Monday, 2015-03-16

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klopsi-u3hi stephg06:42
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Nokiusvgrade: do I need to add a revision?07:28
Nokiusmorning guys still a bit sleepy07:28
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klopsi-u3morning alin08:23
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Nokiusmh looks like the zip creation stuck at --> afk to work08:30
Nokiuslets see what the day has for me :D08:30
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zGrrmoin :)09:04
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zGrrevery night and every morn some to misery are born, every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight.09:20
zGrrwilliam blake, auguries of innocence09:21
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sledgesnothing like a bit of poetry on monday morning:)09:28
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alinsledges: morgen... hacking time09:58
dr_gogeta86good morning guys10:01
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alincloning cloning cloning10:12
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sledgesalin: repo sync once again afterwards10:19
sledgesi hope10:19
mal-sledges: I was looking if my builds were rebuilt automatically and noticed this build failure10:21
alinsledges: what do you mean you hope?10:23
alinsledges: anyhow I wonder if we can bloody prune that repo manifest 14GiB synced already10:23
sledgesmal-: packages are rebuilt automatically when any of their dependencies rebuild - OBS FTW! it is now unresolvable possible due to faenil's nemo->mer merge yesterday, try to look for those packages under mer:*10:24
sledgesalin: i hope you repo init hybris-11.010:24
faenilwait wait wait10:24
faenilI just created a file with the permissions mapping, now it's on to Stskeeps10:25
faenilthe merge isn't done yet guys10:25
mal-sledges: but that failed ones are not my builds10:25
sledgesfaenil: ok cool10:25
sledgesmal-: why are you looking at nemo:mw repo and not yours? ;p10:25
sledgesas yours builds against sfos target10:25
sledgesmal-: exactly;)10:25
alinsledges: fatal: duplicate path kernel/lge/hammerhead in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-mar-16/.repo/manifest.xml10:26
sledgesalin: remove roomservice10:26
mal-sledges: well, how do I force a rebuild of my own builds?10:26
mal-sledges: and my package shows as derived package on the nemo:devel:mw page10:28
sledgesmal-: click on sailfish-1.1.1... in the build box, "Trigger rebuild"10:28
sledgesmal-: because you branched from there, but that's about it10:29
alinsledges:  I remove the roomservice10:29
alin  43   rm -f .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml10:29
sledgesalin: again ;)10:29
sledgesare you trying to repo sync again? what command?10:29
alinsledges: repo sync -c10:30
alinsledges: source build/envsetup.sh10:30
alin export USE_CCACHE=110:31
alin  42   breakfast $DEVICE10:31
alin  43   rm -f .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml10:31
alinthe usual commands...10:31
sledgesrepo sync again manually10:31
sledgestoday we'll have to hack command by command, without script10:31
mal-sledges: it seems it did not update the sources, how do I do that?10:32
sledgesmal-: ok sorry, i thought it mightn't %)10:32
sledgesmal-: latest OBS update removed the "Run services" button10:32
sledgesmal-: edit _service file10:32
sledgesadd space10:32
sledgesremove spacce10:32
mal-ok :)10:34
mal-now it updated the sources, thansk10:34
sledgeslbt: ping10:35
mal-funny feature10:35
alinsledges: the error is somewhere else10:37
alinfatal: duplicate path kernel/lge/hammerhead in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-mar-16/.repo/manifest.xml10:37
alinI checked no roomservice at that point10:37
sledgesalin: have you a local mnifest?10:39
alinsledges: not that I am aware10:40
alin.repo/local_manifests/ nothing10:40
alinthe one it complaints about is a link to manifests/default.xml10:41
alin 391   <project name="mer-hybris/android_device_lge_hammerhead" path="device/lge/hammerhead" revision="hybris-11.0-44S" />10:41
alin 392   <!-- leaving as it is on hybris-11.0, will deal with (huge) rebasing later -->10:41
alin 393   <project name="mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead" path="kernel/lge/hammerhead" revision="hybris-11.0" />10:41
alinI may have branced the wrong revision?10:42
alinhybris-11.0 rather than -44s10:42
alini think the error is notmal there are two entries with the same name10:43
alinshall I branch 44S?10:43
lbt sledges pong10:44
sledgesalin: nope, just delete <project name="mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead"... from manifest and retry10:45
alinlbt: hi... fortran10:45
alinsledges: the -44S one?10:45
sledgeslbt: sorry to be a pita(bread), but could we haz sailfish: on Mer OBS please?:)10:46
sledgesalin: 44s is _device_ ;)10:46
lbtsledges: yep - I'lll do that now10:46
sledgesawesomst, it'll ease today's porting game:)10:47
alinsledges: ok is device bu that is the one you want to see gone?10:47
sledgesalin: i want to see kernel gone10:47
sledgesalin: hang on10:47
sledgeswe'll run into trouble here..10:47
* sledges fixing..10:48
alinsledges: ok...10:49
alinsledges: ping me when I need to do something I go to get a tea10:49
sledgesalin: so repo sync doesn't fail10:54
sledgesonly breakfast does10:54
sledgeshave you repo synced again as i asked?10:54
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sledgesalin: repo sync -c <- this parameter is undocumented11:01
alinsledges: no repo sync does not fail11:04
alinsledges: the failure is in breakfast11:05
alinand I do not remeber if is normal or not11:05
sledgesalin: try lunch instead11:06
alinsledges: e?11:06
alinsledges: joke or serious11:06
alinsledges: Invalid lunch combo: hammerhead11:09
sledgeslunch without arguments11:10
alinsledges: build/ line 485: column: command not found11:10
alinsledges: Which would you like? [aosp_arm-eng]11:10
sledgessudo apt-get install bsdmainutils11:11
sledges- Огласите весь список, пожалуйста. Read the whole list, please.11:12
alinsledges: yes I see the list11:12
sledgesgood for you11:13
