Thursday, 2016-02-11

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* stephg parp09:18
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sledgeshello lake11:)09:59
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ghosalmartinanyone going to the mwc10:12
ghosalmartinfound out two of my team are going today10:17
nh1402ghosalmartin: without you?10:19
ghosalmartinyeahh, i only joined this team a few weeks back so was too late. No sunny barcalona for me :P10:19
nh1402ghosalmartin: working in mobile development?10:22
ghosalmartinnh1402: yeahh am technically an android dev10:22
nh1402ghosalmartin: I'm classified as a Software Developer, but I'm really just a web dev, with the current project being an android app, and then ios *spits*10:26
ghosalmartinnh1402: yeah about same software dev, happy to work on anything that isnt javascript10:26
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nh1402well the new standard isn't too bad, but its just not supported on the current web browsers10:44
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ghosalmartinnh1402: yeha but that takes forever10:49
ghosalmartinand legacy support10:49
hashcore I got an error, is it just cosmentics or should I find solution to it?10:56
dr_gogeta86porters ... good morning11:00
nh1402ghosalmartin: yh internet explorer support *spits*11:09
sledgesghosalmartin: QML is javascript :D well, more like JSON i'd guess11:09
ghosalmartinsledges: it is, but theres structure11:11
sledgesyep, i know what you mean
dr_gogeta86sledges, emscripten is worse
sledgeshey taaem11:14
taaemsledges: hows it going?11:14
sledgestaaem: full steam, and you?;)11:14
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* Siltaar supporter of Sailfish OS port on Fairphone 211:15
taaemsledges: excited since i'm going to the us in 2 weeks11:15
dr_gogeta86taaem, pvt pls11:16
hashcore I got an error, is it just cosmentics or should I find solution for it?11:16
sledgesdr_gogeta86: is this a national secret?;)11:18
sledgesSiltaar: welcome aboard!11:18
dr_gogeta86is a secret just for OPX owner ;-)11:18
dr_gogeta86btw a friend asked me for a phablet with active port11:19
dr_gogeta86i've pointed him to find711:19
dr_gogeta86but is pretty unavaiable in italy11:20
dr_gogeta86sledges, did build by hand sfdroid11:35
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mal-hashcore: your android_external_lzma is too old11:51
nh1402did someone say sfdroid11:55
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NokiusStskeeps: have fun at mwc12:15
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Nokiusdr_gogeta86: find7a and find7s so 201412:16
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sledgesNokius: thanks, we'll try :D12:25
stephg is the latest ofono yeah?12:27
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stephganswering my own question apparently so yes12:32
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Nokiussledges: I lost teh connection12:39
Nokiusstephg: zes there is also a repo from mal-
* sledges going to MWC as well12:40
stephgNokius: ta12:40
Nokiussledges: oh12:40
* Nokius wonder if we have not used tickets at work :s12:40
mal-stephg: that repo also fixes some issues with statefs when using latest ofono, also some issues I encountered on fp2 related to connman12:41
Nokiusstill a dreeam to go there12:41
mal-does anyone have experience installing a zip using fastboot update?12:42
stephgmal-: ok thanks12:42
stephgwill try with his then with yours12:42
taaemWhen does MWC begins?12:44
sledges22nd Feb12:45
Nokiustaaem: it's not payable if u have not a sponsor the ticket is $$$$$$12:46
Nokiusplus travel plus stay :,(12:46
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Nokiustaaem: checked once when I was younger and then I found out that I will hardly make it there12:53
Nokiuseven if I work now in mobile tech inc, but in the wrong department but getting closer :D12:53
ggabrielwhen I try to check prices for mwc, I get an "Error establishing a database connection"12:54
ggabrielprobably int overflow :P12:55
ggabrielok, the price is insane to see yet another android device...12:57
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ghosalmartinsledges: i cant type anything?13:33
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sledgesseemingly you are typing13:35
ghosalmartinsledges: into that jslinux13:38
ghosalmartinoh wait13:39
ghosalmartinits loaded13:39
hashcoremal-:How can I update  android_external_lzma13:42
mal-hashcore: edit manifest13:42
mal-hashcore: i.e. change the revision of that repo13:44
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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS collab @ #mer-meeting in a minute ;)14:28
ggabrielta, lurking away14:29
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Nokiussledges: stephg: Sorry I have not time the license is CC for the cm wiki  we can use it as webosport did15:10
Nokiusbusy at work manager is going creazy15:10
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Aoyagi_trashtopSo how hard is it to port Sailfish OS to a new device?15:15
mal-depends on the device, what device are you thinking?15:15
