Sunday, 2015-04-05

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brmhey all00:28
klopsi-u3hi brm00:29
brmhi klopsi-u3: you done many repo sync's?00:29
brmis it normal for the sync to fail regularly, I restart it and it get's a bit further each time ..00:31
klopsi-u3mine went without a hitch00:31
klopsi-u3i think i did 200:32
brmok, must be something to do with my poor bandwidth maybe ..00:32
klopsi-u3i wish i had more brain cells00:33
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klopsi-u3  die harten zahlen - .de verarmt02:07
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brmhi guys04:30
brmanyone know why I am getting the following error on fetch:  error: Cannot fetch lbt/android_kernel_htc_m4 From git://
brmi thought I had the vendor/model correct04:32
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Nokiusmorning pp is not working proper05:04
Nokius:-/ have in both files  QCOM_BSP05:15
brmhi Nokius05:23
Nokiusbrm: hi05:23
brmhey finally got a repo sync working, but now comlains about missing breakfast command, where does that come from?05:24
Nokiusbrm: before breakfast do source build/envsetup.sh05:28
brmNokius: Thanks, did not see that in the PDF ...05:28
Nokiusbrm: is breakfatin now working?05:29
brmwhat is that? this is my 1st time tring to build ... so clueless05:30
Nokiussorry is breakfast failing or working05:31
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* Nokius still a bit sleepy05:31
brmbreakfast is failing .. ** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_[m4]' ** Do you have the right repo manifest?05:32
brmno worries ;) take a cold shower .. he he05:32
brmwhat does "breakfast" do?05:33
Nokiusbrm: can you paste your manifest (
brmhere it is:
Nokiusbrm: sorry don't see reason why it's failing wait for sledges or mal-05:46
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Nokiusbrm: to me it looks correct05:55
brmok thanks05:57
Nokiussledges: all I know is that some think is wrong last time I saw the display size when statring the test_hwcomposer this time not06:02
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Nokius\0/ YEAH YEAH YEAH looking 30 min on backlog put stop seeing the importen part :D GOT IT!06:05
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NokiusDAMN you debugfs06:05
Nokiusbrm: can you paste the output from breakfast06:07
Nokiusbrm: the full06:09
brmhere it is:
Nokiusbrm: echo $DEVICE returns what in comandline06:13
brmecho $DEVICE      [m4]06:14
Nokiusbrm: wondering why it has [ ]06:15
brmyep, don't know why either, I had put only m4 in the correct file06:16
brmshall I change it back?06:16
Nokiuscan you paste the file to06:17
brmtrying to remember the file06:18
brm.hadk.env .. I will pase it06:18
Nokiussledges: my after noon tast edit "var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf" on build machine and mash debugfs screen is BACK :) and than I will try to mack a new zip and flash again to see if all is picked propper06:19
Nokiusbrm: see06:19
brmahh, it has "export DEVICE="[m4]"" in it, I guess I did that wrong06:19
brmso i'll correct that for both devive and vendor ... do I have to do another "repo sync"06:21
Nokiusbrm: you also have to change everywhere the $DEVICE06:21
brmwhat do you mean .. which other files06:21
Nokiusyou have to find all the wrong files / folders06:22
Nokiuswhich contain [$VENDOR] [$DEVICE]06:22
brmI think the problem stems from incorrect info in the  PDF .. it states: export VENDOR="[insert vendor name here]" and the same for device, it implies to leave the brackets [ ]06:23
brmI am refering to section 4.106:24
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Nokiusbrm: sorry for that not sure if a fresh start is needed to clean all []06:26
brmoh bugger, I was hoping you would not say that, it has taken me two days so far06:27
Nokiusjust a week a littel trip into the world of problems :D06:27
Nokiusbrm: may wait for sledges but I is in my eyes safer may renaming all is also a way to go check all files / folders you created in the last step06:28
* Nokius off for good food u later and HAPPY EASTER :P 06:29
brmok, thanks for help06:29
Nokiusfound my egg all ready06:29
brmi found 2106:29
brmegg droppings06:30
