Saturday, 2015-10-10

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taaemit seems calls still don't work on OPO10:39
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piggzmorning porters11:20
tathhutaaem, cellular is now working on ubuntu :o11:21
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piggzr0kk3rz: finally found the commit that removed that symbol11:21
piggzgit cherry-unpick would be a great command11:22
r0kk3rznice piggz, i figured it was something like that11:22
piggzr0kk3rz: a google search for it actually brings up _nothing_ so took ages to find!!11:22
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r0kk3rzyeah i also googled the function name, and a great fat zero11:24
r0kk3rzmaybe google should index all the code on github11:24
r0kk3rzactually, i wonder if github indexes all the code on github11:25
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clonkfreakhello porters, I'm porting sailfish-os for my nexus7 tilapia, following the hardwareadaption guide and till now everything worked well. I'm stuck now at the point, to build the packages with $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/dhd/helpers/ The script complains about a faulty kernel config, with missing conman and unset values. I'd like to know where ehis kernel config is placed so I can edit this triggers. thx in a13:47
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mal-clonkfreak: are you sure you did chapter 5.4.1 correctly?14:00
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clonkfreakthanks mal-, when I was configuring the kernel at 5.4 everything worked fine, no warnings or errors. I'm doing this chapter again now, adding the missing values. Actually building the latest sailfish os on cm12.1 is quite a hard job, moreover because this is my very first attempt to build a rom ever ;)14:24
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r0kk3rzclonkfreak: the current HADK is a lot better than it was14:35
r0kk3rzmuch more straight forward14:35
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r0kk3rzbut there is a bit of a learning curve to it14:36 needs a --yes switch ;)14:42
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clonkfreaknot complaining about it. I love challenges ;) The last time I had contact with porting was 2009, a project called JetDroid that wanted to bring Android 2.0 on Samsungs Jet. It took me two weeks, just to get to the boot screen :D. But the HADK is a nice piece of documentation. Makes fun to port14:52
r0kk3rzclonkfreak: sailfish is very different to android, so its a bit of a whole new ball game really14:54
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clonkfreaksailfish has a much clearer, simpler structure that makes it just powerful. I love this new fresh air that comes with sailfish and jolla. My jolla phone is bought already, can't wait till it arrives15:02
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clonkfreakhey, it's me again. I think I found the problem. After editing cyanogenmod_grouper_defconfig with the right values, I start a make hybris-hal that stores its config in $ANDROID_ROOT/.config. And this file contains none of my changes, it's like there is another template that overrides the defconfig. Any ideas?16:11
nh1402yangm_: hello16:13
yangm_nh1402, you're gonna stab me16:14
nh1402you're using an iphone arent you16:14
yangm_yep I am16:14
nh1402so you went from android which was open, to sailfish which is open-er, to a completely locked down iphone16:15
yangm_even worst, before I got it I was using a borrowed windows phone since my nexus 4 replacement screen broke for no good reason16:15
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nh1402well the 5x and 6p are out now16:16
yangm_I got an used 4S because of reason$16:17
yangm_it's dirty cheap nowadays and run fine (for their age)16:17
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yangm_if you compare it with galaxy nexus, released the same year... oh boy, RIP GN16:18
nh1402clonkfreak: I'm not ignoring you, I just can't help you. But you might be able to help me. Since Sailfish is flashed on top of Cyangonmod (CM) I've managed to boot into.... and you're gone16:18
yangm_I think I should wait for jolla to release a new phone?16:19
nh1402Galaxy Nexus was the first phone to not have buttons on the front of the phone.16:19
yangm_I really miss mine. It had a good grip  and the best screen size a phone can have (in my opinion)16:20
nh1402yangm_: At the moment your best bet is to wait for Intex to release a phone with Sailfish and hope they release it in your country, you're in Brazil If I'm not mistaken. Not sure if they release phones there16:20
taaem nh1402: I think Intex only releases in India16:20
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yangm_yep, that's right. But I think I can ask some traveler to bring me a phone from the US16:22
nh1402there's been rumours for some time that yotaphone and fairphone could be releasing a phone with Sailfish, but those are still just rumours.16:22
* yangm_ hopes dollar goes back to R$216:23
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nh1402slush is next month i think, Jolla *could* announce something then, they announced and  reached the crowdfunding target during their conference last year iirc16:25
