Thursday, 2016-01-28

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ChrisPHL /msg NickServ identify hunter206:59
Stskeepstime to change password, ChrisPHL :)06:59
* tbr was about to say the same06:59
ChrisPHLLOL *facepalm*06:59
* tbr sends his nickserv password as the irc server password, much more convenient07:00
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ChrisPHL@sledges: I did it again: cd $ANDROID_ROOT; rm -rf build/; repo sync; cd build;  git checkout 9d8b59fb3701c2154d359a83ea7314f9897c731e; cd ..; rm -rf out/; source build/; breakfast i9100g; rm -rf out/; make -j1  hybris-hal07:03
ChrisPHLI inserted a repo sync after removing build/ because within build/ are some scripts that are called later. any ideas/suggestions?07:03
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* Stskeeps is packing for fosdem07:49
stephgexciting times :)07:50
stephgwell you're an old hand at this I suppose so perhaps less exciting07:50
Stskeepsyeah well seems this year is on the tails of me having been sick07:50
stephghope you're sufficiently recovered that it doesn't impact the w/e07:51
Stskeepsyeah, hope so too07:52
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Nokius_no FOSDEM for CRY; super sad about it I was fine the hole winter but got sick this week arr08:40
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StskeepsNokius: ah, so you're not able to come?08:45
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adeen-ssledges: I think i found an issue with the ubuntu sdk. Google chrome stops working as soon as i start the chroot. I need to change the permission of /dev/shm to 777 to enable chrome to run again.08:50
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NokiusStskeeps: yes, I don't feel well to travel so I stay home :,( It was a hard decision, I'm really unhappy now09:01
StskeepsNokius: alright, next time around09:02
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kimmolinow i just need exchange to onyx09:03
StskeepsNokius: hope you feel better, i'm not exactly healthy either09:04
NokiusStskeeps: thx09:06
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Nokiuskimmoli: "qmf-activesync-plugin"?09:12
Nokiusor what do u mean?09:12
kimmolinot found09:15
Nokiuslooks like it only on Jolla1 and tablet not on ports09:18
Stskeeps3rd party properitary09:19
NokiusStskeeps: :D09:19
stephgadeen-s: curious, I found my mouse stopped working at some points either in the sdk or in the ubuntu chroot in the sdk09:20
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adeen-sstephg: I believe it to be an issue caused by incorrect permissions.09:33
stephgI actually think I'd seen the /dev/shm thing before too09:33
stephgand yeah needs to be 177709:33
stephg(sticky bit needs to also be set)09:33
adeen-sstephg: yep. 177709:34
vgradeNokius: keep wrapped up, we need to plan the next time09:40
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Nokiusvgrade: :)10:25
Nokiusjust back from a wark in the sun, realize what I will miss :(10:27
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sledgesNokius: a real shame, but i can tell you many people are snorting around these weeks, if that'll make you feel better :}10:43
Stskeepstime to bring a mask10:44
Nokiussledges: nearly my hole team at work is/was sick :(10:46
sledgesyep, winter was ok, now flu season cometh10:47
Nokiussledges: looks like10:47
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sledgesStskeeps: eat lots of garlic :D11:11
Stskeepssledges: planning on spicy mexican and steak for lunch11:11
sledgesno chance to pass on or get passed on an ilness, simply because everyone will keep away from that person :D11:11
ggabrielsledges: exactly11:11
ggabrieland protects you from vampires11:11
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sledgesggabriel: probably vampires don't like the smell either:D11:18
ggabrielI'm with them vampires as I hate garlic myself... or maybe I am a vampire11:19
adeen-sTry eating curd with roasted cumin seeds and herbs to neutralise the smell. Works everytime. :D11:20
locusfis this something like exploding a burning oil well?11:21
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adeen-slocusf: I'm not sure that i understand you completely11:26
locusfadeen-s: ie. have two large powers cancel each other out :)11:26
locusfthey drop a stick of dynamite to a burning oil well11:27
locusfthus creating a oxygen lacking athmosphere -> no more fire11:28
locusfwater is the worst idea ever fyi11:28
adeen-slocusf: This is more like covering the well with uh ...a cover of some sort to prevent the flames from rising.11:30
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adeen-sGood night everyone. See you in the month of march.12:00
