Saturday, 2015-07-25

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locusfmorning ... *yawn*08:14
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Nokiussledges: as assumed thnaks08:47
alin_Nokius: are you on n5?08:54
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mal-next project after building an image has to be finding out why latest libhybris fails with "ION_IOC_ALLOC failed with error - Operation not permitted"09:44
mal-lipstick works but no programs can be started, I have some idea already what could be teh reason by looking at the diff09:45
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alin_spiiroin: ping10:28
mal-sledges: just note for future n5 builds, from now on sensor configs need to be added per device to droid-configs10:34
alin_mal-: this is exactly what I discovered now10:35
mal-didn't remember that and now I need to rebuild everything10:35
alin_mal-: i have no sensors config10:35
mal-alin_: just copy this to /etc/sensorfw/ and also create a symlink to that with the name primaryuse.conf10:37
alin_mal-: what a thing... I just discovered this10:38
alin_mal-: since when do you build for n5?10:38
mal-I don't, I just wanted to let others know what I found while building for my own device10:39
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lbtsledges:  and
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GerbenI am following the 'Hardware Adaptation Development Kit' PDF manual. I don't have the ubu-chroot, I am running Fedora 22 as host OS.11:45
GerbenWhere does that script come from?11:45
mal-Gerben: that comes from chapter 4.4 in the HADK11:47
Gerbenthe chroot environment itself is downloaded there11:48
Gerbenbut if I do a find I don't have anything called ubu-chroot on my system11:48
mal-it should be in $MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/usr/bin/ubu-chroot11:54
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Gerbenthere are a lot of files in there, so I think I downloaded/extracted it properly11:56
Gerbenjust no ubu-chroot script11:56
Gerbenit should be in the ubuntu-trusty-android-rootfs.tar.bz2 tarball?11:57
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mal-Gerben: when you setup the mersdk did you follow this
mal-Gerben: it should be in that mersdk not in ubuntu rootfs11:59
GerbenI think I did follow that, but to be 100% sure I'll do it again12:00
mal-Gerben: and when you enter the mersdk do you do it like this: $HOME/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot12:01
* sledges big hugs lbt12:02
sledgesalin_: ^^^12:02
mal-sledges: looks like there needs to be Provides: sensord-configs in droid-config-$DEVICE.conf if we want to have device specific sensor configs like we now should12:06
GerbenI opened the mer tarball using file-roller and checked manually12:07
Gerbenthere is no ubu-chroot script in /usr/bin12:07
alin_sledges: coool12:08
Gerbencould it be that this is renamed to mer-sdk-chroot12:09
Gerbenor is that something different?12:09
alin_Gerben: nope follow the manual and all will fell in place12:09
GerbenIf what mal- states is correct, there should be a ubu-chroot script in usr/bin of that tarball12:10
Gerbenand there just isn't12:10
mal-Gerben: did you run sudo zypper in android-tools createrepo zip12:15
mal-in chapter 4.312:15
Gerbendnf, this is fedora, but yes12:15
mal-Gerben: that is in mersdk12:15
Gerbenthe zypper instruction you mean?12:15
mal-Gerben: I think you have not understood waht mersdk is12:15
mal-that is run in mersdk chroot12:16
alin_Gerben: no worries this run on arch and on opensuse too I still do not know anyone who did it on ubuntu12:16
maikooolwhat, following the hadk on ubuntu?12:16
maikoooli did12:16
maikoooldidnt work for me on arch :P12:16
Gerbenah thanks12:17
Gerbenthat did it12:17
mal-Gerben: again do you start mersdk with $HOME/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot12:17
mal-just ot be sure you are doing things correctly12:17
Gerbenit worked after I used the zypper command12:17
sledgesmal-: jolla phone and tablet don't have that provides in configs..12:18
sledgesmal-: relevant PRs:
sledges(can read more on mer bug)12:18
Gerbenbut I am 'building for failure' anyway I just read, nearly no functionality of my phone is supported anyway, but good for trying on a rainy day..12:19
maikooolwhich phone?12:19
mal-sledges: yes, it still works since sensorfw-qt5 pulls the configs anyway12:20
sledgesPSA: celebration!!! review appreciated \o/
merbotNemo bug 790 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][hybris-11.0] properties don't work in the patched bionic" [Critical,New]12:20
mal-if they are not gotten from anywhere12:20
sledgescritical bug fixed :)12:20
mal-sledges: interesting that sensors work mostly fine on my device12:21
