Thursday, 2015-04-02

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brmI seem to have it solved, wrong verion of recovery ..00:05
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vgradeoneplus porters I had a look at double tap to wake, if anyone fancies a kernel recompile,
vgradefunctionality is there in cm12 but looks on the face of it to be missing the enablement in the cm11 branch of the kernel00:49
vgradeoppo have added their own propriatry key code but I think we could generate a toggle on KEY_POWER instead00:50
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vgradeenabled double tap in the touchscreen driver and changed the key code to KEY_POWER01:53
vgradethe gesture recognised  1876.275320] [syna]gesture:  3 f2 c7  0  001:54
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vgradeneed to look at where the KEY_POWER event went though as the screen does not switch on02:00
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OrokuSakiIs it *possible* to run gtk3 apps in sailfish\qt5?02:32
OrokuSakiI noticed someone compiled gtk stuff for nemo02:32
vgradeOrokuSaki: depends if the nemo apps were built for qt5 based wayland nemo or the older x/qt4 nemo02:38
OrokuSakilets say it is a gtk3 app designed to run on wayland... ;)02:39
OrokuSakithink it might work? I get bored02:39
vgradeOrokuSaki: What you need to know about calling something “impossible” is that it will remain impossible as long as you consider it impossible. As long as something is impossible, it won’t happen. It can’t happen. You won’t even consider moving toward it because you don’t believe in it. But once you begin to consider that something is possible, even if it’s improbable, only then will you consider attempting i02:41
OrokuSakiI know I know... just thought someone might shoot me first and say the compositor is not any good02:42
OrokuSakiI beat a 10 billion dollar company, trust me, I know. =)02:42
OrokuSakiI have 3 soon. =)02:43
OrokuSakiran qt4 app compiled for x86 in arm with qemu. =)02:44
vgradewe have qt and sdl runnig on lipstick so why not something else02:45
OrokuSakivgrade: anyone wondered about xwayland? =)02:51
vgradenot since,
OrokuSakibuy someone a beer.... stuck on compiling minisfservice.... last time I got stuck it was the 3.4 kernel... I was successful last attempt with the 3.0 kernel I thought (it was in my last build) but I am stuck again02:59
OrokuSakiI remember someone said something about changing something in android.. and I saw where they were talking about, and something about minisf.cpp03:00
OrokuSaki<~~~~ sucks at programming03:00
OrokuSakiIs this related to the camera hal?03:01
vgradeOrokuSaki: not gone down the camera road yet in the oneplus, waiting for the early adopters to clear the way03:01
OrokuSakinod... I figure everyone is sleeping in finland03:01
vgradeI should be too, but have an itch03:02
OrokuSakiyou must be in the americas or something... ahhh03:02
OrokuSakiI have 2 neighbors from the UK.. they hate eachother03:02
vgradetakes all sorts03:03
vgradedid you post that compile error before it looks familiar03:03
vgradeyou might want to reverse lookup if thats not your paste03:08
vgradetime for bed here now, nn OrokuSaki03:10
OrokuSakithanks man! searchin03:10
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OrokuSakithink I remember... minisf.cpp uint32_t maxLayerZ,  bool isCpuConsumer) just like the header said to do03:28
OrokuSakithanks whoever it was who helped last time03:28
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juicemeNokius|jolla, yes, that would make it a bit difficult. However if the HW is *really* close to Hammerhead (I thought it was Mako first but Hammerhead is more likely) as I understand, would it not be possible to flash it with CM for nexus5 and use that as the masis for the port?04:59
spiiroinvgrade: the KEY_POWER=double tap is handled in mce; some heuristics involved in telling apart real power key events from double taps. can you run "evdev_trace -i" (from mce-tools.rpm) and put the output somewhere so I could take a peek?05:12
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vgradespiiroin: sure, will be a little later today06:33
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vgrademorn locusf06:40
locusfmorgon vgrade06:40
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oleidhey there! is it normal, that the directories for mount points, e.g. /system or /storage do not exist in the the tarball image mic creates?09:09
sledgesoleid: hoy! nope, you need to ensure 'system' entry is in your android sdk tree fstab files (under device/)09:10
sledgesthen dhd picks it up and parses automagically09:10
sledgesnot the fstab on your phone(!)09:15
oleidsledges: I deposit the default fstab.qcom from device/sony/qcom-common/rootdir into device/sony/yuga and as far as I can tell, it gets picked up, the image contains the corresponding *.mount files and they look okay to me... but there are no directories.09:15
oleidmeaning: the image doesn't contain /system or /storage09:16
sledgesoleid: oh, they should get created, it shouldn't be difficult to track their creation, should be somewhere in the file09:19
sledgesor its tool scripts09:19
oleidokay, I'll have a grep, thanks :D09:20
sledgesgrep mkdir09:20
mal-sledges: oleid is it ok to have block/ in the fixups09:21
sledgesmal-: oleid: if nodes are there, yes. and well spotteed, it can be rewritten without block on either of the sed parts ;)09:23
oleidsledges: they are there, I double-checked ;D And true, the  additional block/ is on both ends is redundant, however I felt that it adds information for someone looking them up in the file system...09:26
sledgestrue that, readability ftw09:27
mal-all others don't have the block/ in the result so that's why I noticed it09:27
sledgesyou have a good eye mal- , if you aren't watching those repos, you should ;)09:30
