Thursday, 2015-03-05

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vakkovMSameer: really interesting how it manages to negotiate imgsrc but fails for "preferred-preview-size-for-video" or even "video-size" that seems to be given as a default (or maybe i am wrong) const char OMXCameraAdapter::DEFAULT_VIDEO_SIZE[] = "1920x1080";01:03
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Nokius|jolla_vgrade Stskeeps  excited  News SailfishOS on oneplus =)06:57
vgradeNokius|jolla_: I had bluescreen just like you. You need to make sure QCOM_BSP is defined when you build libhybris AND qt5-qpa plugin07:03
vgrademore details when I'm back from MWC07:04
vgradeNokius|jolla_: Stskeeps was first with this and gave me the hint for qpa-plugin07:05
Nokius|jolla_okay sounds like I have to setup the vhost again07:05
Nokius|jolla_and hack on07:05
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Nokiusvgrade: have great last day at MWC ;)07:09
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Nokiusvgrade: so trip to Barcelona was a huge success *hihi*08:07
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Nokiussounds like a sleep less weekend :D08:23
Nokiuscu later08:23
sledgeshey porters!08:25
sledgessitu: reviewjolla wil put the vid, and couple of italian review sites08:25
Nokius|jolla_morning sledges08:26
sledgescc: MSameer ^08:27
sledgesabout working n5 cam and sf208:27
sledgesNokius|jolla_: hi!08:30
sledgeslast day, so sad to stop demoing tablet to the world hands on..08:31
Nokius|jolla_saw you in some vids and pic looks like you had/have a great time in Barcelona08:31
situsledges: Great!08:32
Nokius|jolla_=) soon we will have one in our hands08:32
sledgesrip roaring time, and reception is skies high!08:33
Nokius|jolla_SFOS 2.0 looks wow08:34
sledgesand you all helped to make tablet happen by debugging hadk!08:34
sledgesthe best is yet tocome, lots of awesome work awaiting from all channels08:35
Nokius|jolla_happy to help08:36
Nokius|jolla_off to work cu have great day!08:36
sledgessame here o/08:38
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muppisjunnuvi, any plans to do upgrade for Nexus 7 grouper?10:24
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MSameersledges: have a safe trip. i need your help here :P11:59
MSameervgrade: good work on 1+. I failed to compile the code here :(12:00
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Nokius__MSameer: he had the help from master Stskeeps =)12:32
Nokius__thx =)12:32
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MSameerNokius|jolla_: that has nothing to do with Stskeeps' help. it had something to do with the recovery :P12:39
MSameerbut anyway, better for me to get an image I can hack on instead of building one12:39
Nokius|jolla_oh sorry misunderstanding12:40
MSameerNokius|jolla_: maybe it was the help from Stskeeps after all, you never know :)12:40
Nokius|jolla_got it you failed to build it before too12:41
MSameernext step for me would be media stuff (camera and video) on 1+12:41
MSameerfailed to compile the code basically12:41
vgrade-MWCMSameer: I can do a build for you on Satutday12:43
vgrade-MWCSo you can just untar the rootfs and fastboot boot, so you dont need to touch android12:44
situI didn't understand a single word from the video, but I enjoyed watching it ;)12:45
Nokius|jolla_have to go12:46
vgrade-MWC\o situ, N5 camera looks great. great work by MSameer12:46
situMSameer: Thanks for working on it. :)12:46
vgrade-MWCwill need some packaging work as I understand it12:47
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MSameervgrade-MWC: that would be awesome :)12:56
MSameervgrade-MWC: situ n5 camera demo is outdated by now. more fixes are happening ;)12:56
vgrade-MWCgreat, sounds as busy away from MWC as at it12:59
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krnlyngvakkov: did you figure out whats wrong with apkenv on hybris? mupen64plus too uses SDL_CreateWindow and it works fine there,... so i am wondering why it won't work in apkenv...13:56
vakkovkrnlyng: it has nothing to do with SDL but the way the libEGL and libGLES libraries are opened and linked13:57
vakkovkrnlyng: on the n9 apkenv works because it opens the native linux libs the same way it opens them in harmattan and fremantle :P bu the android libs need to be linked/hooked/whatsoever somehow similar to hybris :D13:58
vakkovand the problem is that we have wrappers for everything in apkenv and to get it working i think we should literary copy half of hybris' code (all the wrappers and linking...) OR maybe we can find a way to build apkenv around hybris?14:00
vakkovagainst hybris *; meaning against the source tree one has used to port their device :P14:00
krnlyngi don't understand why we have to have hybris code? shouldn't the hybris versions of libEGL and so on be used by SDL anyways?14:01
vakkovi also wonder... maybe thp knows :P14:03
krnlyngvakkov: maybe we're just missing something in the initialisation?
