Monday, 2015-11-23

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ChrisPHLAs far as I know one should have an Oracle JDK 7 installed to build the system. Inspite of having Oracle JDK installed on my machine, "java -version" says about OpenJDK inside of MerSDK/HABuildSDK. Does that matter? Did I forget something? I did install Oracle JDK 7 according to this guide:
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sledgesChrisPHL: install oracle within habuildSDK08:38
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zGrrmoin :)08:49
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ChrisPHLsledges: ...but when running make hybris-hal it doesn't complain about wrong JDK. Should I install JDK 7 within HABuildSDK anyway?08:55
sledgesChrisPHL: then no, only newer aosp require newer versions of jdk. habuildsdk comes with one preinstalled08:57
sledgeswhich suits most device08:57
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ChrisPHLHABuildSDK did complain but after installation of Oracle JDK 8 in host system from it does not anymore.08:58
sledgesthat's weird. i think it was accidental. if you rename out/ and remake it might complain again08:59
sledgeshauildsdk is not aware of host08:59
ChrisPHLOK, the CPU is burning from compiler action, did it all from scratch. will see if there is the error about "Circular dependency [...] recovery/root.ts. Stop." again.09:00
ChrisPHLwill test it09:00
sledgesuse -j2 or even -j1 not to burn your cpu09:00
sledgescircular dep error should not depend on java09:00
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ChrisPHLThat's what I guessed but I'm out of ides... :-|09:01
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ChrisPHLError is documented here:
ChrisPHLhave a look at "make bootimage09:04
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sledgesChrisPHL: it might need recovery-cm variant09:08
ChrisPHLi do not understand what you would like to say :-|09:08
ChrisPHLI'm not that familiar with android partition layout...09:09
sledgesupdater is part of bootable/recovery repo09:10
sledgescheck those,manifedt .repo/manifest.xml, and grep device/$VENDOR/* for RECOVERY09:11
ChrisPHL<project name="CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery" path="bootable/recovery"/>09:14
ChrisPHL  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery-cm" path="bootable/recovery-cm"/>09:14
ChrisPHLtwo lines found09:14
ChrisPHLso i've to comment the first one?09:15
sledgesnope, you need to check what your device uses09:24
sledgesvia grep above09:24
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ChrisPHLI can't get any information out of the greped information.09:45
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ChrisPHLsledges: Do you have any idea what's next?10:02
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sledgesChrisPHL: grep -r VARIANT device/$VARIANT10:26
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Nokius_workthis moring i found out that I missed to add the script rpn last weekend to my image *facepalm*11:12
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sledgesmorning's wiser than evening;)11:16
sledgesonce you sleep on it11:16
ChrisPHLgrep -r VARIANT device/$VARIANT --> grep -r VARIANT device/$VARIANT11:17
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sledgesChrisPHL: i'm too sleepy11:24
sledgesChrisPHL: grep -r VARIANT device/$VENDOR11:24
sledgesyou too?:)11:25
ChrisPHLwhere're you from?11:29
ChrisPHLTARGET_ARCH_VARIANT := armv7-a-neon11:30
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Nokius_worksledges: :D :D11:34
sledgesChrisPHL: i'm from .eu (born in east, live in west), and yourself?11:34
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sledgesChrisPHL: point me to your device repo (and cm version)11:41
ChrisPHLsledges: you mean
ChrisPHLI'm not sure if "armv7-a-neon" is correct, I've never heard that in relation with my device...11:56
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sledgesthose are extensions, THUMB NEON and are denoted like armv7hltn12:00
sledgesit's compatible with armv7hl, which is what sailfish supports12:00
sledgesi was looking for RECOVERY_VARIANT12:01
ChrisPHLhm, not found12:02
sledgesChrisPHL: perform `make modules | grep recovery`12:02
ChrisPHLbut source build/envsetup etc before, right?12:04
mal-ChrisPHL: always12:07
ChrisPHLdid it12:10
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ChrisPHLhere we go:
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mal-ChrisPHL: run this in habuild_sdk sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils12:26
mal-ChrisPHL: then run the previous command again12:26
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sledgesChrisPHL: `make modules | grep updater`12:51
sledgesChrisPHL: ls -l bootable/recovery/updater13:02
ChrisPHLwhere do you expect this folder?13:04
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sledgesChrisPHL: in $ANDROID_ROOT13:06
sledgesas default13:06
ChrisPHLnot existing but bootable/recovery-cm/updater/13:07
ChrisPHL--> "-cm" added13:08 install.c install.h updater.c updater.h13:08
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sledgesChrisPHL: `grep "\-cm" device/*`13:14
ChrisPHL -r ?13:15
ChrisPHL--> empty output13:15
sledgesyes -r13:15
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sledgesgrep -w recovery .repo/manifest.xml13:20
ChrisPHL*FACEAPALM* bootable/recovery is commented out atm... need some sleep too ;-)13:24
