Thursday, 2015-11-19

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locusfpiggz: I cant since my /data partition is corrupted02:33
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piggz  locusf: in that case ... if i can find the bits to put mine back together, i'll have a go building for it (somewhere i have a sim try to install, and need to find all the screws!!)06:37
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locusfpiggz: ok that would complete my work as I didn't get ril operational for it06:41
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zGrrmoin :)07:12
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merbot`Nemo bug 870 in Hybris-ing "[mango][satsuma][smultron] WLAN connection selector not working because of small display resolution" [Normal,New]08:41
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Nokius_workmal-: was my guess correct? about the audio device which fails to get ready is it linked the *.rc files?10:55
mal-could be10:56
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ChrisPHLhi there!11:26
Nokius_workhi ChrisPHL11:27
ChrisPHLI'm trying to get the HADK setup working, but am stuck on setting up sb2.11:28
ChrisPHLCommand: sb2 -t samsung-i9100g-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper -n --no-gpg-check dup --from curlfix11:28
ChrisPHLError messages: Error code: Unrecognized error11:29
ChrisPHLError message: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain11:29
ChrisPHLIt is a 302 redirection from web server but zypper, respective curl seems not able to follow the redirect... :-|11:30
mal-ChrisPHL: you don't run curlfix with sb211:30
ChrisPHLAny suggestions how to make zypper follow the redirect?11:30
mal-ChrisPHL: just run the zypper commands in mersdk without sb211:31
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ChrisPHLThanks mal, that worked!12:03
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ChrisPHLWhat about "connman not AVAILABLE" at "sb2 -t samsung-i9100g-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ssu domain sales" and "sb2 -t samsung-i9100g-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ssu dr sdk"?12:04
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ChrisPHLExact log:
alexforsalewhen running rpm/dhd/helpers/ i got this error "mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/alexforsale/mer//devel/mer-hybris': Permission denied"12:06
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mal-ChrisPHL: normal, not a problem12:12
ChrisPHL@mal: thanks!12:13
mal-alexforsale: are the permissions correct for your MER_ROOT?12:13
alexforsalemal-, i think so, i followed the pdf guide12:15
ChrisPHL@alex: What about the permissions of the partition MER_ROOT is located on? I've a light recall about mounting permissions...12:15
ChrisPHLIs your home partition encrypted?12:15
ChrisPHLIf so, you have to move into a virtual machine...12:16
alexforsalei'm trying line 19012:17
alexforsalei think that fix it12:18
alexforsaleso someone already port sailfish to this device, but the instruction in this thread is not very clear12:21
Nokius_workalexforsale: see the porter-faq I added it at the end iirc12:33
Nokius_workalexforsale: L19012:34
Nokius_workalexforsale: U fixed :)12:35
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Nokius_workmal-: it's not in the latest HADK :(12:35
alexforsaleNokius_work, yes, thank you12:38
sledgesNokius_work: i fixed it in next hadk, thanks!:)12:38
Nokius_worksledges: np welcome12:38
alexforsaleso after packaging droid-hal-device, the next step is creating the rootfs12:40
alexforsalesed: can't read /home/alexforsale/android/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-armani-@ARCH@.ks: No such file or directory12:40
alexforsalei got that after creating kickstart file12:40
sledgespls adjust path to be /home/alexforsale/android/hybris/droid-configs/...12:42
alexforsalesledges, oh right, thanks12:44
mal-sledges: that's missing /mer12:46
sledgesmal-: ANDROID_ROOT can point elsewhere12:50
mal-sledges: true12:50
alexforsaleI point my ANDROID_ROOT to an existing android repo12:52
alexforsaleso I don't have to sync a lot12:52
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stephgpsa: sailfish OS meeting in #mer-meeting in a couple of minutes14:28
situstephg: Thanks for the reminder.14:28
dr_gogeta86is right now ....14:49
