Friday, 2016-04-01

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locusfnh1402_work: its not going well07:29
sledgesvgrade_: i did a clean build of bacon with audiopolicy patches, but camera still freezes07:29
sledgeson stop recording07:29
mal-anything interesting in logcat?07:30
sledgesmal-: vgrade_ has got it not to freeze somehow:) so probably some deep missing pieces in the puzzle07:30
sledgeson his build07:31
sledgesso will just stand-by for when he's ready07:36
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kimmolioo. got store working on onyx07:49
piggzifi showed my moto-g running an android game would ppl thing it was an april fool?07:49
kimmoliapril fool like this ?07:51
piggzwhy is HYBRIS_LD_LIBRARY_PATH ignored? ... seems like is loaded from /system and not /usr/libexec, no matter what i do07:51
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nh1402_workkimmoli: Couldn't that be down to running apkenv, sfdroid or alien dalvik though08:07
nh1402_workI suppose running iOS apps is a bit too much, maybe some middle ground, like running the pc version of GTA San Andreas via playonlinux08:08
nh1402_workwhoops wrong person piggz ^08:10
kimmoliheh, i was thinking that you suggest windows apps next08:10
nh1402_workwell there is wine on arm08:12
nh1402_workso it's possible-ish08:12
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nh1402_workthat gives me an idea. What if we can actually get Half-life 2 working on the Jolla Tablet. The game engine runs on SDL2, and since it is an x86 CPU it could run it.08:16
nh1402_workif someone can actually get it running and show it off today, people would think it is an April Fools joke even though it's real.08:17
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nh1402_workTeam Fortress 2 could also work.08:22
nh1402_workI might actually give that a try at some point.08:22
piggzwhere does this get generated and why?08:23
piggzsh-3.2# su nemo08:23
piggzNOTICE: Env value ignored HYBRIS_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib:/vendor/lib:/system/lib08:23
kimmoli/etc/profile.d/ ?08:24
piggzah, yes ... next, why?08:27
piggzbut i guess that doesnt prevent me seting it afterwards ... and it still not working08:28
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nh1402_workagainst my better judgement I'm not going to click on that.10:09
locusfNokius: woo good job for z3tc :)10:10
nh1402_workI've just realised the saying I've used is the complete opposite of what it means.10:10
Nokiuslocusf: I didn't noting it was just running some C&P commands :)10:15
Nokiusmy try using aosp 5.1.1_r34 was failing :( but may someone else can use it10:16
mal-Nokius: update status to adaptation table when you have time10:17
Nokiusthe issue for me is that sony has pebuilded kernel and the one I made was not picked during make hybris-hal10:17
Nokiusmal-: on the list but I was to tired last night :(10:17
mal-Nokius: no problem, just a reminder :)10:18
NokiusI was not expecting that it will work at first try with build 010:23
NeKitnh1402_work, wouldn't you need Xorg for such stuff?10:27
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locusfprobably not if its linked against wayland+sdl210:28
Nokiusmal-: is the fp2 playing sound when u type? finds are not playing scorpion is but I didn't any pulse config files atm10:31
mal-Nokius: yes, fp2 does play a sound on every keypress10:32
Nokiusso I have bug :(10:36
piggznh1402_work: why not?!10:36
kimmoliNokius: keyboard should say click10:37
locusfyou just need a .pa file10:37
kimmoliif not muted, and settings enabled10:37
locusfand have pulseaudio load it10:37
nh1402_workpiggz: It's Friday10:38
nh1402_workNekit: for games made by Valve that have linux support use SDL. Which draws directly to the screen irrespective of which display compositor is used on the OS. So Team Fortress 2, Half-life 2 and the like should work, On the tablet at least as there might only be x86 binaries.10:41
nh1402_workNeKit: ^10:41
nh1402_workSan Andreas and other games maybe not.10:41
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NeKitheh, nice10:42
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nh1402_workthe mention Sailfish in the article with a picture10:45
mal-michal25: that looks normal10:45
Nokiusmichal25: yes normal10:46
Nokiuskimmoli: I know but it's not working just a few times one click sound10:47
Nokiuson scorpion it works out of the box I mean sound :D10:48
nh1402_workNeKit: having said that, it's probably not possible to run the Steam client on Wayland though. But if you install one of the games on a desktop (Team Fortress 2 is free), and move the files over to the tablet, then maybe.10:49
nh1402_worka desktop with linux installed of course.10:49
sledgesvgrade_: ^^10:50
sledgesnh1402_work: and it's not april fool's joke :D10:50
mal-Nokius: I had some problems with keyboard sounds on xperia, I thought it was just because the device is so slow10:56
mal-Nokius: it just randomly makes the sounds10:56
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Nokiusmal-: yes I tried yesterday the find5 no sounds at all find7s one like random :s10:58
