Sunday, 2015-06-07

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guiniolHello all. I've been trying out sailfish OS on my galaxy nexus and I have a few questions07:13
guiniolHow do I install stuff? I can't find the aliendalvik thing, and there's almost nothing in the jolla store... Also, do I have to create a new account each time I flash my device?07:14
Stskeepsno, just sign in07:14
guiniolStskeeps: I get an error saying my device and the account couldn't be linked or something like that07:15
tbraliendalvik remains exclusive to the jolla device at this point. though I think there's some other thing to run some ndk apps07:15
guiniolso I had to create a new account to login07:15
guinioltbr: ok... but there isn't even a map application in the jolla store?07:15
tbrguiniol: dunno, that's licensed from Nokia HERE, so might also not be available outside the original device07:16
tbrguiniol: there are alternative apps07:16
guiniolIs there a first time user guide?07:17
Stskeepsguiniol: hrrm, it shouldn't need t07:18
tbrthere is a tutorial app. no idea if that's on your image07:18
Stskeepsreminds me, i should see how alien runs on sffe devices..07:18
tbrif not, look at the youtube videos by jolla07:18
guinioltbr: it's there, but I meant I meant something more generic, because I can't seem to install apps on this thing ^^07:19
Stskeepsmay be the galaxy nexus port isn't properly set up for it07:19
guiniolI'm going to flash the latest unstable one and we'll see07:19
tbralmost empty app store could also be tool old sailfish version07:20
guiniolthe latest version I have is
guiniolfor example, in the notification panel, it says I can install the weather app to get the weather, but when I click on install, it doesn't find it, and I had to use pkcon to install it07:22
guiniolalso, when I make a new ambiance, the background is black. Is that expected/a known bug?07:28
guiniolthe exact error I get in the jolla store is: "an error occurred while registering this device with the given username"07:33
Stskeepsi'd ask somebody to take a look at the n5 port or n4 and see if somebody has same issue07:34
guiniolstill almost no apps in the jolla store, and I had to recreate an account07:36
guiniolI posted in the galaxy nexus thread, so I'll see if I get an answer07:36
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Nokiusguiniol: check this for learning a bit more about SFOS UI
Nokiusguiniol: did u refresh the repos? pkcon refresh?08:16
deztructormal-: you should modify bq27520 driver if you want capacity to be exposed in the uevent. But who complains on it?08:27
mal-deztructor: I already found the reason it's missing, should be an easy fix, but I managed to mess my whole device and still trying to get sailfish to work again, it just reboot everytime just as it's almost ready with the boot process08:30
deztructorthere should not be power_supply users except statefs-udev08:30
deztructorand statefs-udev takes data from the "capacity" property08:30
mal-that is what shows up in the log08:31
deztructormal-: this is not because of uevent but because iirc you have several power_supply drivers calling itself as battery and currently statefs-udev does not support this option (several battery devices) because it was not used on available devices and also because several battery devices can really represent one battery but can also be different batteries, so there should be support for the platform configuration for such cases08:35
deztructorthe task is in the list but list is not so short :)08:35
deztructormal-: iirc this is sony device?08:36
deztructoryeah, iirc you provided sometime ago list of devices08:36
deztructormal-: btw, I will be grateful if you create a bug in Mer bugzilla for the statefs component about support of such devices as yours08:37
mal-ok, I can do that08:39
mal-I don't know how got the idea that the problem would be because of uevents08:40
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deztructormal-: I guess statefs just takes different battery device into use... checking sources08:41
deztructorit goes through all chargers to choose proper charging status08:42
mal-deztructor: that error comes from setup(...), why is it called during every update(...)08:45
mal-ah, of course, it goes through all the devices and always finds "new" ones08:46
mal-or different08:46
dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:47
deztructormal-: yes, and while fuel gauge device (this bq) has capacity etc. other chip (charging one) could provide temperature, voltage etc.08:48
deztructorso, for such system there should be platform hw-dependent config (maybe) to join data from different "battery" devices08:48
deztructormaybe it is possible to guess should they be joined or not but it could be also error-prone08:49
Nokiusmorn dr_gogeta8608:52
dr_gogeta86i hate the g308:53
dr_gogeta86i also got chickenpot also08:54
dr_gogeta86while 30 outside08:54
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* Nokius Successfully activated service 'org.bluez' 09:06
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locusfhey dr_gogeta8609:13
dr_gogeta86how do you do ?09:14
mal-I'm completely lost, no idea what is happening on my device09:17
