Monday, 2014-08-25

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dragonkeeper hey guys  section 7.2 speaks of /etc/hw-release  which is a file generated by   but using mb2 to call  is broken . so does this file need to be manually added ?02:21
dragonkeepernvm added it myself03:20
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Sage_so anyone had the race condition issues in systemd mounting durin bootup anymore?06:49
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AlexKa-71can someone tell me which credentials to use to update adaptation-lge-hammerhead repo with zypper?09:44
AlexKa-71great work on sailfishos on nexus5 - thanks09:44
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alinAlexKa-71: none...09:47
alinAlexKa-71: you will have to rm that repo09:47
alinand also xt909:47
alinssu dr adaptation0 xt9 home09:47
AlexKa-71ok thanks a lot09:51
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mailyaseensledges mako release ??09:55
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alinAlexKa-71: so worked?10:23
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lbt_maguro rebuild for nemo bug 729 done :
MerbotNemo bug 729 in Hybris-ing "Maguro droid-hal-device packages for OBS hw repository" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]
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Sage_This should fix e.g. properly11:38
MerbotNemo bug 722 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] "Prefer 4G" option disappears from the "Network mode" setting" [Normal,New]11:38
Sage_sledges: someone else should verify that it fixes everything before merging that11:41
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sledgesSage_: commented on bug, so guys will get email notified11:44
situAnyone noticed that only 1 speaker outputs sound on N5 ?11:45
Sage_situ: is there more than 1 speaker on it?11:46
situSage_: I think so.11:46
sledgesisn't the other mic?11:46
Sage_dont get fooled by the speaker holes usually they are just for the looks11:46
situSage_: ohh ok11:47
situGood to know :)11:47
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alinSage_: testing12:00
alinsitu: bu looks good12:00
lbtsledges: mce-plugin-libhybris12:00
alinsitu: there is only one for sure...12:01
alinsitu: and really works like in cyanogen... I put my hand on the wrong side... speaker blocked...12:02
alinon the right side... nobody can hear me speaking12:02
alinSage_: works12:02
alinSage_: survives reboot12:02
sledgeslbt: good morning :)12:03
sledgesalin: \o/ thanks12:03
lbtsledges: morning ... too wet to have a day off :)12:05
sledgeswhat's day off?:))12:06
sledgesyes, raining cats'n'dogs here too:)12:06
lbtI'm playing in ...  is that going to be built on top of the HAs or under it ?12:06
lbtI need an 'under' for the tools and I think that's the wrong place12:06
lbtwell, I just realised it is12:06
sledgesmce-plugin-libhybris is ha dependent12:11
sledgesyep, this common needs to be "over"12:12
sledgesit'll have many repos to build against, each per-device12:12
sledgeslooks noooice! ;)12:12
lbtpurged tools12:13
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lbt"These tools (and supporting libraries) are build-dependencies for the droid-hal-device packaging and droid build"12:13
lbtisn't a description useful ;)12:13
lbtsledges: so we should add a device repo to it12:15
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phdeswerHow was gps tested on n5? As I don't really see it work...12:21
alinphdeswer: test_gps12:21
phdeswerAnd I don't talk about the UI bits.12:21
alinphdeswer: start it and wait12:21
sledgeslbt: bingo!12:21
sledgesphdeswer: test_gps12:21
sledgesas root preferably12:21
Stskeepsmight have to go outside, given no proper agps.. :P12:21
phdesweralin: sledges : Well I wrote it, and I see no output at all (it should give some info even if there is no lock)12:21
Stskeepsand it's raining.. :P12:22
sledgeslooks like it's raining in the whole irc channel:)12:22
phdeswerBut it could be I changed that printing..12:22
* phdeswer checks12:22
alinphdeswer: takes a while12:22
alinphdeswer: more than you would like12:22
sledgesphdeswer: yes it keeps spitting on release images12:22
sledgesthe output12:22
mailyaseensledges any update for MAKO release?12:23
phdeswersledges: hmm, I was just playing here and I see nothing. It claims to be tracking. But I am kind of worried about output like :  Diag_LSM_Init: Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 2*** setting positioning mode12:23
Stskeepssu -s gps might be needed?12:23
sledgesmailyaseen: going my best12:23
sledgesand not only me ;)12:24
sledgesmailyaseen: believe me it's worth to wait a bit more, not long now12:24
alinphdeswer: yap I get that oen too12:24
mailyaseenyeah, i understand.. waiting from long time.. :)12:24
sledgesmailyaseen: yes, but at least now work is being done towards it;)12:24
sledgesmailyaseen: i didn't want to release without hw improvements, sailfish update8 didn't bring out any critical fixes/features for you or?12:25