Aoyagi_trashtopErr, nothing in particular. But I assume it has to be something that's running Android.15:16
mal-Aoyagi_trashtop: yes, and you have to have either cyanogenmod 11.0 or 12.1 (and hopefully soon 13.0) or aosp5 sources available for the device15:17
Aoyagi_trashtopI shouldn't have looked at what's for sale nowadays...15:21
Aoyagi_trashtopBB Priv looks kinda nice.15:23
Aoyagi_trashtopIf it wasn't so gigantic.15:23
mal-Aoyagi_trashtop: there are also some limitations which architecture it can have15:25
Aoyagi_trashtopI see.15:25
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locusfwell that usually applies to exotic devices like new devices and x8615:25
mal-either 32-bit arm or 64-bit x8615:26
locusfalso 32bit x86 :)15:26
locusfbut still15:26
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nh1402Phones are starting to come out with 4GB DDR4 RAM, it's starting to get ridiculous15:34
nh1402not really ridiculous per-se that happened long ago when people started releasing giant phones15:34
nh1402and idiots using 7inch tablets as a full on phone.15:35
mal-which makes apps and OS even more memory hungry because people don't need to care about it15:35
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nh1402which is the wrong way of doing things15:37
Aoyagi_trashtopConsumer tech is going to hell, eh15:38
Aoyagi_trashtopI've just checked GSM arena, there are two phones in total that would fit my requirements... oh well15:39
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nh1402Aoyagi_trashtop: which ones15:41
Aoyagi_trashtop and I gotta go, sorry15:42
Aoyagi_trashtopS4 and some "Viper"15:42
Aoyagi_trashtopoh, and both of those lack physical keyboard, heh15:43
Aoyagi_trashtop(whici is why I originally checked BB Priv)15:43
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nh1402lg g5 might come with a magical port, that could see a keyboard attachment15:45
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nh1402not sarcasm15:49
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r0kk3rzsledges: stephg: re the meeting today, did you want to split the libhybris table up into a maintained / unmaintained section?17:42
r0kk3rzor even a released/unreleased might be useful17:44
locusfrather per device pages17:45
nh1402what about colour coding the name section17:45
nh1402for mantained and unmaintained17:46
r0kk3rzlocusf: sure, my point was for a number of things in the table, theres nothing to put on a device page17:46
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locusfr0kk3rz: true17:54
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nh1402locusf: what is the difference with a pure port and a libhybris based port?18:20
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:22
locusfnh1402: just that its non-libhybris18:24
locusfno android as base18:24
locusfjust install sailfish/nemo as normal linux18:24
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r0kk3rzlocusf: would be nice to glorify those as well18:25
r0kk3rzfew though there may be18:25
locusfn9 + rpi218:25
nh1402what about the kerenl level could you use the latest linux kernel18:25
locusfqcom devices from sony should reach mainline at some point18:25
nh1402why do you say that.18:26
locusfI talked with jerpelea at FOSDEM18:26
locusfthats why :)18:26
locusfhe's the guy leading the effort18:27
locusfn9 mainline kernel probably might not work18:27
locusfrpi2 is almost mainline18:27
locusfbut not quite18:27
locusfchip should be the most likely candidate18:27
nh1402would there be any performance and/or battery consumption improvements18:28
r0kk3rzusually its the other way around18:29
locusfwell it does drop a layer from the system calls18:29
locusfbut its yet to be studied18:29
locusfwe don't have eg. pure phone adaptations18:30
locusfand n9 has its android but its too old for any effective libhybris testing18:30
locusfvakkov did have ideas on using androids hwcomposer on n918:31
nh1402how would one test the difference18:31
locusfuse libhybris port for a while, take measurements18:32
locusfswitch to pure port, take measurements18:32
locusfcompare results18:32
nh1402what measurements18:32
locusfpowertop for example18:33
locusftrace systemcalls18:33
locusferr well18:33
locusfI don't really know more :p18:33
* piggz is viewig hex replies again :/18:33
locusfpiggz: debugging ril?18:34
piggzlocusf: yup .... so nearly got a data connection18:34
*** M-jon <M-jon!jonterracr@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC (Quit: node-irc says goodbye)18:34
locusfits all about those AT commands18:35
locusfget those right and go18:35
locusfat least thats what it was like doing the same things with pppd back in 200518:35
piggzits parsing the ril replies thats the problem .... version 6 is implemented in ofono, but not v418:35
nh1402a pure port would still be device specific though wouldn't it18:36
locusfnh1402: yes18:37
locusfmaybe not on Sony devices18:38
locusfthey have unified kernel but differ only by device tree binary18:38
locusfbut the kernel still needs to be configured correctly18:38
