Friday, 2015-01-16

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* faenil yawns08:36
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sledgesno youtube linky? :(it's a long/gone tradition;P)08:44
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faenilsledges, you're the master of friday linking :)08:56
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bluesleealin, sledges: thank you for the latest N5 build09:05
sledgesblueslee: cheers, hope is all good for you09:06
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bluesleesledges: you can close the bug regarding "wifi setup manager does not pop up on first boot"09:08
sledgesblueslee: awesome, thanks09:08
bluesleesledges: this happens only if you skip the adding of a jolla account09:09
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sledgesthis? if you skip, then nothing needs internet at that point09:10
bluesleesledges: everything went well, restoring of .vault backups, even using the same jolla account from my jolla phone works well09:11
bluesleesledges: only issue i have is with system messages09:11
bluesleesledges: they pop up randomly and sfos wants to close the application for instance now with irc client09:12
sledgesook the gremlins that alin mentioned yesterday09:13
bluesleesledges: remove "randomly" from my last sentence, i can reproduce it09:13
sledgeswe need to find patterns in randomness09:13
sledgeswhat is the sequence?09:13
bluesleesledges: multitasking, when switching to browser and back to irc client for instance09:14
sledgeswell, multitasking is happening 24/7 on sailfish09:14
sledgesyou mean, switching apps?09:14
bluesleeswitching apps, multitasking for my fingers;-)09:15
bluesleesledges: now i only need camera, sensors, gps :-)09:16
sledgesmultitasking fingers reminded me a good read:
sledgesblueslee: hope those are coming soon!09:18
bluesleesledges: i will open a N5 SFOS thread on TMO and refer to your xda thread to mobilize more people09:19
sledgesblueslee: good one!09:19
bluesleesledges: regarding the ui glitches in meecast, webcat etc09:20
sledgeswell, you can wait and point them to our next jolla blog post;)09:20
bluesleesledges: are those related directly to the apps, i.e. can those be fixed by the app devs?09:21
bluesleesledges: in that case i will wait for the blog post09:21
bluesleesledges: i am reading the daily logs since days, if i want things to be done i have to help09:22
bluesleesledges: what about the ui glitches?09:23
sledgesthey are due to different display size09:23
bluesleesledges: smal icons etc09:23
bluesleesledges: does it mean that the app devs can fix those using dynamic display size parameters in their code?09:25
sledgesthere are no such parameters (yet;)09:25
bluesleebut what about the jolla tablet09:25
sledgeswait for blog post09:26
bluesleei read the above blog post09:32
bluesleenevertheless i think its possible for the devs to ask for the screen size and do a proper scaling09:34
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bluesleesledges: what could be the reason for the 'gremlins bug' as it does not happen on the jolla09:35
sledgesmore time needed09:41
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bluesleesledges: i checked bt on the N510:47
bluesleesledges: activating bt gives you gremlins all 2-3 seconds:-) pairing with headset worked but playing music did not, music came from device not the headset10:48
bluesleesleges: in the desktop folders i see a 3 column grid instead of 410:50
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bluesleevery interesting, wikipedia app which does not work on jolla since last system update works on N5:-)11:05
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sledgesinteresting indeed11:17
alinsledges: checked yesterday... after restart for a wile is ok.. then keep getting the annoying window11:22
alinsledges: about app not respoding11:23
alindid you see?11:23
sledgesalin: blueslee did11:23
sledgesi haven't used n5, busy11:23
alinblueslee: did you see such things?11:24
bluesleealin: sledges called them gremlins:-)11:25
sledgesalin called them gremlins11:25
alinblueslee: ok so you see them too?11:25
bluesleealin: in the worst case you get those frequently, activate bt for instance11:26
alinblueslee: I see them in all apps11:26
alinblueslee: after a while... does not matter the app11:26
bluesleealin: yes, i see them when switching between apps11:27
