Tuesday, 2015-05-26

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junnuvi_Morning. Ideas needed: https://pastee.org/bmkfb :)04:23
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spiiroinjunnuvi_: if mce happens to start before statefs, or if statefs is stopped those warnings are expected (for now, improvements to statefs data availability tracking planned)05:30
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junnuvi_ok, so stopping both and restarting manually in corrert order should help?05:35
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junnuvi_regardless device does not have battery_monitor binary..?05:37
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spiiroinjunnuvi_: If "cat /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State" works and the complaints from mce stop, everything should be ok.05:41
spiiroinin the paste you checked incorrect path "/system/bin/battery_monito" - should have been "/system/bin/battery_monitor"05:42
junnuvi_ls: cannot access /system/bin/battery_monitor: No such file or directory05:46
junnuvi_i do not have such file anywhere05:47
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spiiroinjunnuvi_:  /system/bin/battery_monitor should come from droid-system-xxx06:19
spiiroinbut depending on the device it might not be needed06:19
junnuvi_cat /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State works, not sure if it's up to date but gives "full" as output06:22
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zGrrmoin :)08:22
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mal-junnuvi_: I don't have /system/bin/battery_monitor and don't have any significant problems related to battery09:08
junnuvi_yes I think it's not related to battery_monitor09:10
junnuvi_mce for some reason cannot open those files09:10
mal-junnuvi_: have you checked what is in those files?09:12
junnuvi_Yes and it seems to be ok09:13
junnuvi_mal-: could you ls -l /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State and paste output here ?09:14
mal-just a moment09:16
mal-junnuvi_: it has only unknown09:23
junnuvi_yes but I like to see if it's linked somehwere and file permissions09:23
mal-junnuvi_: that's one of the problems I still have with battery, but that doesn't cause anything serious09:24
mal-junnuvi_: sorry, lrwxrwxrwx 1 root privileged 34 May 26 00:05 /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State -> ../../providers/udev/Battery/State09:24
mal-misunderstood a little09:24
junnuvi_uh, totally different permissions than I have09:25
mal-what do you have?09:25
junnuvi_sorry forget. I was looking incorrect file :P09:25
stephgwell ^^ is a link09:25
junnuvi_mal-: ls -l /run/state/providers/udev/Battery/State09:26
junnuvi_-r--r--r-- 1 root privileged 4 May 26 11:42 /run/state/providers/udev/Battery/State09:26
mal-did you have some older sailfish version? I think that uses upower and not udev used in recent sailfish version, but it should also work09:30
spiiroinjunnuvi_: mce will complain only on failure, if it succeeds later it will be silent. so if the message does not show up repeatedly it is not a problem.09:32
spiiroin... and if you restart mce while statefs is already running, they should not show up at all09:32
junnuvi_it will show error repeatedly..09:34
junnuvi_mal-: latest version09:34
spiiroinoh, that changes the picture09:34
spiiroinmight be missing some statefs plugin or something? deztructor ping ^09:35
spiiroinjunnuvi_: to get more visibility to what happens at mce side, you can do: systemctl stop mce; mce -T -l modules/battery-statefs.c:*09:36
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mal-junnuvi_: I again misread, you pasted ls -l /run/state/providers/udev/Battery/State and for that I have the same permissions09:40
mal-I somehow read that as /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State09:41
mal-your previous pastebin shows that links are ok09:42
junnuvi_spiiroin: ok, thaks I will test that littlebit later09:43
mal-junnuvi_: you have exacly the same permissions for all files as I have09:48
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junnuvi_yes unfortunately :)09:50
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junnuvi_spiiroin: https://pastee.org/66ynw09:50
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spiiroinjunnuvi_: and did I understand correctly - you can read the files with cat?09:54
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deztructorspiiroin, junnuvi_ moment, reading your conversation10:05
deztructorjunnuvi_: if you do "cat /run/state/namespaces/Battery/State", do you get data?10:07
deztructorah, I see, it returns the data10:07
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deztructorjunnuvi_: what is "sh-3.2#" in your command prompt? this is not a sailfish standard shell login prompt?10:13
deztructorit looks like mer sdk or something similar10:14
deztructorspiiroin: there is even no d-bus connection to the systemd ^10:15
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junnuvi_deztructor: I don't know :) there is something mysterious happening with init-script as well10:16
deztructorjunnuvi_: this system is a bit f**d up :)10:16
