Saturday, 2015-09-19

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locusfheh android moves to 6.008:21
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* lbt is updateing nemo bz : it'll be offline for a bit10:43
nh1402tried my modified init.rc file on alpha 14, but wouldn't boot11:11
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nh1402alright now we're back to the same issue as before, where input won't work when in CM11 from Sailfish12:14
romu70hi porters, new issue found, the N5 has no pulley menu on lockscreen, already known?12:14
locusfmaikoool: I've synced at least hybris-boot and rpm from your repository, thanks :)12:18
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maikooollocusf: np ;)12:56
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drFaustrollnh1402: ?13:05
nh1402drFaustroll: Renewed effort into getting android app support working by "booting" into CM from Sailfish13:07
nh1402i can "boot" to CM from Sailfish, but there's no input, whiich is the same state I left it in, months ago.13:08
nh1402I'm sure input should work "straight out of the box" but it doesn't and currently have no idea why.13:10
nh1402will create an xda thread in the android hacking section for help.13:10
drFaustrollnh1402: i do not get it... why would people buy a sailfish to run android...13:13
drFaustrollif they want android buy android...13:13
drFaustrollis not like people using android phones are discriminated against13:13
locusfsledges: drFaustroll:
locusfmy .hadk.env is old-school13:22
drFaustrolllocusf: you build hammerhead?13:22
drFaustrolllocusf: seems like a not migrated config...13:23
drFaustrolllocusf: showme the branch in .hadk.enc13:23
drFaustrolllocusf: check my sfa-mer version of script shall have a bit in it for migration if was not done13:23
locusfdrFaustroll: ok13:24
locusfI've got multiple device configs for both old-school, aosp5 hybris non-modular, aosp5 modular13:25
drFaustrolllocusf: for hammerhead?13:26
locusfdrFaustroll: sony13:27
drFaustrolllocusf: then somethign is funny in your error... says hammerhead13:27
locusfdrFaustroll: yeah since ~/.hadk.env pointed to it13:28
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romu70hi porters, anyone knows why there is no pulley menu on the N5 lockscreen? known bug?13:32
maikooolwow, repo syncing cm11 based tree, last time i did that it had 400+ repositories, now it's only 11713:52
maikooolawesome :D13:52
mal-yes, looks like that has been cleaned finally13:54
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locusfdamn rpm database voes13:59
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bluesleeromu70: there is a pulley menu, you have to add up to 3 apps in the lockscreen settings14:00
bluesleeromu70: if you observe any bugs please use the bugtracker, i reported a bunch of them and try to check them from release to release14:02
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rss351maikoool: I finally got cm12.1-based sailfish for the z3c built and installed14:05
maikooolawesome :D14:05
maikoooli finally migrated to cm-12 as daily driver for easier sailfish testing :D14:05
rss351maikoool: display and touch work great -- the display is actually much smoother than aosp5 (it doesn't tear or jump)14:06
maikooolrss351: yep, that's why i'm not doing aosp5 based anymore14:06
rss351maikoool: sound (and volume adjustment) works14:06
maikooolrss351: modprobe bcmdhd, then wifi works14:06
maikoooli'll add that to sparse folder soon (tm)14:06
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rss351yep, aosp5 was really buggy - I couldn't use it as a daily driver14:07
maikooolsame here: especially with dirty cache partition it crashed every minute14:07
rss351maikoool: thanks, wifi didn't work, I'll try modprobe14:08
rss351maikoool: and the modem somewhat works14:08
maikooolit just doesnt load the module on boot yet, but that's easy fix14:08
maikooolthe modem works for you?14:08
rss351maikoool: I can send/receive text messages (after a couple of reboots), and actually I get mobile data14:08
maikooolmaybe i should do a clean build, my modem didnt show up14:09
maikooolbut that's very awesome rss35114:09
maikooolmodem not working has been bugging me for weeks now14:09
rss351maikoool: but when I try to make phone calls, it loads slowly, then I get the disconnected tone14:09