alinsledges: aosp_hammerhead-userdebug and that is all11:13
sledgesalright, nevermind then11:13
alini see cm_n5100-userdebug and cm_n5120-userdebug11:14
sledges12:45 < sledges> alin: nope, just delete <project name="mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead"... from manifest and retry11:15
sledgesno repo sync needed11:15
alinsledges: the youtube crap is russian... I do not speak it... hooligan and raboti the on things I got11:16
sledgesalin: it's translated, and again, please do not be intolerant to other peoples' cultures11:17
vrutkovshaha, used to start my working day with playing that video every Monday :) Ah, good times11:24
alinsledges: some progress
alinsledges: nope... seems I cannot see the captions11:24
sledgesin comments11:24
sledgesalin: put the kernel line back in manifest11:26
sledgesalin: remove lines 2-5 from
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alinsledges: ok... but I did not clone that hybris version but hybris-11.011:27
sledgesyes you did11:28
sledgescd device/lge/hammerhead/11:28
alinsledges: ok... if you say so11:28
sledgesgit log <- top commit points to 44S11:29
sledgesi'm out of ideas how all this worked earlier
sledgesmoving on, anyway11:31
alinjust to double check repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.0 was done11:32
alinand not repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.0-44S11:32
sledgesall correct11:33
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alinsledges: success11:37
alinnow I need to fix this
alindeleting bionic was not so smart11:39
alinok take two clone11:40
sledges19:46 < sledges> alin: make hybris-hal now becomes as: make hybris-hal; cd bionic; git cherry-pick 40eb3772fecf40bf89d70b30f57fb0e074301d3a; cd ..; make libc_common; make libc11:40
locusf <- I've found the source of the entry failed messages11:40
sledgesyou also forgot to make hybris-hal first11:40
alinsledges: nope I did not11:40
sledgesalin: good11:40
alinsledges: aparently finished... now I clean...11:40
sledgesclean what?11:40
alinsledges: i think I did the git cherrypicj twice in bionic11:41
alinsledges: everything11:41
sledgesdon't clean anything11:41
sledgeswaste of time11:41
alinsledges: don't panick don't panick11:41
sledgesim not, you're the one who jumps to clean without solving;)11:42
sledgesif you deleted bionic, cd $ANDROID_ROOT; git clone bionic; cd bionic; git checkout hybris-11.0-44S11:42
sledgesno pressure;)11:42
alinsledges: yap... wanted it for my piece of mind...11:44
alinI am still confused about cloning hybris-11.0-44S11:44
sledgesevery little thing's gonna be alright:D11:44
sledgesyou clone hybris-11.0 manifest, which now points to 44S11:45
sledgesof its selective repos11:45
sledgesall good11:45
alinsledges: ok11:45
alinsledges: wanted to be sure that running lunch did not create any unwated mess11:45
alinsledges: then we go nuts to debug it...11:45
sledgesdebug what?11:46
*** cl_ <cl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:46
sledgesi've been using same 44S bits for MWC, all good as you seen;)11:46
alinsledges: subsequent failures...11:46
sledgeslunch didn't affect a thing, i assure11:48
alinsledges: 10% cloned already11:48
alinand started 1 minute ago11:48
sledgesi'll be more busy in next two hours11:49
sledgesfrom 1211:49
alinsledges: let us hope I will get quiter11:50
alinsledges: we are on the same time... are you still in UK?11:50
sledgesstill, yes lol11:50
alinsledges: me too... I will have to go to cut my hair11:50
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alinotherwise will be no difference between a saint bernard and me11:50
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alinok dhd build failure12:48
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alinrepo sync got this13:03
alinFetching project CyanogenMod/android_device_qcom_common13:03
alinLooking for dependencies13:03
alinDependencies file not found, bailing out.13:03
alinbreakfast generated the error13:03
alinother than that looks to me like some issue with repo cloning13:05
sledgesalin: add a local manifest to the just checked out tree13:08
sledgesas per hadk13:08
sledgesi think i found a proper solution13:08
sledgeslocal_manifest (device and kernel entries) contents will the same as in main manifest13:09
sledgesthen run breakfast again13:10
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alinsledges: so like this
sledgesalin: yes13:14
alinin .repo/local_manifests/manifest.xml13:14
alinsledges: ^13:14
alinbreakfast still spits Dependencies file not found, bailing out.13:18
alinalin: fatal: duplicate path device/lge/hammerhead in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-mar-16-t2/.repo/manifest.xml13:19
alinsledges: ^13:19
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sledgesalin: remove those lines from manifest now13:21
alinsledges: from the main one13:21
alinsledges: breakfast again?13:22
alinsledges: ok takes somewhere... bailing out is gone13:23
sledgesgreat success13:25
alinsledges: ok... dhd fails the same13:26
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alinsledges: remember I removed bionic13:26
alinand recloned as you said13:26
sledgesalin: but not on a new tree?13:27
sledgesas new tree needs only cherry-pick13:27
*** electrolux <electrolux!~Adium@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:27
alinsledges: yes was not on a new tree13:27
sledges(if that doesn't work oob, then needs another bit, but deleting is not needed)13:27
sledgesso which tree are you working on now?13:27
alinsledges: one on which the bionic was deleted and clones13:28
sledgesalin: try on new tree13:30
sledgesyour old tree looks boked13:30
alinsledges: ok I will... but when I come back from the hair cutting13:30
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sledgesyou can launch repo sync on old tree again13:31
sledgesto iron out in parallel, if we want to get to the bottom of this13:31
alinsledges: repo sync and then trying to build dhd did not work13:34
alinsledges: I will start a clean and go13:34
sledgesleave current tree as is13:34
sledgesthere are still things to try13:35
alinsledges: yap13:35
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alinsledges: ok back14:37
