Saturday, 2015-10-31

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Nokius\o/ flashing08:28
Nokiusok dark screen but LED is there :D08:30
Nokiusno reboot so fare08:32
Nokiuslets see what will happen to night cu later \o08:32
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spiiroinloljimmol2 mal: since power key is more or less "owned" by mce, it might be that lipstick just ignores power key events it receives10:04
mal-spiiroin: but if there is no events coming from that key when using evdev_trace?10:08
mal-spiiroin: and showkey reports incorrect keycode10:08
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spiiroinmal-: well, that would be weird.10:37
spiiroina thought... are you sure there are no events? "evdev_trace -t | grep event7" vs "evdev_trace -t 7"10:38
spiiroinblock buffered vs line buffered output10:39
mal-spiiroin: no, I'll ask loljimmol2 to test the latter when he comes back10:49
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mal-tbr: when you have time could you add a directory for satsuma images to devaamo, thanks11:31
tbrmal-: done11:32
mal-hopefully I'll have 5 new images built by the end of the day11:33
saidinesh5btw. how does multirom work? when it comes to /dev/ and stuff?11:59
saidinesh5it looks like multirom is failing to mount the data/ partition (line 137)11:59
saidinesh5i tried to mount it manually and did echo "countinue" > /init-ctl/stdin12:00
saidinesh5but i cant see anything on screen after that12:01
mal-saidinesh5: I think there has to some modifications to multirom to support sailfish, some others can hopefully tell more since I'm not using multirom12:01
saidinesh5although all my device partitions are being displayed on my machine like an external storage12:01
mal-not 100% sure12:01
saidinesh5mal-: but once the mer bootloader starts , multirom is out of picture right?12:02
mal-yes, but the installation is the problem12:03
mal-if the sailfish rootfs is not installed in the correct place then it does not work12:03
saidinesh5i wonder how the nexus 7's multirom supports sailfish os12:04
mal-there are quite many multirom users here, hopefully someone sees this and can help12:05
saidinesh5mhm ... i tried searching for "sailfish" in multirom's github page but found nothing12:07
mal-saidinesh5: did you have a sailfish option in multirom when you added the zip?12:09
saidinesh5in the nexus 7 i did12:09
saidinesh5but on this Xiaomi Mi3's multirom, i first added the CM12.1 rom, and then Flashed the sailfish os zip on top of it , in multirom12:09
saidinesh5multirom seems to place my sailfish os in /sdcard/multirom/roms/<cm rom i installed>/12:11
saidinesh5the .stowaway folder is in /sdcard/multirom/roms/<cm rom>/data/.stowaway/sailfishos12:13
saidinesh5interesting though.. i used to think my /sdcard is some vfat or something12:13
saidinesh5it is apparently ext312:13
mal-saidinesh5: when you tried to mount sailfish rootfs manually did you see the contents is the mountpoint?12:13
mal-saidinesh5: can you telnet in after running continue?12:14
saidinesh5nope, telnet disappears12:14
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saidinesh5wait , do i even have to mount stowaway/sailfishos as / ?12:14
saidinesh5well it hangs12:15
saidinesh5and i had to kill it12:15
saidinesh5bad one12:17
saidinesh5i pasted it twice12:17
mal-after the final command is /data content ok12:19
mal-trying to figure out what you have done there12:20
saidinesh5the eTerminated is basically   echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin12:22
saidinesh5i pasted that command12:22
mal-the /target content is important, is it ok?12:22
saidinesh5let me check again12:22
mal-anyway, you might have some problems with the /system partition inside sailfish12:23
mal-saidinesh5: have you disabled any services so far in sailfish?12:23
saidinesh5this is the image straight off hadk12:24
mal-saidinesh5: do you have multirom/roms/<yourrom>/data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log ?12:25
saidinesh5the contents of /target12:27
mal-do you have /diagnosis.log in the telnet?12:28
* saidinesh5 checks12:28
saidinesh5# cat /diagnosis.log12:29
saidinesh5No /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC12:29
mal-saidinesh5: so your kernel configs are still wrong, add those to your defconfig and rebuild kernel12:29
saidinesh5the defconfig only has CONFIG_IKCONFIG (unset before)12:31
saidinesh5it doesn't have CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC12:31
saidinesh5do i add them anyway?12:31
mal-add it12:32
mal-always add the required but missing ones12:32
saidinesh5Ahh the ones which were missing before this are just warning ones though12:32