sledgesfinally no more wonky builds for nexus5, and Nokius_ should have sensors too when he does fresh sync after that PR is merged12:21
sledgesmal-: it works on mako too12:22
Gerbenmaikoool, Samsung Galaxy S3 International ; Samsung i930012:22
sledgesdifferent approaches (nexus5 case it's hiding in proprietary sensors.qcom.so12:22
* sledges goes back afk12:22
sledgesalin_: pls PR sensors configs to droid-config-hammerhead repo12:22
sledgeslbt: your first (long) link didn't work btw12:23
maikooolit's listed as working12:23
sledgesor maybe i concatenated it wrong:)12:23
sledgesalin_: on obs will stay as is , and _latest will point to it only after public release12:23
Gerbenthe first says phone is working12:23
Gerbenthe second, which is the developers page? says that making outgoing calls is not working, as a known issue12:24
maikooolwell, it's a rainy day right? ;)12:24
Gerbenyep, I already read both pages, so I expect that calling wont work12:24
sledgesMSameer: proper sensors (android properties) fix by Ricardo Salveti from Canonical, doing it together! \o/
mal-Gerben: so then you have something to fix, I also assume camera and gps can be fixed rather easily (gps at least, camera most likely)12:27
Gerbenmy C/C++ skills are a bit rusty12:28
mal-at first you need to give us error logs so we can see how thing could be fixed12:29
mal-Gerben: please not that you should get hybris-11.0 in HADK 5.112:40
mal-instead of hybris-10.112:41
mal-assuming your device has cm1112:41
mal-seems that it does12:42
mal-Gerben: only hybris-11.0 branch has support for camera12:44
GerbenI have Liquidrom, based on CM1212:44
GerbenI think, I'll verify12:44
Gerbenyes, CM1212:45
mal-no support for cm12 builds of sailfish, yet12:46
Gerbenok, I'll flash a CM11 first then12:47
mal-did you alreasy start repo init described in 5.112:49
mal-(with hybris-11.0?)12:49
GerbenI was still looking up where I should configure this12:49
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mal-Gerben: the last part of that line12:49
GerbenI see12:50
mal-Gerben: i.e. run repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.012:50
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mal-before that remove the 10.1 version so it won't cause problems12:50
mal-I mean run rm -Rf * in $ANDROID_ROOT12:51
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Gerbenthe build fails with: build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/samsung/i9300/]]: "vendor/samsung/smdk4412-common/" does not exist.  Stop.14:11
Gerbenis this a bug, or am I doing something wrong again..14:11
mal-Gerben: not sure if this will work but here is that missing repo you need to add that to local_manifests14:16
Gerbenwhere is that defined?14:17
mal-Gerben: it's also possible to fetch the files manually from your device14:17
mal-Gerben: in 14.3.1 there are some examples how to do it14:18
mal-Gerben: if you want to manually fetch those files
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alinlbt: sledges do you need any specific constraints for xulrunner to build?15:06
alinseems it crashes with a segfault in qemu15:06
alincan you also checked I put the right repos to build?
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Nokiusalin: I afk till night15:48
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maikoooli saw a plasma mobile prototype video today16:24
maikooolcouldn't help noticing they're talking about running android apps in the forums16:24
maikooolgiven that it matures and eventually runs on plasma mobile16:25
maikooolcould it be usable for us?16:25
mal-there was talk about that here a while ago but can't remember what16:29
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maikoooltheir roadmap shows they want to have flappy bird running in a month :O16:34
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mad_fittermaikoool: I already flashed the image. Very early in the platform. I think I saw something in the XDA forum about the KDE android app engine too. I'll have to look back.16:44
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idejis it possible that the init-script from hybris-boot is a bit broken? It doesn't stop on the first error for me, just on the second one?17:07
mal-where does it fail?17:09
idejright now nowere. it just booted through even with bootmode=debug and the other switches.. these switches only worked when there was a previous error.17:10
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mal-which kernel image -boot or -recovery?17:12
idejtrue for both17:15
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idejrevovery never worked for me as intendet till i formated /data. After that it stopped with "Allways halt" (as it should have done before)17:16