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alinbuild hybris-hal now14:38
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
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alinsledges: clean three the same errors14:52
alinsledges: and by the way I got the bailaout error too again14:52
alinsledges: the thing is this platform/prebuilts/sdk does not seem to exist but this14:55
alinsledges: and it contains the object14:56
alinso seems to be a big merdre somewhere in the process14:57
sledgesalin: ls -l $ANDROID_ROOT/prebuilts/sdk15:00
sledgesit exists15:00
alinsledges: yes15:02
alinsledges: and has this inside15:03
alinI need to reboot I will be back15:03
sledgesdouble check15:03
sledgesignore that15:03
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alinsledges: back15:06
alinsledges: so... the object is there seems just to be put in the wrong place15:08
alinsledges: something somehow changed in the script... do you think it got updated?15:08
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lbtPSA: sailfishos: is now on OBS and is "latest" ... all packages using 'latest' will now rebuild15:12
situlbt: cheers!15:12
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alin lbt cool... what about fortran?15:14
*** SfietKontantinW <SfietKontantinW!c2623324@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:14
alinsledges: any idea?15:14
sledgesalin: yes15:15
sledgescd $ANDROID_ROOT15:15
sledges./.repo/repo/repo manifest -r -o tmp/manifest.xml15:15
sledgesalin: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install rpm -q git15:17
alinsledges: git-1.8.3-4.4.1.armv7hl15:20
sledgesok, do the manifest thing15:20
alinsledges: works15:21
alinsledges: I mean on my machine15:21
sledgesany other machines you use? ;p15:22
alinsledges: nopw15:22
sledgesmv tmp/manifest.xml repo_service_manifest.xml15:22
sledgesand do mb215:22
alinsledges: using this   24 sudo rpm -U
alincan cause a problem... this is our old workaround for tools not being up to date15:23
sledgesscratch that, replace with zypper dup instead15:25
alinsledges: manually works15:25
sledgesand wouldn't cause any problems15:25
alinsledges: ok15:25
alinsledges: ok I see.. somehow when I execute repo on the machine directly works15:28
alinwhen I execute in exec-mer fails15:28
lbtalin: fortran is not something I'm really looking at atm15:29
alinsledges: interesting I call the repo by hand and works15:30
alinlbt: I know... that is why I reminded you...15:30
sledgesalin: it's called from taret15:30
alinsledges: taret?15:30
alinsledges: what is that?15:30
lbtalin: feel free to keep prodding ... one day it may be at the right time... :D15:30
alinlbt: let us hope so...15:31
alinsledges: executing in target you meant?15:31
alinsledges: anyhow seems to work15:31
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:31
sledgesmb2 executes repo inside sb2 target, and there comes some difference15:32
sledgeswe'll worry about it later15:32
alinsledges: yap15:32
alin Info: clone the git libhybris15:32
alinrpms keep comming looks almost good15:33
sledgesno need for that, you'll re-user obs projects15:33
alinsledges: yap I know... but I wanted to cheat15:33
alinsledges: and have an image before15:33
alinsledges:  Info: clone the git sensorfw this fails it seems15:33
sledgesdo you want camera or not? :P15:34
alinsledges: yes I want...15:34
sledgesso no cheating then;P15:34
alinsledges: so do you want me to push the dhd to obs?15:34
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alinsledges: almost done one sr away15:41
alinsledges: sr 84515:42
sledgeswill accept shortly15:43
sledgesdoing some chores on obs15:43
alinsledges: ok... dsme is failing but shall be fine with the new dhd15:46
alinsledges: otherwise I see nothing bad15:46
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:49
alinthis seems to have vanished...
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:50
sledgesalready disabled15:50
sledgesit was under wrong organisation (mer-hybris) on the first place15:51
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:54
sledgesalin: you've build against update11 target?15:56
alinsledges: yes15:57
alinsledges: do not tell me I shouldnot have15:57
sledgesalin: accepted15:58
alinsledges: ok... I will wait to build and start again16:00
alinsledges: so what is the story with the sensorsfw?16:00
sledges17:51 < sledges> it was under wrong organisation (mer-hybris) on the first place16:00
alinsledges: but seems to be still there to be built16:01
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:01
alinsledges: with the old repo in service... will be ok for obs but not for normal folk...16:01
sledgesits home is under mer-packages16:01
sledgesalin: normal folk already has it fixed in pdf16:03
alinsledges: ok so all it need needs it fixed in obs too16:03
sledgesyes, on my todo list, don't want to fix too many things now so later we don't know what broke what;P16:03
mal-maybe I should modify the build script so I can use it for my device also, if it needs some modifications16:04
sledgesmal-: ask alin if he pushed all mods upstream16:04
mal-if you are talking about this
alinsledges: mal- not yet16:04
alinmal-: which device?16:05
mal-iyokan (xperia pro)16:05
alinmal-: ok16:05
alinsledges: I think we do nto need the manifest separation16:05
mal-still a wip but maybe someday it work well enough for public announcement16:06
alinmal-: can you make calls?16:06
sledgesmal-: you'd be surprised how many alpha/beta testers there are regardless of your port state16:06
sledgesalin: did you do droid-hal-configs ?16:07
*** edubai <edubai!uid39243@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:07
alinsledges: on my machine yes16:07
alinsledges: it built16:07
mal-alin: otherwise yes, but audio does not work at all on the port yet16:07
mal-audio is actually the primary reason why I don't make public images16:08
sledgesalin: then apply .ks patches (i suggest you skip the ssu dd and sed ssu.ini parts for now, as we are only doing the sanity build - i need to check how sane store behaves without those)16:08
alinsledges: ok let us do it16:10
sledgesqtdeclarative is a massive beast still compiling16:10
alinsledges: yap I noticed16:10