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ChrisPHLHm... repo sync --fetch-submodules --force-sync hardware/samsung --force-sync hardware/ti/omap4xxx --> revision cm-11.0 in CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_omap4xxx not found15:25
ChrisPHLAny ideas why that?15:25
mal-ChrisPHL: try once with only repo sync without --fetch-submodules15:26
ChrisPHLif I don't force omap... to be fetched, "breakfast i9100g" fails:
ChrisPHLOK, I'll try15:27
mal-ChrisPHL: you are missing the device repo15:31
ChrisPHLoh, repo feels to need fetch a lot more data... So I've to call allways repo sync; PLUS repo sync --fetch-submodules in case I need some more modules for my device?15:32
mal-usually repo sync is enough, sometimes you might need --fetch-submodules15:33
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ChrisPHLand for scripted fetching: does it matter if I call --fetch-submodules every the time?15:36
mal-the initial fetching only seems to have problems with --fetch-submodules15:37
ChrisPHLso I combine: doing repo sync; repo sync --fetch-submodules should do the trick...15:39
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AntarticaGood afternoon.15:54
Antarticamal-: I've installed alpha3 (upgraded from alpha0).15:55
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Antarticamal-: device is iyokan.15:55
mal-Antartica: any problems?15:55
Antarticamal-: the gallwry app closed unexpectly when panning on a zoomed photo15:57
Antarticamal-: and the hardware keyboard has a funny layout (I cannot input numbers, for example)15:58
mal-Antartica: the keyboard layout problem is know15:58
mal-Antartica: can you reproduce that gallery app problem15:59
Antarticamal-: ok. I've tried to put the layout I was using in alpha0, putting a new .qmap along the droid.qmap and editing /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf, but it didn't work.15:59
Antarticamal-: will try to reproduce, wait a moment...16:00
Antarticamal-: Now it doesn't crash. If it happens again, how can I get some traces?16:01
mal-Antartica: since gallery app is closed source I cannot fix it, you can look if journalctl output has anything related to that16:02
mal-Antartica: there have been some changes to layout handling and I haven't looked into that yet, I was quite busy for two months, now I should have time to look into some way fixing that16:02
Antarticamal-: ok about the gallery app16:03
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Antarticamal-: is there information somewhere about the layout changes?16:04
mal-Antartica: well now qt handles the layouts, but the layouts on xperias are non-standard16:04
Antarticamal-: so it isn't handled by lipstick anymore?16:05
mal-well somewhere in that area16:06
Antarticamal-: ah, well.16:06
mal-that requires some thinking16:07
Antarticamal-: anyway, I really appreciate that the camera is now working great (launchs in a reasonable time and I have yet to experience an error trying to capture a photo) :-)))16:07
Antarticamal-: I suppose that the layout hundling was for the "selectable keyboard layout" in options, but I don't understant quite well that configuration screen...16:09
Antarticamal-: There is active keybard and active layout... that means the same for me, unless the secons refers to the hardware keyboard. :-?16:10
mal-Antartica: there is a known problem with video recording with back camera16:13
mal-Antartica: there is the option for hardware keyboard layout in settings but since the layouts are wrong it's not very usable16:14
Antarticamal-: Good to know about the video recording problem. I rrely use video recording though.16:19
Antarticamal-: Will try to find the directory with the layout files and whether they are in some recognizable format, them. Hope they are in separate files or I will not be able to find them...16:20
Antartica(One of these days I will type more typos than correct words...)16:21
Antarticamal-: I have to leave. Thank you for the port (again)16:22
Antarticamal-: If I manage to advance something regarding the keyboard layout, I will pop up here to inform O:).16:23
mal-ok, thanks16:24
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* Nokius after the today's news I'm just more powered to do SFOS ports!18:11
sledgesthat's the spirit!18:18
carepackahoy. nokius: news? where to read?18:19
