Saturday, 2016-02-06

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marxistveganfolks I have the n5 running but realized that the cellular modem does not connect06:00
marxistvegannot sure if there is an easy fix06:00
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piggzmal-: trouble finding repo with gstreamer1.0-droid-tools08:19
piggzmorning btw!08:19
locusfgood morning08:20
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mal-piggz: you built that yourself, so it droid-local-repo08:26
piggzmal-: so it is!08:27
piggzmal ... do i also build cameraplus myself?08:27
mal-piggz: you should use jolla-camera now08:29
mal-piggz: copy this and fix the resolutions if needed
piggzmal-: the mk-cam-conf instruction seems to hang08:33
piggzahm its waiting for camera service08:34
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mal-piggz: did you add the shutter disabling?08:40
piggzmal-: not yet...08:41
mal-you can add it manually to default.prop08:41
mal-piggz: also do you have any camera related android service running, check ps aux08:44
piggzmal-: mk-cam-conf still haning, but not waiting for service....08:44
piggzmal-: only minimediaservice08:44
piggznothing with *cam*08:45
mal-piggz: check init*.rc for anything cam related08:48
mal-also logcat08:48
mal-piggz: do you have both of the mini* services running?08:49
piggzmal-: yes08:49
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mal-piggz: anything interesting on logcat?09:24
piggzmal waiting for audio flinger09:25
mal-piggz: if you have reported in getprop and you have rebooted then you might need to patch libcameraservice.so09:27
piggzmal-: it is reported09:27
piggzand i have rebooted09:27
mal-piggz: which cm base? 11?09:29
piggzmal-: 12.109:29
mal-try this
mal-tell me when you have done that so I can let you know which additional hack you need09:31
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mal-piggz: sorry, I meant this
piggzmal-: cool, i was a little confusd09:32
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mal-piggz: that's goes to frameworks/av09:32
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mal-after you have built that copy the to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib/09:33
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piggzmal-: system/lib?09:38
mal-of course09:40
mal-after you have the file in place you need to add a hack to init.rc09:41
piggzmal-: what does said hack look like?09:44
hashcormal:-Hi, I still stuck with this errors
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mal-piggz: add setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ under service minimedia09:48
hashcor mal:-Hi, I'm still stuck with this errors
mal-hashcor: I saw that, I trying to google what could be the problem09:51
mal-hashcor: which cm base?09:51
hashcormal-:Cm 12.109:52
piggzmal-: ok .... now camera hangs waiting for sensorservice09:52
piggzmal-: mk-cam-conf now eventually exits with error .. this is the logcat
piggzmakes for interesting reading09:57
piggzsh-3.2# mk-cam-conf 0 /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf09:58
piggzFailed to start pipeline09:58
piggzright, im taking kids to squash .... back later .... monich, any thoughts on old ril?09:58
kimmolibeen following your thing, not patching, but mk-cam-conf now gets stuck09:59
monichpiggz: it's an old ofono, ril version 1 it's printing isn't really the ril version09:59
piggzmonich: ok ... use version i used on the n7000?10:00
monichpiggz: whatever is git right now, it's quite usable10:01
piggzmonich: ok, later :)10:01
piggzi'll add it to build_pacakges10:01
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kimmoliatleast mk-cam-conf DEBUG does not say no cameras found...
mal-hashcor: does make lz4 do anything?10:02
mal-kimmoli: I assume that's onyx? there was some problem that some sockets were not present10:03
hashcormal-:no, I just installed apt-get install liblz4-tool10:03
mal-hashcor: no no10:04
mal-hashcor: that's not how things work10:04
hashcormal:-ok, what did you mean?10:05
mal-hashcor: we want the android lz4 to be build in HABUILD10:05
mal-if it's not10:05
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taaemkimmoli: onyx?10:06
kimmolihave you made camera working already?10:06
taaemsadly no but i didn't had time to do so... you saw my bluetooth hack?10:07
mal-hashcor: I might have an ugly fix for your problem, in system/extras do git reset --hard dfa14f7457f8e15e410965ce0795809370d091fa10:08
taaemits really strange but works at least it now scans for devices i couldn't test pairing would be great if you could do that10:09
kimmolii'll check10:09
hashcormal:Sorry, I overlooked "make"  lz4.  It compiled OK.
