Monday, 2015-07-20

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sledgesmonday romning!06:43
sledgesmad_fitter: Nokius_: sent logs to the mms sailor06:43
sledgesfingers crosscompiled06:43
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius06:46
Nokiussledges: ok :)06:46
idejhow about monday moding? Alliterations 4 everyone06:46
sledgescyanogen moding?06:48
idejsailfish sailing06:49
sledgesidej: did you solve how to see qpa hwc plugin during image creation?06:51
idejyes i did06:52
idejflashing the image right now06:52
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sledgesmaikoool: sure way to check for fence leaks: ls /proc/$(pidof lipstick)/fd | wc -l06:57
idejhmm. Back to the scratchboard. Just reboots into fastboot (Reason: Fall-through from normal boot mode)06:58
sledgesidej: does your kernel cmdline have selinux=0 ?07:00
idejwhere do i check this?07:00
sledgesthen do  make hybris-boot; and later fastboot boot out/..../hybris-boot.img07:04
* Nokius cu later07:12
idejsledges, did not work. I needed to flash the hybris-boot as well. fastboot boot gave me an "remote failure"07:18
idejand i've noticed that i wtill habe cwmr installed. ShouldnÄt this be overwritten by the inital flash as well?07:20
sledgesidej: flashing doesn't touch recovery partition07:21
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dr_gogeta86guys g0day07:47
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idejjust to make sure, if the hole think doesn't boot at all (just reboots to fastboot), it is probably something within the hybris-boot.img?08:30
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sledgesidej: then flash hybris-recovery.img08:39
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idejsledges, just says Bootup failed when trying to start recovery08:40
sledgesidej: how do you start it?08:45
sledgesmorning carepack08:45
idejmorning carepack08:45
idejsledges, via fastboot so far08:46
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sledgesidej: paste the whole thing pls?08:46
idejthe fastboot output?08:46
idejnothing interessring there. I tried to use fastboot boot with the extracted boot.img from the previously flashed cm11. Same error. I can flash boot the cm11-boot.img. Mysteriously the falcon boots up to the cm11 welcome screem through then08:52
sledgesthere's never such thing as nothing interesting ;)08:53
sledgesfastboot flash boot /home/idej/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/falcon/hybris-recovery.img08:53
idejthe same08:54
sledgeswhat's on the screen after the last finished. total time: 0.522s08:55
idejmypc: cmdprompt, mobile: missmatched parition size (boot)08:57
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idejit seems to do "something" when using the boot.img in the same folder as the hybris-boot.img09:06
sledgescheck sizes of .img files then09:06
idejboot.img is considerably larger than hybris-boot (6242304 vs 4470784)09:07
sledgesmaybe vgrade recalls falcon voes?09:08
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idejand recovery is the same as hybris-boot09:08
sledgesotherwise you'll need to trace how mkimage is created, in hybris/hybris-boot/Android.mk09:09
sledgesget down and dirty into debugging ;)09:09
sledgesand confront that with how boot.img is created09:09
idejso, the image is probably corrupt?09:10
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idejcomparing the two images, the ramdisk for hybris-boot seems to lack a couple of files? It basicly just contains init-file, busybox, mdev and sh09:25
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sledgesidej: we're not past the fastboot error, means kernel hasn't even been extracted,  so initrd contents are irrelevant09:45
sledgesidej: it's the way MKBOOTIMG command line bakes that .img09:45
sledgesiirc it passes some size parameters09:45
sledgesmad_fitter: Nokius_: download MMS Logger app from store, it's a helper to collect reports about strange MMS APN cases, the sailor will then inspect those09:46
idejhow do you know that the kernel hasn't eben be extracted? out of curiosity?09:46
sledgesmobile: missmatched parition size (boot)09:47
ideji thought this is just because of different size img and parition? I get the same error when flashing the cm11.0 boot.img and it still boots.09:48
sledgesidej: that's new ;)09:48
