Thursday, 2015-10-08

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sailerDoes anyone know if it is possible to run sailfish os on a ZTE Z998?02:25
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MMG1994i was thinking of making  a sailfish port for moto g 2014(thea). i couldnt find it on XDA but just to be sure, is anyone already working on that?08:47
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sledgesMMG1994_: welcome aboard:)08:54
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sledgesMister_Magister is working on titan08:54
sledgesi guess it's quite similar08:54
MMG1994_sledges: i guess, well it helps that a working CM12.1 is available i guess08:55
MMG1994_then again this is quite new to me so i hope i wont hit too many walls. the titan is indeed quite the same except for LTE which is exactle the reason i chose the thea over the titan..08:56
sledgesMMG1994_: he had no graphics with 12.w, so he went back to 11.908:56
sledges*11.0 base08:57
MMG1994_thats god to know08:57
sledgesMMG1994_: you'll find these helpful for most hw bringup:
MMG1994_also, the porting document speaks about the MER sdk, i suppose that is just the usual SDK or is there a seperate one?08:59
sledgesMMG1994_: the guide will show which to download. it's MerSDK, not Sailfish SDK09:00
sledgesyou're better off if it's installed on your $HOME as you'll see09:02
MMG1994_yeah i figured sticking to defaults would be best09:02
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zGrrmoin :)11:48
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sledgeshm video recording is broken also in alpha13 (, looks like 1.1.6 was the last-known video recording working12:34
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: cool! share share share ;)12:37
dr_gogeta86sledges, this is the next
dr_gogeta86but this need to be hacked via i2c;12:41
sledgesdr_gogeta86: fairphone :DD12:41
dr_gogeta86i don't have any other money for another phone12:42
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dr_gogeta86i still regret i bought a brand new n900 last week12:42
dr_gogeta86a friend of mine do this thing free for me12:43
sledgesdr_gogeta86: i was referring to the transparent toh ;)12:43
sledgesone of the fairphone's values12:43
dr_gogeta86not also jolla one ?12:43
sledgesand they have showcased that very well;)12:43
sledgesdr_gogeta86: yes:)12:44
sledgesbut jolla didn't make transparent tohs ;)12:44
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux13:02
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux13:07
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux13:08
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux13:09
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zGrrdr_gogeta86:  i think, you should have no problem selling your n900.13:35
dr_gogeta86Got still 2yr of warranty from M$ :-P13:35
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rss351with my previous couple of sailfish (1.1.19) builds for the z3c, sailfish doesn't boot -- the phone just stays on the "Sony Xperia" boot-up screen. This happened after I updated cm on the phone.  Could this be the problem, or has anything in sailfish or mer-hybris changed that I could have missed?13:40
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sledgesrss351: does telnet 2323 come up?13:42
rss351sledges: nope13:43
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sledgesrss351: anything on dmesg?13:46
sledgesof host13:46
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zGrrdr_gogeta86:  did you actually get NEW n900?13:48
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dr_gogeta86checkout on
sledgesdr_gogeta86: nothing there14:00
sledges(searched for 900 on page)14:00
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zGrrdr_gogeta86:  do you want to sell it?14:05
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zGrrdr_gogeta86: ... or if you don't, do you know if they have more of them in stock? :)14:09
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sledgesPSA: sailfishos oss collab meeting @ #mer-meeting now14:31
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stephgohai bobsummerwill :D15:45
bobsummerwillRE:   <vgrade_w> bobsummerwill_:
bobsummerwillHello, hello!15:46
bobsummerwillSo the adaption is just being incrementally updated, and we're now venturing into 2.0 land with it?15:46
bobsummerwillI made a video a while back when I first installed it15:47
bobsummerwillIt's the most popular video I've ever done ;-)15:47
bobsummerwillSo it's time for me to get my Nexus 5 refreshed, I think!15:47
bobsummerwillI'm going to have to check out exactly which Nexus 7 model I have.15:48
bobsummerwillAre they all on the same chipset for the Nexus 7 versions?15:49
bobsummerwillSo Nexus 7 is a different port, right.15:49
bobsummerwillI was naively thinking they would be very similar, but of course "Nexus" means nothing in a technical sense.15:49
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sledgeswelcome back aboard bobsummerwill :)15:56
bobsummerwillThank you!   I'll get myself back up to date.15:57
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bobsummerwillAnd join in the fun!15:57
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simonvanderveldtbobsummerwill: there's a new hadk in case you didn't know :)15:58
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nh1402sledges: is there any update on the mozilla person whose willing to help with android app compatibility?16:00
bobsummerwillNew and different HADK?   Was that introduced specifically for 2.0?16:01
bobsummerwillGot a link, please?16:01
bobsummerwillOr just a newer release of the same HADK?16:02
sledgesnh1402: i gave your contacts, but no movement apparently16:02
stephgbobsummerwill: it's in the /topic?16:02
bobsummerwillAha - see it now thanks.16:02
stephgit's new! shiny! improved!16:04
sledgessome more minor polishings in the pipeline16:05
sledgesthanks to sharp community eyes16:06
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sledgesthis is nothing new but really cool!
