Thursday, 2016-02-25

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taaemsystemctl restart ohmd.service fixes that.00:21
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Nokius_locusf: I asked at ubuntu today how much android is left under there touch OS nothing beside Sensor parts so sfdroid may not be an option00:46
Nokius_at the end they did care even that showed guys I know what u do and who u have00:46
Nokius_they are happy to have u lpotter :P Some was jelling I hired him over the both :P00:47
lpotteri think android parts live in a container00:48
lpotteror something weird00:49
Nokius_lpotter: yeap some one sad container during my visit00:49
lpotterthen there's apparmor you have to contend with00:50
Nokius_night was looong great day \o/00:53
lpotterthey get sensor data from SensorManager instead of directly from libhardware00:53
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kimmolitaaem: nice. you updated wiki also! yes, seems i have xda account. i will test today.05:23
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:14
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:14
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:17
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:17
otwieraczIs this possible to use any GPS augumentation in Sailfish on Nexus?06:25
otwieraczI see there is „faster position fix” in location settings, but I have concerns if this works.06:25
otwieraczIt's still few minutes for me to get GPS fix06:26
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kimmolitaaem: reflashed cm, flashed alpha-1, went smoothly06:54
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taaemkimmoli: your xda name is kimmoli right? great i will post the thread on xda and oneplus forums soon07:27
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taaemsledge_mwc: anything i need to check on before making  public release with forum thread etc?07:46
locusfNokius_: ok07:48
stephgwe should keep a central list of threads on xda somewhere07:48
stephgwould be useful to cross-post/vote on each others threads there07:49
stephg(visibility and all that)07:49
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kimmolitaaem: yes kimmoli. i logged in and it welcomed me as new user :)08:00
taaemokay then we're ready to go let's do this08:02
taaemkimmoli, dr_gogeta86, sledge_mwc: ^08:03
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kimmolime listed twice \o/08:15
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sledge_mwctaaem: about bacon camera we figured out with vgrade that cm zip we flash is too new08:18
sledge_mwcan older one fixed camera problem (because it matches source code time roughly on mer-hybris/android_system_core for 12.1 branch)08:18
taaemkimmoli: sledge_mwc you're contributers so you can edit first post08:19
sledge_mwcnot saying it would work for you too right away, but worth a shot08:19
taaemsledge_mwc: sadly I can't go back in time :D you mean using one of the first CM builds? that were around October 201508:19
taaemwill test maybe later if i get some time08:20
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taaemsledge_mwc: mwc over? if so i should ping you because of store08:23
Stskeepsno, last day today08:23
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taaemah okay much fun08:24
sledge_mwctaaem: ouch, you're right, no onyx here in retrospect:
sledge_mwcso we might end up rebasing our own sources insted (to february state)..08:25
sledge_mwcotwieracz: it should be possible to re-use AGPS from CM, mal- should know more iirc08:25
sledge_mwctaaem: thanks for still being around :) (you said last week you'll have a long break soon)08:26
taaemsledge_mwc: I'm going on Saturday :)08:26
sledge_mwcyou've provided great documentation!08:26
taaemI wanted to go against that hit-by-a-bus theory :P08:27
sledge_mwcyou've gone very well, now you can be hit no problem :DD08:27
sledge_mwctaaem: who can edit forum entry? ;)08:28
kimmolitaaem: did you include usbdisk utils? (OTG)08:28
taaemsledge_mwc: sadly its not possible to add other people for editing that08:28
taaemkimmoli: no, wasN#t aware of that08:28
sledge_mwctaaem: you can remove the "what doesn't work" section from that forum, as it's shown on wiki anyways08:29
taaemsledge_mwc: okay will do08:29
* sledge_mwc MWCs away08:30
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taaemi'm also away08:30
taaemkimmoli: can you send me what package i should include?08:31
kimmolilets see is that broken08:32
kimmolii renamed repo08:32
taaemkimmoli: maybe add a small instruction to the first post how to get that working08:32
* taaem away08:32
mal-otwieracz: sledge_mwc I haven't made enough testing to see it the jolla's gps middleware can use cm agps properly, logs look interesting but I need to test more08:36
