Friday, 2015-10-23

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yacukenlocusf: will try. thanks04:29
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yacukenlocusf: nothing(05:53
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yacukenhmm. it's very suspicious06:05
yacukenwith first install i have touchscreen issue. after add QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS nothing happened. but after remove it touchscreen rotation works well =)06:06
locusfyacuken: heh :)06:07
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yacukensfos launcher(home screen) support album orientation?06:09
Nokiusyacuken: so it's working? nice06:10
yacukenNokius: yes. now i have graphics and wlan work.06:11
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locusfas its one of the few wifi-only ports, thats all you need06:11
yacukeni think it's enough for alpha-106:11
locusfsounds should work with n4 pulseaudio file06:12
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yacukenlocusf: p5100 with gsm support06:12
locusfyacuken: ah ok06:12
locusfwell fingers crossed that ril works06:12
Nokius:) good luck but since it not able to make calls u may have luck!!06:18
* Nokius crossing finger 06:18
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Nokiusstephg: :( blocked in germany07:31
tbr3rd world gema country :>07:32
Stskeepstbr: i'm fairly sure that the crappy connectivity in germany is because everybody torrents instead of youtubing music07:34
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zGrrmoin :)07:36
tbralso _this_ is the proper song for today!
Nokiusit's every month the same at work new work mates find out yt is blocked and bandwidth is slow and over priced in Germany07:37
Nokiustbr :P07:37
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paviHey mal- do we have sailfish os 2.0 ported to Xperia mini pro ?07:55
blackjack4itthat would be cool :-D08:01
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stephgaww sorry Nokius08:45
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Nokiusstephg: no worry08:52
Nokiusstephg: another video is working09:04
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mal-pavi: I'll try to get 1.1.9 (which has 2.0 ui) images out this weekend if everything goes as planned, the real 2.0.0 has to wait until it's officially released09:12
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pavimal-: awesome :)09:16
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ghosalmartinsomeone might be able to answer this for me, i have an encrypted home directory, and i need to encrypt a file inside there so its not plain text with GPG, would that become an issue?11:38
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SkyFall what did I do wrong now?11:42
ghosalmartinsilly question but does cm_sirius exist?11:45
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SkyFallIf they build CM normally on these configs, it must exist11:47
SkyFall maybe I did something wrong here11:50
ghosalmartinthat seems okay11:51
SkyFalllog tells something about shinano-common. Kernel is unified for Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z3, Z3c, Z3 tablet compact... maybe that is boardconfig11:52
ghosalmartinhow come your using cm12.1 and not cm11?11:53
mal-SkyFall: your problem seems to be that you have device repo in local manifest and also room service finds it so it's defined twice ans therefore it fails11:53
SkyFallSo I shall delete that manifest and breakfast with predefines from repo, right?11:54
mal-SkyFall: either remove local manifest or remove the roomservice file11:55
SkyFallghostalmartin CM11 doesn't have good ramdisk and I have no will to patch that right now11:55
SkyFallmal- Ok, will try to remove manifest.11:55
jpaanahello, I'm working on a proof-of-concept port for a yet unannounced phone, which has fairly standard QC 8974 hardware running caf 5.1.1 based build. I've got pretty far down the HADK document, but hit a problem with A couple of packages seem to have moved which I changed, but now I get ambigous refname 'HEAD' as I probably have remains of the old git there as well. So my quest11:55
jpaanaion is where stores the git repos that I could clean off?11:55
mal-SkyFall: but removing local manifest might cause problems later on if you have to add some custom fixes to device repo11:57
SkyFallDuh, we will think about that later.11:57 is still causing build to quit11:57
mal-SkyFall: it seems the dependencies are not correctly defined so it's better to add everything needed to local manifest11:59
SkyFallso that shinano-common repo was probably boardconfig11:59
SkyFallunification hurts11:59
mal-you need both shinano-common and sony-common11:59
