Saturday, 2016-03-19

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cjbaylissstephg: cool. :) Have you been able to get the audio working yet?01:02
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dr_gogeta86good morning08:52
kimmolidr_gogeta86: gm. piggz_: rebasing, but someone really should take a look at them :) i have no idea what i'm doing08:53
dr_gogeta86just rebuild from scratch :-)08:55
dr_gogeta86kimmoli: i'm reading the backlog ...08:56
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piggz_kimmoli: i did 2 of the repos, frameworks/native and system/core09:04
piggz_so they should be good09:04
kimmoliyep.. i rerebased native for trials, and got similar results09:05
kimmolibionic now09:05
kimmoliframeworks/av then (?)09:15
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stephgcjbayliss: not yet. We're in opposite timezones it seems but I'll write about where I'm at anyway: I have the audioflingerglue stuff installed in my latest build but its apparently not working09:44
stephgcjbayliss: so I probably got the pusleaudio config wrong somehow. I haven't had any time to look at the device for the last 3 weeks as RL has got in the way09:45
stephgcjbayliss: but there's a chance I will be able to this afternoon before you wake up :D09:45
stephgcjbayliss: will variant do you have? (and where in the world are you?)09:45
kimmolihmm mer-hybris frameworks/av does not have hybris-12.1 branch09:48
kimmoliso it is being used from CM, no need to rebase09:48
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teejalonHas anyone tried porting to samsung galaxy E?09:55
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ballockteejalon: never heard any. Is there a cm image for that with source available?09:58
kimmolii think that is all, according to the manifest10:06
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teejalonSo should work with cm?10:12
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ballockteejalon: If you found a cm11, or perhaps newer, for that, along with its source, then it's withing reach.10:25
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drFaustrollsince there is a cm for ubuntu touch now can be ported...10:31
drFaustrollfound out after i got rid of mine10:31
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teejalonSo on theory it should be possible to put sailfish to samsung galaxy E?10:35
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, Never touched those Spreadtrum SoCs ?10:38
dr_gogeta86for sammy Tab E ^10:38
teejalonJust thinking of getting one, since I did not get the jolla tablet.10:40
dr_gogeta86stay away from that ...10:44
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Mister_Magisteris there any fix for sending files over bluetooth?11:49
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kimmolii just tested to share photo from onyx to sbj, works11:53
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Mister_Magisterkimmoli: when omebody try (from android) to send me a file it's not working11:57
Mister_Magisterandroid says failed, sfos says nothing11:57
Mister_Magisteri'll check logs11:57
kimmolii sent from sbj to onyx too succesfully11:58
Mister_Magisterso i'm searching for fix11:59
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: when i sending file from sfos
kimmoliwhat is you obexd version?12:10
kimmoliInstalled       obexd-0.48+git15-1.16.3.armv7hl                 D-Bus service for Obex Client access12:10
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: uhm i forgot how to get program version12:12
kimmolie.g. pkcon search name obex12:13
Mister_MagisterInstalled   obexd-0.48+git15-1.16.3.armv7hl         D-Bus service for Obex Client access12:13
kimmolisame as expeceted12:14
kimmoliand what logcat says?12:14
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: nothing12:15
Mister_Magisterwhen sending or recoving12:15
kimmoliyeah , nothing there here12:16
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: but when reciving file journalctl says nothing too12:17
kimmolii can see stuff when receiving12:19
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: and i can't :/12:22
Mister_MagisterBTW what is haptics and RTC alarms? And how can i check if FM radio is working?12:22
kimmoliwell, this was first time for a long time i used BT at all12:22
kimmoliRTC alarms, make an alarm on few mins, shutdown your phone and see does it boot at alarm time12:23
kimmolihaptics is vibration feedback12:23
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: ok so haptics is working for me but i never seen RTC alarms before so it's not working i think12:24
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: but on wiki there is vibra and haptics. isn't it the same?12:25
kimmolivibra in general for calls etc, haptics specifically touch feedback12:26
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Mister_Magisterso you don't have idea for bt sending?12:28
Mister_Magisteralso somebody is using rtc alarms? XD12:28
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kimmolifor FM, you'll propably need an app and fmradio plugin from mal-12:36
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Mister_Magisterkimmoli: i'll ask him when he will be online12:40
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Mister_Magisterpiggz_: ping12:51
