Monday, 2016-04-11

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mal-sledges: should enable_kernel_update be enabled for OTA?06:45
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locusfgood morning06:54
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sledgesmal-: yes07:13
sledgesgood morning!07:14
sledgeshave good weekend?07:14
mal-sledges: seems like I might have forgotten that, no information about that in OTA instructions07:16
sledgesmal-: it is in faq07:19
sledgesbut mght've been too late07:19
sledgesmal-: did you test ota yourself?;)07:19
mal-sledges: I cannot find it07:20
mal-sledges: yes, but there was no change to kernel07:20
sledgeslinked to hammerhead commit07:20
sledgeswell then;)07:20
sledgesif you add it now, it should get picked up07:21
sledgesfor existing users07:21
sledgesin time07:21
mal-really? wouldn't it be needed before OTA?07:21
sledgesan updated package prepares kernel flashing oneshot07:23
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mal-now that I think of it I actually noticed the problem with kernel update yesterday or the day before that, I was updating droid-hal and wifi failed after that because module layout changed in kernel07:27
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sledgesthought so:)07:42
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Nokius_sledges: yes weekend was great hope your too08:29
sledgesthanks! very refreshing:)08:34
sledgescharged up for the new week ahead ^-^08:34
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ghosalmartinanyone mind looking at syntax for a spec file?08:52
sledgesghosalmartin: don't ask to ask;)08:57
ghosalmartinsledges: ;)08:57
sledgesThis Connection is Untrusted08:57
sledgesjust sayin' ;)08:58
ghosalmartinwould you prefer pastebin :08:58
sledgestoo late :D08:58
sledgesghosalmartin: do you get correct evaluation of no-flags in arch64?08:59
ghosalmartinsledges: no currently this error occurs
ghosalmartinam going to see if i get correct evaluation of no-flags-common08:59
sledgesghosalmartin: add if ... elif aarch64 ?08:59
ghosalmartinsledges: i'll try that thanks09:00
sledges*-> if aarch64 ... else ...709:00
ghosalmartinsledges: if a variable is defined inside an if statement, is it available to global scope?09:00
sledgesghosalmartin: sure, %if is just an eval macro, like any other %09:00
sledgesthink of it as # in C09:00
ghosalmartinsledges: tbh this isn't really a fix to the issue, more of a work around09:01
ghosalmartinbut it can atleast be a clean workaround09:01
sledgesif it works, i don't think you can do it other way in obs09:01
ghosalmartinsledges: i mean the no-asm flag for aarch6409:01
ghosalmartinalso same issues for %{no-flags-common}09:02
ghosalmartinmaybe - are bad09:03
sledgesghosalmartin: ?09:03
sledgesghosalmartin: ask tigeli on #mer to review09:04
ghosalmartinsledges: will do thanks :)09:04
ghosalmartinhmm that worked, i think variables don't like -009:05
sledgesghosalmartin: so still failing?09:05
nh1402_worksledges: my weekend was good, finally contributed towards development of sfdroid, before was experimentation, research, knowledge of Android. Time to move forward and develop more.09:19
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elfioping piggz09:29
elfiopiggz: hello there, I'm running the last build for motoG but I'm having issues with Caldav sync. I had this running just ok in previous build and I would like to know if has changed something related to this in the lastest builds (maybe it needs some symlink?)09:30
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elfioI'm talking with Chris Adams from jolla, who is helping me to figure this out, but I wanted to be sure, since this worked before, it's not port-related.09:31
sledgeselfio: caldav is part of the os, not hardware adaptation. are you running the same sailfish version?09:31
elfioI think so. As long as piggz didn't updated sfos version09:31
elfioI know is part of the OS but we had to create a few symlinks to camera, and a few folders to gallery work properley... so I thought maybe I was missing something like this09:32
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sledgeselfio: camera is part of the phone;)09:35
sledgeselfio: what gallery problems? to show android's  sd card?09:36
elfioWithout those folders .vault, Pictures and Music couldn't save files.09:36
sledgeshmmmm unheard09:37
elfioSo when I took a pic, it wasn't saved09:37
sledgesdid you speak about this on this channel?09:37
elfiono I didn't09:37
elfioon xda about the camera issue (here:
elfioabout the folders I just figured out because `$ ls ` showed this folders blinking09:38
elfioalso piggz said so in a post... I'm looking for it09:38
elfiosledges: here is the post about folders:
sledgeselfio: ah ok, piggz did so you can see android sd card content09:41
sledgesis what i thought09:41
sledgesbut caldav is unrelated to photos/videos so09:41
sledgesseparate issue09:41
elfiois there a way to update caldav plugin without updating the whole system?09:41
sledgeselfio: check here:
sledgescaldav version comes with sfos09:42
sledgesit doesn't mean it's outdated ;)09:43
elfioOk sledges. Thank you for your help. I'll follow Chris Adams instructions09:43
elfioHe just said a new release came with sfos 2.0.2.x09:43
elfioI'm running
sledgeselfio: wow cool! a link to that? 8)09:44
elfioI can only quote:09:45
elfio(e.g., due to a bug in our plugin, perhaps due09:45
elfio> to an event which is shared between multiple calendars - something we only09:45
elfio> recently added support for, in Sailfish OS 2.0.2.x)09:45
sledgeselfio: understood, then please queue here :)09:46
elfioso... this is new :p09:46
elfioI'll keep you up to date09:46
sledgeselfio: please search/report in https://together.jolla.com09:51
sledgesbecause this is not device-specific09:51
sledgesmore eyes the better:)09:51
elfioso I should open a thread saying they're going to update the caldav plugin?10:02
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ghosalmartinin obs, ive branched a package, how can reenable it, tis excluded at the moment10:09
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sledgeselfio: i didnt know you already opened a TJC ticked, well done!10:11