alinblueslee: ok... with me is even simpler... I see them when typing a message11:27
alinblueslee: or when checking the emails11:27
bluesleealin: that is not the case for me, knly when switching app and back11:28
alinblueslee: did you see anything strange in journal?11:29
alinI did not11:29
bluesleealin: which journal? dmesg?11:29
alinblueslee: if you want11:29
alinblueslee: journalctl -l -b --no-pager11:29
bluesleealin: let me check11:29
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bluesleealin: no journals files were found11:32
alinblueslee: strange11:32
alinsledges: by the way that shall be fixed... there is some setting on my box I can see it without11:32
bluesleesledges: yepp, need to be root for that11:33
bluesleeJan 16 12:42:00 Jolla upowerd[802]: GLIB WARNING **11:45
bluesleeUPower-Linux - correcting energy_full (0.000000) u11:45
bluesleesing energy_full_design (0.010005)11:45
bluesleeJan 16 12:42:03 Jolla lipstick[939]: [W] Declarativ11:45
bluesleeeWindow::_setAllowedOrientations:215 - Invalid allo11:45
bluesleewedOrientations value: 011:45
bluesleeJan 16 12:42:06 Jolla lipstick[939]: [W] Declarativ11:45
bluesleeeWindow::_setAllowedOrientations:215 - Invalid allo11:45
bluesleewedOrientations value: 011:45
bluesleeoops, sorry11:46
bluesleealin: i am not familiar with journalctl but the above output while forcing a gremlin does not look suspicious11:47
alinblueslee: the same as me11:53
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sledgesdo they occur during gremlins consistently?11:54
alinsledges: yap11:54
sledgesand do not occur otherwise?11:54
alinsledges: at the11:55
alinsledges: at the restart no11:55
alinbut oafter some hours online11:55
alinyou start to see them11:56
bluesleei was not online for several hours yet11:57
bluesleealin: did you checked bt?12:00
bluesleealin: its marked as working for the N5 in the hw matrix but its not working for me, pairing is okay12:01
bluesleealin: but i get no sound from a headset12:01
sledgesalin: do gremlins are also right after restart? or only when those journal entries are in?12:04
bluesleealin: do you see gpodder in jolla store?12:04
alinsledges: no... just after a while12:07
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mal-some progress on my project, I finally managed to get hybris-recovery to boot successfully on my phone and telnet works19:58
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mal-the reason for my problem was one wrong parameter in kernel config19:59
mal-CONFIG_RD_GZIP was missing19:59
mal-it would be nice that was also checked when other parameters are checked20:00
mal-the defualt for my phone was CONFIG_RD_LZO20:01
dwangoACsledges: Hi, by the way!  Did you see the coverage at yet?20:03
sledgeshi dwangoAC , i'm a fraid knot :)20:04
dwangoACsledges: I think you mean frayed knot :)20:04
sledgesmal-: you right because
dwangoACsledges: It's short, and you'll really enjoy it20:04
dwangoACsledges: Especially because you had a bit of an insider perspective to the crazy we were trying to do :)20:05
sledgesdwangoAC: joke fail then %)20:05
sledgesmal-: could you submit a PR pls?20:05
sledgespull request20:06
sledgesdwangoAC: vid? ;)20:11
dwangoACsledges: I think it's embedded in the article?20:11
sledgesone from 2013 yes20:11
dwangoACOh?  Hang on20:11
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dwangoACsledges: Odd, it's not in the article, I'll contact the author.  In the meantime, this:
sledgeslooks interesting but.. 47mins? ;D20:15
dwangoACsledges: You only care about the spot where Pokemon Red starts20:15
sledgesyes pls;)20:15
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dwangoACsledges: The first bit is a modified SM64 race course (we set up a really, really difficult course with banannas and boulders everywhere).  The second part is probably interesting to you - we programmed something new inside of SMW, hang on, let me get you a better link20:16
dwangoACsledges: and
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dwangoACsledges: Should be about 6-12 minutes total of video, depending on how long you watch the audience going crazy :)20:20
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metjufHi, is there somebody who has experience with Sailfish OS on Nexus 4?20:24
sledgesdwangoAC: impressive!20:25
dwangoACmetjuf: You made the same mistake as in #sailfishos - there are a lot of people who have experience but no one can help you if you don't say what your question is. :)20:25