sledgesshow your .ks before you do16:10
alinsledges: I do not have the sensors... yet16:11
alinsledges: ignore me16:11
sledgesalin: did you do cherry-pick on bionic and make libc etc?16:11
alinsledges: yes16:12
alinsledges: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides qtscenegraph-adaptation needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201503161529.noarch,16:12
sledgesalin: 18:10 < sledges> show your .ks before you do16:12
alinsledges: do you have handy the correct git for sensors16:12
sledgesbuild finished just now16:12
sledges4more packages on obs16:14
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)16:14
alinsledges: yap16:15
alinsledges: then I start a clean build with that packages16:16
sledgesalin: you need to add adaptation1 pointing to
alinsledges: yes.. I will do right now16:17
sledgescp $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/sailfish-release $IMG_OUT_DIR16:18
sledgesadd this to %post --nochroot16:18
sledges(at the end of the section) - i'll upstream that fix soon16:18
sledgesfor next build16:18
sledgesbuild finished \o.16:19
alinsledges: yes I know I already started a clean build against it16:19
alinsledges: I do not want to mesup in the tree where we build the dhd... just in case16:20
alinsledges: I just setup a new environment to play with the ks16:21
sledgeswhat command did you start?16:21
alinsledges: no worries will be ready in no time16:21
sledges.ks is played in tmp/ so non-intrusive ;)16:21
alinsledges: ok16:21
sledgeshave you launched mic create yet ? that can be done safely against your .ks with 2 mods i asked16:23
alinsledges: I already have the copy16:23
alinsledges: yes now I do16:23
sledgesalin: i don't understand what you mean by saying 'build' and 'copy', so either show commandline you do, or don't say at all not to confuse :D16:24
sledgesand do whatever floats your boat (sic) to stay consistent in your dev env16:25
alinsledges: take me easy I rebuilt it by hand16:25
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:26
alinsledges: I started a new clean env build... and I do not want to stop it..16:28
alinsledges: I will run mic in the old one where we build the dhd16:28
sledgesyou can run mic in your /usr/share/man - anywhere you like16:28
sledgesmic has nothing to do with $ANDROID_ROOT anymore16:28
sledgesas long as you give it the .ks16:28
sledgeswhich can reside also anywhere16:28
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
alinsledges: ok... so no need to run it in target16:29
sledgesit knows where target it from .ks16:29
alinsledges: anyhow... we struck gold I think16:29
alinsledges: the new clean env install the things in mic16:30
*** taaeem <taaeem!55b659b3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:32
alinsledges: mic is crunching16:33
sledgesgreat, i'll look forward to Jolla-
alinsledges: this is against the dhd on the obs16:33
alinsledges: one step ahead...16:33
alinInfo: Pack rootfs to /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-mar-16-t4/sfa-hammerhead- Please wait...16:34
sledgesyou can start testing it right away, as well as upload the .zip somewhere pls16:34
alinsledges: yap.. I prepared the backup16:35
sledgesno multirom? )16:35
alinsledges: the ks looks fine toyou?16:35
alinsledges: yes I have multirom but still backup needed16:35
alinsledges: I do not want to restore all my accounts by hand16:35
alinsledges: I use n5 daily16:35
alinsledges: with sailfish16:36
sledgesbut multirom is non-intrusive16:36
sledgesgood to hear btw;)16:36
sledgeshope you'll like the gst1.0 goodies:)16:36
alinsledges: ok.. where shall I copy the things16:38
sledgesthe .zip ? to some dropbox/cloud of yours?16:39
alinsledges: do you have access to deviamo16:40
alinsledges: pushed all there in my home16:40
alinuser like my nick16:40
*** beidl <beidl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)16:41
sledgesalin: can't see a thing16:41
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:41
*** taaeem <taaeem!55b659b3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)16:42
alinsledges: yes you are right16:42
alinsledges: somehow thinks deviamo is mu local host16:44
alinis aa?16:44
alinsledges: shall be in here16:45
sledgesguacamole 9MB/s!16:46
alinsledges: slower than I uploaded it probably16:47
*** nh1402 <nh1402!5f979b64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:48
sledgesinstalling in twrp..16:48
alinsledges: booting16:49
alinsledges: google screen16:49
nh1402I see that a new nexus 5 build has been created. Isn't it about time to call it a beta now? ;) , it's pretty stable.16:50
alinlight on16:50
alinscreene on16:50
sledgesalin: btw, we are nowhere near camera, just a realitycheck;)16:50
sledgesbut should be up within cpl of hours16:50
alinsledges: we will see16:51
sledgesalso possible that we might get blocked by bits16:51
alinsledges: already.. screen does not come up for setup16:51
alinsledges: after language check16:51
sledgesi had same problem16:52
sledgeswith internal obs16:52
sledgesthought it was my bad16:52
sledgesvgrade: how did you do the builds fine?16:52
sledgesalpha7 816:52
sledgesalin: put your .urls somewhere16:53
alinsledges: doen in the same folder16:55
alinsledges: ok seems to be  in some loop but started16:55
alinsledges: be patient16:55
alinsledges: I got three times the sound16:55
alinsledges: ok I am in16:56
sledgesi got 5 times the sound16:57
alinsledges: I rebooted once16:57
alinsledges: then gave him another chance16:57
* sledges rebooting then16:58
sledgesi wonder if mal- lipstick TimeOut would help16:58
mal-could be :)16:58
sledgesmal-: did that also bring you the startup-wizard?16:59
alinsledges: sensors do not work16:59
alinsledges: but the terminal is the nice one16:59
mal-there was some flashes of ui or something and the lipstick restarted if I remember correctly16:59
sledgesalin: checked gallery? ;)16:59
alinsledges: yeys16:59
alinsledges: and covered the proximity one too17:00
alinsledges: browser too17:00
alinsledges: inside it17:04
alintest_Sensors hangs17:04
sledgesalin: prepare to chea17:05
sledgeswhile i check some other things17:05
alinsledges: ok ready17:05
alinsledges: some merdre with the sensors...17:06
