Saturday, 2014-09-20

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alinsledges: ok... so the new image boot loops as I said00:04
alinbut.. I discovered is much smaller than the old one that boots00:04
alindid you do some magic?00:04
sledgesalin: worth backing up .urls files in case something went amiss00:06
sledgesi guess you can find them files on sfa host server00:06
sledges01:49 < Umeaboy> Since when I run -n -N -t / samsung-i9305-armv7hl \ /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc I get bash: sb2-init: command not found00:06
sledgesrun all in one line00:06
sledges01:47 < Umeaboy> sb2-init -d -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/" \00:06
sledges01:47 < Umeaboy> -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build \00:07
UmeaboyGotta start over..........00:11
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alinsledges: that is ok I think... I see the same number of packages00:11
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alinsledges: ok... found it... 641 packages in working version... 430 in the newly generated00:14
alinok... quite few are missing00:18
alinsledges: not too much... who stole my packages00:19
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Guhl99if i get it right i should upgrade the mer sdk (sudo sdk-version --latest --go) and install the 0.65 sdk-utils (rpm -U
piggzgive it a go07:40
piggzi can now continue with the whole point of my port, and ports some apps to sailfish :)07:40
Guhl99the big point of my port (when i get it running) will be enabling the hardware keyboard07:41
alinGuhl99: yes07:41
alinGuhl99: but still some issues ahead I am working on creating a list for missing packages07:42
alinGuhl99: what device do you do?07:42
Guhl99htc vision07:42
Guhl99aka desire z aka g207:42
alinGuhl99: good good07:43
Guhl99i got a long history with that device :-)07:43
alinif anyone is good at regexps...
alinI need to match till the last /07:43
piggzalin: ?07:45
Guhl99regexps are not my homeground07:46
piggzme neither thank goodness for stack overflow!07:50
piggzGuhl99: so, what stage are you at? building the rootfs?07:52
alinpiggz: too complex... sed "s;^\(.*\)\/.*$;\1;g"07:53
Guhl99i started all over and am currently at building the middleware07:53
Guhl99the command:07:53
alinGuhl99: try the script I fixed it07:53
Guhl99in 13.8.2 Build Area Setup07:53
Guhl99mkdir -p $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris07:54
Guhl99is $MER_ROOT supposed to be owned by the user?07:55
piggzshouldnt..what is MER_ROOT?07:55
piggzGuhl99: for me it is ~/mer07:55
Guhl99because following the guides to the work it belongs to root07:55
Guhl99yes for me it is also ~/mer07:56
piggzchown -R  is your friend07:56
Guhl99of course, thats also what i did to fix it but thats not in the guides07:57
Guhl99i was just saying this in case that someone wants to update the documentation07:57
Guhl99alin, thanks but i prefer to not use scripts07:57
Guhl99but i always check the commands in the guides vs the source of your script07:58
Guhl99that provides the fastest learning curve to me07:58
Guhl99you have to know that i am using nix systems for about 25 years now07:59
Guhl99but never used any debian or red hat like systems07:59
Guhl99so all this rpm zypper, ... is completely new land to me07:59
alinstupid me sed "s;^\(.*\)\/\(.*\)$;\2;g"08:01
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Guhl99anyway, for whatever reason it is perfect weather outside so i will grab my little one and go climbing08:04
Guhl99the build will have to wait till the evening08:04
Guhl99see you in the evening!08:09
alinpiggz: which one do you port for?08:27
alinblimey Download (curl) error for '':08:35
alinError message: Failed to connect to 2001:770:60:1:214:5eff:fe0b:9840: Network is unreachable08:36
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piggzalin: HTC Desire HD (ace)08:47
alinso.. everyone is htc nowadays08:51
alinlbt: sledges got a strange error... for a reason... some packages in obs sailfish_latest seem to be higher in version rhan jolla ones...08:52
alindoes this mean what I think it means?08:52
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alinsledges: ok... reconstructed the list... and got a bootable image09:24
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piggzwhy does Settings > Developer Tools sit with a busy indicator?09:27
alinpiggz: he he09:28
alinpiggz: you hit that one too?09:28
