Wednesday, 2015-03-11

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faebeHi, I failed to build sailfish os because the device bacon ( as my oneplus is) wasa not found07:51
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faebeso i started building with the grouper and asus but i think this can not succeed07:51
faebeDoes anyone now how i can get the correcto vendor name for oneplus so that i can proceed forward07:52
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Stskeepsmorn sledges09:46
sledgesfaebe: /win 1909:50
sledgestoo early still :P09:50
faenilhaha :)09:52
sledgesfaebe: did you go through 14.3.109:52
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sledgeshey faenil , how's it at your new job?!09:59
faenilsledges: it's cool :) just have to get used to a new platform/toolkit/code etc etc10:00
sledgesand how's London?10:00
sledgesall uk sailors can now meetup easier:)10:01
sledgeshaha you can have tea with stephg every day now :D10:02
faenilyep I should definitely meet with stephg...10:13
faenilLondon's cool man :)10:13
faenilI'm so happy I don't have to take the tube all mornings :D10:13
faenilit's such a big relief10:13
sledgesyou're one of the very few :D10:14
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faenilsledges: :)10:20
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vrutkovsthat's weird, why does systm.mount doesn't get started on flo?
sledgesvrutkovs: is persists mounted?11:33
vrutkovssledges: nope, I have to mount is manually11:34
sledgesso they both fail? journalctl should probably say that block device wasn't ready at startup11:35
sledgesand timed out11:36
vrutkovssledges: journalctl says there are not being started at all. Should I add those to /etc/fstab?11:36
sledgesvrutkovs: there is no /etc/systemd/system/ on nexus5 rootfs11:45
vrutkovsokay, lets see if masking those helps11:46
sledgesvrutkovs: just install the way n5 does11:48
sledgesthe only instance is /lib/systemd/system/system.mount11:48
sledgesvrutkovs: all units are installed via
mal-sledges: question about systemd, can I use /etc/systemd to add some setting to a service without copying the whole service file11:49
sledgesmal-: no idea:) #systemd11:50
vrutkovssledges: okay, does it has /etc/fstab entries for system and persist?11:50
sledgesvrutkovs: nope11:50
mal-sledges: because I need to add extra timeout to lipstick for it to be able to start11:51
mal-I'll look from web first if there is some easily available info11:52
sledgesmal-: how does that extra timeout line look like?11:53
mal-that number is just a random number that seemed large enough when I did the modification and seems to work11:55
mal-sledges: it seems that there might be a way to add that11:56
mal-I can add a /etc/systemd/system/lipstick.service.d/*.conf with the wanted modification11:57
mal-or was it user but anyway11:57
sledgesyet lipstick is user/ ;)11:57
mal-I just copied that line from a wiki and did not check it properly11:58
mal-still no audio, next up I'll hack the physical keyboard layout and slide recognition11:59
vrutkovssledges: *a couple of reboots later * - something is missing, I guess, now i have to do mount /system and persist manually, nvm anyway12:00
sledgesmal-: jusa_ is or go-to guy for audio; there's a us keymap in dhd; slide is done in mce, Guhl did for his Desire Z, grep logs12:02
mal-yes, I have the hwkbd package from guhl12:04
jusa_mal-: could you run as nemo "pactl list" and paste somewhere? :)12:05
mal-jusa_: the problem is that pactl does not respond, it just timeouts12:06
mal-no pulseaudio command responds, the process is running ok12:06
sledgesvrutkovs: hmm.12:06
jusa_mal-: funny12:06
mal-I'll paste the log from startup12:06
jusa_mal-: ok12:06
sledgesmal-: but audio worked for you, it just caused ui freezings?12:07
mal-sledges: yes, through alsa12:07
sledgeslol ok12:08
mal-pulseaudio is not working, and I think because it timeouts and that causes the hangs when ui wants to use audio12:08
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jusa_mal-: you say pactl & paplay and friends don't work with pulseaudio?12:10
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mal-jusa_: yes, timeout for all12:10
jusa_can you paste logs of trying to play something with paplay, if something happens with pulseaudio daemon12:10
