Saturday, 2016-01-16

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dirkvlso i move to other phone, but forgot how much android sucked ass.09:37
dirkvlmy eyes are bleeding09:37
dirkvlevertyhing is bleeding09:37
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sledgesthat's unfortunate in so many levels:)10:09
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Nokiusdirkvl: :( soon there is help for u ;)10:12
sledgeshey hey hey!
sledgesPSA ^10:14
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kraaijmakersYo brethren! :)10:17
kraaijmakersalready running it sledges, i just get errors while updating from store..10:17
sledgeskraaijmakers: jolla store not available, use warehouse for now10:18
kraaijmakersooh ok,10:18
kraaijmakersvgrade told me it worked for him though haha10:18
kraaijmakersi get ssu errors10:19
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kraaijmakerstime to start exploring Sailfish :D10:19
Nokiusvgrade: :D ye!ah10:20
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sledgeshm I wonder what vgrade means by " systemctl restart statefs is needed to get ril updates"10:23
kraaijmakersThe sim is undetected (at least it shows that) but it works10:24
kraaijmakersafter the statefs restart the connection info is shown10:24
sledgesah, like signal strength10:24
sledgesok cool and, interesting:))10:24
kraaijmakersyes :)10:25
sledgesmonich: could you tell why?:)10:25
* monich is afraid of statefs10:25
monichsledges: it probably means that the indicators get stuck until you restart statefs10:26
sledgesi wouldn't have thought :D10:27
kraaijmakerscan't install warehouse10:28
sledgeskraaijmakers: enable untrusted software?10:30
kraaijmakersI already did, I get the following in journalctl Error:  203 "Error downloading - server replied: NOT FOUND"10:30
kraaijmakersJan 16 11:21:59 localhost [8720]: [W] Store::Server::slotRequestError:852 - Data:  "{"error_message": "Sorry, this request could not be processed. Please try again later."}"10:30
kraaijmakersJan 16 11:21:59 localhost [8720]: [W] DeclarativeWindow::itemChange:160 - DeclarativeWindow::Item does not belong to a window10:30
sledgeskraaijmakers: warehouse shouldn't be checking jolla store10:32
kraaijmakersI can just click the rpm right when downloaded? Or does it have to be done with cmd?10:34
sledgesah it's the rpm10:34
* sledges needs coffee10:34
sledgesyou can just click10:34
sledgesor install with pkcon install-local RPM10:34
kraaijmakersok I'll try10:34
kraaijmakersFatal error: nothing provides needed by harbour-warehouse-0.3-30.armv7hl10:35
sledgesdevel-su zypper in Downloads/harbour-warehouse*.rpm10:35
sledges(from ;)10:35
kraaijmakersI did, asks me to provide credenttials lol10:37
sledgespaste pls?10:37
kraaijmakersAuthentication required for ''10:38
sledgesthought so10:38
sledgesssu dr adaptation010:38
kraaijmakersI will :)10:38
sledgesvgrade: please add that to .ks10:38
sledgesas we do in
kraaijmakersIt's building repositories now10:39
kraaijmakersand it asks again for credentials for repository
kraaijmakersneed ssu status info?10:40
sledgesssu lr10:42
kraaijmakerswill do ssu lr10:42
kraaijmakersoh it's same as ssu repos10:42
sledgesk;) didn't know10:43
kraaijmakersneed to disable store repo too?10:43
sledgespaste ssu lr pls ;)10:45
kraaijmakersOh but it's in the pastebin10:46
kraaijmakersit's ssu repos command which I used10:47
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kraaijmakerswait have to help my mom a bit10:48
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sledgeskraaijmakers: yes pls, disable store too10:49
sledgesstore was never in a way before10:50
sledgesand ima bad poet10:50
kraaijmakers\ok I'll disable store10:51
kraaijmakersOK it's installed10:52
kraaijmakershaha :D10:55
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sledgesvgrade: ssu dr store to .ks too pls:)10:59
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dirkvlNokius: yeah help is needed11:01
dirkvlor someone that can help me through install guide11:01
dirkvli am lost11:01
dirkvlat step 111:01
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vevgenievHello, I am trying to build an OpenSuse package for Sailfish OS11:07
vevgenievI am using mb2 -s rpm/SPEC build11:07
vevgenievThe build fails /usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file `/lib/systemd/system/.service': Read-only file system11:08
vevgenievI tried using fakeroot, but it fails again11:09
sledgesvevgeniev: what target are you using)11:09
vevgenievsledges: -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl11:10
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vevgenievI am trying to build pcsc-lite11:11
sledgesvevgeniev: why is it creating .service file without name?11:11
vevgenievsledges: my fault, the full error is:11:12