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ballockWhat's the official git repo for Jolla phone? sbj, right?10:57
ballockIs that ?10:58
ghosalmartini wanna say ytes10:58
nh1402_workghosalmartin: but....10:59
ghosalmartincant remember if am right10:59
ballockCause in its dtb qcom,qpnp-rtc-alarm-pwrup = <0>.11:01
ballockSo it sounds like it's not the thing that allows to power up the device with an RTC alarm.11:01
ghosalmartini take it you want rtc alarms? :P11:01
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ballockAnd, setting this to <1> on mako did not help.11:02
ballockghosalmartin: yes, I got a hint about that from phdeswer yesterday, but he seems to be away now.11:02
ghosalmartinfair enough, most seem away at mwc11:03
Nokius_ghosalmartin: how are things going with aarch6411:05
* Nokius_ sits in the sun end enjoy it @ home is snowing :o11:06
ghosalmartinNokius_: currently i need to chroot into the aarch64 stuff, am just not clued up on qemu11:06
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Nokius_ghosalmartin: ok11:07
ghosalmartinNokius_: take it your in barcalona?11:08
Nokius_can't wait to go on this devices :D11:09
nh1402_workghosalmartin: and what about the cm13 base stuff?11:10
nh1402_workNokius_: on as in, a video on the device, or on as in stand/sitting on device?11:10
Nokius_nh1402_work: ?11:11
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: mic is being funny at the moment so cant build an image11:11
nh1402_workslap some sense into mic and grow up11:12
nh1402_worktell it to*11:12
stephgmic is always funny :(11:13
ghosalmartini've no idea whats wrong with it, cant seem to find a certain package, but the package exists perfectly fine11:13
nh1402_worksounds like it needs an intervention11:13
stephgso who is our resident modem kernel expert? that's where I think my modem problem is. even though I have CONFIG_MSM_RMNET_USB set (as it is in CM)11:14
ghosalmartinnow: Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
stephgudev is not creating the modem devices /dev/hsiccctl[0-3]11:14
stephgso ril can't see them11:14
stephgI think it's in the kernel as it's also not creating the sysfs entries for it either11:14
stephgand I don't know why :(11:14
mal-nh1402_work: I made patches for cm13 but haven't tried those yet11:15
mal-I need to backup my device first11:15
ghosalmartinmal: could you get an image built?11:18
mal-I haven't tried yet, just built hybris-hal11:18
Nokius_nh1402_work: I have a 64 bit device11:19
nh1402_workNokius_: Interesting, which one.11:20
Nokius_nh1402_work: oppo what else :P11:20
ghosalmartinNokius_: unlucky :P11:20
ghosalmartinno sfos yet11:21
Nokius_but soon11:21
nh1402_workis that the one with the fake edge to edge display?11:21
Nokius_that's the gole11:22
Nokius_nh1402_work: R7 Plus11:22
Nokius_have issues with hybris hal11:23
nh1402_workI might get the oneplus 3, which is kind of from oppo.11:25
Nokius_nh1402_work: :D11:27
Nokius_so soon right11:27
Nokius_did saw them here :s11:27
nh1402_workto save on costs no doubt11:29
* Nokius_ cu later11:29
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ghosalmartinare patterns version dependant?13:39
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tortoisedocghosalmartin : patterns?13:51
tortoisedocsoftware patterns?13:51
ghosalmartinthe jolla patterns13:51
ghosalmartinturns out they werent13:51
ghosalmartinI cant seem to get mic to build an image13:51
stephgI suppose I'll compile the thing as a module and watch what happens on load14:01
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vgrade_wstephg: do you have anything similar to
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stephgvgrade_w: don't think so but I will look now14:19
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stephgvgrade_w: nothing like that, not a shell script, am flashing cm now to see if they do anything funky that I missed14:31
vgrade_wwas this line I was looking at
stephgoh curious14:35
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stephgok flashing back into sfos to start blindly echoing some of this stuff to what I do have in sysfs14:38
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vgrade_wcould be that xtc have an app which runs in android which does this poking14:43
stephgvgrade_w that would presumably be also in the initrc's as well tho no?14:44
stephgvgrade_w: \o/ running crashes the device14:54
stephgso tring the dsda portion now instead...14:54
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stephgthat crashes too it seems14:57
ghosalmartinanyone know how i can chroot into my scratchbox2 target14:58
vgrade_wstephg: do you have similar sysfs nodes14:59
stephgvgrade_w yes the same15:01
stephgin that script though my getprop ro.baseband is wildly different tho15:01
