Friday, 2014-11-14

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situsledges: I am stuck here
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sledgessitu: first command not needed anymore12:25
situsledges: and what about the second command ?12:25
sledgesis this update9 target?12:25
lbtsledges: I've tweaked the kernel config checker and updated how we can use the defconfig stuff12:25
sledgesthat might be it12:26
sledgeslbt: so not to enforce exploded configs?12:26
lbtdoesn't preclude it12:26
situsledges: from where should I install qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap and repomd-pattern-builder ?12:27
sledgessitu: they must've changed in update912:28
sledgesremember -> qt5.212:28
sledgesim checking now12:28
situsledges: other people didn't face this issue ?12:28
sledgesyou're the first one :D12:28
sledgesthey were building on update8 targets12:28
lbtsledges: sage: fyi
lbtso you use a vanilla upstream git repo and this ensures that the defconfig (which can be a fully exploded .config) is processed last12:29
lbtit's then run through make oldnoconfig (iirc)12:30
situsledges: any luck ?12:40
sledgessitu: repomd-pattern-builder is in mer:core12:40
situsledges: Yeah, this one should not be an issue.12:41
sledgesversion 0.3.2 is all over the place12:41
sledgesshould be fine12:41
sledgesmovin next..12:41
sledgesit's in qt5-qttools12:42
sledges"qttools" on OBS12:42
sledgessitu: grab it from here:
situsledges: but it looks like the 5.1 version12:44
situYeah this one looks good.12:44
sledges(5.0.1 on where you just looked :P)12:44
sledgesthanks i'll add to TODO for proper target adjust12:44
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situsledges: It's faling to build
situbut can't make any sense out of error message.12:55
situThere are some error messages related to systemd libraries.12:56
sledgessitu: hmmm there isn't a way to add a mer:devel repo now is it (and if there was, just scared to think of version mismatches)12:58
sledgeslet me see who buitl tat update9 target image internally ;P12:59
sledgeshmm it wasn't lbt ;)13:00
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sledgesi clearly see kmap2qmap and repomd were removed out from the target .ks13:04
situsledges: Add systemd-libs in build requirements ?13:04
sledgeswill see why..13:04
sledgessitu: ?13:04
situsledges: Add systemd-libs in build requirements of qt5-qttools package ?13:05
situsystemd-libs provides /usr/lib/
sledgessitu: are you talking about your branch build?13:06
situI am talking about the build failures I am seeing in
situThis is the error message :13:06
situ[  116s] /usr/lib/qt5/bin/uic: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:07
situThis file is provided by systemd-libs package.13:07
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sledgesi'll check how it's built wait13:07
situBRB snacks13:07
sledges(remember you're working on a kludge, where more worms might come out)13:07
sledgesbest is to generate new target13:07
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sledgessitu: you should add additional repos to build against13:09
sledgesmer:core and mer:devel itself where you branched from13:09
sledgesbe careful on ABI changes if any, but you'll see during deployment13:09
sledgeslbt: checked your code, all ok except: should't non-existing mandatory (non-"!") CONFIG_* be fatal?13:11
sledgessitu: perform `zypper info repomd-pattern-builder` inside each, update8 and update9 targets13:12
sledgesi smell something fishy there13:13
lbtsledges: if they were then that means you would never be able to use that kernel ... game over, go home13:16
lbtseems a bit harsh :)13:16
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sledgeswhat's the reason they are mandatory - system or parts of it wouldn't boot?13:21
sledgesbut yea - in that case - hacky times ;)13:21
sledgesand still game on, agreed ;)13:21
sledgesmaybe could do with a stronger warning then:)13:21
situsledges: I have deleted update8 target13:23
sledgessitu: naughty naughty :)13:24
sledgesyou can still have it as long as you name it differently13:24
lbtsledges: yep - these warnings do just get los in the build log13:24
sledgeslbt: true too, so even a stronger one (unless with billion exclamation marks and a skull ascii art) would not be seen13:25
lbtand, like I say, nothing to be done about it - the kernel simply doesn't provide that option anymore/yet13:25
lbtdidn't we do something in debug-boot ?13:26
sledgesalso i gather we don't mantatorise exotic CONFIG_ flags either, but you never know what QC throws at us13:26
sledgeslbt: yes, that one sticks to recovery stage if flags aren't good13:27
sledgesand now also we have discrepancy there as we store a set of flags in two places13:27
sledgesand they started not only to diverge, but to contradict too13:27
lbt*nod* I'm not sure why we don't use the same src13:27
sledgesi promised to file a jb# bug about that as Stskeeps asked but been busy13:27
sledgesno perl in recovery? ;P13:28
sledgesbut yea, we need to externalise that db13:28
lbtwe can fix that13:28
sledgesand the code in hybris-boot could then stop with diagnostics about missing configs, ... profit!13:28