Nokiuscheck also the contend of files06:30
* Nokius dancing to afk and knowing tat find is back to UI :D06:33
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brmhi guys anyone still awake07:35
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energycsdxbrm: hi07:38
brmhi energycsdx: can you have a look at  .. my breakfast $DEVICE is failing ..07:39
energycsdxbrm: you trying to build cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b revision of CM, and this revision is not available in android_device_htc_m4 repo07:43
brmI don't know where the bacon stuff comes from, I am trying to build 11.007:44
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:53
dr_gogeta86happy easter07:54
mal-brm: as the output says "Use the ROOMSERVICE_BRANCHES environment variable to specify a list of fallback branches"07:55
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mal-brm: so run ROOMSERVICE_BRANCHES=cm-11.0 breakfast $DEVICE07:55
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brmthanks mal:07:59
brmmorn sledges:08:01
brmmal: that works but getting this now: fatal: duplicate path device/htc/m4 in /home/bmentink/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml08:02
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sledgesNokius: well done! hope all modifications that you did on-device, you carried forward to the build system, so they all get reproduced and land in the image next time you build08:02
sledgesbrm: i think you don't need the kernel repo in your local_manifest, only device08:04
sledgesbecause of this:
brmoh, ok08:04
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brmmal: I think I don't have the device line right in my manifest, can you please check -->
sledgesit says ..._device_..08:11
sledgesall good08:11
mal-could the roomservice from previous attempts be causing problems?08:12
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brmis the "path="device/htc/m4" correct?08:12
sledgesremove roomservice file08:13
brmthe .xml one?08:13
brmnow I get an error 403 -->
mal-try again08:17
brmsame each time08:18
locusfthats the github api limit08:19
brmis the repo down?08:19
mal-brm: you can always add the repos manually to local_repositories08:20
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brmmal: explain?08:21
mal-brm by adding all the needed additional repos to the same files that you added your device repo08:21
brmmal: how will that help with this error08:22
mal-no actually sure08:22
brmwell i'm off to bed now, so will try again in the morning  .... thanks for the help08:23
sledgesbrm: .pdf explains how to avoid github api limit08:24
brmsledges: page/section?08:24
sledgesbrm: search pdf for "api limit"08:25
brmgot it 5.308:25
locusfah you caught it in hadk, good :)08:25
mal-never noticed that myself08:26
dr_gogeta86hi locusf08:29
dr_gogeta86how do you do08:29
locusfhey dr_gogeta8608:29
locusfall good :)08:30
brmoff to bed, bye for now zzzzzzz08:34
dr_gogeta86sledges, locusf08:35
dr_gogeta86did you ever compile dtc from kernel scripts folder ?08:35
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locusfonly for sony devices08:35
sledgesdr_gogeta86: there is some interest in sailfish on g3 at #lg-g3 channel08:37
* sledges afks a bit08:37
dr_gogeta86locusf, got some minutes08:40
dr_gogeta86sledges, joined also there08:40
locusfdr_gogeta86: whats up?08:41
dr_gogeta86i don't have so much time08:42
dr_gogeta86but it seams you need more tool in order to generate those files08:42
locusfdo you have dtbs target in kernel?08:42
locusfmakefile target I mean08:43
locusfie. make dtbs08:43
dr_gogeta86manually ?08:43
dr_gogeta86a bit barbarian08:44
dr_gogeta86let see08:46
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locusfyou have zimage-dtb target08:55
dr_gogeta86android or kernel ?08:57
dr_gogeta86there are some bugs in AndroidKernel.mk09:00
dr_gogeta86DTS_FILES = $(wildcard $(TOP)/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/$(DTS_TARGET)/$(DTS_NAME)*.dts)09:00
dr_gogeta86but are in09:00
locusfthe kernel09:01
locusfoh thats not good09:01
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nh1402_Well I was trying to cross compile chromium with ozone-wayland yesterday, but got stuck09:54