dwangoACsledges: Glad you got a chance to see it!20:25
dwangoACsledges: Which one did you watch, both of them?20:26
nykac-does mako's kernel have OTG enable?20:28
metjufIs there any tutorial or what version is the best for N4? I have never tried install Sailfish, i just have brief experience with root, recovery etc..20:29
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sledgesnykac-: isn't that a hardware requirement?20:31
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nykac-sledges: it has OTG20:32
nykac-sledges: I'm wondering if the kernel has usb host support20:32
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nykac-I should have worded my question differently20:32
sledgesnykac-: see here
nykac-also, is there newer ROM than ?20:32
nykac-metjuf: the answer for that may be helpful ^20:33
sledgesno, but it's one the way, hopefully with rudimentary bluetooth thanks to zanac (cc metjuf )20:33
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sledgeshi metjuf , answering to you:
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
sledgesit supports multirom, so should be all good20:33
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sledgesim testing that bluetooth now btw;)20:34
sledgesas we speak20:34
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nykac-sledges: also, on that ROM, does it not support 5ghz wifi? or is it just an incompatiblity with  LTEhybrid33-84 radio fw20:34
nykac-sledges: I remember EA4 had 5ghz wifi20:34
sledgesnykac-: nothing has changes with regards to EA420:35
sledgesi.e. no regressions we'd heard of so20:35
sledgescommunity port evolves directly from EA420:35
dwangoACsledges: Oooh, you're testing Bluetooth on N4?20:37
sledgesNokius: could we pull off by fosdem? ;)20:37
sledges(are you coming btw?)20:37
nykac-sledges: I'll try stock radio and see how it fares20:38
sledgesnykac-: yes that depends what primary rom you're running20:39
nykac-sledges: sailfish is my primary rom20:39
metjufsledges: Thanks. It is true that camera doesnt work fully and there is no chance to run android apps?20:39
nykac-metjuf: flash doesn't work in the camera20:39
mal-sledges: PR submitted20:40
sledgesmetjuf: camera has glitches, but i could live with that, and no, no andriod apps (just reboot to android via multirom if you miss them;)20:40
nykac-metjuf: it fires a short while before it takes the picture20:40
nykac-metjuf: and occasionaly you need to restart the camera application20:40
sledgesnykac-: metjuf: and it halts the viewfinder video stream if you aim for too long ;)20:41
nykac-sledges: ah, thats what I'd been seeing20:41
sledgesdwangoAC: yes i am;)20:42
dwangoACsledges: Please let me know when it is ready to test, I'll gladly give it a spin.  My N4 is ready and waiting. :)20:43
dwangoAC(That was the only feature that kept me from using it full-time)20:43
metjufThanks for clarification. Last one, how about battery life?20:43
sledgesmal-: thanks, i adjusted your comments if you don't mind20:43
dwangoACmetjuf: Battery life on my N4 was absolutely insanely good.20:43
dwangoAC(Using a version from mid-last year)20:44
mal-sledges: no problem20:44
nykac-sledges: yeah, stock radio still doesn't show 5ghz wifi20:44
metjufdwangoAC: Better than android? :O wau, glad to hear that20:44
dwangoACmetjuf: Oh, way, way better than Android battery life20:44
sledgesthe power(sic) of linux ;)20:44
sledgesnykac-: did you have the same radio back with EA4?20:45
dwangoACmetjuf: I had it sitting on my bedside table unplugged, three weeks later it started chirping at me plantively asking me to please plug it in :)20:45
nykac-sledges: yes20:45
sledgesnykac-: what about CM?20:45
nykac-sledges: I re-flashed the stock radio20:45
nykac-sledges: I didn't have CM in EA420:45
nykac-sledges: I skipped that step20:45
dwangoACmetjuf: In all fairness, that was without any cell service or BT enabled, but I had WiFi and it was checking E-Mails and calendar stuff for me.20:45
sledgesyou can't not have cm ;)20:45
nykac-sledges: it worked...20:46
nykac-sledges: I guess it shouldnt've, but it booted to sailfish20:46
sledgesnykac-: was it only android stock flashed?20:46
nykac-sledges: correct20:46
sledgesthe factory one20:46
dwangoACnykac-: I... have no idea how you did that and got it to work20:46
nykac-sledges: factory occam-jwr66y20:46
