Wednesday, 2016-01-06

drFaustrollTekk_: something is fishy00:00
drFaustrollghosalmartin: i remember i seen somethign in n500:01
Tekk_I'm meant to run those as a normal user, yes?00:01
drFaustrollbut I cannot connect now00:02
Tekk_not to devel-su before and run as root00:02
drFaustrollonly for zypper clean -a00:02
drFaustrollversion --dup00:02
drFaustrollfinished successfully?00:02
Tekk_with or without manually setting RELEASE?00:04
drFaustrollyou should have run it with it set00:05
drFaustrollwhat is the out of ssu s00:05
Tekk_hold on00:05
drFaustrolldo not show the imei00:05
Tekk_I think RELEASE got unset at some point00:05
Tekk_so I'm testing again00:05
ghosalmartinBOOM ADB is up :)00:06
drFaustrollghosalmartin: positive?00:09
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: well makes debugging much easier, I can debug in realtime, rather than having to reboot to recovery and check sys/fs/pstore00:09
ghosalmartinhmm is it possible to search on github through a users files00:11
Tekk_drFaustroll: yep, that was it :)00:20
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drFaustrollghosalmartin: i do not see00:41
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: dont understand what you mean?00:41
drFaustrollghosalmartin: i do not see how you can search all the files of a user00:43
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: ah okay, would of made life easier but ah well haha manual searching it is00:44
ghosalmartinah bed time, goodnight00:50
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Stskeepsidle question08:32
Stskeepshow many of you have the ability to pay with bitcoin?08:32
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stephgmorning btw09:14
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Stskeepsany of you who have had to use audioflingerglue on their port and do their ports in sdk?10:18
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Nokius_workStskeeps: let me check logs10:27
Nokius_workStskeeps: sorry can't follow10:28
Nokius_workStskeeps: what is failing?10:28
Nokius_workdid in sdk had no obs10:28
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StskeepsNokius_work: well, i guess the 'how to build' .. :)10:29
Nokius_workStskeeps: check mal-s instuction in the faq10:29
Nokius_workif gule fails oatch .41 in spec and conf with .110:29
Nokius_workso local build will work10:30
mal-Stskeeps: I needed it in fp210:30
mal-Stskeeps: check lines 59-108 in
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mal-Stskeeps: the problem is that the pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue depends on a version number of the original pulseaudio-modules-droid which appears only if built on obs i.e. a tag10:33
Nokius_workmal-: may we should add also a line for local bilds of ofono 'Version:    1.16+git23+master.<current-date>' so zypper will not freak out10:35
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StyXmanI'm checking the ports page and i have a question: what functionality does the RTC alarm provide?10:37
Stskeepsmal-: you saw my note about hwc buffers and msm8974ac btw?10:37
Stskeepsexport VENDOR=qcom10:37
Stskeepsexport DEVICE=tk700110:37
mal-Stskeeps: yes10:38
mal-StyXman: at least waking up to alarms when the device is turned off10:38
StyXmanhhm, ok10:39
mal-StyXman: most people don't care about that so that's why it's not really working10:39
StyXmanI see10:39
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StyXmanI think I used that twice in my life, but as any alarm, very important :)10:39
StyXmanok, thanks10:40
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mal-Stskeeps: do you know any devices with that platform?10:41
Stskeepsmal-: nexus 5, fp210:41
mal-I'll try that then10:42
mal-Stskeeps: so that would be just to add QPA_HWC_BUFFER_COUNT=3 to /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf?10:45
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Stskeepsprovided your qt qpa composer is reasonably up to date10:46
StskeepsLatest commit b8859c1  on Nov 27, 201510:47
Stskeepsis fine10:47
mal-Stskeeps: I have that10:47
mal-Stskeeps: do you happen to know which logcat errors the other part of the commin refers to ?10:51
mal-or warnings10:51
Stskeepsnothing relevant to msm8974ac10:51
mal-I was just hoping we could get rid of the E/qdhwcomposer( 1168): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL messages in logcat10:52
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Nokius_workmal-: ?11:27
mal-Nokius_work: those errors are flooded to logcat when display is on, it doesn't cause any problems though11:30