mailyaseenokay.. Thanks sledges...12:25
phdeswerStskeeps: I'll check what is happening.12:26
alinphdeswer: today seems is the bad day for locking12:27
sledgessomeone nuked the satellites12:28
alinsledges: he he... I was locking on glosnass12:29
alinsledges: let us blame putin12:30
phdeswerWell failing to set the positioning mode is probably bad...12:30
alinphdeswer: yap let me find the output of a succsful12:31
alintest gps12:31
alinindeed to positioning dailure12:32
phdesweralin: hmm that output works, and notice that I don't see error = 2*** setting positioning mode12:33
alinphdeswer: no... but I think the issue is the output..12:33
alinthe error gets in the middle of the things12:34
alinit may be it fails to early12:34
alinanyhow now I get positive timesteps too12:34
phdesweralin: what I mean is that now there seems to be an extra error12:35
alinwhich one?12:35
alinphdeswer: I think si not12:35
alinis just mangling of output12:35
phdesweralin: this one is bad I think Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 2*** setting positioning mode12:36
alinphdeswer: I see..12:37
alinphdeswer: I read the erorr like this12:37
alinFailed to open handle to diag driver, error = 212:37
alinthis output from somewhere else *** setting positioning mode12:37
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phdesweralin: ah no \n... might be indeed12:38
phdeswerNo problem then, then it is just sitting inside that makes it fail (and no more printing if there is no lock)12:38
sledgeshoy vgrade12:41
Sage_alin: ok good.12:42
Sage_sledges: I wonder how many other things we are still missing from the d-h-d stuff like that :/12:42
alinSage_: which one?12:42
Sage_alin: the 4g thing12:42
sledgesSage_: we'll find as we go12:43
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alinSage_:  if you are ofono expert... can we make it less verbose...12:43
Sage_alin: not ofono expert, mainly just handling the hw adaptation side to some extend and trying to collect the pieces that we haven't put there yet :)12:43
Sage_alin: what is the messages that are too verbose there?12:44
sledgesalin: check cmdling logging level in ofono.service ?12:44
alinsledges: Sage_ Aug 25 13:43:26 abbaton ofonod[794]: voice registration status is 112:44
* sledges bets on "voice registration ..."12:44
alinplenty of them12:44
alinsledges: yes12:45
alinand data12:45
alin           └─794 /usr/sbin/ofonod -n --nobacktrace --noplugin=he910,dun_gw_bluez5,hfp_bluez5,hfp_ag_bluez5,cdma_provision,bluez5,isimodem,n900,u8500...12:45
sledgeson jolla i get those lines only when i call someone12:48
vgradehey sledges , reading logs now, anything pending for me?12:49
Sage_alin: that is unfortunate thing and currently hard to silence I got told12:49
sledgesvgrade: many people are trying to build bacon:)12:51
vgradeyum yum12:51
sledgeshow was Leeds?12:51
vgradegreat, boys loved it.12:51
vgradewhos on bacon ?12:53
vgradei'll check logs12:54
vgradePSA: reduced admission price for xda:devcon until 26 Sept,
sledgesNokius1: ^12:58
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alinSage_: a bummer13:27
vgradehi alin13:28
alinvgrade: hi13:28
alinvgrade: only one guy is trying bacon13:28
alinvgrade: I suspect some strange time zone13:29
alinappears only in the morning very early13:29
vgradealin: ok.  I really want to get that ready for xdadev conf13:30
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lbt_vgrade: lpotter: phdeswer: cxl000: I removed your branches of nemo:devel:hw:android:common - the repo setup in there was really messed up ... please rebranch *if* you need.13:56
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt13:56
phdeswerlbt_: ok.13:57
* phdeswer tries to remember what he might have branched13:57
vgradephdeswer: same here :)13:58
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iunohi there, was busy the last days. i noticed, that my phone was getting warm and top showed systemd-udevd with >30% cpu all the time, also kworker with >10%14:35
lbtphdeswer: vgrade: tbh I don't think you need them - just being polite in case :)14:35
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vgradeiuno: some devices use a  udev event to signal frame sync from the kernel to userspace14:37
vgradeiuno: can you do some logging to see what events are being processed14:38
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alinSage_: the confsing thing about ofono 4g is that... usually in a config file a commented entry indicates the default value15:26
alinso... I could have read that file 10000000k times and I could have sweared is active15:26
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sledgesiuno: vgrade: same symptoms were on maguro (imap), but probably different rootcause as your one is qc, anyhows:
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alinlbt_: you are everywhere... even in obs channel15:38