mal-hashcor: then try make hybris-hal again, if it still doesn't work try that ugly hack10:13
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kimmolitaaem: had to restart statefs, now it found my jolla10:14
taaemkimmoli: great, i still need to find the problem since that is not a really a fix :D10:15
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kimmolitaaem: (proof)10:16
taaemkimmoli: good news now only camera is missing from adaption right?10:17
mal-kimmoli: try contact sync also, that has been problematic sometimes10:17
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taaemcamera, store and fm radio10:20
kimmoliand double-tap-to-wakeu`p10:21
kimmoliand statefs to fix connections...10:21
taaemexchage not fixable for us i think10:22
taaemdouble tap to wake possible i think and about statefs don't know if that is possible for us10:22
mal-taaem: kimmoli install systemd-analyze and reboot, then use the systemd-analyze plot to create a svg of the boot order, that might tell when the bluetooth is initialized, maybe it's done too late or something10:24
hashcormal-:I already tried compiling after lz4, so I would have to go with "ugly fix"10:25
mal-taaem: kimmoli my bluetooth service has different dependencies that your service
taaemkimmoli: can you add mal- dependencies and revert the script to the state before?10:31
kimmolii'll try10:31
hashcormal-:Why I get this notes ( when I'm compiling the first time after "make clean" with arguments make -j4 hybris-hal, Then if I try with make -j1 hybris-hal I get this ( or similar.10:38
kimmolitaaem: functionality reverted also. blank screen, drops wifi etc...10:39
mal-hashcor: no idea what those are, does it continue building?10:41
mal-hashcor: doesn't seem to10:41
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mal-hashcor: make -j1 hybris-hal is recommended, btw, those pastes were the same10:41
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hashcormal:-yes, I'm sorry I meant this,As you can see from paste, i got error with git reset.10:47
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taaemkimmoli: so modifiying the service didn't make any difference?10:54
taaemokay then back to my hack10:55
kimmoliand making lescan from cli makes gui scan work too. actually it shows one device in ui too10:55
taaemkimmoli: the difference between lescan and normal scan is that le scan actually doesn't stop after sometime, but the sailfish ui doesn't make a difference between le an dnormal10:57
mal-hashcor: add there lines to your local manifest and do repo sync11:00
mal-kimmoli: did you check the boot order11:01
kimmolinot yet, i tested what taaem suggested and tangled some noodles11:05
hashcormal-:I got out of lz4 error,still have sparse_file error
*** hashcor is now known as hashcore11:14
taaemmal-: ^11:23
mal-hashcore: try running make libsparse_static11:27
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mal-I've never understood why that kind of build problems occur since many cm12.1 ports have been successfully built11:32
hashcoremal-:Still have errors ( after compiling libsparse_static and hybris-hal11:39
hashcoremal-: It looks like there is no libsparse_static just libsparse11:42
mal-hashcore: did you try building that11:44
hashcoremal:-yes, It compiled successfully, trying again make hybris-hal11:47
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hashcoremal-:I got different errors now
mal-hashcore: try reverting the change to local manifest and repo sync again11:57
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hashcoremal-: If I revert back local manifest, I got all errors with lz4 and spare_files back
mal-hashcore: now try rebuilding the libsparse like you did before12:15
mal-kimmoli: taaem mount-sd@mmcblk1p1.service looks odd in that plot, takes a lot time12:17
* ggabriel 112:22
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hashcoremal-:All errors came back12:40
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piggzmonich: ofono 1.16 is better ....13:02
piggzwhen i run it normall, i register on the network fine, but cannot get a data conn13:02
piggzwhen i run it with debugging, i get s segfault13:03
piggzmonich: bt
monichpiggz: the backtrace would be a bit more useful if the line numbers were available13:06
monichpiggz: can you crash it with debug info?13:07
monichpiggz: in the meantime I can try to guess what went wrong, based on the hex dump of the incoming ril packet13:09
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monichpiggz: wow, RIL version 2, never seen that one before13:09
*** hashcore <hashcore!~hashcore@unaffiliated/hashcore> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:10
piggzmonich: ha :)13:14
monichpiggz: let's see if I can dig up from the ril.h git history what DATA_CALL_LIST response looked like back then13:15