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LitewMister_Magister: about BT sending files, do you have this packages installed: obexd-configs-sailfish, bluez-configs-sailfish?13:19
Mister_MagisterLitew: first no second yes13:21
Mister_Magisterso install it?13:21
LitewMister_Magister: yep13:21
Mister_MagisterLitew: reboot needed?13:23
LitewMister_Magister: dunno, better yes, than no13:24
Litewi remember i installed this obex packages long time ago and included in my patterns when met similar problem with files13:25
Mister_MagisterLitew: that not helped :/13:26
LitewMister_Magister: give me some time, i will check logs on my device when receiving files13:27
Mister_MagisterLitew: thanks13:28
LitewMister_Magister: so you can't receive and can't send files, right?13:28
Mister_Magisterwhen sending it's give me error and when i reciving phone stays silent. No logs, no errors, android just can't send13:29
LitewMister_Magister: understood13:29
Mister_MagisterLitew: you can see log fron journalctl above13:29
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vgradewhat you porting alterego ?15:14
alteregoWell, it's funny you should ask, I should have this ( arriving tomorrow.15:15
alteregoHopefully going to be my Jolla1 replacement.15:16
alteregoAs both my Nexus 5s have gone to phone heaven15:16
vgradethey did seem a little fragile15:17
alteregoqcom 410, 2G RAM, 16G internal, MicroSD, Dual SIM, 4G LTE, 13MP camera, and a bargain price of ~130 quid.15:17
alteregoOh, and 720p display.15:17
alteregoSo I think a good contender for (my) Sailfish OS mkII device.15:18
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vgradealterego: I think ghosalmartin was working a similar Soc15:21
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ghosalmartinalterego: if it runs aarch64 android no sfos for it15:22
alteregoghosalmartin: oh, can't run SFOS 32bit userland?15:23
ghosalmartinalterego: ermmmmmmmmmmm15:24
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ghosalmartinalterego: if you can build 32bit cynagenmod for the device and boot, your okay15:24
ghosalmartinif you can't...issues may arrise15:24
alteregoghosalmartin: so you've had no 64 bit success?15:25
ghosalmartinlocusf: did you ever get aarch64 mer running on pi?15:25
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locusfghosalmartin: nope, not yet15:25
locusfyour fixup repo didn't have systemd for some reason15:25
ghosalmartinlocusf: the one it inherits from should?15:25
locusfbut I can' mix them up15:26
locusfdue to dependencies15:26
ghosalmartini guess I've gotta get the PRs looked at and merged15:26
ghosalmartinalterego: you can try it, but it seems android 6 breaks hybris atm15:26
ghosalmartinalterego: it may very well work15:27
alteregoHrm, Android 6 is CM 13?15:28
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alteregoghosalmartin: ^15:28
ghosalmartinalterego: yes, so you might have luck with cm12.115:28
Nokiusalterego: :) u will take the swift?15:29
alteregoYeah, there are CM13 builds for this device, it's seemingly officially supported. But ships with CM1215:29
Nokiushad it on my list15:29
alteregoNokius: just ordered one to play with, should get it tomorrow. :)15:29
ghosalmartinalterego: well cm13 definitely doesn't work :P15:29
alteregoNokius: really can't argue with the price :D15:29
alteregoghosalmartin: good to know. :)15:29
Nokiusalterego: tomorrow is Sunday :s15:30
Nokiusok so I can go full speed for an other deivce \o/15:30
ghosalmartinalso is the 410 quacomm powerful?15:30
alteregoghosalmartin: quad core 1.2GHz15:31
Nokiusghosalmartin: how cares haha15:31
alteregoNokius: Amazon Prime knows no Sunday! :D15:31
* vgrade loves his Amazon Prime15:31
alteregoYeah, I decided to treat myself to an early birthday present, so I got a 1TB SSD as I've ran out of space on my workstation, and this Swift phone to replace Jolla1, hopefully.15:32
* Nokius is not using Amazon 15:33
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ghosalmartinalterego: so it is basically a snapdragon 800?15:44
alteregoSays Snapdragon 410 891615:45
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kimmolinot getting this...16:06
kimmolii want to change files in droid-hal-onyx(-devel)16:07
kimmolii.e. proprietarty blobs. i changed , what i need to rebuild to get those files in rpm? or if not that, what defines the files?16:07
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Nokiuskimmoli: u have to run make in the ubuntu chroot16:12
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kimmoliyes. make $WHAT$ ?16:12
kimmolior just make ?16:13
* Nokius can't open HADK :(16:13
Nokiuskimmoli: sec16:13
Nokiusconnection time out :o16:13
Nokiuskimmoli: make -j4 hybris-hal16:14
Nokiuskimmoli: it's part 5.4  Building Relevant Bits of CyanogenMod16:14
kimmoliyeah, i check. afaik i did run that step16:14
taaemAnd then build_packages to build all rpms16:15
Nokiusthen go to 7.1.216:15
kimmolimaybe i skipped hybris-hal16:15
Nokiuskimmoli: keep in mide u have change to the ubuntu env16:16
kimmoliyes that is not issue (remembering that16:16
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kimmolitaaem: o/16:18
taaemkimmoli: o/ what are you trying currently?16:18
kimmolifront camera16:19
kimmoliand fuzzing around.16:19
kimmolimeh. that is ro fs16:23