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Sage_alin: well, that confusion is result of evolution :P15:44
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zetazflyser, oh1jty : Hello ! I am the owner of an xt897 (Motorola Photon Q). I have seen that you are working on porting Sailfish OS to it. I am new to libhybris and cyanogen mod (reading doc and trying to compile CM as a start), but a long time linux user/dev. How can I help you with this ?16:40
vgradezetaz: hi16:45
zetazvgrade: hi16:45
vgradethe guys are not always around as they may be in other timezones.16:46
vgradeplease ask if you get stuck , others may be able to help16:46
zetazvgrade: OK. I'll retry later if they don't see this one16:47
zetazso far, I am only starting to gather all needed pieces, and reading doc. so I am not yet stuck ;)16:47
zetazto avoid duplicating work, I wanted to check what flyser and oh1jty are doing, and on which points I could help (testing things for example)16:48
sledgeszetaz: well they don't have UI :)16:50
sledgesunless you want a compact router;)16:50
sledges(welcome aboard btw:)16:51
zetazsledges : thanks !16:52
zetazI have seen this in the table on the wiki, and it is indeed one of the first thing to enable...16:53
sledgesso priceless help would be if you could dig into subtleties of the gpu sw stack:
zetazI will take a look. Not sure I am skilled enough, we'll see...16:57
locusfis egl platform null been tried on photon q?16:57
flyserzetaz: let me know if you need any help16:58
sledgeslocusf: don't think so, but i tried it on find5, which exposes nearly identical problems16:58
flyserlocusf: I don't think so.16:58
sledgeslocusf: how do you go about that again? HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=null ... -platform hwcomposer ?16:58
locusfflyser: sledges ok16:59
locusfsledges: just EGL_PLATFORM=null but that was the correct way yes16:59
flyserlocusf: what does null mean? I understood that it always results in a black screen16:59
locusfflyser: no wayland17:00
locusfit should still render the homescreen main window though17:00
locusfI used this approach on huawei p6 at first, moved to patched libhybris after17:00
flyserwhat did you patch?17:01
locusfI didn't patch anything Stskeeps did :)17:01
locusfI lost the main link, but will upload to my dropbox17:02
locusfplease note that its quite experimental17:06
zetazflyser : do you have some notes about what your already did to compile all / details on the problems you have / list of versions you are using (I have seen some discussion between CM10.2 being more stable than CM11.0 for the xt897?)...17:09
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*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
flyserzetaz: If you feel adventurous, you can try cm1117:12
flyseroh1jty and I are running cm10.1, which exhibits the display problems as seen in the wiki17:12
locusfI'm not 100% sure what the real changes needed for p6 are but I hope it helps you guys :)17:12
zetazflyser : wouldn't it be better to use the same as you, to be able to share more easily our work ?17:13
zetazflyser: do you think cm11 could be a solution to the display problems ?17:14
flyseryes, but I (and I guess oh1jty) somehow bumped a wall and are out of ideas17:14
flyserit's possible, but you never know ...17:14
flyserif you want to get into the whole hadk thing, I recommend 10.1 though17:15
*** kimmoli has quit IRC17:15
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos-porters17:15
flyserit should be easier to get something to work with 10.117:15
zetazflyser: thanks. I will start with 10.1 then, and when I will have more knowledge may try more recent ones.17:16
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flyserlocusf: EGL_PLATFORM=null results in lipstick: hwcomposer_window.cpp:186: virtual int HWComposerNativeWindow::dequeueBuffer(BaseNativeWindowBuffer**, int*): Assertion `fbnb!=__null' failed.17:20
locusfflyser: oh17:21
locusfflyser: does it stop or keep rendering?17:21
flyserscreen turns on, lipstick runs, crashes, screen turns off17:22
locusfs/rendering/outputting to console17:22
locusfwhat about minimer?17:22
flyserwhat is minimer?^^17:23
locusfits a small qml file which renders to screen, like lipstick should do17:25
locusfinstall qmlscene, don't remember the full package name though17:26
locusfand then cd to minimer, then: EGL_PLATFORM=null /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml17:27
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Nokius1sledges: thanks but will take the All Inclusive ...17:29
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos-porters17:35
flyserit fails with the same assertion17:39
*** alin has quit IRC17:43
locusfflyser: ok :/17:44
sledgestime for patchy hybris then;)17:44
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
sledgesfearing it won't work for =null -crashing adaptations /17:45
flyseryup ...17:45
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters17:48