rss351maikoool: so I dropped in the systemd droid-wifi-fix from the previous build14:10
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rss351maikoool: but I replaced the line in "/system/bin/addrsetup /sys/devices/platform/bcmdhd_wlan/macaddr" with "/system/bin/taimport"14:11
maikooolah like in the cm init.rc14:11
rss351since cm12.1 doesn't appear to use macaddr or addrsetup14:11
maikooolno they seem to use different type of wlan module14:12
rss351and it needs the /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/ link14:12
maikooolbcmdhd is pretty generic, even my 4 year old htc uses that14:12
rss351but the other stuff in there is needed for the modem14:12
maikooolvery awesome14:13
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maikooolcan you push that out to xperiasailors/droid-config-z3c ?14:13
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maikoooli'll add the wlan module, it's pretty ez fix14:13
rss351maikoool: sure, though the scripts are yours!14:14
maikoooli copied them as well ;)14:14
maikooolso dont worry14:14
maikooolrss351: that should autoenable wlan14:15
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rss351maikoool: also, I didn't need mkqcdtbootimg - simply including "INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET := $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dt.img" in hybris-boot/ worked for me14:19
rss351maikoool: I was able to build and boot just fine. And I think a similar fix was recently upstreamed14:20
locusfrss351: maikoool: woo z3c day :)14:20
locusfaosp5 for me though :p14:20
rss351though I haven't tested that specifically14:21
rss351locusf: yep!  thanks for all of your efforts!  we've made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot to do...14:21
locusfrss351: no problem man! Its been huge progress since you and maikoool joined14:23
rss351maikoool: also, the changes in droid-hal-device/ can be put in droid-hal-z3c.spec (as suggested by locusf), so we can use the original droid-hal-device branch14:24
rss351unfortunately, the battery drain is terrible - it went from 90% to 16% in ~7 hours, while the phone was doing nothing and the screen was blank14:26
maikooolrss351: i noticed that as well, the phone really heats up14:29
maikoooli think starting /system/bin/thermanager resolves that14:29
maikooolafaik that controls the gpu/cpu clockspeeds14:29
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rss351I think so too - maybe we can copy some more stuff from init.qcom.rc into systemd files?14:30
maikooolyep, either that or figuring out why they're not already started14:34
locusfhmm I've got undefined symbols while building pulseaudio modules14:36
maikooollocusf: you're using jusa's droid-5.1 branch? i recall that working on aosp5, but that's some weeks ago...14:37
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locusfmaikoool: ah no, thanks for reminding to switch14:37
maikooolafaik that's the only non-upstream repo atm.14:38
maikooollibhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer upstreams work fine for cm12 at least14:38
maikooolrss351: if you really only needed to add INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET, then adding BOARD_KERNEL_SEPERATED_DT to device/sony/z3c/ should fix that14:39
maikooolthen only the paths in hybris-boot are hacked in14:39
maikoooli'll give it a try, see what happens14:39
locusfmaikoool: thanks14:40
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rss351locusf: I think that I built what was in the new hadk and in rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh14:42
maikooolhmm, so you're not using jusa's branch for cm1214:42
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rss351maikoool: cool - I'll give that a try; can we also add the kernel boot params (ie. no selinux, etc) there?14:43
maikoooli'm already trying ;)14:43
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maikoooland yes, that should be possible14:43
maikooolrss351: i'll try to cleanup hybris-boot, could you in the meantime push out your and continue working on the modem? I'll ping you when i push out hybris-boot changes14:47
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rss351maikoool: sure, sorry for being slow on github - I'm new to it, and I was using pointers to your old forks, so I need to init the new branches locally (and outside of my build tree)14:48
