Wednesday, 2015-05-06

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ikozzzsledges: ping10:27
sledgesikozzz: pong10:28
ikozzzi found steps to block touch events during call10:28
sledgesand you saw the comment from Simo too i presume:)10:29
ikozzzoption a) is not a fix10:31
ikozzzstop/start mce does not affect UI in our case10:33
spiiroinikozzz: if you stop mce, touch is not blocked -> something else10:34
ikozzzsledges: i mentioned that UI freezes but it react on tap. Tap screen when device dims display will wake it10:36
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ikozzzsledges: steps to block touch -> 1. start call 2. touch and hold the screen some where (in the middle for example) 3. cover proximity sensor 4. release finger from step2 5. Uncover sensor10:41
spiiroinikozzz: exit from dimmed state happens at mce -> does not mean ui is reacting to touch10:48
nh1402ikozzz how about steps to start touch events when booting in to CM :p10:48
spiiroinikozzz: but the rest is something we had problems with in jolla phone...10:48
spiiroinif the touch driver does not emit "touch release" when entering suspend -> ui side touch tracking can get stuck10:49
spiiroinI think there was something dealing with that somewhere in qt-wayland-hybris input stack, but we also patched jolla kernel to do explicit touch release10:50
spiiroin... alternatively mce might also be left thinking that the touch that started pre-display off never stops -> which could lead to touch getting blocked too long10:52
spiiroinbut if stopping mce does not cure the situation -> more likely it happens at ui/lipstick10:53
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spiiroinikozzz: did you check if/how touch blocking happens in that finger-on-screen situation?10:55
ikozzzsledges: sometimes it blocks completely but sometimes edge-swipes are still working10:55
spiiroin"edge swipe works" -> not blocked10:55
sledgesbut "End call" doesn't work?10:56
ikozzzsledges: it won't accept usual gestures and touches at all10:57
spiiroinIIRC there have been bugs like "invisible virtual kbd is on top" -> only edge swipes work10:58
spiiroini.e. wrong component has input focus10:58
sledgesyep, good to check against that10:58
nh1402couldn't you just start checking the proximity sensor after answer call has been pressed, and then block touch once the sensor is covered11:03
nh1402also whenever I get a call when in Sailfish, I just press the power button, call stays on, screen/touch does not.11:04
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ikozzzspiiroin: yes, same behaviour11:15
ikozzzchecked just now11:15
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locusfsledges: thanks for the g+ mention :)12:50
sledgeslocusf: ywelcom:) good work!12:55
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locusfif someone is coming to Happy Hacking Day friday/saturday at Helsinki, I'll be bringin SailPi along :)13:12
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stephghmm Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration m714:40
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zhxt_stephg: seems similar to the situation mentioned in  8.4/page 25 in HADK doc(v1.0.3.0)14:59
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stephgyeah I tried that and it didn't seem also to work15:07
stephgI'm confused: exactly what does 'Rebuild .ks' mean15:09
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stephgwhen I change the settings as per page 25 I just end up with this instead: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-hw-adaptation-@DEVICE@15:11
mal-stephg: .ks is created in section 8.215:12
stephgmal- yeah15:13
stephgthat's what I don't understand: so I have that (with the bad Jolla Configuration line)15:14
stephgso I change it as they suggest15:14
zhxt_stephg:  "@DEVICE@" should be "m7" in your case.15:14
stephgbut then it says 'rebuild .ks' but obvs I do that then I'll end up witht he bad line again15:14
mal-stephg: actually it is recreated in 7.1.415:15
stephgmal-: won't it expand @DEVICE@ for me?15:15
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stephgok let me try that15:15
zhxt_stephg: there is a NB15:15
mal-stephg: I think it's not supposed to expand it15:16
zhxt_stephg: "NB: expand @DEVICE@ occurrences manually"15:16
mal-where is that?15:16
zhxt_page 2515:17
zhxt_A quick in-place15:17
zhxt_solution (NB: expand @DEVICE@ occurrences manually):15:18
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stephgno I'm baffled :(15:23
zhxt_stephg: same error?15:24
