Wednesday, 2015-10-14

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romu70hi porters, any to do on N5 to restore touch? I restarted mce, sensorfwd, no way06:28
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romu70any idea?06:55
spiiroin_romu70: did you try side swipes?06:56
romu70spiiroin_, yes, doesn't work06:56
spiiroin_romu70: tap with two or more fingers might help06:57
romu70spiiroin_, by restaring mce, the N5 unlocks, but no way to trigger any action with fingers06:57
romu70touch seems really totally broken06:58
tbrreboot :)06:58
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spiiroin_romu70: do "mcetool --set-input-policy-mode=disabled"06:58
spiiroin_if the touch still does not work, then it is lipstick06:58
spiiroin_-> restarting lipstick might help, but you any apps that are open06:59
romu70the commande doesn't change anything, how can I restart lipstick?06:59
spiiroin_systemctl-user restart lipstick06:59
spiiroin_.. and switch the input policy back on: mcetool --set-input-policy-mode=enabled07:00
romu70ok, it works now, thanks spiiroin_07:03
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spiiroinromu70: np07:05
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sledgesswiping/tapping with two-three fingers unblocks touch07:13
sledgeslock happens after phonecall (the most)07:14
sledgesbut sometimes only reboot/lipstick restart helps07:14
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klopsi-u3ah someone made a motorola xt897 build11:35
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klopsi-u3hello carepack12:55
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zGrrmoin :)13:33
klopsi-u3hi zGrr13:45
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clonkfreakhi people. had no luck with the selinux disabled build yesterday. I am having the same behaviour: Boot -> Google logo -> 30s -> reboot. I read the FAQ and tried the advices there, but I don't really see a relation.19:26
clonkfreakhas someone had the same problem? im using a nexus 7 2012 btw19:28
clonkfreakI tried to get something displayed on the screen, while in telnet, but everytime it segfaults. Could be the problem, but the patch on piratepod didnt help19:34
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mal-clonkfreak: 30 s seems too long for selinux to be the cause, have you tried to disable services such as droid-hal-init, ofono and user@10000019:35
clonkfreakwill try this.19:37
clonkfreakthanks by the way for the help. The internet isn't really filled with information about hardware adaption for sailfish os, so the IRC is my only way to get some help :)19:39
mal-the new hadk and faq are the best sources, some of the stuff that was previously in faq is now in hadk19:42
clonkfreakTimed out waiting for device dev-block-p latform-sdhci\x2dtegra.3-by\x2dname-RDO.device.  Dependency failed for Droid mount for /r adio.e--19:44
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clonkfreakyeah the hadk is a straight forward guide :) this is the power of community, isnt it ;)19:45
mal-clonkfreak: you have made sure /system is mounted correctly? did disabling those services help?19:50
clonkfreakdisabling didn't help. I'm analysing the logs at the moment19:52
mal-clonkfreak: could you pastebin those please19:55
clonkfreakyeah no problem19:56
vevgenievHi, the wlan kernel module is not loaded automatically on my phone and I have to load it manually every time. I searched the script files, but did not find anything about wlan.ko20:00
Stskeepsmodprobe.d time?20:01
vevgenievYes, I can do that. There are other kernel modules. Do I need to load all of them?20:02
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yangmnh1402, sup20:16
Nokiussledges: sec20:16
nh1402yangm: yo dawg, hows it hangin'?20:16
yangmNokius, \o20:16
yangmnh1402, still iphoning ya20:17
Nokiussledges: here but just one push with all the configs :(20:17
yangmcan't deny I would love to boot some linux into this20:17
nh1402yangm: i thought you were porting sailfish to the moto e20:17
Nokiussledges: I have to go check all and play may pocker20:18
yangmI never made a port myself20:18
yangmdon't know how hard that would be20:18
nh1402that was a joke greeting btw, I wouldn't be stupid enough to greet someone seriously like that.20:18
yangmnh1402, lol I know20:19
nh1402yangm: no time like the present, get porting20:19
yangmwhere do I start?20:19
nh1402latest HADK20:19
yangmwhat's preventing us hall to have a single kernel covering all arm chips?20:20
yangmlike a desktop os20:20
nh1402well technically you could20:20
nh1402but it would take up too much space for all the possible sensor combinations, but there would likely be optimisation issues.20:21
nh1402not just sensor combinations a number of other reasons.20:21
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yangmwhy don't we have optimization issues on pcs then?20:21
nh1402the android on iphone project, uses a generic linux kernel I think20:21
nh1402pc's don't have gyro's, accelerometers, accelerometers, or high class cameras installed.20:22
clonkfreakhere is my dmesg ...20:22
yangmand, isn't project ara going to need a generic kernel?20:22
nh1402possibly yes20:23
drFaustrollsledges: ping20:23