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Nokius_workmal-: I know the errors make the debuging hard; the ? was about the ofono advice11:49
Stskeepsthanks for the faq link, did the trick11:49
mal-Stskeeps: does that glue help in your case?11:50
mal-Nokius_work: ok, go ahead and add11:52
Nokius_workStskeeps: \o/11:55
vgradeStskeeps: +1 bitcoin12:04
Stskeepsis there anything i can do to debug easier if the sensors are actually working?12:05
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stephg_webbloody internet is down.12:08
mal-Stskeeps: does test_sensors work? harbour-messwerk shows data from each sensor nicely12:08
Stskeepsgot an url to that?12:08
stephg_webmal- ok so I've hacked up udev good and proper and look to have more or less all of the devices in the right place12:08
stephg_webstill no modem12:09
Stskeepsmal-: i don't see it there12:10
mal-Stskeeps: the name when installing is harbour-messwerk12:10
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stephg_webmal-: no I lie, more wrong12:15
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xoSkyoxIs anyone on12:20
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!~dirkvl@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:20
xoSkyoxI've been trying to port sailfish is but keep getting stuck can anyone help port sailfish to the lg g3 d85012:22
stephg_webxoSkyox: where are you stuck12:22
Nokius_workdr_gogeta86: ^ lg :s12:23
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Nokius_workStskeeps: is test_sensor alive or working after starting sensorfwd.service12:24
xoSkyoxI start of good to the point I have to create the XML file but my Linux os tell me is not supported or its not there I've tried many Linux distro12:24
StskeepsNokius_work: yes12:24
Nokius_workStskeeps: luck u12:25
mal-xoSkyox: you mean chapter 5.2 in HADK pdf?12:27
mal-xoSkyox: I don't quite understand what says it's not supported?12:28
mal-xoSkyox: please show some output up to the error, for bigger amounts of text12:29
mal-Stskeeps: does messwerk show any data?12:29
Stskeepsit does but they're stalled12:30
mal-Stskeeps: I had some problems with fp2 that the sensors freeze temporarily sometimes12:30
mal-or slow down12:30
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stephg_webcan someone quickly do me a favour: run this: udevadm info -q property -n mmcblk0p31 | grep NAME12:48
stephg_web(or substitute a different partition if your device doesn't have a p3112:48
stephg_web(I'm looking for the udev variable ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME) which my jolla has, and apparently hammerhead has, but my m7 doesn't:- that's why my block subtree is b0rken12:51
mal-stephg_web: I get for example ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME=persist12:52
mal-stephg_web: what else do you have in there?12:52
mal-I also have PARTNAME with the same content12:53
stephg_webso I have PARTNAME12:53
mal-stephg_web: just replace ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME in the custom udev rule with PARTNAME12:54
stephg_webstill not quite working but I'll continue to play12:55
stephg_webmal-: just out of interest, for device, what is the value of ID_PART_ENTRY_SCHEME?12:58
stephg_webeveryone else it's gpt it seems, me dos12:58
stephg_web(and dos seems to make it work \o/12:58
mal-stephg_web: my device doesn't list those at all12:59
mal-stephg_web: did that fix anything?13:08
stephg_webyeah only thing missing are partitions by-num now13:09
stephg_webstill no work13:09
stephg_webthis is the very beginning of my radio buffer:13:09
stephg_webCM has /dev/hsicctl[0-3] so that's the next thing on my list...13:09
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mal-stephg_web: by-num shouldn't be needed usually13:11
stephg_webyeah didn't think so13:11
stephg_webanyway have to run, bbl13:12
stephg_webhtanks for the aassist13:12
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marxistveganlocusf: did you keep up on the sailfishos on the n9?14:43
locusfmarxistvegan: unfortunately no :/14:44
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marxistveganlocusf: damn :(14:46
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locusfmarxistvegan: I could take a look at it again this weekend though :p14:59
marxistveganlocusf: did I time my question that perfectly?14:59
locusfmarxistvegan: yeah since I finally have good access to all my devices, instead of them being buried in a closet :)15:00
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off15:00
locusfI got a proper office now15:00
marxistveganlocusf: oh cool15:00
locusfmarxistvegan: I guess you already saw this?15:03
marxistveganlocusf: oh i did not15:03
locusffirst steps taken,15:05
locusfNemo does boot on it and touch works15:05