alinsledges: probably we forgot something17:06
sledgesi still have black screen17:08
sledgesbut i'm rebuilding sensors now on obs17:08
sledgesalin: connect to internet on n517:09
alinsledges: too late I am there17:09
sledgeszypper ref17:09
sledgesssu lr17:09
alinsledges: yes looks kosher17:10
sledgesshow me17:10
alinsledges: xt9 is added after when I install by hand stuff17:11
sledgesalin: zypper ref dhd17:11
alinsledges: done17:11
sledgeszypper dup --from=dhd17:11
sledgesand tell me what it wants to update17:12
sledgesgo for it17:12
alinsledges: done17:13
alinsledges: booting up17:14
alinsledges: one17:15
alinsledges: black screen it does not come up17:15
alinsledges: heard the noise went dark17:15
sledgespress power button17:15
alinsledges: nope17:15
alinsledges: is alve17:15
alinsledges: now dark again17:16
alinsomething is fishy17:16
alinlooks like mce went mad17:16
sledgesalin: zypper dup17:16
sledgesand show what it wants17:16
sledges(telnet in ofc)17:16
alinsledges: I have ssh enabled.. but usb is on always ask17:17
sledgeswill care about usb later17:17
alinsledges: ok got in17:17
sledgespingable outside?17:17
alinsledges: yes17:18
sledgeszypper dup17:18
sledgesand pastebin17:18
alinThe following packages are going to be upgraded:17:18
alin  bluez bluez-libs mce usb-moded usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config usb-moded-defaults-android usb-moded-diag-mode-android17:18
alin  usb-moded-diagnostics-config usb-moded-mass-storage-android-config usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android17:18
sledgesgo for it17:18
alinsledges: quick succession power button like a double click17:18
alingot the screen up17:18
alinthe leds flashed alternatively white and red17:18
sledgesthe ui?17:18
alinsledges: yes17:19
alinsledges: yes17:19
sledgesthere goes your double tap17:19
alinsledges: e? owrked?17:20
alinsledges: cuase here does not anymore17:20
alinsledges: the ui is down17:20
sledgesok let's add mal-'s trick17:20
alinsledges: being?17:20
alinsledges: sensors still dead17:21
mal-sledges: does your journal log show restart of lipstick?17:21
sledgesto /etc/systemd/system/lipstick.service.d/17:22
sledgesmal-: yes17:22
alinsledges: all itme is focked17:22
mal-sledges: I think it need the header also?17:23
mal-or does it?17:23
alinsledges: no lipstick service17:23
sledgesmal-: say how yours looks pls ;)17:23
sledgesalin: create17:23
alinsledges: create what.... I need more than the timeout for a proper service17:24
sledgesalin: the directory17:24
alinsledges: did17:24
sledgesvim /etc/systemd/system/lipstick.service.d/my.conf17:24
alinsledges: blimey now is up17:25
alinsledges: out of the blue17:25
alinsledges: now is down and I cannot wake it up17:25
alinsledges: my.conf created17:25
alinsledges: [  626.176106] systemd[1]: Failed to load configuration for lipstick.service: No such file or directory17:26
mal-sledges: it was [Service]17:26
sledgesmal-: yes, alin add that to the top of the .conf17:27
alinsledges: done17:28
alinno change17:28
alinsledges: anyhow regularly goes on and off..17:28
sledgesrm /etc/mce/20no-proxim.conf17:28
alinsledges: done17:29
alinsledges: Mar 16 17:29:49 abbaton mce[2372]: modules/display.c: mdy_stm_step(): no compositor; going to logical off17:30
alinsledges: mce seems in big merdre17:30
sledgesalin: because lipstick is not up17:30
alinsledges: yap17:30
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|away17:30
alinbut comes up from time to time and then dies17:30
sledgesdefine 'comes up'17:30
sledgesthe rotating wait icon?17:31
sledgesi never got past that17:31
alinsledges: nope the proper screen17:31
alinsledges: i see the cover17:31
alinsledges: and if I catch it works17:31
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:31
sledgesdebugging lipstick atm17:34
sledgeslooks like curses on bluez17:34
alinsledges: [  151.775396] systemd[1]: Got D-Bus request: org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll() on /org/freedesktop/systemd1/unit/sys_2dfs_2dpstore_2emount17:40
*** iTune <iTune!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:44
sledgessystemctl stop user@100000.service17:45
sledgessu nemo17:45
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer lipstick -platform hwcomposer17:46
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:46
sledgesBluetoothObexAgent: cannot register agent at path /com/jolla/obexservice/agent17:47
alinsledges: (process:2011): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create directory '/run/user/0/dconf': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.17:47
sledgesCan't register service on session bus17:47
sledgesls /run/17:47
sledges0 is for root17:47
sledgesno need for dconf17:47
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)17:48
sledgesalin: what's your output of lipstick ^^ ?17:52
*** vrutkovs|away is now known as vrutkovs17:53
alinsledges: Fatal: Failed to open server socket17:55
sledgesalin: the whole output pls17:56
sledgeswith stopping user session as root etc17:56
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:58
alinsledges: so you may be right17:58
alinsledges: the bluez you deleted I think had some bad hack17:59
sledgesi'll put it back, just a sec18:00
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)18:00
alinsledges: if you do not have it is in my extra18:01
sledgesi have, it's in dhd18:01
alinsledges: cool18:01
alinsledges: works?18:03
sledgesmeans we have to be very mean and tag the old bluez as new18:04
sledgesfor quick solution18:04
sledgesotherwise it's taken over from jolla18:05
sledgesstill doesn't work18:07
sledgesit was false positive because i saw the UI the first time, exactly after downgrade of bluez18:08
* sledges debugging on18:08
sledgesalin: you can compile all packages by hand now (cheating bit)18:10
sledgesto parallelise efforts18:11
sledgesas that's what vgrade did and it seems that no-one complained about his alpha7/818:11
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)18:17
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:18
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)18:18