nh1402Stskeeps might be able to better explain why all phones don't all use the same kernel.20:24
drFaustrollfor few days20:24
nh1402yangm: Sony phones all share the same kernel I think, more recently at least.20:24
yangmnh1402, that's beautiful20:24
nh1402but if their sales don't pick up then you won't be seeing any phones in 201720:25
nh1402from them20:25
yangmthey talk the same thing for years20:25
nh1402but the Z5 series have the best camera on the market.20:25
yangmsince they bought Ericsson's half20:25
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yangmmuuuuh lots of loses muuuh not gonna sell anymoar20:26
yangmI call BS20:26
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nh1402this time they're serious, they've spun off their mobile camera division into their own company (still owned by Sony)20:26
nh1402display's are from JDI who they work with. They don't make their own CPU's, their batteries are already from another division, only other thing is the audio stuff. But I'm guessing that's another division working with the mobile one.20:28
yangmI don't understand. Why is Apple a single company while Samsung, Sony and others are just conglomerates?20:28
nh1402Apple make phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and technically headphones and speakers.20:31
nh1402Samsung and Sony make phones, tablets, TV's, batteries, bluray players, cameras.20:32
nh1402Sony also make films, tv shows, music, speakers, headphones20:32
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nh1402Samsung also make Fridges, dishwashers, and other stuff20:33
yangmbut in fact it's: Sony mobility makes phones, sony pictures makes movies, sony computers makes... computers, etc20:33
nh1402Sony no longer make computers20:33
nh1402Samsung still do, in some parts of the world.20:34
yangmand they don't have many coherence across their lines20:34
nh1402Sony Corporation still own those divisions 100%.20:34
yangmlike, how well does a samsung tv talk with a samsung phone?20:34
nh1402well a majority stake at least.20:35
yangmat least with sony we have some integration20:35
yangmlike hdmi cec on both playstation and sony tvs20:35
nh1402originally the samsung smartwatches only talked to samsung phones20:35
nh1402I'm sure the Samsung phones with the IR blasters would work with their tv's by default.20:35
nh1402I'm sure they also talk to their smart fridge and dishwashers too20:36
nh1402not joking, it was in their event last year when they announced the s520:36
yangmalso their design languages are different across divisions (Samsung, Sony is pretty consistent on that too)20:36
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yangmit really feels like different teams work on different things and then they take some time to make it talk with each other20:38
nh1402Blackberry are soon going to stop making phones, just heard news that their Blackberry Priv phone is going to be priced as a premium device. I don't think they're going to get much sales because of it, and they'll pull out altogether.20:38
yangmeven regional websites have different layouts20:38
nh1402Sony's integration used to be terrible, people called them out on it.20:40
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clonkfreakhey.. lost connection20:41
yangmI mean, take any notebook from sony or samsung. Reinstall windows. all their effort to make things work together is gone20:41
yangmit doesn't "just works"20:41
yangmI think some company should take a linux or BSD, build their own "one OS for everything" and ship it, with some fat advertising and some deals with developers20:44
yangmthey should stop highlighting numbers and start selling experiences, like... Apple20:45
mal-clonkfreak: nothing bad in those logs, does journalctl -a print anything more?20:46
yangmsee where I'm going? the world need at least a 3rd big player20:46
yangmusing OS X Yosemite made me see how F*ed up I would be if Apple suddenly fails20:47
clonkfreak Cannot add dependency job for unit sys-fs-cgr oup-bfqio.mount, ignoring: Unit sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio.mount failed to load: Invalid arg ument. See system logs and 'systemctl status sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio.mount' for details. 0m20:47
nh1402yangm: I know how F'd up I would be without Apple, not at all.20:48
nh1402yangm: and that wouldn't work.20:48
clonkfreakCould this be caused by bfq? I changed from cfq to bfq before building the kernel20:48
nh1402the 3rd big player thing20:48
yangmI see it would be hard as crap to make it20:48
yangmbut why do you think it's impossible?20:49
clonkfreakbecause of the good documentation its actually very understandable20:49
nh1402yangm: people are comfortable with Windows and *spits* Mac OS X. Linux is just not popular enough for the average person to just adopt it.20:49
mal-clonkfreak: no idea what those are20:50
jakibakiI think the average person does not care if their computer does what it is supposed to do20:50
nh1402yangm: look at chromeos that's not exactly shifting units, look at steamos that's not exactly shifting units either.20:50
yangmthat's why I said they should sell experiences instead of numbers20:50