deztructorjunnuvi_: could you pastebin "rpm -qa" and "version" command results?10:17
deztructoralso it is interesting to see "id" results10:17
junnuvi_deztructor: yes it's somehow f*cked up, but I really don't understand why. I have now build image totally for scratch 10 times or somtehing :) https://pastee.org/2h2n410:18
junnuvi_uid=0(root) gid=0(root)10:18
deztructorjunnuvi_: and what device are you building for?10:20
deztructormaybe these are some selinux issues...10:21
junnuvi_asus grouper (nexus 7 2012)10:21
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junnuvi_deztructor: ^10:23
deztructorit looks really mysterious. it'd be some access control issue, e.g. because of selinux (this is android kernel so it'd have it built in) - user/group look fine10:25
deztructormce... open: Invalid argument - why there is "invalid argument" error?10:26
deztructorspiiroin: ^10:26
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deztructorone of two:10:27
spiiroindeztructor: O_DIRECT?10:27
deztructorEINVAL The implementation does not support synchronized I/O for this file10:27
deztructoror EINVAL The value of the oflag argument is not valid.10:27
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deztructorspiiroin: maybe. junnuvi_ ^10:27
spiiroindeztructor: IIRC that was needed to get up to date data from fuse10:28
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deztructorjunnuvi_: try "strace mce -T -l modules/battery-statefs.c:*"10:29
spiiroinjunnuvi_: what kernel version you have on the device?10:30
deztructorspiiroin: :nod: but I wonder why it can't be supported on this system, is some kernel config wrong?10:30
junnuvi_deztructor: https://pastee.org/66ynw10:30
junnuvi_spiiroin: 3.1.1010:30
deztructorjunnuvi_: this is not "strace mce..." but "mce " :)10:32
junnuvi_sorry just a moment10:35
junnuvi_have to go for lunch now.. 40mins of something10:36
deztructorspiiroin: hm, in the strace dump ^ it does not show O_DIRECT, just "open("/run/state/namespaces/Battery/State", O_RDONLY) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)"10:38
spiiroindeztructor: just wondering the same, it is in the code though10:39
spiiroincan O_DIRECT be zero for some reason?10:39
deztructorspiiroin: checked on vm: "open("/run/state/namespaces/Battery/ChargePercentage", O_RDONLY|O_DIRECT) = 23"10:41
deztructorspiiroin: there was rpm -qa results10:41
deztructormaybe old version of mce10:41
deztructoranyway, EINVAL should not be the result of such call10:41
spiiroinit is old, but that old10:41
spiiroinI'll check anyway10:42
deztructorspiiroin: what do you think about potential selinux involvement into this trouble?10:42
* spiiroin checked: statefs battery plugin has always had O_DIRECT in open10:43
deztructorthis issue is really from the "wtf" category :)10:45
deztructorand d-bus auth fails10:45
deztructorso, again, junnuvi_ should try to check what is with selinux support et al.10:45
spiiroinI wonder if mce is running as root as expected10:45
deztructorspiiroin: yes, junnuvi_ supplied with "id" results10:46
deztructorit is root10:46
deztructorand permissions of the file are right10:46
mal-deztructor: the "sh-3.2#" is normal in telnet connection to sailfish10:47
deztructorbut e.g. selinux may prohibit everything except permitted... while I am not a person with enough knowledge in selinux to guess10:47
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junnuvi_ok, i will try to check.12:10
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junnuvi_deztructor: no difference when selinux is disabled16:17
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junnuvi_wtf, my hybris is some reason out of date, at least kernel_check_config does not look similar to this https://github.com/mer-hybris/mer-kernel-check/blob/master/mer_verify_kernel_config16:24
junnuvi_need to investigate it more later..16:24
mal-junnuvi_: how did you disable selinux? kernel command line or kernel config?16:25
junnuvi_HYBRIS_BOOTIMG_COMMANDLINE := selinux=016:27
junnuvi_mka hybris-boot and booted new image with fastboot16:28
junnuvi_selinux=0 can be found from /proc/cmdline16:29
mal-junnuvi_: do you have CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y in your kernel config?16:29
mal-I believe that is need for commandline parameter to work, at least hadk-faq has that16:30
junnuvi_nothing related to SELINUX in kernel config16:30
mal-that would mean that your device is not using selinux at all?16:31
junnuvi_mal-: ah, ok. thanks I will try16:31
junnuvi_not sure16:31
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junnuvi_CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM added, no change16:38
junnuvi_but I will continue later..16:38
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mal-sledges jusa_ & everyone: I finally managed to fixed my audio, with a little bit of a hack for now, but no need to disable suspending anymore, microphone also works even in calls18:59
nh1402sledges: I know it's way late now, but It's Tuesday, and that means Triage Tuesday19:06
mal-I have to figure out what android is doing differently so that hopefully I don't keep the hack to the android audio library19:06
jusa_mal-: sounds good19:17