sledgesinfo from the past: n5 bluetooth sometimes would need a reboot to turn on, and hmallat called it unstable. now it seems that it fails more often, and in it has become a hard dependency for lipstick - hence lipstick fails altogether18:18
sledgesbitDagger: ahoy!18:18
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)18:18
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:19
*** nh1402 <nh1402!5f979b64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #sailfishos-porters18:19
*** alin <alin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:22
*** alin <alin!> has quit IRC (Changing host)18:22
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:22
mal-deztructor: thanks for the latest updates to statefs-providers18:24
mal-deztructor: now battery status is shown correctly on my device with power-udev18:24
sledgesalin: i'm trying latest bluez devel now18:25
mal-deztructor: however, there are still these messages sometimes "5:statefs_udev: Even capacity values are not supplied! Fix power_supply driver!"18:25
alinsledges: ok18:25
mal-could be from those other battery devices which are not giving any info18:26
alinsledges: I will build it by hand...18:29
sledgesalin: probably you'll fail, as vgrade built from old hybris-11.0 branch18:32
alinsledges: give me the link18:32
sledgesand now we have 44S18:32
alinsledges: mine works now...18:32
alinsledges: now idea why or how... but works18:32
sledgesboot race condition18:32
alinsledges: not once a lot of times...18:32
alinsledges: give me the correct link for sensors18:32
alinsledges: not to build some stupid18:32
*** edubai <edubai!uid39243@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)18:33
alinsledges: yap but which one... qt-sensors18:34
*** bitDagger is now known as bitdagger18:35
*** bitdagger is now known as bitDagger18:35
sledgesjust like it was before18:36
mal-deztructor: also some of the values are either incorrect or missing, such as ChargingState, IsCharging, Level, State, OnBattery18:36
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:36
sledgesalin: i wrote to our BT guy, will have to postpone this to tomorrow18:39
sledgesupping versions to latest not only of bluez, but any other bluetooth related packages could work18:40
alinsledges: ok...18:40
sledgesas I had 44S working in MWC and bluez behaved (at least wasn't killing lipstick)18:40
alinsledges: i do not remember who was18:40
sledgeswhich would unblock us18:40
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
alinsledges: on mine works like a charm now18:40
sledgesalin: how many times in a row?18:41
alinsledges: many18:42
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:42
sledgesthat's all18:43
alinsledges: what shall I do with them?18:43
sledgesfind packages on github18:45
sledgesall except last18:45
sledgesstart with libbluez18:45
alinsledges: ok18:46
alinsledges: but then we can add the to the dhd repo18:46
sledgesand finish there too18:46
sledgescan add this as half job done18:49
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:57
alinsledges: what is the other half?19:03
sledges 20:42 < sledges>
alinsledges: and why did not you add it to dhd?19:03
sledgesi'll add when i see it working19:03
alinsledges: ok the release one I already have installed19:06
sledgesthe release one is too old19:07
sledgesneed to find latest19:07
sledgesdid you find?19:07
sledgesfound it:
*** SfietKontantinW <SfietKontantinW!c2623324@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)19:11
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*** peppelakappa <peppelakappa!~peppelaka@unaffiliated/peppelakappa> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
sledgeslibbluez from master didn't help either19:15
sledgeswaiting for reply from Hannu19:15
sledgeswe'll continue tomorrow!19:15
alinsledges: ok strange for me works19:16
deztructormal-: this is because power-udev is still young and tuned to work on systems I have access to (my laptop, jolla1 and tablet), I saw your uevents, so I need to take separate chips into account on enumerating batteries. I'll ask you for assistance (to dump more data from your sysfs)19:20
deztructoron olinuxino I also have single charging mgmt device19:23
mal-deztructor: sure, let me know what output you want19:24
sledgesalin: can you reboot 5 times and prove it boots to ui 5 times?19:26
alinsledges: yes19:26
alinI did few times19:26
sledgesalin: what change fixed it for you?19:26
alinsledges: just adding the bluez from dhd19:26
sledgesalin: can you confirm with new image?19:27
alinsledges: I will when home19:27
sledgesi'll do now19:27
sledgesbluez from my home dhd?19:27
alinsledges: no.. the one youbuild in dhd19:27
alinthe general one19:27
sledgeshow did you downgrade it?19:28
alinzypper in bluez=version19:28
alinand -force I do nto remember19:28
sledgesnd bluez-libs the same way?19:28
alinsledges: nope just the bluez19:28
*** carepack <carepack!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:29
alinsledges: thereis one thing... lipstick restarts few times but then stabilizes19:29
alinsledges: anyhow we will need a new image19:29
alinsledges: do you want me to pass what I used to build it19:29
alinsledges: and I will commit the things19:29
alinsledges: in sfa mer to be on the same page19:29
mal-deztructor: it does get info from different devices since for example temperature from one device and most of the others from one othere19:29
alinsledges: commites19:31
alin./ -mer-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/mer-mar-16-t4 -android-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-mar-16-t4 -branch hybris-11.0 -device hammerhead -vendor lge -dest /home/alin/lavello/nexus5 -sfrelease -extraname alpha9 -jobs 4 -dhdrepo "" -mwrepo ""19:31
alin -extrarepo x -target update1119:31
alinnow I need to go19:31
alinsee you later19:31
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)19:32
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:34
*** bitDagger <bitDagger!~bitdagger@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)19:35
sledgesreboot -f19:37
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
sledgesalin: is the only way i could downgrade:
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)19:47