nh1402but seeing as the tablet has only just started shipping out, I doubt it.16:25
nh1402reached the crowdfunding target of the tablet16:27
taaembut maybe they announce a partner like Intex16:27
nh1402yangm_: Oneplus are set to announce a "mini" version called the Oneplus X, with a mediatek chipset, which could be announced as early as Monday.16:28
nh1402mini is in quotes because it's set to be 5"16:29
nh1402which isn't mini at all.16:29
yangm_Oneplus ships straight from china, right?16:29
taaemI think it is going to be called OnePlus X16:29
yangm_4.7" was so perfect16:29
nh1402i believe so, yes.16:29
nh1402taeem: I think the CEO confirmed it would be called the Oneplus X16:30
taaemnh1402: yeah right16:30
gexcis there a oneplus XL?16:30
taaembut 4.7 is nice16:30
nh1402nope, just Oneplus one, and Oneplus 216:30
taaemthats why i hope for the z3c/z5c16:30
nh1402taeem: you might be interested in the Sharp Aquos series then.16:31
nh1402the top, left and right bezels are practically non-existent. So16:32
nh1402the Sharp Arquos Crystal was a 5" phone with the size of a 4.5" one.16:33
nh1402and since it's Sharp, their phone displays are of teh IGZO variety, so very power efficient.16:34
yangm_but no bezel at all may be bad16:34
yangm_like accidental touches16:34
taaemcould be hard to make swipes16:34
yangm_so a smaller screen with some bezels is somewhat needed16:34
yangm_nokia's N9 even had a nice curve to help with swipes16:35
nh1402I'm fine with no bezels16:35
nh1402only thing I don't like about the Sharp Aquos series is that I feel it is upside down.16:36
taaemIsn't also the front cam at the bottom?16:36
yangm_I feel like that too lol16:36
nh1402but the back camera is at the top16:36
nh1402and the speaker for calls, is the bone conducting variety, which again is at the top16:37
nh1402such a backwards phone imo16:38
piggzright, i give up for the day with porting!16:40
piggzim a step back from a few ays ago!!! :/16:40
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nh1402yangm_: might finally be able to get something going with CM from within Sailfish16:59
yangm_nh1402, tell me more17:00
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nh1402krnlyng: realised that if we need to change anything to get input etc. to work in CM, we should modify the CM sources itself, and then build, and flash it and then Sailfish on top of it.17:02
nh1402yanmg_: ^17:02
nh1402yangm_: damn it, I still blame this stupid keyboard for my typo's17:03
r0kk3rznh1402: its likely you'd have to do a per-adaptation thing anyway17:03
r0kk3rzsince it seems thats how alien-dalvik works17:03
nh1402will see how it goes, main aim is to get it working for Nexus 5, and then pass on the patches that we did to get it working to others who want it for their devices, and then they can go from there make their changes for their devices if necessary.17:06
r0kk3rzgood idea17:07
nh1402first order of business is to patch the source to get the CM logcat to work.17:08
*** AndroUser <AndroUser!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:08
nh1402then that should help determine why input doesn't work, and then fix that.17:09
r0kk3rzdo you have something that actually runs?17:09
nh1402for the moment its still at the same stage. I can get CM to boot from within Sailfish, by modifiying init.rc to start necessary android services, and then stop lipstick and start surfaceflinger, which triggers the android boot process.17:10
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nh1402so I can get to the setup wizard, but with no input I'm stuck. yangm_ managed to get adb working somehow and simulate input to get past the setup wizard, but that's about it at the moment.17:11
nh1402r0kk3rz: If you know why and how to fix when dev/input/eventX doesn't respond when running the "cat" command then that could help.17:13
r0kk3rzare you running cm from a chroot or something?17:14
nh1402they're just kind of running at the same time.17:14
r0kk3rzsounds like you need to have a good chat with stskeeps about hybris17:15
nh1402Android doesn't need hybris, but it *might* be something to do with that, but I don't think so.17:17
yangm_I don't remember very well (shame on me) but I authorised my computer on vanilla android, then copied the authorised hosts equivalent of adb to the sailfish partition. then I used someone's program to emulate touches from usb debugging.17:17
r0kk3rznh1402: no of course it doesnt need hybris17:18
r0kk3rznh1402: but if some of these interfaces have been hybrisified for whatever reason17:18
yangm_not related but, is it possible to run sailfish on f2fs?17:18
r0kk3rzthen plugging them together isnt going to work17:18
r0kk3rzyangm_: you should be able to run sailfish on whatever file system you like17:19
r0kk3rzyangm_: but im not sure anyones really tried17:19
yangm_f2fs is something essential on devices like Galaxy Nexus17:20
nh1402you can try and find a CM based f2fs custom kernel, and then put that into the CM rom, and then start the installation procedure.17:20
yangm_IDK why but it surely runs a hell lot faster with f2fs17:20
r0kk3rzf2fs is designed for flash17:20
nh1402Flash Friendly File System17:20
nh1402Samsung created it, I think.17:21
r0kk3rzthey sure did17:21
yangm_everything should be running with flash and f2fs17:21
yangm_but on a desktop, would you choose f2fs over some nice featured fs like zfs?17:22
