Monday, 2015-06-29

sledgest1mz0r: i bet your build read:00:00
sledges=> Found 0 unique DTB(s)00:00
sledgesMade DT image: /home/archie/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/bacon/dt.img00:00
sledgeswhich means no file is there00:01
sledgesas 0 DTBs found00:01
sledgest1mz0r: you'll have to generate dtb manually:
sledgesand then regenerate dt.img00:02
sledges( t1mz0r, i found this info by grepping this channel logs )00:02
MSameersledges: there are some tags here corresponding to oneplus updates. does that help?00:02
sledges( t1mz0r: you can download greppable logs via this script: )00:03
sledgesMSameer: that's the thing i told about : they are oneplus one updates00:03
sledgesand no relation where nexus5 M9/M11 came off from00:03
sledgesok, now i'm really wake_unlock00:04
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MSameersledges: this is bad. how can someone reproduce their builds then?00:08
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t1mz0rsledges: cool thanks00:15
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jcbjoehi sledges03:31
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bluesleesledges, MSameer: good morning. did a clean installation, this time with cm11-m11 + alpha12 on n5, zypper ref, zypper dup, reboot. i cannot reproduce your crashing / freezing issues with cam+, same (good) behaviour as with m906:54
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sledgesMSameer: i was wrong, they bundle manifest, never though of checking /system/etc/09:29
sledgesMSameer: apparently it has build-manifest.xml under there :D09:29
sledgesMSameer: but what blueslee just said this morning, makes everything even more inconclusive09:30
alinsledges:  you see alpha12 is better than we thought10:11
sledgesalin: m?:)10:12
alinsledges: I mean you cannot even reproduce the bugs on it... so good it is10:14
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sledgesminimum :D10:16
situsledges: Any guesses how it was fixed ?10:39
merbotNemo bug 733 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhaed] scrambled image before ui starts" [Normal,New]10:39
sledgessitu: i'm still getting that10:46
sledgesis my nexus5 odd?10:47
sledgessitu: i'm getting that on first boot, 100%10:48
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merbotNemo bug 733 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhaed] scrambled image before ui starts" [Normal,New]10:50
situsledges: I confirm I see it too with latest N5 Image.10:52
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situsledges: Wallpaper is still displaced with latest image :(10:54
mgroveri updated mine to the latest10:55
mgroverlike dev image, but i think sledges has too10:55
mgroveri dont mind producing a video to show the lack of scramble ui10:55
mgroverand my jolla just ran out of batteyr recording :P11:05
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mgroverif i setup the HADK, would I be able to build repos like mer-hybris against it? or would it be missing dependencies?11:17
mgroverhell can I just use the MerSDK that came with the normal SailfishSDk?11:18
situsledges: Is there an existing build of libhybris which includes this fix ?11:39
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MSameersledges: this makes me believe more in my inconsistency theory11:57
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sledgesmgrover: scrambled image is just flashed on bootup, can be mistaken for an LCD initialisative white flash12:16
sledgesso visually it's "gone"12:16
sledgessitu: i'll retrigger new libhybris for n5, would you test that after dup?12:17
mgroversledges: i assume its a work around then12:20
sledgesmgrover: it's not, just hiding the problem12:20
sledgesmgrover: i'm 100% sure you get scrambled ui during very first boot still12:20
sledgesduring startup-wizard12:20
sledgesi had this happen yesterday to confirm12:20
sledgesmgrover: did you read my bug comment?12:21
mgroversledges: fair enough, if i hopefully continue with OTA with breaks, i never have to see that startup-wizard again, and yes I did12:21
sledgesmgrover: ok, OTA looks smooth, apart from manual sorting out ssu, this needs to be automated or documented, so we could apply OTA for more updates/devices12:22
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mgroversledges: I think the switching to 1.1.6 and then version --dup is something users already did with the Jolla for the latest updates anyway, its just switching to devel12:23
sledgesmgrover: there is no such thing as switching to devel as such:)12:26