sledgesnykac-: yea, do it again then :D20:46
nykac-sledges: ughhh, I'd have to re-install all the crap I loaded on it20:47
metjufthanks for answers guys. I decided to try it. Hope i will handle it20:47
sledgeson what?20:47
nykac-sledges: my phone20:47
sledgeswhich rom?20:47
Nokiussledges: btw. will ask next week in my weekly meeting about a free day to make may way to Brussels so wish me luck :)20:47
nykac-sledges: on sailfish, I installed a bunch of packages20:47
sledgesNokius: fingers cross(compil)ed;)20:47
sledgesnykac-: since ?20:48
nykac-sledges: like ruby{,-devel}, sdl2{,-devel}, ecl and some more20:48
nykac-sledges: w/ pkcon on
nykac-sledges: I installed cm when using
nykac-sledges: packagekit20:48
nykac-sledges: the console command20:49
sledgesi know what it is20:49
sledgesw/ pkcon on looked a bit hard to understand ;)20:49
sledgesbecause you can upgrade system via pk -ish ;P20:49
sledges(not on mako though)20:49
sledgesso after EA4 you decided to install cm too all of a sudden? ;)20:50
nykac-sledges: correct, I thought I would follow directions more carefully20:50
sledgeslike the lego movie;)20:50
sledgesmetjuf: welcome aboard! :)20:50
nykac-sledges: I had had issues with screen randomly blanking on ea420:50
sledgesok, well most wlan routers support both 2.4 and 5GHz20:51
nykac-sledges: I know, but there are some spots where 2.4Ghz doesn't cover, but 5Ghz does20:51
sledgesas nothing in upper layers of sailfish os could influence that when you upgraded, and nothing changed in hardware adaptation either, regarding wlan20:52
sledgesso now since you got CM20:52
nykac-sledges: does sailfish use network manager, or wpa_supplicant directly20:52
sledgescan you boot to it? ;P20:52
sledgesit uses connman20:52
nykac-sledges: no20:52
sledgesnykac-: yes ;P20:52
nykac-sledges: I didn't use multirom20:52
sledgesyou can20:52
sledgesfastboot boot boot.img20:53
sledgesboot.img from cm.zip20:53
nykac-I'll try that20:53
sledgesit won't even flash memory, so it's a volatile one-off20:53
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
nykac-sledges: yeah, doesn't show up in CM either20:57
nykac-maybe I had an older radio20:58
sledgesnykac-: use NAndroid to backup everything20:58
sledgesif you ever want to play20:58
sledgesor yea, another radio20:58
nykac-sledges: why do they make this so hard21:00
sledgesusing 5GHz wlan on a phone is the first time i'm hearing about in this channel, so no wonder the dragons21:01
nykac-sledges: wow21:01
nykac-sledges: It may have been on .48 radio21:01
sledgesif you think of what's inside any radio.img, you'd probably go mad ;)21:01
nykac-sledges: which stock comes with .8421:01
sledgesdon't know, i think there was a list on xda21:02
nykac-yeah, I've got that bookmarked21:02
sledgesbut we have enough experience of using non-stock radios ;)21:02
sledgesespecially with multirom voes21:02
sledgesbtw, in sailfish you can just loopmount radio.img instead of flashing it, and have multiple ones, one proper for primary android21:03
nykac-sledges: is there a guide on how to loopmount radio.img?21:04
sledgesnykac-: ^21:06
sledgesneed to add this to FAQ I guess..21:06
*** methril has quit IRC21:06
*** oshunluvr_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
nykac-sledges: wonderful21:08
nykac-sledges: now if only you could reboot via adb21:08
*** oshunluvr_ has quit IRC21:08
sledgeswhy do you need that? that security problem ;)21:08
sledgesssh and reboot instead :P21:09
nykac-sledges: heh, yeah I'll just do that21:09
nykac-sledges: if only sshd had kerberos support, I could join my phone to my FreeIPA domain21:10
*** metjuf has quit IRC21:11
sledgesdone, i suggest you subscribe to this thread:
dwangoACsledges: Checking that thread out now.21:14
dwangoACHmm.. isn't that a bit old?21:16
sledgesdwangoAC: cool; btw just read about how you guys did the IRC on pokemon red, my first & last question was - connectivity :D21:16
sledgesdwangoAC: in what sense?21:16
dwangoACsledges: That thread is from 2009?21:16
sledgesjolla didn't exist then;)21:16
dwangoACsledges: Hmm.. I think the link didn't work right, hang on21:16
dwangoACsledges: Yeah, I'm confused, that goes to an EnergyROM thread?21:17
sledgesjust worked fine again21:18
sledgesmaybe you are going from pokemon red?;)21:18
sledgesdwangoAC: ?21:18
dwangoACsledges: Got it - the part after 2#post was detected incorrectly in my viewer21:19