nh1402_I was following this and this
nh1402_got to the gclient sync stage after 8 hours and then "_gclient_ozone_ixm4cw" was missing09:59
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nh1402_looks like I might have found a prebuilt one
nh1402_looks like it wants glibc 2.17,,, and GLIBCXX_3.4.20. Would it be possible to install these without breaking anything?, if so how would one go about doing it11:16
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energycsdxnh1402_: i think SF do not have libdrm11:21
nh1402_that was one of the dependencies chromium was looking for and didn't find. Is it possible to install it?11:21
energycsdxno, SF do not use DRM by default11:23
energycsdxDRM is interface between kernel and userspace for graphics driver11:23
energycsdxthere is implementation of DRM for some ARM SoCs and some people even tryed to use it under Sailfish OS but it is not usual way to HADK adaptations11:26
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nh1402_alright since that won't work how about pointint apkenv to CM12 for the android specific stuff11:52
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Nokius|awaysledges:  I did it with the int* already mount need fix and droid-hal changes for input/event and hwcomposer and the usb networking hope that this will work than home in 1-2h12:17
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* Nokius|away afk12:23
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Nokiussledges: I did let see to get the usb installed and the /droid-hal-device.conf14:37
Nokiusand debugfs14:38
Nokiusoh I edit it in my mer/target (droid-hal-device.conf) put it looks it's the wrong place :-/14:41
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Nokiussledges: is step 7.1.1 needed to fix that?14:49
Nokiushave it also change in /rpm/device-oppo-find5-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf14:50
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Nokiusah 14.4.2 cover it14:51
Nokiusand than 7.114:52
vgradeevening all14:57
vgradeNokius: back on track I see from twitter14:57
Nokiusvgrade: yeap :) long way to learn some lessons14:58
locusfhey vgrade15:05
vgradeo/ locusf15:07
sledgesNokius: you did it!15:16
Nokiussledges: what? some thing wrong?15:16
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sledgesNokius: you've brought your phone to sf ui the second time \o/15:25
sledgesit is a good easter present :)15:25
Nokiussledges: how do I add the usb rpm to get telnet working with SFOS and stop the mount of debug15:25
sledgesjust saw your twitter as per vgrade's note15:25
sledgesNokius: which usb? the new way or the old way?15:26
Nokiussledges: yeap as I sad in the morning it was debugfs :(15:26
sledgesNokius: i didn't understand in the morning that you booted to ui :) must've been sleepy15:26
Nokiusthe rpm u meantion last night to get the service running15:26
sledgesNokius: did it help?15:26
sledgesNokius: did you install jolla-rnd-package and all started to work?15:27
Nokiusno I'm working on a better zip atm so I can flash later to see if now all is working :)15:27
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sledgesNokius: so you just removed usb-moded.service instead?..15:28
Nokiusony wondering how to get the mount disable before building and the jolla-rnd-package (into the zip)15:28
Nokiusno I disable one line15:28
sledgesin .service file?15:29
Nokiusyes line 13 vgrade told me this weeks back one night :D15:29
sledgesok, that's the same as removing that file15:30
sledgesNokius: you can't test it anymore because your UI works. jolla-rnd-package makes the difference only when ui is not up yet15:30
sledgesnow you can safely put back usb-moded and it will be ok. add jolla-rnd-package to patterns as addition15:30
Nokiussledges: ah okay15:31
Nokiussledges: patterns?15:31
Nokiussledges: lukely we will meet up may you can help me than with the U11 problem don't get my problem there :) [Know it something in my mount of the build system]15:32
sledgesNokius: disable debugfs:
Nokiussledges: thanks15:33
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nh1402_since you guys are active, you may or may not know that I found an rpm of chromium for ARM with Wayland support. Unfortunately, there are 4 dependencies that it requires, glibc 2.17, libdrm,, and GLIBCXX_3.4.2015:35