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piggzmonich: i'll leave you in peace for an hour or so while i take son to football13:20
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mal-hashcore: so you have also the sparse errors even though you once got rid of those after building libsparse?13:40
mal-hashcore: what does make lz do?13:40
mal-hashcore: sorry make libz13:41
kimmolinemo on fp2 looks like sfos on oneplusX with pixelratio 1.013:42
nh1402piggz: is this real football or what American's call football?13:44
mal-hashcore: also try make lz4 liblz4-static13:49
kimmolinh1402: soccer ?13:51
nh1402kimmoli: that's what American's call real football13:52
kimmolii thought football was dimension unit there?13:52
ghosalmartini think the Europeans got the definition of football right :P14:00
ghosalmartinthe sport that americans know and love thats played with a pigskin should be more aptly referred to as american rugby14:00
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monichpiggz: I think I figured out why it crashes but sorry, this RIL is too old, we don't support it and never will14:22
monichDATA_CALL_LIST response comes in the form of RIL_Data_Call_Response_v4 which doesn't include network interface name and dns servers14:22
monichwhat it does include just isn't enough for ofono/connman to set up the connection14:22
nh1402ghosalmartin: THANK YOU14:30
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ghosalmartinnh1402: it seems like plain logic :P14:31
locusfalso aussies call it soccer14:33
locusfand have their own "football"14:33
ghosalmartincall what soccer? football?14:34
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ghosalmartinaustralian football seems like american rugby but without all the padding14:35
r0kk3rzaussieball nice14:38
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: they're really very different games14:38
r0kk3rzamerican football is more like rugby14:39
ghosalmartini cant find a decent clip of open play14:39
r0kk3rzsince its a line game, where as AFL is a field game like euro football14:39
ghosalmartini see14:40
r0kk3rzbut instead of the ground, the ball travels through the air14:41
r0kk3rzand you jump and catch it14:41
ghosalmartini saw that bit :P14:41
ghosalmartinthey seem to really like that bit14:41
r0kk3rzor punch it to each other14:41
r0kk3rzand there is no goalie, and the goals are huge14:42
r0kk3rztypically you get people scoring from 50m out14:42
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hashcoremal-:yes, I got also sparse errors back even though I got rid of those after building libspare. If I comment out, I got all those errors back.15:10
taaemfound something for binarys for onyx LD_PREDOAD "/system/lib/"15:10
taaemkimmoli: dr_gogeta86 sledges ^15:10
taaemdidn't you try to LD_PRELOAD libcamera*.so in minimediaservice?15:12
taaemcan you try with that lib?15:12
taaemtaken from this
kimmoliwhat is ?15:14
hashcoremer-:libz compile fine, lz4 also. There is no liblz4-static.15:14
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taaemkimmoli: no idea15:16
kimmolitaaem: i haven't had time to make build env... so i don't have libOP.so15:16
taaemisn't it on device?15:16
kimmolididnt find15:16
piggzmonich: shame :(15:17
kimmolionly /system/lib/ which didn't help15:17
taaemkimmoli: i also don't have other ones15:19
piggzmonich: would ie be possible to get the ifname and dns from a setting? dns could even be initally15:20
piggzor env var?15:21
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mal-hashcore: did you try to build the libs I told you a while ago15:24
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hashcoremal-:Yes, libz compile fine, lz4 also. There is no liblz4-static.15:26
mal-hashcore: did those help with building hybris-hal?15:27
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:28
hashcoremal:-No, If I comment out, I got all errors (lz4 and sparse) back15:29
hashcoremal-:No, If I comment out "<remove-project name..." (, I got all errors (lz4 and sparse) back15:30
hashcoremal-:here is all ( output from make hybris-hal15:34
piggznh1402: real football15:36
kimmolistucks here; droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrc.c:416:gst_droidcamsrc_get_hw:<droidcamsrc0> get hw15:38
piggzim sure guhl did something similar for sfos 1 ofono on the htc vision (hard coded dns and others)15:42
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stephgany idea what the BAM means in CONFIG_MSM_RMNET_BAM16:29
stephgCONFIG_MSM_RMNET isn't set, when I enable it I get loads of great new stuff (but it seems to break lipstick somehow, even though double-tap to wake works(!)16:30
stephgbut CONFIG_MSM_RMNET_BAM is set16:30
kehrnoojust installed sailfish on xiaomi redmi s1, works beautifully! just checking if what I read is correct that I need to wait for the store to start accepting it as viable port to get store apps?16:33