blackjack4ithi there17:49
sledgesTassadar: pls confirm this assumption on MultiROM: one cannot have cm10.1 as primary ROM and cm11 as secondary, because cm11 needs a newer underlying android stock base17:51
Tassadarthe two systems are separate17:52
Tassadarif it doesn't work, then it is a bug17:52
sledgesok, bit from sailfish os on android history:17:52
sledgespeople with cm11 can flash mako sf-10.1 on top, but then wlan/modem wont work due to firmware mismatch17:53
sledges(firmware coming from stock android underneath, not provided with cm)17:53
Tassadaryes, radio can be a problem, multirom can simulate separate radio partition for secondary Android ROMs, but it is not implemented for sailfish17:54
sledgesok, answered my concerns, thanks :) i'll document appropriately in relnotes17:54
*** zetaz has quit IRC17:54
Tassadar(the parts you're talking about are installed in a separate partition on the device and are not usually a part of a "ROM")17:54
vgradesledges: N4 multirom incomming?17:55
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
sledgesvgrade: already in thanks to Tassadar ;)17:56
sledgeshe also provided fertile soil for flo/deb17:56
sledgesin his latest mrom release17:56
sledgesgreat work you to on nexus5, enabling the rest of devices was piece of cake:)17:57
blackjack4itsledges: finally the build has ended (without -j parameters) but the _cmath errors are still there18:02
sledgesblackjack4it: which projects?18:02
blackjack4itsledges: stlport18:03
*** Tassadar has quit IRC18:08
*** kimmoli___x has quit IRC18:09
blackjack4itsledges: the first one is external/stlport/stlport/stl/_cmath.h:427:37 ::'fabsf' has not been declared18:10
sledgesgcc version issue18:15
sledgesin case your device has asks for different gcc version than the rest18:15
blackjack4itsledges: oh god :O so what now, do I have to install a different version of gcc18:17
blackjack4itsledges: this could bring in an unsuccessfull build of libhybris if I downgrade to a different version18:19
sledgesblackjack4it: which device again?18:21
blackjack4itsledges: :D xperia mini pro sk17 cm11 libhybris-cm11 4.4.4 :D18:22
sledgesi wonder which parts of it dictate gcc version18:22
sledgescan you grab device/sony * for gcc?18:22
blackjack4itimmediately o/ in the meantime, a cofee for you offered by me o/18:23
blackjack4itsledges: do you mean any of gcc folders inside device/semc?18:25
sledgesgrep gcc device/* -R18:27
*** blackjack4it_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:27
vakkov_where has that disappeared - qt5-plugin-platform-eglfs18:28
blackjack4it_sledges: :O18:29
blackjack4itsledges: I've done successfully my cm11 build :O can't explain why it says that18:30
sledgesblackjack4it: only stl's problem18:30
blackjack4itblackjack4it: wops *drinks hot cofee in a millisecond* here's your tea18:31
blackjack4itsledges: wops I've mentioned myself, is getting late here... xD sooooooo..18:32
sledgesor you're becoming hyperactive from the amount of coffee)18:32
blackjack4itsledges: xD18:33
sledgesblackjack4it: make modules18:33
blackjack4itsledges: started18:33
blackjack4it_Available sub-modules: /bin/bash: line 1: column: command not found18:35
blackjack4it_sledges: I'm going to throw this xperia and buy a nexus. *Take a breath*... :D18:36
blackjack4itsledges: just joking18:37
blackjack4itsledges: so make modules fails too :(18:42
sledgesi haven't finished tea yet:p18:43
blackjack4itsledges: :D18:43
sledgessudo apt-get install bsdmainutils18:43
blackjack4itsledges: ok it "outputted" a very long list18:45
blackjack4itsledges: I mean, after doing install I've done make again and a very long list has been listed in the result18:46
sledgesmake modules shows all compilable units18:47
sledgesfind how stl is named amongst18:47
*** vakkov_ is now known as vakkov18:48
blackjack4itsledges: libstlport and libstlport_static18:52
sledgesthen do make libstlport-clean18:54
sledgesand make libstlport_static-clean18:54
blackjack4itsledges: No rule to make "libstlport-clean"19:05
sledgesblackjack4it: i forgot how exactly19:06
blackjack4itsledges: I've teied make clean libstlport19:06
sledgesmake clean-libstlport19:06
blackjack4itsledges: tried*19:06
sledgesone character fix:)19:06
blackjack4itsledges: but it cleaned all the build directory xD when it'll finish I'll try the fix19:07
sledgesi hope you were not gonna say this19:07
blackjack4itsledges: only one char19:07
sledgesmakes huuuge difference :)19:07
blackjack4itsledges: only for *censored* '-'19:07
blackjack4itsledges: no problem, I can try the fix later thanks anyway I'll keep you informed19:08
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
sledgesyou've learned the hard way19:10
sledgesyou'll surely remember now that make accepts multiple targets on cmdline;))19:10
*** furikku has quit IRC19:10
*** beidl_ has quit IRC19:11
*** mispp has quit IRC19:26
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
junnuvifinally it's good enought to share..
