Saturday, 2016-01-23

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UmeaboyI'm curious if it matters how the content of each device directory is made.00:28
UmeaboyDo I have to make the same number of files like in for example.00:29
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UmeaboyI'm missing android_device_samsung_p1 and the kernel for it on
UmeaboyI'm making the manifest.xml for p1 and I want to make it right.02:36
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dwangoACOK, I got upset that my hidden wireless network no longer connects on my Nexus 4 with Sailfish 2.0, but I'm using OpenWRT so I just set up a WiFi network with WPA2-PSK CCMP forced (to avoid the weaknesses in TKIP).  Type in password, no go, "Sorry, can't connect".  Rebooting now...06:30
dwangoACAfter reboot, now it always says password is incorrect (it isn't, I'm sure, I even reset a different password on the router just to make sure)06:36
dwangoACSame thing even if I drop back to WPA-PSK and auto cipher06:43
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dwangoACI wonder if it somehow trips up because it remembers the MAC address.  Beats me, I'm really annoyed at this because it just doesn't work no matter what I try and yet I know it worked in the past.06:45
dwangoACGoing to bed instead.06:46
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AlonikomaxHow is the port going for installing android based apps?07:30
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ballockdwangoAC: I briefly remember having the same issue on my N4. It's no longer there, but I can't say what really helped. I reflashed a couple of times since then...08:39
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carepackdwangoAC: ballock: in my testings i didn't noticed this. you already looked at dmesg an journalctl? maybe useful output is generated. morning btw...09:21
carepacknot ong ago I had some trouble with the jolla phone and my wlan configuration. I solved it by make the follwing changes to my wlan configuration:
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Konstasledges: alpha2 build released
Konstamal-: I know what was wrong with fm, it's working now :)11:13
Konstabasically I also need this revert as I've brought back the module
Konstaso, can I somehow get audio out of this?11:14
mal-Konsta: if you tune to some channel with fmconfig and then use pactl to route the fm rx input to speakers11:17
Konstamal-: how would I use pactl exactly?11:19
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mal-Konsta: search for so instructions, I only used to to set the input device to fm rx and the used recorder app to record it11:22
mal-I haven't yet directly routed the audio to speakers11:23
Konstamal-: cool, I'll look around11:23
mal-I'm in the middle of repairing my bicycle so I'm a little busy right now11:23
Konstamal-: ok, enjoy getting your hands dirty ;)11:24
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ghosalmartinsledges: can you please look at MR for aspell, fuse, ruby, llvm and sofia-sip , fuse needed a new upstream source since they moved to github , ive gotta go, have a nice day :)11:53
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Mister_Magister sledges: ping12:24
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merbot`Checking patterns in nemo:devel:ux13:02
lake11where is ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla?13:05
lake11Is it supposed to be downloaded from Jolla repo? From which one?13:05
mal-lake11: why are you asking about that?13:15
lake11It is a missing dependence on my build-packages step for droid-config-13:17
mal-what dependency?13:23
mal-that doesn't sound very logical13:23
mal-lake11: could you pastebin the output of buitd-packages13:23
stephgunrelated to porting, this is v. cool
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Nokiusstephg: :D13:46
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stephgNokius cool isn't it14:00
Nokiusstephg: it's, like the evolution of I believe it toke ages for that14:02
stephgyeah how many generations of trial and error...14:02
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ggabrielstephg: cool :)14:12
ggabrielthe guy makes it look too easy tho14:12
ggabrielI'd struggle a bit due to my lack of flexibility (look how he sits and uses his foot to keep things in place)14:13
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stephgggabriel: that's what running does to you :P14:26
ggabrielrunning, cycling, snowboarding14:26
ggabrielbut it's so much fun14:26
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Umeaboyggabriel: You forgot slalom. :)14:34
ggabrielUmeaboy: slalom as in riding from side to side?14:35