stephgkimmoli: ta16:33
stephgkehrnoo (even tho you've gone) that sounds about right16:34
kehrnoowhere did I go? :O16:35
stephgkehrnoo: weird: your name wasn't tab-completing :)16:35
stephgand now it does16:35
stephguser erroar here probs16:35
kehrnooalright, any chance getting warehouse to work somehow?16:35
stephganyway yeah store support will be coming16:35
stephgkehrnoo: definitely16:35
kehrnooI've been googling armani warehouse but alas, that produces results for something that I'm not looking for :D16:36
stephg kehrnoo
stephginstall that16:36
stephgjob done16:36
kehrnooit's already installed :|16:37
stephgin which case launch it?16:38
kehrnooyeah but it says status: no-distro-upgrade-data / extra details: could not configure normal mode16:38
kehrnooI'm sure I'm missing something reeeaally simple16:39
stephghow did you install it16:39
kehrnooit was already there, using this rom here16:39
stephgoh I see16:40
stephgand rpm -qa | grep warehouse gives the same version number?16:40
kimmoliit newer returns from here
kehrnooso, yes16:42
stephgthat's what I have here16:42
stephgrpm -qa | grep libsailfishapp16:42
stephgyou should have a library called taht16:42
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stephgalso if you do a ssl lr is the repo adaptation0 enabled or disabled16:43
kehrnoogot launcher and the lib, v 1.0.10-10.7.116:43
kehrnoodo a what now? :)16:44
mal-ssu lr16:44
stephgssu lr16:44
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kehrnooit's been disabled16:44
kehrnoo(by user)16:44
stephgok well I'm out of ideas now then :D16:44
mal-kehrnoo: have you run zypper ref?16:45
kehrnoooh, thanks anyway :)16:45
kehrnooyup, with -f too16:45
kehrnooeverything's up to date :|16:46
stephgI'd try removing it and adding again but I doubt it'll work16:49
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stephgpiggz: my mouse dies at the 'running pre-scripts' stage at the beginning of mic fwiw16:51
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kimmolitaaem: now i realised this is missing whole libcameraservice.so17:22
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taaemkimmoli: where are you missing that?17:22
kimmoliits not under libexec/droid-hybris/blaa17:23
kimmolior droid-devel17:23
kimmolii can see i under /system/lib17:23
mal-kimmoli: by default is used from /system/lib17:24
kimmoliok then17:24
mal-kimmoli: you need to hack a little to use it from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib17:25
*** hashcore <hashcore!~hashcore@unaffiliated/hashcore> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:25
kimmoliwell it is not there17:25
kimmolimk-cam-conf says "found 0 cameras"17:26
kimmolior gets stuck fetching that count17:26
mal-no need to have it in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib unless you have problem with mk-cam-conf hanging in a certain way17:26
taaemmal-: how to hack it under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib?17:27
mal-by adding setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ under service minimedia in init.rc17:31
taaemmal-: but how to get in there17:32
kimmolithats the question :P17:32
hashcoremal-: Do you have  any ideas about my compiling errors?17:32
mal-kimmoli: taaem the problem you have on onyx does not seem to need that17:32
kimmoliwell, with different LD_PRELOADs, i get different results. two so far17:33
mal-hashcore: not at the moment, very strange why you have problems and others have built it successfully17:33
mal-kimmoli: ?17:33
mal-kimmoli: you get the library there if you built it in HABUILD17:33
mal-kimmoli: and then rebuild droid-hal17:34
kimmoliit either founds 0 cameras (and says pipe failed tjsp) or it gets stuck getting that number of cameras.17:34
kimmolitaaem: ^17:34
mal-kimmoli: so what it different when you do that17:34
hashcoremal-: Do you think it could be something with my sdk environment?17:34
taaemkimmoli: gets stuck sounds better i think17:34
taaemmal-: but how to build it in HABUILD17:35
mal-taaem: make libcameraservice probably17:35
taaemI tried cameraservice libcamera17:35
taaemmal-: No rule to make target `libcamerservice'17:36
taaemdamn typo17:36
taaemnow it build17:36
ghosalmartinhas there been any fix for hammerhead wifi hotspot?17:39
taaemput it in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib17:39
*** hashcor <hashcor!~hashcore@unaffiliated/hashcore> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:39
kimmolitaaem: rebooting...17:42
taaemkimmoli: lets hope for the best17:43
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*** hashcor is now known as hashcore17:44
taaemkimmoli: can you paste the output mk-cam-conf17:45
kimmolisure. a moment17:46
taaemat least we got rif of failed to start pipeline17:47
mal-kimmoli: have you tried combination of 1 or 4 and 517:47
kimmolitaaem: level4 output.