vakkovcr*p. high time to repair my two groupers :D19:37
sledgesor make one good one :)19:38
sledgesjunnuvi: xda fan? ;)19:38
sledgesjunnuvi: 5 icons wow! ;)19:39
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:41
*** alin has quit IRC19:41
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:41
*** _Serial has quit IRC19:43
junnuvisledges: not xda fan, but probably I must create account there soon :P19:45
sledgesthen you'll have to tell us 10 types of beers you like :)))19:45
vakkovi also have to tell u some types of beers19:51
junnuvimostly i like beers which are in liquid form :)19:53
sledgesget 10 posts:))19:55
vakkovsledges: ouch, forgot to dd that image of nemo that i deleted and that can't be built again :D19:58
vakkovoooops :D well, i still have a sailfish image though :D19:59
junnuvisledges: ah, there was some stupid 10 posts rule in xda?20:00
sledgesjunnuvi: yes20:00
junnuviok, now I see :)20:00
sledgesthough we're still interested in your beer tastes:))20:01
junnuvi:) ofcourse. Will do that tomorrow, have to get some sleep now20:01
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
vgradejunnuvi: well done20:02
sledgesoh yes :)20:03
sledgesjunnuvi: tweet?20:03
*** Just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
junnuvivgrade: thanks20:05
junnuvisledges: ah yes, I will tweet before sleep :P20:06
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:06
sledgeswith that awesome photo pls;)20:07
sledgesbiggest PR blow:)20:07
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:12
junnuviDone. I really don't know how to drive twitter :D20:16
vakkovsledges: ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host   does not get "fixed" in the usual way (reconnecting the usb cable)20:16
Stskeepsjunnuvi: tegra one i presume20:16
kimmolijunnuvi: learnigcurve in some ?20:18
phdeswervakkov: always check dmesg to see what is going on. Do you get the usb interface on your pc?20:19
junnuvikimmoli: i will focus to learn thing which I like to learn :)20:20
junnuviStskeeps: yes, tegra. Is there another kind of groupers too?20:20
junnuvi..but now i must go20:21
Stskeepswell, there'st tilapia (3g version?) and then of course the qualcomm based later nexus 720:21
junnuviah, yes. I should be more specific on my tweet20:21
junnuvifixed tweet:
junnuvibut NOW =>20:24
iunovgrade: how could i find out which events are processed? i set udev logging to info but i can't make head or tail of the journal20:39
iunobtw why is there sync without ui?20:40
sledgesiuno: vakkov hunted down that udev 8% cpu bug, worth pinging him20:44
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt20:45
dragonkeepersledges,   thing this is all i got left to do  i think ...
dragonkeeperguessing some/all of thats optional ?20:47
sledgesdragonkeeper: ls -ld /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin20:49
dragonkeeperdrwxrwxr-x 5 dragonkeeper dragonkeeper 4096 Aug 25 04:04 /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin20:49
vgradeiuno: did you do udevadm monitor20:50
sledgesdragonkeeper: you should build it as mb2 -s rpm/$PKG.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build20:50
sledgesnot ../rpm20:50
sledgesbut probably still getting same err20:50
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:51
sledgesdragonkeeper: ls -ld /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/rpm20:51
dragonkeeperdrwxrwxr-x 2 dragonkeeper dragonkeeper 4096 Aug 25 04:05 /srv/mer/devel/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/rpm20:51
dragonkeeperand yes i get same error sledges20:53
blackjack4itsledges: I've red only now, I was looking at the pc while it was building :D yes, now is written in blood on my wall about multiple targets in cmdline :D20:53
dragonkeeperits the same with all in that section20:53
sledgesdragonkeeper: mv /srv/mer/devel/ ~/mer-devel21:06
sledgesif you don't mind ofc ;)21:06
sledgesblackjack4it: you were staring at your PC like Neo watching the Matrix?:))21:06
blackjack4itsledges: LOL Yes I was following the white rabbit LOL21:07
sledgesdown the rabbit hole (/dev/null)21:08
blackjack4itsledges: LOL21:08
dragonkeepersledges, oknow i got failed deps21:08
sledgesdragonkeeper: that's better21:09
sledgesdragonkeeper: you need to rebuild all the above21:10
sledgesand in order21:10
sledgesin the document21:12
sledgesas this depends on them21:12
sledgesdon't forgett such things as sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-build zypper rm mesa-llvmpipe21:12
sledgesas you go21:12
dragonkeeperyeah im looking in the document  just trying work out where id retrieve everything. or does mersdk use a pkg manager too ?21:14
sledgesretrieve what everything?21:15
sledgesit will pull any existing deps into target21:15
sledgesjust follow 13.8.121:15
sledgeswith target preparation etc21:15
sledgeswhich installs dhd-devel, that will in turn provide android-headers, libhybris will provide libhardware21:15
sledgesand so on21:16