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r0kk3rzanyone know anything about this port for motorola falcon:
r0kk3rzfalcon has a unified kernel with titan, and thea, so it would be nice to know what repos were used, problems fixed .etc16:51
Mister_Magistersledges: ping16:52
r0kk3rzsince its a cm12.1 port, and you said you had troubles with cm12 and the screen yeah Mister_Magister?16:52
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: it's cm11 port16:53
tbrr0kk3rz: I see files on idf including a kickstart file16:53
sledgesMister_Magister: pong16:55
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Mister_Magistersledges: do you have time to help me with ril?16:56
sledgesMister_Magister: try multisim branch of ofono16:56
sledgesMister_Magister: does ofono list modems?16:57
Mister_Magistersledges: it's not working on singlesim16:57
Mister_Magistersledges: and wait i have to switch to sailfish16:57
sledgesMister_Magister: that branch has fixes for singlesim16:59
sledgeshopefully will work for you as well16:59
sledgesrss351: have you tried? ^^16:59
Mister_Magistersledges: BTW. Look at that thread xD Peaople have trouble with download
sledgesMister_Magister: abit harsh that one :P i never knew xda has downloads tab ;P17:01
sledgesall started with QA and FAQ..17:01
Mister_Magistersledges: what? xD17:01
sledgesno-one used17:01
Konstasledges: I get this error building ofono multisim branch?
Konstasledges: building ofono master works fine17:04
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Konstaand how to install the package on my device once I've built it? rpm -i --force?17:05
mal-I thought the problem on Mister_Magister's device was at lower level than ofono?17:06
sledgesKonsta: you'll need to compile all those latest versions17:07
sledgesor at least pull them into the target explicitly17:07
sledgesif such versions already exist in 1.1.917:07
sledgesmal-: possibly, hence my questions about list modems17:07
mal-there was the continous reloading of the low level stuff in logs17:08
Konstasledges: where to pull them? I need to add some repository?17:09
KonstaMister_Magister: all partitions mounted? moto has pds partition and it has separate script to mount?17:11
KonstaMister_Magister: how about is partition listed in ls /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name?17:12
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KonstaMister_Magister: I need this and I'd expect any modern qcom device to need it
Mister_MagisterKonsta: yes17:13
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KonstaMister_Magister: output of 'mount' and 'ls -l /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name'?17:14
Mister_Magistersledges: how to list modems?17:14
Konstasledges: did you btw hear anything back from adding the jolla store? I tried it today it didn't work :/17:16
Mister_MagisterKonsta: i don't have /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name17:16
KonstaMister_Magister: that might be a problem17:17
KonstaMister_Magister: and pds is mounted for sure?17:18
sledgesKonsta: new devices to Jolla Store being overprioritised by other things popping up, busy times, apologies17:18
sledgesMister_Magister: let's answer Konsta's questions first;)17:19
sledges(once again, i can't know everything;)17:19
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Mister_Magistersledges: i don't know :v17:19
sledgesMister_Magister: ls -l /dev/block/platform/17:19
Mister_Magistersledges: i don't have that directory :v17:19
KonstaMister_Magister: so pds is not mounted, it should be mounted with this
Konstait holds IMEI and other modem related stuff17:20
Mister_MagisterKonsta: so it's cannot be mounted if i don't have/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/17:22
KonstaMister_Magister: and to put to partitions to right place what modem is expecting, these two lines are relevant and
Mister_Magisteri'm using other sources but i think it's the same17:22
KonstaMister_Magister: no, that's a different issue. sailfish just probably can't handle the mount because it's in that script17:23
Mister_MagisterKonsta: i mean sources are the same17:23
Mister_Magisterso what i have to do?17:24
KonstaMister_Magister: figure out why it's not mounted and then do something about it ;)17:26
Konstamaybe move the pds mount to fstab and rebuilt17:26
Konstait's dumped to file and mounted from there because it's safer that way17:27
mal-maybe just manually add a mount service for now17:27
Mister_MagisterKonsta: but... how?17:28
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Konstaactually lets put the partitions to right place first. the script dumps /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/pds and since you don't have it fails17:30
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Konstadroid-hal-init should mount it, that's why it fails17:30
KonstaMister_Magister: add these files
Mister_MagisterKonsta: i'm new in porting sorry :v Add to device or rebuild all?17:32
mal-you can just add to device for now, then if it works add to your repos17:33
KonstaMister_Magister: just push those three files to your rootfs, in recovery or cm17:34
Mister_MagisterKonsta: or sailfish17:34
KonstaMister_Magister: whatever works for you...17:35
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Mister_MagisterKonsta: OMG Sailfish found sim17:42
Mister_Magisterbut it cannot connect so work is not done17:43
KonstaMister_Magister: great :)17:43
KonstaMister_Magister: did you check if pds is now mounted? likely not because it's dumped to /cache which is not mounted in sailfish :P17:44
Mister_MagisterKonsta: wait17:44
Mister_MagisterKonsta: in mount i don't see pds17:45