kimmolilevel5 was >20k lines :)17:48
*** ghosalmartin_ <ghosalmartin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
kimmolimal-: updated paste with 1+517:50
kimmolii nEEd f00d17:50
mal-kimmoli: do 4 with /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ instead of /system/lib/libcameraservice.so17:51
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kimmolican taaem build that one lib with just that one const MA did make?17:54
kimmoliyou sent the commit link day back17:54
taaemkimmoli: that should be under /system/lib/libopx.so17:54*17:55
*** guanche <guanche!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
guanchehi, does anybody happen to have a known to work fastboot binary for x86-64 that could be sent or uploaded?17:57
taaemkimmoli: can you try all libs except /usr/lib/
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:57
taaemI mean together17:58
kimmolion next reboot...17:58
kimmoliso far tested ones;
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:01
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*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~quassel@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:01
kimmoli/system/lib/  .. causes it to stuck18:01
taaemkimmoli: thanks can you paste one mk-cam-conf output where it gets stuck?18:01
taaemkimmoli: do you have /system/lib/
*** ghosalmartin_ <ghosalmartin_!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)18:02
mal-taaem: you added only the patch in faq to libcameraservice before building it?18:03
taaemmal-: what are you referring to? there is nothing in FAQ about libcameraservice?18:04
mal-taaem: that patch is the only reason to rebuild libcameraservice18:05
taaemoh missed that18:06
kimmolitaaem: i dont have that file.18:08
kimmolitaaem: -- when it gets stuck18:09
kimmoliwhen stuck it does not return from here:
taaemmal-: error: services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp: patch does not apply18:10
guancheor does somebody the actual command to compile fastboot on the ndk?18:10
mal-taaem: did you apply it in the correct folder18:11
mal-taaem: that would be frameworks/av/18:11
taaemmal-: yep18:13
mal-taaem: do it manually then, should be easy to find the correct place18:13
* marxistvegan rough irc day18:15
taaemnext try18:17
marxistveganany one with a N5 and not getting lte or other cellular data working?18:17
taaemkimmoli: actually this one!6AZ1UCLQ!Jq7lIbUKKczbQOWRqj5E6nqSb5CAGp3bZkeY8k4aXhc18:17
kimmolitaaem: rebooting. init.rc with     setenv LD_PRELOAD /system/lib/
taaemkimmoli: okay18:24
marxistvegannevermind it was at&t default settings18:24
mal-kimmoli: you should try the ones that get stuck18:25
kimmoli0 cams with that.18:25
taaemkimmoli: with 0 cams you are referring to failed to start pipeline?18:26
taaemkimmoli: can you try mal-'s idea?18:32
kimmoliyeah. still stuck18:33
taaemtry with libonepluscamera, libcameraservice and libopx_cam18:34
taaemvgrade: huh?18:42
kimmolitaaem: is mentioned in init.environment18:43
taaemkimmoli: okay so probably no need to LD_PRELOAD that again18:44
taaemso no luck with that18:45
taaemdid you pasted mk-cam-conf when it gets stuck?18:47
taaemkimmoli: ^18:47
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taaemkimmoli: thanks18:55
kimmolithat should be seen in logcat afaiu19:01
taaemkimmoli: is minimediaservice running?19:02
taaemps aux | grep minimediaservice19:03
kimmoliactually not now, it was19:03
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
kimmoliso that was the reason it got stuck in mk-cam-conf. due to LD_PRELOAD minimediaservice did not start19:04
stephgok so it's an odd mix of proximity and something else19:04
taaemkimmoli: well that is bad19:05
taaemI'm away for a few hours cu19:05
stephgso random poll:- how many folks/do folks enable modules for ported devices?19:06
kimmoliwrite(2, "cannot locate symbol \"_ZN7androi"..., 104cannot locate symbol "_ZN7android16CameraParameters12KEY_APP_MASKE" referenced by ""...) = 10419:07
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)19:07