idejsounds like this is only the case for me?17:18
mal-what do you mean formatted /data? wouldn't that also remove sailfish?17:21
maikooolzomg my htc sensation just came back to life17:22
maikooola rooting trick connecting two points in the phone with a wire17:22
idejit did.. so it failsafed because of missing rootfs but not because of recovery. I i used just boot it doesn't stop because of missing rootfs17:23
maikooolsailfish still working :P17:23
idejnot with the forked init-script. It does with the original one from sledges17:23
mal-sledges: wohoo, my newly built image boots using unmodified cm11 with the fixed hwcomposer supplied by sailfish image17:26
mal-I seem to be doing something wrong since my additional repos are not visible on the image17:32
Gerbenyet another 'where is that tool' question.. The kernel build fails with several CONFIG errors, I try to fix this and then rebuild using mka hybris-boot as in the doc17:35
Gerbenbut can't find it17:35
maikooolwhat, the mka command?17:36
idejwhich tool?17:36
Gerbenthe mka command17:36
maikooolsource build/envsetup.sh17:36
maikooolyou forgot to resource environment17:36
idejand be in $ANDROID_ROOT17:36
maikooolif you re enter the shell in which you're building, you need to re-run source build/, breakfast <device>17:37
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mal-almost perfectly working image, forgot to disable camera shutter :(17:39
maikoooloh btw17:39
maikooolmal-: for my htc device, there are three device trees, one cm-10.1, and then a cm11 with and a cm11 without caf17:40
maikooolwith cm10 and EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev, the device works17:40
maikooolapps dont crash17:40
maikooolwould you recommend staying with cm10, and if not, should i switch to the caf branch?17:40
mal-you should not use cm10, it won't have camera support etc17:41
maikooolso cm11 then17:43
maikooolthe non caf version has TARGET_QCOM_DISPLAY_VARIANT := legacy, and QCOM_BSP17:44
mal-where are the repos again?17:44
maikooolthe caf version has TARGET_QCOM_DISPLAY_VARIANT := caf, and QCOM_BSP unset17:44
maikooolsince both need extra work17:45
maikooolwhich one would be best to try and use?17:45
maikoooljust want to make clear this is not related to earlier issues with sony device, this is completly other device17:46
mal-I would go with caf, eventhough there is the need for recompiling hwcomposer, but it might also be with legacy17:47
maikooolokay, then at least i dont have to deal with the bsp stuff17:47
maikooolwe'll see if hwcomposer works or only fbdev does17:48
maikooolam i right in thinking hwcomposer might potentially bring better performance?17:48
mal-as far as I know yes17:48
mal-seems that I also forgot to add gps support17:49
maikooolcool thx for the quick answers17:50
maikooolbuild starting ;)17:50
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Nokiusalin: hi18:10
alinNokius: hi18:12
Nokiusalin: did understand the mesg from the morning18:12
alinNokius: nope18:12
Nokius<alin_> Nokius: are you on n5?18:14
Nokiusalin: I have no n518:14
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alinNokius: ok18:16
Nokiusalin: but I can test on my find5 :)18:17
alinjusa_: ping I was told you can do magic with pulseaudio18:17
mal-alin: what is your problem?18:19
alinmal-: pulseaudio 6 does not start18:19
mal-alin: what's the error?18:20
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mal-I used pulseaudio earlier without problems18:20
mal-6.0 I mean18:21
alinmal-: E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.18:22
mal-run from commandline with verbose output18:23
alinthe error is in the config18:23
alinD: [pulseaudio] conf-parser.c: Parsing configuration file '/etc/pulse/client.conf'18:23
alinit may be it is still the 5.0 config18:23
mal-that should be a file that comes with pulseaudio so I doubt that18:23
alinmal-: it comes indeed18:26
mal-how did you run it from commandline?18:27
alin[nemo@Jolla ~]$ pulseaudio  -vvvv --start -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_qualcomm_msm_8974_hammerhead_flattened_device_tree_000b.pa18:27
alini am surprised does not start automatically18:27
alinby systemd18:27
mal-and no real error messages?18:27
alinthat is all plus the other one18:28
mal-try with --log-target=stderr18:28
mal-and without --start (if I remember correctly it would start it as non-daemon)18:30
mal-or not18:30
alinE: [pulseaudio] module-bluez5-discover.c: failed to parse module arguments.18:34
alinE: [pulseaudio] modargs.c: Assertion 'ma' failed at pulsecore/modargs.c:258, function pa_modargs_free(). Aborting.18:34
mal-ah that's a known issue
alinmal-: this drives me crazy... something is wrong with the sparse18:39