mal-jpaana: should always use clean sources12:00
SkyFallSo device repo, unified kernel repo, shinano-common and sonny common to local manifest & roomservice removal.12:00
mal-SkyFall: yes12:01
mal-SkyFall: if there are any other repos needed then we'll see later12:01
SkyFallOkie. BRB12:01
jpaanamal-: ok so it clones the url each time, then it seems there are multiple HEAD references on policy-settings-common.git (which had moved)12:05
jpaanasame for pulseaudio-policy-enforcement12:05
SkyFallI'm back12:10
SkyFallmsm8974-common + msm8974 for kernel, yeah?12:10
mal-seems like it12:12
SkyFallhmm, z2 has msm8974pro-ab, ao repo for pro and that common12:13
SkyFallbut what shall I give as path for kernel?12:14
mal-SkyFall: kernel/sony/msm897412:16
mal-SkyFall: the paths are all defined in the boardconfig*.mk files12:16
SkyFallThanks for your help.12:16
mal-jpaana: what do you mean by multiple HEAD references? how does this show?12:20
jpaanahm, don't have the error here anymore, got past that by hacking a bit, but it was a git error about ambigous ref HEAD in the repository12:21
jpaanaI though it had something to do with the fact that I had first used the old repository and then changed the url in script12:22
mal-ok, sounds odd12:22
jpaanawarning: refname 'HEAD' is ambiguous.12:23
jpaanaOn branch HEAD12:23
jpaanaYour branch is based on 'origin/HEAD', but the upstream is gone. (use "git branch --unset-upstream" to fixup)12:23
jpaanastill gives the same error if I try git pull in the directory12:24
jpaanabut got past that by hacking the scripts, got the existence problem next but fixed that too12:25
jpaanagit pull gives slightly different error12:27
jpaanawarning: refname 'HEAD' is ambiguous.12:27
jpaanaerror: unable to resolve reference refs/remotes/origin/HEAD: No such file or directory12:27
jpaanaFrom ! [new branch]      HEAD       -> origin/HEAD  (unable to update local ref)12:27
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mal-yes, it seems that has not been updated for github->merproject git transition12:27
SkyFall if anyone needed it.12:27
SkyFallnow it shall work12:27
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SkyFallmal- What the hell is wrong with this: error: prebuilts/tools/: platform/prebuilts/tools checkout df6602daa7e84b171b29d4c4f0f163383ec4d9f612:36
mal-SkyFall: no idea, the real error might be somewhere else12:38
simonvanderveldtmal-: They've moved packages from github to their own hosting?12:40
mal-simonvanderveldt: yes12:40
mal-simonvanderveldt: merging mer and nemo12:40
SkyFallWell.. now I have to add some vendor repos..12:40
SkyFallforget that "proper" version12:41
simonvanderveldtmal-: k, well that's a good thing, but they should've merged in the other direction12:41
mal-simonvanderveldt: I think they have some reason why they want to move away from github12:43
mal-maybe integration of bug reports etc12:43
dr_gogeta86mal-, indipendance12:44
dr_gogeta86equality in access12:44
dr_gogeta86github isn't open everywhere12:44
dr_gogeta86and if github someday dies ... like gitorius or put a limit12:45
SkyFallmal- "vendor/sony/msm8974-common/" hmm, now it wants this.. wondering, where will I find it.12:45
dr_gogeta86they are free12:45
simonvanderveldtdr_gogeta86: if that happens you can always move then12:46
dr_gogeta86I preferred a mirrored git12:47
dr_gogeta86but i'm not part of the crew12:47
mal-SkyFall: you can either use the script to fetch the blobs from the device or use
mal-SkyFall: if you use that repo then the path is vendor/sony12:48
SkyFallCM git doesn't contain it, because they want to keep only open stuff there?12:48
mal-SkyFall: yep12:51
SkyFallOkay. I thought I will find them there.12:51
SkyFallbut nope12:51
mal-they have some vendor repos there, might be different licenses12:54
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SkyFallMaybe. Sony has its own blobs licence if I remember well.12:56
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SkyFallAfter adding Muppets' repo it works. Thanks for learning me how to manifest xD13:02
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jpaanayay, ----------------------DONE! Now proceed on creating the rootfs------------------13:17
monkeypuzzlehi all, I'm up to chapter 8.4 in sailfish-hadk but getting a "URLGrabber error" from mic.13:19
monkeypuzzlebrowsing to the given url gives a 401 error - authorization required.13:19
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SkyFallmy fs, which I have $HOME on is full.. Can I move sdk elsewhere?13:32
ghosalmartinprobably can but i think you'd need to change the .profile paths13:35
ghosalmartinstill waiting on the nexus 5x sources :(13:35
