Saturday, 2016-04-23

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sledgeskimmoli: that was on mal-'s todo, I think he hasn't got round to it yet:)00:48
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kimmolisledges: ok05:59
NeKitGUI is working and backported touch screen driver... Wi-Fi is going to be harder though06:18
StskeepsNeKit: what chipset is it?06:19
StskeepsNeKit: also remind me the name of the device again06:20
NeKitONDA V820W V306:20
NeKitthere are drivers for it, but for newer kernel06:20
Stskeepsthat's a realtek?06:20
NeKit(mainline support is going to be in 4.7 probably)06:21
Stskeepsthere's a realtek driver in the dump i gave you too i think06:21
NeKitonly broadcom06:24
Stskeepsi'll get that to you later06:30
tbrNeKit: is that baytrail or cherrytrail?06:42
NeKitBay Trail06:43 ?06:43
tbrk, so the older V820W with dual-boot06:43
NeKittbr, basically there are few V820W revisions with a little different hardware, that's why I specified V306:44
tbrthere is a cherrytrail version too, that's why I asked, as I'm not familiar with the names of the revisions06:44
NeKitCherry Trail is Onda V820W CH, and they also have few revisions already...06:45
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NeKitWi-Fi works thanks to driver from Stskeeps, cool07:26
Stskeepsgood :)07:26
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adeen-sTo symlink the media_codecs*.xml file, I can ln -s on the device but how do i make that a part of my zip ?09:03
sledgesadeen-s: symlink in sparse/ of droid configs09:14
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adeen-ssledges: Thanks.09:42
adeen-ssledges: hadk-faq line 186, rebuild Sailfish image. It refers to just building the image with mic ?09:50
sledgesadeen-s: yes, pls patch that line :)09:56
adeen-ssledges: Thanks. and done. I also made some changes beginning line 13109:58
sledgesbrilliant, thanks!09:59
adeen-sNo problem.10:01
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kimmoliNeKit: i have V820W CH, waiting...10:15
NeKitkimmoli, it's a different beast unfortunately10:16
kimmoliyeah ok10:16
kimmolii know10:16
NeKitprobably similar to mine Cube iWork8 Ultimate10:16
NeKitwhat revision is it? look at serial number10:16
NeKitdo you have Windows/Android dualboot on it?10:19
kimmolijust windows10:19
NeKityou'd need to flash dualboot BIOS, flashing can sometimes break the device, so better have a way to reflash it physically10:21
NeKit*UEFI firmware actually, no BIOS there, but still10:21
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rinigushi! for those who can help, summary from yesterday. I have consistently seen some strange spike in CPU activity after charging the phone. Example graphs with start of CPU activity marked: . Phone is without net (no cell data & no wifi) during charging.12:04
rinigusI have checked with top what's going on before and after charging has finished. top before is at ; after there are several since they are bit more different
rinigusThere is one more difference. Before full charge, /sys/power/wake_lock has one lock: mce_display_on . After that, wake_lock is empty. Not sure its important. Phone is N4, gamma5, seems to have rather old mce: 1.62.5 after moving from devel to testing.12:05
corvinuxAny idea with
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sledgesrinigus: check with perf , on tablet bcm(wlan card) was eventually found guilty (a mid suspect was swapper) behind misterious kworkers12:17
sledgescorvinux: re-run mic with modified .ks: instead of @Jolla Configuration pollux, write droid-config-pollux-policy-settings (without @), and see what exact package is missing. then rebuild that package and revert .ks changes12:18
sledgesrinigus: more info
sledgesalso bedtime read:
sledgesand more tools to use:
rinigussledges: thanks! I'll look into it. do you know which package has perf? should I switch back to devel channels?12:21
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corvinuxsledges: tnx12:33
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corvinuxHow to build package ohm-plugin-route ?12:49
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sledgescorvinux: line 423:
Litewsledges: great, thanks, i need perf too :)12:50
rinigussledges: ok, please run me through it. I presume that I have to put it into the nexus 4 hadk/android and build the package there, right? while I do have hadk somewhere around, I haven't used it yet to build new packages. where can I read how to do it? the dirs I have to do, are clear from paste. I'll be on/off from PC for some time, but hopefully I can keep reply-time to 10-15 min12:50
sledgesawesome! i just put it to faq then :)12:50
sledgesleads to the mb2 tool12:53
sledgesrinigus: concrete examples of new package buildings can be found by searching for mb212:54
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rinigussledges: thank you very much! I'll do it later tonight and then try to test with perf what's going on.13:02