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sledgesidej: in that case even if initrd was faulty (yet sounds correct), you should get something on hosts dmesg when device boots with .img09:49
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idejsledges, i had the same error when flashing clockwork recovery as well. Still works and looking around the internet this seemed just to be a warning message that the flashed image has a differemt compared to the previouse one09:53
sledgesidej: so it is09:55
sledgesidej: time to check your host's dmesg for signs of usb detect, after flashing09:55
idejhmm. but you might be onto something. When checking dmesg and trying to boot, fastboot doesn't even trigger a "USB disconnect"09:56
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locusfgood day11:21
idejjust figured out by accident: When i have flashed cm11 and do a fastboot boot ..hybris-boot.img it boots up and the rndis interface becomes available. Networkmanager shows the device name as "Mer Bootloader Failed to boot init in real rootfs" neat :)11:22
idejbut only when i have flashed cm11. Does not work with the sailfishos-image for some reason11:22
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MaximilianHi, I'm a Jolla user from CH. I have this Nexus 4 lying around with Ubuntu Touch on it and would like to try Sailfish instead. Is there still someone working on the port or is the effort going straight to the Nexus 5 which I could understand?12:18
MaximilianMy second question is about the RTC alarms from the adaptations/libhybris webpage. Is that the internal clock that counts the actual time?12:20
carepackMaximilian: yes. we're working on the port :-)12:20
MaximilianIs the certificate for really broken as my firefox wants me to know?12:21
carepackMaximilian: The most atention is going to nexus 5 of course. But n4 is not dead. Many things that have been got working on n5 coming over to n4 too.  I would recommend to work with multirom12:21
SfietKonstantinWHello Maximilian btw :)12:22
Maximiliancarepack: ;-) That's good news. I will have a look on the XDA webpage and see if I can find the time and understand how to flash the phone.12:22
MaximilianSalut ;-)12:22
carepackGood :-) If you have questions feel free to ask12:22
maikoooland yes, the ssl cert has expired since two days or so12:23
MaximilianIf it's about the same as flashing the Ubuntu Touch on  the phone then I should manage.12:23
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carepackMaximilian: of course. If you need assistance tray this one:
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Maximiliancarepack: Thank you.12:47
sledgesidej: you need to flash both - and then, as sf re-uses bits12:55
sledgesMaximilian: hello and welcome aboard:)12:56
sledgesMaximilian: RTC alarms wake the phone up from shut-down state, very few phones/chipsets actually support it, and it's coming from Nokia N9 times12:57
sledgesinternal clock ofc works at all times12:57
MaximilianAh, good ols N9, I have one I still need to glue the display before it can be used again.12:58
sledgesi have to "glue" back internal usb socket:))12:58
MaximilianYou will do it before I will for sure.12:59
sledgesi hope not12:59
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Ford_PrefectDoes sfos run on the N9? And if yes, what's the perf like?13:17
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krnlyngFord_Prefect: yes, and slow-ish to ok-ish imho13:22
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MaximilianFord_Prefect: Find yourself an old Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus 4 and you will have a nice Sailfish phone with no Android support though.13:23
Ford_PrefectMaximilian: was thinking OPO or N5, or possibly using maikoool's work to eventually switch to a Z3 Compact13:24
Ford_PrefectSoon as the OnePlus Two announcement happens, I'll know what is feasible and affordable13:24
MaximilianIf you can afford a Nexus 5 then go for it.13:24
maikoooltbh: i'm not that happy with the z313:24
maikooolthe performance (on android that is) is fine13:25
maikooolthe screen is fine13:25
maikooolthe design tto13:25
Maximilianmaikoool: Z3 with sailfish or original OS?13:25
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Ford_PrefectMy worry is they're going to replace the N5 soon and support is going to be a bitch13:25