mal-monkeypuzzle: did you install the curlfix as said in hadk chapter 4.2?13:36
mal-SkyFall: I had mer root outside home but I always bind mounted in to $HOME/mer13:36
SkyFallso i shall move mer folder to other partition, set $MER_ROOT and mount -o bind $MER_ROOT $HOME/mer13:38
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mal-SkyFall: no, move mer folder to other partition then mount -o bind folder $HOME/mer and then set $MER_ROOT as $HOME/mer13:39
mal-SkyFall: $MER_ROOT has to point to home13:40
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mal-jpaana: did you only have to fix those two repos in
mal-jpaana: I'm fixing the script on github so want to be sure13:53
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monkeypuzzlemal: i think so but will re-check13:58
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monkeypuzzlemal: yep, definitely ran the curl fix in chapter 4.214:05
mal-monkeypuzzle: you missed the warning in chapter 8.214:08
jpaanamal-: yes, those too14:08
mal-monkeypuzzle: or you forgot to define RELEASE in 8.414:09
monkeypuzzlemal: i skipped the snippet about OBS in 8.214:10
monkeypuzzlemal: RELEASE is defined as
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mal-monkeypuzzle: show the exact error you get14:12
monkeypuzzlemal: Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
mal-are there any other errors or warnings?14:13
mal-monkeypuzzle: you skipped too much, the first part of 8.2 needs to be run, but not the part after the warning14:15
monkeypuzzlemal: ah, thanks. will give that a try :-)14:16
SkyFallWhat is the number of actual SFOS release? Been offline for too long14:32
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jpaanagot everything built, and a boot loop :)14:33
mal-SkyFall: is the latest14:37
mal-jpaana: how soon does it reboot?14:37
jpaanapretty much immediately14:37
jpaanaI disabled selinux and it goes maybe fraction of a second longer, but not much14:37
locusfhmm I had that symptom wth problems relatng switch_root not working in busybox14:38
jpaanahave to double check the kernel command line14:40
mal-jpaana: hwo did you disable selinux, completely or just from kernel command line, if latter did you remember to activate the bootparam selection for selinux14:42
SkyFallWait, that was summer update, right?14:42
mal-SkyFall: it was released about a month ago14:44
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SkyFallI'm kinda not up to date14:45
jpaanajust followed the suggestion in 9.2.1 of the doc, ie. added kernel config and command line14:45
drFaustrolllbt: sledges do we get in the obs pleasE?14:46
jpaanabut I'm actually not sure if selinux is even enabled in the first place in this config14:46
mal-jpaana: you can check those in .config in out/..14:46
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sledgesdrFaustroll: sorry caught mancold :{15:12
sledgesnot around much15:12
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injectedjoin #sailfishos15:27
injectedAnybody working on the HTC One M8?  Just wanted to verify before I started my project of porting sailfish to the HTC One M8 that nobody's already working on it.15:29
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ghosalmartinis this an issue "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug"15:31
locusfhas been since last July afaik, can be ignored15:31
ghosalmartinwhat about: sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?15:32
nh1402injected: No one is working on the M8 to my knowledge15:34
Stskeepsghosalmartin: you have unpacked your sdk on a nosuid mounted drive15:34
Stskeepswhich is a terrible idea15:34
mal-injected: there was osum4est who was trying to port to that but he hasn't been here for about a month so not sure if he continuing or not15:34
ghosalmartinwhat does nosuid do?15:35
Stskeepsghosalmartin: disables all suid bitson files15:35
Stskeepsbits on15:35
ghosalmartinanyway to re-enable that?15:35
ghosalmartinis it somewhere in fstab?15:36
mal-injected: I would say you can start porting15:36
injectednh1402: mal- thanks guys.  I'll assume osum gave up and start working on it, I didn't see anything posted to any forumns about it15:36
mal-most likely abandoned15:37
ghosalmartinfstab has no nosuid entries15:38
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nh1402injected: how are you with android porting, I could use some help getting android apps working on ported devices15:43
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have mer root some where else than $HOME/mer?15:43
ghosalmartinmal: nope, btw is it a bad idea to run the code to setup the .profile files as a .sh15:44
injectednh1402: I wish I could help but this will be my first porting project.15:44