vevgeniev"/usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file `/lib/systemd/system/pcscd.service': Read-only file system"11:12
Stskeeps$BUILD_ROOT needed11:13
Stskeepsyou shouldn't install into root11:13
Stskeepsyou should install into $BUILD_ROOT11:13
vevgenievI don't understand why it is trying to install the file there instead of installroot11:14
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vevgenievStskeeps: should I point $BUILD_ROOT to installroot?11:14
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ballockI've got some stupid error during droid-hal-device package build. It suggests the problem is on my side, still I find it weird:11:26
ballockerror.GitError: platform/prebuilts/sdk rev-parse: error: end of packfile .git/objects/pack/pack-9ec842c1497ead56b52e138269db09133c0793...11:26
ballockThe packa file is there. I have re-created the repository, removing the objects from .repo/git-objects/prebuild/sdk11:27
ballockand from .repo/projects/prebuild/sdk11:27
ballockso either repo failed to download the file thoroughly11:28
ballockerror: end of packfile .git/objects/pack/pack-9ec842c1497ead56b52e138269db09133c0793c7.pack is unavailable11:28
ballockbut it should have gotten fixed by re-creation.11:29
ballockThen, I'm wondering if there's no 32-bit libs around, or something using ints addressing a file which is 3GB large (the pacfile)11:29
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sledgesballock: just type :q and Enter11:30
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ballockI managed to checkout the object mentioned.11:30
ballocksledges: like... what?11:30
ballockso + ./.repo/repo/repo manifest -r -o tmp/manifest.xml11:30
ballockis not really needed and I can skip it?11:30
ballockah, ok then. I'll attempt to ignore it ;)11:32
sledgesbecause qemu doesn't like git in arm11:32
sledgesdoes the build halt at that error?11:32
sledgesmeans it's in `more` mode ;)11:32
ballockthen I've got some failed build deps11:32
ballockerror: Failed build dependencies: ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla is needed by droid-config-mako-1-1.armv7hl pkgconfig(android-headers) is needed by droid-config-mako-1-1.armv7hl repomd-pattern-builder is needed by droid-config-mako-1-1.armv7hl11:32
kraaijmakersHey brethren :D11:32
ballockkraaijmakers: got the same?11:33
kraaijmakersWith what?11:33
kraaijmakersi dont use Mako, i use bacon11:34
sledgesballock: did you do your homework? ;) just asking whether you per-use these repos:
sledgesto avoid dup work11:34
ballocksledges: I did. For 11.0 there was an incorrect kernel referenced, but I fixed that quick.11:36
ballocknow, I guess there might be more stuff that's not fully in 11.011:37
sledgesballock: good! did you run make hybris-hal?11:38
ballockI'm currently happy with all repos being fine in my local manfiests11:38
sledgesah now i see11:38
sledgesyou didn't add droid-hal-mako repo to your local repo11:39
sledgesas it's still looking for android-headers11:39
ballockok, checking11:39
ballockLooks like I did. It sits in rpm/11:40
sledgesit should sit in droid-local-repo/$DEVICE11:41 should take care of that11:41
ballockIn droid-local-repo/mako I've got some repodata11:43
kraaijmakerssledges: store works now with repos removed :)11:44
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sledgeskraaijmakers: which store? ;)11:49
kraaijmakers   Jolla11:49
sledgesdoes it serve many apps?;)11:50
sledgesand can you install them?11:50
kraaijmakersI could install Jolla apps11:50
sledgesusing that may just break repos again11:50
kraaijmakersI installed e-mail and weather11:50
ballockI updated rpm/dhd to master from and there's some different behaviour.11:51
ballocknow it's saying:11:53
ballockinstall: cannot stat `./system/core/mkbootimg/mkbootimg': No such file or directory11:53
ballockI have system/core/mkbootimg/mkbootimg.o, so there was some action being done there, I guess the binary went to out/11:54
sledgeskraaijmakers: try installing non-jolla app11:55
ballockyes: out/host/linux-x86/bin/mkbootimg and out/host/linux-x86/obj/EXECUTABLES/mkbootimg_intermediates/mkbootimg11:55
kraaijmakersokay sledges I will11:55
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kraaijmakerscanbt install Radio 4FM APPor smth11:57
sledgeskraaijmakers: now check ssu lr again11:57
kraaijmakersI will11:57
kraaijmakersit enabls store adaptation0 and openrepos-basil under user11:58
kraaijmakersso you were right sledges :)11:58
sledgesballock: make should take place here:
sledgeskraaijmakers: ;)11:59
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade11:59
vgrade\o Stskeeps12:00
sledgesvgrade: awesome sauce on bacon ;)12:02
vgradesledges: re statefs, its required to bring network, signal strenth , band to the UI.  You can call without restarting statefs so all is well12:02
