Saturday, 2014-12-13

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stephgmorning everyone (evening lpotter if you're still up)08:54
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lpotter:) just eating dinner08:56
energycsdxlpotter: i have several problems with sensors08:57
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energycsdxlpotter: screen rotates in responce to orientation change only if i run messwerk and choose to show rotation sensor09:00
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lpotterwhat device?09:05
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energycsdxlpotter: xperia L09:31
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jcbjoe_great os so far .. i wish nexus 4 had better battery life11:18
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brick5492hello everyone12:09
brick5492I've a question12:09
brick5492Is there any open-source Dalvik runtime progress yet? I read about it that I could get some info about it here12:10
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tbrI haven't heard of any progress yet12:10
tbrI have once seen something, outside of the sailfish context12:10
tbrit looked promising12:10
brick5492Where did you saw that?12:11
tbrthe problem is: I can't find the URL12:11
brick5492Was it a Dalvik runtime for linux systems in general or something?12:11
tbrit was something like that, even came with a youtube video12:11
brick5492that seems nice12:12
brick5492gonna search for it, will post it here if I found something12:12
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brick5492is it this?
tbrthat's the commercial dalvik that jolla licensed for their device12:14
brick5492yeah i know12:15
brick5492but its the only youtube vid I can find about any kind of non-google Dalvik runtime12:15
brick5492i gtg12:15
brick5492cya guys12:15
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vakkovnon-google dalvik ? lol :D wut wut ;D13:58
locusfyeah its the holy grail for porters13:59
tbrvakkov: I distinctly remember seeing a video where someone had some sort of AOSP build running in a framebuffer13:59
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tbrbut I tried greping my logs several times and can't find it14:00
vakkovthat was thp, i believe... but i have never seen a video, just a picture14:00
vakkovi tried it before14:00
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tbrcan't be THP unless that was before he joined Jolla14:00
vakkovtbr: are you talking about nitdroid running in a window in harmatan?14:01
vakkovon the n950 iirc14:01
tbrvakkov: no14:01
tbrthe video was showing some sort of desktop environment and that thing was in a window14:01
vakkovmany guys got android booting to homescreen on a desktop14:02
vakkovthere were guides somewhere14:02
tbrthe thing is to NOT use qemu and a kvm14:02
locusfwe would only need the apps to run in wayland context14:02
locusfyeah, no virt, just ported dalvik or ART14:02
tbrthat would give us some basic use cases14:05
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tbrofc it would be all shades of awesome to have GLES and sound and whatnot, but well, it would be a start14:06
tbrok, so before he was with jolla then14:07
tbrjoining Jolla obviously means you can't work on that, because Jolla has contractual obligations towards Myriad14:07
vakkovi tried it in n900 before.. cant remember what was the problem. something with the kernel i think14:07
locusfthats just year ago14:07
vakkovyep, an year ago i decided to buy an n900 again :D14:08
vakkovlocusf: that n9 3.5 kernel doesn't have any android patches, does it?14:09
locusfvakkov: afaik no14:09
vakkovlocusf: and you still have the problem with the text in qml apps?14:09
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locusfvakkov: what problem?14:10
locusfI don't know about that14:10
vakkovugh that was not the perfect description :D just a sec14:10
vakkovthe framebuffer one14:11
vakkovorientation one * it is still present, isn't it14:11
locusfhmm unless filippz fixed it, I'd assume there isn't one anymore14:11
locusfI mean we worked it around in glacier home14:11
locusfwith homescreen rotation14:11
vakkovokaaay :P will try hybris with a hwcomposer then (there is the hwc ;D -
vakkovbtw n900's framebuffer is a little bit broken :D i was trying with an old x11 image (didnt want to mess up with wayland)14:13
vakkovi am talking about the 3.12 n900 kernel14:13
locusfwhaaa theres a 3.12 kernel for it :D ?14:13
vakkovyep? :D it is supposed to boot maemo although i never succeeded... but i can boot nemo right before the sgx pvr driver ..14:14
vakkovafter tat i codedropped an old working framebuffer (they did the same with the n9 kernel update :D)14:14
vakkovbut it needs some fixing and to be fair many things have changed after 3.8 .... 3.5 seems easier to port14:15
tbrAFAIU N900 should be able to boot vanilla kernel.org14:15
tbrBUT that might be barely enough to get a UART console or fb-console14:16
tbrand would have probably no power-saving or other fancy features14:16
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locusfits sad that my n900 is gathering dust on my table :/14:19
tbryup, have a few of those too :/14:22
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vakkovif only i could uart the n900 :D might try again at home15:26
hedayatbrick5492: BTW, I don't think that you need a non-google dalvik; it is already an open-source dalvik itself!15:31
hedayatWhat I see a while back was some effort to build a x86 dalvik; but it is also working fine thanks to Android x86.15:33
hedayatI think, what porters need is an X/wayland compatible android runtime; rather than dalvik vm, which can be easily run in other OSes (e.g. Harmattan).15:34
hedayatPosts by liar in this topic should be interesting to anyone interested in Android compatibility:
hedayatsorry for all the noice! :P15:45
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locusfkrnlyng is here too15:56
hedayatlocusf: ah thanks; good to know. I might need to talk to him soon.15:58
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vakkovhedayat: nothing new -
hedayatvakkov: :D yes, I know that is not new; but didn't know that you are there too! ;)16:02
energycsdxbtw, what technical reasons prevents to sideload aliendalvik from jolla phone?16:02
