Sunday, 2016-03-13

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yacukengood morning/day/evening/night01:08
gehidoremal-: any thought why the repos I add with zypper to the sb2 disappear?01:13
* gehidore thinks this is why his build_packages falls01:18
gehidorefails even01:18
yacukenso i finally build sfos for my tablet. but all libhybris tests segfault when open :(01:21
gehidoreimproper versions of libc01:24
gehidorerunning the tests in the right environment?01:29
yacukengehidore: run from root (
yacukengehidore: and as user01:32
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gehidoremal- or anyone who might know please check this out: rpm/dhd/helpers/
gehidorewhat have I done, or not done, that is making the repo's vanish?04:50
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gehidoreheh wonder if the 3.3G free is part of the issue07:39
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kimmoligehidore: i used ssu ar, instead of zypper ar to add repos to sb2. atleat those persists07:57
kimmolidunno does it make any difference07:57
gehidorekimmoli: I'll try that, did you have persistence problems with it?07:59
gehidoreor you just use ssu by default?07:59
kimmolii used ssu as i'm not used to use zypper (only ssu and pkcon as on device)08:00
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kimmolisb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu lr08:04
kimmoliat least i can still see them with ^08:04
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gehidoreI'll try that after I get them copied to the right device08:06
gehidorewas building on my boot disk not my raid1 pool because user error08:06
locusfgood morning08:07
gehidoremoin locusf08:07
gehidoreusing btrfs send receive on something like 100G it seems ... don't know why the build directory got so big08:10
kimmolihmm. my camera said something, maybe usefull08:12
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
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locusfI wonder how much work it would be to have doubletap in fp2 ..08:55
sledgesyacuken: which base are you using?08:56
* gehidore goes to sleep08:56
gehidoredamn DST08:56
sledgesghosalmartin had similar problems
yacukensledges: hybris-13.008:56
sledges(as well as few segfaults during mic)08:56
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sledgesghosalmartin was also doing aosp608:56
gehidorehybris-13 had so many splosions I just went back to 12.108:57
sledgesthat ^08:57
sledgesit's far from stable/working08:57
sledgesand segfaults around libc++ will be one of those symptoms ghosalmartin and Stskeeps had08:57
sledgeseither ask them or downsize to 12.108:57
yacukensledges: segfaults with kmap2qmap not problem anymore (almost)08:57
sledgesgood, because i think ghosalmartin fixed it too, i just didn't find how in the logs08:58
gehidorewhat the crap how big should this build directory be?!
sledgesanyhow, they are the folks to talk to (pretty sure they had to go through same probs)08:58
sledgesgehidore: which manifest?08:59
gehidorethat's 12.1 built up to the point of the mic09:00
sledgesyacuken: any chance you could pick up on bacon please? we're out of time with vgrade, but at least i could offer testing with one of the devices vgrade lent me in fosdem09:00
yacukensledges: i found worked, but dirty fix for my kmap2qmap error. fully reinstalling sb2 (:09:00
gehidoreanywho sleepy time09:00
sledgesgehidore: find what's eating it wish du -sh09:01
sledgesand gnite!09:01
sledgesyacuken: 21:57 < ghosalmartin> the only current fix i have is to re extract sb09:01
yacukensledges: oh. need to be more attentive09:01
yacukenhow to setup ~/.hadk.env for multiple devices?09:04
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sledgesyacuken: not straightforward anymore due to modular layout: the need to move rpm/ and hybris/droid* directories around09:06
sledgesyacuken: vgrade used this last:
sledgesall is needed is to recompile hybris-12.1, we made camera work there09:07
yacukensledges: cool. i'll try09:07
sledgesand find the correct base cm .zip09:07
sledgesbecause the misalignment was the main reason camera didn't work on 12.109:08
sledgesmany thanks!09:08
sledgescamera is the only thing preventing final release 1+1 community has been waiting for:)09:10
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Stskeepssledges: libc++ was the easy part09:17
sledgesyacuken: ^09:17