UmeaboyIf you want to. ;)14:41
ggabrieldone that a little bit, it's fun14:41
UmeaboyI prefer downhill.14:41
UmeaboyOr as I call it, killerskiing.14:42
UmeaboyHave you ever taken a ride on a hose of a tractor wheel downhill?14:42
UmeaboyWow! That's fast!14:43
UmeaboyImagine putting oil on it and then ride.14:43
piggzwhere would be a good place to use setprop in early boot?  tried init.rc but its not set, so maybe need to do it on the sfos side14:49
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dwangoACcarepack: Thanks for the suggestions.  The most recent attempts had dmesg output stating it was attempting to connect to 00:00:00:00:00:00 which is obviously wrong, I'll see if I can glean more from the log16:07
dwangoACHmm.. dmesg output rolled off, pushed out by things like this:16:12
dwangoAC[18097.611045] QSEECOM: qseecom_ioctl: failed qseecom_receive_req: -51216:12
dwangoAC[18097.611168] QSEECOM: qseecom_receive_req: Interrupted: exiting wait_rcv_req loop16:12
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dwangoACI can see in my connman wifi settings that it's retaining the name of my hidden wireless network and its SSID16:14
dwangoACBut the network does not appear on the list when I select connect to internet16:14
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dwangoACOK, doing ip link set dev wlan0 down followed by up resulted in: [18909.073856] wlan: connection failed with 00:00:00:00:00:00 reason:1 and Status:916:20
dwangoACAnd also [18929.129648] [WLAN][1511:E :SME] PMC: STA not associated with an AP with single active session. BMPS cannot be entered16:20
dwangoAC[18929.130197] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready16:21
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marxistvegandwangoAC: are you working on the nexus 4 device?16:26
dwangoACmarxistvegan: Also, just got something interesting in dmesg16:26
dwangoACPasting shortly16:26
dwangoACHave a look at this very interesting dmesg output:
dwangoACIn particular, the trace16:27
marxistvegandwangoAC: not sure if I can completely understand the output16:29
dwangoACThat was triggered by deleting settings file for wifi, rebooting the phone, using Settings WiFi menu's Connect to internet pulldown, selecting my hidden network, typing the correct name and hitting enter16:29
dwangoACmarxistvegan: The key part that has me interested is the trace16:29
dwangoACI don't know what's going sideways, I know krnlyng was working N4 at one point though and might be able to make sense of
dwangoAC(Nickpinging :)16:30
marxistvegandwangoAC: which cm is this on?16:30
dwangoACmarxistvegan: 10.1 I think?  I'll double-check16:31
marxistvegandwangoAC: i saw in the xda forum there was someone who was getting cm11 to work16:32
dwangoACYeah, I'm on 10.1.316:32
dwangoACNote that I've been playing with sfdroid though16:32
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marxistvegandwangoAC: i am not familiar with sfdroid16:34
nh1402I suppose this is my cue16:38
nh1402sfdroid is the ability to run Android apps on Sailfish on ported devices16:39
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marxistvegannh1402: ohhhh16:39
marxistvegannh1402: what is the status of it?16:39
nh1402still in testing, as a matter of fact, I'm testing it right now16:40
nh1402marxistvegan: booting into CM and rendering Android inside Sailfish works just fine. But input is flakey, and passing through an Internet connection from Sailfish to Android is also possible-ish.16:46
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marxistvegannh1402: oh exciting :)16:47
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nh1402marxistvegan: Developers are welcome to help fix the issues we've been having.16:49
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marxistvegannh1402: I am more on the testing side of things then resolving bugs :)16:49
* Nokius lets see may it will rock irssi16:52
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marxistvegannh1402: where is the code to test out?16:54
krnlyngmarxistvegan: i can send you a flashable zip, but be aware, it breaks stuff, i am working on that16:56
marxistvegankrnlyng: do you have a git for it?16:57
krnlyngmarxistvegan: ah i forgot, obviously i only have a version for nexus 4 that works kind of16:58
nh1402marxistvegan: which device do you have16:58
marxistveganor are their licensing concerns?16:58
nh1402it's only been tested on a Nexus 4 and 516:58
nh1402although it's not restricted to those, they are the only devices on hand to test with.16:58
marxistvegankrnlyng: i have the nexus 4 running multirom16:59