nh1402unfortunately I've seen that line or an equivalent all too often15:48
mal-nh1402: we'll if I have some more time in about a month after which I only have one job15:50
ghosalmartinwell thats me not setting on a sailfish build on my works machine, stupid macs15:50
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monkeypuzzlemal: thanks, that fixed it. was a copy/paste error from the start of 8.215:56
mal-monkeypuzzle: good to hear16:01
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mgroverwell setting suid didnt work, i suppose ill just have to run it for an external drive16:06
*** mgrover <mgrover!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:09
mal-jpaana: is now fixed in in the repo16:19
jpaanaok, thanks :)16:20
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*** SkyFall <SkyFall!c20f7c04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:35
SkyFallsudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root? in sdk, any solution?17:36
mgroverhad that issue, changed to a different machine17:37
mgrovercheck in your fstab theres no nosuid i suppose17:38
SkyFallDon't have nosuid flag in fstab.17:38
mgrovermove to a different partition?17:40
mal-SkyFall: if you moved the mer root to an external drive then you need to remount the disk with suid mount -o remount,suid,dev partition mountpoint17:40
SkyFallOkay. will add that to fstab17:40
mal-SkyFall: is the disk usb disk or something?17:41
mgroveri tried adding suid to my current drive17:41
mgroverfailed to boot17:41
mal-SkyFall: I think nosuid is default quite often17:42
SkyFallI'm building on azure, had to include additional disk in fstab myself17:42
SkyFallset rw only17:43
SkyFallso now remount,rw,nosuid,dev?17:43
SkyFallsudo: /usr/libexec/sudo/ must be owned by uid 0 sudo: fatal error, unable to load plugins what the hell17:46
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*** Salva_ <Salva_!b3077125@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:05
Salva_}one question18:07
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nh1402Salva_ whats the question18:14
nh1402Salva_ you had a question18:16
Salva_I'm a programmer, but never taught me in college about operating systems, tell me how I can start to carry this operating system18:17
Salva_any guide?18:17
mal-SkyFall: azure?18:24
* Nokius wait tomorrow I have a extra hour 18:27
SkyFallYes, azure...18:27
SkyFalldeleted sdk, will play later. now compiling early cm1318:27
* Nokius have to use it !18:27
mal-Salva_: not sure what you are asking, if you mean how to port it to an android phone then
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!> has quit IRC (Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12)18:28
Nokiusnew port or find5 building on obs but my obs skill are meh and reading is better18:29
SkyFallGoodbye for now.18:29
Salva_mal- thanks18:29
*** SkyFall <SkyFall!c20f7c04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC ()18:29
mal-Salva_: what device are thinking about?18:30
*** cebul <cebul!c20f7c04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:31
Salva_One LG G2 and HTC m818:32
*** cebul <cebul!c20f7c04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:32
Salva_for me18:32
mal-there was talk here earlier today about porting to m818:33
mal-injected is about to start doing that18:33
Salva_ok... great18:34
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
Salva_one question more18:35
Salva_the Linux kernel is not supposed to work on any linux, that is not true on Android kernel18:35
nh1402that isn't a question18:36
*** taaem <taaem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
mgroverseemed like a statement to confuse lol18:36
Salva_sorry mi english is bad18:39
nh1402Salva_: Sailfish and Android and any other linux distro for that matter can use the mainline linux kernel. The stock Android kernel is supposed to be the mainline kernel (albeit an old version) but their are two differences 1. Android kernels have closed source device drivers and 2. CM kernels use CAF kernels which are supposed to be optimised for Qualcomm SoCs.18:40
Stskeepsnh1402: huh? on the 1st one18:41
Stskeepsandroid kernel is mainline kernel plus modifications for the android system, then chipset makers adjust it to their needs18:42
nh1402well mainline linux kernels should really have open drivers shouldn't they?18:42
Stskeepsand those devices or chipsets may have closed device drivers18:42
nh1402I thought Google merged their changes back to the mainline kernel18:43
Stskeepsnot always18:44
nh1402although that was over 3 years ago now18:45
Salva_the android kernet not work in the other distros?18:46
