Friday, 2015-05-08

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carepackwow. morning locusf. if you're still awake ;)05:25
locusfyeah still here, got the morning train :)05:26
carepackthe early bird...05:29
situsledges: Do we have an image for latest update for Nexus 5 ?05:32
carepacksitu: it seems so:
situcarepack: That's early bird I think.05:34
carepackmorning stephg05:45
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jcbjoecarepack: you deal with the nexus 4 right ?05:57
jcbjoei'm on and im trying to make a call and it says muted when doing the volume up and down keys05:57
jcbjoeanyone got an idea ?05:58
jcbjoeshould i try another version05:58
carepackiirc this was working in earlier builds. But I can't tell atm since it has stopped working. First step could be to flash and so on downwards. Could be a nice info for xda too.06:21
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epiaI mako anoyance is that newer sfos doesn't seem to rotate screen w/o manually changing it06:35
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carepackIn my last tests rotation was working. You was doin a dirty or clean intall?06:37
epiawould you look at that, I'm one version behind06:45
epiacarepack: I honestly don't remember06:45
epiacarepack: I think I did, factory reset via CWM, then sideload update.zip06:46
carepack:-) would you try to reflash first before we look deeper into it? Would be nice if it's one time magic or not. Nobody else reported this until now. You've done all steps like described?06:47
carepackto know06:47
epiacarepack: I'll try it soon06:48
epiacarepack: any chance we could get 5GHz wifi working?06:48
epiacarepack: thats my other anoyance06:48
carepackatm I think not. Because I want to get it running on cm11 first for beein more uo to date. I the bugs are out hw support would be the nxt step06:49
carepackcm10 is using ol modem  firmware. Sometimes this is responsible for trouble in newer android versions. At least if the same modem is shared betweem android and sfos06:50
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epiacarepack: cm10 supports 5GHz wifi..07:11
carepackIt does.07:29
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sledgessitu: the version remained the same07:36
situsledges: no changes in it ?07:37
sledgesif there were, they would've bumped it07:37
carepackmoin sledges07:38
sledgesmoin moin:)07:49
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sledgesit's Froydoy!07:54
epiaToday is Pungenday, the 55th day of Discord in the YOLD 318107:55
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sledgeshappy :)08:04
epiacarepack: seems to be working again08:06
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zGrrmoin :)08:52
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situsledges: If GUI fails to bring on boot what password should I use to login as root user ?09:26
sledgessitu: telnet09:26
sledgesas usb is working now09:26
situsledges: Not able to telnet to 232309:27
sledgesother IP address09:27
sledges(they both have been unified to .15 now iirc)09:27
phdeswersitu: try ssh?09:30
situsledges: phdeswer: on 3rd boot I got UI.09:30
phdeswerOk :)09:30
situEarlier it failed with :09:30
situApr 30 03:27:26 Jolla jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[850]: [F] HwComposerBackend::create:74 - QPA-HWC: hw_get_module(HWC_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID, (const hw_module_t **)(&hwc_module)) in create returned -209:30
situMight be a race condition.09:30
sledgeshmmm again09:30
sledgessitu: alpha11?09:31
sledgesApr 30? ;)09:31
sledgessitu: tell me if other reboots reproduce it09:32
sledgesi have a gut feeling lipstick doesn't race09:32
sledgesonly SUW09:32
* situ is getting another Sailfish UI tutorial09:32
sledgesso such race is then gone once you're past tutorial09:32
situNo, I just mean since I have reflashed my phone Sailfish UI tutorial is shown on first boot.09:33
sledgessitu: only tutorial and no language select?09:36
situsledges: I was shown language selector on boot. Everything is normal after UI came up.09:37
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situsledges: Do you see wallpaper is cut down from top on home screen ?09:37
sledgessitu: yes, known issue line 34
sledgessorry it didn't make it to the bugs yet09:38
sledgessitu: then i don't understand 12:32  * situ is getting another Sailfish UI tutorial09:39
situI have to go through Sailfish UI tutorial each time after flashing image.09:40
situI am aware there are ways to avoid it, just too lazy to try :P09:40
sledgessitu: #15 :p09:43
situWill try it next time :P)09:44
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sledgesif there is next time:))09:46
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stephgso I get to play with the m7 again this afternoon11:43
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stephgI'm just following the piratepad FAQ11:43
stephgI see that I do have TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP set11:43
