Friday, 2014-12-26

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jcbjoeomg sledges your back03:41
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dr_gogeta86_jolldory kernel is a piece of ...15:24
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jcbjoedr_gogeta86_joll: you alive ?15:34
jcbjoejust woke up15:35
jcbjoeyou can use diff kernels ?15:35
dr_gogeta86_jollon dory yep15:36
jcbjoewhats dory ?15:36
dr_gogeta86_jollbut i need to compile a booting mer compliant kernel15:36
dr_gogeta86_jolllge g watch15:36
alin_dr_gogeta86_joll: but that is android 5.015:37
dr_gogeta86_jollno no mine is still 4.415:37
alin_dr_gogeta86_joll: is not the google one?15:37
locusfit still doesn't boot?15:39
dr_gogeta86_jollkernel hell15:39
dr_gogeta86_jollsome mer needed conf not compile well15:40
dr_gogeta86_jolland get errord15:40
dr_gogeta86_jollis holyday, i non don't have rush15:40
dr_gogeta86_jollin the meanwhile i've studied how glacier and lipstick works ..... i'm a 4ever n00b15:41
locusflol I wonder15:42
locusflipstick isn't really simple to understand15:42
dr_gogeta86_jolli've read the lipstick example by w00t15:43
locusfI don't know but tthe bare essentials, but eg. wayland handling is pure voodoo15:43
dr_gogeta86_jolli hope in a near future will be better15:43
dr_gogeta86_jollnow problem is15:44
dr_gogeta86_jollthink about hybris works, egl too15:45
dr_gogeta86_jollit doesn't have nor modem nor speaker just a mic15:45
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dr_gogeta86_jolland bluetooth15:45
dr_gogeta86_jollthis is a topic for nemo from now in onwards15:46
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jcbjoeanyone around ?17:17
jcbjoeare there any pre builds for the nexus 4 ?17:18
jcbjoei want to try those builds out .. i was watching a youtube video and i saw a build that looked like it had all the features built in17:19
jcbjoelet me check xda17:20
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jcbjoeanyone good with the hadk ?17:47
alin_jcbjoe: i have a script that builds all but I did only n517:53
alin_I think they already n417:54
jcbjoeits cool17:54
jcbjoealin_: let me back up ok and exaplain17:54
jcbjoei been using as a daily driver for weeks now right .. i already know there been a new update .. but of course everything isn't on the nexus4 like on the jolla phone17:55
jcbjoei just ran acorss a videos where a nexus4 had a image on it where it had all the pull down menus and i'm looking for a spexcific imaging that can do that .. so now im looking for older builds that probably have all the drop down menus or everything that dosen't have to just try it out17:56
jcbjoealin_: do all the sailfish builds run witih cm-10 ?17:56
alin_jcbjoe: no... n5 is cm 1117:56
jcbjoeoh im on a nexus417:58
alin_jcbjoe: so that script17:58
alin_once started shall setup all the hadk17:58
alin_of course in readme there is an example for hammerhead17:59
alin_you will have to know some things17:59
alin_like the repos for mako17:59
alin_the verndor17:59
alin_thre is no branch 11 as far as i know for mako so that does not apply17:59
alin_and of course other crap17:59
alin_read and ask17:59
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jcbjoealin_: i think i found what i wanted18:31
jcbjoeit was a old youtube video sledges did from mwc he was demoing nexuw4 running sailfish os
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Stskeepzmoo javispedro18:35
Stskeepzhow's stuff18:35
javispedroprocrastinating around =)18:35
javispedrohow's stuff18:36
Stskeepzgood.. not much time for hacking when you have a child18:37
Stskeepz+in xmas time18:37
Stskeepzwas it you who studied the tizen bluez?18:39
javispedroI know this guy who has a 4-6 month child, wants to finish his thesis in 4-6 months time, and has also started a new job18:39
javispedrowe already started referring to him as "the chuck norris"18:40
javispedroce la vie (pardon my horrible french)18:40
javispedroyeah, I took a look at it18:41
Stskeepzthey're bcm4330 users aren't they, too18:41
javispedroiirc last time this moved at all we requested samsung to try to get us a git history or sth instead of the huge patch18:41
javispedrothe word they did was pretty hw agnostic though18:42
javispedrooth, not tizen-agnostic at all..18:42
javispedrohow's the bluetooth thing looking internally btw? I assume any BT smart certification is out of the question with the current SbJ kernel18:43
javispedro*the work they did18:44
Stskeepzsbj possibly, right now we have a bit of time to look at tablet too..18:45
javispedroI'd actually try to take the bluez5 route this time18:46
javispedroit was looking really bad a few months ago18:46
javispedrobut it seems to be starting to catch up18:46
Stskeepzwe're on what looks like a 3.10 kernel so18:46
Stskeepznothing feels good about the bluetooth story entirely from a hw spread pov.. :P18:49
javispedroyes, no choice is without problem18:49
javispedroin fact no choice is without a lot of problems..18:49
Stskeepzi know bluez4/5 is the right way but it's really hard when the chipset vendors has practically turned it's backs on it18:49
javispedroI don't think there's anything vendors need to do here18:50
javispedronot much variation between different BT hardware (except for the usual bugs here and there)18:50
Stskeepzwell, nobody is doing kernel level drivers really anymore, it's all serially controlled18:50
Stskeepzi guess18:50
Stskeepz(i'm speaking out my ass, fwiw)18:50
javispedroI figure out that it is actually a problem that no stack is complete18:51
javispedrowell, and possibly that you're stuck with the old kernel, that too18:52
Stskeepzi kinda hope that in intel world it's a little easier since there's not a lot of divergence from their initial hw18:53
javispedrowe should make an update about this in the next community meeting, i feel there's enough news18:55
javispedroenumerate the problems and also the current solutions again18:55
Stskeepzi'd like to wait one-two meetings for the fact our bluetooth guy is in the wrong timezone..18:55
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Stskeepzbut let's see18:56
javispedroyeah, I have a deadline on the 10th =)18:56
Stskeepzooi deadline?18:56
javispedroRL work =)18:56
javispedrothere are still the three main options (bluez4, bluez5, and bluedroid (I guess)),18:59
javispedrob4 is now a more decent looking option because the qt5.4 stack will allow devs to atleast connect to many of those fitness bands and stuff19:00
javispedrowhich is, like, 99% of usecases after all..19:00
javispedroof course, no certification, no logo, no security19:00
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Stskeepzb4 does?19:01
Stskeepzi though tit was b19:01
javispedroI made a btsmart stack for b419:01
javispedrothey pulled it in for qt5.419:01
javispedroso yeah, you can from b419:02
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javispedroas they say, it only supports the central role (that means, qt is the "initiator" of the connection)19:05
Stskeepzoh, interesting19:05
Stskeepzgtg now but i'd like to know more19:05
javispedrowill probably try to schedule a meeting during jan19:06
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