Tuesday, 2015-03-31

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OrokuSakiI just realized that hwcomposer thinks I am 0.3, while surfaceflinger in cyanogenmod uses composer 1.304:11
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jusa_vgrade: can you paste pulseaudio logs as well?04:38
jusa_vgrade: no need.. I know the problem04:44
jusa_vgrade: string_conversion_table_input_device has the known input devices, string_conversion_table_input_device_fancy needs to contain "fancy" name for each device. it doesn't. (ANLG_DOCK stuff missing at least). same for output tables as well04:49
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OrokuSaki$ANDROID_ROOT/hardware/qcom/display-caf/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp going to try that patch let you know how it goes!06:05
OrokuSakiwill this perhaps help the memory errors?06:09
OrokuSakiI made a hwcomposer client, forcing me into 1.3, and it is working06:12
OrokuSakiexcept.. memory ion stuff06:12
OrokuSakiand lipstick orientatio being a phone... (cries)06:13
OrokuSakiinterestingly the terminal app is perfect.. keyboard and all.. rotates...06:13
OrokuSakiI should take a pic06:13
Nokiusvgrade: Will ceck back lock may I missed to mask a service06:32
Nokiuswill do hybris-hal may I did only boot06:32
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OrokuSakianyone know if http://pastebin.com/TsfSwdXG that display-caf patch should ONLY be performed in the hadk side and NOT cm11?06:36
sledges19:37 < sledges> Nokius|jolla: mic create for u11 might fail due to mount options of your #HOME06:36
sledgesOrokuSaki: caf patch fixes segfaults, compiled and copied to /system/lib06:37
OrokuSakiso cm1106:38
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OrokuSakiwhat do you guys think about me doing.. this https://github.com/jshafer817/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/commit/1fe944f2c2a57db13ecc7f927b89d29b599ee54e06:40
OrokuSakiand have a working screen...06:41
Nokiussledges: I know didn't investigate in that so much06:43
Nokiusit has nodev06:43
NokiusWeather in area is already in April had snow this morning now rain :D06:44
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sledgesNokius: remove nodev06:45
sledgesthey said children in Helsinki are building snowmen yesterday06:45
Nokiussledges: will do when make hybris-hal is done06:45
NokiusWas Marc not an a motorbike tor last Eastern or was it Pentecost06:46
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Nokiussledges: I hve to remove th nodev flag in the MerSDK06:54
sledgesNokius: just in your fstab06:56
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Nokiusmorning carepack07:03
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vgradejusa_: thanks for your time, will take a look tonight afer dayjob07:08
Nokiussledges: just make sure we talk about the same. We are talking about this lines https://gist.github.com/Nokius/dc177f969c1499779fad?07:08
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* Nokius afk time 07:17
OrokuSakisledges: I guess the first line only applies to 10.107:21
OrokuSakicm11 reads: for(int i = 0; i < HWC_NUM_DISPLAY_TYPES; i++) {07:21
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mal-OrokuSaki: these are for cm11 https://pastee.org/bmmwa08:16
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OrokuSakimal: thanks!08:16
klopsi-u3good morning SFOSporters08:23
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oleidgood morning everyone! does  anyone have an idea what could cause iommu go nuts and causing a high load when running test_hwcomposer? There are no errors  apart from this msm_iommu stuff printed via dmesg: https://pastee.org/zk7nw and two processes called irq/96-msm_iomm use a lot of cpu time.09:19
oleidsledges: Dunno if you read it, but I can see a moving spiral :D09:20
mal-oleid: not sure if it can cause problems but when you rebuilt the libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin, did you just recompile then after removing the QCOM_BSP? if I remember correctly you had already compiled those with QCOM_BSP?09:30
mal-some of those part may not be recompiled after that change so rebuilding from clean source would be advisable09:31