mal-there's nothing in logs12:11
mal-I ran pulseaudio in gdb and checked a backtrace to what it's doing and it was just waiting12:12
mal-I'm running out of ideas :) I've been trying to fix that weeks12:13
jusa_yeah.. strange..12:13
jusa_mal-: how about stop pulseaudio, rm -rf /var/run/user/100000/pulse /home/nemo/.config/pulse12:13
mal-I have removed the .config/pulse many times, but not /var/run/user/100000/pulse, although yesterday I did a fresh reinstall of my whole system and still it fails12:14
mal-but I'll try again tonight12:15
jusa_yep. but it's strange if pactl etc timeout..12:17
jusa_it could mean pulseaudio main thread is stuck somewhere.. was that startup log everything you got?12:17
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mal-yes, no output from pulseaudio after that, whatever I do12:18
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jusa_ok.. droid-sink set_parameters looks suspicious12:18
jusa_can you get verbose logcat from device when starting pulseaudio?12:19
mal-I don't have the logs or the device with me now but it seemed normal12:20
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mal-jusa_: which line do you mean in that log?12:21
jusa_well it's a combination of stuff, but12:21
jusa_D: [droid-sink-primary] droid-sink.c: set_parameters(routing=2;) 0x0000000212:21
jusa_and the fact that sink doesn't suspend etc12:21
mal-yes, the missing suspends in the end were basically the most significant difference to hammerhead logs that I have12:22
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mal-I did get one of them to suspend a while ago12:24
mal-btw, I use the mako hack in pulseaudio plugin12:24
jusa_mal-: btw what was the device you are porting to and where are the android sources for that? I could take a look there..12:24
mal-xperia pro12:25
mal-which repo do you want?12:25
jusa_one with hardware / alsa_sound12:26
jusa_if you have the tree there whole hardware dir is fine12:26
mal-doesn't that come from cyanogenmod?12:28
jusa_yeah, if you have url that's fine as well :)12:28
mal-I think it is using this for audio
mal-board config says TARGET_QCOM_AUDIO_VARIANT := caf12:30
mal-and BOARD_USES_LEGACY_ALSA_AUDIO := true12:30
mal-BOARD_HAVE_SEMC_AUDIO := true12:30
mal-jusa_: so this could be the alsa_sound
jusa_yep, looking12:33
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iunomal-: sorry I didn't answer. My machine was really weird and then hung up so I went to bed...14:01
iunoso I'm trying to build qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin but it gives me this: Project ERROR: addExclusiveBuilds() requires at least two arguments14:01
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taaeemlocusf: you here?14:03
locusftaaeem: yeah, whats up?14:03
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taaeemI looked through your gpu straces of the hwp6 and there are some files he didn't found and always say ENOENT (No such file or directory) and this happens with hwcomposer, access("/etc/", F_OK) and access("/vendor/lib/hw/", R_OK), why doesn't he find these files?14:06
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locusfwell first of all its the search paths that the resolver takes, I think the latter is for gralloc.<device>.so although it should in the end find gralloc.<gpu>.so14:08
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mal-iuno: that error comes from qmake, maybe there is something wrong with your source tree, try a clean one from github14:10
mal-I mean clone the plugin source again14:10
taaeemlocusf: ah yes it finds it, found something else interesting some 'property_service' refuses to connect14:12
iunomal-: i already tried that, for this specific repo14:13
mal-what did you do before that problem started?14:14
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iunobuilt libhybris14:15
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mal-does that compile ok now? from clean source?14:16
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iunoyes libhybris compiled14:17
mal-if you use the commands as said in hadk, then I'm out of ideas14:20
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iunoyes, of course i did. however, thanks. i'll look again later14:22