stephghowever I do have some of the same msm device stuff so am reading all of this...15:03
vgrade_wstephg: might be a red herring then, especially if we can't see anyting in stock android15:04
vgrade_wdriving into those sysfs15:04
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locusfghosalmartin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> opens a shell15:18
locusfghosalmartin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> -R opens a root shell15:18
ghosalmartinlocusf: and I dont need to mess with qemu?15:19
locusfghosalmartin: not its all transparent15:19
ghosalmartinlocusf: awesome thanks15:19
stephgvgrade_w: I must be missing something like this tho15:26
stephglet me boot back into CM again15:26
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*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin15:30
stephgvgrade_w: wtf:
stephglook at the bottom15:33
stephgwhy have I got 4 processes named hsicctl015:34
stephg(well my modem names anyway)15:35
stephgoh they're in the kernel somehow15:35
stephgchildren of kthreadd15:35
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vgrade_wthis is in Android?15:42
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stephgit was15:55
stephgI think I'm making progress15:55
stephgI am making progress15:55
stephgecho Y > /sys/module/rmnet_usb/parameters/rmnet_data_init15:56
stephgand I get modem devices15:56
stephgnow how do I kludge that in at boot so ril sees it early enough15:56
stephgvgrade: ^^15:56
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mal-stephg: run a service that does that before droid-hal-init?16:04
stephgmal-: good suggestion16:04
mal-stephg: since droid-hal-init brings up ril16:04
stephgI actually wonder if this will come up now with other sysfs changes16:06
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vgrade_wI've seen this elsewhere where the animation prop does not get set in sf16:15
vgrade_wso you have to set it , let me check  hammerhead16:16
stephgvgrade_w: I have that in my init.qcom.rc already but a getprop says it's not there16:19
vgrade_wyea,  its set by bootanim  process (the fancy android boot animation)16:20
stephgshall I add to my default.prop and reboot?16:20
vgrade_wand as we don;t run that process it never gets set16:20
stephgwell let me add anyway16:20
vgrade_wyep, I'll look where we added this before16:21
vgrade_wor maybe we just moved the items triggering on that prop to another section16:22
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
stephgwonder if that as-is would work for me anyway as the ordering is wrong (can't do the chown before the thing is enabled in the first place)16:25
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vgrade_wstephg: looks like we had this on cm11 bacon, fix was to trigger on "on property:sys.boot_completed=1" instead of the bootanim16:31
stephgoh ok16:31
vgrade_wand your right seems to be the wrong order16:31
stephglet me quickly hack that in then16:31
stephgthanks for the detective work16:31
stephghere we go...16:32
vgrade_wstephg: sorry , sec16:33
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stephgI have a sim icon :D16:35
vgrade_wstephg: progress?16:35
stephgthis image doesn't have the telephony patterns installed16:36
vgrade_wstephg: you can zypper them in16:36
stephgbut I got a sim inserted and restart warning16:36
mal-stephg: that a good situation16:37
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stephgok rebooting again16:39
vgrade_wUS is doing reusable spacecraft , UK is doing 100 year old train restoration16:39
stephgoo I also have the Virgin SIM app thingy appeared16:39
vgrade_wand arguing about upgrading the pieces of string to our homes16:40
stephg(interestingly mobile data settings have gone from settings16:40
vgrade_wstephg: know issue16:40
mal-stephg: use the dconf trick16:40
mal-vgrade_w: I need to check if that problem is also on fp216:42
stephgmal-: what's the dconf trick? I need to write all of this up in the hadk16:43
stephgon every boot it's showing me the sim inserted warning16:43
stephgI must be doing this too late16:43
stephg(or I'm missing something else)16:43
mal-stephg: dconf reset /apps/jolla-settings/maskedSettings16:44
stephgthanks both16:44
stephgwell the modem works16:44
stephgmade a call16:45
stephgno audio it seems16:45
stephgand it's killed the UI16:45
stephgbut it worked16:45
mal-stephg: faq line 69 ->16:46
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mal-stephg: check if sms and mobile data works16:47
stephgmobile data works \o/16:47
stephgsms apparently not16:48
stephgmay not have credit16:48
mal-might be, usually sms is working easily16:49
stephgrecieving them works16:49
stephgsending did work too16:50
stephgwhich is great, as now I have a picture to twat :D16:50