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mal-oleid: fater that I would rebuild a new image and make a clean install of sfos, just to be sure09:34
oleidmal-: I recreated all the RPMs and used a new scratchbox after removing QCOM_BSP....09:34
mal-oleid: but did you have clean sources? or did you reuse the old ones?09:35
oleidmal-: no clean sources, but usually that doesn't matter as everything is recompiled if the makefile is newer than the leftover objects...09:37
oleidmal-: but sure, I can try to rule that out... you never know ;)09:37
mal-oleid: at least for libhybris you did not change anything in the sources or makefile09:38
mal-so not sure if it got the changed define09:38
oleidmal-: normally a calling the configure script (what rpmbuild does) creates a new makefile09:38
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mal-at least on my system if I make changes to the source it only compiles those parts and not everything when building those packages09:39
oleidmal-: I think I'll have to create a bash script which compiles the whole userland unattended... that might come handy to produce clean images^^09:41
mal-oleid: you can use this as a base for that https://github.com/dmt4/sfa-mer09:42
mal-that is for nexus 5 but with small modification should be ok09:42
mal-I took the script for building middleware from that09:43
oleidby the way... is it possible to switch of the screen from command line? I'd rather not leave my phone on the table with LCD at full intensity....09:45
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mal-haven't tried to do that, maybe sledges or someone can tell09:47
mal-oleid: you only should need to have clean sources for libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin since the other ones are not affected by QCOM_BSP09:48
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zGrrmoin :)09:54
oleidmal-: I'll do that later today, need to get going again! Thanks for the input! :)09:55
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OrokuSakiSweet... that patch seems to work well for me13:57
OrokuSakiQCOM_BPS Adreno 200 now happy13:57
OrokuSakiNo more fence problems13:57
OrokuSakihwcomposer 1.3 =)13:57
OrokuSakigood job fellas!13:57
mal-which patch?13:58
mal-for hwcomposer android lib?13:58
OrokuSakiall the qcom_bsp stuff as usua13:58
mal-very good13:58
mal-display works fine now?13:59
OrokuSakiI also do this13:59
OrokuSakiI think for some reason it is inoorrectly detecting my hal version13:59
OrokuSakishoot.. just woke up... incorrectly13:59
OrokuSakioff to work! be on in an hour... time to mess with sensors n stuff14:00
mal-how can that work, the syntax is wrong14:00
OrokuSakino idea14:00
mal-that cannot even compile14:01
mal-and why do you even need to modify that part?14:02
OrokuSakihmmm let me check again14:02
OrokuSakiyou were right14:03
OrokuSakithat is what it looks like14:04
OrokuSakithis is what it has been doing http://pastebin.com/rXBhhCp714:06
mal-I don't understand the modification, that does not change anything14:06
OrokuSakiso if you look at that last paste... does that look like hwcomposer 1.3?14:06
OrokuSakiif so.. I will undo it and see what happens14:06
mal-yes it does, Version: 103000114:07
OrokuSakiokay... I was wondering about that14:07
mal-OrokuSaki: just think about the modification you made14:07
OrokuSakiI figure it goes straight to 1.3 without thinking?14:07
mal-you left the switch case with HWC_DEVICE_API_VERSION_1_314:08
mal-so it it reaches that it work without any modifications14:08
mal-just revert to original and I'm sure it will work just fine14:09
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OrokuSakiwell.. HOORAY for no more memory errors or fence problems14:09
OrokuSakiI am using that one patch in hwcomposer about getting only 1 frame.. Nokius14:09
mal-you removed the sync_wait? did you have also freezing problems?14:11
OrokuSakithat is old hwcomposer14:13
OrokuSakiI haven't uploaded that to github14:13
OrokuSakiwas just using it to show you guys14:13
OrokuSakiplay around when I get to work.. Gotta mess with selinux on this kernel so it boots up everytime14:14
mal-just to be sure, do you use any other patches than the android hwcomposer lib one and the QCOM_BSP? if yes what exactly14:15