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situsledges: Gives same error even after this commit
sledgessitu: did you add additional repos?13:35
situsledges: which repos ?13:35
sledgescheck backlog 13:09 UTC13:35
sledgesi have update8 target, i'll check the most important question for us to follow (zypper info one..)13:36
situsledges: The error is on OBS
sledgessitu: there is no error in internal obs13:36
sledgesim just trying to get you closer to its setup13:36
sledgessitu: golden rule of OBS: first build against a repo which you branched from13:39
sledgesso just add mer:devel as new repo and see there13:39
sledgesmight all suffice if ABI won't get angry13:39
situsledges: It's not being built here
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situThere are not targets specifiec.13:40
situspecified *13:40
sledgessitu: it's built elsewhere13:40
sledgesthis is just a gateway to it13:41
sledgesmagic ;)13:41
situsledges: May be I am not following you, what do you mean by "add mer:devel as new repo" ? Where should I add it ?13:43
Guhlspiiroin, thanks for your message on Thursday. I just wanted to report back that your changes in the wip_configurable_evdev branch work quite will13:44
situbtw I am building it locally with mb2 script, progressing well.13:45
Guhl- the switch between the evdev signal works perfectly13:45
sledgessitu: Repositories tab, Add repository via advanced interface13:45
Guhl- the keyboard slide works "kind of"13:46
sledgessitu: ok, newsflash: repomd-pattern-builder should be jolla repo, but it isn't on update9 (it is on update8)13:47
Guhl- if i am on the home screen and open/close the keyboard and or sleep the phone with power and then wake it opening the keyboard everything is fine13:48
Guhl- if there is i.e. the sms-app open and i close the keyboard, use power to turn of the screen and then open the keyboard to wake the phone again - it hangs13:48
Guhl- the screen is darkened but not off and whatever i do i can not wake it anymore13:49
Guhl- i'll try an strace on that and maybe debug myself a bit13:49
sledgessitu: i might also be wrong13:50
sledgesdoublechecking, could be that someting hasn't refresh in your target, gimme a sec13:51
situsledges: Got qt5-qttools built locally :)13:54
sledgessitu: halt your actions :D13:54
sledgesi got all packages fine on update913:54
sledgespaste ssu lr of inside your target pls13:54
sledgesall good13:56
sledgesrepomd builder and kmap is inside jolla repo13:56
sledgeszypper info repomd-pattern-builder pls13:57
sledgeshang in13:57
sledgesjust thought that those are not for the target13:57
situsledges: see
situsorry wrong package name14:00
situsledges: I am able to zypper in qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap14:00
sledgesretry mb214:00
situIt's building now.14:01
situmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build14:01
situ^ worked.14:01
situbtw can you point me to latest version of hadk doc ?14:03
sledgesis in the topic14:03
situsledges: There is something wrong, I am able to manually installl packages with 'zypper in' but mb2 scripts fails to do it.14:11
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situsledges: Currently stuck here
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sledgessitu: did you update your mer sdk? (dup)14:29
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situsledges: What is the latest version ? zypper up tells me there is nothing to update.14:30
sledgeszypper dup14:30
sledgessdk is rolling14:30
situNothing to do.14:30
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situsledges: which repo provides rfkill ?14:31
sledgessitu: you'll have to build it manually14:32
sledgeswe provide it remotely:
situsledges: build from ?14:33
sledgesthat's what it says yes
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situI think I will just download from repo.14:37
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sledgesit helps browsing channel logs, i found alin having the same problem with repomd and kmap14:42
sledgesalso rfkill14:42
sledgesthey discussed a solution to add such requires to .inc14:43
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situsledges: and this error ?14:45
situwill try to build it locally14:49
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situsledges: Can you help me fix this ?15:25
sledgessitu: is qtscenegraph reachable?15:38
sledgesi mean, you have to build that locally too15:38
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situsledges: I have setup a repo here
sledgessitu: then you need to go down patterns as per hadk15:48
situsledges: I have followed all the steps, I wonder what I missed.15:51
situsledges: I may be missing some dependency packages, will try to build them.15:53
hedayatCan anybody help me with (N9) PVR driver issues under wayland; specially booster- processes? More specifically,15:59
hedayatpvr: booster-silica-: IOCTL 7 failed (1)15:59
hedayatwhich produces this kernel error:16:00
SK_workhedayat: locusf ^16:00
hedayatPVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVFreeDeviceMemBW: mappings are open in other processes [485, .../bridged_pvr_bridge.c]16:00