nh1402and thats it, nothing else, except the Dell XPS developer edition20:51
yangmandroid mostly sells not because it's linux but because it's google20:51
yangmif samsung starts adopting tizen, sure thing a lot would buy20:51
yangmbecause, bro, it's a samsung20:51
clonkfreakOct 14 20:42:26 Jolla ssu[1086]: connman not AVAILABLE         ssu spawns the output of journalctl -a20:52
clonkfreakaround 50 entries20:52
yangmbut they would need to make it work since day 0, I mean, the most popular apps and programs SHOULD run into these things, whatever the OS is20:52
nh1402Samsung haven't attempted to release Tizen phones worldwide, they're still starting small in india20:52
mal-clonkfreak: hmm, try to get systemctl status connman or something20:53
yangmunfortunately samsung is thinking small. tizen could also be a TV, tablet, pc and whatever OS20:53
nh1402Samsung could have easily released Tizen as an alternative OS to Android on their flagship Galaxy series, but they don't because they know it won't sell.20:54
nh1402it is on their TV's as far as I know, as well as their smartwatches20:54
yangmthe problem here is: they just release and test it20:54
nh1402they don't want to lose money20:54
nh1402their sales went down last year, they don't want to take a big risk like that.20:55
yangmApple didn't think about refreshing their apple tv bullcrap without asking some developers to deliver something on day020:55
nh1402don't tell me you have that thing20:55
yangmapple never "tests" something, they go and make it20:56
yangmnh1402, nope20:56
clonkfreakinactive and disabled. But when I enable it my telnet connection gets killed... but this really could cause the problem. the same entry was there while compiling20:56
clonkfreakthe first one has following description: Comment says: connman (optional): for routing and statistic support in sessions,21:00
yangmnh1402, I plan on buying an android tv tv when my dumb tv fails21:02
nh1402you could just get a chromecast21:03
yangmuntil then I'm going to use my xbox 360 as a media center21:03
nh1402or that intel stick thing, and install proper linux on it.21:03
nh1402or use the chromebit21:03
yangmI think I would get an pi + some proper IR controller21:04
yangmand use hdmi cec to control the thing21:04
yangmbut meh... while I would love doing it, I feel a bit overstuffed for doing garage projects21:05
yangmI want something to work, and it should work now21:05
yangmbut when I go back having more spare time21:06
yangmoh boy...21:06
*** kandirali77 <kandirali77!> has quit IRC (Quit: kandirali77)21:07
nh1402yangm: you could also get a license to use Nokia's name, and create phones, tablets, laptops, TV's and smartwatches, installing them with Sailfish21:08
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:09
yangmI would love to get some money and make something big like this21:09
*** harha1 <harha1!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:09
yangmwould it be hard to port sailfish back into pcs?21:10
yangmmicrosoft just copied canonical's idea and everyone is loving it21:10
nh1402you could use the mainline linux kernel21:10
nh1402and use the hadk or something, shouldn't be difficult21:10
yangmthat's why you should only release finished products21:10
*** taaem <taaem!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)21:13
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:13
nh1402what canonical thing21:13
yangm"one OS to rule them all"21:14
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:16
nh1402except we would prefer an OS that doesn't have an integrated keylogger for advertising purposes21:21
nh1402or one that uses Unity21:21
yangmif sailfish were ported to pc, would it be able to run "real" linux programs, like steam, gimp, et al?21:23
mal-clonkfreak: actually it could be that the diabled services are the reason why connman is not active21:24
nh1402yangm: the thing with Sailfish is that it uses a wayland compositor, and there aren't many applications which use a wayland compositor natively.21:25
yangmtalking about composing things, why do some linux programs have interfaces from the late 90's?21:26
yangmwhen I use audacity I feel like I'm using windows xp21:26
clonkfreakthanks mal- I'll just try to enable one by one and see what happens21:29
nh1402yangm: I suppose with xwayland and the right dependencies installed it could run them, someone could test it on the Jolla Tablet, seeing as it has an x86 CPU21:31
mal-clonkfreak: does it still reboot?21:32
yangmnh1402, is x11 the culprit of audacity looking like an abandoned  program from 2003?21:32
nh1402compositing, and UI design are two seperate things21:32
nh1402look at the display mate website, that looks like it was designed in the 90's, and they provide in-depth display reviews21:33
yangmoh man I wish I had pools of money. so I could inject into some projects to help them fix some awful things21:34
nh1402see if you can get sponsored by Sony, IBM or someone and might just be able to do that21:35
nh1402and use an intel chip if you want to be subsidised by them21:36
yangmthe only thing "linux" needs is finishing, programs and advertising21:37
yangmone could "easily" fix that21:37
nh1402well I'm off, have a logical thinking test to do in Central London, and then head back home wait a few hours for a phone interview.21:37