mal-that's ok12:33
mal-saidinesh5: it's a known problem that those do not always correspond well12:33
mal-saidinesh5: please double check that you have these correctly set
mal-both the must be y and must not be y12:34
saidinesh5the mer_verify_kernel_config would whine if they arent correct no?12:35
mal-it should, but like I said those might not correlate completely12:36
mal-better to check manually12:36
saidinesh5CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT didnt exist in my defconfig12:38
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mal-add it12:43
saidinesh5mhm added and CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED was unset, set it to n12:44
saidinesh5hmm.... there are 2 boot.img's12:46
saidinesh5not sure which one to replace12:46
saidinesh5~ # ls /multirom/media/0/multirom/roms/cm-12.1-20151027-NIGHTLY-c/12:46
saidinesh5boot      boot.img  cache     data      system12:46
saidinesh5or nvm12:47
mal-isn't hat other a folder?12:47
saidinesh5that is the root of the cyanogenmod i flashed sailfish os on top of12:47
saidinesh5the main_init there seems to be the mer's init12:48
saidinesh5has mount_stowaways and all that12:48
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saidinesh5is there a way to quickly flash the new kernel via. telnet ?12:49
saidinesh5kernel /initrd and stuff12:49
saidinesh5because i dont think multirom accepts flashing of hybris-boot.img , and i have to create the whole sailfish image again12:50
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mal-saidinesh5: yes can manually replace the kernel image in the zip12:52
saidinesh5and still flash the whole zip right?12:52
mal-don't know if there is a nice to install kernel in multirom12:53
carepacksomebody knows if the double tap to wake funtional on the hammerhead port?13:02
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mal-carepack: it's not working as far as I know13:12
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carepackmal-: ok. thx13:13
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saidinesh5btw. what should i not do, if i dont want to mess up fastboot?13:24
mal-saidinesh5: I would just replace the kernel in the zip and reflash it in multirom13:26
saidinesh5mal-: yeah that somehow didnt work13:27
saidinesh5it seems to reboot the TWRP recovery13:27
saidinesh5so creating the new image13:27
saidinesh5btw. what exactly are the things i shouldnt do if i dont want to hardbrick this device13:27
mal-I think it's quite difficult to hardbrick a device, but I'm not a specialist in that area13:31
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saidinesh5i had accidentally messed up fastboot in an old MTK device.. but fortunately it had one of those serial consoles which could be used to reflash fastboot and everything else13:35
saidinesh5otherwise i have to go buy one of those USB Jig things13:35
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rss351mal-: Thanks for checking.  What is the (installer) file that mounts /data as ext4 ?14:18
rss351mal-: Thanks!14:19
mal-rss351: there you can see mount("ext4", "EMMC", "%DATA_PART%", "/data");14:19
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loljimmo12So I'm trying to get rild working14:38
loljimmo12and at one point it says that it's trying to open /dev/ttyS014:40
loljimmo12but according to strace it never tries14:40
saidinesh5weird.. i was getting the same error even with the updated hybris-boot.img14:40
saidinesh5# cat /diagnosis.log14:40
saidinesh5No /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC14:40
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mal-saidinesh5: did you rebuild droid-hal packages?14:46
mal-saidinesh5: or run the whole
saidinesh5do i have to rebuild libhybris too?14:47
saidinesh5i said no to libhybris and the bits later on14:47
mal-saidinesh5: did you check the out/.../.config for those flags?14:48
* saidinesh5 checks14:48
saidinesh5oh weird14:51
saidinesh5those flags arent set in config14:52
saidinesh5i thought make hybris-hal would trigger a reboot after editing the defconfig file14:52
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loljimmo12oh how odd, RIL expects the modem.bin file in a partition that doesn't exist even in cyanogenmod14:59
saidinesh5nevermind, i was editing the defconfig file of some other android rom apparently.14:59
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krnlyngSPAM: for everyone who has nothing planned today:
nh1402whats that all about?17:30
Stskeepsa text horror game.17:32
krnlyngit is kind of like twitch plays pokemon (chat moves the character)17:32