nh1402Salva_: what I do know for sure is that the Nexus 5 was based off the LG G2, and since the Nexus 5 has almost everything working in Sailfish, it looks promising for the G2 also18:47
mal-Salva_: sailfish uses android kernel, but with some modifications to kernel configs18:47
mgrovernh1402: shame the same cant be said for the n5x18:52
Salva_if now I have a Nexus 5, which I need to return, but fell in love with sailfish, and debug it to a point it would be used daily18:52
locusfnh1402: if it just wasnt so locked up, dr_gogeta86 has experience wrt this18:53
nh1402if the nexus 5x is anything like the 6p then it has a hardware fuse which blows once you unlock the bootloader, which will probably cause issues with warranties18:53
locusfthats gona suck18:53
mgrovernh1402: i can live with that, its the encrypting of the data partition thats the piss take, also no way to decrypt18:54
nh1402it also slows the phone down doesn't it, something like 25% I think18:54
nh1402locusf: experience with regards to what18:56
Salva_mal-: then I do not understand the hadk, because according to what is lei to adapt to the kernel driver "mer"18:56
locusfnh1402: oh yeah t was g318:57
mal-Salva_: sorry I didn't understand what you don't understand18:58
nh1402g3 was more of a regression in my eyes compared to the g2, g2 was the battery life king18:58
nh1402and the size of the phone was also very good18:59
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)18:59
Salva_mal- no problem19:00
mal-the hadk should be quite easy to follow nowadays19:01
Nokiusmal-: I will see following for the find719:01
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drFaustrollsledges: all fine with the update..
drFaustrollwith the usual issues20:03
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sledgesdrFaustroll: i'm working on fixing video recording, already got it to work on 1.1.9, but then photos broke - is because i didn't rebuild gst-droid against droidmedia, but bisecting both now and building locally with your script20:11
sledgesin the end, is all about reverting droidmedia (or find an offending commit and revert it)20:11
sledgesand no, it's not about aosp5 fixes that broke that20:12
sledgeseverything's much more involved20:12
sledgesn5 is a totally different beast as it turns out20:12
drFaustrollsledges: just wanted to say... I recorded a film... with front camera20:16
drFaustrollbut after that nothing20:16
drFaustrollthe same ols issue20:17
sledgesyes, for me the current setup also once didn't crash20:19
sledgeslike 1 time in 10020:19
sledgesrace condition at the moment20:19
sledgesneed to go back to 1.1.6 times and that's it for now20:19
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Nokiusmal-: evening is this manifest correct ?20:58
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mal-Nokius: kernel path is wrong
Nokiusmal-: just updated I saw it21:12
Nokiuscan u refresh21:12
Nokiusnow it should be correct21:13
NokiusThanks !21:13
*** Salva_ <Salva_!b3077125@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:14
mal-looks reasonable, there can the binary blobs needed but you'll find out that later21:14
Nokiusmal-: ok :)21:16
*** Azimoth1 <Azimoth1!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:17
mal-Nokius: it's kiitos :)21:19
Nokiusrepo sync is a good time to unbox the device21:23
*** keithzg__ is now known as keithzg21:56
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Nokiusfirst impressions big and light great build quality :( protector on the screen feels äh22:01
*** injected <injected!~injected@unaffiliated/injected> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:04
nh1402Nokius: what happened to Oppo this year, where's the find 9?22:07
Nokiusnh1402: no idea22:10
nh1402its as if they just died22:10
mal-wikipedia says they released r7 this year22:17
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)22:25
nh1402that's more of a midrange phone isn't it22:29
*** electrolux_off <electrolux_off!~electrolu@2001:2060:53::c0de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)22:31
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*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux22:32
nh1402I was referring to their flagship phones, which I realise now I didn't mention22:34
nh1402well it's pretty late now, good night22:36
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:38
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Nokiusmay there spin off is now creating the flashships23:13
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Nokius:( the cm11 nightly pointing to 404 m8 is a bit old23:41
* Nokius facepalm 23:51
* Nokius confused23:54

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