dragonkeeperoh yeah ive done all that ,   on 13.8.321:16
sledgessomething went wrong21:16
sledgesbecause         pkgconfig(libhardware) is needed by qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin-
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters21:16
dragonkeeperok ill rerun it to make sure21:16
sledgesjust do libhybris21:17
sledgesas it provides libhardware21:17
sledgesit's with submodules, easy to go wrong;)21:17
dragonkeeperha okays  trying that21:20
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:21
dragonkeepersledges, how was that film ?21:22
iunovgrade: thanks, didn't know it... so there are loads of add and remove /devices/fc880000.qcom,mss/firmware/fc880000.qcom,mss (firmware)21:22
iunovakkov: hi, sledges told me you fixed a bug with udev cpu load21:22
iunovakkov: on my device, systemd-udevd uses >30% all the time21:23
phdesweriuno: see if you can strace it, might be that it gets hung up on some device21:24
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters21:25
vakkoviuno: agh, i have a pretty short memory21:30
vakkovuse udevadm to see what is flooding udev21:30
iunolook at my message to vgrade21:32
vakkoviuno: what's the device21:34
phdesweriuno: so that /devices/fc880000.qcom,mss/firmware/fc880000.qcom,mss device is causing the issue?21:34
iunosony xperia z1 compact (amami)21:34
vakkovphdeswer: no, probably the firm is using uevents and udev is getting woken up21:35
iunophdeswer: i don't really know.. but it's like , repeat21:36
phdeswervakkov: that would be weird. It is rather triggering some device creation/removal in a loop. Or something else is going on.21:38
vakkovphdeswer: yep, just saw the log21:39
sledgesdragonkeeper: /win 2821:39
sledgeslol the movie was great!21:39
sledgesyet i didn't expect everyone to be talking about it that much atm:)21:40
dragonkeeperha ima have to watch it then :)21:40
dragonkeeperoh i have finished 13.8.* :)21:40
vakkoviuno: do a udevmonitor --env  to see a full message (eventually)21:41
*** zetaz has quit IRC21:41
vakkovbut our case was different. we just had to ignore uevent messages21:42
dragonkeepersledges,  just need to look at 13.6 and re read that and then i think ive finished the document ...21:42
vakkovthis constant adding and removing of a device is something new21:42
*** AlexRussia has quit IRC21:43
vakkovis this the modem btw?21:43
sledgesdragonkeeper: ok, img pls ktx21:43
vakkoviuno: what does dmesg say about this fc880000.qcom21:44
dragonkeepersledges, yeah ...  but confused what to run to get a .zip outta this lol21:45
sledgesah darn my bad :D21:46
sledgeschapter 14 is missing last section pointing you to chapter 8 ;)21:46
iunovakkov: have to install udevmonitor first;
dragonkeepersledges, ah yes i see  :P    coffee , read 13.6  then ill start 8  :)21:47
dragonkeepersledges, whats the link to the porters page ill add myself as well21:48
dragonkeeperty vgrade21:48
vakkoviuno: do those messages repeat more times?21:49
iunovakkov: yes, sorry forgot to mention. they repeat often21:50
*** lbt has quit IRC21:52
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters21:53
vakkoviuno: check your logcat, please; it is probably flooded by QSEECOMD messages21:53
vgradeiuno: the pastie looks like its the modem not initialising and then resetting and trying again21:53
vgradeiuno: I had that on N521:54
vgradewas due to mounts mounts set to wrong place21:54
vakkovwas going to mention that next :P21:56
vgradeiuno: this commit
iunovgrade: logcat is only
vakkoviuno: that's good actually21:57
*** blackjack4it__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:59
*** srdk has quit IRC22:01
*** kakos_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:05
*** Armadillo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:06
*** Armadillo has quit IRC22:06
*** kakos has quit IRC22:06
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*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters22:06
*** zZz0n is now known as zon22:07
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*** GranPC has joined #sailfishos-porters22:09
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*** curl_e has joined #sailfishos-porters22:18
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters22:19
*** lbt has quit IRC22:19
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters22:20
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters22:20
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos-porters22:20
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*** Anarky has joined #sailfishos-porters22:23
*** Just486 has quit IRC22:23
*** curl_e has left #sailfishos-porters22:25
dragonkeepersledges, you still here ?22:31
sledgesjust fire away:)22:36
dragonkeeperi have the files just wondering bout the errors22:37
sledgesgood man!22:37
sledgesif errors were any worrying22:37
sledgesthen you wouldn't have the files ;)22:37
sledgesthat simple:)22:37
dragonkeeperi suppose  lol22:38