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ChrisPHLhi @all14:27
carepackhi ChrisPHL14:30
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ChrisPHLI' missing "rpm/libhybris.spec" so "git submodule update" (p. 38) fails with "Fatal: '/home/developer/mer-root/android/droid/rpm/libhybris.spec' doesn't exist (and could not be made from a yaml)"14:54
ChrisPHLWhere is that file created?14:55
sledgesChrisPHL: during git clone14:55
ChrisPHLI'm running into these problems everytime I restart the build process, because spare time is reare... :-|14:55
ChrisPHLhm, it should be cloned, I'll give it a retry14:56
ChrisPHLok, just some kbytes14:57
ChrisPHLbut I got the same behaviour. Is there anything before I have to setup that could cause the incorrect pull?14:58
ChrisPHLoh, the file is within ANDROID_ROOT, so you mean pulling that repo?15:00
ChrisPHLhm, I can see it in the fog there... ;-) there's something missing in my (self made) manifest...15:02
sledgesChrisPHL: compiling libhybris doesn't depend on manifest15:02
sledgesif you do all that in MerSDK15:02
sledgesin any directory you like15:03
sledgesyou are doing it in droid/rpm15:03
sledgeswhich is conflicting with others15:03
sledgesfollow hadk instructions closely15:03
ChrisPHLyou're right, I should double check the instructions with my scripts15:04
sledgesit talks about creating $MER_ROOT/devel15:04
ChrisPHLthis is done right before15:04
ChrisPHLyou are talking about "13.8.2 Build Area Setup"15:05
ChrisPHLi think...15:05
faebesledges: why do you say /win 19?15:05
sledgesfaebe: typo15:06
sledgesChrisPHL: yes15:06
* sledges drops out for a bit15:06
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alinsledges: I go through bugs... I shall open a new one... about not being able to enable developer mode once disabled15:11
vrutkovssledges: jfyi did the same trick as situ: updated - - and it fixed /system and /persist mount15:16
vrutkovsshould I file an issue on that?15:16
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alinsledges: ok... enabling developer mode fails... unable to install jolla-developer-mode15:22
OrokuSakiYay! I have cm10.1 working with 3.4.106 on the touchpad... so now I can use hybris 10.1 branch... I bet it works15:22
alincan you ocnfirm and I open a bug15:22
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ChrisPHLsledges: FYI: I got an error "error: File /home/developer/mer-root/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory" and needed to fix it with downgrading  sdk-utils to v0.6215:42
ChrisPHLsledges: found a irc log where someone talks about you had fixed that...15:42
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faebesledges I don't understand you could you explain what you mean typo = win19???16:10
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ChrisPHLversion 0.66 of sdk-utils seems to run great16:37
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sledgesChrisPHL: great, zypper dup is the key18:07
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morphisMSameer: in your latest droidmedia changes you added methods called closeColorConverterLib and openColorConverterLib which are not available anywhere18:17
sledgesalin: confirmed, go ahead with the new bug18:18
MSameermorphis: what do you mean they are not available?18:18
MSameermorphis: did the build fail?18:18
morphisdon't find them in cm 10.118:19
morphisso wondered where they are coming from18:19
Nokius_sledges: I have to set QCOM_BSP  in droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec18:19
morphisMSameer: also see
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:20
MSameermorphis: remove those constants from the code18:20
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sledgesNokius: the whole incantation pls18:21
MSameermorphis: I can remove them or wait for you to update the PR :)18:21
morphisMSameer: let me quickly do that18:21
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MSameermorphis: I don't have cm 10.1 but media/editor/II420ColorConverter.h should have openColorConverterLib18:22
MSameermorphis: I am glad someone is there to catch me when I screw up :P18:22
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Nokiussledges: you said in the .spec but is it the droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec?18:23