nh1402btw the way I got a call while installing sailfish, and was at the part where I had to connect to the internet. It wouldn't let me answer the call until I put in the WiFi code17:35
Stskeepsnh1402: file an issue i guess17:35
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Nokiusfind7s is still up18:07
mal-loljimmo12: there was some other place in the init.rc that had some modem related stuff18:10
loljimmo12after some work I've finally gotten rild to at least function18:13
loljimmo12but I still don't have connection18:14
loljimmo12rild isn't really keen on providing logs18:14
loljimmo12however I've noticed it's complaining about missing network interfaces18:15
loljimmo12but I can't find where to add those in sailfish18:15
loljimmo12this is what I'm getting out of it
loljimmo12this loops forever18:17
mal-loljimmo12: where did you get that log?18:19
mal-use logcat18:19
loljimmo12that doesn't work18:19
loljimmo12it doesn't send to logcat18:19
loljimmo12I had to use this18:19
mal-which logcat?18:19
loljimmo12the one in libexec/droid-hybris18:19
mal-not even with -b radio ?18:20
loljimmo12I get nothing18:20
mal-anything in init*.rc about svnet?18:22
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mal-so you got it to load the firmware?18:23
loljimmo12that was weird18:24
loljimmo12it was attempting to load a nonexisting device18:24
loljimmo12but I simulated that18:24
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yangmnh1402 o/18:36
nh1402yangm: hello18:37
*** vevgeniev <vevgeniev!4e9a0cd6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
mal-loljimmo12: have you check hadk-faq lines 60-> ?18:39
loljimmo12that's how I got it to work at least this far18:40
mal-maybe something to do with paths still18:41
yangmnh1402, how's the framebuffer thing?18:41
vevgenievHello :) I have a question about the droid-hal-@DEVICE@.spec. What's the proper way to add more files to the %install section? I am aware of the straggler_files define, but in my case I would like to copy some extra files to %{buildroot}18:42
loljimmo12the sparse directory18:42
loljimmo12that would be $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/sparse18:42
loljimmo12you can just add anything there18:43
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
loljimmo12you don't have to register them in the spec file18:45
vevgenievloljimmo12: thanks, I'll try it18:46
mal-vevgeniev: yes, all files in sparse folder are copied to sailfish rootfs18:47
mal-you can have any subfolder of course there18:47
vevgenievmal-: great :)18:48
mal-loljimmo12: have you gotten the logs and maybe strace from cyanogenmod when you start ril?18:49
loljimmo12I'm working on that18:50
loljimmo12got my second device ready18:50
mal-ok, that could help debugging18:50
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nh1402yangm: on the back burner while we get CM stable19:04
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Nokiusa nice welcome message for me for bootloader19:34
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Nokiusaaarch missing one peace of information19:42
*** toOOooOOoomin is now known as toomin19:44
saidinesh5nothing in the diagnostic.log either ....hmm...19:46
saidinesh5mal-: ^19:46
saidinesh5i mean no diagnostic.log at all this time19:47
saidinesh5with the fully compiled kernel19:47
mal-saidinesh5: that's good19:48
saidinesh5but nothing is showing after i manually mount the needed directories19:49
saidinesh5and init continue19:49
Nokiusmh looks like im in SFOS now19:50
mal-saidinesh5: what is shown in dmesg on your host computer during that?19:51
* saidinesh5 checks19:51
* loljimmo12 wonders why every service has a pastebin service these days19:51
mal-saidinesh5: I mean starting from the point when you start the device?19:51
saidinesh5let me try again, my dmesg is very ... confusing now19:52
saidinesh5too many tries / retries19:52
mal-it might tell something19:54
Nokiusmal-: Hi test_hwcomposer returns 'test_hwcomposer.cpp:157: int main(int, char**): Assertion `err == 0' failed.' so minimer for testing lipstick is not running19:56
mal-Nokius: is /system mounted and droid-hal-init successful?19:57
Nokiusmal-: systme is mounted
Nokiusmal-: haw to check dhi sorry missing that19:59
mal-saidinesh5: the problem is that since your /data is not mounted correctly some commands are not run and you cannot continue19:59
saidinesh5mal-: but arent the contents of /data correct? after i manually mounted them20:00
saidinesh5[100678.830964] rndis_host 3-2:1.0 usb0: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:14.0-2, RNDIS device, 0e:f5:b8:16:ac:8520:00
saidinesh5[100800.515231] usb 3-2: USB disconnect, device number 12320:00
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saidinesh5thats the time when i mount them manually20:01