OrokuSakihttps://gist.github.com/Nokius/2b07dc5bad0fea0b0bb1#file-hwcomposer_backend_v11-cpp-L79 and commenting out L10114:22
OrokuSakiI did that thing14:22
OrokuSakiif (getFenceBufferFd(buffer) != -1) {         //sync_wait(getFenceBufferFd(buffer), -1);         close(getFenceBufferFd(buffer));         setFenceBufferFd(buffer, -1);     }14:23
OrokuSakiI tried it last night.. before recompiling cm11 with the added hwc.cpp patch, didn't see a difference14:24
OrokuSakiso I suppose I will next just try a stock qt5-qpa hwcomposer with only QCOM_BSP set in hwcomposer.pro and report what happens14:25
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mal-OrokuSaki: yes, you should try that14:30
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sledgescommenting sync_wait might cause flicker. rework pending for hwc15:08
* sledges goes back afk15:08
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vgradeevening all15:47
GodGinraimorning vgrade15:48
vgradeyacuken: I saw you were looking at camera, great stuff15:49
mal-vgrade: did you get audio working?15:50
vgradeyacuken: I made some changes for audio but need some more, jusa_ gave me some pointers this morning15:50
vgrademal-: check logs from late last night, I don't have the warnings of missing defies anymore but seems I'm still missing some more. Will continue on this now15:51
yacukenvgrade: but i can't get it works :(15:51
vgradesledges: thats what I was worried about with that hammer blow, but no flicker reported by Nokius so far15:52
vgradeyacuken: patience is the watchword in this game, post up your progress as a few have been round the loop15:52
vgradeyacuken: but remember every device is slightly different15:53
yacukensailfish/ubuntu/firefox/android - good motivation for trying more and more :)15:58
mal-sledges: I added something about the hwcomposer recompiling to hadk-faq15:59
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Nokius|jollavgrade: had no time today to go through the logs but i guesd sledges is right thst i may mis to mask the blower16:07
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:14fd:4f00:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:11
Nokius|jollawill investigate over Easter16:20
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sledgesNokius|jolla: i don't think masking blowers is needed:)16:27
sledgesvgrade: flicker might happen in certain cases we haven't tripped on16:29
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Nokius|jollasledges: what you mean?16:31
sledgesNokius|jolla: just reading what you wrote:)16:36
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morphissledges: you know if anyone had already success with cm 11 on the nexus4?17:21
*** itviewer <itviewer!~jimmy@106-186-115-250.idclayer.com> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:22
carepackmorphis. what does success mean?17:24
morphiscarepack: lets say: getting the UI running without any hwcomposer issues17:24
carepackok. then no17:25
morphisjust asking as I am seeing my Nexus4 never closing certain fences17:25
morphisso running out of available file descriptors after some time17:25
carepackos is coming up. But not really usable atm17:25
sledgesmorphis: vrutkovs had same issues on flo (only cm11 available for that), as mako - same SoC; essentially - apps crash, and quite upfront after boot (not fd issue maybe?), so maybe you've fixed each others troubles already;)17:29
morphisvrutkovs: ^^ can you give details?17:29
vrutkovsmorphis: not much except full rebuild with QCOM_BSP might help17:30
vrutkovsanother option is reverting all graphics-related stuff to cm-10.2, but I haven't tried it17:30
morphisvrutkovs: the problem for the fb problem is definetely in us not dealing correctly with it in hwcomposer17:31
morphisbasically I tried the carsten_ftbfs_surfaceflinger just to see what it gives me with all the good rework of the hwcomposer handling17:31
morphisand with that rework the fences are handled correctly and I never run out of available fds17:32
sledgesftbfs has always resulted with blackscreen during my tests (nexus5 and oppo find5)17:32
morphisStskeeps said once ago its very specific to the jolla tablet and intel atm17:32