marxistvegankrnlyng: so what are the steps, i flash this on top of the existing sailfish install i have?17:00
krnlyngadb sideload yes17:00
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dwangoACOn briefly17:05
dwangoACYes, adb sideload works17:05
dwangoACNetwork from Sailfish to sfdroid seems to work fine, but I can't seem to get into wireless17:05
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marxistvegankrnlyng: trying to figure out how to do that with multirom, as I have cm 12.1 running as my daily driver17:06
nh1402dwangoAC: I think that's on purpose, providing you're talking about the Android side17:06
nh1402marxistvegan: go into recovery-> mulritrom-> select the sailfish rom installed->flash package17:07
krnlyngmarxistvegan: ah though multirom also had sideload on secondary roms, no idea where i got that from, it is: boot to recovery->Advanced->MultiRom->List ROMs->your rom->Flash Zip17:09
krnlyngwhat nh1402 said17:09
dwangoACnh1402: I'm referring to the Sailfish side - have a look at
dwangoACnh1402: There's a trace in there I'm concerned about, something looks unhealthy17:10
dwangoACI haven't yet had the time to replace the init file to see if it's related to sfdroid and I must leave17:10
nh1402dwangoAC: provide the right medication17:10
* marxistvegan is on a call but planning to try it out after the call17:12
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ascarpinohi there, I've a GT-I9001 to sacrify!17:16
nh1402ascarpino: liberate* ftfy17:22
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taaemhey guys \o17:24
Nokiustaaem: o/17:26
ascarpinolet's start with dumb questions: can I re-use the Sailfish SDK image in virtualbox or do I need to install the Mer SDK?17:28
taaemascarpino: you need to install the Mer SDK17:28
ascarpinotaaem: thanks17:28
taaemits completly different from the emulator17:28
ascarpinotaaem: mmm wait, I meant the Mer SDK installed by the Salfish SDK17:29
taaemascarpino: still different things17:31
ascarpinook thanks again :-)17:31
taaembecause thats actually a Mer image and not the Mer SDK afaik17:31
ascarpinommm the image is named "Mer SDK" under VirtualBox17:31
taaemascarpino: oh okay I have both installed17:32
taaemthe Mer SDK you will need for the HADK is a chroot and not a virtualbox image17:32
taaemmal-: what is needed for agps support in geoclue-providers-community?17:34
* marxistvegan doh may have factory reset his device from twrp17:34
mal-taaem: I'm not quite sure17:34
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taaemmal-: just read on a mailing list that geoclue is able to use wifi-based location finding...17:38
Nokiusmal-: Hi, what is needed to fix video recording? I saw Konsta added this file but is that all? /lib/udev/rules.d/999-droid-vidc.rules17:42
mal-Nokius: depends on why it's not working17:43
mal-Nokius: is video decoding working?17:43
Nokiusmal-: youtube was working well give me a sec to try local files again17:47
locusfone could probably use sfos mer sdk but probably would run out of disk space quite fast17:48
mal-Nokius: then it's not related probably, that fix is needed if video decoding and encoding are broken17:48
mal-taaem: which version of geoclue, sailfish has an quite old one17:51
Nokiusmal-: local mkv from youtube-dl is working well17:51
mal-Nokius: maybe you have the same problem as hammerhead that stopping video recording fails?17:52
Nokiusmal-: yes17:53
NokiusI have this issue17:53
mal-strange that video recording seems to work on fp2 and my xperia, seems that the problem might be somewhat random17:54
taaemmal-: 2.1.1 i think17:54
mal-taaem: sailfish uses 0.12.9917:55
Nokiusmal-: so debuging is the way to go then18:01
Nokiusmal-: do mount the sdcard on the xperia or fp2? looks like tracker is not checking the link for Videos but for Pictures just saw it Gallery after moving the file to SDcard18:06
piggzmonich: using a different ril for my device im gettng different results getting signal strengh reboots ... i did one get a data connection but its gone and wont ome back18:20
monichpiggz: SETUP_DATA_CALL fails18:23
monichbut you have probably noticed that already18:23
monichthe first one, the second one was ok it seems18:26
Nokiustaaem: how the gps test went ?18:26
piggzril log18:26
monichpiggz: first data call fails with a generic error, the second one succeeds but gets cid=1 (usually the first and only call has cid=0 but it may depend on the ril)18:29
monichthen this "Disabled data connection with cid 1" thing happens18:30
monichand the call gets dropped18:30
marxistveganis back after wiping his cm by miste18:31
monichpiggz: and there was a crash in between18:35
monichrild crash18:35
Nokiusmal-: is this a macro for what is it used?