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idejin which step should the system mount /system?18:41
alinso practically both issues I have seen up to now come from there... maybe migration goes crazy18:41
alinmal-: I will blame sledges for all18:42
mal-idej: systemd will mount it18:43
mal-quite early I believe18:44
alinmal-: do you use common?18:44
mal-alin: yes18:44
alinmal-: I added some package you can test the sensors18:44
alinmal-: nh suggested it18:44
alinmal-: also I added some newer stuff18:44
idejthat explains, why it is not there :)18:44
idej(in early boot)18:44
alinmal-: susepaste to share command line logs18:45
alinmal-: and errors and also I added less18:45
mal-alin: do you know how I could get the repos to show on the built image?18:45
alinmal-: yes18:45
mal-common and a custom one I have18:45
idejnext question: Is there a way to disable the bootlogo/splash right afer fastboot? because this is the only thing i see. even if i do stuff like /dev/urandom > /dev/fb018:45
alincheck the build image in the sfa-mer script18:45
ideji remeber seeing a switch like "continuos bootlogo" or something. But i can't remeber where18:46
mal-idej: /dev/fb0 is not a real device18:47
mal-so you cannot write to it like that18:47
idejworked in my early linux times like that :)18:47
mal-yes it did, not anymore18:48
idejbut     /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml doesn't show anything at all either (it doesn't crash). There is no flickering or anything on the screen though18:48
mal-idej: you are running that as nemo user? have you set EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer?18:49
mal-you can run it like EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml18:49
idejin early init so far. The device crashes if i let it continue booting18:50
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sledgesalin: what's the problem?19:11
sledgesalin: never been keen on locally recompiling the world (re xulrunner)19:12
alinsledges: somehow the config is not ok19:12
alinsledges: I did not do it19:12
sledgesmal-: awesome news then release soon?19:12
sledgesalin: what config?19:12
sledgespa has aosp5 changes19:12
alinsledges: sensors and pulseaufio19:12
sledgesback track the19:12
alinthis is for pulse19:13
alinsledges: somehow does not appear in the image I did19:13
alinsledges: and sensors are missing the conf bit...19:13
alinsledges: these may have to do with sparse19:13
alinthe same with the settings for the gstreamer and camera19:14
alinthen on a happier note... I triggered rebuidl of everything19:14
alinand xul fails to build on 1.1.619:14
sledgesalin: update submodule19:14
alinand quill on 1.1.719:14
alinsledges: thought the migrate script and the builddhd script does all this correctly already19:15
sledgesalso, did you add sensors config to droid-config-hammerhead ?19:15
sledgesmigrating is only once19:15
sledgeslong time ago19:15
sledgesonce repos appear under mer-hybris/droid-config-$DEVICE19:15
sledgesstop migrating19:15
sledgesand use those19:15
alinsledges: is not long time ago since I clone pretty often19:15
sledgesbecause those have the latest changes19:15
alinsledges: of course I do not migrate again19:15
sledges22:15 < alin> sledges: thought the migrate script and the builddhd script does all this correctly already19:15
alinsledges: once per clean repo sync19:15
sledgesmigrate should not be run at all19:16
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alinsledges: yes I tun it only once after I clone19:16
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sledgesjust take nexus5's local_manifest - - and never migrate again for nexus5, because it's already migrated19:17
* sledges goes back afk19:18
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* Nokius confused 19:27
Nokiushave an issue with patterns
Nokiusdidn't touch them19:32
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Nokiusah u should read :)19:41
mal-sledges: hopefully next build is good enough19:41
alinsledges: no idea why it fails with .24 on my computer built just right19:42
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GerbenI succeeded in building the Sailfish .zip file, after flashing it, the phone does not start (stuck in bootloader). If I reflash CM11, it starts normally.19:56
GerbenIs the stock rom really needed also when the device is fully working using CM? Samsung has made it quite hard to get the original rom without Windows tools.19:57
maikooolno cm is needed19:58
maikooolcan you get into the mer debug shell?19:58
GerbenCM is enough?19:58
Gerbenin the guide I get the idea that I might have to flash the stock rom first, then CM, then Sailfish19:59
Nokiusok sledges gstreamer is brocken so pattern are falling now there19:59
