Saturday, 2016-04-09

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piggzaww man, my users asked to install ripped-off copy of aliendalvik in my sfos rom :/05:42
NeKitdoes it work at all?05:49
Stskeepsprobably not05:49
Stskeepsthe only public copy in rpm form is from jolla1 which is very 4.1.2-ish and tied to that hw adaptation05:50
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tbrpiggz: point them to the open source alternative?06:15
piggztbr: im gonna try and make sfdroid work today anyway07:00
piggzthis is the rpm someone has posted
piggzNeKit: doesnt seem to work according to coments  anyway07:00
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Nokiusmh modem07:46
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rustybofhhi folks07:48
Nokiuso/ rustybofh07:50
piggzhmmm, why does an imported, read-only calendar in google-calendar not show up in the calendar app :/07:52
piggzthis bug maybe
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rustybofhanybody could tell me any client app to subsonic or ampache music server?08:28
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adeen-sGood Morning08:50
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kimmolitaaem: gm09:08
taaemkimmoli: morning09:08
kimmoliany news? i have 0 news, been busy @work09:09
locusfbuilding ipfs 0.4.009:09
locusffor my laptop first09:09
locusflets see about using it with fp2 later09:09
taaembeen busy with school lately tried my self build image yesterday but cam didn't work...09:10
kimmolitaaem: ok. you need to build gstreamer parts locally from my fork09:11
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adeen-sAre there any major changes in media plugins from 11.0 to 12.1 ?09:13
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kimmolitaaem: or try to change the maximumFramerate: 120 in /usr/share/jolla-camera/pages/capture/CaptureView.qml09:16
taaemkimmoli: okay because the camera app just froze09:16
taaemmaybe i missed some updated repo?09:16
kimmolinot responding?09:16
taaema dialog pops up saying Camera does not respond09:17
taaemand i can select wait or kill09:18
kimmolithen it keeps waiting for some other service09:18
taaemi should have checked the logcat09:18
taaemWill install again now09:19
taaemSo lets take a backup..09:19
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taaemkimmoli: what do we need to fix?09:22
taaemI know that we have to fix the bt thing09:23
kimmolidid you have possibility to check BT contact sync? with a car ?09:23
kimmolior something?09:23
taaemno i don't have anything to check bt with09:26
kimmolicheck the roadmap09:26
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NeKithow can I further debug why libhybris can't utilize graphics driver?
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kidois there any preference between CM11, CM12, CM12.1 or CM13 for sfos porting?10:14
Stskeeps5.x based preferred10:16
kidothank you :)10:17
taaemsledges: how to add our device repos to mer-hybris git?10:37
mal-kido: cm12.1 is the the one, cm13 is not yet working10:39
kidook I chose that version10:39
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sledgestaaem: give me the list, i'll import them and make you admin of those11:21
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taaemsledges: you have to rename the kernel otherwise the repo will have the same name as the opo kernel repo11:34
sledgestaaem: could you show your local_manifest? (and PR it too later:)11:36
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sledgestaaem: that's bad, how do they keep their own repos under the same github?11:38
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sledgestaaem: any chance you could run a unified kernel?11:43
sledgesjust different defconfig and that's all11:43
sledgesi guess that's what they do, which is ideal11:44
taaemsledges: the bacon kernel is on cm github afaik11:45
sledgesi know, onyx is not on cm yet11:45
sledgesbut when it comes, they'll have to maintain one kernel11:46
sledges(just like sony showed a good example)11:46
taaemsledges: local_manifest11:46
sledgestaaem: i'll rename the repo, but only if you promise to merge kernels one day ;) (it won't be hard, the newer kernel the better for all, rarely breaks the system it's running on)11:47
sledges(or device)11:47
taaemthis is how cm does it
taaemand one day i can try to merge the kernels :P11:48
sledgeseh ok, so you took the kernel from somewhere else:)11:48
taaemsledges: i forked from the device maintainer and he forked from onplus where the kernel, CM must have renamed it as they forked it11:53
kimmoliwe have customized kernel stuff for onyx11:57
sledgestaaem: ok, since cm don't have unified kernel (and i didn't know you took it from elsewhere), cm didn't bother unifying, so scratch that, don't bother unifying either:)12:02
sledgescc kimmoli ^12:02
sledgesok, taaem and kimmoli are now admins of all these repos under mer-hybris:
sledges^ this is my suggested local_manifest to PR12:03
kimmolisledges: yeah, got spammed12:03
sledgesyou bet :P12:03
sledgestaaem: don't think is a good idea to fork vendor repos at will, so :)12:04
taaemsledges: okay should i point vendor to CM repo?12:04
sledgestaaem: if there is one, defo12:05
sledgesgreat work guys! i wonder why me, vgrade, and rcg are lacking behind you with bacon :)12:05
sledgesvgrade_: ^12:05
sledges!seen vgrade12:05
merbotsledges: vgrade was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 2 days, 14 hours, 42 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <vgrade> so you get same result locally as on OBS12:05
sledges!seen vgrade_12:05
merbotsledges: vgrade_ was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 5 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <vgrade_> piggz_: none I'm afraid, spring brings many jobs around the house and garden12:05
sledges!seen rcg12:05
merbotsledges: rcg was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours, 21 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <rcg> vgrade, btw sorry for leaving so abruptly yesterday but my family duties kinda dictate my schedule12:05
sledgesif i could get at the state of those two guys where camera doesn't freeze on recording (and video playback is at least somewhat), i could make a release too12:06
sledgesgot a device here12:06
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sledgestaaem: commented12:21
taaemsledges: commented12:27