taaemUnable to negotiate with no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss huh?18:44
taaemNokius: mal- ^?18:47
Nokiustaaem: nerver saw that before are u sure that u try to connect to the correct device?18:51
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taaemNokius: yesterday it worked always over that ip and in developer option that ip is also there18:52
Nokiusis telnet working?18:54
taaemNokius: yep18:55
taaemNokius: I think I fucked up that image18:56
taaemlets try reflashing18:57
taaemvgrade: you here?18:58
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Nokiusmal-: what was the helper to generate the config for the camera may front is possible to get hoked up19:00
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mal-Nokius: that Provides: ofono-configs should be added if you have
*** cmazieri <cmazieri!~carlos@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)19:08
Nokiusmal-: ah I add this file in my ks file good to know thanks19:10
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taaemI get errors about hcismd in dmesg is that normal?19:13
taaemI got sim working?19:13
taaemI have 4G19:14
taaemI did nothing19:14
taaemIt asked for my pin and boom19:14
taaembut I don't have a background in settings...19:15
taaemoh it doesn't actually work but it shows at least my connection19:15
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
taaemI only have black backgrounds everywhere19:15
taaemFixed by applying another ambiance19:17
taaemnow ssh works again \o/19:18
Nokiustaaem: what u mean with black background? is the wallpaper not fitting correct?19:18
Nokiustaaem: :D19:18
taaemNokius: looked like I had no ambiance applied19:19
Nokiustaaem: which error about hcismd?19:19
taaembut rebooted and now its gone19:20
taaemIMEI is showing in settings \o/19:21
Nokiustaaem: data and messaging are working?19:22
mal-taaem: that kind of message for hcismd tells that it's trying to enable bluetooth too soon, the android side has not yet initialized completely19:23
taaemNokius: nope no data19:24
mal-taaem: I get many errors from bluetooth before it's successfully enabled19:24
mal-taaem: if you have the latest ofono then you might need to run dconf reset /apps/jolla-settings/maskedSettings19:25
Nokiustaaem: did u change the /var/lib/ofono to the correct owner?19:25
taaemmal-: I have the settings ther19:25
taaembut not the apps :D19:26
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
taaemand I didn't changed anything related to ofono19:26
Nokiustaaem: chown -R radio:radio /var/lib/ofono check also if the APN is correct19:26
Nokius^ add this to your .ks file check hammerhead .ks19:27
marxistvegankrnlyng: so i tried your flash zip of the and it says it failed to flash in twrp19:28
taaemNokius: what does LOOP in mobile settings mean?19:28
Nokiustaaem: that u have a o2 sim prepaid may :)19:29
taaemNokius: o2 yes, prepaid nope19:29
krnlyngmarxistvegan: huh how did you create that zip?19:29
Nokiusit's the data option19:29
taaemNokius: ah okay19:30
Nokiusmal-: just saw there is no documetation for pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue19:30
mal-Nokius: is there any needed?19:31
Nokiusanf the changes for miniafservice19:31
mal-Nokius: there are instructions for pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue in faq19:32
mal-Nokius: I'll add the miniafservice to all hybris branches19:33
mal-Nokius: forgot to do that19:33
Nokiusmal-: :D19:33
taaemmobile data working \o/19:34
Nokiusover looked the lines get bit full now days19:34
mal-also I need to add the cm11 patch for audioflingerglue19:34
taaemthis is soo awesome :P19:34
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
taaemGPS working \o/19:39
taaemFix in about 10 sec19:39
taaemin Messwerk19:39
mal-taaem: nice19:41
*** happy-dude <happy-dude!uid62780@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
Nokiustaaem: is Loop sending u blance sms ?19:42
taaemNokius: Was the wrong APN just switched to the right one and it worked19:42
marxistvegannh1402: krnlyng either of you still around?19:43
Nokiustaaem: sure just to test if sms works :)19:43
krnlyngmarxistvegan: yes19:43
taaemNokius: yeah I don't have really an idea how to test that19:43
marxistvegankrnlyng: which zip file should i grab cause the sfdroid one failed to flash19:44
taaemand rtc alarms also working :P19:44