maikooolah yes, i updated the repos yesterday so they're now proper forks14:49
maikooolsrry about that14:49
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rss351no worries!14:49
maikoooli really like the fact github shows you if you're ahead/behind the fork14:49
locusfrss351: was your modem fix for aosp5 or cm12.1?14:52
maikooolafaik the one in the channel logs is for aosp514:52
maikooolthe path he mentions in the kernel files doesnt exist for cm1214:52
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rss351locusf: for both, you need a symlink from /etc/firmware to /system/etc/firmware (assuming you have the firmware)14:53
locusfrss351: I should yes14:54
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maikooolrss351: not using mkqtcdbootimg also fixes my build errors related to bootimg creation14:56
maikooolvery nice14:56
maikoooli'm rolling a zip now, we'll see if it boots ;)14:56
rss351locusf: and you need the symlink in
maikooolif it does, it's without changes to hybris-boot/Android.mk14:56
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rss351locusf: (well, the whole droid-wlan-fix stuff)14:57
locusfrss351: ok14:57
rss351locusf: then, for aosp5, there was some clause in the kernel source that had to be commented out, I'm assuming because of the lack of selinux/sepolicy14:58
maikoooli have the diff here14:58
rss351but I'm not really sure why - it just caused an error14:58
maikoooli removed it instead of commenting :P14:58
maikooolbut at least that's the filename + lineno.14:59
rss351yep; comment out that !check_permissions() clause14:59
rss351locusf: I may have created some other symlinks too, but with some luck, that should get you closer15:00
romu70got it blueslee, thanks!15:02
locusfrss351: ok thanks15:04
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rss351maikoool: any luck with logcat?  I didn't work on my build15:10
maikooolsame here :(15:10
maikooolboth logcats are broken15:10
rss351it worked on my aosp5 build15:10
maikoooli'm assuming droid-hal-init doenst work properly15:10
maikooolyeah, i have it working on other devices as well15:10
maikooolhm crap, all changes in hybris-boot i did in one single commit15:11
maikooolif i revert that it will look ugly once upstreamed15:11
maikooolprobably best to nuke that repo and start 'fresh'15:12
rss351maikoool: sorry for the pain15:12
maikooolnot your fault at all15:13
maikooolbut mine15:13
maikooolit all for a good cause, more upstreamability15:13
maikoooljust shouting it out here so when your repo sync breaks you know why ;)15:14
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rss351I haven't repo-synced in a couple of days just to avoid breaking more things15:15
rss351so I'm good, for now15:15
maikoooli synced yesterdag, it's all fine15:15
maikooolmy new changes wont take effect until you also update your local_manifest15:16
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maikooolrss351: i recreated hybris-boot, the fixup-mountpoints-z3c branch is upstreamable but master still contains the quickfix to updater-script, just fyi ;)15:29
rss351maikoool:  cool, I have some more partitions to had to the fixup mountpoints15:30
rss351let me check...15:30
maikooolboot and userdata should be enough, but okay15:30
locusfmaikoool: have you run into trouble with: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration aries15:30
locusfmic run for image15:31
maikooolvaguely remember something like that locusf15:31
rss351maikoool: I finally got git working and pushed the changes to droid-hal-z3c/droid-hal-z3c.spec15:31
maikooolIIRC installing some packages inside sb2 target fixes that, not sure though15:32
locusfah jolla-rnd-device15:32
maikooollocusf: the latest dhd buildscript does that for you afaik15:32
maikooolrss351: awesome, so now we can revert to upstream dhd submodule15:32
rss351maikoool: that moves the mod out of  droid-hal-device/droid-hal-device.inc15:32
rss351maikoool: yep!15:32
maikooolcool, i'll fix and push that now15:33
maikooolsubmodules can be a bit of a ****15:33
maikooolrss351: just so you know where it was moved: the commandline and dt command now live here:
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rss351maikoool: nice!15:34
rss351maikoool:  eventually, I'll clean my tree and rebuild and test15:34
locusfmaikoool: which one?15:34