kimmoliwritev(3, [{"\0", 1}, {"\251\20", 2}, {"\6E\266V\344\253{\33", 8}, {"\4", 1}, {"CameraService\0", 14}, {"Loaded \"QCamera Module\" camera m"..., 38}], 6) = 6419:10
kimmoliopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/vendor/lib/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)19:11
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
kimmoliignore last19:16
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piggzmonich: i know that is for the older driver, but gives a hint how it might be supported19:19
piggzgents ... using mb2, how do you create a debug build?19:24
*** krnlyng_ is now known as krnlyng19:25
monichpiggz: yes, I got that but a) it's clearly not a priority for Jolla and b) I don't even have a device to test this kind of a hack19:27
piggzmonich: ok .... im having a bash at it though!19:27
monichpiggz: c) dns and interface name have to be configurable19:28
monichpiggz: then if you consider mms.... that's possibly 2 interfaces19:29
monichmost likely allocated in the order pdp contexts are activated19:29
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:29
piggzwell, small steps ;)19:29
monichit quickly gets quite messy19:29
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piggzmonich: well, i stopped it crashing!19:40
monichpiggz: something like this?
*** copy` <copy`!uid125493@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)19:42
piggzmonich: yes, tracked it down to the debug line19:42
monichpiggz: I thought so too, there was no other place to crash in that function19:43
Tekk_sledges: Not sure if this is the place, but the mms info for AT&T is wrong20:07
Tekk_Should I figure out where to file a proper bug report?20:07
Tekk_Well, the info for cellular internet is wrong too20:08
Tekk_Basically there's some wrong info out there, the info provided for AT&T wireless is for the 2G network, even though a lot of places say it's for 2 and 3G20:08
Tekk_The MMS doesn't even work on 2G I think20:09
Tekk_So no idea where that info came from20:09
Tekk_Also, any reason we're not able to set all the mms info ourselves?20:09
*** guanche <guanche!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)20:23
tbrTekk_: you can set it yourself IIRC. long press the settings item20:34
kimmoliwarning: .dynamic section for "" is not at the expected address (wrong library or version mismatch?)20:35
tbrTekk_: also there shouldn't be APN differences between access technologies. Though verifying the correct setting from an authoritatvivce source  would help20:35
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*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
piggzmonich: in ril_data_call_setup_submit, when the request is sent, where is the length defined ... i need to shorten it :)21:09
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius23:05
Nokiuskimmoli taaem vgrade is the issue with BT not the same as on one plus one and find7s that for some reason there is modprobe fails in the first minute after the boot23:10
Nokiusmonich: was there not PR or some else reporting the AT&T APN  issue a few weeks back? see Tekk_  ^23:13
taaemkimmoli: that symbol should be provided by libopx_cam.so23:19
taaemNokius: what kernel module would that be?23:19
taaemkimmoli: where do you have that from?23:19
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:39
Nokiustaaem: iirc vgrade was about investigatiin why this happend there was a /dev/ blocking the process23:44
taaemNokius: not sure if BT is the same as with bacon and find7s, i never modprobed anything to get it to work23:45
Nokiustaaem: correct23:47
Nokiusah it was wifi sorry23:48
taaemNokius: ah yeah that makes sense now23:48
taaemwifi does also need a timeout currently23:48
NokiusI should go to sleep now! before bullshitning more haha23:48
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:48
ghosalmartinsleep is for the weak...and also the tired...the two have no relation really...haha23:55

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