sledgesi wonder how:)13:25
ChrisPHLOK, fixed that; ls -l bootable/recovery/updater/: same output as recovery-cm13:26
sledgesok then make again13:27
sledgesChrisPHL: `make recovery`13:38
ChrisPHLmake: *** No rule to make target `recovery'.  Stop.13:40
sledgesdid you re-run . build/ and breakfast?13:42
sledgesis there bootable/recovery/ ?13:43
ChrisPHLof course13:43
sledgesChrisPHL: mmm bootable/recovery/Android.mk13:55
ChrisPHLNo in bootable/recovery/
sledgesuncomment recovery in manifesst14:01
sledgesthen re-run repo sync14:01
ChrisPHLi did14:01
sledgesmmm bootable/recovery14:01
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sledgessomething's very wrong14:14
ChrisPHLhehe... :-(14:15
sledgesif there is bootable/recovery/Android.mk14:18
sledgesmake modules should show "recovery" amongst all14:18
ChrisPHLI understand14:18
sledges(because file bootable/recovery/ contains LOCAL_MODULES := recovery)14:18
sledgeswhy was it commented in manifest? :P14:18
ChrisPHLjust a helpless try this morning...14:19
ChrisPHL(spank me for that ;-))14:19
ChrisPHLforgot to remake it14:19
ChrisPHLbut the result is the same before and after that change14:20
sledgesmmm bootable/recovery-cm14:20
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sledgescat bootable/recovery/Android.mk14:22
ChrisPHLyou get your the response quite in realtime, right? ;-)14:24
sledgescat build/core/main.mk14:24
sledgesyes, IRC shell :D14:25
sledgesa bit of lag, but ok14:25
ghosalmartinlaptop at home + teamviewer = build machine :D14:26
ChrisPHLa litle lag of course, it's just a 100MBit line... ;-)14:27
ChrisPHLBut it helps when sync'ing repos14:28
sledgesi think lag is due to pebkac :D14:29
sledgesChrisPHL: have you tried quitting your habuild sdk shell, entering, and doing . build/; breakfast $DEVICE; make modules | grep recovery14:29
SfietKonstantinWChrisPHL: problem between keyboard and chair14:29
ChrisPHLdid not leave and enter it again, just a moment please...14:30
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ChrisPHL--> hybris-recovery!14:33
ChrisPHLthat's what we wanted to see, right?14:33
sledgesjuts recovery14:33
sledgeswhy is it not being picked up.......14:33
ChrisPHLcomplete output:
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ChrisPHLsledges: do you have any idea which type of problem it is? About half a year ago I tried to build using cm-10.1.3 branch and was able to get a flashable zip file at the end.14:54
ChrisPHLSo my guess is, something must be completely different using cm-11.014:54
sledgesChrisPHL: yes, try building hammerhead14:55
ChrisPHLjust to see if that works..?14:55
sledgesChrisPHL: yes14:55
sledgesmkdir device/lge; git clone device/lge/hammerhead14:56
sledgeswell you know the drill14:56
ChrisPHLdo I've to clean something before?15:01
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ChrisPHLOK, make hybris-hal is runnning on lge/hammerhead15:37
ChrisPHLmaybe I can get here later this evening, I'll come back, when it's done.15:37
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sledgesChrisPHL: then ask on i9100g xda thread15:39
sledgesas to why it doesn't build15:39
sledgesChrisPHL: did you pull all supporting repos?15:39
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sledgesChrisPHL: omap4-common needs to be in your local-manifest15:39
sledgesas per
dr_gogeta86sledges, is a bit unstable15:41
sledgesdr_gogeta86: well at least it builds (=shipped;))15:42
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sledgeswe're not even there yet with ChrisPHL..15:42
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dr_gogeta86i got error with mine15:42
dr_gogeta86talk about cm11.0 on sgs 215:43
sledgeswell we had sgs 2 builds fine, remember the legendary i910515:43
sledgesbut those were cm10.1 times15:43
sledgessomething fishy happened ever since in cm11, just like ChrisPHL sad15:43
sledgesChrisPHL: dr_gogeta86: it can be that hybris manifest is too old - best is to do clean checkout and try to build android for i9100 first15:44
sledgesbut anywhay, local_manifest needs to be checked first15:45
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ChrisPHL_sledges: my manifest i9100g.xml is:
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sledgesChrisPHL_: do you have capacity to start repo syncing vanilla cm checkout for your phone?17:21
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sledges(rebecca black friday coming)17:45
mal-MSameer: do you have any idea how to enable flash in a device that does now report flash support in mk-cam-conf but it has /sys/class/leds/torch/brightness17:49
ChrisPHL_sledges: yes, will do that but time is rare tonight, will try next days17:50
mal-MSameer: in android that torch device is used as flash17:52
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nh1402yo yo18:39
ghosalmartinyo yo yo18:46
nh1402yo to the power of 418:47
yangmyo zf518:49
ghosalmartini got nothing to beat either of those18:49
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off18:53
nh1402yo! + yo18:59
ghosalmartinif am trying to move the hybris patch to hybris-boot, how would I go about hijacking __set_errno.cpp?18:59
sledgesghosalmartin: so not out into under external/ ?19:00
nh1402yangm: hows it going?19:01
ghosalmartinsledges: yep not in external19:01
ghosalmartinsledges: didnt you say hybris-boot would to put it into hybris-boot?19:02