sledgesStskeeps: has it gotten upstreamed? ;)09:17
yacukenStskeeps: what with libc++?09:17
NokiusHi what did I miss last week saw the onxy cam news :)09:18
Nokiushope all are well09:19
yacukenhi Nokius +)09:19
Nokiusmal-: is there a 'guide' for the fp2 may I can help one fp2 owner from the berlin SFOS meetup group to get the nice OS on it09:20
Nokiuso/ yacuken09:20
sledgeswb Nokius :)09:20
sledgesgood trip?09:20
Nokiuswas over your head a few hours a go :D09:20
Nokiussledges: It was! thanks09:21
Nokiusall ready miss the place09:21
Stskeepssledges: not yet09:21
mal-Nokius: I'm about to release the first image for fp2 very soon, the image seems to be ok already09:26
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Nokiusmal-: \o/09:31
Nokiusgreat news!!09:31
Nokiuslocusf: nice pi3 with SFOS :)09:32
stephg(to both of you!)09:35
sledgeslocusf: 4k soon? ;)09:36
locusfsledges: once I get home yes :)09:42
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locusfNokius: thx:)09:43
locusfits quite crash happy :/09:43
NeKitdoes SFOS on pi3 still use libhybris?09:45
sledgeslocusf: ^09:51
sledgesi know pi2 doesn't09:51
nh1402sledges: what's this z5 premium?09:55
NeKitcameras would be probably the toughest thing working on Cube tablet09:56
NeKit*to get working09:56
locusfNeKit: it never has09:57
locusfits pure09:57
sledgesnh1402: ?10:01
nh1402you mentioned 4k soon, the only device that comes to mind with 4k capabilities (in some capacity) is the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium10:02
sledgesnh1402: rpi310:02
nh1402oh right10:03
sledgesz5 4k has a nice problem, like a fan is needed to blow onto the screen if you have full screen repaints at high rates:))10:03
sledgesi'd imagine10:03
locusfit wont do pure 4k, its upscaled :)10:07
locusfrpi3 that is10:07
sledgesdefine upscaled10:09
locusfask LG :)10:09
nh1402I thought it uses hdmi 1.4 which supports 4k at 30fps10:10
locusfyes but vc doesnt do 4k10:15
nh1402then what's the point of using hdmi 1.410:16
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locusfit is possible to get 4k10:55
locusflemme try10:55
yacukenswitch to hybris-12.1 branch11:03
vgradesledges: just an update, rcg has my setup and has identified some kernel commits to investigate, he's also built version of libav which allows sw video playback.11:04
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yacukennow test_hwcomposer return assertion error11:04
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locusfgot console to 4k11:19
locusfbut no lipstick yet11:19
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ghosalmartinon the nexus5 the android folders are helpfully mounted, is there any reason why my media player wont pickup there content11:25
mal-ghosalmartin: that is an issue with tracker11:27
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ghosalmartinmal: any fix? like manually pointing the tracker or reset it?11:27
ghosalmartinalso does anyone know if the dropbox plugin will automatically upload my camera pictures to it?11:30
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mal-ghosalmartin: can't remember if forcing a new tracking helped11:34
ghosalmartinno luck, ah well ill just move the files back11:35
locusfno 4k EGL wayland11:39
locusfits jus too much for videocore11:39
tbror not enough RAMz, nomnomnom?11:43
nh1402interesting, maybe the Odroid C2 can handle it11:44
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locusftbr: yeah11:50
locusfnh1402: yeah C2 should, MALI2 MP450 is a beast11:50
locusfeven with gpu_mem 768 it won't work11:51
yacukenhow to restart ui with systemctl?11:52
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stephgsystemctl restart lipstick12:00
stephgyacuken: ^^ or systemctl-user (don't remember which)12:00
yacukenstephg: thk12:01
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kimmoli... systemctl-user as root, systemctl --user as user12:19
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yacukenanybody have issue with pulseaudio starting?13:39
yacukenstarts only from user. without config options. systemd service fails13:40
yacukenAssertion 'ma' failed at pulsecore/modargs.c:258, function pa_modargs_free(). Aborting.13:40
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vgradesledges: vgrade9 source upstream PR done13:53
vgradesledges: bus can come now13:54
* kimmoli fustrates with camera not working14:02