maikooolbut it's waterproof, which means you have these stupid flaps covering the power conenctor etc.13:25
maikoooloriginal os13:25
maikoool1.1.7 is not yet out so no sailfish yet for z313:25
maikooolit's a good phone, but the flaps covering the connectors ruin it imo13:25
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: yeah, that, and the glass back scare me (got it for some ffos porting, but now might have to use it as my main driver)13:25
maikoooli've dropped it a few times already13:26
maikooolno damage to the glass13:26
maikooolbut the bezel around the front screen is damaged already13:26
Ford_PrefectI died a little on the inside just thinking about that :p13:26
maikoooli can just see the flaps coming off and exposing the main board all the time...13:27
MaximilianFord_Prefect: support for what? These phones last only two years and you won't want them anymore because they will be too slow...13:27
Ford_PrefectMaximilian: broken display is one, failing hardware the other (and there's an N5 refresh coming up)13:28
maikooolyeah, i'm waiting for 1.1.7 to come out before i unlock the z3's bootloader13:28
MaximilianIt's allready here, the Nexus 613:28
maikoooli've only got it for two weeks now, and it's my daily driver13:28
Ford_PrefectMaximilian: no, apparently there's a Nexus /5/ refresh in the works13:28
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MaximilianFord_Prefect: Oh.13:28
maikooolbut if somehow a build succeds in the meantime i will unlock it and flash sailfish ;)13:29
maikoooli did already compile aosp 5.1 from the sony guide cause thats needed anyway, that went fine, which is nice13:29
Maximilianmaikoool: But will the camera work?13:29
maikooolcrappy quality13:29
maikooolbecause of the sony ta partition drm bla bla13:30
ahoneybunFord_Prefect: rumors :)13:30
maikooolbut there's a guide to back them up before unlocking it13:30
Ford_Prefectahoneybun: tru dat :)13:30
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maikooolfor if you decide to flash back stock you can also restore the camera quality13:30
ahoneybunI've seen and handled the Nexus 6 and think it's a bit big13:30
maikoooli did that because i needed to root it13:30
maikooolso much crap on it13:30
ahoneybunsometimes I find the OnePlus One really large13:31
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: I wiped it to install ffos, and it was buttery smooth, then reflashed 'stock' from
maikooolnot just sony apps, but provider crap also13:31
maikooolxperia z3c?13:31
maikooolfirefox os?13:31
maikooolthat's aweeeesome13:31
maikooolthey based it on aosp 4.4?13:31
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: master is, but there's a 5.1 variant too13:31
maikooolwe'll see how sailfish runs ;)13:32
maikoooli'll continue trying tonight, need to do some other stuff beforehand13:32
Ford_PrefectI'm expecting it to blaze, it's killer hardware13:32
maikooolyeah, my xperia sp suffered from slow memory (not ram)13:32
maikooolwhich ruined it completely13:32
maikooolandroid hasn't even gotten to the 1gb ram in use point yet ;)13:33
maikooolcomplete overkill the hardware nowadays13:33
maikooolthe z3+ has an octacore :O13:33
maikooolit already sounds way better than quadcore13:33
maikooolwho doesn't want to say that13:33
maikoool'yeah my phone as an OCTAcore processor'13:33
maikoool'beat that :P'13:34
maikooolalthough it has no real use imo13:34
maikooolif i get it to work i'll try to upstream it and provide a flashable zip somewhere, so you can try it on your z3c as well13:35
Ford_PrefectCool! Honestly, if you get it built, I'm happy to just build here too. And once I've got my other work on this thing done, I can try to help too.13:36
maikooolyay, i'm no longer alone in porting a device13:37
maikooolhopefully sailfish has no problems with the dock charging connector13:38
maikoooli expect it not to, but you'll never know..13:38
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Ford_PrefectDon't have one of those13:39
idejwuhh. with lots and lots of workaround i managed to get the hybris-kernel to boot. Nothing more amazing than seeing the screen die in a multitude of colours when the screen dies because of some missing dependecies :)13:40
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maikoooli'm so afraid of the flaps coming off i bought one13:40
maikooolyou can get an unofficial one off ebay (free shipping) for a dollar or so13:40