sledgesmgrover: jolla phone users did this, and it had no issues because jolla phone has QA on hardware adaptation12:27
sledgeswe have hardware adaptation on mer OBS12:27
sledgesand that is not reliable for OTA, when updating that just leaves in bootloops or similar12:27
sledgeswe = SFE community (this channel:)12:27
mgroversledges: oh sure, but just massagin the repos to use bleeding edge, usually switching to a newer alpha ie from 11 to 12, its seems pretty consistent12:27
sledgesmgrover: yes, is what i said tha OTA is smooth now, try that few months back ;)12:28
sledgesjust ssu adaptation0 is overwritten12:28
sledgesand that is the problem every user will have to do12:28
mgroversledges: didn't have a nexus 5 then :P12:28
sledgesmgrover: just download older image;P12:29
mgroveralso, when setting up the HADK, ive setup the 3 profile files, yet the command hadk still doesnt work12:31
mgrovercant now :P nexus 5 is my daily driver12:31
mgroverwait can the SailfishSDK be used to host the HADK?12:33
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situsledges: Got chromium working
alinsitu: blimey...13:21
alinsitu: now I really need to load it up13:22
mgroversitu: that looks pretty good actually...13:22
situalin: It's not very usable but guess what youtube videos are playing :)13:23
alinsitu: flash ones13:23
brobostigoncan someone point me in the direction of community images for mako, please.13:23
alinsledges: did you confirm with 3 the 4g?13:24
sledgesalin: not had time13:24
sledgessitu: youtube videos are playing on gecko too:) i wonder if that's the same underlying mw helping13:25
situalin: Nope, it's just html5 :)13:25
situalin: afaik13:25
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alinsitu: can you login to any of their crap services?13:26
situalin: I can't type into the input box.13:26
sledgesmgrover: how do you execute command hadk? it should be hadk [DEVICE]13:26
sledgesmgrover: hadk can't be hosted under sailfishsdk13:26
mgroversledges: I think that was my mistake, attempting to host under sailfishsdk, am going to setup a quick ubuntu distro for the mersdk13:27
sledgesmgrover: mersdk can be hosted on top of any distro13:27
sledgesi'm running archlinux all roud13:27
mgroversledges: even windows? :P13:27
sledgessitu: impressive though! cc tworaz13:27
sledgesmgrover: windows is not a distro :D13:28
tworazThe default chromium implementation of html5 video player is based on ffmpeg13:29
mgroversledges: either way, time to get this done13:29
tworazit works almost everywhere, but in most cases it won't be hw accelerated13:29
tworazthere are some codepaths to accelerate it using VAAPI, and ozone-wayland even implements those13:30
tworazbut I don't think VAAPI actually works on Jolla13:30
alinsledges: just to cnfirm the scrambled is still there at first boot13:31
sledgesalin: for how long?13:31
alinsledges: the usual13:31
alinsledges: few seconds... this is a clean boot13:32
alinfirst boot13:32
sledgesalin: yes, suw makes a long scrambled image, as per bug13:32
sledgesalin: subsequent boots of 1.1.6 will have it, but it will be barely noticeable, too quick13:33
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MSameersledges: I guess we need to diff both codebases and check for changes. mainly frameworks/av14:04
alinsledges: yap after that is fast like hell14:04
mgroverdo I need to enter the MerSDK to then enter the HA SDK?14:18
sledgesMSameer: but it doesn't matter, as for blueslee it works under either base14:19
MSameersledges: then I really have no idea14:19
sledgesme neither14:20
sledgesas if my nexus5 hw revision would differ14:20
alinMSameer: sledges just recorded now 5 videos in a row no problem14:21
alinsledges: this is alpha12 install zypper up after14:22
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sledgesalin: what about millisecon-length videos, just keep pressing the shutter14:24
MSameeralin: sledges I am really unable to follow with all those version numbers14:24
sledgesMSameer: we're using your temporary push to master regarding colorconv14:25
sledgesas it proves to work flawlessly for everyone except me14:25
MSameersledges: what colorconv?14:25
alinsledges: ok... i see what you say.. .but that may be an unrealistic workflow14:25
sledgesMSameer: whatever with color fixed you pushed yesterday then reset14:25
* sledges quies and joins testers team :p14:26
MSameersledges: I reverted those14:26
alinsledges: yap... keep pressing like a mad on record... and it freezes14:26
sledgesMSameer: what i mean by "reset"14:26