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oleidmal- ftw! (y)  :)09:32
sledgesi'm used to skype, and (y) doesn't work well on irc but i guess not everyone is using utf still 👍09:35
mal-sledges: that final letter shows as a question mark, even though I'm using utf809:36
sledgesi am not havein proper utf setup myself it seems :D09:37
mal-ah, that one09:38
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oleidsledges: on my end, I get a pretty thumb :)09:42
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sledgesorly? :)09:45
oleidsledges: jep, I'm using pidgin...09:46
sledgesscreen+irssi here09:47
sledgescan work from anywhere:)09:48
oleidbadass ;)09:48
sledgesif anyone's it using and missing notifications, i got a script to share09:48
sledges(non intrusive, client-side only)09:48
mal-of course my setup can also have problems09:49
oleidsledges: so you're saying the /system directory is created somewhere during rpm build. the closest thing I could find is
mal-oleid: line 29709:50
mal-oleid: it only creates the .mount files for systemd09:51
mal-oleid: check your image for system.mount of something like that most likely in /lib/systemd/system/09:52
oleidmal-: the mount file is there, but not the mount point.  is systemd is supposed to create the directory on mounting?09:53
sledgesoleid: rpm -qf /system09:53
mal-sledges: does it create the folder automatically?09:53
oleidsledges: I'm not running sf at the moment, have to wait for a call :D09:53
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oleidsledges: but calling : find .  -name '*.rpm' -exec rpm -qlp '{}' ';'  | grep "^/system"   in my tree of rpm files shows no results...10:08
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sledgesthe truth is out there ;P10:11
oleidsledges: yet, the same for /sys, /proc and /dev ... but they are in the image... so I assume there is some place else where they are created.10:11
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sledgesdroid-hal-init / /init*rc ? at least some of them10:11
oleidsledges: and I'm positive that it'll come to light.... but after lunch :D10:12
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sledgesoleid: odd, /system is not owned by any package, and /init.rc contains #mkdir /system (commented out)11:59
sledgestmpfiles.d also don't create it11:59
sledgesnor anything under /*11:59
sledgesalso mountpoints should be created for other units, like firmware12:00
sledgesmaybe here the dirs are created:
mal-"Directories of mount points (and any parent directories) are automatically created if needed."12:09
sledgesthen how come they didn't get created for oleid ?12:09
sledgeshe claims he has .mount12:10
mal-that I don't know12:10
sledgesbut he may have sideloaded it instead12:10
sledgesescaping the "preset" phase12:10
mal-maybe it fail to mount it for some reason? but manually it works?12:12
sledgesmaybe it was too early in boot12:12
mal-what if the block/ causes problems in early boot?12:13
sledgesif there are physical nodes under /dev and block/ has symlinks only, i'd go for /dev12:16
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yacukengood day12:37
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yacukenvgrade: i think you don't need to rebuild kernel12:38
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yacukenvgrade: `echo 1 > /proc/touchpanel/double_tap_enable`12:39
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vgradeyacuken: right, but you still need to convert the generated keycode to KEY_POWER so sailfish can process12:44
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vgradeI think I see it now, is sailfish expecting KEY_POWER on a different eventX to the touch data?13:26
vgradethe KEY_POWER generated due to double tap I mean not the normal one from the physical button13:27
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faebwAny updates on audio for OPO?13:46
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nh1402looks like Google have released their own official extension for Chrome for Android app support called ARC Welder13:51
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vgradenh1402: could not get is to run angry birds or fruit thingy13:56
vgradefaebw: soonTM13:56
sledgesapkenv should get you angrybird in a heartbeat13:58
vgradespiiroin: I have no evdev_trace -t output for a double tap but I do see a kernel log from the driver recognising it.  So it looks like things going wrong in the generation of the KEY_POWER14:03
vgradeinternal to the driver14:03
nh1402Would it be possible to extract the necessary ARC Welder files outside of Chrome and get it working with Sailfish?14:06
faebwvgrade what means TM?14:08
vgradenh1402: as I undrstand it you would need not only the ARC android environment but the nacl implementation as well.  Not to say its not possible.14:08
vgradefaebw: a little joke, TM as in trademark.14:09
vgradefaebw: not very funny I know14:09
GodGinraivgrade: I found it funny :P14:10
faebwvgrade and why you write this soonTM Imean soon is clear so i have to wait or what do you want to say with this14:11
GodGinraifaebw: When you say something followed by (tm), the idea is the quote is trademarked.  When used as a joke, it means that answering this is so common that it was trademarked14:12
GodGinraifor example14:12
vgradefaebw: there is no update on audio14:13
faebwaha ok but i dansou wanted to help me port but now i try myself14:13
GodGinraithe Open Pandora had a common quote "two months" as the estimation of when something would happen.14:13
GodGinraithat two months was always a moving target, so we all started referring to it as "two months (tm)"14:13
faebwGodGinrai haha14:13
GodGinraibecause we kept hearing it14:13
vgradefaebw: if you wan to try have a look at