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sledgestaaem: commented12:44
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taaemsledges: commented again12:59
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sledgestaaem: commented after drinking coffee13:06
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taaemsledges: updated pr, should i squash the commits?13:30
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Nokiustime to add scorpion to the adaption list :D14:12
piggzis the nexus 7 ported?14:18
* piggz looks14:18
Nokiuspiggz: yes there some start but old once14:19
Nokiusnot sure if 2012 or 201314:20
piggzNokius: yes, old sfos on 201314:20
piggzthats something i could tackle ... but do i need the extra work :D14:21
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sledgespiggz: there are some sad/keen people on n7 2013 thread asking if it's dead:)14:31
sledgeslink to g+ from our wiki14:31
piggzsledges: yes ive read, and it doesnt bode well for me starting a port :P14:32
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sledgespiggz: to convert bad into good doesn't bode you?;)14:33
piggzsledges: no, the chance of being inundated with stupid questions ;)14:34
sledgespiggz: boo;) there are no stupid questions, and they come with every port14:36
taaemsledges: what about that pr?14:37
sledgestaaem: didn't see, im afk14:37
* sledges looks14:37
taaemshould i squash the commits?14:37
kimmoli11 sec, 140MBytes,
sledgestaaem: yes,  noticed too late:D good habit for future;)14:41
sledgestaaem: i usually do git commit -a --amend14:41
sledgeskimmoli: wow! onyx?14:42
Nokiussledges taaem github can now days squash when PR get's merged14:43
Nokiusnew feature14:45
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kimmolisledges: yep Onyx14:49
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Nokiusr0kk3rz: thax for the template function s:)15:14
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taaemsledges: i edited the repo over the web interface no option to do commit -a :/15:36
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Nokiustaaem: sledges should be able to select squash when he is merging as github is mention the new function15:40
piggzsledges: no doubt i will give it a go, stupid questions regardless ;)15:49
piggzi must like the fame or something15:49
kimmolipiggz in f(l)ames15:53
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Nokiusmal- kimmoli what is the trick to get radio up  loading module for iris fails on scorpion16:22
mal-Nokius: does that have the same chip?16:33
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Nokiusweb search was not so helpful so fare16:36
mal-at least kernel doesn't have that driver enabled16:37
* Nokius SEO sucks16:40
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r0kk3rzNokius: what are you doing with them ooi?16:50
NokiusI used it for the scorpion16:50
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Nokiusthe HADK-faq section 'experimental gstreamer-1.0 support (video and camera)' looks lately messy16:54
taaemhow to specify a .spec file in OBS? I found that I need to set OBS_SERVICE_PACKAGE this env variable but where?16:59
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rustybofhanybody could tell me why when i try to upgrade to following the instructions from
rustybofhi get sed: -e expression #1, char 119: unterminated `s' command19:21
rustybofhthe line is this19:21
rustybofhdevel-su sed -i -e "s#^adaptation=.*$#adaptation=" /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini19:21
rustybofhthank you in advance!19:21
rustybofhthe # was the problem19:30
mal-Nokius: so no sensors in scorpion yet?19:33
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Nokiusmal-: :,(19:50
mal-Nokius: how about some logs, is the android sensor service running?19:52
mal-Nokius: what does test_sensors output?19:53
mal-Nokius: strace it also19:53
Nokiusmal-: give me a sec I'm adding lastest changes in my neighborhood to osm19:56
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mal-Nokius: is that github repo up to date?20:25
Nokiusyes I just created a new image mic should finish soon20:26
mal-Nokius: could you pastebin ls /system/etc/20:27
Nokiusmal-: gist is updated20:29
mal-no it's not20:30
mal-Nokius: you have symlinked sec_conf instead of the correct sec_config, also for future symlink acdbdata, media*.xml, not sure about mixer_paths.xml20:39
mal-also maybe audio_platform_info.xml20:40
Nokiusmal-: I linked gps and media related files20:41
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mal-Nokius: test what fixing sec_config link does20:43
Nokiusrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Jul 14  1970 /etc/sec_conf -> /system/etc/sec_conf20:44
Nokiuswhat is wrong here?20:44
mal-Nokius: incorrect filename for both link and target20:45
Nokiusoh :(20:48
Nokiusstill 020:48
mal-Nokius: logcat please20:49
Nokiusmal-: added20:54
kimmolimoar settings
* Nokius :( media playback messed up21:00
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Nokiusah missed to add the links for media :s21:17
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sledgesguys, this is... speechless!
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Nokiusmh need to debug video playback21:44
Nokiuskrnlyng: \o/21:44
krnlyng:) it's a WIP and a bit silly but meh :D21:46
mal-krnlyng: so at some point in the future each android app can exist in it's own window?21:47
krnlyngmal-: on the outside it will look like that yes :)21:48
krnlyngmal-: inside android everything will be kind of normal, inside sfos multiple windows21:48
mal-krnlyng: yes, that's what I thought how it would be done21:49
sledgesholy cow!21:49
sledgesi can't get my mind around it21:49
sledgeswhat about multitasking?:)))21:49
krnlyng:D at the moment it's just seperate windows21:52
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nh1402-mobilesledges: the fact that i joined shortly after krnlyng's announcement wasnt a coincidence, I was out most of today and thought I would see the log which prompted me to install IRC on my phone and go on right now.22:08
Nokiuswhy xml are linked rule is set as well
Nokiusaudioplayback is working 'just' video22:09
Nokiusis not working22:09
Nokiusgn8 enjoy the sunday or the rest of the saturday :)22:09
Nokiusmal-: now test_sensors ends fast with 0 since I added the correct link :-{22:18
mal-Nokius: nothing new in logcat?22:21
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