stephgthanks both so much for the help16:50
stephgwill do the audio stuff tonight16:50
vgrade_wthanks stephg for getting to the root cause of those dev nodes16:53
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mal-stephg: remember to add the cellular pattern before rebuilding the image16:53
*** lake11 <lake11!~denis@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:54
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ozzzhello gents!16:55
stephgmal-: yeah they're in the newer image I built but that had a seriously hacked up kernel.16:56
vgrade_w\o ozzz16:56
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ozzzjust want to ask, if it possible to compile firmware for samsung rugby smart? Armv7 Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255T - 1.4016ghz, 346 mb ram16:58
*** blackjack4it <blackjack4it!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:59
ozzzram module is 512mb , but seems 250 mb is used by JVM17:00
mal-I have installed sailfish on a device with 512 MB of ram, looks like that device only has an unofficial cyanogemod 10 available, which means that you basically can port sailfish to it but will have issues with camera and also with video playback etc17:04
ozzzmal-: thanks for helping17:06
ozzzyeah, recently I tried that versions17:06
ozzzcamera works wery bad17:07
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ozzzand maybe it will be stupid question, may I extract drivers from working device as ubuntu does, to avoid of installing CM 10?17:09
mal-ozzz: sailfish is flashed over cm and uses parts of it17:12
ozzzmal-: oh, now I understand. thanks for your help!17:13
ozzzseems better to buy new device haha )))17:13
mal-ozzz: if you want to install sailfish you might want to check this for current status of various devices
ozzzmal-: awesome!17:16
ozzzyes, I tired of using android17:16
rss351mal-:  I'm still not having any luck with my cm-12.1 based port for the xperia z3c.  The phone still stays on the "Sony Xperia" screen, and I cannot telnet into it.  When I  plug the phone into my laptop, it tries to mount all of the partitions on the phone's memory.17:18
mal-rss351: what happens if you only flash the sailfish kernel? and not the rootfs17:18
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:19
mal-rss351: that way you should end up in first stage init with telnet17:19
mal-that would tell if the kernel is working or not17:19
rss351I rebuilt everything (and double checked that selinux=0 and audit=0), and followed your advice to disable the services with ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/[ofono, droid-hal-init, user@100000, and lipstick].service17:21
rss351mal-: the behavior is the same if flash hybris-recovery.img17:22
rss351mal-: interestingly, it seems to be mounting the rootfs because init.log is created17:22
mal-rss351: I'm interested in the situation when you don't have the rootfs on the device, i.e. in recovery format data partition17:22
mal-rss351: what does that say?17:23
*** ozzz <ozzz!~lenz@> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)17:23
mal-rss351: ok, can you try to enable persistent journal log, assuming it manages to write anything there17:24
rss351mal-: I also commented out in init.qcom.rc17:25
rss351mal-: I thought it had something to do with recent cm12.1 builds changing the partitions to f2fs, but when I checked in cm/adb, they were still reported as ext417:28
rss351mal-: and the init.log shows that sailfishos is at least partially loading17:28
mal-rss351: yes, according to that it should have telnet but probably something is causing a kernel panic or something which causes it to go to a debug mode, what does dmesg say if you boot the device with the cable connected?17:30
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:31
mal-rss351: usually disabling those services should be enough, also about that selinux=0, did you remember to add also the flag that enables commandline disabling of selinux?17:32
mal-rss351: that tells that the telnet is up for a short time before something happens17:34
mal-rss351: do you have CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=Y in your kernel config? in addition to that selinux=0 in kernel commandline17:36
*** Litew <Litew!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:37
rss351mal-: and I've tried setting CONFIG_AUDIT=y and n17:37
rss351I haven't tried changing CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP=y17:38
mal-rss351: try adding /init_enter_debug2 to your sailfish root17:38
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off17:38
mal-rss351: just an empty file named that17:38
rss351mal-: ok17:38
mal-that should halt the boot before systemd17:38
rss351mal-: is there a way to log the kernel?17:38