vgradesledges: that makes me hungry12:02
mal-vgrade: the same problem in fp212:02
vgrade\o mal12:02
mal-vgrade: I heard the fix for that should be maybe in next sailfish release12:02
vgradeI also lost mobile pages from settings12:02
vgradekraaijmakers: do you have mobile settings pages?12:03
mal-vgrade: new ofono starts too slow and the UI side doesn't like that in
vgrademal-: thats what I suspected12:03
mal-vgrade: there is a way to enable mobile settings after boot12:03
vgrademal-: I'm all ears12:04
mal-vgrade: dconf reset /apps/jolla-settings/maskedSettings12:04
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kraaijmakerslemme see vgrade12:04
vgradekraaijmakers: if you haven't you can try the line from mal-12:05
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vgradethanks mal-12:06
kraaijmakersconfirmed vgrade, it works12:06
vgradesledges: whats the status of store backend support for ports?12:06
vgradekraaijmakers: cheers, maybe add that to your post to the forum?12:06
kraaijmakersmy post? it's yours right?:p12:07
kraaijmakersvgrade, can't enable Internet, don't know why yet, but first I go to the grocery store. so I'll find out soon12:07
mal-I haven't tried mobile internet with the latest ofono yet12:09
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sledgesvgrade: the status got closer to fruition, after i used you effort as a push ;)12:21
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vgradesledges: cheers12:33
Stskeepsremember adding nemo to inet group12:33
vgradeStskeeps: ?12:34
Stskeepsif you guys start using android paranoid network12:35
vgradeStskeeps: was paranoid required for just mobile data12:36
vgradeon some devices12:36
sledgesvgrade: if ping fails with invalid argument, you know you need paranoid12:36
vgradesledges: pings ok on bacon12:37
sledges*should* be ok then12:40
vgrademal-: mobile internet seems fine with new ofono12:41
mal-vgrade: ok, I have a roaming sim in my fp2 so I need to change sim to test it12:42
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mal-MSameer: do you have any hints how to debug browser crashing when trying to play youtube videos, videos work fine in gallery and youtube videos in ytplayer, backtrace doesn't see to reveal much even after installing all debuginfo packages that I could,
vgradehehe, "Carl Pei liked your Tweet"13:02
ballocksledges: ok, found why I'm missing mkbootimg13:03
ballockmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/bolek/mer/android/droid/system/core/mkbootimg'13:03
ballockmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `rsa_e_3.o', needed by `mkbootimg'.  Stop.13:03
sledgesvgrade: nice!13:03
vgradesledges: RT would have been better :)13:04
sledgesget camera working ;D13:04
vgradesledges: thats next I think13:05
sledgesyacuken has had it:))13:05
sledges(pun intended:/:))13:05
vgradeyea, was looking at the logs13:06
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vgradeand revisit sensors, test_sensors "0" is working , reports accel readings13:07
vgradebut no other sensors report using test_sensors. messwrk was not reporting but I need to check again with my latest clean bulid13:07
ballockhah! found it! git:// is a little behind git://
ballockand it's trying to build files that are not in there13:12
sledgesballock: you could probably just remove
sledgesand it will use core's one13:19
sledgesas this is the logic in dhd13:19
sledgesvgrade: make sure you don't blank after first boot, as that impairs sensors in some cases13:19
* sledges afks13:19
ballocksledges: I patched; I guess it would be cleaner to actually remove it, not sure about the side effects, though.13:21
ballockMeanwhile, it got through and started to ask questions about "chapters". Rolling on.13:22
dirkvlcan someone help me with sfos on fp2? i am having a hard time with it.13:23
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mal-dirkvl: what's the problem?14:22
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)14:26
Nokiusmal-: dirkvl gets confused when using Android14:31
Nokius<dirkvl> so i move to other phone, but forgot how much android sucked ass.14:32
Nokius<dirkvl> my eyes are bleeding14:32
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
Nokiusmal-: I was not able to spot the issue with the part14:40
mal-Nokius: ?14:40
Nokiusthis what I use now
Nokiusgit am patch_file14:40
mal-does that work?14:41
Nokiuspatch is not failing but git am14:42
Nokiusfatal: patch fragment without header at line 36: @@ -2088,6 +2092,163 @@ static struct android_usb_function uasp_function = {14:42
mal-remove line 3514:44
mal-Nokius: a patch fragment has to start and end with 3 unmodified lines, the previous ends with 414:47