*** peppelakappa <peppelakappa!~peppelaka@unaffiliated/peppelakappa> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:48
sledgesalin: no luck with downgrade either19:48
sledgesso weird:)19:48
* sledges afks19:48
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
deztructormal-: if you execute this shell script and pastebin output it'd be helpful:
deztructormal-: 2 times: when charger is connected and when it is disconnected19:51
deztructoror even 3 - usb cable, wall charger and disconnected :)19:51
deztructorthank you in advance :)19:52
mal-np :)19:52
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:58
mal-all three cases20:00
deztructormal-: thanks20:03
mal-deztructor: let me know if you need a tester for experimental code20:07
deztructormal-: ok20:07
mal-deztructor: I don't know if you noticed from logs that I was unable to build the statefs git version on my computer using the normal method mentioned in hadk20:08
mal-had to use obs to build [D[D[D[Dthe new version20:09
Nokius_:( it hangs20:11
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:11
Nokiussledges: How I can fix this Provider /usr/lib/statefs/ is not loaded20:13
deztructormal-: I am using basic wrapper scripts around mer sdk rpmbuild to build packages:
deztructorNokius: "as root try from the command line:20:14
deztructorstatefs dump --statefs-type=qt5 /usr/lib/statefs/libprovider-connman.so20:14
deztructoryou should not even be root for dumping20:15
mal-deztructor: ok, I'll try that20:15
Nokiusdeztructor: in which Folder $Android_root?20:16
deztructorNokius: in the environment you get this "Provider..." message20:18
NokiusI get it during creating the zip20:20
Nokiusdeztructor: do I have to do it in the sfos-sdk?20:28
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*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has quit IRC (Quit: Lämnar)20:33
deztructorNokius: I do not know the context of what you are doing20:35
Nokiusdeztructor: I stuck here making the zip
Nokiusmay u can help ;)20:36
*** trt` <trt`!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)20:42
mal-deztructor: I get this error from your script "bash: sdk-rpmbuild: command not found"20:54
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*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
alinsledges: ping20:56
alinsledges: i think i have found one or two things20:56
alinsledges: now... if i let it crash few times20:57
alinasftera while works20:57
alinanother things I noticed... usb tethering does not work... old usb-moded...20:57
alinthen... in alpha 8 in systemsettings I had a new symbol indicating the battery20:58
alinthat is gone now20:58
alinso I suspect we are really retrograde...20:58
alinvgrade: hi... do you have handy the list of repos from which you build varia extra apps20:58
Nokiusgn8 will get some sleep21:01
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
deztructorNokius: for some reason statefs-provider-connman in your packages is bad, maybe some wrong package is taken from the package cache... somebody who knows mic could help with the issue better, there should be installation root used by mic where is this .so21:08
alinmal-: i pushed the changes upstream21:09
alinmal-: they are my bad towards n521:10
alintask-ubu is the bad one... has a repo separation for manifest not really needed21:10
alinbut I did not get the chance to test without21:10
mal-ok, I'll look into that tomorrow21:10
deztructormal-: it was missed in repo, I added it now, pull21:11
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sledgesalin: 22:57 < alin> asftera while works21:55
alinsledges: so...I boot21:56
alinsledges: and lipstick keeps restaring21:56
alinsledges: i let it for a while and then works21:56
sledgesalin: did you try from fresh image?21:57
alinsledges: now I build21:57
sledgeswith only bluez d/grade as mod21:57
sledgesi mean, flash the same alpha9 .zip again21:57
alinsledges: aa I didnot but I can21:57
sledgesyep, wouldn't hurt to double check and eliminate some vars if any21:57
alinsledges: you said something that vgrade built all the packages21:58
sledgesalin: yes, he built masters of them21:58
alinsledges: which is cool I tried to do that...21:58
sledgesall those from hadk pdf21:58
alinsledges: but I fail misarable21:58
sledgesalin: but it won't work, as he built from 11.021:58
alinsledges: I didnot check the new version21:58
sledgesand we do 11.0-44S21:58
sledgesI'm putting my money on that..21:58
alinok... if you say so21:59
sledgeswell, there's nothing else we can do21:59
sledgesuntil waiting for Hannu's reply tomorrow21:59
alinI iwll burn the newimage21:59
sledgesand fixing properly21:59
sledgesbecause only 44S will bring camera21:59
sledgesi could even be happy with no bluetooth, but camera instead21:59
alinand  sensors21:59
sledgesas bluetooth wasn't working on every boot anyway, and supported filetransfer only22:00
sledgesand i think the main thing we'll aim with Hannu tomorrow will be disabling tha bluetooth22:01
sledgesi already tried masking any bluetooth/hci -looking .service - no luck22:01
alinsledges: i see... but I think we blame bluetooth fornothign22:02
sledgesyou'd be surprised22:02
alinsledges: did you try to build an image to eliminate any error of mine?22:02
sledgesin MWC image i had to mask dbus-org.bluez.service22:02
alinsledges: ok I see22:02
sledgesotherwise Setting would get stuck for ages on first launch22:02
sledgeson internal devel mwc 44S image22:03
sledgesso bluetooth is looking oddshaped already there22:03
sledgeswhenever lipstick boots (well, that happened for me only once tonigh:D), those bluetoothObex... errors disappear22:03
alinsledges: yes there is a comment by hannu... make bluetooth less hackish22:04
alinsledges: the bug22:04
alinsledges: booting now22:05
johnyz89hi all, i have just built new sf image and i have problem with lipstick, it restarts when phone is working, but its hard to say when exactly, journal is here
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)22:05
alinsledges: same behavioru22:06
mal-interesting, I tried again using usb-moded and doing that made low-level usb-connection/charger detection to stop working, not even stopping usb-moded helps22:11
sledgesalin: did you d/grade bluez yet?22:13
alinsledges: notyet22:14