maikooolUS $1,49 to be precies13:41
Ford_PrefectNice. Let me see what's on amazon/ebay.in13:41
idejmy girlfriend as the z3 and they seem pretty stable. But she managed to break the backglass with her first drop13:41
maikooolthere must be a relation between broken phone glass and girlfriends13:42
maikooolthree phones and i've never broken the glass13:42
maikooolmine broke all three of hers -__-13:42
MaximilianLuck, no luck.13:42
ideji suppose we take and break phone aparts another way. Karma would be a bitch if we break the glass as well13:43
maikooolthat's true13:43
maikooolmy girlfriend has indeed no interest in unlocking her bootloader and trying unofficial nightly superunstable cm-<insert_latest_version_here> builds13:44
maikoooli also never heard her say: 'aw crap because of this rom i cant make calls anymore'13:45
maikooolthat's happened to me a few times though ;)13:45
idejthe hardship of nerds and consequences of commiting hybris i suppose13:48
maikoooli had it a few times on android as well13:49
maikooolsystem was confused wether i had my headphones connected or not13:49
maikooolbut i hadn't13:49
maikooolso i could make calls, and recieve them, just not able to hear the other side13:49
maikooolwhich ruins phone calls imo :P13:49
idejyou could patch the phone to send morsecode when pressing a key :)13:50
maikooolin the end, connecting and disconnecting the official headset a few times solved it13:51
ideji can only boot the hybris-kernel via fastboot boot and only if i haven't flashed it first. As soon as i have flashed the hybris-boot the phone refuses to do anything13:56
idejohh. And now i have working networking via usb and access to the filesystem as well13:57
idejand there is folder "dontpanic" created on 6th of Jan 1970.. what is that about :)13:59
idejsome strange things happening13:59
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itdoesntmatthi guys whats the acutal situation of android compatibility layer amazing project?14:06
sledgesidej: great progress, telnet works?14:11
sledgesitdoesntmatt: and these games will come during next Nexus 5 update14:11
sledgesitdoesntmatt: Nexus 4 is being ported to atm14:12
sledgesmore info on apps from krnlyng and nh1402 @ #apkenv14:12
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idejsledges, does not.. phone starts sharing the device partitions and the something craps out and it reboots... i'm still trying to figure out why it does not work when flashing. Could it be some error in the fixup-mountpoints? Data not beeing correctly written to boot?14:13
idejwhen running make hybris-boot it claims that "/boot appears to live on /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot" which is correct as far as i could tell. At least thats true in recobery14:14
idej(or that might be my limited unterstanding: but fastboot boot only takes the kernel, or?)14:15
sledgesidej: so you flash only kernel+initrd (in volatile way)? you also specify kernel cmdline? add bootmode=debug to land in recovery14:15
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ideji managed to get the hybriskernel to boot when having another boot.img flashed and using fastboot boot with the hybriskernel14:17
sledgesidej: define hybriskernel14:17
idejzImage in hybris-boot14:17
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sledgesexactly what i said - so try to get it into recovery via bootmode=debug added to cmdline14:18
sledgesmad_fitter: check channel logs ;)14:18
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mad_fittersledges: I'm not sure how ;)14:19
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sledgesmad_fitter: 3rd link in channel topic14:20
maikoool(tip: firefox downthemall the channel logs then use grep ;)14:21
sledgesmaikoool: even better: ;) plain text14:22
maikooolthat's awesome14:23
maikooolit gets rid of the html as well?14:23
maikooolthat's super awesome14:23
maikoooli should really make that webbased logsearcher sometime14:24
maikooolit's at the bottom of my todolist14:24
sledgespatches welcome to make pasties caching also work properly (currently unstable)14:24
sledgesto get rid of html, just remove ".html" from ".log.html" :) hidden feature:))14:25
mad_fittersledges: cool. I have the mms logger that Nokius made yesterday. Strange, was able to send only two mms yesterday and recieve none. I did screenshot the logs of when they went through :)14:25
