Sunday, 2014-12-21

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jcbjoenada today ?05:50
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Stskeepsvgrade: happy birthday!07:23
tbrvgrade: happy release anniversary!07:25
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situvgrade: Happy b'day sir!09:23
stephg+1! (just saw it on twitter this morning)09:26
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vgradethanks guys, feeling a little delicate this morning11:56
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sledgesHB vgrade!15:46
* sledges hides back15:46
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jcbjoeanything new ?16:16
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locusfI guess anyone hasn't done yet?16:29
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jcbjoelocusf: im game .. i will do 1.1.27 if there is instruction16:33
locusfjcbjoe: if you have the time + patience you can read the hadk docs from topic16:34
jcbjoelocusf: is there a zip file somehwere16:34
locusfjcbjoe: nope16:34
locusfI'll put on coming16:44
locusfjcbjoe: this might take a while now :)16:59
locusfbuild + upload16:59
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locusfhaven't done a sfos build in months :)17:13
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jcbjoeme eaither17:31
jcbjoei've never done one lol17:31
jcbjoei'm getting my jolla on the 1st17:31
jcbjoei don't know when it will ship though .. i have to get it thru ebay cuase it will be to much thru the actually jolla website17:31
jcbjoeUS and EURO / way to much money17:32
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locusfjcbjoe: I can't make the release today, the image creator got suck at post installation phase18:23
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alinlbt: ping20:00
alinvgrade: situ on n5 did you see the browser crashing?20:00
alinalso it seems filemanager does not want to star a blank screen20:00
situalin: it crashes when trying to play flash content.20:02
alinDec 21 20:02:44 abbaton cutes[6692]: [W] unknown:1 - file:///usr/share/jolla-fileman/Main.qml:1:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "Mer.Cutes": Namespace 'Mer.Cutes' has already been used for type registration20:03
alin                                          import Mer.Cutes 1.120:03
alin                                          ^20:03
alinDec 21 20:02:44 abbaton lipstick[918]: [W] unknown:326 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/switcher/Switcher.qml:326:26: Unable to assign [undefined] to int20:03
alinDec 21 20:02:44 abbaton lipstick[918]: [D] MDesktopEntryPrivate::MDesktopEntryPrivate:126 - Specified Desktop file does not exist "/usr/share/applications/cutes.desktop"20:03
alinDec 21 20:02:44 abbaton lipstick[918]: [W] unknown:539 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/main.qml:539:13: QML Switcher: Binding loop detected for property "appShowInProgress"20:03
alinsitu: maybe20:03
alinsitu: that is what i find in my hournal for file manager20:04
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Guhlhi piggz20:49
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Guhlhow have you been lately - any news?20:50
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piggzlo Guhl20:53 news .... im going to update my image to .1020:53
piggzand, im on the verge of finishing this game, so i'll port that to sf20:53
piggzand then work on ofono20:53
piggzGuhl: yourself?20:53
Guhldid not do any hacking lately, had a very bad time privately in the last month20:54
Guhlmy best friend died of cancer and a week later the wife of my brother in law killed herself and their 2 month old baby20:55
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Guhlbut life has to go on20:56
piggzGuhl: fsck20:56
Guhlone thing is for sure, this will not be a very funny Christmas evening20:58
piggzGuhl: and to think I was depressed at the thought of having to go to work tomorrow!!20:59
StskeepsGuhl: sorry to hear21:00
Guhli took the last 4 weeks of - could not focus on anything21:01
piggzGuhl: yeah, commiserations, sounds like a truly awful time21:02
Guhlit's getting better now - after the funerals and everything - these rituals actually do have a sense21:04
Guhlnot that these things came surprising, my friend was fighting cancer for 5 years now and she was schizophrenic for a long time21:07
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Guhlbut when it strikes it still sucks big time21:07
Guhlanyway did not want to depress you - i will try to start working on the sf port again after the holidays21:08
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alinplfiorini: hi.. I see you have a hawaii build in builds service do you intend to build it against jolla/mer?22:30
plfiorinialin, it builds against mer, haven't tried with sfos22:31
alinplfiorini: I know it builds against mer...22:32
plfiorinialin, well tbh maui has some updates over mer-devel22:32
alinplfiorini: also I have seen you build it against arch are you temptped to give it a try against opensuse... we have bleeding edge kf5/sddm and the rest of cutties22:33
plfiorinialin, sure, the more the better22:34
plfiorinialin, but first i have some coding in my todo list22:34
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plfioriniin the process of getting the qml compositor working again22:35
alinplfiorini: I suspect we can help you to push it and packageas seems to be kf5 linked maybe the best place to discuss it #opensuse-kde22:36
alinplfiorini: I see... I was curious about the wayland support22:36
plfiorinialin, joining now22:37
alinplfiorini: great we will see what happens we are in holiday almost22:39
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