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Nokiussledges: so I add the hole path in my rpm/device-oppo-find5-configs/ ? and rerun the 7.1 part?15:38
sledgesnh1402_: i saw your message earlier, to which i see that marrying differing libc version on the same system is a path already derailed imho15:39
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:39
sledgesNokius: yes, mkdir to that path and ln -s /dev/null. and once you adjust the patterns too, then re-run 7.1 onward15:40
Nokiussledges: okay thanks15:41
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nh1402_so that basically eliminates using ARC, Archon, and ARC Welder then.15:41
sledgesnh1402_: recompile the same way that rpm was compiled, only against sailfish target, and you should end up with elegant image15:42
nh1402_I did try to build it, twice yesterday, which took the best part of 16 hours, 8 hours each, and then got stuck plus not sure how to build against sailfish target.15:44
energycsdxnh1402_: you can solved problem with libc with LD_LIBRARY_PATH but to satisfy libdrm depency you need big to do big changes related to graphics drivers15:45
* energycsdx wonders why chromium needs libdrm15:45
energycsdxnh1402_: btw what is your hardware?15:46
nh1402_in terms of phone or PC? phone is Nexus 5, PC is a laptop i5 4200u 1.6Ghz, 8gm ram, 500gb hdd15:48
sledgesnh1402_: libdrm is there
sledgesenergycsdx: ^15:48
sledgesbut probably need deeper integration..15:49
nh1402_I know enough about Linux to use it day to day, and use basic terminal commands, but don't really know about building things15:51
sledgesnh1402_: hadk teaches how to build packages against sailfish15:52
locusfso you wanna build chromium to use the archon android compatibility layer?15:52
sledgesand shows examples with middleware packages15:52
nh1402_locusf: exactly.15:53
energycsdxsledges nh1402_: on Nexus 5 in order to get DRM working you need to replace libhybris with freedreno, i know that somebody already tryed to do it15:53
sledgesenergycsdx: that's only for graphics part15:54
sledgeshybris would remain for other hw parts support15:54
Nokiussledges: is there a way to install the  jolla-rnd-package and the untrasted package before ziping so it's already enable when flashed??15:55
energycsdxsledges: yes, i think camera and video decoding will not work after this15:55
sledgesNokius: is what I said+linked about patterns15:56
Nokiussledges: ah okay15:57
locusfwe might have better success with apkenv once it gets fixed15:57
energycsdxnh1402_: do you have src rpm for that prebuild rpm?15:58
nh1402_energycsdx: This is where I found it
sledgeslocusf: vakkov was on top of apkenv, but he ran out of time. i guess he'd be happy to hand over the knowledge15:59
nh1402_locusf: apkenv works for apps that solely/mainly use JNI and C++. For normal Java and even web based android apps won't work.16:00
locusfsledges: I know, I was there, it was something about debugging libhardware16:00
locusfnh1402_: oh ok16:00
energycsdxnh1402_ it can be moved from tizen obs to mer obs16:02
sledgesyou need a tizen account. i once asked, never got a reply16:03
sledges*OBS account16:04
sledgesor do everything backwards: download the src.rpm16:08
nh1402_considering I can't really build it in the first place, I don't think I'll be able to do it backwards16:11
sledgesnh1402_: and if you do, freedreno will be another obstacle16:12
energycsdxnh1402_: wait, ozone chromium is not chromium browser16:15
Nokiusozone is this
Nokiussledges: I see the init in $MER_ROOT/target are aslo the wrong one to edit :-/16:23
NokiusI change the init*.rc from my first working device with vimdiff to be the same in $MER_ROOT/target but I saw that my dmesg is floded again with it so I did it a the wrong place I assume16:28
Nokiuslet's see if zip is working sildeloading16:29
energycsdxnh1402_: prebuild rpm that you found from tizen is build with -Ddisable_nacl=1 so ARC will not work16:29
sledgesNokius: init*rc changes are performed in device/oppo/find516:30
sledgesor common16:30
sledgesor in system/core/rootdir16:31