morphisMSameer: updated the PR18:23
morphislet me check that file18:23
morphisMSameer: it's in frameworks/av?18:23
sledgesNokius: in your device spec18:23
MSameermorphis: thanks but you forgot to retitle the commit :D18:23
MSameermorphis: should be there yes18:23
MSameerdon't tell me it's not available :(18:24
morphisMSameer: "Drop camera constants not available in default build configuration"?18:24
MSameermorphis: fine for me18:24
morphisah just the PR wasn't updated after my force push ...18:25
morphisMSameer: done18:25
Nokiussledges: so it's that :)18:25
mal-Nokius: and remember to put that before the include of the .inc in the final line18:25
mal-so the .inc still be last line18:26
MSameermorphis: merged. thank you :)18:26
morphisMSameer: same for
Nokiuslooks now like this is it correct?18:27
MSameermorphis: blame sledges. I am on 4.4.4 :D18:27
MSameerwhen did that get introduced18:27
MSameerI have it in an old tree here18:27
mal-Nokius: looks good18:28
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)18:28
morphisMSameer: even 4.4.4 doesn't have those methods :)18:29
MSameergive me a sec18:29
MSameerwill set browser on fire then check :D18:29
MSameermorphis: could it be qom specific?18:31
morphisMSameer: those methods?18:32
morphisdepends on where you have frameworks/native from18:32
MSameerdo you think I know for sure? :P18:32
morphissledges should know, right?18:33
MSameermorphis: I am fine removing them then. I can do it later but you can send a PR if you are in a hurry18:33
MSameerI am in the middle of debugging a weird gecko crash w/ gstreamer 1.x18:33
morphisnot in a hurry but wnated to trigger a build on our build agents later on18:33
morphisnp, will do the PR18:34
mal-sledges: for some reason it seems that keypad_slide_state_ind event is not emitted on my system, I installed hwkbd and it catches the display on/off event like it should also but no slide signal18:34
morphisMSameer: should I remove them or just comment?18:34
sledgesmorphis: MSameer:
MSameermorphis: remove them18:35
mal-ah, it has been renamed18:35
*** s5pik3 <s5pik3!~Spike@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:37
Nokiusmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build fails -->
Nokiusanyone a idea18:39
morphissledges: hm18:40
sledgesNokius: make hybris-hal18:40
morphissledges: but this also doesn't have those two methods :)18:40
piggzr0kk3rz: wassup18:42
Nokiussledges: thanks18:42
MSameermorphis: good to have you man. thank you :)18:45
* MSameer curses gecko18:46
morphisMSameer: np, lets see if I get those bits really working later on :)18:49
MSameermorphis: good luck :)18:50
r0kk3rzpiggz: well i got it all built and on the device, and now it doesnt boot :D18:50
r0kk3rzwhy? not sure yet18:50
piggzanything on lsusb?18:51
piggzi found recovery + adb shell useful for debugging18:51
piggzdo you have my mods to enable rndis?18:51
r0kk3rznah I dont, they might be useful18:52
r0kk3rzi was wondering if adb shell was useful for anything18:52
r0kk3rzany logs i should be looking for?18:53
locusfpiggz: are those rndis enablers upstreamed to mer-hybris?18:55
piggzlocusf: i think they are18:56
locusfpiggz: ok good18:56
locusfI just wondered if I've missed something18:57
piggzr0kk3rz: you can boot into recovery, mount /data and look for init.log18:57
piggzbut you should start with lsusb, to see if the kernel updates the usb iSerial name18:57
r0kk3rzhavent seen anything in lsusb18:58
*** vakkov_ <vakkov_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:05
r0kk3rzdata also looks empty...19:17
piggzr0kk3rz: /data/.stowaways/sailfish19:19
piggznote th hidden dir19:20
r0kk3rzah, hidden dir19:22
morphisMSameer: are nemo-gst interfaces really needed for gst-droid?19:27
*** vakkov_ <vakkov_!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:28
mal-sledges: still no signal, I even monitored dbus signals but nothing related to that, I really don't even understand the signal should come from, I know that my hw keyboard slide can be seen in a specific input device19:29
sledgesmal-: spiiroin_ is your friend19:30
mal-spiiroin_: could you help me figure out detection of hw keyboard slide events on my device?19:32
sledgesmal-: /dev/event* ?19:35
mal-sledges: /dev/input/event3 on my device19:36