sledgesGodGinrai: you must surely know Notaz then, he was my coursmate back in uni:)14:14
faebwyes but i am busy with my school14:14
GodGinraisledges: oh nice!14:14
sledgeswe used to hack mario into Sony CMD Z5 :D14:15
sledgessmall world and good ole times..14:16
energycsdxnh1402: ARC Welder crash on every apk14:18
nh1402sounds like it works for a very very small selection of apps then, sounds like its better to stick with ARChon14:20
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nh1402was looking into how to install chrome on Sailfish, quickly realised that only chromium works on ARM, then realised it doesn't support wayland (as far as I can tell) then found a project called Ozone-Wayland which does just that.14:48
vgradenh1402: but does it have native client supoprt14:50
nh1402vgrade: I have no idea14:51
vgradenh1402: for archon to function is needs that afaict14:52
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yacukeni broke camera o_015:07
oleidsledges: when you say "sideloading", you mean sideloading the sailfishos zip when installing from recovery? actually, I did that... didn't know that this makes a difference, though...15:08
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oleidsledges: no, there are no symlinks in /dev/block on yuga.15:12
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yacukendon't know how. but cameraplus freeze15:12
yacukenvgrade: can you test camera works or not?15:13
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vgradeyacuken: you mentioned a freeze before, what did you do to fix?15:16
vgradeyacuken: yes , testing is on my list15:18
yacukenvgrade: before adding bacon video.gep i get error for gst missing plugin.15:23
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vgradeyacuken: I'll let you know if I trip up on the same when I get to it, maybe MSameer can give you a hint in the meantime15:29
MSameerdid you disable shutter sound playback?15:30
vgradeyacuken: what did you do since it was working?15:30
MSameerthat's the most common root cause of freeze during startup15:30
MSameer[D] onError:94 - Camera error (12): Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in. gstencodebin.c(1474): _create_stream_group (): /GstCameraBin:QtCameraCameraBin/GstEncodeBin:video-encodebin:15:30
MSameerCouldn't create encoder for format audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)415:30
MSameer[D] showError:224 - Error: Camera error. Please restart the application.15:30
MSameeryou don't have the aac encoder15:30
MSameerthere are 2 pasts and I have no idea which one is the problematic one15:31
vgradeMSameer: first one I think, yacuken ?15:32
MSameerstrace it. if it's stuck at an ioctl then most likely it's the shutter sound15:33
yacukenMSameer: first after add bacon/video.gep. second - before. now first15:33
MSameerwasn't it working yesterday?15:33
sledgesshutter patch is in piratepad15:34
sledgessure it wasn't just this bug: ?15:34
merbotNemo bug 804 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] camera crashes when aspect ratio is changed" [Normal,Needinfo]15:34
sledges(it should be renamed to camera freezes after error message")15:34
MSameerI guess bacon does not need the patch. It can be disabled via default.prop?15:35
sledgesjust add =0
MSameersledges: is it a crash or freeze?15:36
MSameercrash -> bt15:36
sledgesMSameer: on aspect ratio -> freeze15:36
MSameerfreeze -> GST_DEBUG='*:2'15:36
sledgeswill update bug with last 4 lines ^15:36
MSameerit's not a freeze. It gives an error15:36
sledgesit gives an error as notification15:36
sledgesin ui15:37
sledgesthen freezes15:37
MSameerdo you get the app not responding banner?15:37
sledgesdon't remember15:37
sledgesquite likely15:37
sledgesas i cannot go back to settings etc15:37
MSameergive me a way to reproduce it and I can try to fix it15:37
sledgeslaunch cameraplus, go to settings, change aspect ratio, go back to viewfinder -> freeze15:38
sledges(ensure you don't have the famous mwc hack in)15:38
sledges(because that fixes it)15:38
MSameerdoes not happen on my jolla phone :p15:38
sledgeson nexus5 only15:38
sledgesno reports from bacon so far15:38
sledgesyacuken: ?15:38
MSameerdo you have RPMs for me to install?15:39
MSameeraha the famous hack15:39
MSameerbut we know it's a bug in droidcamsrc15:39
MSameerdoes it happen without the hack?15:39
sledgeswith all other dependencies in that repo15:40
sledgesfreeze happens only without a hack15:40
MSameerso it's a bug in droidcamsrc15:40
MSameerI was waiting for vakkov to send PRs with his code so I can refactor that part15:40
MSameerapparently he is not interested so I will do it eventually and render his efforts obsolete15:41
MSameerthat part needs heavy refactoring15:41
sledgeswell, he's having exams15:41
yacukensledges: so fast for me. as you remember my english is very baad) give me some time for reading all messages15:41
sledgesyacuken: long story short: does your camera work again after you reboot the phone?15:42
MSameersend me a spare 1+ and I will fix it for you :D15:42
sledgesMSameer: you can already multirom ;P15:42
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:42
MSameersledges: nop15:42
sledgesyou as in community15:43
MSameersledges: still nop :D15:43
sledgeswell, community can multirom :P15:43
vgradeMSameer: I have a spare to loan, where do I need to send15:43
yacukensledges: nope. i think i forgot something after update.15:43
MSameervgrade: I was half joking here but let's give yacuken time first :)15:44
MSameervgrade: thanks for the offer. will ping you if I decide to work on it15:44
vgradeMSameer: np15:44
* MSameer LARTS OBS15:44
vgradeOrokuSaki_: morning15:44
MSameerOrokuSaki_: morning15:44
OrokuSaki_redid my image... forgot to do hwcomposer because... I need sleep. =)15:44
yacukenOrokuSaki_: morning15:45
sledgesOrokuSaki_: morning15:45