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kimmolino progress today16:37
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Litewhm, need to check if this work for WPA EAP
*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
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Nokiusalterego: you may can momment this
Nokiusdid I miss a memo that Tablets are uncool17:07
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kimmolifront camera comes out from this with GST_FLOW_NOT_NEGOTIATED.17:23
kimmolibuffer type is not acceptable for pad ?17:23
kimmolierror not-negotiated pushing buffer through pad vfsrc17:25
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Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: ping17:44
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piggzalterego: strangely enough, I sent a speculative message to Wileyfox to see if they would sponsor me a phone for sfos development :)18:06
piggzkimmoli: how goes the rebase?18:06
kimmolipiggz: i think it builds18:06
kimmolii cahnged those repos in mainfest to my own branches18:07
kimmoliand built hybris-hal libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice18:07
kimmoliand at least it seems to be working as before18:07
kimmoliso i made 3 PR's18:10
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: when i enabled services as you said i have both running lipstick and surfaceflinger18:11
ghosalmartinMister_Magister: at this point you must be in ssh18:12
Mister_Magisterpiggz: your camera fix will work for me if i have cm11 based port?18:12
ghosalmartinyou stop surfaceflinger18:12
ghosalmartinyou stop lipstick18:12
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: but how18:12
Mister_Magisterhow to stop it?18:12
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Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: i tried kill command and that didn't worked18:14
Mister_Magisterthat not working too18:14
Mister_Magisterboth lipstick and surfaceflinger get restarted18:15
ghosalmartinhead over to apkenv18:15
ghosalmartinsomeone there will  know since their the devs :P18:15
ghosalmartinthere used to be instructions for it somewhere18:16
Mister_Magisterthey created sfdroid?18:16
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Nokiuspiggz: :) looks like a few port like that device18:51
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kimmoliHow can i force framerate to 30 ?
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piggzmal-: sledges: i rebased a bunch of stuff (not hybris repos) to yog7d ..... still same camera permissions problem19:08
piggzon the same subject, is there  a fix for needing sensorservice?19:08
piggzi could write a minisensorservice, but i guess there is already a fix19:09
piggzsame issues as when running mk-cam-conf19:09
piggzMister_Magister: hopefully ... if i ever fix it properly!19:09
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kimmolii just start that19:13
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piggzkimmoli: yes, that works for me, but then rotation stops working19:36
kimmolirotation of whole thing? or just output pics?19:37
piggzkimmoli: display rotation generally, ie, the camera app controls dont rotate, and fingerterm stops rotating to landscape, after using the camera app19:38
kimmoliok, i don't have such19:39
kimmolidevice orientation works fine19:39
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piggzkimmoli: is camera working ok for you? did you have the problem where it was waiting for surfaceflinger to start?19:42
kimmolifront camera works, rear not19:42
piggzkimmoli: what problem with rear?19:44
piggzi had rear working but not front, was just the wrong resolutions set for front19:45
kimmolino viewfinder image. resolutions are correct.19:45
kimmolimaybe it is 120 fps that causes issues19:47
kimmoliand front isnt 100%. it does not save exif orientation to output jpg.19:50
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Nokiuspiggz: did check if sensorfw stops working?20:04
Nokiusif fingerterm freez it looks like sensorfw may stopped20:05
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piggzNokius: can sensorfs and sensorservice run at the same time?20:29
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kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
Nokiuspiggz: sorry no idea lpotter can u help :)20:34
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kimmoli\o/ Front camera works. it was the framerate21:02
kimmolidamn Rear camera works21:02
kimmolifront not21:03
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mal-kimmoli: how did you fix the framerate?21:07
kimmolihacked the jolla-camera qml21:07
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)21:09
kimmolinow both works21:10
kimmolifront video not21:12
Mister_Magisterpiggz: waiting for it :D Goog luck!21:13
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kimmolibookmark to self: CaptureView.qml: maximumFrameRate: == "secondary" ? 30 : 12021:22
Nokiuskimmoli: are both working?21:26
kimmoliyes. rear video not21:26
mal-kimmoli: quite strange that the camera reports a framerate that doesn't work21:26
kimmoliit reports both, jolla cam wants 3021:27
kimmolibut viewfinder caps intersect return EMPTY and it does not know how to scale it (assumption)21:27
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