stephgyeah, and substiting m7 in there too15:26
stephgI must have missed a step15:26
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zhxt_stephg: Is there a file named "jolla-hw-adaptation-m7.yaml" in you $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/patterns/m7 dir?15:30
zhxt_then did you do 8.3 ?15:33
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stephgzhxt_: fwiw:
sledgesstephg: forgot the @15:38
sledgesin front15:38
stephgmissing package now15:39
stephgspanks sledges :D15:39
zhxt_yeah, sledges is right!15:40
GodGinraiwell, now his behind is sore :P15:41
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sledgesstephg: chairs! :))15:48
stephgso I'm building a missing middleware now (qtscenegraph-adaptation) but I have two specs15:51
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stephga -droid.spec and -sbj.spec15:51
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stephgwhich do I build? or both?15:51
stephgtrying the droid one...15:52
mal-stephg: -droid is the correct one15:53
stephgguessed as much15:54
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stephg\o/ /home/steph/mer/android/droid/sfe-m7-
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sledgeswhere's da zip?16:16
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stephgI have one of them too :)16:37
stephgright now I go home (via the pub) then I'll do all the CM testing and see what works on this phone before I flash16:37
stephgsee you all later!16:37
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alinsledges: ping18:08
jcbjoegot my nexus 418:09
jcbjoei can smell sailfish18:10
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sledgesalin: pong18:12
sledgesjcbjoe: lol, congrats!18:12
jcbjoei have to send my real jolla to the uk but i'm thinking about how much it will cost to send back18:13
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sledgesjcbjoe: what happened, and why UK?18:15
jcbjoesledges: forgot my lock code to my phone18:15
jcbjoesledges: i have to send it back to jolla so they can re-image it or something18:16
jcbjoeisn't jolla in the uk ?18:16
sledgesjcbjoe: oh dear18:16
jcbjoeso yea can you imagine the money to send to there and back18:16
jcbjoei got a jolla brick in front of me18:16
sledgeswhere are you based?18:17
jcbjoesacramento ca.18:17
nh1402right on the other side of the world18:18
sledgesand how was using Jolla in the US?18:21
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sledgesOT for those who want a taste of QML:
stephgback again!18:58
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nh1402oh sweet, thanks sledges19:17
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Nokiusikozzz: did the sdcard mount work for u? is it save to read the backlog to redo it for me?20:09
alinbroke the n5 screen again20:13
alinnot me this time... my newphew so if any of you knows a good source let me know20:13
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:13
alinpreferably with frame as is a pain in the necl20:13
Nokiusalin: did u drop it?20:14
alinNokius: no...he is a 18months kid... hit it with his water bottle20:14
alinNokius: i dropped it before20:14
alinNokius: and cracked the screen20:15
Nokiusalin: :(20:18
stephg flashing the zip. Wish me luck!20:18
alinstephg: n5?20:21
stephghtc one20:21
Nokiusstephg: fingers crossed :P20:22
stephgwell not a good start ;)20:22
stephgok lets see what the USB has to say...20:22
Nokiussledges: in wich line I have to do the hack ks with "dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/theme_pixel_ratio 2.0"20:25
Nokiusstephg: and usb says ?20:27
stephgoh curious20:27
nh1402alin it would be interesting if people made a custom n5 front panel with gorilla glass 420:27
stephglsusb did briefly say some Mer stuff but now doesn't20:27
stephgiSerial                 3 Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)20:28
stephgsaid that20:28
stephgnow doesn't20:28
mal-does it restart the phone?20:29
stephgI do have a usbnet20:29
stephgwhat's the IP address going to be? or 2.15 or...20:29
ikozzzNokius: Hi! I'm not finish with this yet. I created custom rom and mount android sdcard to sailfish. Then link direcories to home/nemo and accessed data from SF apps. More elegant solution is not ready20:29
Nokiusstephg: try
stephgNokius it's 15 apparently20:30
stephgwhat's the user/pass, just tried root/nemo nemo/nemo nemo/rootme20:30
stephgI have ssh it would seem20:30
mal-telnet in20:31
stephgno telnet20:31
stephgunless this is my computer20:31
Nokiusstephg: use telnet as foot20:31
stephgboom :D20:31