MSameerdo we have 2 persons working on 1+ ? Oo15:45
OrokuSaki_forgot to put in QCOM_BSP.. =)15:45
vgradeMSameer: yacuken is on camera , I'm on audio and double tap15:46
MSameerisn't OrokuSaki_ on it too?15:46
MSameeror am I confused?15:46
*** harha1 <harha1!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)15:46
OrokuSaki_Oh... I must still be logged in from home.. and work over webchat.freenode.net15:46
OrokuSaki_I notice sometimes it gives the other name an underscore..15:47
vgradeMSameer: OrokuSaki_ is on HP Touchpad15:47
OrokuSaki_yeah.. the camera blows on the touchpad... but I reckon I will give it a go15:49
OrokuSaki_I changed something in hybris and hwcomposer.. .something about using a framebuffer and EGL_DISPLAY15:49
MSameervgrade: I always confuse people :)15:49
OrokuSaki_that might have made a difference... won't know until later15:50
OrokuSaki_I added qcom_bsp to my file and recompiled.. installed it on my device15:50
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)15:50
OrokuSaki_It kicks me out of telnet, so it is running out of memory15:50
OrokuSaki_or whatever15:50
OrokuSaki_memory leak15:51
OrokuSaki_Oh I remember15:51
OrokuSaki_when you follow the porting guide, you do a cat and echo to create the spec file15:51
OrokuSaki_I added these lines to a text file and then pasted in terminal, to create the spec file15:52
OrokuSaki_I do that a lot when porting instead of typing just copy and paste from textedit15:53
OrokuSaki_I opened the spec file and %define android_config \ #define QCOM_BSP 1\ %{nil}15:53
OrokuSaki_it was one line... and I figured it should be 3 lines15:53
OrokuSaki_or wrong?15:53
OrokuSaki_stupid question.. but have to ask15:54
sledges3 lines15:54
OrokuSaki_that is what I thought!15:54
*** arcean <arcean!~arcean@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:54
OrokuSaki_thats what I used... hmmmm... figure it out.. I also modified my bz2 file before installing..... I ripped it out and went for stock so see what happens...15:54
alinsledges: hi... so all we need is to install the chrome to get android things15:54
oleidinteresting! on sf /dev/block is full of symlinks, while on cm it isn't.15:55
sledgesalin: android's not really up my street, ask nh1402 or energycsdx15:55
mal-OrokuSaki_: that should be three lines15:55
OrokuSaki_nod.. thanks15:55
OrokuSaki_gotta "work"... be back in 2 hours15:56
alinsledges: I was reading the news...15:57
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:57
sledgesalin: yep, been discussed in backlog here already today15:58
oleidchanged the unit file accordingly et voilà, systemctl start system.mount  works *doh* -- sledges, I think I need to send you another pull request ;)15:58
oleidI guess mal-'s eye for abnormality didn't fail us yet another time ;)16:09
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:10
mal-oleid: nice :)16:10
mal-which reminds me that I should add my device also to fixups16:11
mal-it has the simple fix16:11
oleidby the way: what about a 2nd sdcard? should I add that to to the fixups script, too? it has an entry in fstab...16:17
oleidbut there was no .mount file created for it. I guess external sdcards are auto-mounted on sf?16:18
oleidyep, works automagically, ignore the question^^16:25
sledgesoleid: automount works and hotplug?16:28
mal-the other partition on my sdcard is not mounted automatically16:29
mal-the working on being /data16:29
oleidright... no, I discovered a link I never realized before and thought it was mounted, while it wasn't need more coffee... I need to add another entry to fixups... :/16:33
sledgesoleid: shall i wait with PR?16:34
oleidsledges, ignore the current pull request^^16:34
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:34
oleidis it possible to extend it, or should I send another one?16:34
sledgesoleid: just botch a commit on top16:34
sledgesNokius: i'm in Berlin next week, fancy a meet?16:35
*** kido <kido!~kido@unaffiliated/kido> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:36
nh1402looks like I timed out. alin: What I think we need to do is cross-compile chromium for arm and use ozone-wayland to get the view going on wayland. There isn't much info, but I think native client might be supported on the latest version of chromium as some research suggests. After chromium is installed then install either Archon or ARC Welder16:38
nh1402I don't have the necessary storage needs to install linux, and then space to cross compile chromium for ARM16:39
oleidit's really strange, that fstab.qcom lists the external sd card's device as /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host/mmc1  -- that makes a rather unusual entry to the fixup script...16:41
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:41
alinnh1402: so this is the opensuse... where is build for arm... will it build on mer that remains to be seen16:43
alinbut the thing is is chromium the same as chrome?16:43
sledgesoleid: that's an udev/uevent path, you need corresponding one, usually under /dev/platform/msm...16:43
r0kk3rzalin: not quite the same16:44
oleidsledges, I was going to add the line:             -e 's /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host/mmc1 /dev/mmcblk1p1 ' \16:44
nh1402chromium has some differences to chrome such as chrome apps only work on chrome, extensions work on both however16:44
alinnh1402: exactly... so it may be useless to build chromium16:45
nh1402archon might work on chromium not sure16:46
alinnh1402: that .spec is x1116:47
alinnh1402: one needs to see  how to enable wayland16:48
oleidsledges, udevadm monitor spits out /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:aaaa/block/mmcblk1/mmcblk1p1 when adding the card16:48
nh1402that is why I mentioned ozone-wayland16:48
sledgesoleid: research where fixup-mountpoints is actually used and how; it's not about udev mapping, it's booted android's vs its recovery /dev path mapping16:51