Nokiustaaem: one of the good free sms provider if the still around this days used it when I was in school alot19:44
taaemjust switched on because I set an alarm for in 1 min19:44
krnlyngmarxistvegan: it is on my dropbox19:45
Nokiustaaem: 5vor12.de19:45
taaemoh just realised audio isn't working anymore19:45
marxistvegankrnlyng: ahhh so i had the wrong one...where is the link for that?19:45
Nokiustaaem: can u push your changes?19:46
taaemNokius: is that a save service?19:46
taaemNokius: which changes?19:46
Nokiustaaem: save after snowden nothing is save :D _imho_19:47
Nokiustaaem: u did in configs19:47
taaembut pulseaudio isn't working anymore19:48
Nokiusis it running?19:49
taaemhow to check?19:49
taaemNokius: I mean if I give them my number will they spam me with sms or calls?19:49
Nokiusback the days they didn't message me the number I will send u a sms19:50
Nokiusps aux | grep pluseaudio19:51
taaemseems to be running: root      2986  0.0  0.0   1916   524 pts/0    S+   20:51   0:00 grep pluseaudio19:51
Nokiustaaem: at to  sparse/etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio  -vvv after -n and kill pulse have aslo a terminal with journalctl -f to see what going on19:52
Nokiusit will restart19:52
taaemPulseAudioControl::openConnection:77 - Failed to connect to so...nden  that was in journalcontrol19:52
mal-Nokius: taaem there was a typo in the grep command Nokius gave19:53
Umeaboymal-: How does every device differ when it comes to which kinds of files that are added to each device directory?19:53
* Nokius sorry19:54
mal-Umeaboy: what directories are you talking about?19:54
UmeaboyBecause I see that Hammerhead has more files than Yuga.19:54
taaemanyway its running19:54
UmeaboySorry.... Less files.19:54
mal-what files, where?19:54
taaemmal-: Nokius^19:55
Umeaboymal-: ^^19:55
mal-ah that, no idea19:55
mal-taaem: you have the pulseaudio configs?19:55
UmeaboyAnd I could also make use of android_device_samsung_p1 in
UmeaboyCan you import it?19:56
Nokiusmal-: looks ok to me19:57
UmeaboyIt is already in Cyanogenmod's github.19:57
mal-Nokius: taaem that's wrong19:57
taaemmal-: ?19:57
mal-taaem:  sparse/etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio19:58
mal-that should contain something like this with the correct path for your config19:58
mal-taaem: now you have the .pa file in that file19:59
taaemmal-: oh i see19:59
taaemI failed that19:59
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*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:04
taaemmal-: sound is up again20:04
taaemand pushed it to github20:06
taaemso leds20:07
taaemmal-: can you help me with that?20:07
Nokiustaaem: check if u have /sys/class/leds/20:10
taaemtheir working when I do echo 200 > /sys/class/leds/blue/brightness20:10
taaemBut how to hook up to the UI20:11
taaemNokius: ^20:11
Nokiustaaem: sorry no idea20:11
mal-taaem: install mce-tools package and try to use mcetools to test if mce can control them20:12
taaemmal-: no it cant20:15
piggzmonich: i killed rild20:15
mal-taaem: how did you try?20:15
taaemas long as I'm doing everything right20:15
taaemmal-: mcetool --activate-led-pattern=PatternBatteryCharging20:15
taaembtw youtube doesn't work20:17
mal-taaem: that is to be expected20:17
taaemmal-: thought so20:17
mal-taaem: I assume you haven't done lines 115-> from faq20:18
taaemmal-: nope can do it now20:18
taaemmal-: any idea about LEDs?20:21
mal-not really, it's odd that those don't work20:21
mal-taaem: and those leds also have max_brightness? what does it say?20:22
taaemmal-: 25520:22
mal-that's normal20:22
taaemmal-: should I but and droidmedia.spec directly in $ANDROID_ROOT or somewhere different20:26
Nokiustaaem: $ANDROID_ROOT20:29
taaemNokius: thx20:31
spiirointaaem: so, you can get the leds to work by manipulating sysfs files? but working through sfos/mce does not work?20:36
mal-sledges: , and
taaemspiiroin: sysfs files?20:36
mal-taaem: those /sys/class/leds/blue/brightness20:36
spiirointaaem: yeah, like that "echo 200 > /sys/class/leds/blue/brightness"20:37
taaemyes I can do echo 255 > sys/class/leds/blue/brightness and it lights up20:37
spiirointaaem: 1st thing - do you have mce-plugin-libhybris installed?20:38
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Nokiusspiiroin: I can echo vales into /sys/class/leds/green/device/showing  to get diffrent colors20:38