mal-yacuken: check the bluez module parameters on other device .pa files for comparison14:06
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kimmoliif i delete /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values does mce reset to default values ?15:13
spiiroinkimmoli: yes, but mce needs to be stopped while you do that15:14
kimmoli--reset-settings better?15:15
spiiroinkimmoli: but to reset settings, you can just do "mcetool --reset-settings"15:15
spiiroinit is the same effect, but with --reset-settings you do not need to stop mce15:15
kimmoliok. btw, the new demo-mode dim is great15:16
spiiroinyeah.  I just noticed that I had developed a habit of doing"mcetool -Don -Istay-dim -d" and ... "mcetool -Ddim" is easier to write and remember ;-)15:18
spiiroinbtw. one more reason to use "--reset-settings" / the dbus api for it: other processes get settings changed notifications15:18
spiiroinif defaults are reset while mce is stopped -> something might not notice the changes15:19
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ghosalmartinanyone know the name of the package for the microsoft exchange?16:08
kimmoliqmf-activesync-plugin on sbj16:14
kimmoliafaic not working on ported devices (?)16:15
tbrIIRC it was a store item anyway16:15
Stskeepsyeah, it's 3rd party commercial offer, not available for ported devices16:15
Stskeepsthere's two implementations, one that has meego heritage and a reimplementation16:16
tbrStskeeps: I thought it was rewritten by Jolla. So it would be just a commercial closed source package.16:16
Stskeepsyeah, was going to get to that16:16
ghosalmartineven if we just download the rpm and move it other?16:16
Stskeepscommercial closed source package as it involves protocols you need to sell your firstborn to get access to :)16:16
Stskeepsor rather, to use 'legally'16:17
tbryes, MS likes moniez, per device in case of activesync16:17
ghosalmartinif we owned the Jolla device it should be legal to move the package? ...I think?16:17
tbrghosalmartin: hire a lawyer to pour over all the EULAs you have to nod off :)16:18
ghosalmartinfair enough :P16:18
tbrin practice: nobody will probably make a hoot unless you go around advertising it or even worse making money off it16:18
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nh1402Stskeeps: thought sawing off a limb or 4 would be enough.16:22
nh1402sawing then, selling of course.16:22
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ghosalmartinbleurgh it requires deps and am too lazy to fish around for allt he rpms :P16:26
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Nokiuskimmoli: was there not once a time u got async working on onxy16:54
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kimmoliNokius: officially i didn't try16:55
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yacukenmal-: thanks.17:51
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yacukennow get "invalid (<null>) target sink for mute-by-route"17:52
yacuken"can't set volume limit: don't know group 'aliencall'"17:52
mal-that shouldn't cause problems17:53
madhusudankimmoli: can you give the path of github double tap rpm?18:00
kimmolimadhusudan: oneplusx?18:00
madhusudankimmoli: anyone18:01
madhusudankimmoli: Thank you...18:01
kimmolimadhusudan: for starters ;)18:03
kimmoliand mce 1.79.0 or newer18:04
kimmolito test, install new mce, and echo 1 > /proc/touchpanel/double_tap-enable (or something like that)18:05
madhusudankimmoli: Thank you18:09
kimmoli{"mm-camera\0", 10}, {"Failure initializing laser sensor. Error: 4 ?? frikin lazers18:17
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yacukeni think sound works. but i can't hear. pactl say all sinks suspended.18:37
Nokiusyacuken: bacon?18:39
yacukengalaxy tab 218:40
yacukenNokius: ^18:40
Nokiusyacuken: :) the one with cracked glass right ?18:41
yacukenNokius: yes)18:41
* yacuken think - don't forget to buy new glass18:42
Nokiusyacuken: u can cahnge it?18:42
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Nokiuso/ rcg18:44
yacukenNokius: yes. glass, screwdriver, 1 cup of tea and 2 piece of applepie18:44
kimmoliomnom. warm applepie and icecream on side18:59
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nh1402ice cream and cake is where it's at19:06
*** smurfynet|afk is now known as smurfynet19:06
nh1402only had it once19:06
gehidorewas too good to go back for more?19:13
yacukenhere's my tabley :)
