Monday, 2015-03-09

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Sa_Any eta when sailfish os for oneplus one will be made public? Cause since the tweet  by vgrade, I'm kind checking for the updates every hour07:45
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locusfpatience :)07:58
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carepackgood morning08:53
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carepackmal-: the two network interfaces seems not to be the problem. computer detects the usb mass storag device. but nothing more09:19
mal-does it mount the partition?09:20
carepackdetects device sdb without partition mounting on my system09:27
mal-ok, so try to add some debug output next09:28
carepackone question. a hybris-boot.img and hybris-recovery have the same size. It contains the kernel and a custom initrd. where is the difference to the created bootimage.img adn when or for what is this going to be used?09:36
mal-I have only used hybris-recovery so far, so I don't know about the others09:40
carepackIs this the android kernel of cm with mods?09:41
carepackmaybe? ok. Not neccessary I think at this point. Only wanted to know09:41
* sledges takes off from Barcelona , see you next year!09:54
sledgeswhat a week 8)09:55
mal-sledges: did you notice my porting progress in logs?09:55
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faebeIs it now possible to port  sailfish os to the Oneplus One09:58
faebeIs there a guide by @vgrade yet?09:59
faebeCould anyone help me?09:59
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Stskeepsfaebe: he'll get on it when he can :)10:03
alinsledges: hi10:04
alinsledges: what is the story with the sensors?10:04
faebeI am stuck here :10:05
faebesb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install \ ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE10:05
faebeif i enter this i get the error:10:06
faebeMerSDK [grouper] droid$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install \ > ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE connman not AVAILABLE  DBus call failed, falling back to libssu MerSDK [grouper] droid$10:06
faebeand if i enter hadk i get also an error saying:10:06
faebeMerSDK [grouper] droid$ hadk Env setup for grouper MerSDK [grouper] droid$10:07
faebe I used this guide to setup the everything  I know it is for the nexus but should that be a problem?10:08
faebeThe other thin is , if i try to enter chroot i get the error with the host but  the host is configured in the etc/hosts file10:09
faebeMerSDK [grouper] droid$ hadk-chroot sudo: unable to resolve host eigi Env setup for grouper HABuildSDK [grouper] pixel@eigi:~/mer-root/android/droid$ ^C HABuildSDK [grouper] pixel@eigi:~/mer-root/android/droid$10:09
carepackmal-:enable sytemd logging via kernel command line? the filesystem will be accessable through twrp recovery to access generated logs. Is this a proper way?10:10
alinfaebe: I think you can leave with the host10:12
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faebeWhy should I leave alin?10:13
faebe ok untersand;)10:14
faebeunderstand what you meant;)10:14
faebeDid anyone  else try to port sailfish to the Oneplus One?10:14
mal-carepack: well you can write debug output to any partition you can read from somewhere, /data could be one option10:15
alinfaebe: yes vgrade and the result was negative...10:15
alinfaebe: he may tell you10:15
mal-alin: he did succeed eventually10:15
faebeYes there where before some months ago10:15
faebebut if you see his twitter post, than it's successfully allthough some people sai it's just a launcher and not the os10:16
faebebut I would be great I think10:16
Stskeepsit's the full OS10:17
alinfaebe: let some people say whatever, for sure vgrade will get back to you10:17
Stskeepsi had it working during MWC10:17
mal-at least logs way that you need to define QCOM_BSP in .spec to make display work10:17
alinStskeeps: were these some people the ubuntu ones?10:17
faebeStskeeps: and was everything working or were there issues10:19
faebelike camera etc?10:19
alinfaebe: I doubt the camera will work ...10:20
alinfaebe: we depenend on MSameer release and gstreamer 1,010:20
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faebenice to know that work is in progress;)10:21
MSameeri have not touched the 1+ port until now10:22
alinMSameer: you shall not... n5 first...10:22
MSameern5 is in sledges' hands10:23
nh1402speaking of which, how do I get the start command working from /system/bin/10:24