clonkfreakyeah, nothing changed.. but I have some news for connman21:37
yangmunfortunately corporations still think closed source is still giving them some money...21:38
yangmnh1402, see ya21:38
yangmtell me more about this logic thinking test when you come back21:38
nh1402tomorrow evening, i might get back to the CM stuff, and see if we can get zygote stable, oooh ooooh ooh, I might be able to change the runtime to ART in the developer settings, see if it becomes more stable the next time i try booting into it.21:39
clonkfreakthere are much files missing.. looks a bit like a faulty build, doenst it?21:39
mal-clonkfreak: what files?21:40
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:41
mal-clonkfreak: check systemctl status mce21:41
clonkfreakits disabled ;)21:41
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:43
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:43
mal-clonkfreak: why?21:43
clonkfreak these are the errors I can find.  // Dont know why its disabled. It looks like it never was enabled. flashed the rom at 19:45 and the service says inactive since 19:4721:46
clonkfreakande here is a list of enabled/disabled services
*** misprint <misprint!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:57
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:04
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mal-clonkfreak: pastebin output of systemctl22:16
clonkfreakwhat exactly do you mean?22:17
mal-clonkfreak: without any parameters that shows what services are running and what have failed22:19
clonkfreakoh ok :D sorry my fault. I'm just reinstalling the OS.. Afte a reboot I wasnt able to telnet in the device anymore.22:20
clonkfreakActually I'm thinking that all these problems really could be related to disabled services.. Could you pastebin a systemctl of your device to compare?22:22
clonkfreakmmh theres missing something.. one moment22:29
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)22:39
mal-clonkfreak: it's possible some of the services have not yet started22:42
clonkfreakjeah that could be.. but im also in init 1 all the time..22:44
mal-clonkfreak: init 1?22:45
clonkfreakrescue/single user mode. that was my workaround, because the device rebooted all the time and I have just around 10 seconds to telnet in and do a command22:46
clonkfreakbut actually I am atdifferent point now22:48
clonkfreakI just enabled all services that werent enabled and i have no bootloop anymore :D22:48
clonkfreakdevice just starts and the google logo goes away after 30s -> screen black -> but no reboot22:49
mal-well that explains a lot22:54
mal-clonkfreak: can you get logs now?22:54
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)22:54
clonkfreakjeah here is much more... I'll show you22:57
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
clonkfreaklibstick.service for example fails.22:58
mal-clonkfreak: that explains the black screen23:00
clonkfreaki thought the same ;) but thats a point I can work on. I enabled around 12 services and now the system actually is more than a kernel ^^23:03
mal-clonkfreak: now you can follow the display debug instructions23:05
mal-clonkfreak: looks like both jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session and lipstick crash23:06
mal-clonkfreak: which cm version do you use? and where are the display repos for your device?23:06
mal-*device repos23:07
clonkfreak:) jeah thanks mal-. Maybe there are some other services which are still missing. Im going to look into this.23:07
clonkfreakIm building upon cm12.1 YOG4P23:07
clonkfreakI forked the default manifest and changed every line mentioning YO3GC to YOG4P, because there are no YO3GC cm builds for my rom23:08
clonkfreakand sailfish 1.1923:09
mal-clonkfreak: I was curious which display repo it uses23:10
mal-clonkfreak: the cm doesn't always have to be exactly the same as the one you use for building sailfish23:11
clonkfreak default.xml   // I take a look, one moment. // Didnt know that before. I thought it would be important to have exactly the same23:13
mal-clonkfreak: the local_manifest please23:13
clonkfreak the muppet files arent included in my build23:15
mal-oh, it has a nvidia gpu23:18
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:21
*** tworaz <tworaz!~tworaz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)23:21
mal-also it seems to be using an older hwcomposer, try to get some info where it crashes with those tests in the debug instructions23:23
clonkfreakit does. i hope this makes no comlications. Do have any experience ther?23:23
clonkfreakrelated to your first comment ;)23:24
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:35
mal-clonkfreak: I don't remember any ports yet using nvidia23:36
mal-clonkfreak: does minimer crash?23:36
mal-clonkfreak: install strace and gdb to see what those tell23:37
mal-but now it's time to get some sleep23:37
clonkfreakminimer hangsup and just kill 9 is able to kill it ^^23:37
clonkfreakjeah you are right. i spend to much time with all this ^^ good night man23:38
*** zhxt__ <zhxt__!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:40
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