maikoooli recall that suddenly installing a lot of stuff into the target15:35
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maikooolrss351: i reverted my commit that switches to submodule fork, we now use upstream dhd again15:40
maikooolour fork has been deleted now15:40
maikooolcause not needed anymore15:40
locusfmaikoool: ok15:42
maikooolsome things have been moved since 1.1.6 for what i know15:45
maikoool.ks file now lives in target on my env at least: $MER_ROOT/targets/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks15:46
maikooolinstead of $ANDROID_ROOT/installroot15:46
maikoooland 'sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install zypper in droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts' puts it there15:46
maikooolalso process patterns is now in another place15:46
maikoool hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device/helpers/process_patterns.sh15:46
maikooolrss351: device seems to boot fine without mkqtcdbootimg :D15:47
rss351maikoool: nice!15:47
maikooolso cmdline stuff also works it seems15:48
maikooolrss351: here is the new local manifest:
rss351yes, there is a typo in the hadk v1.1.1, one of the paths needed hybris/ added, I don't quite recall which15:49
rss351maikoool: ok, I pushed the fixes; let me look at the fixupmountpoints15:49
maikooolrss351: are you familiar enough with git to change those fixups on the fixup branch and merge them back?15:51
maikooolelse i'll scetch out the commands here15:51
maikooolif you are, sorry for doubting you ;)15:51
rss351maikool: you mean to push them to the 10.1 master?15:51
rss351maikoool: nope, I'm just learning git :)15:52
maikooolno to the fixup-mountpoints-z3c branch15:52
maikooolk so assuming you're on the master branch: you can check with 'git branch'15:52
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rss351maikoool: so then sledges or someone else will eventually review and upstream it?15:52
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maikooolthen switch to the branch like this: git checkout fixup-mountpoints-z3c15:53
maikooolmake your changes and git add + git commit like usual15:53
maikooolthen git push origin fixup-mountpoints-z3c to put them on github15:53
maikooolthen git checkout master15:53
maikooolgit merge fixup-mountpoints-z3c15:53
maikooolgit push origin master15:53
maikooolthe fixup-mountpoints branch can then laterbe upstreamed to mer-hybris/hybris-boot with a pull-request, and then indeed sledges et al will review that15:54
rss351maikoool: thanks!  I'll give it a try15:54
maikooolbut my hotfix to updater-script should not ever make it to upstream, that's why there's seperate branch for the fixups15:54
maikooolrss351: some reading for branches: (not that you should follow that 1:1, just a guide that explains the use and usefullness of branching)15:55
maikooolthat page helped me a lot understand the branching model when i started using git15:55
rss351maikoool: sledges: yes, the typo in HADKv1.1.1 is in ch8.2, in the sed/KS script: $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-configs/installroot ... should be $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot...15:56
maikoooloh, that's what it's supposed to be?15:56
rss351the droid-configs is under the hybris directory15:56
maikooolwhat i mentioned earlier, the one in targets/x/usr/share/kickstarts also works when using obs to build all packages15:57
maikooolthat's why i'm using that by default15:57
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Konstaanyone have any bright ideas about droidmedia/gst-droid?16:30
Konstabuilt it, included it my image, booted it (finally!), still same errors about missing codecs playing audio/video16:31
Konstado I need to rebuilt libhybris with the droidmedia stuff in the tree?16:31
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Solus_Has anyone try porting to the g3 att Version16:32
Solus_i try to set up the mer platform but get error when trying to open after extracting it16:34
locusfhmm local repo has no key16:35
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mgrovernexus 5, alpha14, has anyone has the garabled UI from bootup occur randomly during usage?16:43
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locusfyo piggz16:51
locusfwrong repository in .ks16:57
locusfmic --debug is your frind16:57