*** idej <idej!~idej@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)14:26
sledgesmad_fitter: is that mms logger an app from store, made by slava?14:26
sledges(the mms sailor)14:26
*** idej <idej!~idej@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:28
mad_fittersledges: negative. Made by Nokius yesterday.14:28
sledgesmad_fitter: use the official one, which will go to the dev14:32
sledgesmad_fitter: you're saying that mms does work sometimes?14:32
itdoesntmattok thank you sledges! so firstly will arrive on n5 and later on n4, right? you are amazing guys..14:33
sledgesitdoesntmatt: if all goes well yes, but it's only games for now14:33
sledgesclassic games ;) most probably from this list:
itdoesntmattah its only for that. is it much more difficult to make work even apps?14:34
itdoesntmattor its impossible?14:34
mad_fittersledges: only sending, and naybe 1 out of 20 tries. I dont see one in the store or warehouse. Do you have its exact name or a link to the rpm?14:35
*** jjardon_ <jjardon_!sid723@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:37
mad_fittersledges: If this gets figured out, screw android. Im a sailor, lol. SFOS is by far my favorite mobile OS. Developers have made a fantastic platform :)14:38
*** brobosti1on <brobosti1on!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:39
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sledgesmad_fitter: strange behaviour this 1 of 20...14:43
sledgesitdoesntmatt: ask on #apkenv, there are many ways to do it, games first is first giant leap towards one of them14:44
*** mad_fitter <mad_fitter!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)14:45
*** thewisenerd <thewisenerd!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:45
itdoesntmattthanks kind like ever!14:47
itdoesntmattyou are great! ;) keep on this way!14:48
*** jjardon_ is now known as jjardon14:48
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*** mad_fitter <mad_fitter!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:11
mad_fittersledgrs: I have to agree. Nokius and I were diagnosing a few different logs, and everything on the APN side looks correct, but it shows strange http status. 1,2, and 4. Not 1xx, 2xx, 4xx. Didnt know such http statuses exist.15:13
sledgesmaikoool: zypper ref; zypper in harbour-mmslog15:14
sledgess/maikoool/mad_fitter/ soz15:15
mad_fittersledges: Thanks. I'll grab it now.15:15
sledgesmad_fitter: if it doesn't cost you anything, one log with successful mms delivery, one log with failed, would be handy15:18
sledgesotherwise, refer to mmslog app, see what it's good for15:18
mad_fittersledges: They're free on my plan, so I'll supply one of each.....if I can get one to send again, lol.15:21
locusfmad_fitter: you got apkenv working?15:22
mad_fitterlocusf: no. Couldn't find the rpm, and I don't have the HADK installed to compile and install yet. Work keeps getting in the way ;)15:23
locusfmad_fitter: okay :)15:24
sledgeszypper in apkenv15:26
sledgesbut you'll need a modded libGLESv1 file15:26
mad_fittersledges: would i have gotten the updated libGLESv1 via zypper dup? Just wondering, because I saw a lot of GLES sruff in there. And if not, where can I find it?15:29
sledgesmad_fitter: in the next update; otherwise someone will have to patch it and upload it for you15:29
mad_fittersledges: Understood. Thanks. Cant wait to try it out. Progress looks pretty awesome thus far :)15:30
mad_fittersledges: Wait, so theres another update in progress already? 1.1.7?15:31
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sledgesmad_fitter: put under /system/lib/
mad_fittersledges: you the man. Thanks buddy :)15:37
mad_fittersledges: how can I mount /system as writable via filetug as root?15:43
sledgesmad_fitter: system is writeable15:43
mad_fitterHmmmm. Wont allow me to erase old or overwrite it. I'll keep trying.15:44
sledgesmad_fitter: on multirom?15:44
mad_fittersledges: Negative. I use SFOS as my daily runner. Main and only system :)15:45
sledgesmad_fitter: df -h /system/15:45
sledgesis not a solution (yet :p)15:45
mad_fittersledges: Not allowing my to write to /system/lib.....even though it says /system is writeable. df -h /system/lib didn't work either.15:50