sledgeswithout and with udev (needed by first stage and second stage sf boots (telnet 23 and 2323)) respectivelly16:51
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
Nokius|jollasledges: may join the SailfishOS meetup on monday =)16:56
Nokius|jollau will be the first sailor  there =)16:56
sledgesNokius|jolla: lol awesome timing! what time?16:58
*** OrokuSaki_ <OrokuSaki_!48369a6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)17:04
sledgesNokius|jolla: i can't view 2nd link publicly, but first link says 1pm :(((17:05
sledgesand i land at 4pm17:05
oleidsledges, but itsn't fixup-mountpoints (also) used to convert the device paths extracted from the fstab files when generating  the .mount files?17:05
sledgesoleid: if it is, then good, but looking that it has conversion only from devfs to devfs, i don't think so17:06
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:06
vakkovMSameer: this is my change. the reason i haven't sent a PR is because we need a way to determine if the camera doesn't have video-size in its hal, so that it asks for preview -
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)17:07
Nokius|jollaits 7pm at cbase =)17:07
*** ilan <ilan!~ilan@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:07
vakkovmy other commit is setting setSynchronousMode to true; i will try to work around his one17:08
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:08
vakkovMSameer: so sending a PR from is useless, it will break everything else :P i will help with the refactoring when i am free :)17:09
sledgesNokius|jolla: was? Zusammenfassung: - (01:00)17:09
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:09
oleidsledges: I think I don't get, what you suggest.... This is my fstab file:
Nokius|jollasledges: looks like bad integration17:10
sledgesoleid: im pretty sure mountfstab file ignores anything what doesn't start with /dev/17:10
sledgesNokius|jolla: 7pm bring it on! :D17:11
sledgesNokius|jolla: maybe i'll be able to hack your find5 :D do you have mobile workstation? :D17:11
sledgesbut can't promise through bear Goggles if i exceed Ballmer's peak17:11
*** iTune <iTune!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
alinsledges: so shall we cook a release?17:13
Nokius|jollasure but the bulid-box is not mobile17:13
alinsledges: i have few days free now17:13
sledgesalin: status quo unchanged17:13
sledgesNokius|jolla: but surely you could externalise a nice shell of it;)17:14
Nokius|jollasledges: yes with some bad stuff sure =)17:15
*** PhompAng <PhompAng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
Nokius|jollasledges: do u mind posting about your visit on Twitter?17:16
sledgesNokius|jolla: go ahead!17:17
*** iTune <iTune!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:18
oleidsledges, I don't know about mountfstab (never heard before and I find no reference in the tree), but using the udev path in a systemd unit works...17:18
oleid... for mounting...17:19
sledgesoleid: a perl script mal- linked us yesterday17:19
sledgescan't remember exact name17:19
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:14fd:4f00:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:21
oleidhm, okay, how about applying the pull request as it is and I'll try to find out about the external card... external SDs are not as important as other things, e.g. hwcomposer ;)17:23
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:24
sledgesoleid: yes, sdcards will need work, and you'll be the first one to delve in there ;)17:25
oleidwoohoo, #neuland!17:27
sledgesland ahoy :D17:30
sledgesoleid: whereabouts in germany are you?17:30
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:30
oleidsledges: It's the south-west, about as far away from Berlin you can get^^17:31
Nokius|jollaoleid: u live in BW right?17:32
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
oleidNokius|Jolla: nearly, it's Saarland :)17:32
Nokius|jollaoh from.the smallest =)17:33
oleidno! I'm not from Bremen ;D17:34
Nokius|jollait's a city state =p17:34
oleidYet, living in a small state has it's advantages: It's quite simple to get your groceries (wine and cheese) in France and your gasoline in Luxembourg on your way home ;D17:36
Nokius|jollaso guys do this in poland here =)17:39
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:39
sledgesin UK they take ferry to france, stock up for booze and go back ))17:39
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
*** filippz <filippz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:40
Nokius|jollasame in Finland  and Estonia17:41
oleidand in Sweden they take the ferry to open sea to drink booze ;)17:41
yacukenwtf? just repeat steps for getting cameraplus and gst-droid/create bacon video.gep. and camera works.17:42
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
nh1402Anyone up for getting chromium on sailfish ;)  and should help17:47
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:50
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)17:57
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|jo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:01
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:07
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:09
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:10
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*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
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*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)18:36
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
vgradenh1402: most chromium builds I've seen are mentioning disable_nacl=118:38
vgradeespecially on arm18:39
nh1402I've seen that for chromium builds that were a few years old but found this