stephgbut not specifically QCOM_BSP11:45
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mal-stephg: if you have TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP then you need to use the QCOM_BSP hack11:49
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mal-stephg: did you use it before?11:49
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stephgmal- not yet no13:04
stephgcool ok I see that now in the FAQ will get onto that.13:06
mal-then no wonder you have display problems13:07
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mal-but usually the symptoms are different13:07
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stephgit usually crashes?13:07
mal-stephg: I added that to faq so it's more clear13:09
mal-the TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP I mean13:09
stephgyeah I also saw that13:10
stephgthanks, now I will go away and tinker :)13:10
mal-stephg: I think you'll need to recompile also the android hwcomposer13:11
mal-because you have TARGET_QCOM_DISPLAY_VARIANT := caf13:11
mal-stephg: that's explained in line 2613:12
stephgyep ok; so I'm ok just to rebuild those packages and reinstall on device right (just for testing); I don't need to make a new image just yet right?13:13
mal-yes, no need for new image13:14
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stephgmal-: hm the first ifdef I found already does say QCOM_BSP..13:15
mal-stephg: line 32-36 describe the modifications needed13:16
stephgyeah ok so I will now do those following steps13:17
stephg(sorry somewhat hungover and also sick)13:17
stephgI'm super slow today (much slower than my normal slow self ;) )13:17
mal-before testing you need to do line 26-28 also, those are independent from QCOM_BSP hack13:18
stephgmal-: ok13:19
mal-line 28 is most likely not needed unless you have very bad luck, so skip that for now13:19
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stephgmal-: that pastie doesn't exist any more on line 26, do you know what was in it?13:24
mal-just a moment13:28
mal-I should do a new patch for that13:29
mal-stephg: only the 3 modifications to some ifs13:39
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krnlyngout of curiosity which wayland version does the latest update of sailfish ship?13:56
krnlyngah 1.313:56
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stephgmal-: thx15:11
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USailorhi everyone16:03
USailorplaying with sailfishos on nexus 5. thank you for your great work!16:04
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USailorIt is working pretty good in US. Any possible way to increase call volume?16:31
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stephgmal-: sorry to be a pain but I don't follow the first of those 3 changes in that backlog16:50
stephgchange HWC_NUM_DISPLAY_TYPES to what?16:50
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stephgliterally s/HWC_NUM_DISPLAY_TYPES/numDisplays/ ?16:51
mal-then at change numDisplays -> numDisplays-116:52
stephgyeah so I have that and the last one16:52
mal-stephg: yes16:52
mal-and the last one has the change from <= to <16:52
stephggot all that16:53
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klopsi-u3good evening porters18:08
mal-stephg: any progress?18:09
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phdeswersledges: I have the N5 with me finally and some time. What's the last image and where is the kernel for it? So I can check this functionfs/mtp thing18:57
mal-phdeswer: I would assume the latest is here
phdeswermal-: thanks, that is a good start19:00
mal-and kernel source is here
phdeswerexcellent! No need to search and all answers under 5 minutes : Thanks mal-19:05
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stephgsorry mal-, dinner19:28
stephgkinda confused as my make modules fails19:28
stephgso I'm trying to understand why19:28
mal-how does it fail? some thing about columns?19:29
mal-stephg: sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils19:30
stephggreat that's built, now booting to get the .so copied...19:41
mal-stephg: just a hint if you have some kind of errors the easiest options are either ask here or google "sailfishos-porters error message"19:43
mal-having the channel name when googling will show channel logs quite often as first results19:44
stephgcool ok19:46
stephgwell I have the lib copied and am trying     EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer but still no worky so now onto lines 33-3619:46
mal-yes, both fixes are needed19:47
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stephghm well progress sort of20:31
stephgnow a segfault20:31
stephgrunning gdb --args /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene  -platform hwcomposer main.qml20:31
mal-did you set EGL_PLATFORM?20:32
mal-stephg: ^20:34
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:35
stephgooh no, and now it runs but doesn't display like before20:36