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zGrrmoin :)14:16
hedayatHi! What is the best doc about porting SFOS/Nemo to a new device? SFOS HADK pdf?14:17
hedayat(specially I mean porting to android devices)14:17
carepackhadk is the right place ;)14:21
hedayatcarepack: thankx14:23
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klopsi-u3hi piggz15:18
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carepackkernel flags again. When CONFIG_IKCONFIC_PROG is disabled disgnostic.log mentioned to need. them. Is this flag enabled the device (mako / hybris-11.0) is booting directly into recovery.15:28
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mal-carepack: I don't quite understand what you mean, that flag seems to be enabled in mako 10.115:44
mal-carepack: what is the problem?15:45
carepackif it's enabled the decive stops not on google. immeddiately reboot and then went into recovery15:46
mal-what recovery?15:47
mal-hmm, ok15:47
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mal-how did you find out that flag is causing the problem?15:48
carepackI added the flags you mentioned yesterday. flased it. Then this was the output of diagnostic.log.15:49
carepackNo /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC15:49
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mal-maybe it's something else that's causing the problem15:53
carepackyeah maybe. Any idea?15:54
carepackMy next step would be to compare line by line :-(15:54
mal-could you pastebin your current defconfig15:57
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carepackyou're on later? have to go to university now15:57
carepackcool. thx15:58
mal-I think we might have missed some other modifications15:58
carepackin the defconfig file or another place?15:59
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carepackok. goin to pastebin later when I'm back15:59
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klopsi-u3hi piggz17:54
klopsi-u3hi r0kk3rz17:55
r0kk3rzhey klopsi-u317:55
piggzr0kk3rz: port update?18:03
r0kk3rzhavent touched it for a few days, going to see if i can get it packaged tonight18:04
klopsi-u3 das18:08
piggzr0kk3rz: im gonna try out my n950 as my sailfishos device :)18:13
piggzs/device/dev device18:14
r0kk3rzyou can get 7" touchscreens for a beaglebone black18:14
r0kk3rzim half tempted to get one, and try and put the tabletos on it18:14
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piggzive just got a nexus 7, these has gotta be a way I can break it .... infact, I dont have a ubuntu dev device18:16
r0kk3rzi put ubuntu on my vivo18:18
r0kk3rzits not bad really18:18
r0kk3rzkinda a cross between sailfish and android18:18
piggzhow did you manage ubuntu on the vivo? how big is your /boot...the ace is 4mb, not enough for the ubuntu initrd18:22
r0kk3rzwasnt my work18:24
r0kk3rzfollowed the instructions on xda18:24
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r0kk3rzpiggz: qtscenegraph?19:14
r0kk3rzwas that in your list of middlewares that you build for the ace?19:14
r0kk3rznvm, i got it19:20
stephgvgrade: congrats on the 1+1 progress19:26
vakkovvgrade: was it just the qcom_bsp option in the dorid-hal spec file19:32
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r0kk3rzhmmm, bootloop20:13
r0kk3rzwhat to do next?20:13
r0kk3rzdoesnt seem to be anything in dmesg or lsusb20:14
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Nokiusoh some message in mandarin may it tells me battery is empty on my find520:51
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Nokiusshort may not the best question the ip of the device was 192.168.0.x What was x21:05
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Nokiusoh reboot21:06
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carepackgood evening21:07
mal-I'll look into that21:15
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nh1402It's been quite some time since the lihybris page has been updated, If someone could give a list of whats now working, I'll update it.21:19
mal-carepack: could you try if this change has any effect CONFIG_AUDIT=n, that flag was disabled in mer modifications for 10.1 for some reason21:25
carepackyep. going to try21:25
mal-carepack: in this
mal-there is much differences in 10.1 and 1121:26
carepackmmmh. flag is already diabled. line 6821:28
carepackin pastie21:28
mal-so you already did that, did not notice21:29
mal-don't if this is a bad idea but you could try to use 10.1 config to see what happens21:30
mal-most likely not going to work21:30
carepackI thought about this too. Last flag I've found which was not in 10.1 but in 11 was CONFIG_BRIDGE=y. Activated but not tested atm. Next step. if it will fail I'm going to take the whole 10.1 config and we will see the result21:31
carepacksorry. was in 10.1 but not in 1121:32
mal-that was in your pastebin config21:34
mal-you should define the CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y because without that there is not way for it to work21:35
carepackyep. added this afternoon. compile it now to see if there is a difference.21:35
mal-not actually sure if it would boot without that if you try to continue from first telnet21:39
carepackwith IKCONFIG_PROC you mean?21:41
carepackit's really strange. If it's disabled I can enter via telnet. also into the root mode. If it's enabled you'll see the google logo short and then the device is rebooting and entering twrp recovery21:42