*** tohtoris <tohtoris!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:51
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mad_fittersledges: I'll try via file manaver in TWRP15:53
sledges18:45 < sledges> is not a solution (yet :p)15:57
sledges18:50 < mad_fitter> sledges: Not allowing my to write to /system/lib.....even though it says /system is writeable. df -h /system/lib didn't work15:57
sledgeswhat's the output of df -h /system/15:57
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mad_fittersledges: just gives me info on the size of tbe directory16:03
sledgesmad_fitter: i need that info16:04
*** mad_fitter <mad_fitter!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)16:08
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*** mad_fitter <mad_fitter!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
mad_fittersledges: sorry man, in a building with a bad connection. Outside now ;)16:22
mad_fittersledges: mounted on /dev/mmcblk0p25 size: 1007M used: 381M available: 626M used: 38% /system16:25
*** brobosti1on is now known as brobostigon16:25
mad_fittersledges: but I am pretty sure i got it via recovery. Link me up to commanfs to test this bad boy out :D16:26
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maikooolmy system wasnt writable too16:51
maikooolmount -o remount,rw /system16:51
*** mad_fitter <mad_fitter!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)16:52
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sledgesmaikoool: thanks, that's a very effective remount readonly for mad_fitter17:06
sledgeswondered since when it became rw17:07
sledgesmad_fitter: commands: apkenv APK_FILE ;)17:07
sledgessupported games in description: ; and their versions:
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has left #sailfishos-porters17:09
mad_fitterThanks all! I'll test this all in a bit :) Gotta run for now, but I'll check back in later with results.17:11
mad_fittersledges: BTW, just had onne successful sent mms, lmao.17:12
sledgesmad_fitter: hope you cast the net on the logs:)17:12
mad_fittersledges: it goes directly to jolla, no?17:12
mad_fittersledges: when i pack and send it that is. I suppose I should add a note that it's a port and all other relevant info.17:13
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:15
sledgesmad_fitter: yes, say it's nexus5 and that mms succeeds 1 in ~20 times, also if possible to say which times were successful, which times were not, in the sent log data17:17
mad_fittersledges: Sounds good, my friend. It shall be done.17:18
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sledgesTassadar: ping17:51
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mad_fitterJust popping in quick to say this: My hats off to all the developers on this project. Outstanding platform, and my new mobile OS of choice :)18:54
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Nokiussledges: mad_fitter gota Version I compiled20:54
Nokiusof mms-debugger20:55
sledgesNokius: great effort, let's see who finds mms problem quicker, you or the sailor :D20:59
Nokiussledges: for the future on know n5 can zypper from store :) no need to build githib sources :D20:59
Nokiussledges: all I saw was that we have had an issue with /var/lib/ofono/  it has the wrong owner on the port devices find5 and n5 had root Jolla has radio if u change the owner to radio u will see files in there and if i understood mad_fitter correct ( I also testedt ) he was able to chanche the APN after that cas radio was able to save them21:01
* Nokius hope u can follow my lines tried and a bit sleepy 21:02
sledgesNokius: yet he manages to send like 1 mms out of 2021:02
sledgescan be the way his operator interprets some odd bits of data sf is sending21:03
sledgesevery operator has their own implementation of mms protocol, sad truth..21:03
sledgesNokius: i never managed to zypper in from store - only ~20apps available, harbour-mmslog wasn't among them21:03
mal-I should have tried to send mms, I only tried to receive21:03
sledgesmal-: did it work to receive? mad_fitter can't receive apparently21:04
mal-receiving worked fine on my device21:04
mal-only one test21:05
Nokiussledges: but I was wondering why the /var/lib/ofono folder has a wrong owner (ok the my Jolla has there a nice load of SubscriberIdentity stored) may cleaning is aslo nice there21:07
* Nokius gn8 21:20
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