spiiroin_mal-: run "evdev_trace -it" (from mce-tools.rpm) + open/close the hw kbd. if you see SW_KEYPAD_SLIDE events -> should work as is; otherwise might need event mapping19:37
spiiroin_there is example config file in mce tree:
spiiroin_needs to be installed as "/etc/mce/<digit><digit>evdev.ini"19:39
mal-spiiroin_: /dev/input/event3: 7474.969 - 0x05/EV_SW - 0x000/SW_LID - 019:39
mal-/dev/input/event3: 7474.969 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 019:39
mal-so I'll have to add that ini19:40
spiiroin_basically uncomment line 31 in the example19:40
spiiroin_and "dbus-monitor --system" should then show the dbus signals that are sent19:41
spiiroin_need to go now, I'll pop in later19:41
*** vakkov_ <vakkov_!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:56
mal-spiiroin_: looks like UPower is catching SW_LID events so it does not reach far enough to be used, I'll look if that can be by-passed somehow19:59
mal-spiiroin_: there is bug report related to that
merbotFreedesktop bug 86223 in libinput "Expose SW_LID and SW_TABLET_MODE to compositors" [Normal,Assigned]20:01
*** carepack <carepack!~carepack@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)20:04
spiiroin_mal-: evdev files can have many readers; if evdev-trace sees the event, mce should too20:04
spiiroin_unless upower grabs the input (unlikely), it should not matter what it does with the event20:05
mal-this appears every time keyboard is moved: signal sender=:1.6 -> dest=(null destination) serial=3914 path=/org/freedesktop/UPower; interface=org.freedesktop.UPower; member=Changed20:06
mal-spiiroin_: after adding that .ini should it be enough to just restart mce?20:07
spiiroin_mal-: yes20:09
mal-well, it does not work20:10
spiiroin_mal-: just to be sure what is the full path to the ini file you have?20:13
mal-it's /etc/mce/20evdev.ini20:14
spiiroin_should be ok, but better put custom/adhoc stuff to 90+ range just in case20:15
mal-I moved it to 90evdev.ini20:16
spiiroin_then, run mce in debug mode: systemctl stop mce ; mce -T -l event-input.c:*20:17
mal-no effect20:17
spiiroin_open kbd - see anything?20:17
spiiroin_mce: T+7.997 D: event-input.c: evin_iomon_keypress_cb(): type: EV_SW, code: SW_KEYPAD_SLIDE, value: 120:18
spiiroin_mce: T+7.998 D: event-input.c: evin_iomon_keyboard_state_update(): available = false20:18
spiiroin_or so20:18
mal-mce: T+1.959 D: event-input.c: misc_iomon_cb(): type: EV_SW, code: SW_LID, value: 020:18
mal-so it does go there20:19
mal-but the callback has a different name20:20
spiiroin_event mapping does not happen.. you did uncomment the "SW_LID=SW_KEYPAD_SLIDE" from the ini?20:20
spiiroin_... what mce version you have?20:20
mal-mce v1.38.1.220:20
spiiroin_ok, that is old. lemme check20:21
mal-that's what comes with sailfish20:21
spiiroin_yes, release lags behind... the event mapping comes in 1.39.020:23
mal-bad luck then20:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
mal-maybe for now I can build a custom hwkbd daemon to monitor those upower events20:24
spiiroin_mal-: you should be able to compile mce from master branch and20:24
spiiroin_install on the device20:24
mal-that's also possible20:25
spiiroin_mal-: and upower is about to be removed20:25
mal-one other thing that I still have fix is battery monitoring, ui doies not show battery status correctly20:26
mal-I'll build mce now20:27
spiiroin_that is in flux (target = statefs provides battery data without upower), deztructor knows that area20:27
mal-ok, thanks20:28
Nokiuscu tomorrow I will see the result in few hours :)20:29
mal-spiiroin_: not very practical that building mce I first have to install mce to the build system20:31
spiiroin_mal-: pkg-config(mce) == mce-headers.rpm20:31
mal-ok, also dsme20:31
mal-I'll have find those20:31
mal-not available in mersdk20:32
mal-zypper se dsme says No packages found. as does for mce20:33
spiiroin_configuring repos and like is not something I know too well20:34
*** Vohukain <Vohukain!> has quit IRC (Quit: irc2go)20:35
mal-of course I can manually install those if I find those somewhere20:35
spiiroin_it might be a long list of deps20:35
*** vrutkovs|away is now known as vrutkovs20:36
mal-could be20:36
sledgesNokius: o/20:36
sledgesmal-: are you doing that in a sb2 target?20:36
