .conf -->
sledgesvakkov: Nokius: hangon22:46
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC22:46
sledgesmount /system -o remount,rw22:47
Nokiussledges: ;)
sledgesretry lipstick22:48
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters22:48
vakkovi always forget about this :D22:49
Nokiussledges: rename .conf back?22:49
sledgessame problem22:55
sledgesopens exif22:55
sledgeswe'll try minimer tomorrow22:55
sledgesgood night for now!22:55
Nokiussledges: check will join in the afternoon (may earlyer) gn8 cu thanks!!!!22:55
vakkovbeidl_org: we had luck :D oppo find's hwcomposer seems to be very old22:56
sledgeswill check22:56
sledgesvakkov: why old if it is 1,1 ? ;)22:56
vakkovi thought it was 0.3 :D22:57
sledgesin hadk it was just out from a random device :)22:57
vakkovoh ergl platofrm = hwcomposer22:57
sledgesnight porters :)22:57
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC23:00
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC23:03
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters23:03
Nokiuscu guys later today23:04
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC23:05
vakkovNokius: what kernel are you using23:05
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters23:08
Nokiusvakkov: sh-3.2# uname -r23:10
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters23:12
Nokiusvakkov: answer okay?23:13
vakkovyep, thanks :D23:13
Nokiusvakkov: cu23:14
vakkovsee you later :D23:14
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:19
*** AquilumZero has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
*** lbt_ has quit IRC23:23
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
Sazpaimon__vgrade_, for your oneplus build, is there a reason why you didn't use the hybris-11.0 branch?23:24
Sazpaimon__you said you were using the cm-11.0-XNPH22R-bacon-03d77315ea tag on the official repo23:24
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC23:28
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:28
*** gogeta has quit IRC23:29
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC23:29
*** Aquilum has quit IRC23:29
*** lbt has quit IRC23:29
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC23:29
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:29
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon23:29
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters23:30

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