Saturday, 2015-09-26

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osum4estok im back. anyone here? i believe the problem is that its not getting past the initial init ramdisk book, as i don't recieve any information about it in dmesg or lsusb, and telnet doesn't start...00:33
osum4estbut i have no idea how to fix that00:33
cxl000osum4est, Are you able to get it to reboot to recovery?00:43
osum4estcxl000: oh yeah. i can force shut it off and boot into recovery00:44
cxl000so long as its not off too long you should be able to adb pull /proc/last_kmsg which contains the previous boot log00:45
osum4estyup, have it00:45
cxl000paste it and I'll have a look00:46
cxl000 or one of the other paste services00:48
osum4estyeah sorry. for some reason piping it into xclip doesn't want to work00:48
cxl000load it into gedit, or clear you terminal, set scroll large, cat file, select all00:51
osum4estfinally, sorry about that00:53
osum4estapparently there were some invalid characters in it00:53
cxl000osum4est, Did you say you were using multirom?00:55
osum4esti was, but when i started having problems i took it off00:55
cxl000So you have flash cm then sailfish over top00:57
osum4estdoes my log not reflect that?00:57
cxl000I dont know your device and the logs contain lots of extra nformation. It will take me some time to read it.01:00
osum4estok, that's fine01:00
cxl000could you also get dmesg from current boot and paste so I can compare01:03
cxl000I heading off for bit01:03
osum4estdmesg during boot is just new high-speed USB device number x using xhci_hcd01:04
osum4estthat's it01:04
osum4estnothing else01:04
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vevgenievmgrover: Disabling "Store" repo fixed the problem02:02
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adeen-s2Apart from the current device i am working on , I also have an old device that i would like to port to.It doesn't have official CyanogenMod support .Is it possible to be able to build on that. I can get the kernel sources from the HTCDev for that.03:39
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adeen-sApart from the current device i am working on , I also have an old device that i would like to port to.It doesn't have official CyanogenMod support .Is it possible to be able to build on that. I can get the kernel sources from the HTCDev for that.06:36
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carepackif somebody gave them some love this maybe a good approach:
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drFaustrollsledges: did an update from to zypper dup09:13
drFaustrollno issues09:14
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blackjack4itHi there I can install using my 3g10:20
blackjack4itWhat is the command to install packages to test connman?10:20
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mal-blackjack4it: zypper in connman-test as root10:37
blackjack4itOk connman-test installed10:38
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mal-just a moment, I will check what tests to run10:38
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cxl000osum4est, Looks like it might be booting into the initrd however not getting the usb setup happening. Can you paistie your .config? I suggest re-installing multirom, boot, drop back to recovery and adb pull /proc/last_kmsg and pastie. also adb shell, dmesg > file and pastie file. and for good messure pastie .../multirom/last_kexec_log.txt11:29
cxl000We may need to play around with kernel config or in the initrd in either case changing them is easier with multirom.11:31
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mal-sledges: connman tests worked on mango, now wifi is working11:45
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rss351maikoool: I fixed a couple of bugs for the z3c, and updated the device-config files (patterns) so that it will build on 1.1.1915:38
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rss351maikoool: when I rebuilt from the xperiasailor sources, wifi, sound, and haptics work. The modem is recognized, but I can't make phone calls (or successfully send text messages).   Also, the brightness control doesn't actually change the brightness.15:42
rss351maikoool: I did use the ofono sources from the nemomobile git, and I didn't include the vendor blogs in the tree when building hybris-hal; those are the only two differences that I can think of that may have reverted sending text messages with the modem15:47