vrutkovsoh, well, I'll keep rebuilding hwcomposer plugin then17:33
morphisvrutkovs: however as sledges said that will still give a black screen17:34
carepackmako boots fine but apps are chrashing17:35
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sledgesi hope Stskeeps or someone will complete/generalise the rework17:36
mal-there seems to be some good things in that17:37
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vrutkovsnot sure if this is useful, but Mozilla guys have done a similar hwcomposer work for Firefox OS17:37
vrutkovsand it runs pretty smooth on flo (and other nexuses for sure)17:38
Nokius|jollasledges: will be around for testing  on Wednesday night Thursday was my snipet the correct  place which need a nodev fix?17:38
Nokius|jollamay i will try this to night  when back home17:39
Nokius|jollabut no promises17:39
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OrokuSaki_graphics are still working.. my wife rebooted my home pc so I cannot recompile qt5-qpa at the moment17:44
OrokuSaki_While I wait... anyway to use overlay in the kernel or something to force portrait, since lipstick doesn't use landspace.... even when editing the compositor.qml and some other screen.. .still portrait... has to be another way! =)17:44
OrokuSaki_some other way to rotate my screen....17:45
OrokuSaki_can't access the top row of icons (browser) because lipstick won't let me17:45
GodGinrairotate your phone screen?17:45
OrokuSaki_using a 10" tablet... 1024x76817:45
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OrokuSaki_I don't mind using it at 768x1024 until lipstick supports landscape...17:46
OrokuSaki_wifi is working17:47
OrokuSaki_pulse is not17:47
OrokuSaki_haven't tried bluetooth yet17:47
*** IgorSK <IgorSK!~IgorSK@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:50
*** harha1 <harha1!~harha@a91-153-12-92.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:50
GodGinraithat reminds me...17:51
GodGinraivgrade: is pulse supposed to be working in the OPO port?  I have not noticed any sounds17:51
*** harha <harha!~harha@a91-153-12-92.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)17:52
OrokuSaki_a friend of mine has pulse working with my kernel without droid-sink.. I might use that.. but would like to try droid-sink17:52
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:52
sledgesOrokuSaki_: it's not lipstick to blame, do systemctl stop user@100000.service; test_hwcomposer and you'll see that one also being rotated. so you need to flip the framebuffer orientation in low-levels, e.g. kernel (i'm not aware what exactly)17:53
situsledges: Meeting today ?17:53
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:14fd:4f00:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:54
sledgessitu: i think it's way past bedtime :D sorry, been all over afk today:) still up for it?17:54
OrokuSaki_gracias! I thought so... going to ask jcsullins... kernel guy.. asking him if I can rotate in hwcomposer or the kernel.. I don't think MDP4 allows that.. it can flip and mirror.. but not rotate17:54
sledgessitu: ah! it's summertime! :P17:54
sledgesOrokuSaki_: test_hwcomposer proves that even qt is not involved;)17:54
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
sledgessitu: so let's do it!17:55
OrokuSaki_that confuses me17:55
Nokius|jollaGodGinrai: it is not working atm vgrade is on it17:55
situsledges: Feel free to change time of meeting if you want.17:55
OrokuSaki_test_hwcomposer uses 1024x768.. landscape17:55
Nokius|jollaokay cu17:55
OrokuSaki_lipstick... say fingerterm.. can do landscape.. full 1024x76817:55
OrokuSaki_if fingerterm can... why can't lipstick?17:55
GodGinraivgrade: cool.  That's what I needed to know. :)17:56
sledgessitu: no need, suits me just fine:) UTC it stays;) unless it's your bedtime over there already;)17:56
GodGinrai* Nokius|jolla17:56
sledgesOrokuSaki_: does test_hwcomposer fill the whole screen correctly? O_o17:56
situI am sleepy but let's do it.17:56
OrokuSaki_yes it does17:56
OrokuSaki_should I make a tube?17:56
OrokuSaki_making a tube17:57
OrokuSaki_phone is at 5% upload in an hour.. time to eat KFC.17:59
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sledgesbug triage @ #mer-meeting in 30seconds :)18:00