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nh1402it's only the Sony devices that share a unified kernel, all the other manufacturers don't do that do they, I don't really have any experience with any other device, just had an Xperia Ray and a Nexus 5.18:40
piggzlocusf: monich: i got 'Connected limited connectivity' !18:44
piggzmonich: if you can suggest anything from these replies:
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)18:46
* piggz is getting good at decoding replies :)18:46
monichpiggz: SETUP_DATA_CALL reply?18:48
locusfnh1402: yes18:50
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vgradenh1402: the sony efforts are aimed at qcom platforms so may be useful on other OEM devices19:11
locusfoh yes I forgot to mention that19:11
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LitewIs there any way to turn Developer mode on after turning it off? It asks Jolla account for enabling it back, and Terminal is gone19:19
LitewNo ssh/telnet either19:20
LitewShoot in the foot...ok19:21
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stephgLitew: hm19:21
stephgyou may be able to hack at early boot with the telnet...19:21
LitewSo this is normal state to ask Jolla account to enable dev mode? Just asking19:24
LitewSince my imei is not registered19:24
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piggzmonich: hey19:36
piggzmonich: its a bit odd that the response for setup_data_call get handed to ril_data_call_list_parse() ??19:40
piggzwhich explains why ive had trouble parsing it in that function!19:40
dwangoACHas there been any progress on making Sailfish run inside of an app sandbox in Android?19:43
dwangoAC(I haven't checked on this in a long, long while)19:43
nh1402I've not heard of that project19:46
nh1402unless you're talking about the exact opposite19:46
dwangoACnh1402: It was in a thread on XDA a couple of years ago19:46
dwangoACnh1402: Well, I'm actively testing the exact opposite :)19:46
dwangoACBut sadly, I may be forced by my company to use a corporate supplied phone with heavy encryption, running Android19:46
dwangoACAnd if I refuse, I give up the ability to get E-Mail19:47
monichpiggz: these days it's all RIL_Data_Call_Response (various versions of it)19:48
dwangoACThere might yet be one other opening; they are using MobileIron, so it's *possible* I could find a way to manually install it inside of sfdroid, but it would be best if I could do that in a "sandbox", because there's another restrcition that says we can't have any media on devices (i.e. no songs or videos)19:48
dwangoACAnd if MobileIron is running they get full control to check for that, which is just silly19:48
dwangoACSo if I stick with Sailfish as the primary OS I'd ideally like to wall all of that off to an sfdroid "sandbox", and have a second sfdroid instance for personal use19:49
dwangoACnh1402: Granted, this is all very lofty thinking on my part19:49
nh1402remember sfdroid is still alpha, I wouldn't advise it to be installed on a primary rom19:50
dwangoACnh1402: Oh, of course, I fully understand that :)19:50
dwangoACnh1402: Although I am technically, I have my Nexus 4 in my pocket running sfdroid19:51
dwangoACnh1402: And it's been my primary device the past few weeks19:51
nh1402have you installed the latest version19:51
nh1402reducing cpu usage19:51
dwangoACnh1402: Not yet, need to19:51
dwangoACnh1402: I want to move to Nexus 519:51
dwangoACBut the framerate there is around 20 fps at all times unless I'm connected to a charger19:52
dwangoACAt which point it mysteriously goes up19:52
nh1402there was a deal somewhere for the Nexus 5 for a cheap price19:52
dwangoACnh1402: Er, I mean, I have both a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 519:52
dwangoACbut the Nexus 5 isn't behaving well enough for sfdroid to be usable19:52
dwangoAC(By my needs, anyway)19:52
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Qno_s4 mini detects sim now. Funny part is that this poor fellow is sim-locked:) Sad part is that i have to use windows to unlock it:(19:59
LitewNope, all good, just needed to switch between Connect to PC and Dev mode several times to get telnet back20:00
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stephgLitew: cool (sorry, was having dinner)20:35
stephgwhich device btw20:35
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Litewstephg: Xiaomi Redmi 1S21:13
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sledgesr0kk3rz: maintained/unmaintained is attemped to be reflected via Active/Past porters:
dwangoACsledges: By the way, thank you very much for making Nexus 5 work so well - I hope to swing over to it as soon as I can work out some sfdroid issues and figure out why the touchpad still bugs out sometimes, but it's looking to be one of the best non-Jolla devices for Sailfish OS thanks to your initial efforts23:40
dwangoAC(Well, there were a lot of other people who helped out in the past on that as well)23:40
dwangoACsledges: Any word on when there will be another Jolla phone in general or an official Jolla phone in the US?23:41
sledgesdwangoAC: thanks for kind words, but it was mainly untying community's hands who did so well23:42