carepackmal-: "t least logs way that you need to define QCOM_BSP in .spec to make display work" meant to me?10:25
alinMSameer: hope he keeps it well... as I dropped mine and the screen is broken10:26
MSameeralin: damn. why do you need camera then? :p10:26
mal-carepack: that was for one plus10:26
MSameeralin: next time, get a tempered glass10:26
alinMSameer: got one10:27
alinis in a box10:27
alinanyhow I will need to buy a replacement and I do not seem to be convined yet10:27
MSameerit's an old phone anyway10:29
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alinMSameer: yap... got it by chance in the first day10:30
alinso is 16months old...10:30
alinMSameer: anyhow you start to sound like my gf... who said I shall get a new one...10:31
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MSameeralin: nop, I read convined as convinced :)10:32
alinMSameer: yes.. convinced...10:33
MSameeraah a replacement10:34
MSameernow i get you10:34
* MSameer needs more coffee10:34
alinMSameer: I want to replace the screeen10:34
MSameeralin: and use the glass10:34
alinMSameer: yap... though looks a little bit thick to add an extra layer10:35
MSameerit's ~0.3mm10:35
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alinMSameer: ok then I bought something else...10:40
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nh1402How do I get adb working on sailfish, my nexus 5 isn't recognised when I try to run it. I'm trying to run "adb forward tcp:5039 tcp:5039" as seen on
MSameerno need for adb when you can zypper in gdb after you ssh to the phone10:55
nh1402I'm trying to follow to see why zygote won't start, I've modified the init.rc as it says, but don't know what to do from there11:03
Taemnh1402: don't know but maybe this can also help you
MSameernh1402: rm  /dev/log && ln -s /dev/alog /dev/log && killall -KILL servicemanager (I hope this will get you proper logcat output)11:08
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nh1402logcat certainly went crazy when I did that11:12
MSameergrep -i "waiting for"11:15
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nh1402that doesn't return anything11:17
MSameermaybe try /system/bin/dumpsys?11:17
MSameeri really don't know11:17
nh1402but logcat keeps saying unable to wait on alarm11:17
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MSameernh1402: that's systemserver trying to issue an ioctl on a device11:18
MSameernh1402: and it eats 99% CPU11:18
MSameerwas it /dev/alarm?11:18
MSameerwhich mce is opening11:18
MSameerthe solution is: chmod 000 /dev/alarm, start systemservice and then restore the permissions again11:20
MSameerbut that issue should not prevent zygote from starting11:20
MSameerI am sure11:20
nh1402I've sifted through the systemdump and there's no mention of zygote11:29
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mal-carepack: where is that log from?11:56
mal-that looks like twrp log, which would not be useful11:58
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MSameernh1402: so netd, media are running? maybe restart zygote again?12:24
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nh1402MSameer: They aren't running either12:27
MSameeryou will never get android ui AFAICT without them12:27
nh1402they don't want to run, and neither does zygote.12:29
MSameerwell, never use never :)12:29
nh1402the start command doesn't seem to work, it accepts anything.12:29
nh1402which is probably why they aren't starting.12:30
MSameeryes it accepts anything12:30
MSameerit just sets it as a property which droid-hal-init (IIRC) sees and reacts to12:30
MSameerit accepts anything but the needed services start here12:31
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nh1402I have no idea how or why but for a brief second zygote showed up in top before the phone rebooted.13:04
carepackmal-: this option enables the debug logging already console=ttyHSL0,115200. Right? And redirects it13:06
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Jef91Are there any devices currently that have working camera and blue tooth on sailfish os?13:12
mal-carepack: no idea, I used echo "something" > /sdcard/file.txt13:12
mal-Jef91: here is the approximate currect status of sailfish on different devices
TaaeemJef91: nexus 5 afaik and maybe nexus 413:13
alinJef91: jolla one and I think in a certain state n413:13
Jef91mal I was looking at that site, but then saw some conflicting information in the nexus 5 thread on xda13:14
Jef91Taaeem, XDA thread for Nexus 5 says the camera is broken13:15
carepackn4 got a working camera and bt. but bt run to 100% cpu at some point. can't remember when this will happen13:15