alinsledges: i am in with telnet22:15
alinsledges: i still need ot make itboot22:16
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:17
vgradesledges: tripped up over  ./.repo/repo/repo manifest -r -o tmp/manifest.xml22:17
alinsledges: thereis this touch off touchon22:17
vgradewas not clear the solution from above?22:17
alinvgrade: run it by hand22:18
vgradewhat's changed since yesterday22:18
vgradenew 11 target?22:19
alinvgrade: new? only in obs22:19
vgradealin: can't remember seeing this one before22:20
alinvgrade: I did not see it either seems repo fails to run into mb222:20
alinvgrade: just run it by hand before the mb322:20
alinvgrade: i put the solution in the script22:20
alinvgrade: is a mess now22:21
alinsledges: second reboot no luck to start... keeps showing the rotating circle22:21
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:21
alinsledges: seems also the time thing is not working...22:22
alinsledges: run-user-100000-mount changed from mounted to dead22:24
sledgesalin: in short: things are exploding here and there:D22:25
alinsledges: yap... got d-bus request a flood of them22:25
sledgesstrange, mako was working fine22:26
sledgescan be our bionic cherry pick, hm?22:26
alinsledges: that can be too22:27
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)22:27
vgradesledges: bionic patch  was ok with older sf22:27
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
alinsledges: vgrade sensors do not work anyhow so who knows22:28
alinsledges: what is strange is that in the office worked22:29
sledgesvgrade: sf or cm?22:29
* vgrade checks22:32
vgrademy alpha 8 was from hybris-11.0-44S22:33
vgradewith bionic patch + libc-common + libc22:33
sledgesalin: build cheat pls :D22:33
alinsledges: yes I tried I build all but then I get a stupid error in buildimg22:34
sledgeswe fix22:34
alinsledges: hybris-sensorsfw-qt5not in pattern22:34
alinsledges: vgrade which packages for mw didyou build?22:34
sledgesfrom hadk22:34
alinsledges: I do not have the sdk handy and I donot have mouse I logout for a seconf22:35
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)22:35
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*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:37
sledgesi'll build it no worries22:40
sledgesthe night is young:D22:40
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has quit IRC (Quit: Wychodzi)22:42
alinsledges: ok got a mouse22:42
alinsledges: let us see22:42
alinsledges: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris-0.0.6-201503162100.noarch,22:43
sledgesmb2 it22:43
sledgesgit c:one grom githun mer-packages sensporfw22:44
sledgesas per hadk paragraph22:44
* vgrade hands sledges a new keyboard22:48
alinsledges: yes i focked the bloody thing...22:50
alinsledges: cloning itnow and doing it22:50
* sledges reads what he wrote22:51
sledges:D i liked the githun bit22:51
sledgestyping on fingerterm while preparing dinner;)22:51
vgradesledges: :)22:51
sledgesalin: i'll start a 44S build without bionic and try on obs22:52
vgradesledges: looks like you dropped it22:52
sledgesthis way we'll cover all bases22:52
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)22:56
alinsledges: ok... downlaods now the packages for image23:01
alinsledges: at a speed... that23:02
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)23:04
sledgesshould be all cached;)23:08
alinsledges: not in this installl in the other23:12
alinsledges: but I copied themby hand23:13
sledgesnot common /var/cache ?23:13
alinsledges: not23:13
alinsledges: dfieerent mer anddifferent ubuntu23:13
alinsledges: perfectseparation23:13
sledgesi thought you're downloading mic package23:14
alinsledges: copied the build23:14
alinsledges: yes...23:14
alinsledges: this is what I download23:14
sledgesalin: out of curiosity: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl cat /etc/meego-release23:15
alinsledges: copied the bulk from the other environment 70 to download23:15
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)23:15
alinsledges: BUILD: Jolla-
alinsledges: on the obs whenyou deleted the packages23:16
alindid you wipe the binaries too?23:16
alinsledges: maybe  you want ot do it23:16
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:16
sledgesi just disabled them, i did not delete packages, and i did not wipe binaries23:16
sledgesalin: we'll see, i'm on obs side now, and you're building obs-less setup23:17
alinsledges: yes23:17
sledgesabout to upload RPMs23:17
alinsledges: which rpms? without bionic?23:17
*** iTune <iTune!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:24
alinsledges: finally installing23:29
alinsledges: let us hope all will be fine and I can flash it tonight23:30
sledgesim nearly finished with mic build23:33
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)23:37
alinsledges: for a reason my computer seems to be slow23:38
alinseems to run at 800MhZ23:38
alinnow it wakesup... zipping the image23:40
alinpushing to the phone23:42
sledgesyou beat me to that:P23:43
alinsledges: he he23:43
alinsledges: installing23:43
sledgespushin to phone23:45
alinsledges: boot23:45
alinsledges: booted23:48
alinsledges: I am in just passed the wizard23:48
alinsledges: sensors working23:48
sledgesgot wallpaper?23:48
alinsledges: yes23:48
alinsledges: all seems fine23:48
* sledges sets OBS on fire23:48
alinsledges: the obs is fine I think we just need to trigger the packages23:49
alinsledges: wipe all the binaries23:49
alinsledges: and trigger all the services23:49
alinsledges: to redownload the masters23:49
sledgesthey are triggered, they are all webhooked23:49
sledgesmy .zip also works23:49
sledgespah! D:23:49
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:50
sledgesexplain this then :D23:51
sledgesi'll cherry-pick bionic and re-OBS23:52
alinmonths old the source23:52
alinsledges: no idea23:52
sledgesqpa is latest master :P23:53
sledgeshasn't been touched23:53
alinsledges: ok23:54
alinsledges: makes little sense23:54
alinsledges: unless my dhd was wrong...23:54
alinbut I buid this image with that dhd23:54
alinso Ido not know23:54
sledgesmaybe sequence of bionic.. will see now anyway23:55
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