hedayatI was mostly wondering why should someone look for a non-google dalvik.16:02
hedayatenergycsdx: I don't remember the details right now, but it seems that there are some hardware dependent bits there. Hopefully someone else can explain more details.16:04
hedayatI could be wrong16:04
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locusfvakkov: cool16:47
locusfso its not exactly sailfish but sdl16:47
vakkova vanilla kernel would even have a wroking framebuffer on the n900 hahahaha16:53
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krnlynglocusf: ?18:25
locusfkrnlyng: I just pointed you out to hedayat18:25
locusfkrnlyng: good job on the SDL implementation for apkenv, I'm trying it out right now on my maguro18:27
jcbjoe_locusf: you helped me ealier had 1 more thing .. since nexus 4 has a really bad battery and i was running salfish on it seems nice .. can i flash another kernel to help with battery or am i just stuck with default kernel ? or should the default salfish kernel do the job ?18:29
krnlyngjust a random thought... it should be possible to port the android emulator to the n9 , in more detail running both the emulated android goldfish (without actually emulating it with qemu because it is arm) and the renderer on the n918:29
krnlynglocusf: unfortunately it crashes on the jolla phone18:29
krnlyngi haven't looked to much into why it crashes yet18:30
locusfkrnlyng: yes thats why I'm trying to run it on maguro, it has open libhardware libhybris library so I can see about the crash details more easily18:30
locusfjcbjoe_: you can only run the kernel provided with the .zip file18:30
krnlyngand back to the thoughts, the only thing which would require some work is probably the qemud interface which handles communication between goldfish and the renderer18:31
jcbjoe_locusf: figured .. with a nexus4 if i use it with heavy usage i would probably get at least 3 hours18:32
krnlyngvakkov: might be interesting for you too18:32
locusfjcbjoe_: okay, SailfishOS is quite battery optimized already18:32
locusfkrnlyng: error: 'SDL_OPENGLES' undeclared (first use in this function) <- how do I fix this?18:32
locusfkrnlyng: I'm using Mer SDL2 libraries18:33
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krnlynglocusf: hmm maybe try SDL_OPENGL, but i don't know if that does the right thing, maybe thp knows18:35
locusfkrnlyng: this is while compiling the fremantle platform, should I just comment it and move on to compile sailfishos?18:36
krnlynglocusf: ah you should set the platform variable to sailfish in config.mk18:37
locusfkrnlyng: ah ok :)18:37
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vakkovactually it was not working with here18:44
vakkovi was exporting PLATFORM or whatever it was called18:44
vakkovlocusf: you'll get a segfault on the maguro18:45
locusfvakkov: yup so I did18:45
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locusfvakkov: <- looking familiar?18:46
vakkovlocusf: yep, was something like that18:47
vakkovlocusf: btw, are you running update 818:48
locusfvakkov: nope, latest Nemo18:48
vakkovlol :D nice18:48
vakkovi gotta try this18:48
krnlynglocusf: you didn't get a segfault on SDL_CreateWindow?18:50
locusfkrnlyng: nope, its because I have a lacking system18:51
locusfkrnlyng: make install etc18:51
locusfhmm I guess I really do need the separate target for compiling apkenv for maguro only19:04
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locusfkrnlyng: vakkov: what app are you using for testing?19:26
locusfthe android app I mean19:26
krnlynglocusf: i used pvz, and fruit ninja if it should be a more simple app19:27
krnlyngi use pvz mainly because i wrote the inital marmalade module :D19:27
krnlyngso i am familiar with the code19:27
locusfcool :)19:27
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locusfkrnlyng: <- I'm getting segfault at a weird location19:29
krnlyng(not trying to brag or anything - ... i think i only make it worse)19:29
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locusflet me try on nemo jolla19:33
krnlyngwhat app is that?19:33
locusfNemo Mobile on Jolla device19:34
krnlyngno i meant which game?19:34
krnlynghave you tried with linker debug messages?19:35
locusfkrnlyng: pvz19:36
locusfkrnlyng: how do I enable the debug msgs?19:36
locusf <- here is the whole trace19:37
locusfbuilt with debugging symbols19:37
krnlynglocusf: debug_verbosity in linker/linker_debug.h but i doubt it will give us any more insight...19:40
locusfkrnlyng: I'm trying with maguros dalvik19:40
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krnlynglocusf: which version of pvz? i don't remember which version of pvz worked unfortunately19:40
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locusfkrnlyng: 1.1.219:41
krnlynglocusf: says 1.3.16 should work19:41
locusfkrnlyng: I'll test fruit ninja19:43
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jcbjoe_anyone know how to add there twitter account to sailfishos ? i just added my google account ?19:47
vakkovi was testing with fruitninja19:48
vakkovsaim output19:48
locusfvakkov: with SDL_CreateWindow?19:51
vakkovwut wut19:52
locusfvakkov: segfault?19:53
vakkovthe segfault was the same you got with angrybirds19:53
locusfvakkov: with maguro?19:53
locusfit appears then that this gles version is not really compatible libhybris or something19:54
vakkovyes, maguro, sailfish :D19:54
locusfvakkov: did you remember to compile with maguro libhybris gles headers?20:11
vakkovyes, yes20:11
locusfcool :)20:15
rumhas anyone heard anything about Jolla making Alien Dalvik available to ported SF, once paid apps are finally in?20:25
locusf#1  0x40949904 in __cxa_atexit () from /system/lib/libc.so20:26
locusfthats wrong libc20:26
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locusfsledges: is there a path somewhere which points to /system/lib before /usr/lib?20:29
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locusfthis is way beyond me now :p20:47
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RaYmAnhm, how do I go about adding symbols or replacing packages with symbols? It makes it a bit hard to debug with stripped binaries/libraries =P23:19
RaYmAn(for e.g. libhybris I mean)23:19
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