dwangoACsledges: OK, about connectivity -21:19
dwangoACsledges: Easy, we made the SNES a display and did all the hard work in Python21:19
dwangoACsledges: But the datarate wasn't fast enough, so we had to devise a better encoding for text21:20
dwangoACsledges: So an SNES has 16 bits for every controller read - a standard NES had 8 for Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select, A, B, but SNES added more21:20
sledgesmy 2nd to last question was about the speed;)21:20
dwangoACsledges: So SNES added L, R, X and Y, and that needs 12 bits21:20
dwangoACBut to align to two bytes they always read 16 bits, leaving four buttons unused and always responding with 0 (we call these buttons 0, 1, 2, and 3)21:21
dwangoACsledges: By reading all of the possible buttons, even the ones that don't exist, we get 16 bits per controller, per frame21:21
dwangoAC60 frames a second on NTSC gives us a measly datarate with 1 controller, so we attach four of them, that gives us 8 bytes per 60th of a second, or 480 bytes per frame21:22
klopsi-u3good grief :)21:22
dwangoACBut that's still not enough, so instead of polling the controller once per frame we poll 8 times per frame, i.e. 8 bytes * 8 polls per frame = 64 bytes per frame * 60 frames = 3,840 bytes per second21:22
dwangoACklopsi-u3: I know, I know, TMI and I'm flooding the channel, but this stuff fascinates me :)21:23
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC21:23
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:23
dwangoACBut 3.8k *still* wasn't enough to keep up, so we devised a differen encoding scheme; instead of 1 byte per character, if the first bit was set to 0, we assume three 5-bit characters follow21:23
dwangoACWe put all lowercase characters plus basic punctuation, space, and newline in those 32 possible values21:23
dwangoACIf the first bit is high, we assume two 7-bit bytes, and the second of those two 7-bit bytes is always a character that "Red", the Pokemon character, says21:24
mal-for some reason in hybris-recovery if I run "echo "ls -l /" >/init-ctl/stdin" it results in "Segmentation fault"21:24
dwangoACsledges: So you can see the outcome of that ability here:
sledgesdwangoAC: how many man hours for that IRC hack?;)21:25
dwangoACsledges: We got a second chance after the donation incentive raised $38k alone, and we .. um.. I can spoil it for you if you want :)21:25
sledgesand what is your day job? :D21:25
dwangoACsledges: I estimate 1 man-year21:25
sledgeshow many men? :D21:25
dwangoACsledges: I was the organizer for a team of about a dozen people located in 5 different countries21:25
sledgesmal-: what about other commands? especially the one to view init.log21:26
dwangoACsledges: And we had to rely on knowledge from experts in Pokemon Red, emulation developers, hardware developers, ROM hackers, and screenplay writers for the last segment21:26
dwangoACsledges: I put in so much time that my son asked me to play Portal 2 and I found it ironic and sad that I had to tell him no because I was playing a game.  I'll be doing less, better next year.21:27
sledgesand who are the peeps donating? i never thought old consoles are still such a mania;)21:27
*** polishdub has left #sailfishos-porters21:27
mal-sledges: "tail -f /init.log &" works ok, also at least mount_stowaways and umount_stowaways21:28
mal-if I try "echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin" I lose connection and cannot connect again21:29
dwangoACsledges: What I did was unique; most people running games already had people following them for that game, like the guy who plays Legend of Zelda: OoT blindfolded21:30
dwangoACsledges: Well, OK, most people don't do it blindfolded either, but you get the idea.  I presented in front of 150,000 live vewers21:30
dwangoAC(600 of which were in the room, the rest online streaming from
klopsi-u3dwangoAC: what did it do? display text from an irc channel?21:31
* sledges having said that ^^^ myself playing duck tales couple of days ago from softwarelibrary_msdos_games, but wouldn't go hw further:))21:31
dwangoACsledges: Here's a better video with more comments for the second round:
dwangoACklopsi-u3: Sort of :)21:31
dwangoACklopsi-u3: We also programmed SMB1 inside of SMW21:31
dwangoACAGDQ 2015 as a whole raised over $1.5M USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation21:32
