Tuesday, 2015-09-22

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sledgeshave you moored your boats for today's portings? ;D07:51
sledges(that wasn't punny enough meh:))07:52
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sledgesmal-: vrutkovs: created internal PR for flo and mango, now the ball is in the store sailors court :)08:07
sledgesmaikoool: Yngvarr said store worked for huashan, can you test it serves all arm apps and not only a handful of QML/PyOtherSide-only apps?08:09
sledges /win 15308:09
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mal-tbr: could you add folders for mango, smultron and urushi images to devaamo, thanks09:17
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tbrmal-: created and you own the directories with write access09:19
mal-tbr: thanks09:20
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zGrrmoin :)10:30
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drFaustrollsledges: ping10:31
sledgesdrFaustroll: pong10:33
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gandrelhello porters10:36
gandrelwhat is the status of Sailfish OS on Nexuse 4? Anybody knows?10:37
sledgescarepack: ^10:37
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phdeswerLooks pretty good for the Nexus 4 based on https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris10:54
sledgesyes, but it can't get media playback nor stable camera, due to it being suck on cm10.1, due to GPU being too picky10:55
sledgeswe're hoping that movement in qpa hwc code will solve that10:57
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maikooolFailed to connect to releases.merproject.org port 80: Connection refused11:41
maikooolknown issue?11:41
maikooolon both new/clean and existing mersdk environment11:41
maikoooland in browser as well11:41
stephglbt: ^^11:41
maikooolor is it just scheduled maintenence?11:42
sledgesmaikoool: according to graph, obs looks very busy, but might or might not be related https://build.merproject.org/11:43
sledgesmaikoool: seen my hilight earlier? ;) cc Yngvarr11:43
maikooolyeah, i'll check11:43
lbtreleases... hmmm11:43
maikooolthat's really busy indeed11:43
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lbtmaikoool: fixed ... my bad - ty11:48
YngvarrHi there! =)11:48
maikooolhey Yngvarr11:49
YngvarrHey maikoool, are there any updates?11:52
maikoooli'm rolling a build as we speak11:52
sledgesYngvarr: do you get plenty of jolla store apps? or only QML/Python ones?11:56
maikooolfirst time test11:59
maikoooli've not tried the jolla store11:59
maikooolat least i can sign in with an exisiting account, that's good12:00
maikooolthat a known bug btw: creating a new jolla account on a port that's not activated works/worked for me in the past12:00
maikooollogging in to that account after wipe didnt12:00
maikooolimei error something it said iirc12:00
maikooolsledges: how to tell if an app is qml/python?12:01
YngvarrWell, I can gel only few of apps. Only Jolla's and some more.12:02
maikooolsame here12:02
maikooolgpodder and modrana, scoreboard helsinki transport and teletext it are the only non jolla apps it seems12:02
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sledgesmaikoool: modrana is python-only12:08
maikooolno games either12:08
sledgesmaikoool: Yngvarr: thanks, i'll address that12:08
carepacksledges: gandrel: sorry very busy atm. will move on after friday12:16
sledgescarepack: thanks for communicating! ;)12:17
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mal-sledges: do you know if the android partition symlink thingy makes the android content show up easily in gallery etc?12:25
mal-sledges: it still seems to depend on luck on my device12:25
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sledgesmal-: never seen this working on nexus5; drFaustroll ?12:33
drFaustrollmal-: luck12:43
drFaustrollmal-: i think is the tracker which creates issues12:44
gandrelcarepack: thanks :)12:45
sledgesdrFaustroll: mal-: yes, because files are acceessible just fine otherwise (through file browser), also readwrite12:47
mal-drFaustroll: sledges yep, damn tracker :)12:47
sledgeshates symlinks? mount timing?12:47
mal-some timing issue maybe, I have sometimes seen the files correctly12:49
mal-we just need to get tracker to refresh those folders12:49
mal-sledges: I have even added files to android partition through pc-suite mode from my laptop, so the symlinks are nice12:50
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sledgesmal-: i tried tracker to refresh those folder via sailfish utilities app, didn't work12:51
sledgesnot forceful enough?:)12:51
mal-sledges: yes, I have tried that also12:51
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cxl000sledges, vrutkovs deb modem is now up and reporting service. ssu s now reports my IMEI.12:58
vrutkovscxl000: woohoo!12:58
cxl000I've just put some credit on so I'll check out data soon12:59