alinblack scren14:26
alinsledges: minimize and is back14:27
sledgesalin: yes14:27
alinsledges: i think the press the record button like crazy bit I missed14:27
sledgesso we might be looking at a new "mad-tester & Co." bug14:27
alinsledges: you shall stress that in the bug report14:27
alinsledges: but I thought we do not do this kind of testin14:27
sledgesalin: everyone to their own ;p14:29
sledgesthe symptoms were the same - freeze, some users might trip on trigger-happy bug too, but that looks like a new bug14:30
mgroverI think, I might be on the latest zypper up after alpha 12, but mine just crashes after I stop recording, that more likely to do with updating rather than a clean image?14:31
sledgesmgrover: did you do ref and dup?14:32
mgroversledges: again? i zypper up just not but nothing to do14:32
mgroversledges: also the sensor bug that was fixed with just returning NULL, has that been looked into at all?14:35
mgroversledges: restarting now btw14:35
sledgesmgrover: not looked, urgent though14:36
mgroversledges: after a few googles, its done different in the android version, is that normal or?14:36
mal-sledges: I got an funny idea yesterday, I was thinking of building sailfish images for all Xperia 2011 phones, since the hardware and software is essentially identical (just some tiny differences in touchscreen, vibrator etc)14:38
mal-same kernel, config differences are minimal14:38
mgroversledges: also just tested video, worked perfectly for 5 videos in a row, only issue is that cam+ the timer is offscreen14:39
sledgesMSameer: could you restore your reverts please?14:41
sledgesand tag?14:41
sledgesbecause we are looking into two separate bugs14:41
sledgesyour commits that you reverted actually fix the freeze/crashes14:41
MSameersledges: no14:42
sledgesthe new bug i've found is when shutter is pressed frequently - it freezes; that's not an urgent bug14:42
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sledgeswhen videos are taken of at least 1second in length - it never freeze14:42
MSameersledges: those reverts should not be used14:42
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sledgesbut they fixed the problem no matter the base14:43
sledgesit was only me trigger happy :P14:43
MSameersledges: what we use now is exactly what android does more or less. it works on 2 devices already. why does n5 break?14:43
sledgeswhich is exposing another unrelated bug14:43
sledgesMSameer: n5 breaks because of something that your reverts fix/workaround14:43
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MSameersledges: n5 breaks because there is something wrong with the android stuff used (or a bug in my code which I don't know what)14:44
MSameersledges: reverting those can cause other devices to break14:45
MSameersledges: someone needs to rebuild bits of hal and follow what happens with debugging enabled14:45
sledgesMSameer: understood14:46
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MSameersledges: I know I sound like an *** hole but I don't like to hide problems. Wounds have to stay exposed in order to cure them14:48
sledgesMSameer: don't worry, you convinced me;)14:49
sledgesbetter to get it right, rather to get it done14:49
alinsledges: do we have any image where that test passes?14:53
sledgesalin: ?14:58
alinsledges: on n5 do we have any image where this bug was not present?14:59
sledgesalin: 1.1.214:59
sledgesas per bug14:59
alin1.1.2 did not even know we had camera then15:01
sledgesalin: alpha9
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zGrrmoin :)15:06
brobostigonmoin zGrr15:08
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Sage__sledges: commented16:23
Sage__sledges: atm. I feel it is overly complicated and we could easily just simplify it16:23
Sage__sledges: drop the capabilities.yaml, move summary on top of Requires and just echo the patterns to the end of the file16:24
Sage__would drpo all that grep/sed stuff :)16:25
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sledgesSage__: commented back16:34
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*** ronin_ is now known as Guest5207316:49
Sage__sledges: and back ;)17:19
Sage__sledges: I'm still not understanding why the .yaml for capabilities17:19
Sage__that is why we have the configuration to have device specific things separated17:20
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius17:25
Nokiussledges: which what is your HEAD droidgst? so I'm in sync to use again your OBS builds :D17:26