sledgesdwangoAC: i remember you used n4 at first, that has sfdroid too ;) (coming)23:42
dwangoACsledges: Heh - there is great power there :)23:42
dwangoACsledges: I have the Nexus 4 in my pocket right now, running sfdroid23:42
sledgesmain sfdroid dev thought he'd buy himself a device finally:D as opposed to coding blind23:43
sledgesthat was one helluvan effort:))23:43
dwangoACsledges: but the same things that you might recall held me back before still hold me back now - I am legally required to use a hands-free kit and Nexus 4 does not have working Bluetooth23:43
sledgeshow is n4 vs n5 sfdroid?23:43
sledgestrue true..23:43
dwangoACsledges: And the Nexus 4 has very, very short vibration which means I miss calls all the dang time (this annoys me much)23:43
sledgeswhich n4 build are you running?23:43
dwangoACsledges: I'm running the "latest" on N423:43
dwangoACsledges: Regarding N4 vs. N5 sfdroid comparison, the N4 is much smoother, I seem to be seeing a framerate issue on N523:44
dwangoACAnd battery life had been awful23:44
dwangoACsledges: cm10 on N423:44
dwangoACsledges: cm11 on N5, of course23:44
sledgesthere is cm11 on n423:45
sledgesby ballock ;)23:45
dwangoACsledges: Now, N4 had awful battery life with sfdroid, but I gather there was a build yesterday to address high CPU usage that I'll try out, but my destination is hopefully Nexus 523:45
sledgesstill no sound, but close23:45
dwangoACsledges: Right23:45
dwangoACsledges: Yeah, that's a detriment to using it, you might say... :)23:45
sledgesi already watched youtube vids on it:)23:45
sledgesmute though:D23:45
dwangoACsledges: Heh, silently23:45
sledgesbut browser video integration was out of box23:45
sledgesso was camera23:46
sledgeshacks free23:46
dwangoACsledges: But, yeah, will Jolla release an official phone in the US ever? :)23:46
sledgesand recording iirc23:46
dwangoAC(I know, I know, I pushed too hard last year too)23:46
sledgesdwangoAC: what do you think? ;)23:46
dwangoACsledges: Well, I really hope so, but it's been so long23:46
dwangoACsledges: The tablet project and all that was obviously a distraction, and I'm just hoping there's a refreshed device in the works23:46
dwangoACsledges: I'll be content for the time being if I can get the Nexus 5 working, but it's really only usable without a case (most cases get too close to the screen and make swiping from the edge very difficult)23:47
dwangoACThe Nexus 4 has a bigger bezel and it's easier to find cases that you can still edge swipe with23:47
dwangoACsledges: Very cool to hear on cm11 though, it's a big jump from cm10 to cm11 in a lot of ways23:50
dwangoACcm10 is starting to feel downright dated :)23:50
dwangoACsledges: Oh, by the way, since I last spoke with you I did another AGDQ event and we programmed Mario Maker on top of Super Mario All Stars, and going back to last year, our Pokemon Plays Twitch run is now documented in a PoC||GFTO article:
dwangoAC(That's a big .PDF file link, but that's becuase it's a polyglot that's a .pdf or can be renamed to .zip and unzipped or even renamed to .lsmv and replayed as a movie file in the lsnes emulator wich then replays the article I helped write)23:53
sledgesdwangoAC: if you could blow an "in-pursuit-for-BT/bluez-developers", could make the headset profile work on n5 ;)23:53
dwangoACsledges: Well, yes, I *could* go that route but if it already works on the Nexus 5 and I can get that working it's probably a path of less resistence - I mean, if no one has fixed it yet it isn't going to get fixed. :)23:53
dwangoACsledges: But, yeah, the most recent AGDQ event ( was the biggest TASBot block I've organized thus far and that block alone raised $94k USD for cancer prevention research, so it was a huge success23:54
dwangoACAnd slightly horrifying, I presented in front of 196,000 live streaming viewers23:55
sledgesdwangoAC: we had lots of things that were stalled (especially the dreaded qcom GSM modem glitches, which was a showstopper for most modern ports), but then monich and jusa_ came along and bang! we have full fledged ports on other devices now:)23:57
dwangoACsledges: Awesome!23:57
sledgesdwangoAC: so does headset work flawlessly for you on n5?23:57
dwangoACsledges: I love hearing progress like that23:57
dwangoACsledges: I don't know yet23:57
dwangoACsledges: I need to test that23:57
sledgesah ok23:57
sledgeswell, be prepared for anything;)23:57
dwangoACsledges: Heh - I usually am :)23:57
sledgesn5 BT qcom layers are a PITA23:57
dwangoACsledges: I'm testing OpenStack these days, it makes the stuff you make look positively polished23:57
sledgeshence my advise for you to be a whistleblower when we'll need more BT devs around here:)23:58
dwangoACsledges: Heh23:58
tathhusledges o723:58
sledgeswell, wrong word there, but you catch my drift:))23:58
sledgesdwangoAC: openstack? cloud stuff?23:59
sledgestathhu: o723:59
dwangoACsledges: Yes23:59
dwangoACsledges: I'm currently testing 10 Gbps throughput through virtual network functions23:59
dwangoACsledges: And playing with things like SR-IOV and DPDK for getting the most packets per second through as possible23:59

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