gehidorereally hoping to be able to do the same for moto x 2nd gen soon19:31
gehidoregotta figure out why this build directory claims it's 945G though19:31
gehidorelike there's a sparse file that du --apparent-size isn't seeing...19:31
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vgradeyacuken: nice one19:35
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolimeh. "req_asp_ratio 133 sup_asp_ratio 134"19:36
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yacukenvgrade: thanks20:41
yacukenanybody know easy way for support multiple devices in one work tree?20:42
vgradeyacuken: there were some discussions in the logs, mal- and stephg as I recall20:44
yacukeni'm confused with $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm, $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs repos. droid-local-repo. and other20:44
vgradeyacuken: yes, some talk, but there was more a week or so ago20:45
Mister_MagisterHow to make .spec file?20:46
vgradeyacuken: allows searchable local logs20:47
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yacukenvgrade: found. and so on20:53
yacukeni think i need a small script wrapper for .hadk.env and repos.20:55
UmeaboyGuys!? Even if there's no official build for CM 12.1 or 13, does that mean that I can't use TWRP's files to build Sailfish OS for my device?21:02
UmeaboyI'm still waiting for the same device tree to be approved.21:03
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yacukenUmeaboy: u can flash sfos with every recovery of manually. from recovery source (iirc) needs only updater.21:15
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Umeaboyyacuken: I know THAT part, but I'm curious if I can use their Android stuff to Cyanogenmod 12.1 to build and install SFOS on top of it.21:21
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nh1402Umeaboy: how about AOSP 5, there are phones that use that as a base I'm sure.21:31
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mal-fp2 port is aosp5 based, but not exactly the repos in mer-hybris21:39
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Umeaboynh1402: I downloaded the source code from samsung's website and it seems to build aosp.22:32
UmeaboyHow does that help me?22:32
UmeaboyNo offence meant.22:32
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sledgesvgrade: vgrade9 src PR linky? :)22:57
gehidorekimmoli: interesting that ssu would retain the repo but zypper would not23:00
gehidoremakes me wonder what command is missing following the ar command ... given I've never used zypper or ssu it's all foreign to me23:01
gehidoreat least this time I saw it show the repo's in the build_packages output23:01
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gehidoreon goeclue now...23:19
gehidorenow we see if the sucker builds23:19
gehidorewup it built, thanks kimmoli and mal-23:20
* sledges goodnights23:20
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gehidorecheers sledges23:21
gehidoreInfo: Installing: filesystem                                              [  5/597]error: unpacking of archive failed on file /sys: cpio: chmod failed - Read-only file system23:32
gehidoreerror: filesystem-3.1-1.1.1.noarch: install failed23:33
gehidorebut everything else is working?!23:33
Umeaboygehidore: Check if /sys is mounted as ro.23:40
gehidoreUmeaboy: it certainly is23:42
*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:43
UmeaboyTry remounting it as rw.23:43
gehidoreI suppose it's inheriting that from the parent chroot23:43
gehidorethat's odd to me that it inherited the ro this time yet last time there was no errors...23:54
gehidoresuch is life... should have seen it but I blame DST.23:54
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gehidore should I worry about the user 1000 missing message?23:57
Litewjusa_: commenting out [context-rule] entries mentioning bluetooth.prefer.hsp from xpolicy.conf didn't help so i reverted back to original files23:57
Litewjusa_: but setting bluetooth.hsp.prevent.suspend.transport=true in [activity] for bthsp device ( ) in xpolicy.conf did the trick - bt headset audio works with module-suspend-on-idle enabled in .pa config23:58
Litewjusa_: not sure is it good idea to prevent suspending transport when it goes to inactive state, but when i check pactl list sinks/sources, it shows that all sinks & sources are suspended23:58

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