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sledgeshmm did he do the hit-by-a-bus strategy?:))12:08
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locusfsledges: at least my hotel is closer to Vincent this year :p13:00
sledgeslocusf: good choice!:) where were you last year?13:03
locusfsledges: Hotel Capital13:03
locusfwhat a dump13:03
locusfwell what can you expect 66e a night13:04
sledgesbest when there are offers on booking.com13:06
sledgesif checked months before13:06
locusfhotel de galories this year13:08
sledgesi'm back at Sage_'s found gem Floris Arlequin:)13:10
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stephgPSA: SailfishOS Community Meeting over in #mer-meeting in half an hour14:03
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JvD_st. nicholas14:22
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Sage_sledges: it was ok hotel ;)14:54
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sledgesSage_: cheap and not a hole ;) with wifi and breakfast (your main REQs), and some earplugs for vgrade :D15:02
sledgesalso centric15:03
sledges(round corner from delerium, hence the earplugs bit :D)15:03
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piggzbut can it make calls
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Nokiuspiggz: luck u :D21:13
Nokiussledges: I bed to giveaway but no breakfast :P21:14
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ghosalmartinso...anyone know anything about building xulrunner?22:13
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taaemvgrade: dr_gogeta86 got your OPX?22:20
just486_hi! is there any forum like this but for plain sailfishos developement for jolla, not for ports? where i can ask stuff22:20
taaemjust486_: #sailfishos for app dev and #jollamobile for everything else22:21
just486_thank you22:22
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sledgesghosalmartin: mb2? :) but we best leave it to OBS22:52
ghosalmartinsledges: well it builds on obs, and then make fails for no reason22:52
ghosalmartinand cant scroll up to see errors, its the last blocker22:52
sledgesghosalmartin: use osc rbl (remotebuildlog or how was it)22:53
sledgeswill give full output22:53
sledgesknown issue on webui..:/22:53
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vgradetaaem: right on cue, just booted your image :), nice23:07
vgradetaaem: continued camera hacking on train tomorrow23:08
taaemvgrade: ah great23:09
taaemvgrade: sd card stuff is already in repos but not included in latest build23:11
vgradeok, no probs23:11
* sledges bring laptop23:11
sledgesneed to find its battery though:))23:12
sledgessee you on the train vgrade!23:12
vgradesledges: I've 2 1+1 + 1x so plenty of camera devices to hack on23:12
vgradesledges: see you , going to pack now !23:12
* vgrade remember to pack sim swap tool23:13
taaemvgrade, sledges much fun at fosdem and good luck with hacking :P23:14
sledgesyes, long night ahead:)))23:14
sledgestaaem: cheers man, it's that fun that you should come next year;)23:15
* vgrade puts devices on charge23:15
taaemsledges: would like to but probably no time due to graduation and stuff23:17
taaemvgrade: night23:17
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ghosalmartinsledges: found issue with rebuild, aarch hasnt been defined in build_config.h23:19
ghosalmartinbefore I forget23:20
ghosalmartinfix is here23:20
merbot`Mozilla bug 1219566 in WebRTC "Add aarch64 macro to webrtc/trunk/build/build_config.h" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:20
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sledgesghosalmartin: ah! nice23:28
sledgesghosalmartin: your aarch64 build effort is transpiring into internal sfos make-up ;) so keep up the ggreat work!23:28
ghosalmartinsledges: well if xulrunner and supporting packages build, thatll be all of it built23:29
ghosalmartinill just have to refactor commits and branches23:29
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sledgestranspiring in the sense that we hear talks internally;)23:30
UmeaboyHi sledges!23:32
UmeaboyI disected my external hard drive case a while ago.23:32
UmeaboyI was surprised to see that LaCie uses Seagate disks.23:33
sledgesbeen there once:D didn't work after (nor before:)) but was all good intentions:)23:33
UmeaboyI thought LaCie have their own drives.23:33
UmeaboyOr is Seagate bought by LaCie?23:33
UmeaboyOr opposite....23:34
ghosalmartinsledges: ahh good stuff :)23:36
sledgesUmeaboy: ODM..OEM..:)23:40
ghosalmartinsledges: any idea why this build is blocked?
sledgesghosalmartin: checking out massive sources;)23:41
ghosalmartinsledges: ...oh yeah :P i editted inline thankfully23:42
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