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oneplus1I recently wanted to try out sailfish and I configured everything correctly I believe (kexec-supported kernel, twrp with multirom)18:20
oneplus1and I added sailfish from this thread
oneplus1But my phone just reboots whenever I try to run sailfish18:20
oneplus1almost the moment I click to boot into sailfish it fails and reboots18:21
* sledges backs18:24
sledgesadeen-s: yes you can get HTCDev as base, but you'll have to apply all mer patches, to bionic,busybox,etc18:24
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sledgesdrFaustroll: we'll need to wait until OBS recovers, still busy :/18:26
sledgesmal-: which connman-test "fixed" mango wlan?18:26
mal-sledges: the ui is still broken18:27
mal-sledges: but wlan itself works after it's activated with those test scripts18:27
sledgesrss351: maikoool: i'll prepare a pirate pad for obtaining/comparing radio logs and adding some known problematic case examples18:28
sledgesoneplus1: welcome aboard, nice nick! :)18:28
oneplus1haha thanks man18:29
oneplus1yeah, I have a oneplus one that I am trying to get running18:29
sledgesoneplus1: what's your base cm version?18:30
sledgesmal-: anything from ui in journal?18:30
oneplus1my base is 12.1, lemme boot it up to get you a better answer18:30
oneplus1a specific answer18:30
sledgesoneplus1: no need, thanks18:30
sledgesoneplus1: got any other secondary roms you  can prove kexec works?18:30
mal-sledges: we didn't get that far as blackjack4it had to go18:31
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oneplus1well my kernel is actually AK but nope I dont18:31
oneplus1want be to go get one?18:31
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oneplus1multiboot manager says my kernel: has kexec-hardboot patch18:31
sledgesoneplus1: you should already have one zip - cm11 that is from instructions18:31
oneplus1yes I do18:32
sledgesyou could try that as standalone rom18:32
oneplus1yeah sure18:32
oneplus1thanks so much for helping me out18:32
mal-sledges: but interesting that wifi problems occur with the devices with very small resolution, I don't have further information from the smultron tester except wifi is not working18:32
mal-sledges: not sure if the problems are the same or not18:33
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sledgesmal-: good point18:35
sledgesmal-: .qml is accessible, might be worth learning some :D18:35
sledgesyou can modify on-the-go18:35
mal-sledges: will have to look into that18:36
mal-I know qml so that's not a problem18:36
* sledges thumbsup18:37
* sledges doesn't ;)18:37
mal-just need to find the correct files first18:37
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oneplus1Its interesting, cm11 gets further than sailfish does sledges18:43
sledgesoneplus1: how further?18:43
oneplus1but it just keeps playing the boot animation18:43
sledgesmeans you need to revise your multirom setup18:43
oneplus1I assume its because of my custom kernel18:43
oneplus1oh yay18:44
sledgesit booted?18:44
sledges(first boot spin is longer)18:44
oneplus1No I let cm11 play its boot animation for like 5 minutes and it didnt ever boot18:44
oneplus1I ended up rebooting and Im letting it spin again18:44
sledgesso what happened during the "oh yay" part?18:45
oneplus1Oh its that you said it meant I needed to revise my multirom setup18:45
oneplus1I figured that is good18:45
sledgesfingers crosscompiled:)18:45
oneplus1because you had a prediction18:46
oneplus1So do you want me to just let it go18:46
sledgeslet go of?18:46
oneplus1Do you want me to let the cm11 boot animation keep going18:47
oneplus1it still hasnt booted18:47
osum4estcx1000, you here?18:49
sledgesoneplus1: no, it's now obvious something's wrong with mrom18:49
oneplus1oh but you dont know whats wrong?18:49
oneplus1alright, I will try to figure it out18:49
rss351sledges: Thanks!18:50
sledgesrss351: we already compared radio logs iirc?18:50
sledgese.g. what happens during call18:50
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rss351sledges: I don't think so18:51
rss351not for the z3c18:51
rss351sledges: what logs should I be looking at?18:51
osum4estalso, whenever i wipe something in twrp i always get unable to mount /carrier, if that means anything18:51
sledgesrss351: logcat -b radio before initiating phonecall, in cm, and in sf18:52
rss351sledges: ok, I'll do that next time I'm in sailfish18:52
sledgesrss351: adb logcat -b radio, whilst in  cm18:53
rss351sledges: I remember that logcat (in general) complains about the microphone being muted18:53
sledgesrss351: if you get logs, jusa_ could take a looksie18:54