Nokiusso the same with L2714:48
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Nokiusnow 17 why14:50
mal-that looks ok14:50
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:53
Nokiusfatal: corrupt patch at line 2614:53
Nokiusafter removing L3514:53
mal-paste new version14:54
Nokiusmal-: gist is updated14:56
mal-Nokius: you removed the wrong line, the next fragment, count the number of lines in the beginning and end of tose fragments14:59
mal-Nokius: I have no what the line numbrs are15:00
mal-I'm on mobile15:00
Nokiusmal-: np I will try around  abit15:01
mal-Nokius: add back the line you just removed and remove the line with android_unbind_config15:04
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NokiusI start do understand it better thx mal-15:08
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MSameermal-: please ping me next week as I am now on vacation and we can debug and solve it15:12
NokiusMSameer: have great time15:12
MSameerNokius: thank you15:13
StskeepsMSameer: enjoy it!: )15:13
MSameerStskeeps: thanks15:13
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kraaijmakersSomeone any idea what these messages do: GLIB WARNING ** GStreamer - Name 'viewfinderbin-queue' is not unique in bin 'camerabin', not adding15:20
mal-MSameer: ok, thanks15:21
Nokiusthx mal-15:25
NokiusApplying: Add functionfs support to usb gadget. Fixes: NEMO#81115:25
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phdeswerGood to see that patch used :D15:33
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NokiusBuild mce-plugin-libhybris? [Y/n]y is not working for me skipped :s15:57
ballockNokius: Can I just skip any package like that? ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator freezes for me during build.15:58
ballockI thought I would try debugging it, something with qemu, it seems, but perhaps I don't need it?15:59
locusfsledges: ping16:01
locusfsledges: how do I proceed with creating a multirom rootfs for nemo?16:01
Nokiusballock: if it once done yes it can be skipped , if never before u will have not vibrator16:01
locusfeekkelund wants to try nemo on hammerhead16:01
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vgradelocusf: multirom takes same zips as non multirom16:04
vgradelocusf: nothing special required16:04
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locusfvgrade: ok good16:06
ballockIf I blamed qemu/scratchbox for failing the build, is there a straightforward way to build the RPMs on native arch?16:06
ballockI mean, I've got a couple of ARM boards around.16:07
vgradelocusf: have used your nemo on hammerhead multirom16:09
vgradelocusf: in the paast16:09
locusfvgrade: not me personally but a guy in twitter did16:10
locusfso it was a blind port for nemo16:10
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Nokiuswoop woop beta-I is out17:22
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piggzmight be working on N7000 radio/ril tonight .... might need help17:28
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:34
Guhlpiggz, I'll watch. A you know I know quite a bit about ril but on the other hand i have no experience with samsung radios17:38
drFaustrollmal-: hi.. how does it work with fp2?17:41
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:42
NokiusdrFaustroll: video is working :) iirc also front cam17:49
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drFaustrollNokius: so you can record video17:53
drFaustrollyou can take pictures17:53
drFaustrollyou can listen to radio17:54
drFaustrolland music too17:54
drFaustrollso seems to go right17:54
NokiusdrFaustroll: radio I don't know17:54
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mal-drFaustroll: quite nicely, videos in browser and installation are the biggest problems18:24
drFaustrollmal-: videos in browser why?18:25
drFaustrollmal-: you cannot use the latest trick?18:25
mal-no idea why it crashes18:26
drFaustrollmal-: I noticed it on mine too but second time is usually lucky18:26
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Nokiusiirc I have to build a module to get wifi up after search logs and checking my find5 changes but I have no clue19:05
vgradeNokius: CONFIG_WLAN_PRIMA=m and or CONFIG_WLAN_PRONTO=m if you have modprobe wlan in your droid-wlan-up19:08
Nokiusvgrade: tgx19:08
phdeswermodprobe might not work  in some cases as the module sometimes ends up somewhere in /system19:08
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:11
vgradeNokius: don't you have it already
Nokiusvgrade: for the find5 yes19:13
Nokiuslooks in to the find7s atm19:13
Nokiusbit confused have both there :s19:14
Nokiusso mouldes for both of them?19:14
Nokiusvgrade: thx19:16
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piggzGuhl / anyone : make sense of this?