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sledgescxl000: and it reports your IMEI consistently across reboots?13:02
cxl000Yes and reflashes. I have also matches what android reports.13:03
cxl000^verified that it13:04
* sledges trusts cxl000 and adds deb to jolla store candidates13:07
cxl000where do update-binary etc used in building zip come from13:08
sledgescxl000: from within android build under out/13:08
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cxl000sledges, I'm seeing errors during image build that these are missing and so the zip is not installable. Files are generated in in out/ but are not in droid-hal-deb-img-boot packages13:26
sledgescxl000: does your .spec have installable_zip 1 ?13:26
sledgesshove it in :)13:27
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TheRedFoxGood afternoon everyone!14:06
TheRedFoxsledges: I have a segfaulting droid-hal-init :D14:06
sledgesTheRedFox: good (afternoon) for you! :D14:06
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off14:12
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sledgesTheRedFox: did you systemctl mask droid-hal-init beforehand?14:17
mal-TheRedFox: have you check that /system is mounted correctly?14:20
sledgesit seems to be, as he used /system/xbin/strace14:21
mal-ah, yes14:22
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TheRedFoxsledges: I can mask it14:27
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sledgesTheRedFox: please do, then retry running manually, it doesn't like to be run twice per boot:)14:29
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TheRedFoxsledges: Should init.rc be empty? :f14:44
TheRedFoxIt's only a file of 0 bytes now14:44
mal-that doesn't sound good14:45
TheRedFoxHmm, it's ok in the installroot14:49
* TheRedFox does a shameless copypaste14:49
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TheRedFoxsledges: Can i skip setupwizard?16:04
nh1402touch each corner starting top left then top right moving clockwise16:06
TheRedFoxThat doesn't seem to work for me :F16:06
nh1402have you pressed the start tutorial button?16:06
nh1402you do it on that screen16:06
TheRedFoxTried it multiple times16:06
nh1402if you've pressed it already then it's too late16:06
nh1402when you can see that button is when you do that.16:07
TheRedFoxI do that, but nevermind16:07
nh1402if you've pressed it you've gone too far16:07
nh1402i've never had any problems with skipping the tutorial16:09
TheRedFoxRIL seems to work :o16:09
TheRedFoxCan see IMEI from phone app, it just wont connect to the network16:10
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sledgesTheRedFox: your sim without pin?16:12
sledgesTheRedFox: check pdf about ofono-tests16:13
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mal-alpha2 releases for iyokan (Xperia Pro), mango (Xperia Mini Pro), smultron (Xperia Mini) and urushi (Xperia Ray) are now available at http://images.devaamo.fi/sfe/16:22
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sledgeswoohoo! mal- any flashing instructions?16:35
sledgesso we could tell the whole world16:35
sledges(and the status table;))16:35
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mal-sledges: no general instruction, the iyokan instruction work, just replace iyokan with different codename16:46
mal-I'll make a general installation instructions later16:46
* sledges thumbsup16:46
mal-already posted on xda16:47
sledgesmal-: so i'll point them to iyokan status row as well, for good measure16:48
sledges(through tweet and g+)16:48
sledgesmal-: did you do multiple posts on xda per device?:)16:48
mal-sledges: no just here http://forum.xda-developers.com/jolla-sailfish/general/request-port-sailfish-os-to-xperia-2011-t2171283/post62869246#post6286924616:49
sledgesthat's perfect16:49
mal-I think I should post the xperia general at some point16:49
sledgesi'll point to that thread16:49
sledgesyep, there you can also just post a link to your thread, so it's centric16:50
mal-I don't have verification for all of the features in all of the ports so I haven't updated status row yet16:53
mal-all should work though16:54
sledgesgood point16:54
mal-maybe I should a note about store16:55
sledgesmal-: ok? https://twitter.com/sledgeSim/status/64636813786520371216:59
mal-looks good17:00
sledgesyou can edit that post "saying all features that of iyokan *should* work :) please test ;) Jolla Store is being progressively rolled out, to test, please check device UID"... etc17:00
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sledgess/test/enable for your device/17:01
TheRedFoxBack from dinner :>17:02
mal-sledges: do the changes I made to the post look ok?17:04
TheRedFoxI'm going to make a nice fix for wifi first(wifi only works if the prima driver is compiled as module and inserted after wcnss started from droid-hal-init)17:04
sledgesmal-: jolla store also works for huashan (but reduced amount of apps, i'm chasing that up)17:05
sledgesTheRedFox: cool!17:05
sledgesyet huashan is 2013..17:05