piggzalin: ive known it to work until i did a fresh flash09:31
alinpiggz: yap09:32
alinpiggz: I see it too with the current image09:32
alinpiggz: can you telnet in?09:43
piggzalin: yeah09:43
alinpiggz: Sep 20 10:33:12 Jolla dbus-daemon[883]: Failed to invoke: Booster: Loading invoked application failed: ' cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'09:44
alinpiggz: you will see it as a warning when you do the image09:44
alinlbt: sledges  ^09:49
alinpiggz: you see the same?09:49
vgradegood morning09:55
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piggzmorning vgrade09:57
alinvgrade: morning09:57
vgradehi guys09:58
piggzalin: not in journalctl output09:58
vgradehave broadband again and PC all setup09:58
piggz(i grepped fro libnss)09:58
alinpiggz: strange for me that is the issue10:00
alinvgrade: how was the conference?10:00
vgradealin: xda? its next weekend10:01
alinvgrade: ok... for a reason i thought this one10:01
alinvgrade: so how is 1+?10:02
vgradealin: still the same status, rootfs built, boots but no ui.10:05
vgradealin: now I have my toolset back I'll continue on10:06
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vgradeMSameer: Sazpaimon__ how are you doing , re one+10:06
piggzi need to fix pulseaudio ... myjournal is full of failures to connect to it10:06
alinvgrade: cool... just to let you knwo... things update... and not in a nice way10:06
vgradepiggz: nice to see your video. looks good even on relatively old hardware10:07
alinvgrade: somehow the .urls file does not contain all the packages10:07
piggzi have 5 pulseaudio instances ???10:07
piggzvgrade: yes, it runs surprisingly well :)10:07
vgradealin: related to the move to OBS buildable DHD10:07
alinvgrade: not only I think10:08
alinvgrade: anyhow now I have updated the script and builds an image somehow10:09
alinvgrade: still going through missing packages10:10
alinvgrade: and adding them by hand10:10
vgradealin: do patterns look ok>10:11
alinvgrade: which ones?10:12
MSameervgrade: hope you are fine10:12
vgradeMSameer: I'm good now, been given the run around by broadband provider but all sorted now10:12
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MSameervgrade: :)10:13
alinvgrade: you moved from uk?10:13
vgradealin: no, just a mile down the road10:13
MSameervgrade: just wanted to know if there is a 1+ image that could be flashed and just basic instructions to avoid breaking my phone10:13
alinvgrade: he he10:13
MSameervgrade: I can debug if needed as I understand it's in early stage10:14
vgradeMSameer: I can send a roofs and boot.img and some instructions10:14
vgradeMSameer: no warranty :)10:15
MSameervgrade: I understand but that's my 1ry phone I will flash now :D10:16
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vgradeMSameer: you don't need to flash, just extract rootfs to /data then fastboot boot hybris-boot.img10:16
TriadaHi guys. And when the next update for Sailfish?10:17
vgradeso boot partition remains and CM will boot next time10:17
MSameervgrade: that's good in itself.  or maybe I can try multiboot10:18
alinworks now10:18
vgradeMSameer: does one+ have multiboot? with sailfish options ?10:22
MSameervgrade: it has multiboot IIRC (have not tried it)10:22
MSameerI need to backup, unlock bootloader, restore backup then I can play10:22
MSameervgrade: we can add the sailfish option if needed10:22
vgradeMSameer: I did not need to unlock bl. I'm on a 16GB early device10:22
vgradeTriada: the timing of new sailfish versions is not usualy shared by Jolla10:22
MSameervgrade: I will have to try10:22
MSameervgrade: man! android is so lame!10:22
vgradeMSameer: I'm just charging the device. will ping when I have someting to share10:22
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MSameeri just woke up and will go out in an hour so take your time10:22
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vgradeMSameer: no probs.  I've been itching to get back to hacking so been up for ages10:23
vgradealin: \o10:23
vgradewith your manually added packages?10:24
alinvgrade: yes10:31
alinvgrade: yap10:31
alinand of course you will need to install by hand a newer sdk-utils10:32
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alinwhich one will you install profiled-settings-sailfish                                    | profiled-settings-default10:34
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alinnow I get this repo10:45
alin - adaptation0 ...