maikooolcan you check first if you can get into debug shell, maybe sailfish is booting but nothing is shown on screen19:59
maikooolthere's something in the hadk guide iirc, but i use this:
Gerbenyes, I see it in the dmesg of the host20:00
maikooolif you can get into debug shell: refer to this:
GerbenI'll have a look20:00
maikooolit lists most common problems20:00
maikoooldebug shell can be accessed with telnet20:00
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maikoooltelnet 232320:01
maikooolshould be available after setting network config on host for usb debugging20:01
maikoooloh, you were on fedora, right?20:04
maikooolso no /etc/network/interfaces20:04
maikooolthen see if the device shows up in 'ip a' (on usb host)20:04
maikooolthen sudo /sbin/ifconfig usb0 up
maikooolreplace usb0 with whatever it's called20:04
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*** Sail0r <Sail0r!~Sail0r@2a01:4f8:190:3484:1::ffeb> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
Gerbenafter about 2 minutes it continues to clockworkmod recovery, I assume that I can't debug then anymore20:08
maikooolthat's strange20:08
maikoooltry adb when in clockwork20:09
maikooolthen cat /proc/kmsg and or /proc/last_kmsg20:09
maikooolmaybe that has a clue on why it's not starting20:09
maikooolcause if android device isnt powered down between boots, then /proc/last_kmsg contains the kernel logs from previous boot20:10
Gerbenadb says no permissions20:11
GerbenI'll search myself, but if you have a hint..20:11
maikooolwhen in clockwork?20:11
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!~Sail0r@2a01:4f8:190:3484:1::ffeb> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:11
maikooolyeah since android 4.3 or so host key verification is required20:11
maikooolbut you cant do that in recovery20:12
maikooolthere is a workaround iirc20:12
maikooolGerben: try twrp recovery instead of clockworkmod if available for your device20:12
maikoooltwrp does allow adb shell20:12
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:13
Gerbeninstalling, but will take some time..20:14
mal-Gerben: as you can see in the faq there are some hints to what might cause rebooting20:17
maikooolstrange that clockwork is invoked20:23
maikooolmaybe system notices kernel does not boot and then enters recovery20:23
maikooolso that'll be before the debug shell is available20:24
sledgesalin: gcc version looks like20:25
Gerbenby the faq / comparing with my kernel config the selinux bootparam is most likely; CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y20:26
maikoooltry adjusting the cmdline, you can disable selinux with that to test20:28
maikoooliirc fastboot comnand can handle custom cmdlines without changing boot.img20:28
Nokiusah test provides gstreamer :P but I assume it's broken maybe I should dive into OBS20:28
alinsledges: but shall be 4.8 in both.. I wonder if may be something more mundane like rpm flgas in obs different from my machine20:29
alinnow I try your theory with no migration20:31
sledgesalin: ping MSameer about libquill failing20:34
alinsledges: can you check I used the right base?20:34
sledgesalin: yes you have20:35
alinsledges: ok... now one thing20:35
alinsledges: if I do not migrate20:35
alinhow do I get this20:35
alinrpm/dhd/helpers/ 2>&1 | tee $ANDROID_ROOT/
alinnothign seems to pull it20:36
sledgesrepo sync --fetch-submodules20:36
sledgesit will pull them all20:36
* sledges goes back afk20:36
MSameersledges: what's with libquill?20:39
alinMSameer: dails to build in obs20:39
alinsledges: still not dhd just the spec files20:46
alinhelpers contains not all maybe some path is missing20:47
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alinMSameer: any thought on that failure?21:22
MSameeralin: I have no idea what you are talking about21:22
alinMSameer: sledges pasted the link with the error21:22
alinlibquill chokes on obs21:23
MSameeralin: if you need help, provide info. I am not going to read the backlog just to gather the info I need21:23
alinMSameer: there is no backlog.. sledges pinged you and provided the info21:23
MSameerffmpegthumbnailer seems to be missing an include?21:24
MSameerscrollback buffer21:24
MSameeravthumbnailer.h:31:3: error: 'mutex' in namespace 'std' does not name a type21:24
MSameer#include <mutex> to avthumbnailer.h (IIRC)21:24
alinMSameer: ok will you fix it?21:26
alinis puzzling since manually build on my machine i have seen no such issues21:26
MSameerI am busy now21:26
MSameeralin: toolchain/libstdc++ difference21:26
alinseems so21:27
alinsledges: have a look atthese conflicts
alinMSameer: ok was quill fixed it21:51
sledgesalin: you built monolithic version21:51
alinMSameer: I will sr it back21:51