sledgesfor the record10:11
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kidomhh actually my T2 ultra has a very poor support of cyanogenmod, I don't think my port will be useful at all10:33
nh1402_workkido: that's the giant Sony phone with slim bezels, right?10:35
nh1402_workkido: Snapdragon 801?10:36
nh1402_workah the 40010:37
nh1402_worksame as the Jolla phone.10:37
kidoyep msm892810:38
nh1402_workalthough there are variants of the 400, dual core in the Jolla, and quad-core in the watches.10:38
mal-kido: how about aosp based port for that?10:42
kidoI will check how well it performs but for now I have nothing at all working10:42
ghosalmartinsledges: turns out that no-asm issue was fixed by doing what the build suggested :P10:43
sledgesghosalmartin: what did build suggest?:)10:44
ghosalmartinsledges: for aarch64 to set certain RPM_OPT_FLAGS10:44
ghosalmartinand those flags are also different for arm10:44
sledgesah ok:)10:45
sledgesgood catch then!10:45
ghosalmartinissue is we dont currently cater to arm10:45
sledgesyes, i see you're following this up on #mer10:46
ghosalmartinwho knew build logs help :P10:49
Nokiuskido: u can try my aosp patch hybris sources11:13
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kidoNokius: indeed but I'm not even sure AOSP works11:13
Nokiusthe issue I had/have is that it picks all the time the preconfigurt kernel and not mine11:13
kidothere is no prebuilt AOSP for this device on the net so I'm currently syncing the source tree11:13
ghosalmartinkido: which version or aosp?11:14
Nokiuscheck my github repo11:14
ghosalmartinkido: that *should* work11:14
NokiusI added patches for 5.1.1_rc34 [iirc rc ]11:14
kidowhat's bothering me more is that I don't find any rom working at all and I would still like to have a phone huhu11:14
Nokiuskido: build aosp :P for it11:17
kidothat's what I'm doing11:18
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Nokiusfor the scorpion it was working well11:34
NokiusI never booted it but the build was dun after a few [<10h] hours11:34
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kidoyeah I hope it will work too :)11:35
* Nokius crossingfingers 11:37
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Nokiuspattern want an pkg with typo it's removed but it still like to have it :(13:31
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Nokiussolved \o/14:54
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taaemE/        ( 3189): Failed to connect to camera service why?15:54
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taaemafter OTA i'm still on the same version...16:34
taaemsledges: ^16:34
taaemtried to do a OTA to
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* piggz looks at the backlog of mentions17:03
piggzsledges: any idea on a better solution to view the android SD card to what im using? (symlinks in /home/nemo to folders on the sd card ...... it isnt a real sd card, just an area of storage, on /sdcard and /media/0/local)17:07
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sledgespiggz: no better ideas:) just tame tracker17:21
sledgestaaem: paste output pls17:22
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eebrah_hey everyone, anyone managed to run sailfishOS on a 1st gen moto-G (falcon)? tried and now it won't boot :'(17:23
mal-piggz: ^17:31
mal-eebrah_: just to be sure you installed it correctly, first you installed cm12.1 and then right after that the sailfish zip?17:33
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eebrah_flashed cm 12.1 then sailfish from twrp at one go17:36
eebrah_getting the "Warning: bootloader unlocked" screen that is not going away17:37
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piggzeebrah_: did you flash cm 12.1 y0g7d19:29
piggzeebrah_: and , sometimes there is a race, so you just have to hold down power until it reboots19:32
mal-piggz: have you tried the latest statefs and ofono to get the signal strenght working?19:39
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piggzmal-: signal strength works fine19:54
piggzmal-: because i use latest statefs and ofono :)19:54
mal-piggz: ok, I just noticed on xda that it was listed as buggy19:55
piggzmal-: i should corrrect that19:55
eebrah_piggz: installed y0g7da01k920:13
eebrah_piggz is there a specific CM i need to use, used the 12.1 snapshot getCM provided20:14
Nokius :)20:14
piggzeebrah_: yes, thats the right one .... it _should_ work fine, try rebooting a few times20:14
piggzyou should have the warning screen, then after a minute or so see the CM logo for a few seconds20:15
piggzthen black20:15
piggzthen sfos20:15
eebrah_piggz: will do, the warning screen stayed for like half an our, resored android20:16
piggzeebrah_: yeah, after 5 minutes just force reboot it20:17
piggzmal-: this should be simple, what am i missing ... simple permissions problem!
Nokiusnice new image works well20:24
mal-piggz: quite odd20:26
piggzmal-:  indeed20:28
Nokiuskimmoli: 1.25 is may wrong in landscape the second row of Covers is missing bit20:29
NokiusI get a switcher on the left hand site20:29
taaemsledges: here20:43
Nokiusanyone knows what the issue is when the phone application shows the loading cycle ?20:43
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piggzmal-: i wonder if it is this
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piggzmal-: ah, it is accessible as /data/media/021:19
piggzandroid voodoo21:19
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piggzmal-: all sorts going on in
sledgestaaem: i can't see all the ssu * commands executed anywhere
taaemsledges: did them21:27
taaembut wait i might have missed the one ssu release21:27
sledgesthe crucial ;)21:27
sledgesssu s then indicates what's about to happen21:27
sledgeswith version --dup21:27
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taaemif that is the issue it was just dump...21:29
sledgeshappens to everyone of us:)21:34
taaemsledges: night commented
piggzsledges: discovered tracker also looks in ~/android_storage #win21:58
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taaemi forgot that command....22:33
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