Nokiusikozzz: ah okay I tried to ln -s but I end up with a non booting device :(20:31
Nokiusstephg: ps aux | grep nemo :)20:31
stephgI have things :D20:32
stephgmost of my services have started it seems20:32
stephgand I have an init.log20:32
mal-journalctl -a output would be useful and dmesg also20:32
stephgok where do I go from here20:32
stephgcoming right up!20:32
ikozzzNokius: yes, it's because you "chmod". I'll finish this task and tell you more asap ;)20:33
* ikozzz afk20:34
Nokiusikozzz: THANKS!! the find has only 2GB as /data wich is so fast full20:34
mal-stephg: you can also use systemctl to see what services are running, also systemctl-user20:34
stephgok here's the journal:
Nokiusstephg: sounds go so fare now debuging and testing :) but mal- is already helping you to get around the cliffs20:36
stephghere's dmesg:
stephgNokius: indeed!20:38
mal-stephg: could you try EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer20:39
mal-stephg: what do you have in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf as EGL_PLATFORM or HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM20:40
stephgEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer does something but I can't see what20:41
stephgcat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf20:41
Nokiusmal-: not first systemctl stop user@100000.service ?20:41
stephgmal-: fbdev,hwcomposer respectively20:41
mal-stephg: remove HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM and set EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer20:42
stephgmal-: k20:42
mal-Nokius: I doubt anything problematic is running20:42
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stephgmal-: and then re-run EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer?20:43
stephgor reboot?20:43
mal-stephg: does test_hwcomposer run or crash?20:43
mal-stephg: that is not related to test_hwcomposer20:43
stephgruns, insofar as I have to ctrl-c to stop it20:43
stephgalso forgiveme, I had HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM set and also QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer20:44
stephgI;ve now also set EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer in that file20:44
mal-but nothing shows on screen?20:44
stephgI still have the HTC android bootsplash thingy20:44
mal-QT_QPA_PLATFORM should be there20:44
stephgmost of the userspace has started btw20:45
mal-HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM just need to be replaced with EGL_PLATFORM20:45
stephgthat's done20:45
mal-that file is used by ui20:45
mal-but first we need to debug why display is not working20:45
mal-stephg: lines 19-2220:46
stephglet me get my masquerading up so I can zypper20:47
mal-that's told in that faq also20:48
Nokiusmal-: not stracing to get L16 sorted out ?20:48
mal-Nokius: maybe we can try strace also20:49
mal-but since tets_hwcomposer does not crash minimer might be more useful20:49
Nokiusmal-: yes this is true20:50
Nokiusvgrade thanks for the bacon pp20:52
stephghm my zypper is in some state of broken: adaptation0 has an error20:53
stephganyway that installed20:53
Nokiusstephg: thats normal it's the local repo from the building process20:53
stephgwat: no qmlscene20:54
Nokiusstephg: good luck!20:54
* Nokius gn8 and hack on :D20:55
stephggood night Nokius!20:55
mal-stephg: EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml20:56
stephgmal-: ok that's started and it's printed stuff but again nothing going on-onscreen20:56
Nokiusmal-: logcat?20:58
stephgthe journal you mean?20:58
mal-stephg: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat20:59
mal-that gives info about android side output20:59
stephgE/qdexternal( 1563): setSPDInfo: file '/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/vendor_name' not found : ret = -1err str: Permission denied20:59
stephgE/qdexternal( 1563): setSPDInfo: file '/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/product_description' not found : ret = -1err str: Permission denied21:00
mal-those don't look bad21:00
mal-since we should be using fb021:01
stephglet me kill and start qmlscene again...21:01
mal-stephg: try using strace with qmlscene21:01
stephgok, let me enable mer-tools...21:01
Nokiusgood luck guys21:02
mal-EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml21:02
stephghow do I disable a repo again in zypper; it's been months since I've touched zypper21:02
stephgo/ Nokius21:02
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stephgansewring my own question21:03
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stephgmal-: does this mean anything to you?21:08