rss351sledges: and yesterday I remember it complaining about not identifying the microphone device (sorry for being vague)18:54
rss351will do18:54
piggzmal-: sledges: oh18:54
sledgespiggz: can reach London tomorrow? :) fairphone workshop18:56
piggzsledges: erm nope :)18:56
piggzim DIYing18:57
piggz2 walls to plasterboard!18:57
sledgesthat's next for our car farm too:D holy at the moly now!18:57
piggzsledges: i just rebuilt / re-instlled my port ....18:58
rss351sledges: out of curiosity, what repo provides I couldn't find it in android_system_core18:58
piggztest_hwcomposer gives:18:58
piggzsh-3.2# EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer18:58
piggzwidth: 480 height: 80018:58
piggzOpenGL ES 2.0 V@45.0 AU@ (CL@3869936)18:58
piggztest_hwcomposer: test_hwcomposer.cpp:122: virtual void HWComposer::present(HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer*): Assertion `err == 0' failed.18:58
piggzbut does display a squirley pattern on screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:59
sledgesrss351: android_system_core/rootfs/18:59
sledgespiggz: \o/18:59
sledgespiggz: first frame only?18:59
piggzsledges: yes18:59
sledgespiggz: latest hwc?18:59
piggzyes i think so18:59
sledgesQCOM_BSP is now autodetected, if you're using latest dhd19:00
sledgesthanks mal- for that19:00
rss351sledges: that provides init.rc, but not
piggzsledges: minimer is a bit sadder
sledgespiggz:  oh dear19:01
sledgesrss351: device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE ?19:02
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sledgespiggz: from logs: 18:54 < mal-> sledges: I have some odd problems, random memory corruption when using qmlscene, if not then overlay initialization fails every time, this however is not fatal but seems to prevent anything from showing up on display19:04
piggzmal-: what is that!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^19:04
mal-my guess is QCOM_BSP, that was the cause of my problems19:05
mal-or the buggy hwcomposer19:05
mal-I assume you have checked for the known bugs in hwcomposer19:06
piggzi did the 3x loop fixes19:06
piggzanything else?19:07
sledgesnum_displays ?19:07
piggzyes, them19:07
piggzthats what i meant19:07
mal-piggz: no others are known19:07
sledgesthere's macro->var change too19:07
mal-sledges: ?19:07
sledgespiggz: mal-: (thanks to situ)19:08
osum4esthey, i'm still having problems getting sailfish to boot, and for it to set up telnet so i can try a few more fixes. here's dmesg from the device:, and last_kmsg:
osum4estdmesg from my computer during boot is just new high-speed USB device number x using xhci_hcd19:11
sledgesosum4est: did you mask usb-moded.service ?19:11
sledges(ln -s /dev/null...)19:11
osum4estno, i don't think so19:11
sledges02:41 < sledges> osum4est: can you somehow access your userdata partition through cm/recover? go there and do this: cd /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/system; ln -s /dev/null usb-moded.service19:12
sledgesnow that you have gotten rid of multirom ^_^19:12
osum4estoh yeah, i did that, but it had no effect. since then, i've reinstalled it so those logs dont include that change19:12
sledgespls do19:13
piggzmal-: sledges: actually, no, ive changed repos since fixing the num_displays, so need to re-do19:13
sledgescan be your network interface differs19:13
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sledgesosum4est: so nothing in lsusb -vv? hmmmmm that's too weird19:14
sledgescan you re-check?19:14
sledges12:21 < sledges> osum4est: you need to closely follow your host PC dmesg for signs of life there, check hadk for "iSerial" hints19:14
sledgesosum4est: (then forget about usb-moded or network interface name for now)19:14
osum4estsledges: ok. lsusb -vv does give stuff, i just don't know what im looking for in it19:15
sledgesosum4est: mer boat loader19:15
sledgesgrep iSerial19:15
sledgesas per hadk19:15
osum4estah ok19:15
*** _stowa <_stowa!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:16
osum4estlots of could't open device, some info wil be missing. and after iSerial 3 $SERIAL it says can't get debug descriptor resource temporarily unavailable19:16
sledgesgood usb cable/pc port?19:17
sledgesosum4est: what would cm/recovery say?19:17
osum4esti think so, but let me try a different cable/port. usb3/2 should matter, though right?19:17
sledgesstick(pun intended) with usb219:18
osum4estsledges: haha ok19:18
*** Yngvarr <Yngvarr!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
osum4estrecovery dmesg ends with usb mass storage device detected, usb-storage 3-5:1.0, direct-access, [sdd] attatched scsi removable disk19:20