locusfagain, this weekend I'll try to manage to create something to demo with15:06
locusfits just too bad that rpi2 has a lot of blobby crap15:07
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locusfkimmoli: do you happen to recall the sbc which ran Intel on board and had rpi capabilities?15:09
marxistveganlocusf: have you taken a look at the beaglebone black?15:11
marxistveganlocusf: i have a freedombox instance running on my beaglbone black15:11
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locusfkimmoli: thanks15:20
tbrBBB is ugh because SGX15:23
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locusfsame as chip has mali15:36
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mal-trying to figure out v4l2 buffer handling for fm radio on fp215:52
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marxistveganlocusf: sorry lost my irc connection a ways back there16:50
locusfmarxistvegan: np, was just saying that I have yet to try beaglebone black16:57
locusfmarxistvegan: and kimmoli showed the up board16:58
marxistveganlocusf: ahh it is nice, I have it running and with it xmpp server, irc quassal, owncloud and tor node and easy to setup16:58
tbrkeep in mind that the upboard is cherry trail and supposedly also very tricky in the graphics department under linux17:01
locusfstop ruining the fun tbr :D17:01
tbrlocusf: we should try with the minnowmax again17:03
marxistvegantbr: yeah i can see the video concerns there17:03
tbras that's baytrail and works fine17:03
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locusftbr: yeah we should17:22
locusfI gotta source one from somewhere(tm)17:22
tbrthat's not possible at the moment17:22
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tbrlocusf: the minnowboard turbot /should/ become available at some point. right now it's US, so it's expensive to get it to europe.17:26
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!~r0kk3rz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:28
tbrshipping and import VAT probably add about 100€ to the price :-/17:32
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Nokius_workvgrade: bacon is working now in- and outgoing calls?17:46
locusftbr: woah17:49
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nh1402is apkd-launcher closed source?18:59
nh1402I'm assuming it is, but in case it isn't ....19:01
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nh1402sledges: ^19:04
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vgradeNokius_: yep, but still missing mobile settings and signal strenth, band , operator displays20:25
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:25
mal-vgrade: grab some debug log from ofono20:30
*** sletta <sletta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:30
vgrademal-: will do once I'm near the device again20:34
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nh1402I'll take that as a yes20:52
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ghosalmartinanyone fancy looking at a logcat or dmesg as to why android hangs at splash? :P20:56
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Nokiusvgrade: can try the also the things I mention last night21:01
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Nokiusofono added to faq21:13
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mal-Nokius: I think we should point the people to obs for new ofono, much easier21:16
Nokiusmal-: yeap21:16
Nokiusu are right21:17
mal-Nokius: we could just tell them to add a new repo and zypper in from there21:17
Nokiusmal-: local or on device?21:18
mal-Nokius: on device, or to .ks21:21
Nokiusok test on device if it works add it to .ks21:21
mal-yes, I can write that tomorrow21:22
Nokiusmal-: I added it it should be correct21:26
Nokiusreview welcome :)21:26
Nokiuslocusf Stskeeps huawei was tricky right?21:27
mal-Nokius: please change background color of your edits to something lighter :)21:34
mal-difficult to read21:35
Nokius:( sorry21:36
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Nokiusgot it by default21:45
mal-Nokius: yes, it happens, I have had to change it also many times when I have made edits21:46
Nokiusanyone had the issue that the device name is localhost and not Jolla?21:52
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Guhlspeaking of ofono. This is the changes I did to ofono to make data connection work on the HTC-Vision22:02
Guhlwhich uses RIL version 422:02
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Nokiuspiggz ^22:07
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* Nokius time for some sleep cu22:07
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