hedayatThis seems to happen when closing boosted processes.16:01
hedayat(This occurs a lot, but seems to not cause sever problems. But, there are more subtle problems down the road, I felt that maybe these errors contribute to the final issues)16:04
sledgessitu: you need to go down patterns tree, instructions at the end of chapter 816:05
sledgestill yo find offending package16:05
sledgessitu: you're the first to build against u9 target so16:05
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situsledges: It would be great if the error messages were more user friendly.16:06
hedayatlocusf: The real, problematic issue is the following; however I have seen in under SailfishOS only (the above error occurs in both Nemo and SailfishOS):16:06
hedayatpvr: lipstick: IOCTL 20 failed (1)16:06
hedayatlipstick[2272]: lipstick: waylandwsegl.c:519: wseglCreatePixmapDrawable: Assertion `PVR2DMemMap(egldisplay->context, 0, (void *)pixmap->handle, &pixmap->pvrmem) == PVR2D_OK' failed.16:06
hedayatKernel debugging error:16:10
hedayatPVR_K:(Error): GetHandleStructure: Handle not allocated (index: 18) [382, /home/hedayat/Projects/n9/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/drivers/gpu/pvr/handle.c]16:10
hedayatPVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVLookupHandle: Error looking up handle (1) [999, /home/hedayat/Projects/n9/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/drivers/gpu/pvr/handle.c]16:10
hedayatStskeeps: w00t_: Any pointers? :P16:13
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sledgessitu: believe me why otherwise i wrote that instruction set? ;)16:23
sledgeshedayat: maybe Stskeeps could help?16:25
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hedayatsledges: yeah, apparently he's not available. IIRC, he has a talk or something like this.16:27
sledgeshedayat: his name comes up from git log, who is on this channel so16:31
Stskeepsi wash my hands of waylandwsegl16:33
Stskeepsi was dumb, young and eager to impress16:33
Stskeepsthat said, looks like out of memory related stuff16:34
hedayatStskeeps: :)16:36
hedayatStskeeps: out of memory? I doubt. Both of them happen very early without any special apps running.16:36
Stskeepsanything in dmesg?16:37
hedayatStskeeps: the first problem happens always for boosted probgrams.16:37
hedayatStskeeps: I've reported debugging messages already (enabled them in PVR module):16:37
hedayatthis: PVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVFreeDeviceMemBW: mappings are open in other processes [485, .../bridged_pvr_bridge.c]16:38
hedayatAnd the second one complains about invalid handle. I modified the assersion in  waylandwsegl.c to return an error instead16:39
hedayatThis is what happens: I booted SailfishOS again, and run/close a number of apps for a few times. Then, I started Phone app, the error happened. Then, the Phone app's loading window remained in the screen.16:41
hedayatI was able to start other apps, and their window appeard beside/below the Phone's loading window (so it was there!),16:41
hedayatbut it was not recognized as a closable window anymore.16:42
hedayatI'm even able to start Phone again, and will appear as a new window16:42
hedayatI thought that this might shed some light on the problem! :P16:42
Stskeepssmells like buffer sync issue16:42
hedayatStskeeps: Where are these handled? ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl? or ti-omap3-sgx?16:43
hedayatI'd like to investigate the issue, but some pointers could help a lot. I'm new to all this.16:44
hedayatStskeeps: You mean ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl? or there is a more generic(higher level) package?16:45
Stskeepsfirst one. in train so lagged16:46
Stskeepsalso my digital ticket refuses to validate so fighting off a controller16:47
hedayatStskeeps: :)16:47
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hedayatStskeeps: OK, thanks. Apparently I should figure out how it actually works, and add lots of debugging messages. This is probably the most sever problem in using SailfishOS (and probably Nemo when more apps are added) on N9.16:59
Stskeepsyeah, it's more of a community project on there..17:00
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situsledges: I am getting below error when creating an image :19:25
situWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201411141401.noarch requires qtscenegraph-adaptation, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: qtscenegraph-adaptation-0.1+reallynoidea+git0-10.2.1.jolla.armv7hl[hammerehead-extra]19:25
situand I am using this repo in my .ks file
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vgradehey guys, back from my travels19:43
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
vgradereads extensive backlog19:44
locusfhey vgrade19:44
piggzlo *19:45
*** hexo has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
vgradehi piggz , saw some discussion on a UK meet19:45
piggzgo on19:46
vgradestephg: was asking in here19:46
vgradewas there any decisions19:47
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