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mal-Jef91: the camera is work in progress, I think there has been progress lately13:16
TaaeemI saw a video with n5 working cam at mwc13:17
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mal-I think the fix is still not publicly available13:18
mal-carepack: do know at what kind of situation that happens, I have been testing bluetooth on my port and have not seen that at least yet13:19
vrutkovscxl000: hey, any chance you got kernel config for deb/flo saved somewhere?13:19
vrutkovsStarted from scratch and now it crashes - and Multirom can't give me the last_kmsg13:19
carepackmal-: If I remember right it was in using as btaudio in the car. DwangoAC tested this.13:20
mal-ok, I have to figure out how to transfer files with bluetooth, I managed to move some contacts already13:20
mal-this is basically the first time I even use bluetooth for anything13:21
carepackwas trying to sync contacts between jolla and n4 via bt. but wasn't successful in a fast test13:22
mal-I managed that from xperia pro to jolla but not the other way13:23
carepackI've tried other direction- Jolla to n413:23
mal-I think the connecting from xperia to jolla is too slow and the next step fails because of that, there is already a hack in that part the code for jolla but I think it might not be enough for older device13:24
carepackwhen was xperia pro was released?13:25
Jef912011 carepack13:25
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carepack3.1 with edr?13:27
carepackbt version13:30
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mal-carepack: cm website tells Bluetooth 2.1+EDR w/A2DP13:31
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carepackmal-: echo "something" > /sdcard/file.txt when you're using this? I have to access the device at some point and I can't enter via telnet. It's not clear to me.13:38
mal-carepack: I mean that you add that kind of commands to init-script and then remake hybris-recovery13:41
mal-of course you need to mount the sdcard first in the script13:41
mal-I've been wondering what could cause momentary hangs in my port, sometimes if I try to do something in ui then the whole ui get stuck but after a while it will continue normally, nothing visible in logs or cpu usage13:46
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carepackok mount should look like this: mount /dev/mmcblk0p23 /sdcard13:57
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mal-carepack: yes, there should be good examples in that script for mounting14:05
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carepackand what output we want to pipe into a file? dmesg  or some output of var/log ?14:07
mal-dmesg, ifconfig -a, mount14:07
mal-and the commands after line 23314:09
carepackok. I would palce this at the end of the init script14:11
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mal-carepack: by the way, remember to append to file so it won't overwrite it14:14
mal-using >>14:14
sledgesmal-: disable services, like ofono, connman etc to find anything that freezes ui14:14
sledgesmal-: missed the backlog where you explained how you got ui up14:15
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mal-sledges: but the latest success was working calls and sms14:16
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mal-sledges: the ui problem was that I had to manually define QCOM_BSP for qt5-qpa-plugin14:16
sledgesmal-: not in dhd .spec?14:17
mal-same as plus one I think14:17
sledgesmal-: great success14:17
mal-sledges: it's not enough if it's in spec14:17
sledgesgood catch14:18
mal-I didn't figure that out14:18
mal-vgrade and Stskeeps told me14:19
alinsledges: welcome back...14:19
alinsledges: heard some rummors about sensors and about camera on n514:20
alinany idea?14:20
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sledgesalin: sensors already in alpha814:21
mal-sledges: so qt5-qpa plugin needs some fix so it will get that define somehow14:21
sledgesalin: camera is maturing, will sort out asap14:21
sledgesmal-: oi i c14:21
alinsledges: does not worrk... unless I need to do some magic14:22
mal-manual insertion of that is not a very nice way14:22
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mal-sledges: I think I might have just figured out why it hangs, audio..14:25
mal-the first time it hangs after restart is if I open the pulldown menu in home screen, that makes a small sound notification14:27
mal-also it hangs quite easily in sound settings menu14:27