dwangoACI'm in a lot of ways more excited for the SGDQ 2015 marathon comming up in 6 months, as it will benefit Doctors Without Borders and that organization has taken a heavy loss due to Ebola in west Africa21:32
sledgesmal-: that's expected. first touch /target/init_enter_debug and observe dmesg after echo continue21:33
sledgesif nothing is in dmesg, your usb rndis interface name gets messed up after switch_root, and you need to figure out what it is21:34
sledgesideally, by enabling usb rndis (usb ethernet) in cm and then in cwm/twrp (see how to do that in init_debug script to write 1 to /sys/... , or just enable usb networking/tethering in cm - should do the same)21:35
sledgesmal-: sometimes it's as simple as alternating between usb0 and rndis0 before and after switch_root21:35
sledgesmal-: analyse this (it hasn't been merged into main dhd yet):
sledgescould be your case21:38
sledgesdwangoAC: it's all for a great cause, i didn't know your movement had so many followers, congrats!21:39
sledgesbut what practical use cases can you make out of hacking games? i.e. what do your fellow community members come up with?21:39
sledgesmal-: hm ignore that commit, as it should apply only to a completely non-booting hybris-recovery21:40
dwangoACsledges: Thanks! Usually, what posts is the fastest possible completion of video gmes -21:44
dwangoACsledges: So if you play a game and enjoy it, and then you see it completely ripped to shreds and completed in only a few minutes, it's usually a fairly impressive sight to see21:45
dwangoACsledges: Typically, we don't alter the games at all, we just complete them as fast as they can be played.21:45
dwangoACWhat we did here at AGDQ 2015 was special, and it involved finding an exploit in a game and taking advantage of it to play back different content than Nintendo originally had in mind. :)21:46
mal-sledges: ok, I'll try those suggestions21:46
dwangoACsledges: Otherwise, the only practical purpose is entertainment, and then when put in the AGDQ context, fundraising for charity.21:46
klopsi-u3does sailfish work on any phone with a hardware keyboard?21:46
sledgesklopsi-u3: HTC Desire Z, there's a port21:47
klopsi-u3does the keyboard driver also work?21:47
sledges(and I surely can't wait to receive the TOHKBD when it's ready ^_^)21:48
sledgesklopsi-u3: keyboard works out of the box21:48
klopsi-u3hmm i might just buy one then21:48
sledgesregisters as normal linux input device21:48
dwangoACWill Jolla be releasing a phone with a keyboard? (And one that works on LTE in the US?)21:48
sledgesGuhl was working on keyboard slide detection, which in turn will help tohkbd too21:48
dwangoACI know, I know, I ask too much...21:48
klopsi-u3i would buy a jolla phone with a hw keyboard21:49
sledgesklopsi-u3: so tohkbd doesn't interest you?;) it's purely community's effort:21:49
sledgesdwangoAC: hehe:)21:49
klopsi-u3it might be too top heavy for practical use, i will need to see reviews21:49
sledgesklopsi-u3: top-heavy when put on a table?21:50
klopsi-u3no when held in hands21:51
sledgesas landscape?21:51
sledgesright i see what you mean21:51
sledgesmaybe it's about getting used to?..21:51
klopsi-u3the droid 4 has the perfect keyboard and haptics21:52
mal-sledges: there is this kind of message in dmesg "register 'rndis_host'"21:52
sledgesmal-: after echo continue?21:53
sledgesor before?21:53
sledgesyou need to be very precise about that21:53
sledgeshelps doing dmesg | tail -f21:53
sledgesor dmesg -w21:53
sledgesor dmesg -f21:53
sledgesdepending on your linux distro (pffft)21:53
sledgesmal-: ah!21:53
sledgesthen try telnet 2323 port21:53
mal-I'll verify that21:53
mal-I tried 2323 already21:54
sledgesmal-: try other IP21:54
sledgesor .1521:54
sledgesat the end21:54
piggzi was going to say, if youve telnet'd in once, then my patch wouldnt be the problem21:54
sledgespiggz: you're right, as it's accompanied by
mal-I also tried different ip addresses21:55
sledgesklopsi-u3: haptics are all the same on all sailfish hadk devices :/ a short burst of vibra. at least length can be varied, but intensity/waveform not :/ dam android21:55
sledgesklopsi-u3: but otherwise droid 4 looks easily portable ;)21:56
merbot`klopsi-u3: Error: "!" is not a valid command.21:56
sledgeseven has cm10.1 for least hassles21:56
nykac-dwangoAC: there is an other half that has a keyboard21:56
klopsi-u3sledges do you think Droid 4 might be on jollas to-do list?21:57
dwangoACnykac-: Yes, but supported in the US?21:57