saidinesh5and init continue20:01
mal-saidinesh5: try running "switch_root /target /init-debug &> /target/init-debug-stderrout" after you mount it20:02
mal-I mean mount /data and create the bind mount etc20:03
saidinesh5yep trying20:04
*** bob___ <bob___!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:04
saidinesh5i mean nothing happened20:05
mal-saidinesh5: you really need to fix the mount point in the init-script so you we can continue20:06
saidinesh5i can try manually editing the init-script20:07
mal-saidinesh5: the on that is in init ramdisk20:07
* saidinesh5 checks where it is20:08
mal-well you can edit the init-script in hybris/hybris-boot/ as a temporary fix20:08
saidinesh5would that make much of a difference though?20:10
mal-that ends up in init ramdisk20:10
nh1402yangm: anything new with you?20:10
saidinesh5yep but once that failed, i executed the same commands right?20:10
mal-saidinesh5: the real problem is multirom20:10
mal-saidinesh5: ?20:11
mal-what failed?20:11
saidinesh5the ones needed for mounting20:11
saidinesh5the current init script trying to mount a different partition for /data/20:11
yangmnh1402, nope20:11
mal-saidinesh5: you can force the path of the multirom data partition here
nh1402yangm: how about now20:12
saidinesh5mal-: having to edit the mount_stoaways function instead20:12
saidinesh5because i have to mount some other partition first20:13
saidinesh5and then bind mount the data partition from it20:13
mal-saidinesh5: you don't need to edit that if you have the correct path in DATA_PARTITION20:13
saidinesh5but this data partition is the directory inside /media/0/multirom/roms/<currentrom>/data20:14
mal-ok, then you have to modify it also20:14
mal-no idea how multiroms that work with sailfish handle that20:14
mal-Nokius: do you use multirom?20:15
Nokiusmal-: no there is no multirom I found some thing on github but did tried was not well documented and it was more like long research20:16
*** Yngvarr <Yngvarr!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:16
mal-ok, do you remember anyone who uses it that could tell what is needed for it to support sailfish?20:16
Nokiusmal-: here the project but not sure if it's find7a or find7s20:18
Nokiusmal-: journalctrl is reporting booster issue20:20
mal-Nokius: I think that's normal if ui is not working20:20
nh1402yangm: once I can access the package manager source code then I'll modify it so the android apps installed show up in the Sailfish App drawer20:20
saidinesh5multirom works nicely on the nexus 7 201320:21
yangmnh1402, isn't it easier to scan for installed apps using another app?20:21
Nokiusmal-: :) yep20:21
yangmI think modifying the package installer would be cheesy20:21
*** bob___ <bob___!> has quit IRC (Quit: bob___)20:21
Nokiusmal-: so how I see  droid-hal-init is done?20:22
mal-Nokius: does systemctl report it failed or successful?20:23
nh1402yangm: I think it would be much easier, I know how to create files and modify them in java, I can have it create a .desktop file for each app installed and have it saved in the correct directory. Scanning for other apps is a lot more work, and don't know how to do yet.20:23
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Leaving")20:24
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
yangmbecause AOSP package installer is mod-able, but google's package installer isn't20:24
Nokiusmal-: droid-hal-init.service  loaded active     running         droid-hal-init20:24
mal-Nokius: then it should be ok20:25
* Nokius ups20:25
mal-Nokius: does minimer work?20:25
Nokiusdid try it yead20:25
nh1402yangm: well you can only install sailfish on top of either AOSP or CyanogenMod and both of which you get ths source code access to20:25
Nokiusmal-: sensorfw is falling :(20:26
mal-Nokius: did you remember to add the newly needed files for sensors?20:26
yangmwell, android w/o Play Services is a hella limited20:27
yangmthat would come eventually as a "bug"20:27
nh1402you can flash gapps package no problem20:27
Nokiusmal-: which files? I followed HADK20:27
*** bob___ <bob___!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
mal-Nokius: and
saidinesh5okay that's an improvement20:28
nh1402yangm: I've flashed gapps to see if it failed to boot into Sailfish or CM, but got no problems, just issues with internet connection to login in for the play store, in theory you could also flash xposed modules too.20:28
Nokiusmal-: oh did know checking20:28
nh1402yangm: don't think their is a package installer in the gapps zip20:29
yangmbut then, even if you manually chose to install using the AOSP installer, Play Apps would still use the Play Services one20:29