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Nokiuscarepack: twitter some Finnish news sites #mer-meeting18:21
dr_gogeta86sledges, the revelation on meetings tickle me18:21
dr_gogeta86there is alien life on ports18:22
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: same her 0.o18:22
sledgesdr_gogeta86: and such porter in jail yes:))18:22
* sledges goes afk18:23
dr_gogeta86you can't jail the master18:23
Nokiussledges: true18:24
sledgesdr_gogeta86: master=myriad18:26
sledgesbetter help nh140218:27
sledgeshe's close18:27
dr_gogeta86for ?18:27
dr_gogeta86lg g318:27
nh1402sledges: you rang?18:27
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nh1402dang, completely missed the meeting, was at work18:48
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Nokiusmal-: bit out of ideas checking old file from last working image made with the old VM with the current version on the devices :-/18:59
mal-what kind of differences were there?19:00
carepacknokius: thx19:00
Nokiuscarepack: np19:00
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Nokiusmhum proc has card id19:11
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ChrisPHLI have an error on "breakfast i9100g":  "Default revision cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b". Where should I switch to simple default revision "cm-11.0"?19:56
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mal-ChrisPHL: in local_manifest, you can define revision there19:58
mal-ChrisPHL: that is most likely the i9100g.xml if you named it like that19:58
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ChrisPHLI did. Every project tag has attribute like that: revision="cm-11.0".20:00
Nokiusmal-: logcat checks for card1 but device has only card020:00
mal-Nokius: strange20:03
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Nokiusmal-: I added proc-sound to the gist20:06
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mal-Nokius: paste the link again20:15
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Nokius [find5 pulse]20:25
Nokiusmal-: I also run gdb for the issue on the find7s
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mal-Nokius: try to see what happens if you make a symlink card1 that points to card020:40
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ChrisPHLOK, there seems to be a default tag in .repo/manifest.xml that points to that default revision. I commented that out and included my own roomservice.xml with default tag revision="stable/cm-11.0"20:51
ChrisPHLThat issie seems to be solved20:51
ChrisPHL...but breakfast is not friend of mine today... -->  including vendor/cm/vendorsetup.sh20:52
ChrisPHLbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/samsung/i9100g/]]: "device/samsung/omap4-common/" does not exist.  Stop.20:52
mal-ChrisPHL: missing some additional repos20:58
ChrisPHLany suggestions which one(s)?20:58
mal-that should be quite trivial to find from Cyanogenmod github20:59
ChrisPHLthis is part of my local manifest i9100g.xml20:59
ChrisPHL<project name="CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_omap4-common" path="device/samsung/omap4-common" revision="cm-11.0" />21:00
mal-ChrisPHL: does that folder exist on your ANDROID_ROOT21:01
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ChrisPHLyes of course, seems fully populated21:02
ChrisPHLyou're right21:05
alexforsalehow to take screenshot?21:05
alexforsalei flashed the image, i think it went well21:05
ChrisPHLwhat about revision="stable/cm-11.0"; should i preferably choose just cm-11.0?21:06
ChrisPHL(without the statble/)21:06
ChrisPHLHADK uses stable/cm-11.0 though21:08
Nokiusmal-: I'm not able to add a link to in procfs as root21:13
mal-ChrisPHL: should really matter21:15
mal-Nokius: difficult to say why that problems occurs21:15
M-bobsummerwillHey guys!21:15
ChrisPHLfound something: cd $ANDROID_ROOT/vendor/device/i9100g/; ./extract-files.sh21:16
M-bobsummerwillSo I remember seeing references somewhere to an open source Android player project.   Maybe I saw that in Ubuntu Phone lists?    Anyway, Carsten pointed me here.21:16
M-bobsummerwillSo yeah ... are there efforts underway which you guys are aware of to build an open source Android player for (various) Linux platforms?    That would be an alternative to Alien Dalvik, ACL, Bluestacks, etc.21:17
Nokiusmal-: just feels like I'm to derp to do it just searched and didn't found much21:18