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*** Jonni <Jonni!~rainisto@linuxi.org> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
mal-sledges: let's hope the touchscreen fix works, at least it worked for mango17:22
sledgesare you reading its model name off kernel somehow? or just assume they all use the same hw?17:23
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taaemhow is the z3c port goin'?17:42
*** perillamint <perillamint!~perillami@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
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sledgestaaem: ping the porters ;) https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/porters17:48
*** Jonni <Jonni!~rainisto@linuxi.org> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
Konstasledges: pr https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/pull/6817:51
Konstasledges: tested both successful and failed case on my device but wouldn't mind more testing17:52
Konstawrote a little thing that puts the filesystem tarball to different places depending on partition layout, sailfish is still installed to /data17:54
Konstacame across this issue while testing17:54
sledgesKonsta: thanks merged, looked sane17:55
TheRedFoxDoes it compile? Ship it! :D17:55
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*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:02
mal-sledges: I just assume they have the same hardware18:06
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*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@x55b16458.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
taaemmaikoool: how is the port running?18:19
maikooolwhich port?18:19
maikooolxperia sp?18:19
TheRedFoxsledges: Another thing, how will i get my xiaomi whitelisted for the store?18:19
maikooolah yes18:19
TheRedFoxAka, what should i do with the output of ssu s18:19
mal-TheRedFox: it has to report a unique id, usually IMEI correctly18:19
TheRedFoxIt is reporting IMEI now18:20
mal-then ping sledges18:20
TheRedFoxNow just have to find another user18:20
maikoooltaaem: z3c is now based on cm-12.1, thx to rss351 we almost have modem working, it boots to UI but is still work in progress18:20
maikoooltaaem: see https://github.com/xperiasailors for code18:20
taaemmaikoool: thx will keep an eye on that github18:20
maikooolfeel free to PR if you decide to have a go at it18:21
taaemdon't have one currently but I'm thinking of getting one if the port is going further so well18:23
taaemif i get one i will help you :)18:25
piggzsledges: interesting......sfos on old experia .... same chipset/gpu as ace .... whats the secret????????????18:32
mal-my little secret :)18:33
sledgespiggz: which xperia in particular?18:34
TheRedFoxOfono is showing ril_0 and ril_1 as offline :D18:36
piggzsledges: mango/smultron18:36
TheRedFoxAnd recognizes the sim in ril_018:36
sledgespiggz: mal- did all those on cm11.0 and QCOM_BSP; you mention no QCOM_BSP there18:37
sledgesTheRedFox: then bring modem online ;) https://github.com/beidl/droid-hal-device/commit/34ab62c4312039b3fd3648bb348a830ff808e39a18:37
piggzsledges: mal-hmmmmm18:40
mal-sledges: ace uses display-legacy18:41
piggzyes ... how does yours not if its the same chipsets??18:41
mal-piggz: my devices are using display-caf18:42
mal-piggz: have you fixed the hwcomposer?18:42
piggzmal-: no ... but there is CM work on the ACE to use KK Adreno drivers....18:43
mal-piggz: this needs patching https://github.com/OpenDesireProject/android_hardware_qcom_display-legacy/blob/cm-11.0/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp18:43
Nokiusmal-: nice work man!! just saw the tweet from sledges  \o/18:43
mal-piggz: I assume you use those sources18:44
mal-Nokius: thanks18:44
piggzmal-: i did the loop patches18:44
piggzmal-: just got this msg...18:44
piggzYeah, this new stuff dropped exclusion of BSP flags and is working with newest caf display HAL18:44
piggzI think HAL is based on msm896018:44
mal-why would it use a different board version, you have msm7x3018:45
piggzapparenttly 7x30 is close enough to 825518:46
mal-piggz: that's the processor18:46
mal-my device also has msm7x30 board18:46
piggzmal-: https://github.com/msm7x30/android_hardware_qcom_display/commits/cm-12.1-caf-7x3018:47
mal-piggz: what new stuff is that msg talking about18:47
mal-piggz: my device also uses that for cm-12.118:47
piggzmal-: that ^ (KK adreno driver, display-caf and qcom_bsp)18:47
mal-piggz: and I got cm-12.1 also working18:49
piggzmal-: so...with this new cm work, i may make progress18:49
piggzmal-: i need these brnaches https://users.pizzalaatikko.net/~niko/ace/cm-12.1-20150919-UNOFFICIAL-ace.zip.info18:52
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mal-piggz: looks like you'll need to do some patching to android_build19:02
piggzmal-: for?19:03
mal-piggz: that need to have the patches for mer19:04
mal-but actually not very critical since the patch only limits what is built19:05