jusa_mal-: btw the mako hack is something I know how to fix HAL-side, just haven't gotten around to submit that to cyanogen19:18
sledgesnh1402: you mean well, i just came back, had to fix the car on the go a bit:)19:18
mal-jusa_: really, how? I had to use it also, the reasons my device needs it is that my device doesn't want any unsupported keys in the parameters19:20
mal-that is easy to fix but there also another problem19:20
mal-it also checks the routing device (default is 0x80000004) that is doesn't match (device & (device-1)) which the default matches19:22
mal-jusa_: but the real reason for my pulseaudio hang was that for some reason it did not add the input stream to routing table19:23
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mal-so I had to hack it to add it19:27
jusa_mal-: it's stupid really, it boils down to bionic sscanf behaving differently than libc sscanf19:30
mal-jusa_: but how about the reason why that fails on my device?19:34
mal-jusa_: https://github.com/LegacyXperia/android_device_semc_msm7x30-common/blob/cm-11.0/libaudio/AudioHardware.cpp#L323019:35
mal-on line 3249 it check if there are any parameters left and fails it that's true19:36
jusa_mal-: I'll check tomorrow, I only have cell phone right now19:38
sledgesnh1402: http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2015/mer-meeting.2015-05-26-19.21.log.html19:38
nh1402ah right, my bad19:39
mal-jusa_: ok19:40
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sledgesnh1402: ? thanks for reminding19:47
nh1402I thought the link was in reference to earlier in the day, till just now when I realised it was shortly after I reminded19:48
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sledgesok cool:)19:50
*** AYEHAN <AYEHAN!~behave@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:50
sledgesmal-: nice, seems that you're getting to the bottom of that issue!19:54
mal-sledges: indeed, so much work, good that the goal finally appears19:55
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sledgesthat feeling;)19:56
mal-maybe now I can think about releasing an image19:56
mal-just need to think how to add the fixed android libraries19:57
sledgesduring .ks %post copy from some storage to /system/ ?19:58
mal-could be19:58
sledgesfirst check that some may suffice by just being under /usr/libexec/droid....19:59
mal-I think we tried that earlier, maybe I could try again sometime19:59
sledges17:44 < lloydbraun> mal-: does the phone need to be rooted?20:00
sledgesnh1402: phone doesn't need to be rooted ^20:00
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nh1402oh right yh, duh it's a Nexus device, another brainfart moment20:01
sledgesah ok, that applies only to nexus device20:01
mal-I didn't need to root my phone, just used a unlock code for the boot thingy20:02
nh1402damn it, I'm wrong again20:03
nh1402you just need an unlocked/unlockable bootloader to install a custom kernel on an android device20:04
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sledgeswell, i think LG needs everything done on those :D20:06
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junnuvi_sledges: do you have any idea why init-debug is every time incorrect on my image? In mer/android/droid/hybris/hybris-boot it's up2date20:27
*** junnuvi_ is now known as junnuvi20:27
*** djbengan <djbengan!5518a02c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
djbenganHi, is there any work on nexus 6 yet?20:39
nh1402djbengan: Not that I'm aware of20:41
djbenganwell let's get to it then20:41
nh1402that's the spirit20:42
djbenganCan it really be so "simple" that i can follow the hadk-pdf and end up with something semi-functional?20:43
nh1402well since the nexus 6 has CM12, you might need to change some things in order to get it functioning as the only two version of CM that is mentioned in HADK is 10 and 1120:45
sledgesjunnuvi: the one on rootfs is taken from droid-hal-device repo20:45
sledgesit's still on the monolithic repo that there are two versions of init-debug, yet copying the one from recovery to /target is safe already20:46
sledgesdjbengan: welcome aboard!20:47
junnuvisledges: so this is known issue?20:47
djbenganhmm, cm is still nightly on nexus 6, how much does that matter?20:47
djbenganthanks sledges!20:48
sledgesdjbengan: there is not yet a support for cm12, only cm1120:48
sledgessame effort needs to be done as it was done year ago for nexus5, from cm10 to cm1120:48
sledges(from hybris-10.1 branches to hybris-11.0 on all repos under github/merh-hybris)20:48
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djbenganso it's no use to start porting yet?20:50
sledgesdjbengan: well technically, starting port will include to make those new branches:)20:50
* sledges signs out for today o/20:52
djbenganoh well :)20:52
djbengani guess this is one of the bigger issues right now...20:55
nh1402it also doesn't help that Android M comes out soon, and then CM 1321:17
klopsi-u3mal-: i am amazed how much effort you have put into porting21:18
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mal-klopsi-u3: lack of life outside work leaves a lot of time :)21:39
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junnuvilife is totally overvalued22:04
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