sledgesmic generation thinks it's in a real device22:38
sledgessince it's not22:38
sledgeserrors out22:38
sledgeseach RPM rule is written with mic in mind22:38
sledgesif there is critical error trapped, it will blow up22:38
dragonkeeperso what you are saying is regardless of what its saying ... it should boot22:39
sledgesand if it doesn't boot22:39
dragonkeepershould being the main statement22:39
sledgeserror won't be among mic output ;)22:39
dragonkeeperok :)   added myself to porters list . and will now backup my device22:39
sledgessounds good:)22:40
dragonkeepersemi painless process this porting . i bet cellular wont work though lmao22:40
dragonkeeperwhat am i doing , dont need a backup .. this is a fresh rom anyway haha22:42
sledgesis it your main device?22:43
sledgeswhat cm version are you running?22:43
sledgesdo you have any personal data on cm?22:44
dragonkeeperwell it was (just wiped it) a custom aosp22:44
sledgesah ok:)22:45
dragonkeeperonly person stuff would prob be images on sdcard22:45
sledgeswhat version is stock rom?22:45
dragonkeeperthat i bought the phone with ?22:45
sledgesthat currently is on22:46
dragonkeeperits blank22:46
sledgesok, remind me did you build on hybris-11.0 branches?22:46
sledgeshave you got checklist which version of stock android to flash and which cm? (well, cm will be cm11)22:47
dragonkeeperim a little confused?22:48
sledgesyou need to have correct android factory stock flash to your phone first22:49
sledgesif you say it's blank22:49
sledgesthen cm11 on top22:49
dragonkeeperdo you mean the .zip  is the rootfs and i need to flash android (cm11)  before hand ?22:49
sledgesand only lastly - sailfishos .zip22:49
sledgeshow did you blank your device?22:50
dragonkeeperah  gotcha ;)   what about the boot.img  does that flash separately too22:50
dragonkeeperTWRP (recover)22:50
sledgesboot.img is in the .zip22:51
sledgesso you did factory reset?22:51
vakkovuhm, still can't connect through ssh22:52
dragonkeeperno i cleaned for new rom .  so no rom on there (the rom had a few bugs so i need find the cm11 and flash that22:52
vakkovwhat happened :D it was working yesterday22:52
sledgesdragonkeeper: ok flash latest from
sledgesboot it22:53
sledgesand make sure all hw what you care for works there first ;)22:53
sledgesdragonkeeper: i believe if you flash a rom, primary rom (stock factory android) is still there and you normally are able to boot there after factory reset22:53
sledgess/flash a rom/clean a rom/22:54
sledgesvakkov: telnet?22:54
dragonkeepererm no im sure i cant get stock samsung back unless i use the samsung software on windowsand flash with odin  and thats never happening lol      clean a rom removed the rom from memory and is totally clean ,  factory reset just removes all userdata and cache so its factory like22:56
sledgesok, just that other partitions aren't intact ;)22:56
sledgeslike modem/radio firmmware etc22:57
vakkovsledges: what was the other ip except for 2.1522:57
*** mugna has quit IRC22:57
dragonkeepersledges, oh yeah it keeps all that just formats the /system /userdata ect.. also keeps the sdcards22:57
vakkovnope, nothing (that's on the n900)22:58
dragonkeeperso ill just sideload cm11 and test it out now22:58
sledgesvakkov: pings?22:58
sledgesdragonkeeper: ok, i presume factory data is android 47422:58
vakkovping to 2.15 gives From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable22:58
dragonkeepersledges, i dont know what u mean by "factory"   lol22:59
vakkovit's awkward that i can't also ssh in the sailfish build :(23:00
sledgesdragonkeeper: all the firmwares, in your case23:00
dragonkeeperyeah they are all updated to work with 4.4.423:00
sledgesperfect, go ahead with cm then23:00
dragonkeeperway ahead of ya :P23:00
vakkovsledges: ideas?23:01
sledgesvakkov: pin 2.123:02
vakkovsledges: same23:02
dragonkeepersledges, i may have 1 problem somewhere with firmwares tho23:03
sledgesvakkov: dodgy usb cable/socket?:)23:03
sledgesdragonkeeper: cm will show23:04
dragonkeepersledges, yeah but im not sure how to fix :P23:04
vakkovsledges: nope; tried on a new slot and was able to ssh in n900's backupmenu23:04
sledgesdragonkeeper: reflash factory rom ;D23:04
sledgesvia odin, you'll have to put it to submission in the end then;) which fw problem?23:05
dragonkeepersledges, everything looks to be working except camera video functions and playing videos system wide23:05
sledgesdragonkeeper: that's fine, no camera in sf yet, video playback maturing though23:05
dragonkeeperthis was a problem in my last rom   but now obviously its not the roms fault lol23:06
dragonkeeperill continue anyway then23:06
sledgesvakkov: well can't say if something worked for you and now stopped:))23:06
vakkovsledges: just tried another cable. still the same :(23:06
vakkovi also tried on a linux mint pc (put the /etc/network/interfaces lines and restarted network manager) and nothing happened23:07
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