piggzk...this is tomorrows job ... need to sort my mtb out .... and prep for work tomorrow ..... and this is totally goinf to slow down my big refactor of libKReport!19:05
*** Yngvarr <Yngvarr!~giraff@l37-193-172-131.novotelecom.ru> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:15
piggzsledges: mal-: yes, this new work uses qcom_bsp https://github.com/OpenDesireProject/android_build/commits/cm-12.1-adreno-wip19:16
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@ic-s221n18.brunel.ac.uk> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:16
TheRedFoxAre there any plans for multisim support in sailfish? :D19:16
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
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*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@ic-s221n18.brunel.ac.uk> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:24
sledgesTheRedFox: i think you can count on that :)19:30
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TheRedFoxAlso, if i'm done porting sailfish to my xiaomi, i'm going to try to get sailfish running on my Kobo mini19:45
TheRedFoxE-reader with eink on sailfish!19:45
*** tworaz <tworaz!~tworaz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:48
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sledgesTheRedFox: sounds interesting! we had a PoC on Kindle in the past:)19:51
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Nokiussledges: hi any news for ofono?19:55
* Nokius should get some sleep cu19:57
*** EasyAC <EasyAC!~andre@x2f16714.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:58
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sledgesNokius: thanks for nagging, i'll ask again20:05
sledgesNokius: you might want to try with latest ofono from master branch20:06
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!~tassadar@ip4-83-240-20-212.cust.nbox.cz> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:14
EasyACsledges: Hi, i have been asking you last week how to make the GPS run on the N4, you have posted me that i should run run the devel-su zypper se geoclue, sadly i cant see any GPS infos, do you have some further ideas?20:16
mal-EasyAC: if it does not list geoclue-provider-hybris-community then you need to build it yourself20:18
EasyACmal-: it does list something but i don't have any clue what it is!20:20
mal-EasyAC: pastebin the output of devel-su zypper se geoclue20:20
EasyACokay i try, that might take a while!20:23
sledgesmal-: Nexus4 is not built on OBS, so we have to wait for carepack to come back on friday and do the build within20:24
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mal-sledges: ok20:31
mal-sledges: interestingly also smultron has wifi problems like mango does whereas my device and urushi are ok20:31
sledgesmal-: for AP scanning you could use connman-tests package20:32
sledgestizen got some good wikis about it20:32
mal-sledges: ok, I'll ask the tester to use that, in mango logs I couldn't see any problems20:33
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lpotterheh, that tizen connman wiki says 'newly introduced' anout connmanctl20:38
mal-sledges: looks like there might be some problems with the shared configs, just noticed that for example sensors.conf is different20:39
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mal-sledges: looks like I have just been stupid20:41
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mal-sledges: I should have made symlinks instead of copying the files20:43
sledgesmal-: how would that differentiate between devices?20:44
mal-sledges: it would link to /system/etc20:45
sledgesah ok ofc20:45
mal-sledges: and that is device specific20:45
mal-I assume those files are only needed after /system is mounted, if not then I needa similar hack as others20:46
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mal-sledges: just tested, symlinks work fine21:09
mal-so tomorrow I need to rebuild the images again21:10
sledgesever thought about OTA?;)21:12
sledges(thinking ahead)21:12
mal-yes, that was planned for next version21:13
mal-this release was just a bug fix release21:13
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:13
mal-sledges: now I'm thing wheter to release alpha3 or just replace alpha221:15
sledgesi'd just replace it if i were you21:15
mal-yep, that's what I was thinking21:15
sledgesthough we append a timestamp for nexus5 images, to be sure21:16
mal-quite annoying little mistake with those configs, remnants from early porting21:17
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*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:19
mal-sledges: actually my images have the correct adaptation0 repo so users could pull the fixed configs from there21:31
sledgesmal-: so you sed the repos.ini?21:32
EasyACmight it be that siilfish does not connect so easy to linux like android?21:37
EasyACon Android i could see the Nexus 4 harddrive on my pc desktop!21:37
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)21:38