locusfsledges: add to hadk16:57
locusfsledges: mic --debug16:58
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rss351maikoool: I reverted your flashing hotfix in the hybris-boot fixup-mountpoints-z3c branch18:04
rss351maikoool: and created a pull request to be merged into hybris-boot master18:05
rss351maikoool: I hope I didn't screw it up!18:05
rss351sledges: I created a pull request for the fixup-mountpoints script:
rss351maikoool: I also created a new repo, alternative_manifests, where I put the manifests that I have been using18:08
rss351maikoool: they attempt to be minimalist, so you don't need the entire cm12.1 tree18:08
rss351maikoool: also, I used the cm approach to pull the firmware off the phone (instead of using the muppets repo) and into the build tree - I documented this in the device manifest18:11
locusfmaikoool: rss351: have you guys tried to set a pixel ratio?18:11
locusfapparently not since its 5 columns in app drawer18:13
locusfrss351: yeah I've set it to 1.218:13
locusffor 4 columns18:13
rss351locusf: things are a little small, but acceptable for me18:14
rss351locusf: yes, I get 5 columns18:14
locusfrss351: afaik n4 has 1.2 as well18:14
locusf720p screen18:15
rss351I like small18:15
rss351but 1.2 is probably better18:15
Konstarss351: you don't need vendor repository at all to build hybris-hal18:19
Konstachange to18:19
Konsta$(call inherit-product-if-exists, vendor/sony/shinano-common/
Konstaor comment out the whole line18:20
Konstathere might be similar inherits elsewhere too18:20
*** tworaz <tworaz!~tworaz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:21
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:25
Konstarss351: another one here
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!5cd9de1e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:27
rss351Konsta: Thanks!18:27
Konstaand here:
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:28
Konstarss351: no problem :)18:28
rss351Konsta: so then as long as the blobs/firmware are in the cm12.1-zip, hybris-hal will still work?18:28
Konstarss351: yes18:29
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)18:29
rss351Konsta: cool!18:29
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin18:29
locusf1.1.9.28 booted btw18:36
locusfno calls yet18:36
mal-Konsta: did you include common obs repo when you built your image?18:44
Konstamal-: probably not if I need to do some extra18:46
mal-you can try adding it first directly on your device and update packages from that18:48
mal-Konsta: faq has the repo address18:48
Konstamal-: libhybris doesn't work if you merge up to date cm-12.1 to mer-hybris forks (doesn't boot)18:49
Konstahad to create a static manifest based on stable/cm-12.1-YOG3C18:49
Konstait's from somewhere around may 20th18:49
Konstacan build and boot everything now at least18:50
Konstamal-: you mean this?
mal-Konsta: no, something with :common in it18:51
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)18:52
Konstamal-: wat? nothing with :common in faq :o18:52
mal-something like that should be there18:52
mal-I'm on mobile so cannot search easily18:53
Konstamal-: I'd probably get some error if I was missing packages (e.g. gstreamer1.0* called from patterns)18:55
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:55
mal-Konsta: it will build without that but won't work18:56
rss351maikoool: alright, it's time for me to go be productive18:56
Konstamal-: damn, I'm missing the sledge repo18:57
rss351maikoool: eventually I'll rebuild everything with the updated repos and test, then we can update the mer wiki18:57
Konstathat's probably it18:57
rss351maikoool: we'll have to figure out what's wrong with logcat, otherwise further debugging the phone and battery stuff will be difficult...18:58
*** erikys <erikys!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:59
mal-Konsta: no need for sledges repo, common is on line 125 in faq18:59
mal-Konsta: common has all you need19:00
Konstamal-: what do I need from that repo? trying do it on the device...19:04
mal-Konsta: add it like in faq then zypper dup --from common19:05
mal-Konsta: and zypper ref common before dup19:05
mal-Konsta: check what it updates and installs with dup and then check if anything listed in faq is missing, from the relevant parts of faq19:08
Konstamal-: I'm on it. :) gstreamer1.0* was indeed missing19:10