sledgeshave fun:D13:13
corvinuxsledges: tnx13:54
rinigussledges: one more question: what is deciding on whether the device sleeps or not? kernel? mce? is there anything I can check to see what prevents sleeping? wake_lock is one place, anything else?14:04
corvinuxCan I rule out this errors, and proceed or not?14:11
Litewrinigus: i usually look at /d/suspend_stats14:13
corvinuxmal-: sledges Can I rule out this errors, and proceed or not?14:14
Litewand mcetool --get-suspend-stats14:14
Litewalso /d/wakeup_sources14:15
Litewand /proc/interrupts too14:16
Litewbe aware that device won't suspend when connected via usb14:18
rinigusLitew: thanks. mcetool is too old and doesn't have suspend-stats. however, I hacked sysmon to report it, so that's covered. wakeup_sources & interrupts: I'll look into it.14:19
Litewrinigus: mce 1.79.1 ->
rinigusLitew: thanks, I'll test with an old first to be sure that I don't change too much. re usb: I use wireless charging and it seems that device does go to sleep on the charger to 25%, as soon as charging is finished. however, its awake while charging. I'm trying to find out why it doesn't sleep more than 25%14:23
sledgescorvinux: yes14:24
Litewrinigus: is it necessary to perform tests only when device is charging? i mean charging can prevent suspend too, just look at /d/suspend-stats, it can write last failed device14:28
corvinuxsledges: tnx14:32
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rinigusLitew: thanks! with the end of charging result is reproducible, so its easier to debug. sometimes, it fails to sleep in normal conditions as well, and I'll keep an eye on suspend-stats when it happens next time.14:41
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Litewrinigus: ok. For building perf: replace <YOUR_KERNEL_VERSION> (in my case 3.4.0) and run15:06
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rinigusLitew: just managed to build it on my server :) . it seems to work as well. thanks for the script, got it 15 min late. maybe it should be added to faq? or maybe perf should be actually part of sfos image. that would help users to debug the issues...15:12
sledgesLitew: nice! this is kernel dir $ANDROID_ROOT/kernel/$VENDOR/$DEVICE15:20
Litewsledges: oops, right, will fix, can i add it to faq?15:23
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sledgesLitew: sure! thx:)15:23
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spiiroin_rinigus: you could try whether disabling wlan and/or cellular data makes any difference.15:44
sledgesspiiroin_: looks like they have: 14:04 < rinigus> hi! for those who can help, summary from yesterday. I have consistently seen some strange spike in CPU activity after charging the phone. Example graphs with start of CPU activity marked: . Phone is without net (no cell data & no wifi) during charging.15:55
rinigusspiiroin_: yep, that's on the list :) . I saw it first abroad (roaming) and then started looking into it15:55
rinigusspiiroin_: so far I have seen it consistently without cellular data. have to check with15:56
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corvinuxsledges: mal-: "zip error: Invalid command arguments (specify just one action)"17:00
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spiiroin_rinigus: there might be differences between cellular operators in what kind of traffic reaches the phone; more noise -> more noise, less sleep17:06
rinigusspiiroin_: true - but I have seen it with traffic disabled (no data)17:07
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spiiroinrinigus: in the 1st graph it was "cpu sleep%", do you know what that is exactly?17:09
spiiroinjust thinking if that "sleep" = suspend, then charging might disable it altogether and after charging stops, it just does not sleep too well17:10
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rinigusspiiroin: its calculated as a difference between CLOCK_BOOTTIME & CLOCK_MONOTONIC, as in mcetool. However, there I calculate the difference between increments of these clocks from one call to another (in my case every 2 minutes). Code is at , DataSourceCpuSleep::processSystemSnapshot()17:12
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rinigusspiiroin: re sleep/suspend: maybe, but as a result, you loose ~20-30% battery before you start your day :(. I think its fixable, I'll just have to check it how. in android, there was no such problem. but there are few questions still (is it with data, for example). so, I'll try to find the cause.17:15
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rinigusLitew sledges: re faq: in N4 kernel is kernel/google/msm , not kernel/$VENDOR/$DEVICE17:28
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Frog_/buffer 317:57
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kimmoliMSameer: ping. i generated new problems to me. something is missing, but i can' figurine out what...