nh1402_Didn't know that, couldn't you enable it when starting chromium?16:31
*** iTune <iTune!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)16:33
*** iTune <iTune!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:33
energycsdxnh1402_ it is compile time config, you should rebuild rpm to apply changes16:35
energycsdxnh1402_ download src rpm into virtual machine that come with sailfish os sdk, unpack it, change spec file and rebuild using mb216:36
Nokiusno UI on the screen but telnet :D16:36
Nokiusis screen of :-s16:41
nh1402_energycsdx: I have the VM from the SDK all set up, and I can probably unpack the src rpm but I lost you at "change spec file and rebuild using mb2"16:42
Nokiusbut why screen is off16:42
Nokiusstrace looks like all is working16:43
Nokiusah :D16:43
energycsdxnh1402_: spec file is inside src rpm, mb2 takes .spec and creates .rpm, it described in HADK, actualy porting to device requires to build .rpm16:48
Nokiusmh some cosmetic is needed reboot is not picking screen proper16:51
Nokiussledges: wow all have diffrent md5 :)17:03
Nokiusbuild box and device17:04
locusfthe configuring without nacl is probably done inside .spec file17:05
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*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:31
*** Guhl <Guhl!~guhl@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
Nokiussledges mal- I need to ship a custom version from cm with the modified right?17:53
sledgesNokius: it's Apache2 licence, which permits distribution17:58
Nokiussledges: oh17:59
sledgesshort answer: yes17:59
Nokiussledges: so on the leagel way it's not possible to share it18:00
sledgesif i said that it permits distribution, and you will be allowed to ship a custom version, why do you say now that on a legal way it's not possible to share it?18:01
Nokius:D permits sound negative :) but it's the opposite18:03
Nokiusmh have to cat /dev/input/event1 and press power button to get the screen on :-/18:04
sledgesyou'll need to debug mce18:05
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:09
*** filippz <filippz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:12
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*** p0wnd <p0wnd!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:22
Nokiuswrong init18:22
yacukenevening all18:22
*** iTune <iTune!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)18:29
Nokiusyacuken: hi18:32
sledgeshello all18:33
NokiusLED is on :)18:34
Nokiushas a bit diffrent behavier when killing lipstick but it's green :D18:41
yacukenNokius: any news for find5?18:43
sledgesyacuken: check his twitter ;)18:44
Nokiusyacuken: yeap it's booting to ui again and since a few minute I have working LED18:44
yacukenNokius: wow =)18:45
* Stskeeps opens a cold beer18:46
Stskeepshappy easter etc18:46
klopsi-u3happy easter to you too Stskeeps18:47
Nokiusyacuken: tell me a bit about pulseaudio how did you get it working :)18:47
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:48
NokiusStskeeps: happy easter :)18:48
sledgeshe Stskeeps18:48
yacukenNokius: looking for jack event with `cat /proc/bus/input/devices` and add this device to /etc/ohm/plugins.d/accessories.ini jack-device18:53
Nokiuscan I build gst-jolla before I hav working audio?18:53
yacukenouch. sorry. it's for jack18:54
Nokiusyacuken: no problem it was a general question18:55
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:55
yacukenNokius: for audio i remove pa_assert form pulseaudio_modules_droid. but this hack not needed anymore on 5.0.34 (at least for 1+)18:56
yacukenNokius: pulseaudio config i pull from hammerhead18:56
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Quit: Nice Scotty, now beam my clothes up too!)18:57
Nokiusyacuken: okay18:58
*** ro <ro!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
Nokiusyacuken: you used this ?19:00
yacukenNokius: yep19:02
Nokiusyacuken: and worked oot of the box :)19:02
yacukenNokius: audio up?19:04
Nokiusyacuken: sorry was a question if it works for you out of the box19:05
yacukenNokius: ah. yes =)19:06
Nokiusokay is buliding atm19:07
* yacuken can't make call :(19:09
Nokiusyacuken: how did you test it?19:12
Nokiusfound out I have it on my device already19:12