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nh1402_workpiggz: sledges has made me wary of clicking links on Friday,  but having taken the risk it's nice to know you've gotten apkenv working on your device11:08
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NeKitI can't find hybris-aosp branch, are full frameworks built on AOSP?11:08
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piggznh1402_work: ha, curiosity got the better of you11:11
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mal-NeKit: probably nobody has made the patched version yet, I did it for fp2 but that's not uploaded anywhere yet11:19
NeKitmal-, it's just or something else?11:22
NokiusNeKit: which aosp version?11:24
mal-NeKit: just that, you can see the commit on hybris-12.1, should be easy to apply to aosp5 also11:26
Nokiusmal- 5.1.0 is cm-12.1 should the patch from 12.1 not work for aosp 5.1.0 android_frameworks_base11:26
* Nokius to slow11:26
Mavireckflashing my first build... #fingercrossed11:30
nh1402_workdr_gogeta86: beat you to it!11:31
nh1402_worknot by much though11:32
dr_gogeta86nh1402_work, what ?11:34
nh1402_workdr_gogeta86: your link, I provided the same link 36 minutes before you11:35
dr_gogeta86i'm out of service and I got an interview in the noon11:42
nh1402_workwhat do you mean by out of service?11:44
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Mavireckwhy it never works the first time ? : (11:50
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zGrrmoin :)11:58
NokiusMavireck: what is the issue?11:58
NokiusMavireck: it was for me last night for the socrpion :D11:59
MavireckNokius: You're either lucky or a genius ;)  It is not booting (stuck on unlocked bootloader warning. there are some brightness changes but that's all)12:00
MavireckNokius: Anyway I think it is because selinux is enabled12:01
NokiusMavireck: that's possible12:01
MavireckNokius: i hope that's it12:02
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nh1402_workwell that's me done for the week12:27
locusfNokius: could you send me the zip for sfos on scorpion?12:27
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Nokiussure it's prealpha012:32
locusfthats fine12:34
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zGrrmoin :)12:47
zGrrdo you consider Odroid C2 port?12:48
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NokiuszGrr: ghosalmartin is no a aarch64 mer12:51
Nokiuswhich is needed to get SFOS up on this dev board12:51
ghosalmartinzGrr: does the board have 32bit binaries?12:52
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ghosalmartinits really annoying that the only thing the n5x is missing is one or two binary files12:52
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Nokiusghosalmartin: it should run a native port at the end12:52
ghosalmartinNokius: ...what hybris?12:52
locusfall pure12:54
ghosalmartinahh I see, well what drivers are available?12:54
locusfits a qualcomm device12:54
ghosalmartini doubt all source is available?12:54
locusfit could have mainline support some day12:54
locusfsame as sony devices12:54
ghosalmartinam in that instant gratification generation :P12:55
ghosalmartinsome day means forever away12:55
Nokiuslocusf: not it's not qcom12:55
locusf"what do you mean soon? A fortnight?"12:55
ghosalmartinif he does have sources for it, then why doesnt he just build 32bit drivers?12:55
Nokius    Amlogic S905 2.0GHz Quad-core12:55
Nokiussource is
locusfNokius: I was replying to ghosalmartin about n5x, I didn't even notice odroid c2 :p12:56
ghosalmartinlocusf: ahh makes more sense, it does annoy me, i think i was just a binary or two away from booting cm13 32bit12:57
ghosalmartinalso by the looks of it, the odroid only provides binaries12:58
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locusfits still a monger-capable13:00
locusfie. aarch64 could run armv713:00
ghosalmartini have a feeling its going to be like windows xp 64bit13:00
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ghosalmartindoes anyone know if running a build with SB2, should it use dynamic or static qemu?13:02
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ghosalmartinright can someone walk me through how to get a local build going13:13
ghosalmartinat the moment am doing something like13:13
ghosalmartinosc co project and package -> manually cloning in the source -> then running a build with osc build aarch64 --no-verify rpm/spec13:13
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zGrrghosalmartin: the board, I have is being shipped with 64bit linux binaries but it can execute 32bit code. i am not yet sure about android binaries.13:39
ghosalmartinzGrr: if you can get 32bit android binaries or 32bit linux binaries your golden13:40
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zGrrghosalmartin: I will check that out. thx for info.13:53
nh1402workplace also has an Odroid C2 after my insistence, but I won't be able to help with porting for obvious reasons.13:55
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piggzStskeeps: what is your opinion on courtesty of krnlyng14:00
Stskeepsmmm makes sense14:00
piggzi'll test it later14:01
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Stskeepsis there such a problem with glesv2 too/14:03