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:10
mal-it should install all needed packages19:10
mal-Konsta: make sure you have the gst*droid package19:11
Konstamal-: now music player and gallery crash trying to play music/video19:15
KonstaI'll try build an image with those repos added19:16
Konsta*try to19:16
mal-check logs19:17
mal-Konsta: did you reboot?19:20
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:22
Konstamal-: no :P I probably still miss gstreamer1.0-droid* packages. building image now...19:24
*** erikys <erikys!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:24
Konstano obvious errors in journalctl19:24
mal-Konsta: do you have gst*droid in patterns19:30
Konstamal-: yes, added both gstreamer1.0-droid and gstreamer1.0-droid-tools19:31
Konstarebooted, still crashes playing media19:33
Konstanew build ready...19:33
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mal-rss351: I commented on your PR, please combine those commits19:48
Konstamal-: ..but it still doesn't work19:50
Konstasame amound of packages (660) but the build was 0.1mb smaller :o19:50
KonstaI still don't fully understand this build system :/19:50
mal-Konsta: pastebin zypper se gst output19:51
Konstaand I'm back to [W] QGstreamerPlayerSession::processBusMessage:1211 - Warning: "No decoder available for type 'audio/mpeg, ... errors, nothing crashes19:58
mal-Konsta: how did you use common repo when you built the image?19:59
sledgesKonsta: gst-inspect-1.0 droid20:00
Konstamal-: 'sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu ar common'20:00
Konstasledges: ?20:01
mal-Konsta: it has to be in .ks20:01
sledgesKonsta: launch that command20:01
mal-sledges: I think he20:01
mal-he's missing the updated packages and the system is using 0.120:01
sledgesKonsta: zypper in gstreamer1.0-tools20:02
sledgessorry to just barge in like that, but it shows "i | gstreamer1.0-droid "20:02
mal-sledges: but if the qt packages etc are not updated then it does not know how to use gst-1.020:03
sledgesmal-: alright, qtmultimedia is missing then20:03
Konstamal-: add it to my .ks manually?20:04
mal-Konsta: yes20:04
mal-Konsta: just look how it's done for adaptation0 for example and use the same syntax20:04
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
mal-Konsta: try again to add the common repo to your device and zypper dup from there20:05
Konstamal-: there's buch of other packages updated too. is that ok?20:08
mal-Konsta: yes20:08
mal-Konsta: if you did zypper dup --from common20:08
Konstamal-: yes, did that. back to media player closing/crashing playing mp320:11
KonstaI'll reboot just in case20:11
*** gexc <gexc!~gexc@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:12
mal-Konsta: then debug the crash20:14
*** Timpaxi <Timpaxi!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:14
Konstamal-: how? I didn't see anything too interesting in journalctl20:15
mal-Konsta: gdb, strace etc20:15
Timpaxijust wanted to say thank you to all porters. SF2.0 running smoothly on my Nexus 5, lollipop. :)20:16
mal-Konsta: and more debug output from gst20:16
Konstamal-: no idea what gdb is, what to strace?20:16
mal-Konsta: run media player with strace from commandline20:17
Konstamy mer debugging skills are pretty much non-existing ;)20:17
mal-gdb is debugger tht could tell where it crashes20:18
Konstalogcat I know but it only spams about audit here20:18
mal-Konsta: and you can get more output from gstreamer with GST_DEBUG='*:4' before the program when running from commandline20:18
Konstamal-: how to run media player from command line? what's it called?20:19
mal-Konsta: jolla-something20:20
Konstamal-: jolla-mediaplayer it is. strace jolla-mediaplayer ends quickly20:21
mal-Konsta: pastebin20:22
Konstamal-: actually it won't launch from command line, This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb".20:22
sledgeswoo what a z3c day it was over here! thanks rss351 (hadk hybris/ typo will be fixed in next ver), maikoool & locusf ! re battery life: what are your load averages/top? mal-'s right, it would be nice to squash at least the revert:
sledgeslocusf: --debug added20:24
mal-Konsta: are you running it as nemo or root?20:25
locusfsledges: thanks20:26
sledgesdrFaustroll: noticed from using n5 beta0 daily, after phonecall sometimes touch locksup -- doubletap/2multitouch brings it back to life, sometimes only reboot helps..20:26