ghosalmartindidnt you say the best solution would be hybris-boot een19:02
sledgesi didn't19:02
sledgesnope, that was about make flag19:02
ghosalmartineither way a seperate external lib shouldnt be an issue, its just hijacking the existing file19:03
sledgesbut probably set_errno will be in a way - that one should stick to bionic as separate patch, should be possible19:03
MSameermal-: I think android spins the cam API to do that19:03
ghosalmartinsledges: if i dont define it inside libdsyscalls it breaks19:04
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sledgesghosalmartin: __set_errno.cpp patch stays under bionic, so does the whole file19:09
sledgesshow me how libdsyscall breaks what19:09
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux19:13
mal-MSameer: also is torch mode during video recording supposed to work?19:13
sledgesghosalmartin: you should make libdsyscalls first19:19
ghosalmartini see, okays, ill setup a lib for it19:19
mal-sledges: do you know if any port has working flash torch?19:20
sledgesmal-: in camera or as working torch app?19:24
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mal-sledges: in camera19:25
sledgesmal-: nexus5 had in the past for sure (unsure if latest image has)19:26
mal-I have feeling that it used to work in iyokan but not sure19:26
mal-sledges: it seems to work in cameraplus but not in jolla-camera, I'll have a look at configs19:28
sledgeswould be good to test that on n5 too19:29
sledgessadly my one is still stock in the midst of bisecting gst-droid19:29
sledgesso can't even take a photo:))19:30
MSameermal-: cam19:31
MSameermal-: cam+ has it19:31
MSameermal-: if it works then it works. if not then it is not supported19:31
mal-MSameer: seems to work in cam+, I'll look into configuring jolla-camera to get it working there also19:32
MSameermal-: jolla camera does not support it19:33
mal-MSameer: oh19:34
mal-MSameer: are there any plans to support it in jolla-camera? also should the flashlight apps work if torch works in cam+?19:36
MSameermal-: you realize I cannot talk about plans especially these days, don't you ? :/19:36
MSameermal-: as for flashlight apps, if they use gst then they should work. If they took the trick of using sysfs then no they won't19:37
MSameermal-: just do: gst-launch-1.0 droidcamsrc mode=2 flash-mode=4 ! fakesink19:37
MSameerIIRC this should work19:37
mal-does not seem to work19:40
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MSameermal-: gst-inspect-1.0 droidcamsrc20:23
MSameercould be that I do not remember the properties correctly20:24
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mal-MSameer: if I use gst-launch-1.0 droidcamsrc mode=2 video-torch=true ! fakesink I can see the torch for a second20:29
mal-before the program terminates20:29
MSameermal-: try ! droideglsink20:29
MSameerI am sure it can work if we set the pipeline to paused but cannot do it via cmd line20:30
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MSameerwhat's the error?20:31
mal-failed to negotiate vidsrc20:31
mal-also ** (gst-launch-1.0:2138): CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_caps: assertion 'caps != NULL && gst_caps_is_fixed (caps)' failed20:32
mal-ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDroidCamSrc:droidcamsrc0: The stream is in the wrong format.20:32
MSameeroh crap20:32
MSameerthat's a bug then20:32
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nh1402MSameer: did you hear that I got input working for the CM rom running inside Sailfish?21:16
MSameernh1402: no idea. What is that ROM?21:25
nh1402just the rom that Sailfish is flashed over21:25
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nh1402MSameer: ^21:27
MSameergood work21:28
MSameerhow did you did that?21:28
MSameerso you have android inside a window?21:28
*** Tassadar_ <Tassadar_!~tassadar@> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)21:28
MSameernh1402: ^21:28
nh1402not yet no21:28
MSameerwhat did you do then? :)21:29
nh1402r0ck3rz was looking into that21:29
nh1402MSammer: All that was needed to get input working was to change the group of eventX from video to input before booting into CM and it worked21:30
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nh1402MSameer: WiFi and Mobile network seems to get an internet connection from Sailfish and can use the stock browser in CM, sometimes, but the CM itself doesn't show that it has an internet connection21:33
MSameerbecause netd (IIRC) is not running21:34
MSameerand if you start it, -> fight with connman21:34
nh1402I can start WiFi in CM and it scans, but I can't connect to the router (because Sailfish still connected to the router)21:36
nh1402and get authentication problems21:36
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)21:37
nh1402and since CM still isn't stable, sometimes if I connect to WiFi then CM just crashes21:37
nh1402sensors, camera, speakers, and vibration motor all work fine though.21:38
nh1402try to connect to WiFi rather21:38
nh1402MSameer: ^21:38
MSameerthat is expected21:38
MSameeryou need to plumb connman <-> android21:39
nh1402no idea how to do that21:39
nh1402I suppose its something like modifying NetworkManaderService to use connman instead.21:40
MSameerI am not sure either21:41
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nh1402I'll see if I can look into it, but for now I have to go, good night21:58
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