Nokiusvolume rocker say muted :-/19:13
*** ro <ro!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:13
yacukenNokius: first outgoing call do nothing and "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Error.Cancelled - channel closed" after second try i have error "message="Operation already in progress" reason=ERROR (6)". after this i can't send and receive even sms before reboot19:16
yacukenNokius: what config for pulse you use?19:16
Nokiusyacuken: my client.conf
Nokiusyacuken: sorry I have no I idea about the calling problem19:19
*** filippz <filippz!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:20
yacukenNokius: sorry. I mean this
yacukenNokius: and this
mal-and the xpolicy19:24
yacukenthanks mal- )19:25
*** ro <ro!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
Nokiusyacuken: thanks for the hint will get some sleep19:29
yacukenNokius: \o/19:31
Nokiusyacuken: no sound so fare but got a lot today back :D19:33
sledgesn!n Nokius , see you tomorrow:D19:34
Nokiussledges: happy to have working (not perfect) find5 to show :P19:35
sledgesyep, good timing for that sfos meet19:36
Nokiusneed a notice application to hold it as name tag :)19:36
sledgesyes, due to display being always on :D19:36
Nokiusyeap ! hope we have a crowed19:37
NokiusI can suspend it and wake it up as well19:37
sledgesgood good19:37
Nokiusonly (re)boot is not working better but how is doing that Jolla is up 30 days up19:38
mal-I did some debugging of my audio problem and might have narrowed it down to droid-source, that never gets suspended most likely because it gets stuck, droid-sink however suspends ok, if it happens to do it before droid-source19:52
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
MSameersledges: ping20:27
MSameersledges: free?20:27
sledgesMSameer: pong20:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)20:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
MSameersledges: build droidmedia branch of cameraplus and install it20:29
MSameersledges: launch it from the terminal and it will dump all the detected resolutions to stdout20:29
MSameersledges: make sure to switch between both devices so you get all the resolutions then create device.ini with the default resolutions like this20:30
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)20:30
sledgesMSameer: should be s/jolla/JP-130120:31
MSameersledges: the spec copies it correctly20:32
MSameersledges: and no need for resolutions.ini anymore20:32
sledgesah ofc the spec, sorry yea20:32
sledgessounds awesome!20:32
MSameerthere is still something wrong because the resolutions don't get applied but that's something I am debugging20:34
*** eos <eos!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:34
*** Guhl <Guhl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:34
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sledgesMSameer: worked out of the box! it started with front camera with its highest resolution, then switched nicely to another camera20:40
sledgesgot resulution list and created default.ini20:40
sledgessettings lists all possible resolutions20:41
sledgesbut resolutions fail to get applied either way , just like you said20:41
sledgesat least it doesn't freeze :D20:41
MSameersledges: it will start but trust me this is not supported and I might break the ability to start without device.ini20:41
sledgesthat way:))20:42
MSameersledges: yes I don't know why it does not work :(20:42
MSameersledges: what is default.ini?20:42
sledgesyacuken: want to try on bacon?^:)20:42
sledgesMSameer: device.ini20:42
MSameersledges: the issue is it might start with a 16:9 resolution on a 4:3 device which will look ugly20:43
MSameerthat is why we need device.ini20:43
*** Jef91 <Jef91!~jeff@bodhilinux/team/Jef91> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
Jef91Is there a start to finish walk through of what I need to do to go from stock android to Sailfish OS on a NExus4?20:43
sledgesMSameer: how many 4:3 devices do you know? :)20:43
sledgesJef91: hi, do you want to build yourself or just flash a ready image?20:44
Jef91sledges, just flash the ready image.20:44
sledgesMSameer: changing of resolutions used to work :{20:45