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sledgesNokius: gst-droid is pointing to no-more-existing github source of temporary fixes to video recording18:02
sledgeswhich will be discarded with next tag18:02
Sage__sledges: oh, we got into agreement? :D18:04
Sage__sledges: ping me when you have new version and will check it18:09
Sage__have so many things going around that at times it takes a while for me to look on these :/18:10
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
sledgesSage__: sure, it wasn't very urgent:)18:13
Nokiussledges: okay18:16
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piggzhey guys.... its been a while ... ive moved house and ridden C2C :) ........ whats new and improved?18:34
piggzi am also sans broadband in the new place! :(18:34
piggzso my htc ace is now my router18:34
Sfiet_Konstantindoes the htc ace makes a good router ?18:53
piggzSfiet_Konstantin: well, i might fix my note-1 (n7000) and use that .... but it works well enough18:54
Sfiet_KonstantinI only tried N9 and Jolla. Both are quite good routers too, but they have a tendency of becoming quite hot18:54
Sfiet_Konstantinso you get a barbecue + a router in the same package18:55
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piggzis anyone porting based on cm12/.1 yet?19:05
mgroverpiggz: i think mal is19:06
locusfpiggz: mal- is and I'm trying my best to help him19:06
mal-piggz: I have adjusted the patches but haven't had time to test yet19:06
locusfwith aosp 5.0.219:06
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
piggzwas wondering how i'd get on with the all the CM work on ace is on 12.1 now19:07
mal-today is a hacking free day, I'll see what I'll do tomorrow19:08
piggzmal-: do you have a manifests file with repos for it? iirc, the cm11 repo list was a mess19:10
mal-piggz: yes, but the bionic repo is not up to date, i.e. it won't currently compile19:12
mal-also some other fixes are missing19:12
piggzcool to know its something to try soon19:13
piggzor, i could port to the n7000 instead and keep my router19:13
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mgroverin the HADK it tells me to create .mersdk.profile, but thats already created by the mersdk setup so which version do I use?19:49
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MSameermal-: sledges I pushed a new tool to gst-droid (mk-cam-conf) which I hope will make generating gstdroidcamsrc.conf easier20:01
MSameersledges: mal- and next I will make gstdroidcamsrc.conf device specific20:01
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* Nokius nn20:08
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alinmal-: is simpletorch working for you?20:22
mal-alin: simpletorch?20:27
alinmal-: I remember reading something about torch20:29
alinmal-: then I was wondering which app are you using20:29
mal-MSameer: some comments, why is GST_PHOTOGRAPHY_SCENE_MODE_BARCODE not set to "barcode" in scene-mode-values, I also have a "document" mode there on my device20:30
mal-alin: I just tried torch with cam+20:31
mal-haven't tried any other programs20:31
alinmal-: ok I see flash20:31
mal-in video mode you can enable it as a torch20:32
alinMSameer: cool barcode too cameraplus20:32
alinmal-: I see20:32
mal-MSameer: also the output does not look nice with all the "comparing (null) and negative" etc20:34
MSameermal-: the output is a file20:34
MSameermal-: alin feel free to submit a barcode patch for cam+ ;)20:34
MSameeryou can add  a new mode but I don't think it's really needed20:35
MSameerin theory, get the viewfinder frames, process them and draw what you want on the screen20:35
MSameermal-: I can disable some of the debugging20:35
alinMSameer: ther eis a zbar image or so20:36
alinMSameer: library I mean that takes a picture20:36
mal-MSameer: I think the barcode mode should be added to that tool, so that it can be maybe used in the future20:36
MSameermal-: well, what is the android scene mode for barcode?20:37
MSameermal-: patches are welcomed. I added what I know :)20:37
MSameermal-: I don't know what that document mode is and there is no gst mapping for it :/20:38
mal-MSameer: this my scene-mode-values=auto,portrait,landscape,night,night-portrait,beach,snow,sports,party,barcode,document;20:39
MSameermal-: I can add barcode but as I said, there is no GST_PHOTOGRAPHY_SCENE_MODE_DOCUMENT20:40
mal-MSameer: yes, that I know20:41
mal-just wanted you to know20:41
MSameermal-: pushed barcode mode20:42
mal-alin: where can I find simpletorch?20:46
alinmal-: in store20:50