mal-build without it for now, lets see what happens after continue"21:43
carepack ok. btu config bridge should stay21:44
*** prophecy <prophecy!~prophecy@2a02:810b:380:2c4:8e89:a5ff:fec6:eb43> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:45
mal-so use the config you had in pastebin21:46
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Nokiusah my laptop has the wrong ip :D21:58
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Nokiusah nice feels like last summer :D22:08
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NokiusLast login: Thu Aug 28 01:16:09 2014 from 192.168.2.x :D22:11
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carepackbingo. one step further. after continue the device is not rebooting anymore. when connected via usb the led lights up white22:21
*** vgrade_jolla <vgrade_jolla!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:25
vgrade_jollavakkov: the qpa plugin incorrectly does not pick up the define from the spec22:27
vgrade_jollaI added it to hwcomposer.pro22:27
vakkovvgrade_jolla: that should fix the oppo find5 that also gave a blue screen then?22:27
vgrade_jollavakkov: yes, thats the theory22:28
vakkovvgrade_jolla: tell piggz about this :P22:29
vakkovwho was porting on the find522:30
vakkovah, Nokius :D he already knows obviously :D nice22:30
mal-vgrade_jolla: interesting, I also need BSP and haven't been able get display working completely, only test_hwcomposer works22:31
Nokiusyeap find5 is charring and I look for a new build server atm22:31
mal-with qpa plugin I only get black screen pkus random crashes sometimes including memory corruption22:32
Nokiusiirc blue screen was one of the first tries22:32
vgrade_jollamal-: yea test_hwcompositor works with the bsp set in libhybris22:32
mal-vgrade_jolla: I'll try your solution tomorrow22:33
vgrade_jollaneeds setting in qpa plugin,, just add to define line22:33
mal-ok, thanks22:34
vgrade_jollawithout the define in the qpa you will get random behaviour22:34
Nokiusoh was Juli 27 (
Nokiuscu the next days22:34
*** Nokius|jolla_ <Nokius|jolla_!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:35
*** Nokius|jolla_ <Nokius|jolla_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:36
Nokius|jolla_vgrade_jolla: btw twitter get wild about the 1+ tweet =D22:36
vgrade_jollaNokius|jolla_: yea, might get some more hands in here22:39
* Stskeeps yawns22:42
vgrade_jollaevening Stskeeps , back home?22:44
carepackgreat that sfos running on 1+22:44
Stskeepsvgrade_jolla: tomorrow22:45
Stskeepsgot early flight22:45
mal-vgrade_jolla: how do you define that in the .pro file?22:45
vgrade_jollamal-: there is a line DEFINES+= XXXX22:46
vgrade_jollaas I recall, not at PC22:47
mal-ok, I tried to add it to that just like DEFINES+= QCOM_BSP22:47
vgrade_jollajust add QCOM_BSP to list22:47
mal-did not seem to help22:48
vgrade_jollamal-: did you see that define in compile log22:48
mal-how do I force a rebuild in that build command22:50
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)22:52
mal-I got it, lets see if it helps22:53
vgrade_jollajust rerun the mb2.22:53
mal-that did not recompile it, had to make clean first22:53
mal-vgrade_jolla: it works!! thanks!22:54
vgrade_jollamal-: thank Stskeeps22:55
Stskeepswhat device?22:56
mal-Stskeeps: thanks for the QCOM_BSP fix to qpa-plugin!22:56
vgrade_jollaadding that define to the pro is not the way to do it properly22:56
mal-Stskeeps: xperia pro22:56
Stskeepsah, nice22:56
vgrade_jollathe android-config.h needs to be added to the backends, but this can be done later22:57
mal-vgrade_jolla: yes, should find a nice way to have that define automatically22:57
mal-now I can continue trying to get ui to work this weekend, and fix other problems I may/will encounter22:58
vgrade_jollamal-: you just tried minimer?22:59
mal-lipstick starts also, no background image but the program icons are shown23:02
klopsi-u3impressive progress  mal- !23:02
klopsi-u3bet you didnt think you'd spend so much time on this project when you started :)23:02
vgrade_jollaklopsi-u3: its addictive23:03
mal-touchscreen does not work, but that could be just that it's trying to use the wrong device23:03
mal-I tried before and can read the raw touchscreen data from device so it should work23:04
Nokius|jolla_vgrade_jolla: did u take cm11 or 10.323:04
vgrade_jollamal-: edit /var/lib/compositor to what ever eventX device23:04
vgrade_jollacat /dev/eventX and touch screen23:05
vgrade_jollaNokius|jolla_:  cm11 for N5, 1+23:06
*** carepack <carepack!> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)23:06
Nokius|jolla_mh used 10.3 for find523:06
vgrade_jollaNokius: use whatever you have cm build for23:08
Nokius|jolla_will make clean start hopefully I don`t lost to much from the last time23:08
Nokius|jolla_not sure if I messed the last builds of packages  last summer23:09
mal-it too a little more than two months to get this far23:11
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)23:17
mal-touchscreen is now also working23:18
mal-no programs work, something about booster23:27
mal-I'll continue to tomorrow23:28
*** zanac <zanac!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)23:29
vgrade_jollamal-: good progress23:30
Nokiusthx vgrade for keeping me on irc :) my employer is may happery now23:33
vgrade_jollaNokius: no rush,23:40
vgrade_jollaneed to turn on myself. nn23:41
*** vgrade_jolla <vgrade_jolla!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)23:47

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