Jef91sledges, so I need to flash CM before I can flash sailfish?20:45
sledgesJef91: correct20:45
sledgesJef91: you can also multirom20:46
Jef91if I setup multirom I won't need CM?20:46
sledgesJef91: not explicitly, you'll still have to pass it to multirom for needed bits20:46
MSameersledges: I know. It's a bug in the dynamic generation of resolutions20:46
MSameersledges: I am working on it20:47
sledgesMSameer: hmm ok20:47
Jef91Alrighty. I'll slodge through that thread. It isn't laid out very well for following.20:47
sledgesyou can do it:)20:47
MSameersledges: the whole app was never designed for that20:47
sledgesexcuses excuses :D20:47
sledgesgreat work MSameer , i see you were committing all weekend 8)20:49
MSameersledges: easter :(20:49
sledgessame here :(20:49
sledgesi owe you a beer, or better - all you can eat buffet :D20:50
yacukensledges: of course)20:50
MSameersledges: :)20:50
sledgesyacuken: i think it will delete all your resolutions.ini which is now redundant anyway, so backup of anything;)20:50
MSameerhow can I solve this now...20:51
* MSameer digs20:51
yacukensledges: with this file (empty or not) camera hangs20:52
yacukentry new20:52
sledgesyacuken: but you had camera working20:52
yacukensledges: yes. create bacon/video.gep - camera works. try set resolutions.ini - camera hangs. try set empty resolutions.ini - camera hangs :)20:53
sledgeslol ok, try new :D20:53
*** Guhl <Guhl!~guhl@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
mal-MSameer: I got past the problem with channels-mask in the codec project but once again got into other problems, this time it aborts, haven't figured out why21:02
MSameermal-: probably an assertion from stagefright21:07
*** ro <ro!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:07
mal-maybe something is still missing from the initialization21:09
mal-I'll look at stagefright source to see what it could be21:09
MSameerit should show up in logcat too21:14
mal-ah, ok21:15
mal-there is was, forgot to look there21:18
mal-MSameer: thanks again21:20
mal-I looked also from OMXCodec.cpp to see what else is needed21:22
mal-a lot of things to do tomorrow21:22
*** eos <eos!> has quit IRC (Quit: Verlassend)21:26
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*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:34
sledgesMSameer: yacuken:
sledgesyacuken: you need to create one for bacon21:46
yacukensledges: thanks. i'll try21:48
MSameersledges: 1920x1080 ? is that the highest 16:9 ?!21:50
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)21:51
sledgesMSameer: yes21:52
sledgessame on cyanogenmod21:52
sledgescm doesn't allow 16:9 at all21:52
sledgesit just enlarges viewfinder outside visible screen area21:52
sledgesso when you think you cropped the picture in, you haven't21:53
MSameersledges: merged21:53
sledgesand even photo editor doesn't crop 16:921:53
sledgesamazing android...21:53
sledgesyet even sf photo editor doesn't crop 16:9 :P :D21:53
sledgesMSameer: thanks21:53
MSameersledges: better than our photo editor :P21:54
*** vrutkovs <vrutkovs!vrutkovs@nat/redhat/x-kfbkpzmstzcfkzhf> has left #sailfishos-porters21:55
Jef91Anyone know if I need to do something special to make wlan work on the nexus 4 with the sailfish community image?21:55
sledgesJef91: should just work, try several times, or you might have an unfortunate AP (5GHz don't work, and some routers also don't work)21:55
Jef91sledges, it isn't showing any networks here21:56
Jef91doesn't let me turn it on21:56
Jef91the light stays dim21:56
sledgesJef91: pull down pulley menu21:57
Jef91sledges, "connect to internet" is greyed out21:57
sledgesJef91: then you need to dig deeper, open terminal and type lsmod21:58
Jef91could not open /proc/modules21:59
sledgesJef91: oh i got it22:00
sledgesJef91: you need to flash stock rom22:00
sledgesas per instructions22:00
sledges * Install Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) to your Nexus 422:00
Jef91So I can't have lolipop22:00
Jef91and Sailfish on here22:00
sledgesyou can22:00
sledgesquestion #1422:01
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)22:01
*** edubai <edubai!uid39243@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:01
Jef91sledges, where do I get that radio.img from that will work with the nexus4?22:03