Nokiusmal-: thanks will add this infomartion20:29
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Leaving")20:30
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:30
nh1402yangm: are you sure there's one for play services?20:30
* Nokius ctrl-w20:30
yangmthe switch is kinda automatic on newer versions of android, but I remember you could choose between the play services one or the builtin one in JB20:31
mal-saidinesh5: dmesg again20:31
yangmnh1402, check you google's "Verify apks on install"20:31
mal-saidinesh5: looks like you got further than before20:32
saidinesh5[102560.111830] usb 3-2: Product: init-debug in real rootfs20:32
saidinesh5[102560.111832] usb 3-2: Manufacturer: Mer Boat Loader20:32
saidinesh5[102560.111833] usb 3-2: SerialNumber: Mer Debug telnet on port 2323 on rndis0 - also running udhcpd20:32
saidinesh5and the phone didnt go into that qualcomm mode yet either20:32
yangmthey use it to block known malwares from outside Play Store from being installed20:32
mal-saidinesh5: you should now have the sailfish rootfs as /20:33
saidinesh5i do20:33
mal-does systemctl work?20:33
saidinesh5it shows a bunch of loaded services20:33
mal-saidinesh5: pastebin the output20:34
mal-trying to see what is running and what is not, also pastebin output of dmesg and journalctl -a20:34
Nokiusmal-: I have all on github for the find7s try to keep it well synced20:35
mal-Nokius: i suggest you add the files needed by pulseaudio while you are adding files to sparse20:36
mal-saidinesh5: that looks reasonably good20:37
saidinesh5the problematic bits seem to be from /system20:37
*** bob___ <bob___!> has quit IRC (Quit: bob___)20:37
saidinesh5was looking at the dmesg output20:37
saidinesh5[   63.247025] init: cannot find '/system/bin/sh', disabling 'qcom-usb-sh'20:37
*** vevgeniev <vevgeniev!4e9a0cd6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
saidinesh5because /system isn't mounted20:37
Nokiusmal-: :) I will thanks20:38
mal-saidinesh5: yes, that's also due to multirom20:38
nh1402yangm: it looks like the verification process is a seperate app20:39
saidinesh5mal-: do i have to edit the initscript again? or can i just mount it here and use soome magic command?20:39
vevgenievI need to rebuild the image. Shall I use
nh1402there is some verification stuff in the aosp package installer20:39
mal-vevgeniev: I would still use
mal-vevgeniev: although might build also20:39
vevgenievmal-: I see20:40
vevgenievmal-: By the way what do I need to do to get the bluetooth working?20:42
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*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
mal-vevgeniev: depends on the device, you might want to check the needed kernel configs are present in defconfig
nh1402yangm: that can be turned off and you can still download apps from the play store20:43
vevgenievmal-: thank you. Is there a script to rebuild the image or I need to run everything manually?20:45
yangmnh1402, I'm saying that if you mod aosp installer, play store will ignore it and use play services version instead20:45
mal-saidinesh5: not sure how to fix that, since the /system is not a separate partition, you can try to bind mount the folder where /system is multirom to /target/system or something like that in init-script20:45
yangmand then installed apks would be fine20:46
yangmbut play store downloaded apps wouldn't20:46
saidinesh5yep doing that20:46
mal-vevgeniev: well, most of the building is done by but building the kernel you need to do manually and the final building of the ip20:46
vevgenievmal-: thanks20:47
mal-vevgeniev: but there is also this automated build script but it's most likely faster to build it manually at least now before configuring that if you want to use it20:48
nh1402yangm: we'll see once and for all if that is the case once I try installing an app with and without gapps installed20:52
yangmnh1402, I think you misunderstood20:53
yangmapps installed through AOSP package installer will be just fine20:53
Nokiusmal-: thanks for the help the files for pulseaudio are diffrent from chip so I should follow bacon ?20:53
yangmjust happens that Play Store installed ones wouldn't be20:53
mal-Nokius: not really, most of the time the pulseaudio files are the same20:54
mal-Nokius: jusr rename the files to match your device20:55
*** AYEHAN <AYEHAN!~behave@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)20:55
mal-Nokius: and the file in sysconfig has to contain the .pa file name20:55
nh1402yangm: and I'm saying I'm not sure if the play store has a built in package installer20:55
Nokiusmal-: sure :) I will check bacon but iirc they are the same as n520:55