sledgesPSA ^18:00
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yacukengood evening again19:40
yacukeni'm very bad photographer. http://imgur.com/a/Gn9uU19:41
yacukenvideo also capturing.19:43
yacukenled flash don't work19:44
sledgesthat will take time ;) you can tune flash and effects in a .conf19:44
sledgesyacuken: play with https://github.com/foolab/gst-droid/blob/droidmedia/data/gstdroidcamsrc.conf and put it udner /etc/gst-droid/19:45
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!~dhbiker@APN-123-72-76-gprs.simobil.net> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:46
vgradeyacuken: congrats, good work19:48
yacukenvgrade: thanks19:49
yacukensledges: thanks. i'll try19:49
sledgesyacuken: ywelcome, we're all chuffed by your work :D and imgur is under DDoS :D i can't until now figure out whether you used cameraplus or not :D19:50
yacukensledges: yes. it's cameraplus. i get SIGBUS with jolla-camera19:51
sledgesjolla-camera is not ready yet (in released versions)?19:52
yacukenoh. okay.19:54
mal-I really should continue figuring out why my camera freezes19:54
sledgesmal-: the race is on :D19:55
OrokuSaki_touchpad orientation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtT4HnLkdH4&list=UUapIH2uGstX8Zz-KtYvCTsQ19:56
mal-sledges: yes :)19:56
mal-but I'm still ahead in many areas19:56
OrokuSaki_or.. just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtT4HnLkdH19:56
OrokuSaki_check it out... tell me what you think19:56
OrokuSaki_wait.. wrong video19:57
OrokuSaki_that is the right video19:57
sledgeslol you just got video bomved :D19:58
sledgesbombeed even19:58
OrokuSaki_??? =)19:59
vgradeOrokuSaki_: nice work,19:59
sledgesby the guy at the end:)19:59
OrokuSaki_yeah.. my dad19:59
sledgesgotta love that bit:)19:59
OrokuSaki_pay no attention to that half-pint of crown on my desk either... hehe19:59
OrokuSaki_"celebrating" graphics20:00
mal-OrokuSaki_: what is the difference between the setuop in those videos?20:00
sledgeshaha, seemed too natural to draw attention20:00
vgradeOrokuSaki_: porters run on beer20:00
OrokuSaki_in those two... nothing I don't think... one might have the sensors wrong...20:00
OrokuSaki_nod.. usually I like beer...20:00
sledgesporter beer20:00
OrokuSaki_half-pints are "safe"20:01
sledgesOrokuSaki_: where's the white stripe gone?:)20:01
yacukenvgrade: i use this https://github.com/foolab/cameraplus/commit/41f0ff12660a1398acbb9ee358213c25a8dbb89f commit. port to bacon20:01
OrokuSaki_if you go to settings, strip is still there, but the onscreen keyboard will work, over the white strip20:01
OrokuSaki_same with jolla-settings-wizard20:01
mal-that's really odd that it happens only in some programs20:01
sledgesmal-: it means it happens only with apps20:02
sledgeslipstick is compositor20:02
OrokuSaki_orientation of my sensors doesnt matter in places like... home... settings wizard... "settings... but say in fingerterm, it works great20:02
sledgesfingeterm is non-silica20:02
OrokuSaki_I think some qml files are hard coded for portrait? and others not?20:02
sledgesOrokuSaki_: do messages/gallery rotate?20:02
OrokuSaki_I found some qml files in lipstick.. and I changed them to landscape instead of portrait, no change20:02
vgradeyacuken: ok, thanks, could you note down your steps or deviations from piratepad20:03
OrokuSaki_gallery rotates, but it is the wrong orientation...20:03
OrokuSaki_white strip as well20:03
OrokuSaki_I read somewhere that ambience needs to be changed20:04
OrokuSaki_but this was before dynamic orientation I guess20:04
*** plfiorini_ <plfiorini_!~plfiorini@net-93-71-167-160.cust.vodafonedsl.it> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
yacukenvgrade: np. how to roll back notes on piratepad? it looks ugly again20:06
OrokuSaki_I am curious why I cannot access that first row of icons in my video20:08
sledgesyacuken: copy/paste20:08
sledgesOrokuSaki_: due to lipstick being landscape20:08
sledgeswhilst constructed for portrait20:08
OrokuSaki_so it is in landscape..... when I tell the qml files to be portrait (default).. it is still landscape20:08
yacukensledges: okay)20:09