Nokiustaaem: rpm -q mce-plugin-libhybris to check it20:39
Nokiusspiiroin: have it and mce is not able to get LED up20:39
taaemspiiroin: installed20:39
spiiroinI'll go take a peek at sources, whether/how brightness+max_brightness only controls are handled20:41
taaemhow to only rebuild droid-hal-onyx?20:45
spiirointaaem, Nokius: you have the same hw under work?20:46
spiiroincan you stop mce and then do "mce -T -qqqq -l hybris.c:* --auto-exit=0"20:47
taaemno I have OnePlus X Nokius has Oppo Find 720:47
spiiroin... should show something about the led backend selection20:47
taaemhow to stop mce?20:48
taaemspiiroin: ^ sorry for dump question20:48
spiirointaaem: as root, do "systemctl stop mce"20:48
Nokiusno it's the find5 I meantion ^ the find7s actes as the X20:49
taaemNokius: ah sorry20:50
taaemNokius: its nice how close oneplus and oppo device are under the hood20:50
spiirointaaem: ok, that is not what I was expeting .. I'll take another peek20:51
Nokiustaaem: oneplus is a oppo spin off ;)20:51
mal-Nokius: is that really correct?20:52
Nokiustaaem: oneplus use the assable linse from oppo20:52
Nokiusmal-: correct what?20:52
mal-that paste20:52
taaemNokius: and OnePlus CEO was some high position in Oppo before20:53
Nokiusmal-: thx fixed20:53
Nokiusto many clipboards20:53
taaemsledges: can you enable store for the OPX?20:54
spiiroinok, I guess the "binary" is just because the binary is the last backend that is tried and the name stays even though the probing is not successful20:54
Nokiustaaem: I know it's the guy how was working on the cm N1 project or?20:55
taaemNokius: could be20:55
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spiirointaaem: except ... any chance that you actually have "/sys/class/leds/button-backlight/brightness" & co present on the device?20:58
taaemspiiroin: button-backlight folder is there but there is no actuall button-backlight on the OPX20:59
spiirointaaem: having the dir + file(s) in there is enough to confuse mce - if it does not find matching rgb led backend21:00
taaemspiiroin: how to remove them?21:01
taaemspiiroin: all folders in there
spiirointaaem:  strictly speaking should not matter if the rgb led stuff would work21:01
Nokiusmal-: mce-tool work on find7s :) but not hooked up correct21:02
spiiroin... I'm assuming lack of blinking controls is not expected21:02
spiiroincan you do few rounds of "time echo N > sys/class/leds/blue/brightness" with varying N?21:03
spiiroindoes it take more than few ms of realtime?21:04
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taaemspiiroin: now it doesn't work at all21:05
taaemlet me reboot21:05
taaemlol the offmode charging looks strange21:06
taaemand doesn't show battery level21:07
Nokiusspiiroin: is /sys/class/leds/<color> expected ? I have led:rgb_blue/    led:rgb_green/   led:rgb_red/21:07
taaemspiiroin: it changes directly21:08
taaemand i can dim or light them up correctly21:08
taaemspiiroin: its always 0m0.001s21:09
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off21:14
spiiroinNokius: basically the plugin code has arrays of pathsets it knows how to handle. some of that f should probably use config files instead, but ...21:19
spiiroinnow and then subtle differences in the way controls work mean the code also needs to be changed / added21:21
kimmolisbj has lcd-backlight  led:rgb_blue  led:rgb_green  led:rgb_red  wled21:21
spiiroinso if there are 3 directories where red/green/blue led controls lie and they are similar enough to already known/handled configs -> just add entries to array21:22
spiiroinif not, then also code is needed21:22
spiiroinin this case, I'm guessing there has not been rgb led without any kind of blinking controls -> that needs to be addressed in code21:23
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taaemspiiroin: you have any idea for me?21:24
taaemalso how to get mtp working?21:26
spiirointaaem: making "vanilla" backend tolerate missing blink controls21:26
spiiroinaround ^ there21:26
spiiroin(I'm not actually sure if the plugin is still in github, or has it been moved to mer git ...)21:27
spiirointaaem: I can also take a closer look at it, but probably not before monday (evening)21:27
taaemSo add /sys/class/leds/blue ...21:27
taaemspiiroin: that would be great I will also be aways the next days21:28