KonstaMister_Magister: yeah, you need to dump it somewhere else17:45
Mister_MagisterKonsta: but... how xD17:46
Konstamount system as rw and modify the script in /system/bin17:46
Mister_MagisterKonsta: what script?17:47
KonstaMister_Magister:, it's actually in /system/etc in official cm (I keep it in bin)17:48
Konstatry dumping it to /data instead if /cache, that should be mounted in sailfish before droid-hal-init17:49
Konstamount -o rw,remount /system17:49
Konstased -i 's/cache/data/g' /system/etc/mount_pds.sh17:49
Mister_MagisterKonsta: from my linux mint i can watch files and modify it with gui :v17:50
KonstaMister_Magister: you still need to mount system writable to modify it, change all cache to data17:51
Mister_MagisterKonsta: yes buit i'm onlt telling that i don't need command for modify files :v17:52
* sledges bows out for the evening, looks like you just caught a good wave, Konsta Mister_Magister !17:52
* sledges bookmarks this chat for other modem bringups17:52
sledgesKonsta: your kis3 posts got 20 +1s on google+ that i linked to modaco ;)17:54
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:54
Mister_Magistersledges: yes xD17:54
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Mister_MagisterKonsta: we have a problem17:55
Konstasledges: wow, it only has something like 50 downloads :P17:55
Mister_Magisterno sim and no wifi17:55
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
Mister_Magisterand bluetooth (wifi and bt works before)17:56
KonstaMister_Magister: pds now mounted?17:56
*** Sequenced <Sequenced!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:00
Mister_Magisterlol system-udevd problem gone :v But no ril no wlan and no bt18:00
sledges\o/ for udevd! it probably was the magical Konsta's udev patch!18:00
sledgesMister_Magister: was wlan working before?18:00
* sledges goes afk18:00
Mister_Magistersledges: 19:56 <Mister_Magister> and bluetooth (wifi and bt works before)18:01
nh1402what would cause /dev/input/eventX to not update, and how would one fix it18:06
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Mister_MagisterKonsta: where are you? :/18:13
*** Yngvarr <Yngvarr!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:14
Mister_Magisterok wifi and bt working. Reboot fix everything xD18:16
Mister_Magisterbut sim still not18:16
KonstaMister_Magister: still here, leaving soon when FIN-ROM starts ;)18:17
KonstaMister_Magister: figure out why pds is not mounted18:17
KonstaMister_Magister: did you change _all_ cache to data?18:18
Mister_MagisterKonsta: you can not help me? we "just caught a good wave"18:18
KonstaMister_Magister: is there /data/pds-CM10.img?18:18
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Konsta /system/xbin/dd doesn't work in sailfish?18:19
Mister_MagisterKonsta: in that script is echo. Where i can find output of that?18:20
Mister_Magister/system/xbin/dd working18:20
KonstaMister_Magister: idk, try to dump it and mount it manually18:21
Mister_MagisterKonsta: manually it works18:21
Mister_Magistermaybe script is not running18:22
Mister_Magisterat boot18:22
KonstaMister_Magister: maybe18:22
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KonstaMister_Magister: check that this is not commented out
KonstaMister_Magister: it has word mount so that can happen ;)18:24
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Mister_MagisterKonsta: i don't have /etc/init.qcom.rc but it is in /init.qcom.rc18:27
KonstaMister_Magister: yes, /init.qcom.rc18:27
Mister_MagisterKonsta: i don't have exec /system/bin/ xD18:28
Mister_MagisterKonsta: oh wait i have18:29
Mister_Magisterexec /system/bin/sh /system/etc/mount_pds.sh18:29
KonstaMister_Magister: i don't know then, that's most likely your problem though18:32
KonstaMister_Magister: you need to figure out some way to have it mounted18:32
Mister_MagisterKonsta: oh no :( ok i will try something18:32
Konstagood luck, I'm out for today ;)18:33
Mister_Magisterok many thanks18:33
piggzgeneral question ... what is peoples workflow regarding github and repo cmd?  repo likes to leave things detached, so how to you work with repositories? have a seperate checkout workdir, which you sync up to guthub, then use repo to bring back the changes, or just work all in the checkouts made by repo?18:33
Konstapiggz: 'repo start branchname path/to/project' for project you have local changes18:34
Konstapiggz: your local changes will be rebased on top of upstream changes when you repo sync18:35
piggzKonsta: ah, cool thx18:37
mal-piggz: I have also used a separate workdir18:37
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r0kk3rzpeople using as a base? zypper seems unhappy18:54
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drFaustrollr0kk3rz: you need the curl workaround20:05
r0kk3rzdrFaustroll: ?20:05
drFaustrollsledges: shall we do nexus 5x?20:07
r0kk3rzcool thanks20:08
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nh1402drFaustroll: that would require creating a new base for Android 6.020:54
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nh1402drFaustroll: I also have a feeling that the 6p is going to be more popular21:00
nh1402due to the minimal price difference between the 32gb version of both phones, with the 6p made of metal, dual front facing speakers, better SoC, better RAM, better and higher res display, much bigger battery,21:02
drFaustrollnh1402: is size21:11
r0kk3rzi thought the P was for the chinese market21:22
r0kk3rzhence being made by huawei, and them releasing two similarish nexus phones at once21:22
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nh1402both are globally available21:45
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