mal-just before reboot dmesg shows huge amount of logging of what to me looks like that android is trying to start09:18
locusfdr_gogeta86: waiting for french open finals to start09:20
* tathhu waiting for Dreamhack Summer :D09:22
dr_gogeta86i'm lost into usbmoded09:22
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nh1402locusf: that's not starting for another hour, I think. Not going to be that fair either, Djokovic had to play yesterday to finish off Murray10:00
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locusfnh1402: yeah not gonna be too fair but lets see :)10:05
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dr_gogeta86Nokius, how did you bring wifi up ?10:08
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mal-finally my device is working again, had to reinstall cm and everything10:13
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Stskeepsmorn sledges10:34
nh1402locusf: the website says not before 3pm whether that's French time or bst is another thing10:38
locusfnh1402: yeah the broadcast is said to sart at 1600 est10:40
locusfnh1402: the stadium for womens doubles is practically empty10:40
sledgesguiniol: jolla store supports only nexus 4 and 5 for now, use warehouse/openrepos10:42
sledgesguiniol: also jolla store is being reworked at the moment:
merbotNemo bug 822 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][mako] Jolla Store is not fully functional" [Critical,Reopened]10:49
sledgesPSA: yoohoo! modular configs work!! thanks lbt and phaeron for this (cc alin)10:50
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dr_gogeta86morning sledges Stskeeps11:03
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ping phdeswer for usb-moded, don't be shy:)11:07
mal-dr_gogeta86: what is the problem with usb-moded?11:09
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alinsledges: we have a small issue11:17
alinsledges: I do not have the rpms and till wednesday I will not be able to build a new set11:18
alinmonday and tuesday I teach11:18
sledgesno worries, i'll crop up something ;)11:18
alinsledges: why do you want them? anything exciting?11:18
sledgesalin: well see the link i emailed you:p11:19
sledgesre crop up: i need to package kernel headers anyway11:19
sledgesso i'm at it11:19
alinsledges: ok11:20
sledgesobs called, they want their builds back:P11:21
dr_gogeta86sledges, mal fixed11:21
sledgesdr_gogeta86: just by asking a question? :D11:21
dr_gogeta86i hate that g311:22
dr_gogeta86son of a ...11:22
dr_gogeta86even nexus5 is lg11:24
sledgeswith nexus they were told what to do :p11:25
mal-sledges: just sent a PR to mer-packages/systemd related to the boot delay problem caused by waiting for data from accelerator sensor, not sure who is handling those11:25
sledgesmal- and all: pls get in a habit to paste direct links to PRs, so the more eyes/hands on the better11:27
dr_gogeta86for sure11:27
sledgesmal-: nice backport11:28
mal-now that I think about it, links would be nice :)11:29
nh1402well there are rumours of LG being one of 2 companies working on a nexus phone this year11:35
nh1402the other company being Huawei for those wondering11:38
dr_gogeta86couldn't open framebuffer HAL11:43
dr_gogeta86I can't scratch my head today ...11:43
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nh1402locusf: who are you rooting for?12:25
locusfnh1402: I would have rooted for Nadal :/ but now I'll just have to settle for rooting the underdog :) (his name was said 5 minutes ago but I keep forgetting it)12:29
locusfhe beat Federer though, not a small feat12:30
nh1402well I'm rooting for the Nadal slayer12:30
locusfyep, career Grand Slam is quite good stuff :)12:31
tathhuDidn't tought "rooting" that way..12:31
tathhuDamn. :D12:31
nh1402i want *The Grand Slam* he's won the Australian Open, now for the rest.12:32
sledgeslocusf: nothing new about rooting for underdogs;)12:34
locusfsledges: yep :)12:35
nh1402I'm surprised Nadal didn't just "switch on" at the French open, and go back to his usual decimating self.12:35
locusfyeah I was shocked too, I've used to see him owning everyone that gets in his way12:37
locusfnow the career record for Eoland Garros was something like 70-312:37
nh1402exactly, particularly at the French Open in his whole career he's still not lost a French Open Final12:37
mal-sledges: we talked previously whether the fixed hwcomposer lib could be put in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw/, I tried without success, for some reason only certain libraries are looked from there12:37
locusfFederer pretty much got his Championship because he wasn't plsying against Nadal :)12:38
nh1402yh and then later found out Nadal was injured the time he did lose to Soderling, was out for a year I think.12:39
tathhuHmm, flo image doesn't work on deb? ":D"12:39
sledgesmal-: unless Stskeeps says otherwise, i still think this env/ldd could be traced down. iirc, only services we launch through d-h-init look under /usr/..., things that use hwcomposer don't fall under that category12:40
phdeswersledges: what do you want to know?12:40
sledgespretty sure this would bound to LD_LIBRARY_PATH12:40
sledgesphdeswer: dr_gogeta86 fixed it apparently12:40
sledgessome typo12:40
phdeswerAh ok :)12:41