sledgesosum4est: cm?19:20
osum4estdon't have cm right now...19:20
sledgesyes you have ;)19:20
osum4estlsusb -vv in recovery is the same19:20
sledgestake boot.img from cm.zip19:20
osum4estlol yeah, but it's overridden with sailfish :P19:20
sledgesand do fastboot boot boot.img19:20
sledgesit's not ;P19:20
osum4estalrighty then ill try that19:21
osum4estshould i boot into fastboot?19:21
sledgescheck your device wiki on cm19:21
* sledges goes offline19:22
piggzsledges: mal-: i have spinning stuff19:24
osum4estand then to go back to sailfish do i flash hybris-boot.img?19:24
piggzsledges: mal-: i got the spinning hwcomposer by fixing hwcomposer .... but still no joy with minimer, corruption19:26
rss351sledges: it appears that actually comes from vendor/cm/prebuilt/common/etc/init.local.rc19:30
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:35
osum4estsledges: dmesg during cm boot is just new high-speed..19:39
osum4estlsusb -vv is the same in cm boot also19:39
osum4estoh wait, when i run it with sudo i get a bunch of lines saying can't get device qualifier19:40
osum4estas well as ca't get debug descriptor19:40
mal-piggz: and you have checked that qt5-qpa gets the define correctly19:40
mal-piggz: QCOM_BSP I mean, I rememebr that your new repos use that?19:41
piggzmal-: they do..19:41
piggzmal-: QCOM_BSP doesnt appear in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer ?19:44
piggzah, libhybris does19:45
mal-piggz: qt5-qpa-hwcomposer includes android-config.h or something19:46
mal-piggz: you have latest versions of both?19:47
osum4estwhen i turn on usb tethering in cm, then it does connect as a usb0 interface19:47
osum4estso i know its possible19:47
piggzmal-: yes, i used the build-packages script which removed and cloned19:48
mal-looks good19:52
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:53
mal-piggz: any hints in gdb or strace of minimer?19:53
piggzmal-: i cant see anything in strace
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:55
mal-piggz: anything in logcat?19:58
piggzmal-: i wont reallt know until i get a working logcat .... this base android version uses the L version of loggin, which doesnt use the kernel19:59
*** gabriel9 <gabriel9!~gabriel9@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)20:14
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*** mgrover <mgrover!5215a909@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:46
mgroverdunno if you guys know but nexus 5 alpha 14, video recording doesnt work20:46
sledgespiggz: rm /dev/log; ln -s /dev/alog /dev/log20:52
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drFaustrollwhat do we miss for sailfish on ubuntu meizu?21:14
locusfmotivation, but what I miss is a device21:16
locusfyeah motivation too21:16
piggzsledges: yes, ive done that, but my version of logcat is different ... looks for a socket21:27
piggzsledges: i can cat /dev/log/main, bit i dont get all info (but what i do have isnt associated with gfx)21:28
piggzits all about /dev/rmt_storage21:29
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: Application terminated!)21:30
*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:47
piggzmal-: sledges: my logcat wants the file /dev/socket/logdr  .... that seems to come from logd ... which isnt running21:47
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)21:47
cxl000sledges, osum4est problem is stopping in initrd without enabling usb net.21:49
sledgespiggz: /system/bin/start log-daemon (or how it's called in service line in /*.rc)21:50
sledgescxl000: but it should say Mer Boat Loader already21:51
cxl000osum4est, can you paste you kernel config out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config21:51
sledgesis the first debugging resort, via iSerial:) you can spit useful messages through there21:51
osum4estoh, hi. i can back just in time ;)21:51
osum4estyes, just a sec21:51
cxl000sledges, if he has USB_FUNCTIONFS enabled it wont21:53
piggzservice logd /system/bin/logd21:53
piggz    class core21:53
piggz    socket logd stream 0666 logd logd21:53
piggz    socket logdr seqpacket 0666 logd logd21:53
piggz    socket logdw dgram 0222 logd logd21:53
piggz    seclabel u:r:logd:s021:53
sledgescxl000: he doesn't21:54
cxl000sledges, because it then needs a different method to enable21:54
sledgespiggz: /system/bin/start logd21:54
sledgescxl000: interesting21:54
piggzsledges: yeah, i tried, nothing happened ;)21:54
osum4estsledges: cxl000: so should i set it y or n? because right now it just isn't set a tall21:55
sledgespiggz: piggz do you have these patches?