EasyACi m still trying to move the output of the terminal to the pastebin21:38
mal-sledges: yes21:43
mal-sledges: but in this case that doesn't help when the port cannot use wifi21:43
mal-EasyAC: in sailfish you can make home folder visible to pc21:44
mal-EasyAC: but not sure if that has been enabled in n4, it needs some kernel patching21:45
EasyACoh dear, so what would be the easyes to past you the output of the terminal? i have pipet it into a txt21:48
sledgesEasyAC: and next time run commands via ssh instead of terminal :)21:48
sledgesmal-: what about mobile data, if no wifi? can be done nowadays:)21:49
mal-sledges: sure, that's also possible if it works, haven't seen any reports yet21:49
mal-it work on my device at least21:50
mal-actually I cannot test it now but worked the last time I tried, I can test it next time in late november21:51
EasyACmh it seems i need to learn a bit more!21:54
EasyACbut i do have a questions, is it possible to run GPS on N4 at all?21:55
EasyACAnd as i remember sledges said something that you/they have cpu problems with the n421:55
EasyACDo you think in the future the n4 will be possible to use and it is worth to stay with it?21:56
mal-EasyAC: we'll see if gps works after carepack builds the missing middleware, I don't see any reason for it not to work but you never know22:02
EasyACmal-: mh okay, we will see. I did not thought to be here in direct contact with the mer people, Anyway i think you doing a valuable job!22:13
EasyACi say good night! thanks mal- sledges22:14
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*** electrolg is now known as electrolux22:24
*** blackjack4it <blackjack4it!~blackjack@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:29
blackjack4ithi there, I can test also on an i9100 (samsung)22:29
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@c-94-255-156-119.cust.bredband2.com> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:31
Umeaboysledges: If you're around, where is the sentence High power located in Sailfish? I mean "In what context?".22:31
UmeaboyI'm translating the last part of unofficial-jolla-translations on TX.22:33
UmeaboyThat's why I'm askijng.22:33
sledgesblackjack4it: there are no active ports to i9100, wanna try one?:) iirc i9105 had problems with modem, but i9100 should have less ;)22:33
sledgeshi Umeaboy , you didn't visit us often enough to find out that new hadk pdf is out ;)22:33
blackjack4itok I'll try to use cm11 as a base as mal- do and keep finger crossed :D22:34
sledgesUmeaboy: High power is a part of csd tool22:34
sledgesabout battery discharging22:35
UmeaboyI downloaded that now, sledges. ;)22:35
mal-blackjack4it: I made new image for mango but found a problem with it already so you'll get a new image tomorrow22:35
sledgesUmeaboy: to launch csd tool, dial *#*#310#*#*22:35
blackjack4itok great!22:35
mal-blackjack4it: should fix wifi and sensor problems22:36
blackjack4itI kept on mango and after 2 days in standby battery is at 50%, very good!22:36
blackjack4itthat's great!22:36
mal-blackjack4it: that's not very good, I get about 7 days when the device is idle22:37
blackjack4itin android I can't run a day (cm11)22:37
mal-blackjack4it: but your device might have smaller battery22:37
sledgesmal-: 7 days with emails/SoMe and other routine checkers active? ;)22:38
Umeaboysledges: Do you know of any way on how to access MBR in a Windows Mobile?22:38
mal-sledges: no such things in that test22:38
sledgesUmeaboy: noidea sorry22:39
UmeaboyI have a friend which owns a Titan II from HTC which uses Windows Mobile.22:39
mal-blackjack4it: looks like my device has 25% bigger battery22:39
mal-sledges: I don't use email or some on my phone22:40
sledgesmal-: fair play:)22:41
mal-sledges: do you mean testing with wifi or mobile data?22:42
mal-I don't get enough email to have any need to check those very often22:43
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sledgesmal-: either way22:44
blackjack4ithave to go to bed :D hear u tomorrow :D22:47
Umeaboysledges: I see that a hacker has been able to get root access on IOS9 even thou it's supposed to be rootless. ;)22:47
UmeaboyGood to know.22:47
UmeaboyUserland. ;)22:47
UmeaboySo, that opens up the door to port Sailfish to iPad as well. :)22:48
UmeaboyI know that Android has been ported to it. ;)22:48
UmeaboyTo the older models anyway.22:48
osum4estUmeaboy: wait really?! That's insane22:53
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UmeaboyYeah. ;)22:56
cxl000sledges, vrutkovs I've added instructions to fix WLAN and modem for alpha0 image at http://images.devaamo.fi/sfe/deb/sfe-deb-
cxl000was able to use data and receive SMS23:00
sledgestypical for first steps of a modem;)23:02
UmeaboyGotta go. I'll be back thou.23:11
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locusfurgh ...23:26
locusf18 hours to finish a docker technique23:29
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