nh1402I found a better link which suggests that Native Client problem for chromium was fixed but I can't for the life of me find it now18:47
nh1402vgrade: found it,
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has quit IRC (Quit: Hasta la vista beipe)18:49
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:14fd:4f00:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)18:51
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokiuc19:05
*** Nokiuc is now known as Nokius19:05
Nokiusso why is the zip containig a wrong hybris-boot.img :-S19:11
oleidsledges, mal-, I can see minimer on yuga :)19:12
Nokiusoleid: :)19:13
yacukenNokius: what mean wrong? it's pulled from $OUT/hybris-boot.img. right?19:17
Nokiusthe img from zip is telling me that I need kernel flags but if I use the sideload img from $OUT/ it is working :-( also the md5sum is diffrent19:19
mal-oleid: very nice19:21
oleidis a load of ~5 normal while running minimer?19:22
mal-oleid: next step is lipstick, make sure you have EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf19:23
mal-oleid: does not sound normal19:23
oleidthe animation is smooth, though and the total total cpu usage is at about 20%19:23
mal-actually haven't tried19:23
mal-never thought to check the cpu usage19:24
mal-of course I could try now19:24
oleidI did, as the last time I tried minimer the load diverged to infinity :D19:26
mal-will take I moment to boot the phone19:26
oleidno hurry^^19:28
yacukenNokius: normal for me. don't know why this :(19:28
*** PhompAng <PhompAng!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:29
yacukenNokius: have you tried to pack zip manually?19:30
Nokiusyacuken: not yead is my next step19:31
mal-oleid: load average: 9.69, 7.60, 3.7519:32
mal-and about 15% of cpu usage19:32
mal-so you can continue to lipstick19:32
Nokiusyacuken: tring to get the blower masked or disabled :) / device is rebooting19:32
oleidfor a desktop, I'd say it's quite high, but I don't know about these small devices^^19:32
mal-oleid: maybe that test program is not even supposed to be efficient19:33
oleidI can see a welcome screen, but touch isn't working...19:33
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)19:33
Nokiussledges: mh fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img is rebooting after boot :-/19:33
oleidI'll check the logs and see if something is blocking the device...19:34
mal-oleid: you'll have to figure out what is the correct input device for your touchscreen, so cat /dev/input/event*19:34
mal-do that for each device and touch the screen, when you something you have found the correct one19:35
mal-then we'll need to tell the lipstick what to use19:35
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:36
mal-oleid: when you find the correct one then you add it to /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf LIPSTICK_OPTIONS19:36
oleidevent1 it is :)19:37
mal-then replace event0 with event119:37
mal-in that file19:37
mal-and restart lipstick19:38
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Quit: Going!)19:38
oleidI did and rebooted, touchscreen seems to work now...19:38
klopsi-u3mal-: do you do anything else besides sailfish porting?19:40
klopsi-u3you are incredible19:40
mal-klopsi-u3: yes, I'm doing a app for sailfish at the moment19:40
mal-I have also other projects that I do sometimes19:41
* oleid does the tutorial :D 19:41
Nokiussledges: did cp /init /target/init-debug but after echo device is rebooting :(19:42
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
yacukenNokius: thats from boat loader? what in diagnostic.log?19:42
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:43
Nokiusyacuken: have no diagnostic.log19:43
mal-oleid: then start the fun part of trying to get all things working19:43
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Client Quit)19:44
yacukenNokius: but how did you know about kernel flags?19:45
mal-oleid: could you pastebin some journalctl output so I can see what kind of problems you might have19:45
oleidmal-: it looks really great :) but I think during the tutorial touch stopped working...19:45
oleidI'll try to restart lipstick...19:45
Nokiusyacuken: If I boot after flashing th ezip I get a dianostic.log // now I'm fastbooting the img and I have no problems ( execept that the device is rebooting)19:47
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)19:47
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:47
yacukenNokius: it's a big problem)) what in diagnostic.log? you have followed this?19:50
Nokiusyacuken: yes weeks a go and the Kernel flags are set in the defconfig19:50
Nokiusyacuken: I had a working sfos but I build atm a flashibile zip and have issuse again :(19:51
Nokiusyacuken: also the cmdline has selinux=019:52
Nokiussledges: have /target/init-debug        /target/init_enter_debug but continue in 2323 is rebooting :-( [ I followed the backlog steps]19:54
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)19:55
oleidmal-: here are logs (systemctl, journalctl, logcat, dmesg) :
oleidI filtered the logcat output through uniq -c as there is a vast amout of spamming going on.19:59
mal-oleid: did you get past the tutorial?20:01
oleidjep, just finished it... I'll keep an eye on the touchscreen ;)20:02
oleidthe display doesn't turn off completeley, the background light is always on...20:03
mal-there seem to be some power management issues in the logs: "WARNING: at ../../../../../../kernel/sony/apq8064/arch/arm/mach-msm/pm-8x60.c:995 msm_pm_wait_cpu_shutdown+0xa8/0xc4()"20:04
oleidI'll make a list of what's not working...20:04
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
mal-ofonod[760]: GET_SIM_STATUS reques failed: 120:05
mal-so no phone related things yet20:05
oleidcamera doesn't work either...20:06
mal-oleid: that's to be expected, that needs some further things20:07