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* Nokius looks like the issue with sensors is gone in beta-I for the find5 20:12
Nokiuspiggz: looks like ril found and activated the sim but I'm not into ril at all20:13
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piggzNokius / Guhl / * : this is the ofono side
Nokiuspiggz: which ofono version?20:24
Guhlstill looking at the radio log20:25
Guhlhow old is the N7000?20:28
piggzNokius: 1.16 from the log ... whatever packaged in 2.020:28
Guhlif this: "ril_connected: [UNSOL]< UNSOL_RIL_CONNECTED, RIL_VERSION 1" is true20:29
Guhli already had to change quite a bit on ofono to make it work with RIL version 420:30
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)20:36
Guhldo you have the source of the RIL (android side) for the CM rom you are using are a basis?20:36
Guhlhave a look at hardware/ril/include/telephony/ril.h20:36
Guhlwhat does it say about RIL_VERSION_MIN20:37
Guhlbut the version is obviously wrong as the radio says "RIL_register: RIL version 7"20:43
piggzGuhl: 2 or 7 depending on in legacy_ril is defined20:47
Guhlis it defined?20:48
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piggzGuhl: still grepping ... not yet20:52
Guhlhave a look at your or in the device folder20:53
piggzthat was first look and it wasnt20:53
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Guhlfor me it is BOARD_USES_LEGACY_RIL in  BoardConfigCommon.mk20:53
Guhlof msm7x30-common20:54
locusfril never worked on n700020:54
locusfat least form e20:54
piggzno then ... making min version 6 (i was wrong when i said 7)20:54
locusfdid it work for oyu piggz20:55
piggzno yet20:55
locusfits late typoes happen20:55
piggzi can get the modem up, but thats it so far20:55
locusfhave you tried ofono-tests package scripts?20:55
Guhlpiggz, what i normally do tackle this is to compile my own version of libril (the android side) and add a lot of extra debugging info there20:56
Guhlfor you it would probably be a good point to start at "onNewCommandConnect" in ril.cpp20:57
Guhlas this seems to be as far as you get20:57
piggzim about to go out, so that is for tomorrow :)20:58
Guhlhave fun20:58
locusfyup have fun20:58
locusfthose scripts could help fyi20:59
locusfdid for sbj-nemo and nemotablet20:59
piggzif you spot anything from th logs, just mention it and i'll pick it up later20:59
piggzwhat do i do?20:59
locusfbut if oyu have tried the ofono dbus interface they are essentially python scripts which call the methods20:59
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:59
locusfthey are in /usr/share/ofono-tests or something21:00
locusfthey are quite self-explanatory and there are a lot of scripts21:00
Nokiusoh no this was not the best I did :s21:03
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:13
kraaijmakerswhat did you do Nokius?21:14
Nokiusadded a wrong pixel_ratio ui looks wired now21:16
Nokiussledges: is 1440x2560 somehow by default tablet UI ?21:19
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locusfhm nemotablet won the bring your hack contest21:29
Nokiuslocusf: :D21:31
Nokiusmoving droid-hcismd-up.service as done kis is not helpful for the find7s (
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Nokiusvgrade: found the logs from last module build21:56
Nokiusthis time I have no .so files :s21:58
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:00
Nokiusmay this is the missing piece CONFIG_MODULES22:06
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