*** blackjack4it__ has left #sailfishos-porters23:08
sledgesvakkov: can you access rootfs and add ifconfig -a > somefile ?23:10
dragonkeeperahhh nnooo23:11
dragonkeeperro.product.device, assert failed23:11
sledgeswhat does it say next? ;)23:12
dragonkeepernext where23:12
sledgesunpack your .zip23:12
sledgesand paste updater-script23:12
sledgesfrom it23:13
vakkovsledges: where should i add it23:14
sledgesvakkov: /init ?23:16
sledgesdon't know n900 sf boot process23:16
vakkovit's nemo here ;D23:16
sledgesyou said you tried sf23:17
sledgesif hald's, then it should have /init-debug23:17
sledgesor similar23:17
sledgesjust write a small systemd .service with Exec=/bin/sh -c "/sbin/ifconfig -a > /ifs.log"23:18
dragonkeeperi would if i actually had a nice archiver app23:18
sledgesdragonkeeper: and at the same time, boot into cm23:18
*** blackjack4it_ has quit IRC23:18
sledgesdragonkeeper: huh? i just did this:  unzip META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script23:19
sledgessame for sf.zip23:19
dragonkeeperoh u want that zip .. ok23:19
sledgesnot cm zip23:20
sledgesi have it already ;)23:20
dragonkeepercor make up your mind ;)23:20
sledges02:19 < sledges> dragonkeeper: huh? i just did this:  unzip META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script23:20
sledgesyou should do 02:19 < sledges> same for sf.zip23:20
sledgesi already have a fix for you;23:21
sledgesmkdir sf; cd sf23:21
sledgesunzip ../sailfishos-jflte-release-
sledgescomment assert line in META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script23:21
sledgeswith #23:22
sledgesthen create a new zip manually23:22
sledgesit's normal thing, happens with loads of android roms on rare devices ;p23:24
dragonkeeperis # a suitable comment for this file ?23:24
vakkovsledges: what After=  should i put?23:24
iunovakkov: what are you currently doing? is telnet working via usb?23:25
sledgesnetwork target or how is called23:25
sledgesand create symlink to it inside a suitable *.target.wants23:27
vakkovsledges: should i have an [Install]23:28
sledgesdragonkeeper: how are other commented lines look like?;)23:28
sledgesvakkov: nope23:28
dragonkeeper<!--  -->   in other files for e.g   so just curious :)23:28
sledgesthanks for askin23:28
sledgesi was looking into cm file - not even a single comment! :P23:28
sledgeshah darn even our one hasn't got :D23:29
dragonkeeperi could just delete the line and forget about it lol23:29
sledgesreading my mind :D23:29
dragonkeeperok done just need to pack it bk up23:30
dragonkeeperwould the zip need to be packed up in a certain way  or would  zip -r *     be good enough ?23:31
*** pulser has quit IRC23:31
sledgeshow does .ks do it? ;)23:31
dragonkeeperi dont know lol23:32
sledgeswell, i looked into it for you then;)23:32
sledgesit does exactly as you wrote out!:)23:32
dragonkeepernice :)23:33
sledgesbetter to do23:33
sledgeszup -r ../sailfish.zip23:33
sledgesso it doesn't start to eat its own tail23:33
dragonkeeperahaha  u read my mind :P23:33
dragonkeeperok sideloading :P23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
dragonkeeperand it looks like its working :)23:36
dragonkeeperill make a note of that line to delete incase i need rebuilda .zip23:36
sledgesor just give what it expects23:37
sledgesadb into twrp, and run getprop23:37
sledgesthen see where in .ks it replaces @DEVICE@23:38
vakkovsledges: anything wrong with it?23:40
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:40
dragonkeeperit wants jfltexx   but because thats before the merge  to make all jflte for cm11   this is why its wrong :)23:40
* dragonkeeper crosses his fingers, toes and eyes and prays for a boot23:41
sledgesvakkov: looking how to enable usb23:42
sledgeswhy isn't it there?23:42
sledgesvakkov: what does /etc/modprobe.d/g_ether.conf say?23:42
dragonkeeperlooks like im stuck on the slash screen :(23:42
sledgesdragonkeeper: progress! it doesn't bootloop;p23:42
sledgesdragonkeeper: now you'll need to ssh23:43
vakkovsledges: options g_ether host_addr=06:d4:20:b7:a1:7223:43
sledgeserr telnet23:43
dragonkeeperhaha but i got no adb either23:43
sledgesforget adb, it's linux ;)23:43
dragonkeeperah ,  ubuntu one has adb to sort stuff out  :P  but with this now im stuck in darkness :P23:44
sledgesdmesg on your host23:44
sledgesvakkov: is g_ether module loaded?23:45
sledges(you might need to tweak your .service more until you get in;)23:45
vakkovsledges: i think that it is. when i connect the usb cable i get g_ether and g_nokia i think23:46
sledgesbut no interface on target?....23:46
vakkovwhat do you mean23:46
sledgesis that usb?23:47
dragonkeeperhmm telnet is hanging23:52
dragonkeeperMer Debug telnet on port 23 on usb0   ;     telnet 23   .... telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out23:55
sledgesdragonkeeper: try 232323:57
dragonkeeperseems to be hanging still23:58
dragonkeeperu say i can also use ssh ?    ssh user@ -p 2222 ?23:59

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