sledgesalterego: then stsrt your (build)engine;)14:27
mal-since pulseaudio is not responding correctly it might cause a hang14:28
sledgess/alterego/alin :p14:28
sledgesmal-: so when you stop pa?14:29
mal-I'll try this evening14:31
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alinsledges: ok... back14:51
alinsledges: so let us start one by one14:51
iunoHi everyone, I'm still stuck at the very beginning, trying to make hybris-hal, make hangs (but no cpu load or disk activity), in top I see make running perl and sort14:53
iunoGot a hint about missing fstab, but there is a device/sony/rhine-common/rootdir/fstab.qcom14:54
mal-iuno: copy that fstab to device/sony/rhine/fstab.qcom14:57
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)14:58
mal-it only tries to find it from device/sony/rhine/*14:58
mal-I had the same problem that the fstab was not in the actual device repo but in an additional repo14:59
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:00
iunomal-: actually, the path would then be /sony/amami/ but thanks, it worked ;)15:02
mal-ok :) I forgot what device name you had15:03
mal-so many device names showing in this channel that it's difficult to keep up15:04
*** alterego <alterego!~tswindell@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)15:09
iunoyes, of course. btw rhine is not an actual device but used for several xperia devices15:09
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:10
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*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:13
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mal-iuno: I guessed that after you said that it was not your device name, my phone is part of mogami group of xperia phones15:15
mal-iuno: just by looking the repos in github you'll need to add the following to your .spec when you create it later in hadk15:22
mal-%define android_config \15:22
mal-#define QCOM_BSP 1\15:22
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:24
mal-iuno: and also QCOM_BSP to DEFINES in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin makefile15:24
sledgesalin: so with alpha8 sensors don't work for you? sure?15:25
sledgesalin: also start a repo sync in the background for the hybris-11.0-44S branch manifest15:25
mal-sledges: btw, how do I determine if power management is working on my port? I haven't tested that part yet15:26
sledgesmal-: works ut of box, you might find one or two peripherals misbehaving as it was on e.g. maguro. just trial and error rally15:27
mal-so what does it do really? at least my display turns it self off15:28
alinsledges: yes they do not work15:29
sledgessimle kernel cpu power states suspend call15:30
sledgesand the all chips go into suspend15:30
mal-ok, I'll look into that15:30
alinsledges: also we are back at the silly keyboard for terminal15:31
sledgesmal-: mce governs ppwer button press/display blanking15:32
morphisMSameer: you removed
morphisah moved to
MSameermorphis: gitorious acquisition :/15:34
morphisyeah, better to do that right away15:34
morphisMSameer: btw. for .. we export those defines now in libhybris so out-of-libhybris programs can use them15:35
MSameerso you copied the wrapper somewhere else or what ? :)15:36
morphis#include <hybris/common/binding.h>15:36
MSameerwell, you do what you want for your system but for me, I promise no API stability there and it will never be allowed in jolla harbour15:36
morphisthen just link against libhybris-common15:36
MSameerif it makes you in a better state then why not ;-)15:37
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)15:37
morphisyou have to link against libhybris-common anyway15:37
MSameeri think I link against it in gst-droid already15:39
MSameerwell, ofc i have to15:39
sledgesalin: i'm baffled, no sensorsyu say but noone else complained
morphiswhat I only meant was that you don't need to redefine things like HYBRIS_WRAPPER_1_315:39
sledgesill check xda15:39
alinsledges: I dropped mine... maybe I broke the sensor15:40
alinsledges: or maybe the tweeter guys just speak never install15:40
sledgesalin: all snsors work15:40
MSameermorphis: that's because you have it inside libhybris but hybris/common/binding.h AFAICT is not in libhybris-devel15:40
alinsledges: incredible15:41
alinsledges: i shall order myself a new screen15:41
sledgesalin: xda folk report all sensors working15:43
MSameerat last I got nexus5 camera to behave with buffer throttling!15:45
* MSameer pokes alin hard15:45
alinsledges: ok so there is something with me15:45
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:45