sledgesklopsi-u3: tablet is on jolla's todo list;P21:57
sledgesklopsi-u3: all phones are ported to by community now21:57
sledgesthat's why we released the porting guide last year, and community is where you got all these phones coming from:)21:58
mal-if I had a droid 4 I'd try to port immediately21:58
nykac-dwangoAC: the kickstarter ended, but it said "21:58
nykac-Ships anywhere in the world21:58
klopsi-u3i could buy you a droid 4 if you have a realistic chance of succeeding21:58
sledgesklopsi-u3: why don't you try? ;)21:59
dwangoACnykac-: Yeah, but what about radio support in the US?21:59
dwangoACnykac-: I'm sure we can get the phone and keyboard here physically, it's the lack of cell service that's a problem. :)21:59
sledgesmal-: do you have files under /target/init*-stderrout ?22:01
sledgesmal-: and /target/init-debug ?22:03
mal-I'll check22:06
*** faenil has quit IRC22:09
mal-sledges: I see "SerialNumber: Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)" in dmesg when I unplug and replug the usb cable22:14
sledgeswhat about those files?22:14
mal-init-debug-stderrout contains only "+ exec"22:16
mal-isn't init-debug a script?22:16
sledgesis it under /target ?22:16
sledgesdo diff /init-debug /target/init-debug22:17
mal-well, I hope that is /target22:17
mal-the files are in .stowaways/sailfishos/22:20
sledges/target/ should display exactly those22:20
mal-there is no /init-debug22:23
sledgeswell /init*22:23
sledgesforgot it's name :)22:23
sledges /init-script ?22:24
mal- /init exists and is quite different from /target/init-debug22:25
sledgesmal-: is there /target/init.log ?22:29
sledgestelnet 2323 ?22:36
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:38
mal-sledges: nothing happens, only "Trying"22:42
sledgesping ?22:42
sledgeswhat 's your host's IP?22:42
sledgesusb0 ?22:43
sledgesbad subnet :/22:44
sledgessomething's wrong with internal dhcpu22:44
sledgessomething's wrong with internal udhcpd22:44
sledgesifconfig usb0
sledgesand you should be good22:45
mal-now I can telnet into it22:45
sledgesdoes it suggest echo continue?22:45
mal-hmm, the same way as before?22:47
sledgesyes, it's due to /init_enter_debug presence22:47
sledgesit stops one last time before giving control to systemd22:47
mal-it only tells "Welcome to the Mer/SailfishOS Boat loader debug init system."22:48
sledgestry to ssh into it instead22:48
sledgesuser nemo22:48
sledges(now i remembered: /init_enter_debug presence causes the first bootloader to stop, not the 2nd)22:49
mal-is there some default password22:49
sledgesis it asking for it?22:49
sledgesit might not be nemo, but it's not important right now, leave ssh, go back to telnet22:49
sledgesat this point - first of all - welcome to sailfish os ;) without graphics up you can use your phone as a GNU/Linux router for the time being :D22:50
mal-that paasword doesn't work at least22:50
sledgesyea i thought so, you'll be able to set it once GUI is up22:50
sledgesnow you need to figure out why lipstick is failing22:51
sledges(ah you can set password for nemo from telnet ;P)22:51
sledgesssh has nicer cmdline/terminfo/character handling22:51
*** arcean has quit IRC22:52
sledgesjournalctl | grep lipstick22:52
sledges(as root)22:52
mal-how do I change the password with telnet?22:52
sledgespasswd nemo22:52
sledgesafter you ssh, you can become root via devel-su (best way to do things anyway)22:53
mal-now I'm in with ssh22:53
mal-"journalctl | grep lipstick" prints a lot of stuff22:55
sledgespastebin it all mwhahaha22:55
sledgesls -l /dev/fb022:57
mal-crw-rw---- 1 system graphics 29, 0 2015-01-11 14:36 /dev/fb022:57
sledgeschmod a+rw /dev/fb022:57
sledgessystemctl-user restart lipstick22:58
mal-same errors22:59
sledgesput this on the device:
sledgesyou can extract it to anywhere23:02
mal-and then?23:04
sledgesrpm -q qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene23:05
mal-"package qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene is not installed"23:05
sledgeshow are you connected to the internet on your PC?23:06
sledgessudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE; sudo sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=123:06
sledgessubstitute wlan0 with your if name23:07
sledgesand launch it on PC23:07
sledgesthen inside ssh do: route add default gw
sledgesecho nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf23:08
sledgesand ping some external server23:08