Xiahi...i registered jolla account once, now when i sign in so it says "problems with device IMEI registration, device IMEI was not saved"...device is galaxy s3 gt i9300 and by the way sim is not wokring....can anyone help?18:08
MSameerkimmoli: I don't think I can debug the app for you but construct a QCamera without passing anything and see if it works18:09
kimmolii'm not using that lib, just plain gst - but maybe i should then18:09
kimmoliXia: store/accounts are not working on most ported devices, and such error is seen. sledges  < ?18:11
Xiabut it worked the first time18:11
* MSameer checks18:12
Xiaaccount created and store worked too, just yesterday but Sim wasnt working so i tried reinstalling everything18:12
Xiaand now it gives this error18:12
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MSameerkimmoli: if you are going to use gst then get familiar with GST_DEBUG :) try GST_DEBUG='*:2' to  get all errors and warnings18:14
Xiaim pretty sure if i creat a new account it might work, but i just want to know if i can get the old account to work18:14
kimmoliyes, i'm in "*:5" ...18:14
kimmoliXia: dunno then. ping sledges ?18:15
kimmoliMSameer: it complains about no matching caps when setting state to PLAY18:16
kimmolibut without calling PLAY it complains source is not created18:16
kimmoliwhen getting those caps18:17
MSameer*:5 is too verbose18:17
MSameerstart with *:218:17
kimmoli0:00:00.262145312 21224   0x9c6ae0 ERROR              camerabin gstcamerabin2.c:1801:gst_camera_bin_create_elements:<camerabin0> Failed to link camera source's vidsrc pad to video bin capsfilter18:18
MSameeryou need to set video encoding profile18:20
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MSameerkimmoli:   you need to set video encoding profile because camerabin defaults to vorbisenc which does not work with droidcamsrc18:26
MSameerkimmoli: theoraenc18:26
MSameerkimmoli: that too
kimmolig_object_set(cameraBin, "video-profile", "video/quicktime, variant=(string)iso", NULL);18:32
MSameerNO NO18:32
kimmoliyep. no. segfault :P18:32
MSameerdoes it work like that?18:33
MSameerI have to admit that I hate that part and whoever designed it should be ... well, nothing :P18:33
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
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kimmolithanks MSameer \o/18:58
MSameerkimmoli: worked?19:03
kimmoliyeah, need to print prettier but yes19:04
mal-kimmoli: are you making some resolution file generator?19:04
kimmolimal-: yeah. i heard it was on your todo, but couldnt resist19:05
mal-kimmoli: ok, no problem19:05
MSameerwhat resolution file generator?19:05
MSameerkimmoli: ^19:07
kimmolifor my camera-settings-plugin (for now)
mal-MSameer: also needed for automatic jolla-camera-hw.txt file generation19:08
mal-or what ever that file was called19:08
MSameernot really19:08
MSameerthose are dictated by ui design :P19:08
mal-well still we need to define some values there to ui to show everything correctly19:09
mal-and with wrong values it won't work19:09
kimmolione reason why i made my settings-plugin, as it is so 80's to choose only from 4:3 and 16:919:10
mal-kimmoli: indeed19:11
MSameerthat I agree with19:11
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mal-kimmoli: just an idea, maybe you should not name those apps/plugins as onyx if they could be used on other devices, same as your torch app19:13
kimmolimal-: yeah. realised that too late19:14
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TheRealJohnGaltAwhile back someone posted WIP marshmallow hybris patches. Anyone have those around?21:23
TheRealJohnGaltty sledges21:27
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: and also
sledgesby mal-21:28
sledgesbut he hasn't got manifest out21:28
sledges(so you'll need to cherry-pick about)21:28
TheRealJohnGaltperfect, ty again.21:29
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: you should be lucky if your device is not aarch64 :)21:29
TheRealJohnGaltAs much as I want to get sailfish on my bullhead, I'm not even going to try because of that specifically :).21:30
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mal-sledges: ?21:32
sledgesmal-: awesome, i forgot (most probably xD)21:32
sledgesi forgot if i forgot or not :DD21:32
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: err then why did you ask for patches? ;)21:32
mal-sledges: but considering that libhybris doesn't work yet with cm13 or aosp6 that doesn't help much21:33
sledgesmal-: it's a start:)21:36
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TheRealJohnGaltI wanted to see where support is at, and contribute while getting support for hammerhead there.21:39
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sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: ah alrighty:) well i think ghosalmartin got pretty close to move mer to aarch6422:06
sledgeskimmoli: camres looks like a candidate to mer-hybris, if you agree22:07
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