stephgI've probably messed something up20:36
stephg\o Nokius20:36
mal-strace again20:37
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phdeswersledges: somehow unable to get my N5 in fastboot or recovery mode to check. But this should most likely fix NEMO#811
stephgI will have forgotten something21:03
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mal-stephg: you managed to copy the hwcomposer*.so to /system successfully?21:05
stephgthey differ in size by only 6 bytes but yes21:07
stephg4 bytes sorry21:07
mal-it should be quite similar21:10
jcbjoeanyone around ?21:13
stephghello jcbjoe21:14
jcbjoei got a nexus4 i'm trying to put sailfishos on .. it works flawless its just wifi dosen't turn on21:14
jcbjoei know wifi works on the phone beuase stock android wifi works fine21:14
jcbjoeany ideas ?21:14
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jcbjoeaccording to wifi should work21:15
stephgyeah it does on the n421:15
stephgdid you put the right versoh yeah21:16
jcbjoemines not woring for some reasin21:16
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stephgdid you do the full putting cm 10 on before and stuff?21:16
jcbjoe  < ---21:16
jcbjoeyes did it all stephg like i said sailfishos works fine on the nexus 4 just wifi dosen't want to turn on21:17
jcbjoeno wlan meaning i can't ssh to it21:18
stephgyou can ssh via the usb networking21:18
stephgif you need to21:18
jcbjoehow ?21:18
stephgwhat computer do you have? is it linux?21:19
jcbjoeitws a mac21:19
jcbjoei have fastboot and adb installed21:19
mal-developer mode allows ssh through usb, you can see the relevant info in settings menu21:19
stephgwell when sailfish is loaded the phone runs a dhcp server so as long as your mac is configured correctly (no idea for a mac, sorry) it'll get an IP address21:19
jcbjoeis that why i see a ip address in devloper mode ?21:21
stephgif it's 192.168.2 something yeah21:21
jcbjoeone sec let me put sailfish back onto my nexus 421:21
jcbjoeis it still ssh nemo@ipaddress ?21:22
mal-set the password in the settings21:22
phdeswerOn a mac you will need Horndis (driver for the usb network)21:23
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mal-stephg: since it looks like hwcomposer still freezes I think you should add debug output to hwcomposer plugin and possibly libhybris, I would suggest starting with that place where line 40 in faq points21:23
jcbjoethanks phdeswer21:23
stephgmal-: ok21:23
stephgthat's a job for tomorrow21:23
stephgagain thanks for all the help21:24
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jcbjoeanyway to skip the tutorial on sailfish21:26
phdeswerjcbjoe: np. It is just easily forgotten as OS X is about the only OS that does not support rndis. For skipping the tutorial tap each corner in succession.21:27
jcbjoephdeswer: in succession what does that meawn ?21:28
phdeswerjcbjoe: one after the other.21:29
jcbjoephdeswer: it worked thanks21:29
carepack_jcbjoe. you can always enter via usb. not working wlan is modem related. look here:
jcbjoeit worked21:30
jcbjoei sshed to the usb mode ip21:30
carepack_ok. but wlan is working anyway?21:31
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jcbjoecarepack_: wlan dosen't work21:31
carepack_ok. flash the right modem firmware and it will work ;)21:31
jcbjoecarepack_: witch modem and firmware21:31
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carepack_detailed explanation:
carepack_it's the version 0.84 linked in the thread. It's a flashable zip. went into recovery and flash it. After wifi should work like it should21:35
jcbjoecarepack_: it works thanks21:44
jcbjoeis there another browser i can use besides the one installed21:51
stephgif you install the warehouse app from openrepos there's a couple in there you can also install21:52
stephgactually there is at least one other in the jolla store too21:54
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jcbjoei just installed warehouse22:02
jcbjoei should be able to srt by category right ?22:02
stephgthe warehouse can be a little ideosyncratic22:02
*** ParkerR_ is now known as ParkerR22:03
stephgthey're under 'network'22:03
stephgweb pirate is one22:03
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*** ParkerR <ParkerR!~parker@unaffiliated/parkerr> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:03
stephgwebcat is another22:03
jcbjoehow do i get a list of stuff22:04
stephgin warehouse use the pulley menu to bring the search up and search for browser22:04
stephgand with that22:05
stephgit's bed time22:05
stephgg'night everyone22:05
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jcbjoeanyone watch youtube on there salifhsos port ?22:26
jcbjoei keep getting a gstreamer error22:27
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jcbjoecarepack_: you around ?23:08
jcbjoeor anyone .. how can i make the volume louder when im on a call .. its very faint23:12
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