sledges0.84 should work22:05
sledgesin addition to 0.4822:05
Jef91sledges, I want to flash that with sailfish in TW or I want to flash it to the main internal?22:13
sledgesJef91: don't flash anything, just copy the file and follow faq22:14
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:16
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:18
Jef91Does the jolla store work under the nexus4 or not yet?22:28
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:30
sledgesJef91: it works22:32
* MSameer LARTS himself22:33
MSameersledges: please retry with commit 6b867fd7c9f11eac7e632677e75c0d58ff3db58a22:38
MSameersledges: that should allow changing the resolutions22:38
MSameersledges: I'd like to know if it will work for nexus5 or not22:38
MSameerapplying the resolution upon startup is still not working but you can change it from the settings22:39
MSameershould work when changing it from the settings22:39
sledgesMSameer: building22:41
sledgesalin_: some notes:
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)22:47
sledgesMSameer: it showed first frame then said camera error22:54
sledgesafter restarting app, nothing works anymore22:54
sledges[D] showError:226 - Error: Camera error. Please restart the application.22:54
sledgesand after going to settings:22:54
sledgesUnable to open input file: No such file or directory22:54
sledges(device.ini is there)22:54
Jef91I'm up and running22:56
Jef91thanks for the help sledges22:56
sledgesno resolutions shown setings22:56
Jef91popping my sim chip into the n4 now :)22:56
sledgesMSameer: but when i strace it, resolutions appear in settings. race?22:56
sledgesJef91: pleasure to help and have loads of fun!:)22:56
MSameersledges: I don't get you23:00
sledgesMSameer: quite likely because i don't have the mwc hack23:01
sledgesand camera tries to change res on every startup, and freezes23:01
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: Application terminated!)23:01
MSameersledges: cat > /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/share/qtcamera/config/hammerhead/qtcamera.ini23:02
sledgesMSameer: no such file23:02
MSameersledges: create it :P23:02
MSameersledges: cat > /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/share/qtcamera/config/hammerhead/qtcamera.ini23:02
MSameerimageFps = 1523:03
MSameervideoFps = 1523:03
MSameertell me if that works23:03
MSameerany configuration key from qtcamera.ini can be overridden now by creating a device specific qtcamera.ini23:04
MSameerso I am setting fps to 15 for mako since there is a bug in droidcamsrc when it is 3023:04
sledgesMSameer: it works, but still can't change resolutions -> freeze -> restart app -> back to 4:323:04
sledgesyet i get a valid viewfinder now at least23:04
MSameerget me a bt of the freeze23:04
MSameerand maybe try with the mwc hack23:05
MSameerBTW I think I reproduced the same issue _once_ on jolla phone so seems I will have to fix that race properly soon23:05
sledgeswthell now everything works!23:07
sledgesi was too impatient to wait23:08
sledgesand i thought it froze23:08
sledgesi just have to wait longer23:08
sledgesand now res switching works without mwc hack! \o/23:08
sledgesafter restart of app, it says "failed to set resolution"23:08
sledgesand falls back to 7.9(4:3)23:08
*** Makalak <Makalak!~Makalak@unaffiliated/makalak> has quit IRC (Quit: time for me to quit too, night lovely people)23:08
sledgeseven though settings falsely show last chosen res from launch before23:10
MSameersledges: yes it does not set the correct resolution yet upon startup23:11
sledgesyour magic worked hey hey hey!23:11
MSameerI wonder why it needs to wait between resolutions23:11
MSameersledges: I am on the resolution setting upon startup23:12
sledgesyes, the time increased, but no freeze nor error anymore \o/23:12
sledgesprobably the time is now equal for the time with mwc hack..23:12
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:17
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:22
* sledges bows out23:35
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)23:35
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:36
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