ChrisPHL==> ./ 24: ./ adb: not found21:18
M-bobsummerwillAlso ... something which is a little confusing to me is that Dalvik was replaced with ART a long time ago (Android 5.0), but I've not seen any mention of ART support in any of these commercial solutions, where I would assume that AOT would be a big win for performance.    Is there some techie reason why ART wouldn't be a good fit for these Android players?21:18
dr_gogeta86M-bobsummerwill, gentroid or some kde guy think21:18
ChrisPHLadb seems not to be installed in HABuildSDK21:18
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Nokiusmal-: execpt kernel it's not possible to write there what I read21:20
mal-Nokius: yes21:21
alexforsaleChrisPHL, you have adb and fastboot on merSDK21:21
Nokiusmal-: but it was a try worth ;)21:21
nh1402M-bobsummerwill: well in the case of my method, the underlying runtime is irrelevant.21:21
nh1402depends on the CM base Sailfish is flashed over.21:22
ChrisPHLThat's right but in HABuildSDK it isn't available21:22
ChrisPHLHow can I install it?21:22
mal-ChrisPHL: you can run it mersdk21:23
ChrisPHLrun or breakfast at all?21:24
alexforsaleChrisPHL, just the extract-files.sh21:24
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alexforsalei cant get the keyboard to type when entering wifi password, but keyboard in the terminal app is fine21:26
mal-alexforsale: which device?21:29
alexforsalemal-, redmi 1s21:29
alexforsalemal-, i use the sources from but mine with different kernel source21:30
mal-does the onscreen keyboard work in other parts, like messaging app etc21:30
mal-or notes app21:31
alexforsalemal-, havent tried yet, it keep freezing after a while21:31
alexforsaleworks on notes and messaging21:32
Nokiusmal-: thanks for the help21:34
* Nokius gn821:34
M-bobsummerwilldr_gogeta86: I think you are right, and that is was gentoid which I was thinking of, which appears to be dead.   I will ask on the Ubuntu Phone mailing list too, and report back if I find anything alive.21:34
dr_gogeta86M-bobsummerwill, i think they are laughing21:35
mal-alexforsale: strange, that doesn't really make any sense21:35
dr_gogeta86while i'm very disappointed with some guys21:35
alexforsalemal-, yeah, everytime i tried to type, the keyboard just disappear, only when typing wifi password21:36
dr_gogeta86if you are the money guys ...pls21:36
M-bobsummerwilldr_gogeta86 - laughing?   Why?21:41
nh1402M-bobsummerwill dr_gogeta86: the shashlik project uses some gentroid code21:43
nh1402and Shashlik isn't dead.21:44
nh1402yet anyway21:44
alexforsale when i connect to pc it get connect-disconnected endlessly so i can't telnet21:45
nh1402feel free to help krnlyng r0ck3rz and myself if you'd like to see android apps working on sailfish21:47
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nh1402M-bobsummerwill dr_gogeta86: any ideas how to show android app icons in sailfish app launcher?, I kind of have an idea but it probably won't be work, I started making an android app which listens for new apps to be installed (which it does) but getting the icons from the android app is a bit ridiculous, there's no app icons folder or anything, they stay inside the apk file, and would have to extract it out of each apk to get a hold of it.22:00
nh1402locusf: was saying something about mime-types but that stuff went over my head.22:01
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nh1402if you're wondering why it's an android app and not a sailfish one, is because it can be added into the CM rom before installing Sailfish, and once you boot, it will run in the background waiting for an android app to be installed from the internet of via the play store or whatever, and then it'll create a desktop file and save it in the right location for Sailfish to read it and add the icon to the launcher ready to be launched22:04
nh1402the last few bits it doesn't do yet (create desktop file, get app icon, or start at boot time)22:05
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nh1402well if anyone replies be sure that I read the logs ;)22:05
ghosalmartinnh1402: is this android the android support?22:07
M-bobsummerwillnh1402:  Yes, Shashlik looks like the most "alive" project -   I don't have a specific use-case yet - just surveying the territory.   Thanks!22:07
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