alinSep 20 12:03:18 abbaton lipstick[1417]: QObject::connect: No such signal SmtpClient::connectionError(QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode,QString)11:03
alinvgrade: store works out of the box11:09
vgradealin: great11:13
vgradealin do you have a list of packages missing from patterns?11:15
alinvgrade: yes11:17
alinvgrade: other may be but11:19
alinvgrade: also you may need a repo with rfkill if you build the mw11:19
alinalso xt9 repo works11:21
alinand of course a good usb moded... I wonder if I shall add them to the list11:22
alinthough rfkill is needed pretty early11:22
vgradealin: xt9 should not be open11:23
alinvgrade: i can refresh it11:24
alinvgrade: there is only one package in it11:25
alinvgrade: what I am curious if the glue for maps will make it11:26
piggzvgrade: how many pulseaudio processes run normally?11:32
alinpiggz: nemo      9592 20.9  0.3 324072  7192 ?        S<l  12:05   5:55 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_qualcomm_msm_8974_hammerhead_flattened_device_tree_000b.pa11:33
alinand this is with radio playing11:33
piggzhmm, i have 511:35
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alin_sledges: done11:53
alin_vgrade: do you have a second11:54
alin_from this list which one shall we have installed
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UmeaboyI started over to see if I have done a command wrong and when I want to execute curl -O$TARBALL in the Mer SDK it fails with this error: curl: Remote file name has no length!11:58
Umeaboylbt or sledges: Can you assist?11:58
UmeaboyWhen I read the HADK (the original) it states that I should do that command in the Mer SDK.11:59
alin_echo $TARBALL11:59
UmeaboyA blank row is the result.12:00
alin_Umeaboy: so you have the answer why it fails12:00
UmeaboySo, what do I need to do?12:00
alin_you missed this line TARBALL=ubuntu-trusty-android-rootfs.tar.bz212:00
alin_where did you get the command from?12:01
UmeaboyYeah. Sorry. It got removed from my HADK-version.12:01
UmeaboyThe one I made myself.12:01
UmeaboyI was trying to make a bash-script out of it, but I guess that line got removed.12:01
piggzvgrade: sledges: is there a way to have device specific init-debug or init scrpts?  i guess my changes wont be pulled in as its a decive specific sysfs file to enable the rndis function12:01
vgradealin_: there is something wrong with the pattern generation as all these packages should be included by defailt12:02
alin_vgrade: yes12:02
alin_vgrade: this I got it... but I did not see what.. things got updated behind the scenes...12:03
vgradealin_: ok12:03
alin_vgrade: my approach... find the workaround... then find the cause of breakage12:03
vgradealin_: ok. There should be a list of packages on the download site12:04
vgradeto check against12:04
alin_vgrade: that is simple12:04
alin_vgrade: I had a working image and I compared with that one12:05
Umeaboyalin_: I'm just wondering....... would it be OK to replace every DEVICE in the guide with the real modelname of the device or would that break something?12:07
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vgradepiggz: do you have your changes in github12:08
alin_Umeaboy: in principle no12:08
Umeaboyalin_: OK.12:09
vgrade is this it12:13
vgradepiggz: that one?12:13
vgradedoes that sysfs exist for other devices12:14
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Umeaboyalin_: I doublechecked that I made every command correctly and I haven't changed anything and it doesn't say the name of the model at the HABUILD_SDK prompt. Is that normal?12:20
UmeaboyI even read the HADK from the top twice.12:20
UmeaboyI'm at the repo syncing now.12:20
UmeaboyHave I missed something?12:22
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alin_why should?12:27
alin_did you change the PS1 for that to happen?12:27
Umeaboyalin_: I didn't change anything. I'll get you the full output of my session.12:30
Umeaboyalin_: Why is this supposed to show up when I run make -j4 hybris-hal? awk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)12:36
UmeaboyShould it be installed the the Mer SDK?12:36
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UmeaboyAs it appears gawk is already installed in the Mer SDK.12:48
Umeaboysledges: Do you know why that error appears if gawk is installed?12:51
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piggzhow do i create a PR for a single commit? github wants to include all my commits12:56
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmm. Seems like the HADK doesn't tell you to install gawk as well.12:56
Umeaboypiggz: Like this?
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Umeaboyalin_: I'm being confused.......13:19
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Sazpaimon__vgrade, got my RMAed device back, waiting to hear from you what your progress was since last month14:42
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon14:42
vgradeSazpaimon: not much really, I've been off the net until today14:44
SazpaimonI've noticed14:44
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Guhl99w00t - i have a image for the vision !15:15
Guhl99sledges, the nodev really was the problem15:15
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sledgesGuhl99: great, kudos to jolla sailor for helping you out in that indirectly;)15:52
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zetazI am stuck on the port to the xt897, but I know that flyser and oh1jty have gone further than me.16:20
zetazAnyway, I put online all my notes about how I did so far :
zetazif that can help someone16:21
zetazso far, I have an image that boots, open a DHCP on usb, but can't find the device (no telnet found, even if the dmesg message of the usb device says it is opened)16:22
zetazflyser talked about usb0 vs rndis0. I have to search in that direction. If I find anything I will complete my notes16:23
piggzGuhl99: well done, is it working?16:42