*** gexc-tablet <gexc-tablet!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:29
mal-taaem: for mtp you need this patch to your kernel
taaemmal-: okay thats for another day21:32
taaemCan I automacally remove adaptation0?21:35
Nokiustaaem: yes add it to the .ks21:35
Nokiusssu dr adaptation021:36
*** TheRealJohnGalt <TheRealJohnGalt!uid29986@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:36
Nokiustaaem: check the find5 .ks at the beginning  of 60
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:37
taaemNokius: isn't the .ks always overwritten when building the image?21:38
Nokiustaaem: yes u have to add it each time u build21:39
taaemwhen I try to play a youtube video it loads and then sends the browser to the background21:39
taaemand kills it21:39
taaemNokius: ah okay21:40
Nokiustaaem: ad also the chown for /var/lib/ofono it's a known bug21:40
taaemNokius: why need I to do that?21:41
Nokiuscheck the folder21:41
taaemNokius: nothing there21:42
taaembut I can play music in the browser21:42
Nokiusthere are some info written like APN and subscriber  ID21:42
taaemNokius: ah okay21:44
Nokiustaaem: did build everything that mal- meantion21:44
Nokiusfrom the faq21:45
taaemfollowed the pp21:45
Nokiusdid linkthe codex?21:45
mal-taaem: try playing a video in gallery app21:46
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taaemNokius: it works so far that i'm now able to play songs from soundcloud and I couldn't do that before21:50
taaemmal-: Nokius  I downloaded a video but in gallery nothing is showing21:54
taaemsec its working21:55
taaemperfectly fine21:55
mal-so you have crashing browser, I have the same problem with fp221:56
taaemmal-: okay21:56
Nokius*** Error in `test_sensors': free(): invalid pointer: 0xb6d4e090 ***21:58
Nokiustest_sensors should work without config flies or?21:59
mal-Nokius: yes21:59
taaemmal-: the same video works downloaded but not in a browser22:01
taaembut enough for me today22:01
mal-taaem: quite good progress22:02
taaemmal-: I think also in 2-3 days so much working22:03
taaemnever expected that22:03
taaemnow I have only camera, calls, LED and mtp on my list \o/ and store needs to be enabled22:06
taaembut camera should be just some conf files right?22:07
taaemand mounting storage22:07
taaemand sdcard22:07
Nokiustaaem: since u have droidmedia yes22:08
taaemNokius: thought so :P22:08
taaemI'm still amazed that data works without me doing much22:08
mal-taaem: yes, you can use the mk-cam-conf to make the gst camera configs and then copy the other camera configs from hammerhead for example22:09
taaemmal-: next time :P22:10
mal-taaem: data works quite easily usually after ofono works, same with sms, call audio sometimes needs some additional work22:10
taaemjolla-camera should work then? no need for cameraplus anymore?22:10
taaemmal-: audioflinger-glue?22:10
mal-taaem: yes22:11
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)22:11
mal-most cm12.1 devices need that22:11
mal-it seems22:11
taaemsince everything was quite similar to fp2 til now i probably need that22:11
mal-taaem: if calls don't work now then it's most likely needed, usually calls either work right away or they need that22:12
taaemmal-: will test next time22:13
taaemNokius: Gute Nacht22:23
Nokiustaaem: dito22:23
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taaemis it normal that there aren't any preinstalled pictures or videos?22:34
Nokiustaaem: yes22:38
taaemNokius: ah okay22:38
Nokiustaaem: if u like to at some flickr has nice cc photos22:40
taaemNokius: thanks for the tip22:40
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taaemgood night22:59
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Nokiustaaem: gn823:07
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:13
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Nokiushope I catched them all
Nokiustime to get some sleep23:43
UmeaboyI found some errors in the fullbuild script that I'd like to have a validation for if possible:
UmeaboyI know that there are non-fatal errors, but as you wouldn't want to make many small errors become a big problem in the future I suggest that theese gets fixed as soon as possible.23:51
UmeaboyI already made some smaller adjustments to it.23:51
UmeaboyStill waiting for the approval of my PR's.23:52

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