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
cxl000osum4est, I suggest reinstalling multirom because it is going to be easier to make small changes21:59
piggzsledges: yup21:59
osum4estcxl000: ok22:00
sledgespiggz: hrmpf:)22:00
sledgesgnite porters! see you at fairphone workshop tomorrow!22:00
piggzsledges: youve no idea how frustratng it is that test_hwcomposer works and the rest doesnt!22:01
piggzsledges: have fun22:01
sledgespiggz: test_hwcomposer is a bad validator:)) this time a false positive :)22:01
sledgespiggz: try running /system/bin/surfaceflinger and/or /system/bin/bootanimation simultaneously with qmlscene, for kicks22:02
* sledges waves off22:02
*** mgrover <mgrover!5215a909@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:04
cxl000osum4est, also rebuild your kernel adding CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL=y these will be why initrd init is not going to next stage22:04
osum4estcxl000: that sounds promising :D. what exactly do i have to run after changing the kernel config? do i have to rerun make -j4 hybris-hal or just mic create or what?22:06
cxl000osum4est, make hybris-boot, replace multirom/roms/<yourrom>/zImage with out/target/product/$DEVICE/kernel22:06
osum4estcxl000: oh, that's easier than i thought :)22:07
cxl000osum4est, If you are lucky those config checks in initrd init are the only reason it is not starting second stage init22:11
osum4esti'm crossing my fingers! but i'm usually not very lucky... anyways for some reason cm isn't rooted so i've gotta root it before i install mutirom agian. don't ask my with the inject option in recovery isn't working...22:13
cxl000osum4est, also perform 5.4.1 and add make any additional config changes22:19
osum4estalright, got it. do i need to worry about any warnings? or just get rid of the errors?22:20
*** gabriel9 <gabriel9!~gabriel9@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
osum4estCONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT isn't on there. still make it?22:35
*** taaem <taaem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:36
osum4estCONFIG_TMPFS does, though, and it's set to y22:36
cxl000osum4est, yes add CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT initrd init checks that it is set. It and any other initrd init checks probably should be added to mer_verify_kernel_config22:49
osum4estwhere's mer_verify_kernel_config?22:49
osum4esttelnet still doesn't work, although i haven't added them to mer_verify_kernel_config yet, don't know where it is22:54
cxl000osum4est, 5.4.1 $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config23:01
osum4estoh, so that wouldn't really have any effect on the actually rom...23:02
cxl000osum4est, so you have added all configs, rebuilt kernel and replace zImage in your multirom/roms/<yourrom>23:02
cxl000osum4est, no just a fix that should be upstreamed23:03
cxl000can you check for multirom/roms/<yourrom>/data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log23:05
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:06
osum4esthm, theres not one there23:08
osum4estthe folder exists, but init.log does not23:10
*** taaem <taaem!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)23:13
cxl000There is a init-debug there? initrd init should transfer to second stage init which will be init-debug if it exists. init-debug will produce init.log when run.23:13
osum4estyes, there is an init-debug23:13
cxl000so the lack of init.log indicates that second stage init was not reached.23:14
cxl000run through boot again, drop to recovery and pastie last_kmsg23:15
osum4estthis time is with multirom, just to make sure23:15
cxl000yes use multirom.23:16
cxl000also pastie you partition table23:17
osum4estwhere is the fstab?23:18
osum4est... nevermind, found it23:19
osum4estp table:
osum4esti have system and userdata in fixup-mointpoints, and they agree with the p table i gave you23:22
osum4estdo i need to add other partitions to fixup-mountpoints besides those two?23:22
cxl000You may need to add carrier but that is not an issue yet.23:26
osum4estok, ill add it just in case23:26
cxl000can you add the base cm as a multirom, boot into it, adb shell to cm and pastie dmesg23:27
cxl000the cmdline in the last_kmsg should contain data_subdir=<location of your multirom>23:29
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)23:35
*** wesbluemarine_ <wesbluemarine_!~vision@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:36
osum4estwtf it isn't showing up in adb devices now23:41
osum4est* in cm23:42
osum4estpls dont judge me23:42
cxl000osum4est, have you enabled developer mode?23:43
osum4esti have now, after i realized dumb i was23:44
osum4estsays its a read only file system so i can't store the output in a file that i can adb pull.23:45
cxl000also check in cm for /sys/class/android_usb/android0/23:45
osum4estand if i do it in /sdcard i get permission denied...23:47
osum4estnevermind i got it to work...23:47
osum4estand yes, sys/class/android_usb/android0/ exists23:48
cxl000also cat /proc/cmdline23:49
osum4estit wont let me, permission denied23:51
cxl000need to grab that dmesg closer to boot as the boot log has been over written in that pastie.23:52
osum4estok, ill try again23:52
*** wesbluemarine_ <wesbluemarine_!~vision@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)23:54
osum4estthat better?23:55
cxl000yes. can you akso cat /proc/cmdline23:59

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