alinsledges: you said not to migrate21:51
alinso I pulled the dubmodule21:51
sledgesyes, to take modular repos21:51
alinsledges: yes in the local I have them21:52
sledgesfrom local manifest21:52
sledgesyour droid-hal-hammerhead is monolithic21:52
sledgesnot from
sledgesrpm/ should point to that ^21:52
alinin it   <project path="rpm" name="mer-hybris/droid-hal-hammerhead" revision="master" />21:53
alinin rpm indeed the git log shows like pre modular21:54
sledgesfixing time then21:55
* sledges goes back afk21:55
sledgesalin: could you approve pls? since you tested it as well21:58
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)21:58
alinsledges: done21:59
sledgesbigquestion: are sensors.qcom and sensorsfwd still eating 10% CPU at frequent bursts?22:01
alinsledges: no idea on that22:03
alinsledges: though first I would like to see the modular thing fixed22:03
alinsledges: no idea how to check other than top22:04
alinsledges: yes22:05
alinsledges: they seem to take 7-9 percent22:05
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:06
alinsledges: for example when open the galery22:06
sledgeshmm, i think with old image you'll see them eating 10% during phone idle22:06
sledgeswhich was battery drain reason, possibly22:06
alinsledges: ok I did not see such thing22:06
alinsledges: now22:06
sledgesBluesLee did, i noticed too22:06
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:06
alinsledges: i noticed too but thought is the battery going dead22:07
sledgesit's not you, it's us:))22:07
alinsledges: ?22:08
alinI fixed quill now i fix cameaplus22:08
alinso we get closer and closer22:08
alinall i need is a modular build22:09
alinwith proper conf for sensors and for pulse and we are on22:09
sledgesleftover in main maničest22:09
sledgesuse this:
sledgesas you can see:
* sledges goes afk again, be back in 30-45mins22:12
alinsledges: I used that manifest22:12
alinsledges: we may leave it for tomorrow I am lost in manifests... i prefer marx's22:19
mal-sledges: image uploading :)22:35
* Nokius ctirs is not working well in fingerterm but first package is made via osc :D 22:52
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:53
mal-first release of Sailfish for Xperia Pro (iyokan)
Nokiusmal-: \o/22:57
mal-ping Antartica22:57
Nokiusmal-: first public :)22:57
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:57
mal-quite many non-public images built :)22:58
mal-good thing I tested the kernel of the built image, it did not work, so I replaced it with an older version that is known to work22:59
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mal-I'll need to find out why it failed22:59
Nokiusmal-: is there any entry in the logs when the Keyboard is active may u can sync with kimmoli how he is hiding the onscreen keyboard23:00
mal-there is a package to do it but recently it did not seem to work anymore, I'll need to look into that23:01
mal-it's easy to detect whether the keyboard is open or closed23:03
NokiusI assumed that23:03
mal-the real fix for that will hopefully come soon23:04
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
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sledgesalin: ok, like some marx followers say, morning is wiser than the evening23:29
sledgesmal-: \o/23:29
sledgeswhat an awesome weekend for sailfish os!23:29
sledgesmal-: not published on xda yet? ;)23:30
alinsledges: i doubt night may make me wiser23:30
mal-sledges: where should I post that in xda?23:31
sledgesmal-: as green as nexus5 wow!23:31
alinmal-: nfc works?23:32
sledgesmal-: in that thread you've been posting?23:32
Nokiusalin: N/A23:32
mal-alin: no hardware for that23:33
alinmal-: and since when that stops you? such a small detail23:33
alinmal-: did you do it with 1.1.7 in the end?23:33
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)23:34
sledgesmal-: and/or say your porter's beer preferences in [1] thread to bring you to 10posts, so you can open own sfos image thread in android development23:35
sledgesmal-: and please take a nice picture of your phone, we have custom to tweet/g+ this with link either to wiki or xda :)23:37
mal-I'll try, the only other camera I have is Jolla phone and the quality is not very good23:41
mal-alin: I did 1.1.623:41
sledgeswith good light it's doable, just postprocess after (usually just a bit of contrast makes big difference)23:41
mal-sledges: I cannot post because posting links also needs 10 posts23:45
sledgesmal-: beer thread it is ;)23:45
sledgesi'll reply as soon as you write there23:46
mal-I need 6 posts23:46
sledgesand we'll get there23:46
sledgeslbt has done it the same:)23:46
mal-I'll do that tomorrow23:46
Nokiushaha the beer thread :)23:48

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