rss351mal-: ok, cool17:39
rss351do you have any recommendations about CONFIG_AUDIT, CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP, CONFIG_DUMMY, and CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER ?17:40
mal-I have kept audit as y, those last two are probably defined already in kernel config checker17:41
rss351I set CONFIG_DUMMY=n and CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER=n (which is different from the default in CM), but kept CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP=y, as in CM17:42
Litewrss351: xhci_hcd is usb 3.0, right? Maybe try to use usb 2.0 port?17:42
mal-rss351: CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER and CONFIG_DUMMY both have to be =n17:42
mal-rss351: looks like CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP might cause problems17:43
mal-rss351: CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP n,! # Bluez (optional): Causes problems with bluez thus disabling is recommended.17:43
mal-I'll be afk for an hour17:44
rss351Litew: I've been plugging it into the usb2.0 port, but I'll try a different port -- sometimes weird things happen with the ports17:44
rss351mal-: I'll try disabling BT_MSM_SLEEP.  I vaguely remember needing to have it enabled in previous builds, but I could be mistaken17:46
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:46
rss351mal-: are there manifests for fp2 that I could look at to make sure that I'm not missing anything?17:47
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)17:47
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:50
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
piggzevening porters17:57
piggzi need to start my moto-g port ... i gues noone else is active in this?17:58
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux18:00
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux18:00
locusfits been quite videly requested18:00
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux18:02
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux18:02
Litewpiggz: cool, will get my moto atrix 4g back soon (tegra 2), want to try run sfos on it too :D18:04
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:05
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:05
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:08
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vgradeevening Nokius18:15
Nokiusvgrade: how things are going18:22
Nokiusmwc was great fantastic people geart food +1weather18:25
*** smurfynet|afk is now known as smurfynet18:25
mal-rss351: did that init_enter_debug2 do anything?18:31
rss351mal-: and
rss351mal-: I had to do  a hard reset after that -- pressing the power button did nothing19:02
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
mal-rss351: how did it behave when you connected usb cable?19:09
rss351mal-: I plugged in the usb cable as soon as I turned on the phone.  My laptop did not automount anything.  The dmesg output is in the second link.19:13
mal-rss351: did you check ifconfig -a for usb interface?19:13
rss351mal-: no usb interface is displayed19:16
mal-rss351: does it have enxdede6d11601a or something like that?19:17
rss351mal-: just lo, eth0, and wlan019:17
mal-hmm, odd19:18
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:20
vgradeNokius: glad you enjoyed it after missing FOSDEM19:22
vgradeits great to get some early sun on your back19:23
mal-rss351: something is really strange, according to those logs the interface should be ok in phone side19:23
nh1402vgrade: with protection of course, you don't want to be getting skin cancer19:24
mal-rss351: could you pastebin your mer-modified kernel defconfig19:30
rss351mal-:  I'll try rebuilding the kernel/hybris-boot in a bit19:31
mal-rss351: wait a moment19:32
rss351mal-:  I'll also try to telnet into my jolla, just to double check the usb0 interface19:32
mal-rss351: there is some problem with kernel configs19:33
*** rcg <rcg!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:35
mal-rss351: you are missing at least CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y19:35
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
mal-rss351: also others, just a moment19:37
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)19:43
rss351mal-: Awesome!  Thanks!  I'll try rebuilding in a bit19:47
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has quit IRC (Quit: huiiiiii)19:49
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*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
vgradercg: \o20:02
vgradercg: how did you get on with latest bacon20:02
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:18
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stephgok so what's the best/right way to make these android init.*.rc changes?20:19