*** carepack <carepack!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:36
mal-sledges: yes20:36
sledgesmal-: and mb2 doesn't resolve deps on its own?20:37
sledgesmal-: zypper in "pkgconfig(mce)"20:37
mal-No provider of 'pkgconfig(mce)' found.20:38
spiiroin_nemo mw repo missing?20:38
sledgeszypper se mce-headers20:38
sledgesssu lr20:39
mal-sledges: No packages found. and ssu: command not found20:40
sledgesmal-: zypper lr -u20:40
vrutkovspiggz: hey, speaking of - you mentioned a workaround for it, could you point me to it?20:42
vrutkovsI think its the issue I'm having with flo now20:42
sledgesmal-: all those commands i said are needed to be executed inside sb220:43
piggzvrutkovs: eugh, you really dont want to use my hack20:43
sledgesvrutkovs: that went away with QCOM_BSP/HARDWARE defines20:43
piggzvrutkovs: what issue are you having?20:43
sledgespiggz: didn't it20:43
mal-sledges: ok20:44
vrutkovsfirst couple of times apps run okay - then GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY comes20:44
vrutkovsor smth like that20:44
piggzsledges: ive not had any success so far with qcom_bsp or _hardware20:44
mal-sledges: sorry20:44
vrutkovswhat's the QCOM_BSP workaround? I heard I need to declare something in .spec file, right?20:44
sledgesmal-: np, wasn't explicit enough:)20:45
sledgesvrutkovs: show us your gralloc.h20:45
sledges(best if you point it in a public repo)20:46
vrutkovssledges: gah, can't reach my build machine. Will post it tomorrow20:49
mal-sledges: if it really want mce-headers package then it might be too old20:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:49
mal-mce-headers Version: 1.14.0-1.5.220:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
mal-build gives No provider of 'pkgconfig(mce) >= 1.15.0' found.20:49
spiiroin_mal-: you need to build mce-headers 1st, and install rpms to sb220:50
spiiroin_hopefully that is the only dep not resolved from release repos20:50
vrutkovssledges: here's one from the device -
sledgesvrutkovs: line 28120:52
vrutkovssledges: oh, I see. Gonna try to rebuilt it tomorrow then20:53
*** carepack <carepack!> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)20:55
mal-spiiroin_: thank you, now it found the needed dependencies20:55
mal-and sorry, I'm not very familiar with sb2 yet20:56
sledgesmal-: welcome to the paradise of crosscompiling :)20:58
mal-spiiroin_: still not mapping the events21:00
spiiroin_mal-: says SW_LID?21:02
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)21:02
mal-mce: T+7.541 D: event-input.c: evin_iomon_activity_cb(): type: EV_SW, code: SW_LID, value: 021:03
mal-there is this before mce: T+0.035 D: event-input.c: evin_event_mapper_init(): EVDEV MAPS: 121:03
spiiroin_so it reads the config now; and there is only one event configured21:04
mal-yes, and it's SW_LID=SW_KEYPAD_SLIDE21:05
sledgesvrutkovs: (in colour)21:05
spiiroin_how about evin_iomon_device_add() stuff, what type does it says for - was it event3?21:05
mal-mce: T+0.069 N: event-input.c: evin_iomon_device_add(): /dev/input/event3: name='gpio-slider' type=USER ACTIVITY ONLY21:05
vrutkovssledges: thanks! Though I'm not sure if my device is not Nexus 4/5, but lets try it ;)21:06
spiiroin_mal-: doh. you have found yet another "unlike previously seen" evdev config21:07
spiiroin_what does "evdev_trace -i 3" say?21:07
spiiroin_mal-: thanks, I take a peek at code21:09
mal-like I haven't had enough problems already with my porting :)21:09
mal-spiiroin_: does not look very nice that all IDs are 0x021:10
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*** h0r4 <h0r4!53d18527@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:18
spiiroin_mal-: I just realized there is systematic problem with probing + event mapping, but ..21:21
spiiroin_that just might make it work a bit further21:21
*** h0r4 <h0r4!53d18527@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:21
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spiiroin_e.g. it might unblank/blank display when kbd is opened/closed, but signaling might not work (IIRC there is assumption that slide state is reported from the same device node that does the key events)21:25
mal-I'm building now21:25
spiiroin_mal-:  btw, what device is it?21:26
mal-sony ericsson xperia pro (iyokan)21:26