sledgesmal-: could you know what android process loads
phdeswerAh good :)12:41
mal-sledges: I don't how it does that12:43
sledgesmal-: it?12:43
mal-sorry, misread that12:44
nh1402speaking of android, vakkov_ how are you with sdl?, I've modified the input.cpp file from android, in hope it now gets touch input from sailfish, but not sure if I've initialised SDL correctly, or if the modified function would even work.12:45
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mal-sledges: I tried to manually set LD_LIBRARY_PATH without any help12:52
mal-I don't have much knowledge about library linking12:55
sledgesmal-: ldd is your friend ;)13:20
sledgesis all i know as well, but nothing unlearnable i guess13:21
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locusfhahah, my Mon: "You can't win with such ridiculous shorts"13:24
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guest814yangm: in case you're wondering I've modified the input.cpp file for android and awaiting on someone to check it over, before building.15:01
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yangmnh1402, unfortunately my nexus 5's usb port broke and I had to send it to LG15:16
yangmwaiting for a response of them15:17
nh1402that's a bit strange, never heard that happen before15:21
yangmI think it shortened by the smell15:21
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nh1402got jealous of usb type c15:24
yangmprobably haha15:25
yangmreally wish the next nexus 5 comes with usb-c and fingerprint sensor15:26
nh1402well there is a google developer video of an actual nexus 5 with a fingerprint sensor next to the back camera15:26
yangmI saw it, but I think they just somehow added one to the 1st gen15:30
nh1402yh it looks exactly the same so it must be15:31
yangmthe next 5 is going to be manufactured by huawei I think15:33
klopsi-u3how about a phone with a hardware keyboard15:33
klopsi-u3what a radical idea15:33
yangm(AP rumors say it at least)15:33
yangmI remember milestone15:33
yangmthat was a hell of a good device15:34
yangm(or motorola droid in the us)15:34
nh1402there rumours from Huawei and LG15:34
nh1402making a nexus phone15:35
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nh1402klopsi-u3, you really dislike phones without a hw keyboard15:35
nh1402there's literally no smartphone at all with a hw keyboard by default. you should seriously start a company to do just that, with Sailfish ofcourse ;)15:36
klopsi-u3i have the droid 4 yangm and it is great15:36
klopsi-u3yeah i tried porting sailfish to droid 4 and maybe someday i will try again15:37
tathhuYeah, and I'll have tohkbd next week :P15:37
yangmwell, with phones being this thin, a keyboard case shouldn't be bad15:39
nh1402there was a company that made an attachment for iphone (yuck) which got sued by blackberry due to the similarity between the keyboards15:39
nh1402stopped now I think15:40
nh1402but even that wasn't a landscape keyboard15:43
Nokiussledges: o/15:44
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Nokiusdr_gogeta86: wifi up was easy but I patched the orignal script always end with 1 (fail) also in remove the  debug fs ConditionPathIsDirectory15:48
NokiusI will push it soon15:48
Nokius*BT not wifi15:48
Nokiusah damn I was wrong u asked for wifi ...15:49
Nokiusdr_gogeta86:for wifi I had to build a kernel module15:50
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locusfwoo serving for the championship16:18
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Nokiuswondering why bluetoothd fails to init may this is the reason why About device fails to show the MAC16:26
locusfnh1402: hahaha I knew when Djoko broke his rackuet that now Wawrinka makes it :)16:27
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nh1402i knew that if he played like yesterday he wouldn't win16:31
nh1402stanislas was too good, and fresher.16:34
Nokiushci shows also a wrong mac16:48
Nokiusmay booting into cm helps to see if it shows correct mac there :-/16:55
Nokiusbut journal shows correct one odd16:56
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mal-sledges: btw, I just removed the need for manually defining QCOM_BSP in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin18:34
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mal-I have to think if there might be need for that in other than v1.1 hwcomposers18:40
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sledgesmal-: how?18:57
sledgesNokius: o/18:57
sledgesmal-: 1.1 is under 4.4?18:57
mal-sledges: I just added a <android-config.h> to hwcomposer_backend_v11.cpp18:59
Nokiussledges: not sure if I found the broken part for wifi on mako carepack is here the right conntect or?18:59
sledgesNokius: yes19:01
* sledges afks19:01
mal-sledges: I'm not quite sure how the version numbering goes in those19:01
Nokius*bt not wifi19:02
Nokiusah I get confused looks like I need a little walk and some sleep19:03
* Nokius gn8 great week :)19:03
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sledgesmal-: i guess it's like e.g. camera api, same for hwc api20:30
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sledgesbut needs checking, also thought that came from certain hw caps20:31
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