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:20
*** krnlyng_ is now known as krnlyng20:21
vgradestephg: modify your device repo,
rcgvgrade, i just started to play around with it but i think that i already got some insights.20:25
rcgone result is that the gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad package that i built and uploaded to github should not be installed20:25
rcgwhen this is installed the jolla-camera app segfaults20:25
rcghowever, this can be fixed by re-installing the gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad package from the repo via pkcon install20:26
stephgvgrade luvverly. Baby asleep (for time being), significant other out, lets crack on :D20:26
rcganother observation is that taking photos works with camera-jolla, while recording videos did not work20:27
rcgi did not try cameraplus yet but this is definately on my list20:27
stephg(also sorry for the retarded questions, I still don't have a complete 'map' in my head how all of the parts fit together20:27
rcgthe gstreamer-libav package does not seem to cause issues20:28
vgradercg: when you say did not work for video.  Did it give you viewfinder output and sound when pressed to record20:28
vgradercg , I think I missed this from the instructions20:28
rcgvgrade, i did not check the sound but it showed video20:29
vgradethen froze on stopping recording?20:29
rcganother observation is that after the unsuccessful video-record attempt and closing and re-opening jolla-camera, nothing is shown anymore in the viewfinder20:29
rcgyes, i think it froze when stopping it20:30
vgradercg: yes, so you are at the same place as all on bacon20:30
vgradeplease add this ,
rcggreat, good to know :)20:30
rcgah, so this should enable higher resolutions for taking photos?20:31
rcgi also tried to debug the problems when recording videos via GST_DEBUG=foo but couldn't find anything useful so far20:32
rss351mal-: now I see enx86d5eaafc090 listed under the ifconfig output20:32
rcgone thing i tried was to set the video codec to video/x-theora but then the viewfinder was black and i had errors in the debug output20:32
rss351mal-: Progress!20:32
vgradethere seems to be a disconnect somewhere are you should be able to set focus modes given by mk-cam-conf20:32
mal-rss351: does it have an ip addredd?20:33
rss351mal-: no ip address20:33
rss351mal-:  only HWaddr20:33
mal-rss351: set it manually ifconfig enx86d5eaafc090
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: nh1402)20:35
rcgvgrade, oh, and even though the camera app says that flash is off, there is actually a flash when it is dark20:35
vgradestephg: I feel the same with camera at the moment. Having the whole picture of the stack is not there yet. Pardon the pun20:36
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has quit IRC (Quit: huiiiiii)20:36
rss351mal-: "telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"20:37
mal-rss351: correct port? telnet 2323? or 23?20:37
rss351mal-: I tried both20:37
rss351mal-: I set the ip address to, should I set it to 2.2?20:37
mal-rss351: yes20:38
mal-the is the ip of the device not the host20:38
rss351mal-:  Success!!!!20:38
rss351mal-:  MSM_SLEEP is required to build the kernel20:39
rss351mal-:  I wonder why all of those other flags were missing -- I'll have to check some of old (circa 2015/9) configs to see if they were ever present in the successful builds20:40
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
mal-rss351: now you should remove the init_enter_debug2 and reboot20:41
rss351mal-: I already removed init_enter_debug2;  should I remove the simlinks as well?20:41
mal-rss351: first remove the droid-hal-init, if it starts then we'll continue fixing things20:42
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
stephgvgrade: look at it long enough and you'll get there20:46
* stephg looks funny at repo20:51
rss351mal-: init.log:
mal-rss351: did the phone reboot or start normally?20:52
rss351mal-: I think it reboots into debug mode, same as before20:53
mal-rss351: no need for init.log anymore, journalctl -a output is more important, and dmesg20:53
mal-rss351: with debug mode you mean what?20:54
rss351mal-: it behaves the same as before20:58
mal-so you can telnet in?20:58
rss351is there a way to sftp into the device to pull log files?20:59
rss351mal-: yes, after I manually set the ip address20:59
mal-ok, good20:59
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: nh1402)20:59
mal-rss351: you should be able to ssh in if you first set the password for nemo user21:00
mal-rss351: pastebin output of systemctl21:00
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has quit IRC (Quit: marxistvegan)21:01
drFaustrollso how is mwc?21:02