yangmnh1402, at least on older devices, it does, as seen on the screenshot I sent. it is asking if you wanna install trough AOSP installer or Google installer (sorry it's not in english)20:57
nh1402yangm: well I suppose its a possibility, since play store installs it automatically20:57
yangmI think we may be dealing with 3 app installers20:58
yangmAOSP, Play Store and Play Services Installer20:58
nh1402yangm: if that is indeed the case then there is another way21:01
nh1402i think21:01
yangmI think we could use the AOSP launcher as a hook21:01
nh1402there must be something in the launchers that adds icons when new apps are installed, I can try and mod that and add it into the Sailfish one too.21:02
yangmsince it's always listening to app installs and knows how to... launch an app21:02
nh1402I know how to launch an app21:03
nh1402you use the activity manager21:03
nh1402am packagename.mainactivity21:03
yangmI see21:03
nh1402So I'll look into the trebuchet launcher code21:04
yangmsome file managers read the app icon when you are browsing /data/app21:04
*** gabriel9 <gabriel9!~gabriel9@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:05
saidinesh5mal-: still no luck.. but i think it is mainly because of the multirom issues21:08
saidinesh5tomorrow i will probably do a nandroid backup or something that basically preserves everything on my device21:09
saidinesh5and will try installing then21:09
Nokiusmal-: added I have to check which sensor the device has :( ddi take a copy of them21:10
Nokiustesting minimer now21:10
nh1402yangm: doesn't look as  straight forward as I first though21:11
nh1402is the Sailfish Android Launcher open source?21:12
saidinesh5incase you were curious, here is the dmesg from the device
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:17
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mal-Nokius: the sensor files are the same for all devices21:20
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
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* Nokius iptables 21:35
mal-almost all working in test image, for some reason video recording on front camera fails with jolla-camera21:35
mal-actually back camera21:36
Nokiusmal-: on the new ray build?21:40
mal-Nokius: iyokan21:42
mal-I thought it worked already once before21:42
nh1402yangm: there are people who've installed the google play store on their jolla device, I'm sure that stores the app to the launcher, but don't know for sure. And if it does then I'm not sure how that works.21:43
yangmnh1402, is that open source?21:44
yangmI misread what you just said21:45
loljimmo12so I've gotten myself in a situation21:48
loljimmo12when I start rild manually it will succesfully boot up the chip21:49
loljimmo12but fail to connect to the socket21:49
loljimmo12but when I start rild via droid-init-hal it won't succesfully boot the chip21:50
yangmnh1402, I think either there's a launch daemon scanning for new apps or a custom launcher on android side21:51
nh1402but there isn't a launcher21:52
nh1402so there isn't a home button21:52
yangmnavbar can be customized21:54
yangmso they could hide a launcher doing the hardwork21:57
yangmgiven that you can force to keep launcher in RAM21:57
yangmthat would be handy for preventing things from breaking21:57
Nokiusmal-: minimer with trace
*** bob___ <bob___!> has quit IRC (Quit: bob___)22:01
mal-Nokius: do you use cm-12.1 base?22:03
Nokiusmal-: yes I do22:04
mal-Nokius: anything in logcat?22:04
mal-or dmesg?22:04
Nokiusmal-: logcat22:11
Nokiusmal-: dmesg just modem stuff22:11
nh1402well I'm going to try (I say try because the neighbour across the road is blasting music ridiculously loud for some party rubbish) and turn in for the night, good night!22:14
mal-Nokius: linker problems are difficult, maybe Stskeeps could help, or you could try to rebuild hwcomposer and see if that helps22:24
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Nokiusmal-: what u mean with rebuild? is it documented some where :)22:29
mal-Nokius: lines 43-> in faq22:32
mal-Nokius: but most likely the problem is the linker22:33
mal-or something in lihybris in general22:33
loljimmo12I just don't understand why rild won't bind to the sockets22:39
Nokiusmal-: make is runinning let's ;)  crossing finger22:41
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* Nokius Firecracker on Halloween? 23:13
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Nokiusmal-: I don't remember how to make a img booting directly into sfos with sopping in bootloader?23:22
*** taaeem <taaeem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
Nokiustime to get some sleep23:25
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