mal-alin: store doesn't work on my port, and warehouse doesn't have that, I tried two torch prgorams available on warehouse but neither of those worked20:50
alinmal-: is the same in here...20:51
mal-MSameer: thanks20:51
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t1mz0ris this the latest hammerhead img?21:44
*** faebe <faebe!83a4d7be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:48
t1mz0rcool thanks21:48
t1mz0ri assume alpha12 means it's cm-12 based21:48
stephggood evening guys21:48
faebeIs there a new build of sailfish os for Oneplus?21:48
mal-t1mz0r: no, it's just a incremental version number21:49
faebewhats not working zet because the thread from the forum was n+t updated21:49
t1mz0rmal: alright so still start with cm-11?21:49
*** Roukoswarf <Roukoswarf!root@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
mal-t1mz0r: no point of using cm12 for hammerhead, the hardware is working21:50
mal-usually only reason to go for cm122 would be that there is better hardware support21:51
t1mz0rgot it21:51
t1mz0rfaebe: i'm working on the bacon port right but have to catch up to vgrade21:52
t1mz0rright now*21:53
faebet1mz0r nice but  zou keep the merproject site updated ?21:53
faebecould you tell me whats not working now (current state)?21:54
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)21:55
t1mz0rfaebe: nope i'm still working on the build and documenting the process21:56
*** TheBootroo|home <TheBootroo|home!~TheBootro@2a01:e35:2e23:d5d0:c685:8ff:fe31:3774> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
t1mz0rfaebe: too early to enumerate all the bugs21:56
t1mz0rfaebe: like i said, have to catch up to vgrade before i have something to contribute21:57
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)21:59
sledgesfaebe: modem not working (can make only one call, but no more calling afterwards:)21:59
sledgesmgrover: hadk pdf appends to mersdk.profile (>>)22:00
sledgespiggz: welcome back mate!22:02
alinwhat the hell..  nothing for sailfish but happy for ubuntu touch... kind of strange22:07
sledgesalin: Sailfish Maps is Here maps22:08
*** TheBootroo|home <TheBootroo|home!~TheBootro@2a01:e35:2e23:d5d0:c685:8ff:fe31:3774> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:08
alinsledges: yes but that is jolla only22:08
alinStskeeps: now I remembered again... about gps22:09
sledgesalin: mal- has been writing a glue from scratch22:09
mal-should fix the stopping issue22:09
sledgesmal-: maybe you should opensource it?22:09
sledgesyou're a busy person:)22:10
mal-sure, after I fix that part, don't like to publish faulty code22:10
sledgesi meant - publish so others can chip in22:10
mal-yes, but still :)22:11
sledgesok, maybe one day:)22:11
brobostigonsailfish has many advantages over ubuntu touch, like a proper IM client with realtime notifications.22:11
* brobostigon filed a bug on ubutu touch about that point.22:12
mal-sledges: maybe that could tomorrows job, cm12 testing can wait since that still would mean complete reinstall and stuff22:17
brobostigonso that means gps might work?22:28
brobostigonfor example.22:28
sledgesalin: if nokia here maps works on non-official ubuntu devices, then there probably is some certain play in licences22:40
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t1mz0rlooking through the chat logs it looks like file browser is broken23:26
t1mz0ris that right?23:27
mgroverthe stock one is yes23:32
t1mz0ris there a cmd like pkcon to install apks?23:32
mgroverinstall it from the repos23:33
mgroveror pkcon install-local FILES23:33
t1mz0rpkcon install-local didn't work23:33
*** tworaz <tworaz!~tworaz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)23:33
mgroverthen install zypper and use that23:33
mgroverits a cmd tool23:33
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)23:35
sledgest1mz0r: apk (android apps) are not supporte23:44
sledgesonly on official jolla hw23:45
sledgesfrom channel logs you can see there's a this community initiative for android compatibility layer23:46
mgroverah shit missed the part about apk :P23:47
sledgesgetting late:)23:47
mgroversledges: when setting up vendor and device for HADK, for nexus5 it is lge and hammerhead right?23:47
mgroverwhen I breakfast the device is complains is cant access device/*/hammerhead/cm.mk23:50
mgroverah wait23:50
mgroverits trying to use cm-10.1 rather than cm-11.023:50
*** jfred <jfred!~quassel@2601:80:4002:c9f0:d1fd:371d:fa0b:9e51> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:56
sledgesit should use hybris-11.023:58
mgroverthe hadk maybe slightly outta date23:59

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