mal-not relevant now, other things first20:07
mal-oleid: to get audio you'll need to copy some files from here
mal-mainly sysconfig and pulse folders20:09
mal-then adjust those to your device20:09
mal-you should rename the files for your device20:10
oleidmost important for me is right now is basic telephony stuff. then I can keep sf on my phone in case somebody wants to call me^^20:10
mal-oleid: audio first20:10
oleidsure, that's part of telephons ;)20:10
mal-oleid: only rename the .pa in pulse folder and add the same filename to sysconfig/pulseaudio20:11
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:17
*** Nokius|jolla <Nokius|jolla!~Nokius|> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:20
klopsi-u3good evening Nokius|jolla20:22
Nokiusklopsi-u3: hi20:22
klopsi-u3does |jolla mean you are chatting on a jolla device?20:23
Nokiusyacuken: manuell zip get's me in the 23  \o/20:23
Nokiusklopsi-u3: yes it's me mobile :)20:24
yacukenNokius: "but continue in 2323 is rebooting" reboot to sfos or back to boatloader?20:24
Nokiusyacuken: yeap if stay in 23 now :D can't go into 232320:25
mal-oleid: for sim problem you can try booting to cyanogenmod and disabling pin, I think i read somewhere that it might be an issue sometimes20:26
vgradeNokius: do you have the selinux commandline override flag set in the kernel config. not at desk so cant look exect name20:28
*** epia <epia!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:29
epiahello, I noticed a curious thing on my nexus420:29
epiaonly one cpu is online20:29
epia(out of 4)20:29
energycsdxoleid: did you recompile kernel?20:29
energycsdxoleid: in my case i can`t insmod wifi blob from sony for some reasons20:31
Nokiusvgrade: hi / cmdline has selinux ( I did touch the defconfig since we had a working img so I should work20:31
Nokiusvgrade: following the backlog it should work but for some reasons it is blowing :(20:32
oleidenergycsdx:  yes, the original kernel didn't have the things activated I need for systemd20:32
energycsdxoleid: than you probably should recompile wifi kernel module20:34
oleidmal-: this is what pulseaudio says with the new config file file from hammerhead20:34
oleidenergycsdx: thanks for the pointer, I'll add it to the list :)20:35
mal-oleid: pulseaudio says what?20:37
oleidmal-: doh, multitasking poblems in my brain ;) here is the link:
mal-oleid: ok, you'll need to patch pulseaudio-modules-droid20:39
oleidmal-: I guess there is a patch somewhere floating around as somebody had the very same problem?20:40
mal-I think not the exact problem20:41
* Nokius hack on cu tomorrow :)20:41
*** yacuken is now known as yacuken_off20:41
oleidby nokius!20:41
oleidmal-: I'll google and see what I find...20:41
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:42
mal-oleid: I can try to make you a patch, just a moment, I have done this before20:42
oleidmal-: oh, cool! I don't even have a clue what's wrong, yet^^20:42
energycsdxoleid: what is serial-getty@ttyHSL0.service? do you have serial console to your device?20:43
*** Perazdera <Perazdera!b24f1b7a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
oleidenergycsdx: according to my research, you *can* connect some JTAG thingy, if you open the phone. /proc/cmdline even shows that there is a console open: console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 [...]20:45
Perazderacamera working on galaxy nexus sailfish os20:45
oleidbut I never did, as it's no longer whaterproof after opening it^^20:46
*** kaan <kaan!4ea05718@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:47
*** kaan is now known as Guest6342220:47
mal-Perazdera: nice20:48
Perazderawhat is the status for open-source Dalvik runtime framework?20:49
*** Perazdera <Perazdera!b24f1b7a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)20:50
mal-oleid: try this
mal-no other testing except that I made sure it compiles20:53
oleidmal-: thanks, I'll try asap!20:53
*** beidl <beidl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)20:57
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
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oleidmal-: nope ->
oleidsame assert...21:04
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mal-are those previous lines from the current run?21:05
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mal-that shows the patch version is not installed, did the patch go in ok? and compile? and install?21:06
oleidI applied  the patch, rebuild the rpm, copied it over, installed it and rerun the test...21:07
mal-how did you install it?21:09
oleidthere were no errors, and it applied cleanly..21:09
oleidrpm --force -Uhv package21:10
oleidstrange, but the file time didn't change...21:12
oleidI'll check out clean sources and start over...21:12
mal-where did you copy the file? the RPMS folder in pulseaudio-modules-droid21:13
oleidjep, I used my script  and it does that automatically after cleaning that folder.21:13
mal-maybe to it manually after you try with a clean source and that patch21:16
mal-but it should not matter21:16
mal-unless your script copies the file already to somewhere else21:17
oleidmal-: nope:
mal-how can that be, check the source manually for the patch21:31
mal-oleid: what script do you use?21:33
*** thewisenerd <thewisenerd!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)21:33
oleidbasically all commands from the hadak manual arranged as a shell script....21:34
oleidbut I'm positive that the patch is included...21:35
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mal-oleid: just to be sure get a clean source apply the patch, check that it really was applied and build manually21:40
*** thewisenerd <thewisenerd!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:43
oleidmal-: I'll double-check.... just rebuilding and I inserted #error statements...21:45
klopsi-u3try this song...