piggzsledges: ive split up those PRs16:42
Guhl99piggz, don't know yet - family is keeping me busy16:44
Guhl99question: what is the sense of flashing a CM-release first before flashing the SFOS image16:50
Guhl99just to have the binaries in place?16:50
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UmeaboyWhat are all the blank pages in the HADK for?18:31
Nokiusmay they will get filed in the near future…18:32
UmeaboyNokius: Yes, but now they're just annoying.18:33
Nokiusno its a pdf so just scrolling18:34
UmeaboyI just ran every command on and there were many errors:
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alinvgrade: hi19:42
alindid you generate an image?19:42
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Umeaboyalin: Hi again!19:44
UmeaboyThe [] from the beginning of the guide, is that really necessary to have?19:44
alinUmeaboy: I have no idea what you talk about19:44
alinpage an number...19:45
alindid you have a look at the script?19:45
UmeaboyFor instance export VENDOR="[insert vendor name here]"19:45
alinUmeaboy: of course no19:46
alinwhat device do you have?19:46
alinthey shall not be at all19:46
UmeaboyOK. Good, but still I don't see i9305 at the Mer SDK prompt.19:46
UmeaboyOr at the HABUILD_SDK prompt either.19:47
alinshow me the ps119:47
Umeaboyexport PS1="HABUILD_SDK [\${DEVICE}] $PS1"19:47
alinUmeaboy: probably you call it at a moment when DEVICE was not defined19:48
Guhl99sorry for asking a noob question but what would the default ssh user/password be19:54
*** alin has quit IRC19:54
stephgGuhl99: user is nemo19:57
stephgpassword is random/is set in settings19:58
stephgsettings > system > developer mode19:58
Guhl99if i would have screen output ...19:58
Guhl99i am really feeling like a total noob here trying to start the sf rom that i just built for the vision19:59
stephgset it then as a %post task in your ks?20:00
Guhl99but in the meantime i found that i still have telnet at 232320:00
stephgdunno what the recommended way would be, some of the others here will be more helpful20:00
Guhl99in addition to ssh on 2220:00
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UmeaboySo you see I didn't do anytthing wrong.20:03
alinUmeaboy: my provider things there are tits on that site... so it blocks it I cannot see what you say20:04
UmeaboyThere then.20:06
UmeaboyNo porn there.20:06
UmeaboyThat's the same as in the HADK.20:08
alinUmeaboy: of course you did20:08
UmeaboyWhere did I make a misstake?20:08
UmeaboyWhich part?20:08
alinPS1 is exported only in ubuntu crap20:08
UmeaboySo what should I change?20:09
alinplus how do you expect in that profiel to know who is DEVICE20:09
alinII am not really sure what you mean by ${1:....}20:10
alinmaybe get rid of it20:10
Umeaboyalin: The original HADK doesn't tell you to do so.20:17
alinok then follow the guide20:18
Umeaboyalin: And where do you think I got theese commands from?20:21
UmeaboyNo harm meant, but I've done this 50 times over and over again.20:21
UmeaboyI even reinstalled  Mageia to make sure I didn't make a booboo.20:22
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Guhl99can anybody point me into some direction on how to debug hwcomposer20:36
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:36
Guhl99lipstick segfaults20:36
Guhl99that is what i get from console and kmsg20:39
Guhl99when starting lipstick -platform hwcomposer20:41
*** piggz has quit IRC20:50
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UmeaboyGuhl99: I'd use gdb.21:02
Guhl99i think i'll have a chat with piggz first as the vision and the ace both are adreno 205 devices21:23
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sledgesGuhl99: EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev22:01
piggzwhat happens if you run qmlscene?  if it works, you likely want the servicemanager patches22:02
piggzGuhl99: lipstick cannot run as root btw, but qmlscene can22:02
piggzso ... now I have a sailfish device, I wrote my first app!
sledgespiggz: how cool is that, you just saved £300:)22:05
alinsledges: solved22:06
alinsledges: the patterns aer focked up...22:06
alinsledges: how are they generated?22:06
piggzwell, im not against getting another phone, just a but skint with 4 kids ;)22:06
sledgespiggz: i didn't say a word, on the contrary;)22:09
sledgesalin: from patterns/templates22:10
piggzsledges: at 30/hr ... the phone was probably cheaper than the port22:10
alinsledges: of this one I blame22:14
alinsledges: then that is good... that is the bit you fixed22:20
alinthe only issue I have now is the broken bloody computer... will not mount things22:20
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC22:26
*** alin has quit IRC22:26
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
alinsledges: fixed the machine22:33
alinlet us see your branch now22:34
alindid you update anything in it?22:34
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC22:35
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Guhl99piggz, still here?22:39
Guhl99ah missed the gnight22:40
Guhl99sledges, this is what i have in my droid-hal-device.conf22:49
Guhl99# Config for htc/vision22:49
Guhl99LIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap22:49
Guhl99if i just would know how to install/run qmlscene on the phone :-)22:50
Guhl99i fell like taking a break from my job for a month or two ...22:52
alinsledges: ok this is with your split version...22:53
alinWarning: [ssu-0.39.5-1.15.32] Requires [ssu-vendor-data-], which is not provided22:53
alinthe same issue with missing packages22:53
alinsitu: adding the missing ones... and magic happens...22:54
alinsledges: ^22:59
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Umeaboysledges: On this page ( ), do I type i9305 instead of $DEVICE on the cat <<EOF > rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec line?23:55
UmeaboyI just want to make sure.23:55

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