*** kuba77 <kuba77!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
*** kuba77 is now known as kuba77_21:03
*** kuba77_ is now known as kuba7721:03
rss351mal-: systemctl output:  journalctl output:
vgradestephg: tenacity should be a porters watchword21:10
mal-rss351: looks promising, you'll need this
mal-rss351: edit or add those files to your device and reboot21:12
rss351mal-: cool!  Thanks!21:12
vgradelooking at the amount of logcat which gets thrown there are a lot of moving parts to video21:12
mal-rss351: notice that you'll need to remove the sparse from the file paths21:13
rss351mal-: sure21:13
mal-just making sure :)21:13
rss351mal-: I'll put them into droid-config-z3c21:13
stephgvgrade: s/tenacity/sheer bloody-mindedness/21:14
mal-rss351: yes, that's good to do now21:14
rss351mal-: any idea why the usb0 interface doesn't setup automatically (like it used to)?  I get the line in dmesg: "IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enxdede6d11601a: link is not ready"21:15
mal-no idea21:16
rss351is there a way to pull that commit directly into my git tree (I can always copy and paste)21:18
mal-get the patch like this and then git am patchfile21:19
mal-rss351: if everything goes as planned that fix should remove most of the errors in journalctl output21:21
mal-then we can try to get the UI working21:21
*** smurfynet is now known as smurfynet|afk21:22
rss351mal-: cool!21:24
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
mal-actually you could try it already but better to get those errors out so it's easier to check the logs21:25
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:26
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:33
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rss351mal-:  ahh, much better!21:34
mal-rss351: does journalctl output look better now?21:34
*** hashcore <hashcore!~hashcore@unaffiliated/hashcore> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
rss351mal-: yep!21:34
mal-rss351: run /system/bin/surfaceflinger21:35
rss351mal-: the cyanogenmod animation just popped up21:36
mal-very good21:37
mal-then remove the symlinks user@100000 and lipstick21:38
rss351mal-: journalctl output before surfaceflinger21:38
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)21:39
*** hashcore <hashcore!~hashcore@unaffiliated/hashcore> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)21:44
rss351mal-: no ui yet21:47
rss351odd that fstab.qcom is missing...21:50
mal-rss351: sailfish doesn't use it21:51
rss351oh, ok21:51
mal-UI seems to fail for some reason21:51
mal-rss351: try lines 25-28 of
mal-it doesn't seem to find the hwcomposer library for some reason21:55
mal-but that is surely there because surfaceflinger worked21:57
rss351I get the animation21:57
mal-rss351: does that minimer work?21:58
rss351sh-3.2# EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer21:58
rss351linkerlinker.c:2010| ERROR: failed to link hwcomposer.msm8974.so21:58
rss351test_hwcomposer: test_hwcomposer.cpp:157: int main(int, char**): Assertion `err == 0' failed.21:58
rss351I have to set up the usb internet connection21:59
rss351in order to zypper in, correct?21:59
mal-yes, that's a good idea, follow the instructions in hadk pdf to set up usb networking21:59
mal-rss351: also check what hwcomposer.*.so files you have in /system/lib/hw/22:00
rss351mal- only hwcomposer.msm8974.so22:01
mal-ok, then you might need to rebuild that, in the environment where you build hybris-hal run make hwcomposer.msm8974 and then copy the file from out/.... to your device to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw/22:03
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:03
mal-some issue with linking it seems, I remember that somebody had that earlier22:03
rss351mal-: ok, I'll try that, and the qt5-qtdeclarative-qmiscence in a bit, and let you know22:04
rss351mal-:  Thanks for all of your help so far!!!22:05
mal-np, we'll get the device running properly soon22:05
rss351mal-: I can't wait!22:07
mal-rss351: if you are going to rebuild the image at some point please update the submodule of droid-configs repo of your device22:26
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rcggood night all22:39
*** rcg <rcg!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)22:39
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kimmolitaaem: (finally)23:27
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:28
*** Lipevakala <Lipevakala!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:28
taaemkimmoli: sorry forgot about that :/23:28
kimmoliit seems people just dont read first posts...23:30
taaemalso noticed that, i linked everything someone need on wiki page but some still don't get it...23:32
*** Litew <Litew!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)23:39
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