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krnlyngStskeeps: you probably know already but here is the explanation: _open_lib is called with /system/lib/ and that library is unpatched. if the library name doesn't start with / should will work. (a glesv1 game failed). glesv2 we haven't tested but is without full path in libhybris glesv2.c14:06
Stskeepsyeah it makes sense14:07
Stskeepsthat's not good14:07
Stskeepspatch please14:07
krnlyngi'll let piggz test first :)14:08
krnlyngsince for some odd reason it doesn't happen on mako14:09
krnlyngstrace revealed that it loaded the wrong lib and placing /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ to /system/lib worked14:12
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Mavireckwhat could cause my device to be stuck at "unlocked bootloader warning" ?14:44
Mavireckwait... maybe it is normal that it stays at this warning longer than when booting android ?14:45
alteregoMavireck: it is, a bit longer, or possibly if nothing starts to replace the framebuffer.14:50
alteregoMavireck: there's no bootsplash for HADK port, so the framebuffer may get stuck until something clears it, or it may go black for a bit whilst Sailfish starts. In my own personal experience it stays a bit longer, then goes black, but generally Sailfish starts much quicker than Android.14:51
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NokiusMavireck: check telnet may graphic is not up :)15:04
MavireckNokius: i'll check15:05
Mavireckanother strange thing is that i can power off the screen and turn it back on, usually it is not possible when at the unlocked bootloader warning15:07
alteregoMavireck: I'd wager it's potentially booted, but UX hasn't come up.15:09
alteregoTry to telnet in.15:09
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Mavireckalterego: i will try15:11
alteregoTry not, do, or do not :P15:12
NokiusMavireck: sounds good so fare just ui stuck somewhere \o/15:16
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sledgesNokius: lots of traction ;)15:32
sledgesno pressure :D15:32
sledgesbut great starting work man!15:32
mal-Nokius: just let me know if you want help, if you provide logs we can help fixing some of known issues15:36
Nokiusmal-: yes, weekend is a head I hope to fix most of the stuff15:39
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NokiusMavireck: whats up?15:41
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:42
MavireckNokius: didn't test yet... i am waiting for an important call...15:44
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NokiusMavireck: sounds like 90's :)15:49
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Mavireck[noobmode=on] I telent to my device, it tells me "log is /init.log" but i can't enter any command...15:59
NokiusMavireck: do u see something about switcher?16:01
nh1402so whose going to get the Tesla Model 3 and port Sailfish on it?16:04
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MavireckNokius: I have : "to make post-switch_root halt before starting systemd, perform : touch /init_enter_debug216:09
kimmolimal-: or someone, did you got the voicecall volume solved?16:10
mal-kimmoli: I fixed it on fp2, mic mute is still not working16:12
kimmoliany pointers for the fix?16:14
Mavireckwait... now I can16:17
mal-kimmoli: on fp2 it was just a simple fix to audio.h16:18
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kimmolimal-: this?
kimmoliah, recalls me to check existense of __ARM_PCS_VFP16:28
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mal-kimmoli: yes, that one16:50
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Jef91So - on the nexus 5 port my MMSes fail to send when I am connected to 4g, but send fine on 3g / 2g. Is there a way to force sailfish OS to always send MMSes over 3g?17:47
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StskeepsJef91: might be due to a APN difference on 3g vs 4g17:47
Stskeepsnot uncommon17:47
Jef91Yea I figured it was something like that, for now I'm just manually toglging to 3g before MMSing17:48
Jef91but ideally wouldn't have to :)17:48
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Nokiusoh there is xda phone18:14
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krnlyngStskeeps: we tried the libhybris patch and it's still failing, sledges fixed it like this on cm-11: we're going to try it like this on cm12.1. with this the patch to libhybris should not be necessary, because the linker looks at the basename if it already has loaded this library, still patch hybris for correctness?18:54
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mal-krnlyng: which library is the the problem?19:39
krnlyngmal-: libGLESv1_CM.so19:52
Nokiusis it or is it not a joke
mal-krnlyng: how much did you rebuild after that patch?19:57
nh1402Nokius: sounds like it to me19:57
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krnlyngmal-: after the libhybris patch? only libhybris afaik, piggz?19:59
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piggzmal-: krnlyng: just getting up to speed .... :)20:18
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piggzmal-: Stskeeps: changes to the loader work on cm12.120:55
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