mal-oleid: if you want to check one thing add output to droid-util.h before line #include "droid-util-44.h"21:48
mal-oleid: you are using cm11? forgot that21:50
oleidyep, cm1121:50
mal-that should be the correct header for cm1121:51
oleidyep, it should... but still the build doesn't trigger my #error traps... I'll check what android version is defined...21:53
mal-are you building with script or manually?21:54
mal-oleid: you script does this rm -rf $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris21:55
oleidmal-: nope21:57
oleidbut I switched to manual building^^21:57
mal-so you have another script, that sfa-mer21:57
oleidmal-: until a few minutes, I used a less pimped version of
oleidmal-: which I execute directly in $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris22:03
oleidmal-: strange, running only m2b  [...] build in the source folder triggers my #errors, it's android 4.4. but running from my script doesn't... here is a new and different output, but the abort is triggerd  anyway:
sledgesoleid: pulseaudio command line is incomplete22:09
sledgesoleid: and congrats on reaching UX! \o/22:09
oleidsledges: thanks! :)22:09
dr_gogeta86good evening guys22:09
dr_gogeta86how do you do22:10
oleidsledges: what's missing in the comamnd line?22:10
oleidhey dr_gogeta86!22:10
sledgesoleid: params, you can read them off from pulseaudio.service Exec22:10
dr_gogeta86gotta go is too late22:11
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dr_gogeta86my lg g3 need some love22:11
dr_gogeta86maybe after easter22:11
sledgesdr_gogeta86: what are you busy with?:)22:13
dr_gogeta86lg g3 i got some file missing to create a valid bootable linux image22:14
dr_gogeta86bootloader is not unlocked and I get unsigned image22:14
oleidsledges: yeah, that's only to specify the config file, however, I overwrote the default one ;)22:14
dr_gogeta86there are many techiniques to circumvent22:15
sledgesoleid: ok cool then :p22:15
sledgesdr_gogeta86: oww, lg notoriously known for lockdowns22:15
sledgesstay wary of LG OTA updates and avoid them :D22:16
oleidsledges: LG == locked greatly ;D22:16
mal-sledges: do you think oleid could need the mako hack that is just before that assert22:16
mal-I think it's worth a try22:17
sledgesmal-: yes22:17
oleidmal-, sledges: enabling the hack...22:18
sledgeswhich disables a line of code ;)22:19
mal-just replace the MAKO with you device name22:19
dr_gogeta86i got the flasher so22:19
sledgesmal-: i think device names are created elsewhere22:20
dr_gogeta86ota how much you want i can ever roll  back as i can :-p22:20
mal-at least I have used one for my device22:20
oleidmal-: I commented out the line, should be enough for testing^^22:20
sledgesdr_gogeta86: lucky you flasher works, i remember times with my htc wildfire when nothing could roll back ;)22:21
dr_gogeta86i got my sister in law one22:22
dr_gogeta86such a ...22:22
sledgesmal-: yes you're right: -DDROID_DEVICE_`echo $droiddevic22:23
dr_gogeta86btw i saw double tap on 1+22:23
dr_gogeta86so also on my g3?22:23
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mal-oleid: any luck?22:31
oleidmal-, sledges: commenting that very line doesn't change anything:  -- I increased the verbosity of the log22:31
oleidI added two code lines...22:33
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oleidso I guess I should find out how the table looks for my device, that shouldn't be difficult... *coding*22:37
mal-just wondering why is the name output-aux_digital if it's handling input22:39
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mal-oleid: maybe jusa_ can help with that error22:41
oleidmal-: Maybe it's because I'm quite tired, but why do you think it's handling input?22:42
sledgesoleid: pastebin /system/etc/audio_policy.conf ?22:42
mal-oleid: I was just looking at the source and thought that was for input devices22:43
mal-oleid: it has am->input->devices22:44
oleidsledges:  -- probably easier than coding ;)22:46
oleidmal-: good point! ;)22:46
oleidmal-: not the function name makes sense :D22:47
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mal-I think it's better to continue tomorrow22:53
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oleidyep, you're right! but I'm very happy that yuga reached UI :)22:57
oleidthank you guys for all your help! :)22:57
klopsi-u3it is great to see people having successes23:11
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brmhi guys, having an issue with mer sdk and wonder if someone can help ..23:53
brmwhen I type sdk to chroot i get "su: cannot set groups: Operation not permitted"23:54
brmany idea's23:54

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