nh1402depends on if you're using an SSD17:23
r0kk3rzyeah im not sure why you would run f2fs on spinning rust17:23
yangm_I'm using a SSD17:23
r0kk3rzbut for an ssd, give it a go17:24
yangm_but ZFS has some damn nice features, like snapshotting17:24
nh1402you're using an SSD because of the Macbook, right?17:27
yangm_Yosemite has it's problems to boot on a SSD while arch boots in seconds even on HDDs17:28
yangm_I'm a looser17:28
*** triton_ <triton_!~triton_@unaffiliated/triton/x-4391598> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:29
yangm_thankfully el capitan is less worse17:30
*** taaem <taaem!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:30
nh1402there is some effort to get a linux kernel working on some iPhones17:31
nh1402probably your one, but not sure.17:31
*** rss351 <rss351!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:31
nh1402you can redeem yourself if you can successfully install Sailfish on it17:31
yangm_I think they only got it running on 3GS, right?17:31
r0kk3rzmust have taken some hacking17:33
r0kk3rzi wonder how much of a market there is for alternative operating systems on iphones17:34
gexcis agps working on nexus5?17:34
mal-gexc: no17:35
nh1402r0ckk3rz this is a project for android specifically but I can't remember the name, not sure about the others17:36
yangm_I must give apple some credit though. The 4S is running very well for it's age, and developers pay more attention to iOS apps their Android counterparts. That's not to talk about OS X + iOS integration (system-wise and applications-wise)17:37
nh1402because they usually incorrectly work on iOS apps first and then Android17:41
yangm_it feels like half of the developers in the world are apple fanboys17:43
*** jakibaki_ <jakibaki_!~jakibaki@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
yangm_I know android android uses their strange ass java to run it's apps and it's somewhat bad17:45
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:45
*** jakibaki_ is now known as jakibaki17:45
yangm_and that iOS is just like sailfish, all about "native" apps17:46
nh1402iOS can only run C++, Objective-C and Swift, two of which they created themselves.17:47
yangm_but come on, even microsoft started with the "iOS first, then the rest"17:47
*** wesbl <wesbl!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:47
nh1402not me, I'm working on Android first and then others.17:48
nh1402might integrate it directly into the Sailfish Messaging app, haven't decided yet.17:48
yangm_some even call developing for android "a pain in the ass"17:48
nh1402and then iOS and Windows Phone17:48
yangm_oh boy windows phone. that's half the reason I got an iPhone17:49
nh1402I agree, it is. But I don't know Objective C so it requires more effort for me to work on iOS apps17:49
yangm_the other half was another nexus breaking17:49
yangm_I see17:49
yangm_but seems like apple is switching over to swift, which should be easier17:50
nh1402so any apps that I decide to sell, will cost more on iOS, partly because it required more effort and partly because it's iOS17:50
yangm_they even plan on opening it's source (are you ok, apple?)17:50
nh1402they also said they would open up facetime and have it run on other (non-Apple) devices17:51
nh1402Apple lie, I thought you knew that by now.17:51
yangm_didn't know about facetime17:52
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yangm_only thing I miss in OS X is ZFS17:56
yangm_time machine would be a hell lot faster with ZFS snapshotting17:56
*** olesalscheider <olesalscheider!~olesalsch@unaffiliated/olesalscheider> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:58
yangm_instead, apple uses hard linking since the first version of TM17:58
nh1402yangm_ have you tried dousing the macbook with alcohol and then lighting it?18:02
nh1402that could work18:02
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nh1402_or you can go heavy metal on it and just smash it to bits18:08
nh1402_if it wasn't for visual studio then I would probably switch over to a linux distro18:08
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*** nh1402_ is now known as nh140218:10
nh1402speaking of which, have you heard the news that wine is now about to support android, so it should also work on Sailfish.18:11
nh1402a shame visual studio doesn't work in wine.18:11
yangm_I have heard about it a while ago18:13
yangm_have they got their x86 emulation right?18:13
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r0kk3rzyangm_: wine is not an emulator18:26
r0kk3rzthe clue is kinda in the name18:26
yangm_but they are running x86 binaries on arm devices18:26
yangm_I know wine itself isn't an emulator18:27
r0kk3rzyeah that sounds nasty18:27
yangm_but they need an emulator to run x86 apps on arm, right?18:27
nh1402wine for arm devices is for running windows app with arm binaries18:28
nh1402not x86 as far as I know.18:28
r0kk3rzthat makes more sense18:28
yangm_so they got their own notepad running on that presentation?18:28
yangm_not the microsoft one?18:29
r0kk3rzthere was probably a windows rt notepad18:29
yangm_ooooh that's right18:30
tbryou can run x86 win32 binaries on arm, it involves qemu IIRC18:34
nh1402Microsoft Office has ARM binaries, so you can run that too18:43
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