stephgconnect(16, {sa_family=AF_LOCAL, sun_path="/dev/socket/property_service"}, 31) = -1 ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)21:08
stephg(or would you like the whole strace21:09
mal-pastebin the whole thing21:09
mal-does it look like it freezes or does it continue outputting?21:09
stephgafter that it just sits in a nanosleep loop21:10
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:12
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mal-stephg: try running /system/bin/surfaceflinger on your phone in a separate shell after you start minimer21:15
mal-just to rule out one possible problem21:15
stephgok I now have 4 undead qmlscenes running, let me kill them first21:15
mal-make sure you don't have lipstick running21:16
stephgno lipstick21:16
stephgsurfaceflinger doesn't seem to do anything, but also doesn't crash21:17
stephglet me strace that now21:17
mal-what if you run only surfaceflinger without qmlscene21:17
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stephgI'm doing all of this as root btw21:18
mal-not sure if it's bad, set password for nemo with passwd nemo and ssh in21:20
nh1402wait, you can run surfaceflinger instead of lipstick with input and everything else working?21:20
stephgnh1402: well the display doesn't work21:20
stephgbut nothing crashes21:20
stephgmal-: surfaceflinger strace:
mal-nh1402: there was device that had problem with sync in minimer and running surfaceflinger made syncs and got it running before we hacked the code21:22
stephgrunning surfaceflinger as nemo, it's the same21:22
stephgnow going to try qmlscene21:22
stephgalso same...21:23
mal-try gdb to see if you can find out where it freezes21:25
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stephgI'm doing all of this as root btwjolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[931]: ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Operation not permitted)21:25
stephgsorry that should read: I'm reading the journal, is this related: jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[931]: ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Operation not permitted)21:26
mal-stephg: that was because you had fbdev as HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM21:26
mal-fbdev fails on some devices like take21:26
mal-stephg: could you try the patch on line 40 of the hadk-faq21:40
stephgmal-: reading...21:40
stephgyes I will try, but now it's bed time21:41
stephgthanks so much for the help21:41
mal-stephg: just one test21:41
stephgwhat's that21:41
mal-try surfaceflinger and test_hwcomposer21:41
stephgin any order?21:42
mal-try both orders21:42
mal-just to make sure, you run those in separate shells and so that they are running at the same time21:43
stephgtest_hw first and then surfaceflinger, both run21:44
mal-but nothing shows?21:44
stephgdoing the other way, same21:44
stephgno change on screen21:44
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:45
mal-hmm, lets try that patch tomorrow, maybe someone like sledges has some ideas21:45
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:45
stephgok, is bed time21:45
stephgthanks again for your help!21:45
mal-no problem21:45
mal-did you try gdb yet?21:46
stephgyes, but not stepping through21:46
stephgas it doesn't crash I can't see the stack obvs21:46
mal-that can wait for tomorrow21:46
stephgand my gdb is very,very rusty ;)21:46
mal-stephg: you can always ctrl-c in gdb21:46
stephglet me just do it now then quickly21:47
stephgyeah I did21:47
mal-then run bt21:47
stephgit installed the debugging symbols it could find21:47
stephgI didn't do the backtrace, let me do that now21:47
mal-it always complains a lot, mostly about non-relevant parts21:47
mal-interesting that your surfaceflinger strace also shows freezing21:48
stephgjust waiting for it to come back online...21:49
stephgooh segfault this time21:49
stephgcould be I started it too quickly21:50
*** arcean <arcean!~arcean@> has quit IRC (Quit: App terminated!)21:50
stephgmal-: segfault:
stephgcould also have been because I hadn't exported the EGL variable21:51
stephgonce exported, and control-c the backtrace isn't hjelpful21:51
stephgmal-: without the segfault:
mal-:( lets continue tomorrow21:52
nh1402good luck, stephg and good night21:52
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021ef934@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has left #sailfishos-porters21:52
stephggood night to both of you mal- nh140221:53
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