sledgesawesome, your Motorolla is now even more of a linux router ;)23:09
sledgeszypper install qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene23:09
mal-I had Xperia not Motorola23:09
sledgesok, i mix devices up at the end of the day already :)23:09
sledgesofc you have sony:)23:09
mal-installed the package23:11
sledgescd minimer23:12
sledgesQT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=24 qmlscene -platform eglfs main.qml23:12
mal-qmlscene: command not found23:12
sledgesQT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=24 /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform eglfs main.qml23:13
mal-[F] init_platform:917 - This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "eglfs".23:13
mal-Available platform plugins are: hwcomposer, minimal, wayland-egl, wayland.23:13
sledges(i was looking into an old guide;p)23:14
mal-Segmentation fault23:14
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer  /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:15
mal-that closed the ssh connection :)23:16
sledgeslol reconnect23:16
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:16
mal-ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Operation not permitted)23:17
mal-qmlscene: eglplatform_fbdev.cpp:34: void fbdevws_init_module(ws_egl_interface*): Assertion `0' failed.23:17
mal-did that already23:17
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:18
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:20
mal-I need to install strace23:21
sledgesyep :)23:21
sledgeswait a bit23:22
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=null /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:22
sledgesone more try23:22
mal-qmlscene: hwcomposer_window.cpp:186: virtual int HWComposerNativeWindow::dequeueBuffer(BaseNativeWindowBuffer**, int*): Assertion `fbnb!=__null' failed.23:22
sledgesok, strace time23:23
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
mal-that's for "EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml"23:25
sledgesok how about devel-su system23:27
sledges(a crazy try really)23:27
mal-it want some password23:28
sledgessame as user23:28
sledgeslet's set it then :D23:28
sledgespasswd system23:28
sledges(im looking for a proper solution atm)23:28
mal-the newly set password does not work23:29
sledgesok since it's not a traditional user23:30
sledgesbecome root23:31
sledgesand do23:31
sledgessu system23:32
mal-This account is currently not available.23:32
sledgeslol ok23:32
sledgessu system /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:33
sledgessu system -c /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:33
mal-still not available23:34
sledgesok nvm23:34
sledgeschown root:graphics /dev/fb023:35
sledgesls -l /dev/fb023:35
mal-ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Operation not permitted)23:36
sledgesyou went a step ahead? ;)23:36
mal-yes I did23:36
mal-crw-rw-rw- 1 root graphics 29, 0 2015-01-11 14:36 /dev/fb023:36
sledgeswe should call it a night and ask Stskeeps' opinion tomorrow23:36
sledgesls -l /dev/fb*23:36
sledgesfor a laugh23:36
mal-just the one device23:37
sledgesgralloc is still probably working through some other misterious ways23:37
sledges(the error is coming from the gralloc module fwiw)23:37
mal-I'm happy that I managed to get this far today23:39
klopsi-u3i understood nothing of what y'all typed23:40
sledgesall in good time23:40
sledgesmal-: still awake? ;p23:45
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml23:45
mal-crashed the whole system :)23:49
sledgesit still should be able to spit out output ;)23:49
mal-I was dumping it to a file23:49
sledgeslast time it crashed only the ssh:)23:50
mal-now I have to start it again23:50
sledgeswe can do this tomorrow23:50
sledgesand i doubt hwc is the way for sony..23:50
sledgesfbdev it will be23:51
sledgesholy cow23:54
sledgesit's failing just like one plus one23:54
sledgesvgrade: ^23:54
sledgesXperia Pro23:54
sledgesvgrade: ^23:54
mal-good or a bad thing?23:54
sledgeswhoops too many vgrades:))23:54
sledgescodename iyokan23:54
sledgeswell, if we fix this, we fix one plus one23:54
sledgesand vice versa ;)23:54
mal-nice :)23:54
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:57
sledgesany o+o users around? ;)23:58
sledgesI'd need them to try lipstick with EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev23:59

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