Konstamal-: always root :P it launches from the terminal app so I should be as nemo?20:27
mal-Konsta: gui apps always as nemo20:28
drFaustrollsledges: bugger20:29
drFaustrollsledges: i noticed another one...20:29
drFaustrollsledges: lipstick reboots sometimes20:30
drFaustrollsledges: and today I got the orientation sensor stuch in landscape20:30
*** Timpaxi <Timpaxi!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)20:31
mal-Konsta: that tells that it sees the codecs correctly and starts using them but then fails, no idea why20:32
Konstaend of strace
drFaustrollmal-: did you move to 2.0?20:32
mal-drFaustroll: not yet, I've been a little busy, I have two jobs now20:33
Konstamal-: damn, droidmedia doesn't like cm-12.1?20:33
mal-Konsta: it should have support, haven't tried it though20:34
Konstamal-: so I guess no camera either then?20:35
mal-Konsta: you can try20:36
Konstamal-: do I need to build something for that?20:36
mal-Konsta: install harbour-cameraplus20:36
mal-Konsta: should be in common20:37
Konstamal-: droidmedia needs one patch to build on cm12.1
Konstamal-: cameraplus installed but doesn't do much20:40
mal-Konsta: well you most likely don't have all the fixes needed for it, check faq20:40
mal-Konsta: it freezes if one fix is not used20:40
Konstamal-: /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/share/qtcamera/config and add my device codename and configs there?20:44
mal-Konsta: yes, then the shutter fix also20:45
drFaustrollmal-: you got a kid?20:46
sledgesdrFaustroll: lipstick looks stable, so does orientation20:47
drFaustrollsledges: orientation once in a week20:49
drFaustrollsledges: lipstick three times20:49
sledgesKonsta: mal-: i wonder if this'd work: gst-launch-1.0 droidcamsrc ! glimagesink20:49
drFaustrollsledges: so we need to see20:49
mal-drFaustroll: why did you ask that?20:50
drFaustrollmal-: you said you have two jobs20:50
mal-sledges: maybe, not sure20:50
drFaustrollmal-: that sounded like th eonly logical explanation.. you got a kid.. one extra job20:51
mal-drFaustroll: just a transittion period, started my new job and still have my old one, takes a while to end it20:51
Konstamal-: added kis3/device.ini there and 'setprop 1'20:52
Konstano difference :(20:52
mal-Konsta: does it freeze?20:53
mal-Konsta: or crash?20:53
Konstamal-: freezes after a while, asks me to wait or close20:53
mal-Konsta: check that the property is there, better to add it to default.prop or something20:54
mal-and reboot20:55
Konstamal-: 'getprop | grep camera' and it's there20:55
Konstaand /data/property/ is there so no need to add it to default.prop, should persist a reboot20:56
mal-Konsta: does cameraplus show the viewfinder or just black screen?20:57
Konstamal-: it show the icon on the center and then it flashes my ambiance color on the left (on landscape)20:59
mal-yes, I think the logo is always there21:00
Konstarebooted, no change21:01
Konstablack screen it is then21:01
mal-still believe it's because of that, you can check strace to make sure what it does21:02
Konstamal-: ...ServiceManager\0", 15}, {"Waiting for service"..., 37}], 6) = 64 looping21:07
mal-Konsta: ok, then it's something else21:07
mal-sledges: *21:09
Konstamal-: so I guess that's it for my issues for now, I'm not even going to bother with RIL21:10
Konstaprobably do some kind of release with these issues remaining sometime soon21:10
Konstaoh, also I think there's also some weird timing issue during booting21:11
mal-Konsta: why not try RIL? all of these are solvable21:11
Konstamal-: well, not now, not today at least :P21:11
mal-Konsta: yes, maybe not today21:11
Konstasometimes my device doesn't boot to sailfish and reboots after display kicks in21:12
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)21:12
Konstaand btw removed the surfaceflinger lipstick hack, my device doesn't need it21:12
KonstaI think it might be something with timing with droid-hal-init and mounts21:13
Konstacan make my device not to boot every time by masking some mounts that journalctl is saying are failing anyway :o21:13
mal-timing can be an issue21:14
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sledgesKonsta: launch cameraplus as root22:23
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:28
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