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!~plfiorini@net-93-71-167-160.cust.vodafonedsl.it> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:09
OrokuSaki_lipstick does not like landscape?20:09
*** harha1 <harha1!~harha@a91-153-12-92.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:10
sledgesOrokuSaki_: if you brute fix lipstick, apps will stils have strips20:10
sledgesOrokuSaki_: i asked for proper solution from the sailors, let's wait, or rummage Qt for some framebuffer rotations20:10
OrokuSaki_I don't care about the stripes honestly.. I just want to run the dang browser. =) It is in the top row20:10
OrokuSaki_something that might help20:11
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini20:11
OrokuSaki_If I use the stock kernel settings, my orientation is wrong, unless I change the settings to portrait.. which.. doesn't make any sense.. .this is in regarding to fingerterm mainly20:11
OrokuSaki_for gallery, I suppose I should not change my sensor settings, or alter the qml file.. not sure... just regarding orientation, not the white stripe20:12
OrokuSaki_hwcomposer is MUCH better then fbdev, by the way.. really happy20:14
sledgesOrokuSaki_: add to /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf20:15
sledgesexport QWS_DISPLAY="transformed:Rot90"20:15
OrokuSaki_so exciting!20:15
sledgesthis is coming from qt-embedded though20:15
sledgesthen do systemctl --user restart lipstick20:15
OrokuSaki_okay dad walked off... here we go... =)20:16
OrokuSaki_it is not restarting lipstick20:18
OrokuSaki_doing systemctl restart user@100000.service20:20
OrokuSaki_no change20:28
sledgesRot180? :))20:28
sledgesQWS might not work..20:28
sledgesas mentioned20:28
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@p5DDB4443.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:30
OrokuSaki_no change... seems to be a qt4 thing20:31
OrokuSaki_this matters qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/ApplicationWindow.qml20:37
OrokuSaki_that changes something20:37
yacukenwrite to piratepad note for bacon20:41
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@host-80-43-93-242.as13285.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:42
MSameeryacuken: good work20:43
yacukenMSameer: thanks.20:45
MSameeryacuken: flash will work if you copy the conf file to /etc/gst-droid20:46
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vgradeyacuken: thanks, good to see same install instructions as N520:58
vgradeMSameer: great work on enabling this20:58
MSameervgrade: thanks20:59
yacukencan't play video with cameraplus (but works in internal player)21:04
yacukensledges: MSameer: thanks. flash works)21:04
MSameeryacuken: you might need to tweak the rest of the file too according to the capabilities you observe from the android camera21:05
yacukenMSameer: i think the same thing.21:07
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:08
yacukenbut first thing to do is a good sleep21:08
yacukenbuy all21:09
MSameergood night21:09
*** yacuken is now known as yacuken_off21:09
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OrokuSaki_changed so many qml files I am starting over.21:21
OrokuSaki_Curious what the jolla tablet is doing... looks like landscape in some pics21:21
OrokuSaki_with Sailfish 2.0... =)21:22
mal-OrokuSaki_: SFOS 2.0 should be useful for your project21:22
OrokuSaki_I bet... =)21:22
OrokuSaki_It will be "awesome"21:22
OrokuSaki_wish I could find a jolla-tablet rom =)21:23
OrokuSaki_that ApplicationWindow.qml changes the orientation of the background, but not.. lipstick.. and lipstick seems to ignore the Orientation21:24
OrokuSaki_well.. not the background.. just.. the entire "surface"21:25
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
OrokuSaki_could I recompile lipstick?21:35
OrokuSaki_I notice it is a compiled binary....21:35
OrokuSaki_I am certain QT5 can handle orientation.. so.. ;)21:35
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sledgesOrokuSaki_: you might want to dig around https://github.com/mer-qt/qtwayland/blob/mer-stable/src/extensions/surface-extension.xml and then lipstick source code, but that's still dirty21:53
sledgeswill wait what sailors say21:53
sledgesn!n all21:53
klopsi-u3night sledges21:54
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