* MSameer pokes alin again and again until he screams :P15:45
sledgesalin: you can test proxim by making a call and covering the sensor15:45
alinMSameer: he he15:46
alinsledges: we will see.. give me some minutes15:46
sledgesMSameer: whoaw! what's throttling?:))15:46
sledgesMSameer: xda think you're just a communty member;)15:47
morphisMSameer: not sure which libhybris version you're using in Mer/Sailfish but upstream has this feature15:48
nh1402alin: I personally tested all the sensors using Messwerk and stated he was a community member, It's not like I'm going to internet-stalk him.15:49
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:50
alinsledges: is that branch cleaned? or something15:54
alinI am cloning it15:54
*** s5pik3 <s5pik3!~Spike@> has quit IRC (Quit: Quitte)15:55
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:56
MSameersledges: I have an account on the forum but never posted there even a single post15:57
MSameermorphis: I will check then. would be indeed better for me15:57
MSameersledges: link ? ;)15:58
MSameersledges: an issue if we acquire more buffers than allowed from androidn's buffer Queue that I was trying to solve for a few weeks15:58
alinMSameer: then you will not be able to post15:59
MSameeralin: what do you mean?15:59
alinMSameer: they have some silly rule about when you are allowed to post16:00
*** carepack <carepack!> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)16:00
MSameeralin: I don't care TBH. if they do not want me to post then I can blog about it. they lose :p16:00
*** chrisi <chrisi!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:00
*** chrisi <chrisi!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:01
alinsledges: some sensors are working... dimiing of the screen when dark... orks16:01
alinsledges: orientation works... but in browser16:02
alinsledges: not media player/phone app16:02
alinsledges: and by the way... fat fingers... plus the file manager is broken16:03
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:03
nh1402providing we're talking about the nexus 5, the proximity sensor works, but it does not turn off the screen when on a phone call.16:03
MSameerdoes media have landscape?16:03
alinMSameer: I have no idea16:03
MSameernh1402: ask spiiroin for tips ;)16:03
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)16:04
alinMSameer: seems to me almost no application has...16:04
MSameeralin: phone and media don't have landscape support. try with gallery16:04
alinbut i expected lisptik to have16:04
MSameeralin: but if it works with browser then it works already16:04
MSameeralin: gallery has16:04
alinMSameer: galery works too...16:04
alinMSameer: ok... so senseors work16:05
MSameeralin: lipstick does not have landscape support16:05
alinMSameer: yap... realised it... hence my conclusion16:05
alinsensors do not work16:05
sledgesalin: so sensors work, no need to clone anything;p16:07
alinso does anyone know a reliable source for n5dispay16:07
alinsledges: yes... sensors work16:07
alinsledges: good...16:07
alinso camera works/gps works16:07
alinall we need is to put them together16:08
alinwhat happened in the end with the gps glue?16:08
alindid anyone use this ones
*** Plnt <Plnt!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)16:10
*** Plnt <Plnt!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:10
dr_gogeta86hi guys16:11
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:17
MSameeralin: I posted my first post without issues :p16:17
MSameer1 posts16:17
MSameerJoin Date: Dec 200516:17
MSameerso the first post was after ~10 years :D16:17
vakkovMSameer: sledges: Halloo!16:18
nh1402MSameer: thanks for clearing that up16:21
MSameernh1402: thank you for giving my first post a thank you :D16:21
* MSameer back to hacking16:21
morphisMSameer: with droidmedia compiles fine on 4.4.416:21
MSameermorphis: merged. thanks!16:22
morphislets see what else I've find16:22
morphisMSameer: is there already a Makefile for the hybris part?16:23
morphisor you use that directly in gst-droid?16:23
MSameermorphis: I use it directly via a submodule. not the most elegant solution but it works for now ;)16:25
morphisah I see16:25
*** BluesLee_ <BluesLee_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:27
BluesLee_alin, sledges: did not have the time ro check alpha8 + sensors + audio playback, see
BluesLee_might be some performance issues16:30
alinBluesLee_: gst-av shall be enough for mp316:31
BluesLee_sledges: what is the master plan for sfos 2.0 rollout? jolla tablet 1st and then?16:31