spiiroin_mal-: can you pastebin "evdev_trace -i"? I could take a peek if there are some other possible speed bumps hidden in there21:28
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:28
mal-spiiroin_: and now it works
sledgesvrutkovs: nexus5 had boot race issues with system.mount which got worked around with situ's patch to, but this file should not be modified because it's part of systemd as you might already suspect. that Requires= hack is no longer in the tree, as nexus5 behaves with each sfos update better and also after these commits:21:33
sledgeslast time i had that boot race on n5 was months ago21:34
spiiroin_mal-: note "evin_iomon_keyboard_state_update(): available = true" both for open & close21:34
mal-spiiroin_: also as you suspected display does turn on/off when slider is acticated21:34
spiiroin_that is because the sw_lid comes from different device node vs key events21:35
sledgesvrutkovs: that workaround is sure to work for you, pls file a bug21:35
spiiroin_the blanking policy handles lone slide events too21:36
mal-spiiroin_: what does that "evin_iomon_keyboard_state_update(): available = true" cause?21:36
vrutkovssledges: okay, I think I'm gonna first make wifi work, document and start from scratch along with bug filing21:36
vrutkovswasted a week on a typo in /init which I've edited :(21:37
sledgesvrutkovs: systemd newer version in sfos helped too21:37
sledgessuch is life:)21:37
spiiroin_mal-: the "pm8xxx-keypad" @ event1 is taken as non-retractable kb; the sw_lid events do not affect availability of it -> the dbus signaling is always in "hw kbd available" state21:38
spiiroin_mal-: i.e. without further changes the "hide vkb when hw kbd is available" under construction would not work as expected21:39
mal-it does not work at the moment21:40
spiiroin_chain needs to be: mce -> statefs -> something -> vkb or so. not all of it is done yet.21:42
mal-log shows that hwkbd daemon does get the events and claims that it changes the vkb but nothing happens21:42
spiiroin_I'm familiar only with the initial parts of that chain ...21:43
mal-so it is going to so that that kind of hack is maybe no longer needed?21:44
mal-I mean the hwkbd that changes the layout to empty for vkb21:45
mal-to "hide" it21:45
spiiroin_I think so, unless there are additional features in hwkbd daemon. is it the one used by TOHKBD too?21:45
mal-there is a different daemon for TOHKBD, hwkbd is simplified version of that21:46
spiiroin_ok, but yes. the vk hiding should not need separate daemon later on21:47
mal-do you have any idea when that new feature could be ready?21:47
spiiroin_not by heart; there was something in the public roadmap21:48
spiiroin_btw, if you get proximity sensor problems, might be due to the [0,255] range for "apds9702" @ event621:48
mal-what kind of problems do you mean?21:48
mal-it seems to work21:48
mal-not sure how it should work, it dims the display a little when I put a finger near the front camera21:50
spiiroin_I think previously it has always been binary [0,1] range and IIRC there is some assumption anything > 0 = not covered21:50
spiiroin_display dimming = ambient light sensor21:50
spiiroin_proximity sensor for example blanks the display during call when device is placed at ear21:51
mal-well sensor test program does report proximity sensor ok21:51
mal-so both seem to work21:52
mal-haven't tried what happens during calls yet21:52
mal-just tested, it does turn the display off21:53
spiiroin_ok, then no problem ;-)21:53
mal-do you think there is some way to make that availability to work correctly?21:54
lpotterwhich device is this?21:55
mal-sony ericsson xperia pro (iyokan)21:56
spiiroin_mal-: there is always a way... just need to minimize the effort & amount of other stuff that possibly gets broken by the changes21:58
spiiroin_mal-: I need to get some sleep now, but can you ping me some other day - we should make a bug about this and I'm too tired now to write a coherent ticket22:00
lpotterwhats the bug, briefly?22:00
spiiroin_lpotter: hw kbd availability does not work due to mce evdev probing vs kernel input device layout22:01
spiiroin_lpotter: sensors are ok ;-)22:01
lpotterok :)22:02
mal-spiiroin_: ok, I'll see what I'll try to fix next22:02
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