BluesLee_alin: i will check in when i am at home16:32
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:32
BluesLee_alin: did you started to build alpha?16:33
alinBluesLee_: what do you mean?16:34
BluesLee_alin: alpha9.16:34
alinBluesLee_: there is no alpha9 at the moment16:35
BluesLee_alin: i know:-)16:35
BluesLee_alin: so the next step is to rebuild alpha8 with camera support?16:36
alinBluesLee_: yes and no... when MSameer sledges give the green light16:38
MSameerwell, I have nothing to do with that :)16:38
MSameerI don't even know how to integrate it16:38
alinBluesLee_: shall be a simple16:38
alinMSameer: by parts if no other method works...16:39
BluesLee_MSameer: i thought you are the invisible hero in the background;-)16:39
MSameeralin: I assume sledges will do it. I can only tell you what to build and where to put it16:39
MSameerBluesLee_: I only know what to build and where to copy it but I have no idea how to create an image that works ;)16:40
BluesLee_MSameer: who has done the job for MWC demo?16:40
MSameerBluesLee_: I told sledget what to copy and what to patch and he built an image16:40
BluesLee_MSameer: i got it, was he the guy who did the demo?16:41
MSameerBluesLee_: not sure really. I prefer hacking that following such news16:41
BluesLee_MSameer: You did not watch the outcome of your work?16:42
MSameerBluesLee_: I did not go to MWC and no one showed me a video :)16:43
BluesLee_alin: i will test the audio lagging with sensors and come back16:44
alinBluesLee_: install gst-av and see if mp3 work16:45
BluesLee_MSameer: In that case i say many thanks in the name of the community! :-)16:45
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)16:45
BluesLee_alin: will do that16:46
dwangoACmal-: I specifically tested using a Bluetooth headset which caused bluetoothd to use 100% for as long as the headset was on.16:50
*** alin <alin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:50
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MSameerhe left16:51
dwangoACI still hope to compile from source but my Linux Mint Debian Edition is starting to show its age and I'm not sure everything will compile16:51
dwangoACWaiting for "Betsy" to come out (LMDE 2)16:51
*** BluesLee_ <BluesLee_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:52
MSameerBluesLee_: I am glad it works for you guys. makes me more than happy16:52
* MSameer back to hacking16:53
alinMSameer: we will have to convert sherif to sailfish he has n5 too16:53
MSameeralin: leave him alone please :)16:54
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|away17:09
mal-Nokius_: I was looking at the adaptation list for devices which have display problems, QCOM_BSP is also needed by find5 for which you are listed as porter17:15
mal-that could solve the display problems17:15
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mal-sledges: now that I tested without pulseaudio I can confirm that it's the cause for the hangs18:31
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:31
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:31
Nokiusmal- yeap thats why I back here :D18:31
Nokiussledges: ping18:31
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JamieWHDcan I install to S4 Mini 4G?19:05
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cxl000vrutkovs|away, I've not touched it in awhile but have a look in
*** methril <methril!~methril@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
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alinsledges: so... what can I do about term?21:04
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:12
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mal-just tested successfully file transfer over bluetooth on my port21:19
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
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mal-works to both directions21:28
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:33
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nh1402haha, I can now get to the setup page of cyanogenmod, but it breaks the ssh connection, and the touchscreen doesn't work.21:58
nh1402don't know where to go from here, but its progress.22:01
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:02
*** vrutkovs|away is now known as vrutkovs22:05
vrutkovscxl000: thanks!22:06
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nh1402I may not have actual control of the device but I can atleast use adb22:34
nh1402well its listed as an unauthorised device, so can't really use adb22:37
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